The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 18, 1907, Page 14, Image 14

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A. C Fosdick Broods Ofer
Dismissal From Company
of Pretty Bessie Purdy and
Threatens to Kill Himself.
lands In County JaiL
Denied th frlmfehlp f Miss Basal
Purdy. a prajty IS-jrsar-old girl, and
her rlatlv, A. C. Foadlok. ac4 40
years, waa loded Id th county Jail
yesterday afternoon, on a chars; of In-
: aanltr eauaad by brooding ever tha
g-trL . Visa Purdy mother la a cousin
of Foadlclfa wlf a, from ; whom ha la
asperated. For a Ions time Foadlck
lived at tha Purdy home.
Foadlck'a attentlona' to the rlrt at
leat oecame ao -noticeable- the t aha ob
jected to them and endeavored to avoid
him. osdlck noticed ttila. It la said,
and Informed tha family that ha had
' a revolver and If he were to loae their
friendship he would end It all.
Alarmed at thla statement, not know
ing whether intended to harm
only hlmaelf.or both Jilmself and ine
glrC Miss Purdya parente reported the
matter to Deputy District Attorney Oua
j Moaer, wno seni ror roeaicn. jth
day Fosdick appeared at Moser a. office
and told hla atory, but said ha had only
meant that he would kill himself If tha
Purdya deaerted him. Moser told Foa
dlck to return to tha office again yes
terday ana .a the meantime asked Sher
iff Stevens to aend one of his deputies
a hla office at tha time Foadlck should
When Foadlck returned yesterday af
ternoon. Moser waa firmly convinced
that ha waa tnaane and told Deputy
Sheriff Bulger, who waa on hand, to
take him Into custody. Foadlck showed
fight and Bulger placed handcuffa on
, him. Then Fosdick begged Bulger to
go paat hfa room and get a !8-allber
revolver, which Bulger refused to oo.
Foedlck wears a picture of Mlaa Pur
dy on a string around hla neck and ra
fuaea to part with It. He aaya ha mere
ly wanta her to be a friend and aoea
not want to marry her. Ha will be
examined aa to nla aanlty by tha alien
ists Monday.
Zi:i"ERLlAri PLAUT .
Health Department to Stick
to Prosecution Until Nui
sance Is Abated.
A Thousand and One Attractions in Matter of Exhibits,
Amusements and Entertaining Features Being Ar
ranged For Fully 700 Exhibitors to Take Part.
Preparations being made for tha curs
rood ahow to be held la tha exposition
building for two weeks, beginning Sep
tember I. give evidence that tha Port
land exhibition, which la tha flrat atnoe
tha passage of tha pur food law. w4U
eclipse any prevloua display of Its
kind aver held In tha country.
A thousand and ona different attrae-
tlona In tha matter ot axhlblta. amus
menta and entertaining features are
Tha quaatton of whether or not It la
legal to run packing plant within tha
city Umtta will ba thoroughly threshed
, out la tha municipal oourt Tuesday
morning, when tha case of Louis Zim
merman and hla Portland abattoir Is
brought up for a hearing.
Mr. Zimmerman waa arrested some
days ago for conducting a packing plant
and slaughtering houae within the elty
jimit contrary to toe city ordinances.
Ha waa first notified to eease operatlona
at his plant but failed to heed the warn
ing of the city health department and
waa arrestee tie tnen put up the de
fense that ha had been granted tha
tight to operate auch a plant by tha
city council some years ago.
" ft la contended hy the health depart
ment na annum w. umitn, me special
prosecutor, that thla ordinance which
has been evoked waa repealed several
years ago and that therefore tha Zim
merman plant has no legal right to ba
In operation.
According to Mr. Smith tha health
department will, atlck to tha prosecu
tion and will aee to It that the nuis
ance la abated. It la stated that after
ine tnai or Tuesday next tha proprietor
of tha plant will be arrested each day
that he attempta to conduct the place
in "cufv operation ana win do prose-
' j
i m-
leader of Hussar Band Be
cipient of Gold Emblem
Tendered by Admirers.
