The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 18, 1907, SECTION TWO, Page 20, Image 20

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    utmm ACTiyii m real estate for
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' 1 l.- . -.- - -J Nllf -.11! ,,ifj:M I ,i :"' , "Ml '
1 s .,-- i ... ( , , , .
- " l' , (4r" -n - "i. -'1; Market Expected to Drop
n i il i J. - - ( HeaTily With Increase
v I ' - ' '--D y ' 'in Freight '.. 1 J
- -.1 1, I ' " , HAS JjOWERED EATE
., i I""" hi iiiaiiii i r ii f
1 ' '
5 . !!
; i,
Transfers Last Week Sur-
passed Those" of i: Same;
Week of Prerions Years.
VfTUle Othor Ooat Cftlet Show De-
titmatm la Trancfm Recorded tor
v ... . . t
Bmnmer BeMoa Portland Forges
; eteadUr Ahead Conserfwtfre
' Tbla la tba Hull ataaoa In th raatty
narkat. Narerthalaaa tba raoord of
tranafara aentlnuM Urg-a, aa tbourn it
arara tha" buaiaat and baa anrpaaaad
tba raeorda ct any prarlona year for tba
eorreapondlnc waak. A lat-ap alwaya
ooaura at tbla tlma af yaar, daaplta tba
fact that ft la tba moat farorabla tlma
t build. : : ,
, . It la a fluaar fact," aaid aa abaarr
ln bualneaa nan during; tba waak, "that
Straat work and buildlnf ara al,waya
avtar In win tar on tba Caaat. I aup
poaa tbera ara raaaona for It. ' Parhapa
tha archltacta Ilka to raat and - anjoy
thamaalvaa la baautlful waatbar, wblla
tharo la alao tba faat that Oregon arln.
tara do not, aa a rula, hinder oontaruo
tloa a araat deal. Indaadr-U la agree
uiwvv v ui uuii wur&jna; 111
doora la Oregon winter waatbar.''
Both In Loa Angelea and HeatUe a da
rreaae In building and reoorde of trana
fara ara balow that of corresponding
montha in tba paat faw yaara la anowo.
KeatUa papora aay little about tha
alump that baa taken place la that
city during tha aprlng and Bummer,
but laa An galea pa para are not ao ea
cretlve about real condition. 8aya tha
Joa Angelea Timea, Sunday, Auguat Hi
-"While- building; operationa In tha
otty have been gulng at a lively pace,
there haa been a decided alacknaaa In
thla work, compared with a year ago."
Elaborate deacrlptioa of tha elrcum-
ataneea which hare brought aa thla
condition la gone la detail, ' but tba
facta remain, -
There la tha additional fact that a de
creaae In theaa atatlatica In oltlea grow-
ng aa rapidly aa Seattle and Laa Ang
ea la a aerloua oonditlon. It la ao
recognlaad la Ie Anglca and glvea
aafttclent raaaon for tha papera to 'com
' tnent upon It aa that real aetata' man
may be aware of tha real oondltlona
and aek ta provide a remedy Inataad
of fool la hi y Ignoring the facta. -
' BaUalaf Astlra la rortlaad.
But tha etory ef building la Portland
eontlnuea. - Bometklng, Juatv, what, no
body known, ta going to occupy the
J'ennoyer block. . Excavatlona ara In
progreee for tha new ttifl.oea Chrlatlan
aaaoclatlon'a building, on -Sixth and
Taylor atreeta Tha gaa company haa
aorved notice that It will vacate Ita
oiurtera to snake way for a modern
cinoo bulldlnge, while tha big bulldlnga
..w underway are a revelation tq any
tinndxomo reatdenoea ara belna nlan.
i . i nil tha time.. If one atepa Into anv
urt a seea exhlbltd blue
n f all klnda of bomea to be
i ,c l-t the near futora. A glance at
, - r. ! rxiata and lniluatrlal altuatlon
uny indicatlona til at tend
!.-ie rrilctlon that tha ap
l will have many wonder-
fur an already marvel
ii irvioualy atatad, tha
' r far a a rraldent prop-
), la fUa, U a
( l -
ou r u
Aa 1
tha hnia about tha city Portland
belghta : property." Be veral ' eompanlea
have recently organised to prepare thla
property and pat It on tba market.
