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    ::al. i oPvTLAi;d, Sunday i:o:.:;:::a.
EtoryX How One Star THiicli Had Ceased to Shine, Once
Again Ascended to It3 Hace in Pugilistic Heavens.
, Set Face Against Topular Superstition. .
. Br Jimmy Brltt
It la rather, a atrenuoua task for to
otor. polltlclaa or athlete to shatter or
. oorrect publlo fallacies. The" publlo la
i Ilka a mult.' It gets an tmpreaalon and
It sticks to It Ilka glus. If tha publlo
vata an linpraaalon that a theatrical
aiar la on tha wane, tha hoxorrioe re
capta flron off. and It mattara Uttla
whether or not tha actor or actresa. aa
tha eaaa may ba, la aa goo aa ever,, tha
araggle against publlo opinion la too
much or an up-mu proposition, ana in
the and the publlo must have ita way.
It la tha aame way with tha politician.
Tha publlo gets tha Idea that they have
had enough, of him, and that'a generally
the flnlah. - -
Finhters who have bean on too of tha
perch and then aha ken off In tha un
certainties or competition, aa a rum
never do what tha publlo term a "coma
back." There la a reason for that Tha
fighter who . goes along beating every'
bod v in for years, and then final
ly run io failure, aa they all do la
tlrrr cornea discouraged. , He la car--flwy
back to tha land of tha "also
...,n" on the wave of publlo opinion.
And Juat ' because, notrtdy over met the
ming aquaraiy in me face ana oucgea
It, everybody ahakea their head and
eay: "Ha can never coma back."
uperatttloa OTeroomea aTlm.
The f lghter-a friends tell him thla
Ba aeea It written or hinted at every
day la the newspapers, .and hie man
agara find It out whan lie alta down
to talk bualneaa with tha club or the
fighter who la on the ledge above.
Finally' the fighter concludes that tha
f ubllo muat be right and that fate wllle
t that' a topnotcher onoe beaten never
shows his old form again. Then he
gets dlaoouraged and atops hta exerciae.
la generally throwa himself open to
tha easy-going bohemlan Ufa that la
held out to publlo characters, and then
that la the flnlah. After a long aleae
; of thla he eonoludea that he still haa a
fight left In him. and, without euffl
I olent training, ha antera tha ring with
an orainary zignter ana gete iiccea.
That Is tha Invariable flnlah and pub
llo opinion, la at the bottom of It. I
made up my mind two yaara ago when
Battling Nelaon knocked ma out that
I could beat him. I knew I made a
mistake when It waa too lata. I studied
tha fight over and took good care to
duck the publlo opinion enare. I made
up my mind that the adage "fighters
never eome back" waa a delusion and
that H would take more than one beat
ing to convince me that It was time
to put on tha carpet allppere and let
tha whlakera grow. J
.... Kftk.Xicnta owb. V
In any own mind I never allowed the
Impression to get a foothold, that It
waa ail over, instead I made up my
mind that I had much to learn about
the fighting game, even though every
body thought I knew It all: It waa a
tough lob but I never let go. I went
about the thing systematically. ' For a
whole year I hit over those Marin
county road a at leaat three tlmee a
week and during that time there waa
never a week that I dad not do at
leaat two or three days' work In the
I could note tha improvement In my
ability from the start. My strength
waa not impaired that dav at Col ma.
Instead I . made on my mind that I
would take hold of the situation Ilka a
oompltshed the task I had mapped out
for myself. It waa really tha turning
point In my career.-but I turned It to
advantage to myaelf Instead of being
swallowed up In the whirlpool of popu'
lar fallacies. I am a better fighter
twice over today' than I - waa tha day
my sun seemed to set at Colraa. . And
i luienq to get Detter.
