The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 18, 1907, SECTION TWO, Page 28, Image 28

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Th 50th "Anniversary Sale continues of great interest to the vast army of threwd buyers in every cction of the Pacific Northwest It' the mott important mercantile event of the city! history, offering s it doet staple and tea.
sonablc merchandise of the highest grade at prices that mean a big saving .in all llnes-of wearing apparel for women, men and children, as well as household effects of every description- We are celebrating our 80th year in Port
land in a most practical and helpful way that of giving the shopping public of the entire northwest the opportunity of becoming better acquainted with our system of always offering the best merchandise the world produces at
' minimum cost Mail orders' for Anniversary Sale Bargains are receiving prompt and careful attention. ' ..." .. , . '
Greht "August Linen Sale"
60-inch Linen Damask, in all the very
, best designs; res. 75c Tslues, ymrd OVJC
66-inch Linen Damask, best patterns; Qflf
regular $1.15 yalues, on sale at, yi 70C
20-inch Linen Napkins to match.
values, per dozen..,.
72-inch Linen" Damask, , regular - $1 QO
quality, on sale at this low price, yd. Cj"C
72-inch Linen Damask, $1-25 qual- Oft
ity, on sale at this low price, yd. V ivU
72-inch Linen Damask, $1.40 qaal- f 1 Oft
' ity, on sale at this price, yard V lvCJ
68-inch Linen Damask, regular 90c OA-
. quality, on sale at, the yard .CJKIC
72-inch Linen Damask, regular 1 lit
$1.50 quality, on sal at, yard V
72-inch Linen Damask, $175 qual- 1 KQ
' ity, on sale at, the yard, v 1 mJO
Special lot of 100 doten Napkins, 24-inch;
, large variety of patterns; reg- ( ITO
. ular $5 values, at. tha dosen...
lOO'dOsen Napkins, 22-inch; reg- Oft
alar $375 values, tha dorn... &JfJ
100 dozen Napkins; 21-Inch; reg- 1 CO
ular $175 values, the doaen... O 1JU
Hand-embroidere4) Tea Qoths, 36x36-inch; regular $2.50 values, each..
Hand-embroidered Tea Cloths. 36x36-inch; regular $4.00 values, each. ...f 3.25
Hemstitched Damaalk Tea Qotha, at this special low price, each. . 89 and f 1.12
Fine Table Linens ( all kinds at special low prices during the August tale.
Muslin Under wear Bargains
50c Gingham Aprons 39c
Great special lot of women's cambric Drawers,
with wide ruffles;-tucked and hemstitched;
v splendid style and quality; regular 50c O) Q
" values, on sale at this low price, pair.,.sy 7C
Women's cambric and nainsook Chemise, trlm'd
,. in fine laces and embroideries, beadintrs and
y ribbons; all sixes; regular . $1.50 and QO-
$175 values, on sale at this low price fCJC
Great special lot of . women's cambric and nain
. aook Corset Covers, trimmed in fine. Vals. and
imitation Quny laces, drawn with headings,
ribbons, etc.; full blouse fronts; : also tight-
fitting styles; all sizes; best corset In.
cover bargains ever offered at, each Q7C
Special lot children's Knit Underwaisls, I)1
. ages 2 to 12 years; grand values, each 1C
50 dozen women's gingham' Aprons, Mother
. Hubbard styles, without sleeves; well made,
. best colorings; regular 50c values, onQ.
' sale while they last at, special, each,.VrC
Women's'hand-knitted and crocheted Scarfs and
. circular Shawls; ; white, pink and' blue: best
regular $2.50 values, on sale at this (I QO,
special low price, each
$ 1 .75-$2 Shirtvaists ?9c Each
Women's White Serge and
Pongee Coats at Half Price
Great "Anniversary Sale" of 500 best quality Taffeta
Silk Underskirts, made with deep flounce of pleat
ing and ruching and tucked ruffle;, tans, grays,
browns, navy. red. pink, light and dark green and
. black; every skirt in the lot $11.50 C'QC
value,-your choice, while they -last V w
500 dozen women's cotton Shirtwaists in white and
. colors; lawns, dotted Swiss, large and small dots, '
.checks and stripes; fancy yokes, trimmed with lace
and embroidery or rows of embroidery and fine
tucks down the front; long. and short sleeves;
button front or back; regular values up to f Qf
$2, on sale at this special low price, each
Entire stock of white serge linen and pongee Coats,
on sale regular price. .ONE-HALF PRICE
All our white Wash Skirts at ONE-HALT PRICE
See all these bargains on the second floor.
Women's Fall
Portland's Leading Cloak and Suit Store
directs attention to the superb showing of
cew Tailored Suits for fall l id winter
) wear Strictly- tailored garments of the
most " attractive styles and t materials.
Coats are 32-inch to -length Single or
double breasted and cutaway effects.
Tight or semi-fitting garments Skirts
are pleated or bell shape The materials
V are the handsomest ever shown in wom
en's ready-to-wear apparel Novelty
stripes in wide and narrow . ales Also
fancy mixtures in entirely new combina
tionsThe assortment is very large for
this early in the season Prices from $25
to $100 No trouble to show goods.