Architect A H. ' Faber la preparing
tna plana ror a nanaaoma riat ta aa
built at Halaay atreet and Grand ave
nue, and to coat 18,000. Tha exterior
will nreaant the SDanlab Miaalon af
feet Tha building will contain four
nata or aiz rooma aaen. Tna iioora win
be hard wood. It will be completed
within (9 daya. Mr. Faber la alao draw
ing plana for another flat, to ba erected
at Twenty-eeooad and Uarta atreet, tbla
aida tha river. , ..
pleadid Oorner Bay, V
A local ayndlcata, eornpoaed of 3. U.
Hart. J. H. Qibaon, Cbarlea A. 'Mann,
El w. Ring and Lewie Montgomery, la
reported to have purchased tha north
weat corner of Grand avanua and Eaat
Washington atreet from Joaepb Healy
for (76,000. It la a quarter block, nn
which atanda a three-etory brick build
ing, bought by Mr. Healy three yaara
ago for 0,t00.i
Work on the foundation of a three
etory brick building with oonoreta baaa
ment waa atarted thla week on Haw
thorne avenue, between Eaat Second and
Eaat Third atreeta. Tha coat will be
about $16,000. , Conatructioa haa alao
been atarted on the annex to the Holy
Namea academy. . Eaat Oak and Kaat
Twelfth atreet. Tba annex will face oa
Eaat Oak and will coat altogether about
B. M. Thompaon la alaa planning to
aatabllah a bank In Alblna. It will ba
t-atorv brick affair and will ba located
In the growing bualneaa diatrlct in tba
vicinity of Shaver atreet and Mlaajaalppl
avenue. Thla will ba the third bank zor
Alblna, Which la aignlfloant and ax-
Breealve of tha growth of bualneaa In
sat part of tha eaat aide.
The Swedlab people ara alaa going to
build a church oa Rodney avenue and
Stanton atreet. In Alblna, to east It, 000.
Tha authorities at Columbia unlvaraltv
are planning to erect a school for girls
at University Park in the near future.
Two years ago ins -orusna rtaro
wood Floor company waa Incorporated
for IS, 000. Tha principal partlea In
teracted were F. Delano. Paul Zedwlck
and John Olson. Tbe company's Plant
la located at Montavuia. . abiuk a,
J. Ijelano. brother of F. Delano pur
chased tbe interest of Mr. Zedwlck
which wUi lean to a reorganisation ox
tha firm. -.v. .4 .... - t- a.
v . Xail Seonraa Four Xea.
Tan-1ah Watklna A Co.. have Bold ta
Charles B. Hall four lots an tha north
slds of Market street, between , Front
and Water streets, for. 111.000.. Ths
property waa owned oy ara iryaraia
Tha nronartv la under leaaa and la oc
cupied by frame bulldlnga At tha end
of the leaaa, bowever, the bulldlnga will
ba rased and modern atructurea erected.
That will oe witnin tna nniHra ini
wiui. m u riavia formerlv city at
torney, baa purchased a valuable corner
at Fifteenth and Ralelgn atreeta of J. C.
Alnawortn ana jonn mc "'"
Knapp aV Mackey negotiated tha aala
The property adjolna other property
owned by Mr. tavla ,
Johann Poulaen, or "i inm.-
T.nmhor nomnanv. Will DUlld B
17.000 resldenes at Bast Ninth and k-aat
lultnomah atreeta Mr.- Poulaen Is alao
having a garage built on East Tenth
between Multnomah and Hasaalo.
Henrv Frlea 01 waaeneia, rnrw
Co., will build a, two-atory mauress rso
tory immediately at Fifteenth and Thur
man streets. Tba aontraot waa, let to
w. a Griffith. ... . ...
A. Q. Long win nna .""
denca at Sixteenth and College atreeta.
Dr. W. ii- BWln Drougni me '"""
comer of Kaat seventn ami
atreeta from Mrs. Florence Knapp for
ta.000: Marion Mac Haa negotiated tha
aala . ... ' :
win zm prove buiuh, , ,
' Moy Back Hln, Cblnoaa consul, took
out a permit, to make repairs nis
property on Seoond, between a-sunon
and Main streets, to cost flO.000,
Twenty-rive lots aajoining iivriwe
m the Urlawold tract have been Void I to
B. i. Jaeger by E. I. uaiy tor aso.wuw.
The property belonged to tha Eapey es
tate. . ,
John Douglaa, of Victoria, B. C, re
cently purchaaad K. l Thompaon'a real
denne at Twenty-Bcoond and . Lovtjoy
atreeta, for 111,000.
