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    i i ' - r r -
rorvTL'AiiD, Sunday ror,r;n.-a. aucust is. i::r.
Sue! Is Governor Chamberlain's Opinion or irrigated
Section, Notwithstanding Fact That There Is Crying ,
; Need for Transportation Facilities Everywhere. ;
r Bin
Development H Crook Bounty" Irrt
rat4 Mottoa. baadloapped aa it !a
through tba orrlac sm4 of traneporta-
,tioB faoUltlae, haa vert hs less ahovm
a trAadou Impetus flurln we put
;7mt, ul Um whole of that region U
underiotnf a rapid, ramarsahle and
jlMlnf timnsposltlon.
Thla In mtntuM la th aoaoluslon
NieM by 0varnor Chamberlain, who
rsturaed last nlsht from an mom
tour of tBapaetloa thronrh tha dlatrlot
la aotnpany part a tbo time with
United Btatea DUtrtot Attorn sy Bristol,
T. B. NauhaDeen, Jolm T. Wblstlsr of
th raclaniatloa aorrloa. and T. B.
6 tan! ay, secretary" of tha peschutea Xr
rlaatloa A owr company, which la an
cased In lrriiatln 100.600 acres of
Crook aountjr'e saml-arld plain a. .
Qovsnors Sinrt Ttatt. , -, .
TMeal Oovarnor Chambartaia'a flrat
V 10 Crook county alnoa ha want
jwlth atner roemDers or tne state tana
hoard last . Taar on an inSDectlon trlD.
6lnca that time tha amount of tha, Han
whirh tha Aomnanr holds asalnat tha
- land whloh ia bains reclaimed under
a tat a supervision baa ban raised and
It waa or tha purpoee of thoroughly
Investigating conditions ' to determine
whether tha praaant Han la too area
that tha tour waa mad a laat waea. Thla
Waa alao tha purpoaa of tha Visit of
tha government off lolala.
Governor Chamberlain came baok--te
Portland throughly aatlafled with aon
dltiona aa ha found them. Tha greatest
harmony oxlata between tha Deschutes
Irrigation A Power eompany and the
settlers under their eanala, and Inatead
of being die rru titled are pleased with
tha lnoreaae In tha amount of tbo Ilea
.against tha land.
- "Tha oolhpany baa apaat a tremend
ous amount of money la building tta
irrigation works,' aaid the governor laat
: night, "and ao far aa I found they have
compiled with their etate oontraot to
the letter. - I talked with dosens of
aettlera on tha Irritated landa and
found that they ware pleaaad with the
lnoreaae la tha lien price. Tha com
pany waa doing lta work there at a
financial loaa and tha opinion waa ex
preaaed by the aettlera that they were
glad If tha Ilea nrlca bad been placed
at auoh a figure aa would repreaeat tha
coat ot thsMrrtgatlon .work.
.". VU1 BnllA Beservola. V.".'
"In addition to lta Canal work, tha
company baa a elected -a a lta above Band
where It will construct a hug reser
voir for the purpoaa of storing water
during tha winter In order to meat any
emergency which may arise during the
Irrlratln Ituoo.
"The whole country la developing
rapidly. There baa baea a tremendous
change and Improvement alnoa we visited
the section last year and tha growth la
steady and substantial. It la a wonder
ful country, full of unlimited possibili
ties and the Irrigation company haa the
nearly oooperauon ot the eetuers in lis
Governor Chamberlain haa apent near
ly a - week In the central part of the
state. The party left Portland laat
Saturday morning and after leaving
Shanlko rode through tha agency plain
to Madras, thenoe south to Redmond
and Bend through the Irrigated section
upon which the Deschutes Irrigation A
Power company la at work. From Bend
a trip wa mad across tha Deschutes
into me lumaio Dasin, wnere me i
lumbla Southern Irrigating company ha
been at work on a aegregatloa of 10,000
aorea of arid land.
The Columbia Southern company be
came involved wun tne atate iana ooara
over a year ago relative to the term
of lta . contract and alnoa that time baa
dona practically no work. Dlatrlot At
torney Briatol and other government
official are at present maklnr an In
vestigation of th latter eompany' fail
ure to comply with It agreement and
action will probably result In favor of
in seiner. .