After tha last .oonoert pUyad at tha
Oaks by tha Hungarian Hussars' band
last night tha leader, Nllda Bchllsonyl.
waa preaantad with a, handaome gold
medal by a number of tha patrons of
the paka. Tha medal waa purchased by
subscription and tha plan waa kept a
eecret until the moment of the presenta
tion.. t
. . On ona aid of tha medal la a xaleed
lyre and on tha reveraa alJ Is en
graved: "Preaented to Nlklaa Schll
aonyl by many admirer of tha Hun-
farian Hussar band. t The Oak. 107.
ortland, Oregon." .
Manager D. C Freeman of tha Oaka
made a ahort presentation speech, and
whn presented with the medal Bchll
sonyl waa nearly overcome with emo
tion. - He expreased hla gratitude to the
crowd In a few words. At tha close of
the concert a large number of people
crowded about the bandstand and gave
, Schllaonyl an ovation. He leaves at
once with hla band for Seattle and later
Ttli? 'I w,n followed
at tha Oaka by Chiaffarclif , ,
5 Una Gone Hatlesa Thre Year.
. From the Washington Herald.
Thsra la a man In Washington who
for three years and a half has not worn
a hat. Tha nam of thla cltlxen with
an antipathy for headgear and a disre
gard for conventlonablllty la Q L.
Shorey. an employ of tha department of
commerce and labor. 01
"Wearing a bat la more a habit than
anything elee and probably descends to
ua from our feudal ancestors who wore
ateel helmets to Prevent being EnoTked
In the head by their waiTlnlr
M Mr. Shorey. -ji rearhed the con
clusion eom tlm ago that a hat waa
hur.lensoma and have not worn one
eummer or winter for over three years
I find that my health Is Improved and
that my hair, which waa Inclined to fall
it. la now aa thick aa In my younger
i'iy". I am . not endeavoring to pose
i. en arbiter of faahlon nor am 1 the
1 . 1 Ur ot a new cult, but ao far a I am
j 't tonally concerned, no hat for mine.
Tuok-Iov. th,f nth, will be the lest
.. to ncetve discount on east aid
1 I
orranlswf Union of in-'-nee
srents of Mass.
IUnd, Connecticut,
! ,-.w jereev nave rormd
I union. It will ak for
i;. American ied. ration
Charles B. Merrick.
finding; their way on th program, and
th ecoree ot Individual exhibit wUl
b as InteresUng aa It la poaalbl for
human Ingenuity to make them. , -
. Sxkimtor hy Xundreda. .
Altogether It la axnected that not leaa
than 700 exhibitor will have booths
In th big exoosltlon building and thla
number Includes both the 400 Portland
retail grocery firms and some 10J out
side firms and corporations who hay
but others will b takes on for th two
weeks' session. J
Faatu Xlsotxloal Display.
It is th IntenUon t make th eleo-
trloal display on of in nneai ver
seen west of th Rookies, and eleotrlolty
will also be used In furnishing th at
tractive features of tha aewtng machine
room, th electrlo laundry, kitchen ana
other novel t lea.
There Is to ba a brand baking contest.
a Chlneaa baby ahow. u addition to tha
rular exhibit .- or inranta, a ootorea
baby ahow, and special entertainments
will ba arranged for th different night
which will 4e given over to in wood
men. Elks, traveling man. Jobbers, man
ufacturers and numerous other orgajil-
ttona. V
The exhibit ao1 far aa poaalbla will
ba a display of "Made in Oregon" 'pro
aged to make every poaalbl effort in
arranging an axpoait
rranging an exposition of their wares.
flrma, however, will also be
ra W w.' pmtyjw- x-fvv. ;i x-K-(.,e
good food to sell to th epicures.
the exception of Detroit and Kansas
Tha floor aoai
In Portland, Is 4 b
hich will be utilised
160 feet and with
City, thla la tha largest exDosition room
in th country. Needless to add, that
very Inch will be uaed In gay and at
tractive decorations and allotment are
being made at tha headquartera of tha
Retail Grocers' association In tha Allsky
building aa rapidly as they can be ac
Onlv one trouble so far has confronted
Managers Dean and Merrick, who have
the bulk of the business relative to tha
exhibit - to , look after, and that is a
scarcity of young woman demonstrators.