, Th United Btatea 'National hank has
dlanoaed of ta property on the north
weat corner of East Twenty-third and
Pacific atreeta to A. A. Bhlelda through
the agency of Mall A Von noratel, alao
ine nonneweat corner of Eaat Twenty-
.1 .,1, mA I I . i . .
Ii ii- f"" ' aireeva, ta weorgs
Residence District Continues
to MorerTowards Hills,
Back of dtj. ;
jtaE' dbtmct is '
Kew Chrietlaa Assoc tatloB Building
Win Ptotp Wedge of 'rroftreaa la
District Heretofore : Devoted Ex-
; cloatrely to Department Honaca.
In the opinion cf those who closely
watch realty and Indaatrlal movementa
and attempt' to determine their bear
ing' on tha - future of development of
the city, tha excavation begun last week
by C J. Cook . eo, at Sixth and
Taylor atreeta, la aa especially signif
icant one. The dead line of stately, an
tiquated reaidencee that haa ao loQg for
bidden tha invasion af bualneaa haa
fallen to make way for tha new, mod
ern home ef the Christian associations.
It Is only a step but a premonition of
won ib w coma . . .
For a great many years tha dlatri
south of Morrison and west of Fourth
strset haa been restricted by theea
tall apartment houses defying- the in
trusion of the retail district, much to
the detriment of tha city. Now how
aver, tha flrat opening la made and a
continuation of the movement In that
direction la earneatlr expected. ' It la
inie uu am I. M.-ZY. w, c A. build
ing is not a business block or office
building, yet It is a start and cnn.M.
ered an Important one. Tba Portland
UWM7 jLoetract, Wednesday. In speak
ing of this advance, said: It will re
veal tha ataady encroachment ef buel
neaa and public building upon what
baa been for yeara a residence center,
It will mean the end of the old and
and the beginning of tha new.''
At Fifth and Yamhill atreeta on the
property new occupied by a small bulld
!? in which are ths offlcea of tha
tortJ"n Gaa company a new office
building of the latest type la to ba er
eoted. Thla la a bualneaa block In
every way modern and marka another
step toward the lnvasloa of tha resi
dence diatrlct bo nearly adjoining the
bualneaa portion of the city.; .
, For many months rumors have been
circulated to the effect that the block
bounded by Fifth, Salmon, Sixth and
Taylor atreeta. now occupied by a resl
i" 'a being bold for a new federal
building. It haa long been known that
the pressnt facilities in ths old post
office building opposite, tha Portland
hotel ara insufficient to provide Ad
equately for ths demands put upon it
each day.
Again It is also known that the court
hones cannot Inst many years and it
Is likely that that structure will be
rebuilt on property farther removed
groin the present site to whsrs prop
erty Is leea valuable. Thees are nil
examples of a progress southward In
the ateady evolution of a new Portland.
; Tredwajr Leaves Weston. ' J
(Mpevlal rnapateti te The JxeraaM '."
wiiwi., .i., m. i n wen ton
normal faculty ia to lose Charlea Tred-
. -i"i.r ing man
ual training, he having acoepted a poal-
iiwh vfci' . ' i rvmnteia-
Kanaaa. The work here In etanogrenhy,
typewriting and" bookkeeping wl?l be
nun i' j . iic:iimi ana tns
manual training by John, Mather.
Moorish and Turkish denlrna ta
iSraavsrs had-alata4 ablae, MaUgar'a
' "' '
Decreaa Expected to Beach Fire
f DoUars Pec 1,000 Feet for Com
mon Bough Vaiietyv Revival of
Home J Bolldlog Kxpected. 7 7
"" A ' tumble of $8 par 1.009 feet for
oommon rough and IS to It for finish
ing; lumbar la the startling rumor that
Is going the rounds among build. re. ak
a result of the Increase of freight rates
on eaatbound lumbar by the transcon
tinental lines. A revival of home build
in and tremendous fall and winter
building movement te being predicted
by archlteota and buiidera. '
There are archlteota who declare the
people ef Portland and the whole north
west should "shake hands with Hani
man," for tha inoraaae of 10 cante per
100 pounda in the eaatbound transcon
tinental lumber rata They declare the
? resent lumber rates of 40 and 00 cents
o tha east ara far and away below
tha rates on the Same commodity west
ward. - Oak flooring and all hard woods
for building from ths middle wsst to
Oregon consumers pay a freight tariff
of Jfl.lO. It la said by local builders
that the mora profitable the eastern
lumber business becomes for the Pa
cific cosst manufacturer tha mora ex
pensive becomes lumber for the home
people on thla eoaat.