Governor Chamberlain eeoke ancouraaN
Ingly of th wonderful crop of wheat
which baa been raised thla year In the
vicinity of Madras and through tha Ray
stack country It 1 th largest crop
In tha history of that country, but th
great good wnicn would naturally ao
oru to th farmera wba bare ralaed
It la stunted materially by the lacktof
rauroaa racuiuea.
fraaapuitatlom aTeeoXl.
' They tall me that one email atrip
of oountry la going to produce 1,000,000
buahela of wheat thla year." aald tha
exeoutlve "It la a anam that th
country wonderful possibilities ahould
be foroed to Buffer through the lack
of adequat moan of transportation."
' Mr. Bristol and T. B. Neuhausen re
mained In Crook oounty, aa did alao
Mr. Stanley, The two former will com
plete their investigation, which waa de
layed aevoral day through their In
ability to leave Portland at the earns
time that -Governor Chamberlain de
parted. It la expected, however, that
they will return her within a few day a
The Deaohute Irrigation d Power
company haa completed practically 100
mile of -main canal and lateral In
order to cover It ecTegation, and at
present la at work 10 miles east of
Bend on a main canal, which will fur
nish water for another area for which
application for patent haa been mad. .
Patriotic Brotherhood of Liberty Defenders Want to Ee
s a vise Oregon institution and Repeal Initiative -I
;: J and. Jlefexdj . .. ,.
V Kka. Bxnmdtng la Toama and revolu
tionary la the object It aeeka to ao
oompllsn, tha Patrlotlo Brotherhood of
ZJberty Defender waa launched upon
the political eaa of Oregon yesterday
wban lta trata applied tor artldee
xt Inoorporatlon. Termed a political
aoolety, tha member will endeavor to
revise th constitution of Oregon, do
way wlthr th Initiative and referendum
and wipe off all tha "prohibitive and
oppressive laws'' avar passed by the
Stat legislature, y
The trust sea wlio applied for InoAr
peratlen papers are William Raid, who
preside over th Portland luetloe court;
Adolpb P. Prasll who preside over the
baloon: owned bv Praall Co., at li
Fourth etreet, and Cecil Q. Applagata, a
on-ln-Iaw of Praall.
. Not onlv doea tha aociety seek to
Iowa all the blue law and open th
way for unrestrained Belling of- liquor,
put la antl-rellgloua In lta belief a Re
ligion must have no plac with th gov
ernment, aay tha liberty defenders, al
.though tbey failed to mak clear Just
what particular part In th government
riiigioa ai . present niaye. t-airiotio.
heral and prorresslv government will
result If th voters of Oregon take up
th Duraaa or tne ratriouo Bi
I L.iDny ueienaera
-W will
bay (0,000 . members by
next sprtng." aatd Mr. Prastl last night
"The society will be a fraternal broth
erhood aad will carry sick and accident
benefits, wa will put aa and to tbaaa
blue laws, aad restore liberty to tha
people. '.-.- .........
"There la nothing that will aver stop
thla movement - onoa It la started. I
have made a careful study of th ques
tion for five yeara and know that wa
have hit upon the right way of secur
ing. ths cbacgea wa want. The- people
are tired of the way affaire are being
run and want to exercise their own
rlghta on questions that concern them
- "This Is' a political society." contin
ued tha liberty defender, "and we will
atop all. thla foolish legislation that
baa been going on in thla state. Our
constitution Is all wrons and th liberty
defenders will act It right. There win
be no more bin law and th initia
tive and referendum will b things of
the past"
Then Mr. Praall explained at length
and several other waya what he thought
of the manner In whloh legislation had
been conducted in Oregon In th past.
In tha future whatever measure does
;iaraa. ....... ....... in
poim txhu AJrn oovox sts.
9 lamer from 11 a. aa. t p. m,
Cblcksa Soup wlU Noodles.
Sliced Tomatoes
Cuoumbera ...........
Lettuce ...........1
Salmon Salad. Mayonnaise. .2
Fried Basor Clame,
Fried Shad...
Pried Halibut
rt.4 HilmAn
rrimA T.nHarlnln . ikt Sola. Tartar
- - . - . Ar .