In the Cloak Department Second Floor
$ 1.75 Dress Nets 69c-a Yard
65c Embroideries 19c a Yard
2000 yards of handsome dotted Dress' Nets,
- in white and cream: 43 inches wide; values
-up to $175 per yard; your choice at
'this special low price, per yard.... U7U
5000 Vards of Swiss and Cambric Embroidery
and Insertion, 1 to 12 inches wide; handsome
' designs, for all practical purposes; 1 Q.
best regular values up to 65c yard 1
Special lot of 200 embroidered Fronts, in blind
- and eyelet effects; best regular Kf
values to $1.25 each, on sale for, ea. JJv
Embroidered Waist Fronts, in small, dainty.
patterns; " good assortment; 1 CQ
y best regular $3 values, on sale V I
, Great dean-uo of our entire' stock of fine
lace and spangled Robes, in black, white and
cream; beautiful styles for dress, reception
and evening wear, speciaj:
Regular $20.00 Robes for, aach......f 1S.OO
Regular $27 JO Robes for, each......f2Q.OO
Regular $30.00 Robes for, each ...... f 24.00
Regular $50.00 Robes for, each, .... .f 39.00
$ 7.50 to $30 Walldng SIdrts
At V2 Reg. Price
Women's $35 Wash
i i i i i
Take your pick 'from our entire stock
of high grade Walking Skirts at one
half regular prices An immense as
sortment of the very best styles in
grays, ' browns and fancy mixtures,
plaids, checks and stripes Pleated and
kilt effects Walking Skirts selling
regularly at prices from $7.60 to $20.'
rular price.; Vz Price
half regula
Women's fine Wash Suits, in Eton, medium
and long-coat styles; blue,, pink, tan,
white;' linen, duck and repp materials;
trimmed in braid, Irish crochet lace, and
hand-embroidered; others are strictly
, tailored; good , assortment, phenomenal
values: suits worth up to CO Att
$25; take your pick for
5000 Pairs Women's Shbss
i : ; : v
and Oxfords Values Up
Our annual August Dol
' lar ' Shoe Sale" is an
nounced for Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday
Tha most sensational
' all store bargains event
that never fail to attract an
enthusiastic throng ol
buyers 500 pairs of
misses' and children's
shoca are included The
final clean-up of summer
stock of Shoes and Ox
ford a in all styles of
leathers, heels and lasts
Patent leather, vid kid,
patent tip and velour call
Light weight or exten
sion soles Cuban and
military heels Blncher,
lace and button styles
sues zyt to
v fc ; - Mail orders fOkd. ,T;.,u
8 Vala. to
Misses' and children's School 'Shoes Good heavy' soles, low heels,
siaes Sj to 11 and llVfc to 2; regular $1 values on sale at, par pair
Womeis's Etoifc SJhclgr vvear
500 ; women's ' white ; cotton - Undervetta,
- low neck and sleeveless, all sixes; mar
'. velous value, at this special low Km
- price, garment take - advantage JC
' Women's fine quality white cotton Un-
dervests, fancy embroidery yokes and
taped neck, all sizes; best 25c , 1 '
rvalues, on sale at, the garment: 1 ewC '
' Women's extra fine quality white cotton '
and lisle Undervests, taped, neck' and '
fancy hand-trimmed effects; come in ,
all sixes: best 35c values, on . 1
- sals at this low price, garment 1 Uv
Women's lisle thread Undervests,- high '.
neck and long sleeves, shaped body,,
and hand-trimmed neck and front;
all sixes; best regular 50c ral
ues, on sale for, the garment JJC
Women's fine tucked stitch Umbrellwn
Pants, lace-trimmed, French ' tand,
l'c well made and finished; best 1 D
regular 35c values, on sale for IOC
Special lot . of women's Union Suits
come in low neck and sleeveless'
styles; umbrella pants, lace-
. EntiVe stock " of woman's and childreft'i ; summer " Underwear greatly reduced.
Misses $12e00 Suits for $7.98
Children's $4 Dresses S 1 .08 ;
omu vuiiui a ifimu
Dresses at Half Prico
' Misses' white linen Peter Thompson Suits,
, trimmed with white braid and chevrons;
. ; pleated skirts; all this season's prettiest
styles, for misses 14, Id and 18 years of
, age; regular $12 values, on ?7 Qjl
sale at this low price, each v
Misses' and children's white lawn, pique,
linen and net Dresses, trimmed in lace,
insertion, ribbon few hand-embroidered
novelties,- and have drop skirts; ages 4 to
14 years L regular values ranging from
.'$6.50 to $25, on sale at I U Dvirri
this special reduction... Ij& a Hww
, Misses' and children's white lawn and 'pique
Dresses in jumper styles, insertion
trimmed fnd pleated skirts; sges 6 to
14 years; values to $4.50, on ? 1 - Qf
, sale at, the garment yltO
Special values ' in misses' and children's
school apparel coats and dresser 2d floor.