The printed price lists ef the Portland-
lumbar mill combination for tha
last three years are produced to show
that, in proportion as tha eastern mar
ket has been built up for Oregon lum
ber, ths manufaoturera in Portland
havs raised prices to Portland consum
ers to an enormous extent. Common
rough lumber, tha baaing grade, waa
aelllng to Portland builders In 1004 at
(8.60 par l.ooa feet and the miUa were
making money at that price.
. Cost of Xriunbe Increased. '
Today the same grade of lumber la
110 to ths Portland builder. No. 1 fin
ishing lumber, such aa flooring, celling
and other varietiea, which waa aelllng
at fit In 1004, now costs tha Portland
builder (21. No. a finishing lumber was
(20 and now a (20. No. ( finishing
lumber was (It and le now (21. Shin
gles that three years ago cost ths Pa
ctfio coast housebullder (1.(5 ara now
((. Slabwood well, tha publlo is not
certain what, that luxury costs, but it
Is around (4 per dump load whereaa It
could be had in plenty tbrse yeara ago
at (1.(0 per load.
The architects and buiidera who deal
directly with tha manufacturers and
keep In close touch with tna meaning
of every rlss or fall of ths lumber mar
ket, declare that the present hlgb prices
are tha result solely of the low freight
rate of (0 cents per 100 feet that the
Paolflo mlllmen have been enjoying for
ths hauling of their products to the
middle west market, and that has en
abled them to dispose of their surplus
and raise tbe rlcea to Paeiflo coast
consumers. It is said tha local price
will be what the eastern market pay a
minds ths cost of transportation. If the
correct economic principle of supply and
demand Is followed.
, ' ' Combine WUI Be Boated. .;
' If the freight rate for hauling this
lumber to ths middle wast market Is
raised II oer 1,060 It will not only
lower ths price of lumber to Paolflo
coast eonsumsrs hut will "bust ths com
bine" that Is said to have existed lo
cally for soma yeara and there twill be
real oompetl. on between Portland and
nearby mills not in ths combination. -Already
one nearby mill haa quoted to
a Portland architect a sensational cut tn
the scale of prices for building lumber,
end a crash of ths market 4a imminent
that will make all nroanecttve home
builders get buav. This mill offers to
lay down m Romano; nrai class lumber
st the followlna prlcee: Rourh common
eda-ed lumber 111. Instead of the pre
vailing local price of I17 No. t kiln
dried flooring (SO. Inatead Of the pre
valllng (21 at local mllla. .... -
Kr. X. O. Bead Vow Wltaf the Bead-
' French Flaae Co.
Mr. flert Reed, for more than aeveh
fears eaeoclnted with the Allen-Gilbert
lano company, this city, has been so
pointed by ths' executive board of the
Reed-French companv their western sec
retary. The Reed-French Piano com
pany within one ahort year has demon
strated a rirat-omao pmno can be sola
for a comparatively small amount, j Un
til recently retallere -asked (410 and
over for a good piano; Reed-French com
pany sell the a me ftradn piano for (300
and make no bones about special dla
counta. Their fall style Reed-Frenrh
Is a marvel of beauty and they aslt (210
for It 111 down and Ma month. j
Excavations Are Begun for
Unique and Costly Eesl- -dence
for L. J. Wilde.
.It N. Hockenberry A Co archlteota,
have been awarded a contrast for a two-
atory double residence for Louis J.
wilds, president of Home Telephone
company, that will he unique and dif
ferent from aay home la Portland. The
excavation . haa been finished and the
foundations are now being- put In plane.
It la to be built on the elte at Twenty
aecond and Everett atreeta. Mr. WUder
plan la so out of th ordinary that It la
worthy of special deacrlptioa.' . .
The alte the resldenoe will occupy la
a full quarter block. 100 by 100 feet.
The whole site will be surrounded by a
concrete wall with brick panels, sur
mounted with iron posts, connected
with ' heavy logging chains painted
green. The style may be described as
soumsrn cainornian. The exterior will
ba partly shingled and partly plastered.
with a flnlah ia rough oadar. Na paint
will ba used ' on tha , exterior.' Tbe
plaster wiu be straw tinted. -.
Tha chimneys and piera te the ver-
anaaa win oe ouut or clinker brick.