rralal Train f Tralal
It la a bit of a hardship of course,
becauae I like the good thtnga of life,
but the publlo . paya me well for my
work. I once wrote In these columns
after the- Colma fight-these-" words:
Success may turn my head, but failure
will never make me atop trying." - The
year I .put la over at Shannon's waa
noi ait worg, no waver. 'That would
never bring about the results I wanted:
It would break, the strongest athlete in
the world down It he waa to do nothing
but train, train, train. -Routine ' la
montonoua and whenever I felt myself
growing stale I laid aside tha sleeve-
leaa shirts and the dust-stained road
clothes and took a fling at things in
A -day or two, however, always found
me .back on the old Job. feeling more
like going on with the taak ofbulld
lng the pyramid from which I was to
eventual! look down Upon the alough
Of failure. . I would have fought kel
son for an old shoe. I knew I was tha
better man and I wanted a chance to
show the Mlsaourlan. I saw Uane and
Nelson light in Ooldfleld and I made
up my mind I could beat tha both of
them. I am over one hurdle and am
now facing the other. Moat people
would laugh if I told them I consider
Oana made to order for me- and that I
believe that I will knock him out be
fore the end of SO rounda. . I don't want
to boaat I am going to beat Mr. Oaas
and then retire for at leaat a year. I
have worked hard and am entitled to It
Sxpsotg to Baa Oaas.
Oana Is a fast' two-handed fighter,
who haa become marvelously expert aa
a result of his years and years of box
ing. He haa had more experience in tha
rinc than any lighter in tha world, but
I think I am speedier and hays mora
vitality than Oana. Tha 41 rounds
that ha went through with Nelaon were
alow. Nelaon and I went more than
double the clln that Nelson and Oana
did at Gtoidneld. It Was mora of a
wrestling match, with flashes of open
lighting here and there than anything
else. " , i
I am hitting hard enough to flatten
anybody I a-et a aauara wallon at. and
rmy body punch la tha ' "one beat bet"
againat a xeilow like oana. Of course.
1 won't hit him aa freely and aa often
aa I did Nelaon, but than I won't have
to. There la only one Battling Nelaon
In tha world. ' He certainly haa It on
them all playing that "punching bag"
At that. ir l Bad not tacitly-agreed
to fight a careful, heady fight, I would
nava anocaeo neiaon coia.
I eould have made a amirt . and
knocked him out any time after tha
twelfth round. Of course, I would have
been taking a email chance, but I ad
my plana made for tha battle and I
carried them out If it waa anvbodv
elae on earth except Nelaon they would
nave caved in under the terrino beat
ing early in the fight I never hit a
man ao hard la my life aa I did Nelson.
Every time J walloped, him in tha body
ha groaned Inwardly. - He la aa game
a boy aa it la possible to ba and he de-
bulldog and never let go till I had ao- aervea much credit from the public He
- 'r "-'"
think Je'f will be heavy-weight chum-
lon i mil hi- beard la while aud that
is will never see a man who bad a
chance wuh him."
Model P. 4, 1 0-horaepo war. Mitchell automoblla, with' gpeclal, runabout
' ' body 'and ; full leather Victoria top. Built for Dr. Hegel of Fort---"
land. : ; ' ' ' -' ' ;,' J HV-1 ii';; .''
Billy Jordan. the famous "AU right-
let er- go" boxing announcer, of Ban
Francisco, ia a crank on tha 'game, but
a real lover of tha sport, who admlrea
tha aaaatara and champions for what
they can do. Having followed boxers
rrom tne aaye or Jtm jnace 10 ins pres
ant dav. what Billv saya about th
same is oulte interesting, and should.
after all these years, be about the right
dope.-Hels 7S years old now, and aaya
ne leeia as mougn ne wiu iniruuuo.
four or five mora chamDlons to au
dlenoeaj before they atart tha count on
him. - '
"When yon figure the whole thing
down," eald Mr. Jordan one night "there
are only four punchea that are worth a
tning to a man. aii Deginners ana
third raters nee anything they think of.
but a man with class never takes a
chance axcent with tha nrooer Bunch. A
fighter haa to be as careful with his
hands as a soldier In battle la with hla
gun. His hands are his weapona and ha
must db on tne iookoui.
"Tha four punchea I apeak of are
these: A right to tha jaw that la, to
the chin and with his best hand, which
Is usually tha right He punchea with
a downward aiant and no man in the
world ean take It and recover oulck
enough to avoid a knockout . Another
la the left to the stomach. Ton are on
guard, blocking with the right and still
punch where there ia little chanoe of
hurting yourself. The next ia the right
under tha heart That la tha punch that
la worth mora than all the others. It
always gave them a fight and allowed
no loaring. r -I
Intend to remain hare at Harbin
until about tha ?6th. The air here la a
wonderful tonle. Tha altitude ia high
enough. to make the work harder, and
when I get In fairly good ahape here
I am fit to go down in a lower altitude
and go a terrino ellp without taking
oven- a long breath. There waa never
a moment in my fight with Nelaon that
I drew a hard breath, and I never tired.