An application to occupy a place In any
on of th booth la equivalent to se
curing the position, and both managers
and anxious that more respond to th
call for help. Experienced demonstra
tors, of course, are the moat desirable.
Portland laboring Men Wil
Hold Big Celebration in
-Eose City Next Month
Got. Chamberlain and
Mayor Lane Will Speak;
3. ; W. Dean, Manager ot Par Food
'''v v;V';.: Show. vt ';
seen to advantage, and thee . Include
th packing companlea, some of ' th
country's largest cereal and food flrma,
and numeroua others. t ,
. , paclal Ba eunied.
In order' to atlraulate the great In
terest which haa already bean shown In
Portland'a coming pur food ahow, tha
railroads will announce , special , rates
for Friday and Saturday of each week
the axhlblt la In progress. A special
rat of on and a third far for th
round trip will b mad from all parts
in Oregon.
Monday night, September t. will be
opening night and will b specially ar
ranged for th . grooere. Parsons' or
chestra haa bean engaged for th first
week, together with apeclal alngera for
tha musical honra at and o'clock p.
m. Th second week Round' ladles'
orchestra will furnlah mualo and Mra
XAbor day wfll b celebrated thla
Tr by th labor organisations, Sep
tember 1 two week -away.,' Frepara
tlone ar about completed for a big eel
bratlon. Including - a parad In th
morning and a general big tlm at th
Lewis and Clark fair ground In th
afternoon. Many . f eaturaa have been
secured that will mak the day ona ot
th moat successful ever celebrated In
Th league baseball grounds ' have
also been aecured for match gamea be
tween th Federated Trade and th
Building Trades. Th Oregon and
Oriental buildings hav been secured
and win D prepared for entertainment.
There will be aorobatlo performances,
high wire walklns:. Professor Itolan.
th Swiss Wondsr. will narform an the
Dig oora oi me Agnouiiurai building.
.Governor- Chamberlain baa been In-
lied to apeak and may be nreeent.
Mayor Harrv Lauia and Dr. 1. Whltonmh
Brougher will be on tha program, and
perhaps William H. Taft, secretary of..
wr. onouia Mr. mi l n ini inmw
hla vialt a few daya ahead of th an
nounces acneduie, aa bas been unof
ficially announced, ha will ba In thla
city 10 ceiebrat Labor dav. - Ha Is
scheduled to arrive September 4. but
may oe nere as early as September 1.
In the mornlns? there will ba an lm
menae parade In which all the union
men- of the city will take part There
will also be float and prise will be
awarded to bring out special effort In
thla Una A balloon ascension will be
neia at tne I air grounds In the after
noon. . . ,
The committee now has given tip all
hop of securing Clarence Darrow . of
Chicago, th attorney who ao success
fully . defended Haywood. It waa
thought Mr. Darrow would ha able to
come to Portland, but he haa gone east
and mav not return hafon Kiniiinki M
1 - . v ....
V Lid in Bnaka Hirer Country.:
. CBpeelal Dtonetek The learaalt ;
; Baker City, Or.. Aug. 1T D. J. Wins
low, manager of the Ox Bow Power
company, haa aecured the arreat of four
raloonmen who. operate atande on tha
Snake river and who persist In keeping
open on Sunday.. .
Ousate lAnshaw, - wh possess e a re
markable bariton volo. will be an ad
ditional atraction.