Each veranda will ba supplied with per
golaa, or open spacea, through which
vinee may be trained. Ths floora and
atepa to tha veranda will ba laid in
raecolltn. A combination of etalns prs
senting green, dark drab and silver gray
will be applied to the shingled gables,
To eomplete the appearance tha house
will be roofed with boards two fset by
six Inches, laid II lnohea , to the
There will be 14 rooms, seven on a
aide, and tha houee will have a concrete
basement. The kitchen will not ba
plaatered but aheathed and eelllngleas,
with exposed beam a The fireplace will
be of dull green tile. The Interior will
be fitted up with all modern sppolnt
ments. Including fire hoses with out
side attachment, .' and without doubt
Home telephones A garage will also bs
built on the property in the same style
as the residence, all te coat la tba neigh
borhood of 111.000. . , ,
Much Interest Aroneed Over Public
Annotutcement That Concent Will .
: Vacate) Preeent Quartan. '
A great deal ef interest haa been
aroused by ' tha publlo announcement
that the Portland Oaa company WIU va
cate Ita present quarters to m ska way
for the erection of a modern office
building oa the. property at Fifth and
Yamhill ' atreet ' It has not been an
nounced definitely how large the' new
building le to be but It la expected It
will be at leaat alx atorlea high and
perhapa eight. -
The mm com nan r will move Inta tha
present quarters of ths Wells, Fargo at
Co.. at Fourth and Yamhill, while the
expreae oompany expeots to move Into
the Fargo aKyacraper at an early data
The Inelde finishing of the latter struc
ture will 1 bs completed so that, ths
building can be occupied within a few
The Portland Gaa oomoanv will no.
cupy ths entire lower floor of the new
building at rittn ana 1 amniu streets
when It is completed. It is not known
what ths materials will ba. but it Is
thought that plans are now being dis
cussed and worked out by architect r.
Excursion 1
On tha steamer Reaver, to twls tlvar,
under auaplces of 8t. Jo"ph Aid so
ciety, Sunday AtiKiiat 25. 1007. Steamer
leaves Couch, street dock at I a, U.
harp, Adiut Ucketg II sen ha, j
'I If
Few Bealize Outside of Those
Actually Interested Just
What Is Going On. '
An eteal beama and parte that go to
make up the eteal frame ef the largest
bulldlnga la Portland era shipped from
eastern points, usually Pennsylvania.
However, thera are la, Portland eeveral
large Inns that make eaatiron girders
and beama that ara used In the smaller
high-grade bulldlnga such aa the Ma-
aonie Temple, aow nearly completed, oh
upper Tamhlll street and the Lenox
hotel, tha Iron for which waa supplied
nnder contract bv the Phoenix Iron
worka . Thla factory, looated oa Haw-
tnorne avenue, maaes its own casuron
frames and employe a force numbering
aooui se man.
, hipped ta Quantities.
-'The material for this work la shipped
In large quantlttea from British Co
lumbia, although . some crude iron Is
shipped from the eaat. ' Csment and
brick which cannot be secured - in
America must ba bad from Europe and
In order to make up a full cargo crude
iron la put in. The iron industry in
Portland le really an extenelva one and
bevond tbe knowledge of many residents.
In fact, aa inspection of many industries
in Portland would reveal wonders worth
going to see. Many people know vary
ume u sui is aons in roruana zee
torleaev ..(....
TP Industry carried' on by tha City
eteei at iron worse ia not a small one.
They make smokestacks for school
bulldlnga iron tanks for breweries, and
the fire eecape bualneaa alone is a com
prehensive ona. Most firs escapes used
on Portland's tail bulldlnge are made In
tnis city. - , .
Bod Xroa Xe
Loeal casting companies make a good
deal of rod iron, but all tha rolled ma
terial comes from Ban Francisco. Thi
latter la used In ths construction of oil
tanks and the City Steel aV Iron works
havs many contracts from tbe railroads
ror oil lanKe. These tanks ara placsd
In tha tenders and carry ths petroleum
used now almost exclusively for fuel.
Petroleum la alao ussd now sxtenslvsly
tn tbe office buildings for heating and
the manufacture of special tanks for
the oetroleum ia no small bualneaa of a
company manufacturing from Iron.