Bauce t
Half Cracked Crab....t 4
Boiled Mackerel, Drawn Butter...
Rnllaj h..r. I'ltiWIe Hauc
Fricassee of Chicken with Dump-
Smalf Tenderloin Steak, Spanish...
Pried Calves' Brains, Brown Butter
Stuffed Bell Pepper .....
CnA U.m Pnl.ln SsJad i
Veal Sausage. Mashed sweet l-o .
tatoea .....254
Baked Pork Spara K1D8. Bag
Minced Ham and Scrambled Egg...
Bturred ureaai or vest..
Stewed Codfish, Family Style.....
Corned Beef Hash, Poached Egg..
Beef Stew and Vegetable.........
Pork and Beans.....
Apple Dumplings.
Ride Order Annie Dumnllnrs. . .. .. .
Half Spring Chicken. Fried ...60
Roast Chicken and Dressing 84V
Roast Pork and Dressing..,.. 15
Roast Veal and Dressing. ........ .20
Roast Bsef, Brown Gravy. 15i
Roast JUimb with Jelly..... ..2
Green Corn on th Cob. ...... i. 6 1
Fried Egg Plant !Oi
New potatoes l
Sweet Potatoes.
Siloed Peach I
Coffee. Bread and Buttar aad Potatoes
with all meal .
e la Cream. ........... 5a)
to...... .10)
ha and Cream. lOs
, ajcbsxoajt mrgTAumurr,
Corner Third and Couch St. .
Sinner from 11 a, aa. to p. aa.
Benton Connty School Fair
to Eclipse All rrevious
, ISpeelal tnspatak a The ras1 ) '
Corvallla. Or, Aug. IT. Six teen hun
dred dollars Is to be given ' away la
prise for th big All-Bentoa county
school fair that beglna la this city Au
gust SO, continuing three days. ' Thou
sands of people are preparing to attend.
A parade of all the school children la
Benton county-will be a feature. Gov
ernor Chamberlain and United . States
Senator' Fulton will be among th
speakers. There will -be- many other
BDlendld features that will maks th
fair th greatest event ever held In
Benton county.- There will be the best
merry-go-round on th coast, balloon
ascensions aad innumerable other
things of Interest. - ,
The streets of this city ara to be es
pecially lighted with eleotrlo lights In
red, white and blue, preparations - for
which, have been In progress for some
weeks?- The -Illumination will be very
brilliant, aa - the Willamette Valley
eompany la donating tha work aad th
"Juice" for th display.
Everyone In Benton county, as well
as many others throughout tba atate,
will be interested' In the splendid list of
prises hung up. by tba fair committee.
Patron of the Sport and the
Grim Guardian of
vv";;: the Track.-:' ?.. v.-
Friend of An Who Were In the Sport
tor Sport's Sake, Whether Opulent
or Impecunious Hl Death a Snr.
prise) and Shock. '-
rMneetsl Msnatea te The 7eanaLt '
Boise, Ida., Aug. IT. Word has lust
been received here from Denver that
George H. Shoaf, who represented the
Appeal to Reason and other papers her
during th Haywood trial and who 1
wanted' In thla city on a statutory
charge, ha left tha Colorado capital
and ordered hi mall eent to Glrard,
Kanaaa, "It was at first reported that
he had ' bn located at Denver and
would bo held there till, an Idaho offi
cer could go there after bim and bring
him to Boise, v - fc . t .. . ...
BBssjsaaasBBjasBaMsasnBMmaBBBSBB sSSBbbbbSbSbI
not meet with the approval of tbo mem
bera will be repealed and the propa
ganda will take tha form of tha French
appeal to reason as set dowa by Mr.
Prasll last night
. ' ,.
Manning Strikes Uncharted
Beef and Goes to Sitka
1 u for .Eepalrs.
r fKsant ffew by tVssgert teased WtraT
Waahlsgtoa, Aug. IT. Captain Rosa
of tha yavenu cuttar sarrloa has re-
enm s wuimq xren vsiaea, Aiaaaa,
aylng that tbo ravenua cutter Maa
lag had struck aa uncharted rook near
Taldes aad had -baea badly damaged.