I will be In flawless shape when I face
joe uana.
takes tha life out of yon. bends too
over, and alckens you with pain. The
fourth -is the ocoaa counter. Tha man
who haa tha eye of a fencer la the
man for this punch. It .requires speed,
dlreotlon and force to get reaulta and ia
a dangerous punch. .
"I pick four punches Ilka thla ba
cause they sre the most dangeroua
There la no reason for a man to either
swing or uppercut Klther of -these
blows la dangerous for tha man who
uses them and ha Is gambling with fate
for a broken hand. There la one way
to upper cut and that ia cloae in, as
joe jnomae does. wnen you jolt
man under tne chin In close 1 11 tell von
It shakes him up and mora than once
I've seen H atart a man toward defeat
- "do i consider iDomaa a Detter hit
ter than OanaT . No: Oana la the treat
eat hitter I aver aaw. He never wastes
a punch and uses tha right one, and
his direction 1s perfect He Is the mas
ter of fighting, if there ever waa one.
Thomas, I think, with a few rears of
experience, will be the greatest fighter
In the world. He is cool all tha time, a
terrible hitter, game to tha core, an
"Do I think there la a man In the
world who haa a chanoe with Jeff T Not
on your life. No, air, Jim Jeffries la
tne greateet man tne world ever saw.
I'm talking of heavy weights, mind you.
Of course. Jeff la not as faat aa Oana
but for a man weighing over 180 pounds
ne is a roarvei. run say, let me tell
yon Jim jerrnea was arraid to hit a
man with all his might Ton know
what a lacing ha got from Fit in their
last fight and how ha looked? He had
seven stitches taken in a cut over his
eye and when he knocked Fits out he
used bdoui nair nia steam and at that
put a lump on jntrs side as big as your
hand and fractured a rib. All hla knock
outs were done witn lert-hand punchea
Suppose he let fly with his right as
nara as ne eouio. wny, ntra kl
man. ' .
"No. t thtnk It ia foolish to try and
match anyone with him for a finish
fight "-The big fellow haa never been
ataggered In a-fight - He's too atrong
and tough for these little fellowa we
now nave in tne nearr-welgnt elaaa.
Boorohers, know thy oopel
e e
A flat road cheereth the spirit bat
a flat Ore Jeereta t.
V '
Mat bent nails, but reeklese chauf
feurs are the real calamity of motoring.
e x
With the spark properly advanced.
excellent results ars obtainable when
alvlne- tha engine leas gas than is neo-
eaaary with a late a park. Proper spark
ing not only reduces the tendency to
ward overheating, but also it Is oonduo
tive to fuel economy.
Although little la being Bald about it
the work on tha Long laland motor
parkway ia going forward as BteadUy
aa if there waa to be a cup race on It
una xau. ., . , ... , -. . .
Memorlea of national toura are more
to be cherished than much mileage. .
v . . e e I '
Cable advtoee ' from ' France to' the
American JLooomotlve Automobile oom-
any, elate that the Infante 1 Babe lie or
Ipain, haa Just purchased a Berllet car.
e a
With the shows well out of tha way
and the whole affair in charge of the
A. A. A., the Florida beach raeea can
be held la January-with greater advan
tage than heretofore, and with proper
men In charge they should take on an
internatnionai aignlllcanca aa great aa
the Vanderbilt race,
a e '
- If the American manufacturers would
but take advantage of the circumstance,
the suspension of the Vanderbilt race
this year might be a benefit aa it glvea
them time -for - that due preparation
which they never - yet have made.
Abroad, the racing cara are completed
and being teated out six months before
the race, Inatead of tha makera finish
ing them a few weeks before, as they
do here. If those who have racers un
der way and those who lntand to build,
keep at work aa BteadUy aa if there
was to be a race, there might ba some
cara in tha oonteat next year capable
ox winning tne cup lor in is eouniry,
- e
For high powered touring care, the
six-cylinder motor appeara to ba tha
permanent type of the future. Thla ia
one atyle of oar of which a demonstra
tion seems to be an Infallible con
vinces . . e "'
Barney Oldflald, driving the peerless
Green Dragon at the Fargo, North Da
kota. Interstate fair, broke two world's
automobile records on a half-mile track
July 2D, going the first mile of a three
mile race in 1:18 and the three miles
la t il. HIb mile record beat that
made by himself at Winnipeg two daya
before, by four and a half seconds, and
his three-mile record, was 18 seconds
faster than that of hla previous Winni
peg record.