A number of the most up-to-date
logging equipments now usa donaey sn-
fines that burn petroleum and a special
ank for- that kind ef engine Is neces
sary. Also tha lumber bualneaa affords
s numDar or opportunities, xns construc
tion or large conveyors that earrv saw.
duat to the furnaces In ths big lumber
mills Is an industry requiring consider
able sttentlon and Is a large part of
ths business If such firms as the Hor-
nung tysaaer company, known aa tha
city eteei iron worse. - -
Pie Iron and coke la lmnortei almost
entirely from Bel alum, although aome
Iron cornea from England and Scotland.
it oomea many iimea aa Dai wet in aall
ine veaeels which call at thla port to
load wheat and lumber. It Is cheaper
than In tha Inland towns and on that
account affords an opportunity for a
fooa . pnioi-muinf oumnesa. BOms
Imee Ameriaan Iron Is ner than tha
European product. Then the American
Is used. At this time, however, Ameri
can pig Iron is very high and the Eu
ropesn product Is used almost ex
clusively. .... I - , ,.'
ERECT $10,000 FLAT
Mr. Reamee Building . Handsome
' Double Flat' to Coat $5,000
When Completed. 1 - m'
William Isensee has begun the erec
tion of a 110,000 flat on Market street
between Fifth and Sixth atreeta The
building will be a four series, two
etory fiat ba4 ef frame construction, -
llll liUVJLIil
M.t-vr'-Vi. i ii . 'c - v &
Changes on Lower Floor of
, Federal Building Will ,
Benefit Everybody. .. "
Langford Jk Walker Secure Contract,
.. Stamp Room for Corridor oa Yam-
hUl . Street s Side New
Windows aW Plannaid.
Poetmaater Jehu . W. Mlnto received s
word last Wsdnesday that the hid of
Langford A Walker for aitsratlonh te
the first floor of the poet office build
ing had been allowed. ' Work ef tearing;
out partitions, ' installing new rooma
and adding other f eatureo that will
greatly facilitate the handling Of the
rapidly growing business of the office
will begin at once. It le expected the
eontractora will have 4 laborers , ready
to perform this work as soon as the
bond- haa beau acoepted and properly
filed-at Waahlngton." - '- ; ;
' Bew Stamp Boos, ''
i There will be changea made that will - jf
not only be of great help to -the ernyf!
ployee but alao to tha public. A afrfihp
room will be built la tha coxsrrOr on
Tamhlll street aide -that wrlf grssUy
relieve those who -are now compelled
to wait In line at tha only two wlndowa
aow available for thle purpose.
New mailing wlndowa will also be
Installed ' foV . the ' convenience of the
Dubllo. - They will be olaoed on a hinge
arrangement and be used as distributing
windows on Bunaays. 'ins main corn
dor of tha building will be available
tor this puapoee thereafter eo that the
publlo will not be obliged te stand In
ths rain - should thera be a desire . to
secure mall on Sunday. . -
' Mors Boom eaurea.
Tha front nartltlona In ths rsaistry
department will be torn out and moved
forward increasing me space in in
department to 14 x II feet. - There will
be many minor changea made In tha
mailing department, that wiii t"'
avhedit ths handling of mall. There
will alao ba changes mads In tha offlcea
of tha postrasster and Assistant Post
master J. J. Shipley and other eonve-
nlenoee that will improve those efflose
ia ths way of Increased specs.
There were four - other contracting
firms who bid ' on the work besides
Langford A Walker. The alteratlona
will cost (4,000 and will bs rushed In
order to be ready for the busy season
which approaches rapidly as Christmas
grows near. '.. . '
It Is. only a matter of time when a
new building will be required for the -uses
of the federal-government In tme ;
city. Considerable Interesting specu
lation la current regarding the plane
of ths government and from time to
time "suitabls and adaptable sites are
sprung on tns puduo. -
Mrs. A. Keames is ouuaing
tractive double flat on the corner ol
Missouri snd Beech strsets. The etnic
turs will cost between (4,000 and (.
000 and when completed' will be one or
. . , , nf Ira kind
is handaomeet structures of ita kln4
i tpai pari 01 ui cny.
A H Ikoeenthal haa begun the erec-
. . .J . , a I: l .. i , I .... . a Uarahflll .
lion oi a. vi - , . . ,
street, between Twenty-first snOsaen-
-aecuna iiri.. . i
The I'aclflo Hridge company has t !
sn out a permit to build a coal antLl
fc It' . i.. t ... t IibIvmii fltl. i
mon snd Kaat Taylor. The improve
ment will coat aoout ia,suu. the 2th, 'will be the lt
day to receive discount en east aide
gaa blila,