J. W. Dean and C. B. Merrick ar
losing no tlm In completing final ar
rangement for the ahow. They stated
last night that Portland was working
to considerable advantage over other
cities where aim liar exhibit hav bees
held, inasmuch aa there rre two- whole
weeka In which to build the booths. In
other cltle four days haa generally
been the limit. The door here will be
opened the flrat day with every detail
In readiness for th two weeks' entertainment.
Justice Eeid Listens to Ar
gument Against St Johns
; liquor Seller.
Allecafioa la That Saloon Waa Open
cm Sun day and That Man Waa
Served Liquor, Although Deputies
Failed tv Arreat Latter.
Juatloe Raid of th Portland Juatloe
district listened to the evidence and tha
argument of attorney yesterday after
noon lq. the case of Louis Richards of
St, Johns, who waa arrested last Sun
day by Deputy Sheriff Jon a
Proebstel .on a charg of kseplng hts
saloon open - Sunday. Evidence . wai
meagre. , The ludg took th oaa un
der advisement until Monday A'
Deputy Jones appeared against Rich
ards and aald on the witness stand that
no saw a man in lucnarar piao anna.
lng last Sunday. . Thl was aeen
throuch a window and after torn delay
thev were allowed ta enter the saloon
through a aide door, wner. were Kicn-
ards and his bartender, but tna man
during the delay bad cpd through
a third door. . .
Th attention of the deputies waa
flrat attracted to the saloon when they
saw F. W. Valentine, the postmaster at
St. Johna, leaving th saloon by th
sld door by which th deputies after
warde entered and arrested Rloharda
Deputy Jonea believes that Rlaharda
haa kept his saloon open every Sunday
since the order was given to close sa
loons, selling liquor to certain oustom
r who could be trusted, v,
lucnaraa aamita mat n opens ni
saloon every Sunday morning, but for
purpose 01 cleaning it out. ho aald
the atand that Valentine entered to
talk over base bail matter last Sunday
while the aide door waa Inadvertently
left unlocked while he (Richards) went
to get a hoae for cleaning out the place.
Ha deniea that anybody -waa drinking
the place, but aald there was a third
man In there whom he aald waa th
Bert Henay. deputy proaeoutlng at
torney, argued that thla porter should
have been brought aa a witness, for he
waa th only man who could aoquit
Rloharda by hi evidence. However,
Rlcharda aald th Dorter had anlt his
Job and could not now b found, for h
ild not know hi name.
oeorg J. Perklna annearM as Rich
ards' attorney and argued for a dismis
sal of the oaae on the ground that th
svldenc was insufficient to prove the
aaloon waa open In the legal aense.
Rloharda ' waa among those found
guilty for th flrat violation of the law
on the first Sunday. - Deputy Jonea
y h haa been compelled to follow
I case himself, receiving varv' little
help from the sheriffs office.
Parmer Killed Under Binder. -
(peefsl Mspstek te The JeansLt
La Grande. Or- Aug. 17. Warren
Follet, a farmer - of the Cricket Flat
country, above Elgin, was found ded
eaterday afternoon under a binder on
la Blace. He had evidently rot unrior
tha machine to make some repairs and
tha team had dragged It over nlm. Ha
was 0 yeara of age. '-''. ' -
Wmm ... . ' u
izMLfLmllA .. wiin
. ,. j . , , - - -i .'..V: . '
Which Partially Consumed the Metropoli
tan Clothing Company' Saves ; You 100 per
cent on High Grade Fashionable Apparel
lously Reduced
$3.00 wffl buy you Socks; Ties and Umbrellas for a year.
ilOc Men's Hose for-,........ 3
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25c and 85c Men's Lisle Hose. 0
Comforts and Blankets for. .HALF
$2 Umbrellas, to $1.60 goods. '.50 .
10c Men's Handkis for . . . 3
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Suit Prices at the
Compared with th price
aaked elsewhere for suoh
merchandise.- these suit
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you couldn't touch a dupli
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- i , t t .
be,twln ,f
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. Xm AVMTa, b Am BiiT-m. Tnf,