A keen observer on the roeent A. A
A tour, had Just passed several ears
with a pump circulating system, whose
water had boiled away on the mountain
side, when he remarked: "What I want
to know la why the themoalphon sys
tem of cooling la not generally adopted,
when the Maxwell cars so completely
prove Its practicability. They have done
away with the pump and. yat tney do
not overheat Surely faotorv dealgnera
muat ba hidebound not to graap a good
principle when they find one." - ,
, '-. e e - .. . '.
In thla year's Olldden ttmr. the
snrlnas which are known to ba of Im
ported metal, containing an alloy of
vanadium, were me ones mat were not
deflected a particle from their proper
lines by all the pounding of the stren
uous trip. - ..
. a s
Some Umsly hints on the care of tires
eomes from J. C Matlack of the Inter
national Tire company. Many motorists
are having difficulty thla I t
with the patches coming off the-Inner
tubea. It is a mistake, says Mr. Wat
lack, to depend upon patching, particu
larly during i this hot weal ti .r. as the
vi iricuon, logeiner wnu '- -
ed .condition of the atmoaphere looaens
up the patch. Motorists would save
time and money, to say nothing of
" 1 " wiu money, 10 p.7 nwiuin
temper, if they would send their Inner
tnhaa I. am. ........ I ... a, a m A
have them vulcanised, Thla insures a
lasting repair.
When congress convenes In tha winter
the bill requiring uniform automobile
lawa in the several states will be
urgently pushed by representatives Of
tbs Americas Automobile association,
v e e
A New York City motorbna eomnanv
will establish llnee both up and down
ana across me city, on which a-cent
fares will be charged, and will give free
transfers from each Una to the others,
- ' a - -v ;
Santoe-Dumont tha Brazilian aero
naut, haa made a wager of tlO.OOt with
a friend that lnelde of eight montbe he
will have In operation a motor boat
capable of a apeed of tl miles an hour.
' '. - a e
Because tha city council of Toledo.
Ohio, did not purchase enough license
tags It haa been found Impossible to en
force the speed ordinances until a lot
of red tape la unwound and more tag a
are procured. v '
Pronrlatora of a New York danart-
mant atore - who recently added four
motor trucks to their delivery service
have figured that each doea the work
of two two-horee teams at considerable
saving of expense.
Oeonre Duoar. promoter of tha poat-
noned European gold cud tour, has ar
rived in mis country aiier a inp 01
5 BJ9 miles in an American oar tnroogn
France, finaln. Italy. Austria. Germany
ana tseiginm.- . -
A tribute to tha value of newspaper
advertising recently, waa paid by the
tn n tofts a rv t , ,
tiral tiiiii,ea I . t lu -.-.. , ( , ,
since Hie lui'.'i . -.n t t..,r ;U;
advertising can.i aixu.
stoke i:NLAi:r(::n
Fheaomeaal Orowtfc af the lot l
Jewelry store ef Let fart's.
The addition of mora aaleamaa to f-
Jewelry atore of the Lef fart's at i:i
Washington street haa made it one of
the moat Imposing looking establ'-h.
menta of Its kind on the roast. 1 ne
new mahogany ftxturea, splendid ar
rangement, and brilliant new slock, give
It a rich and substantial look lu trie
daytime, and make a dassllng picture
under tha blase of electrlo llcuta at
less time than a year thla house
has outgrown the first provision of
salesroom and Just by a stroke of luck
was the management enabled to secure
more room at the old stand, at 111
Waahlngton street Just eaat of Fourth.
Those who have seen the parent store
which haa been the -big Jewelry store
of Council bluffs, Iowa, for 10 years.
say that It will not be long ai me pres
ent rate of growth before the Portland
eetabllshment of Leffert'e will be the
better house of the two. hmi n.
M. Leffert whoee permanent borne is In
Portland, and who directs tha destinies
of the Portland organization Is to be
congratulated upon the favor abowa hla
atore. - .
Lewis County W. C I. V. Meeting.
(Bpsrlsl Dtspetefe'te Tee TonraaL)
Chehalla, Wash., Aug, IT. The Lewie
county W. C T. U. convention will
meet at Wlnlock Thursday. August It,
and continue over the next day. The
a 1 .111 k. Wil -T-Kt.r-.1-V aft.
um ", ..... ww .. -- , -
ernoon. Friday morning tha reports of
the score or more of department BU-
yinnwiunii, w.u w y - -m. ,
Tuesday, tha lth will ba tha lest
day to receive discount am east aid
gas bllla. .a
M-M and
. I KlUvual
a Pierce
; Crnblcn
No Trouble to Show Goods or Demonstrate
86 SIXTH ST. opp. Welts-Fnrgo Bldg.
-r- r-fv-s ..v- -.., X r4- :'f- V
1 -j .... . . . ., .., , -i r .. i, ,
for r mommium
" V vr-r-: J-'The: hot .days are gonethe dust will soon be laid and the roads made compact by the early showers,
J anci thdn there, will be several MONTHS of PERFECT OUTDOOR WEATHER. You will lose the greatest pleasures of the
most beautiful season in Oregon unless you have an automobile now. Autumn is the time for long rides through the country
ana over me nuis: ana ine car xnat can uc ucpcnucu upon xo iaKc you any wnere Wltnoux: irouDie is ,
V. Touring
k M T SH Vaa M
, V 1 A. V MT
. . rtunuuuub
from $1150 to $2150
- They
: Race Is
the Onlv
latest That
: In Jane of this year t 24-houf endurance race was held at Minneapolis. The
Mitchell Runabout won first place in the $1,500 class, distancing; all competitors
and making the best economy score. It ia to be noted in this connection that
THE MITCHELL was not the most expensive ear in-the $1,500 class, as the
Mitchell Runabout sells for $1,500, and other higher priced cars were entered
against it, but failed to make so good a showing in this race. AU touring cars,
were entered in one" class, and the Mitchell Touring car won second place, ther
first place being taken by a 45-horsepower machine eostinsr $4,500, which is more
than twice the cost of THE MITCHELL. Yet THE MITCHELL was only 29
miles behind the winner. THE MITCHELL covered 1,009 miles in 24 hours,
thus beating the world's record by 183 miles. '
We also ask you to remember the record of THE MITCHELL In the recent -Portland-Salem
Endurance Race. THE MITCHELL was the fifth car to leave
Portland and the first to get back, making the run without an interruption, win
ning perfect score. .
Is Ihe Car
That j
You There
We Have ome Rare Bargains in Machines Slightly Used for Demonstrating
Do you want an automobile that has been tested
and found reliable? The Mitchell Motor ' Car, not
only in the case of individual cars, but THE
' MITCHELL as a type of machine, is known the
whole country over as the car that, judged by pre
vailing automobile prices, is worth more than it sells
for; and we now have in stock a few machines that
'have gone through vthe severest tests and are proved
to be individually cars of faultless construction and
highest efficiency. . Through the summer we have
' used these cars for demonstrating purposes, selling
' unused car's from our stock, backed by our guarantee
- to be equals of the cars used in demonstrating. I Now,,
as our stock is about closed out we are using this
space in the papers to announce that our demonstrat
ing cars, along with others, are for sale; and the man
' who wants a car of tested value and proved worth will
be fortunate to get one of them. It will be advan-
tageous for you to examine these cars without delay.
It does not seem 'necessary to say much in detail
of the reasons for buying at this time of the year.
The beauties of Oregon in the autumn are well known.
It is worth the price of a MITCHELL the most rea
sonably priced car on the market to have the radius
.of a hundred miles or more for one's pleasure-ground.
The automobile is a necessity to the man who wants
to make life most enjoyable for his family. ..A trip
through the country this fall in the ' easy-running
Mitchell Touring Car would be a delight to old and
young and would do more to restore the failing health'
of an invalid than any treatment the doctor could
prescribe. THE MITCHELL is the car for every
bodyeasily handled, simply operated, always sat
isfactory. ,"-.'."."-..
- We only ask an opportunity to lay the facts of the
situation before You. A ride in THE MITCHELL,
or better still, a longer experience with it, will be the
best evidence that we can give you of its superiority.
' How Is the
" Time to
"Look Into It"
' first cr.J Tc'jl.r