Tha vessel, it was stated, had gone to
Sius, Aiasaa, ror repaira. . The Man
Bins haa bean watching th seal fish-
eries in ui Areiio ocean. Most or th
case of poaching so far , bay been
Obargaa to in japan.
J?otton Glnners association met reoent
y and issued a protest against tha pro
posed Introduction ot Japanese labor
zor onoypiiis iuiq picains ooiion. 4
n rr
11 11
Stop its falling out, nd potitive
1t removes Dandruff. Keeps hair
sT ana eiosbt. as w w r,rtrriv mire.
- . .
- 1 rnno riay apn wi w"j"
,50o. bottlos. all druttfUts
Kepresentatives of Pacific
Jurisdiction Meet at Com
.". r pllmentary . Dinner. '
Th banquat rooms of tha 'Boston
Palac preeented a perfect bower of
flowers aad fern last alght at th com
pllmentary dinner given to tha organisa
tion fores of the Woodmen ot th World
now assembled la tba olty. , George K.
Rogers, on of tha most prominent mem
bers or uie oroer in in norinwesu pre
sided aa toastmaater. Tha denoratlona
were in -keeping with the Woodmen
Ideals and th scene waa on of much
Toaatmaster Rogers Introduced the
host of the evening. J. S. Williams, who
in a neat speech welcomed th guesta
Peter F. Gilroy, general organiser of
uanrornia, responaea, paying a glowing
iriDui co we nospiiaiity 01 me wood
men of th World of th great north-
wsst. .
Following war . th toasts of - th
"Impressions of th Northwest,"
Thomas J. Van Hooser of Utah; "Rela
tion of th Fraternal Press to the Or
ganiMtlon." J. M, Wood worth, edlto
Camp and Circle) "Reflections of an
Organiser," F. O. Woodoock; "One of
Our Touneest." T. W. Budrow of Wssh-
ington; "Thos wno Dwell in Cliffs,"
James M. Ksnnedy of western Colorado!
'California,?' W. I. Dibble of Callfornlai
"Storr Times." A. C Burrow of east
ern Washington; "Organissr'a Corre
spondence," F. R. Pettett of eastern
Oregon: "The World That Makes All
Mankind Akin," D. X Beakey of Port,
land: "Gone but Not Forrottan." W. F.
I Hi germ an of Colorado: 'Tlemem
brance, Albert B. Craw of San Fran
clscoi '"Should Old Acquaintance Be For
rot." JT. M. Prioe of Colorado; "Oregon'
Wlcom." H. I Pay of Portland:
"Beautiful State of Waahlns-ton." M. n
Moon of Beattle. -
- ' sa 1 .1
Great Britain owns more land of
North America than tha United States.
The rail made of Fnslsnd and Ireland
are of different ruage. Those of Ireland
are 6 feet inches and England 4 feet
Itt incnea.
English ghees r somttlmea fattened
on analla. , ... .-. i
" rSDselil Btipe'tch as The lesraaLl $ '
Boise, Ida., Aug. IT. -The labor un
ions of Caldwell and Nampa have voted
to attend the Labor dav celebration here.
coming In a body. .Tha union people
01 nampa wiu oring a oanq wun uiem
and possibly the Caldwell band will
com also. In addition to Judge Perky
and L. W. Grubb of thla city, Rev. c.
B. Helman of Caldwell will apeak at
the celebration. Hundreds of people
are coming to Boise on that occasion
from th surrounding towns and tha
event promises to be ona ot tha blggeat
axiaira over neia nero,
: Japanese Boat in Chicago,
From tha Chlcaro Call Nawa.
Whlle peaceful cltisens on both side
of th world ar reading about th
troubles between th United State and
Japan, few of Chicago' 2,000.000 ar
aware that a Japanese boat la her.
Tet nevertheless It 4a true. A Jap
anese vessel bearing th formldabl
nam of Hooraaru Is quartered In the
Jackson Park - launching house and
aeeda only a few rune, a new motor
ana a searcnugni in oraer 10 lane at
least soma part la any hostilities that
might arlaa between the two countries.
The Hoomaru, whloh la about twenty
feet long, belongs to th Japanese
f ovarnment, and carried passenger on
ha lagoon during tha World'a Falp
in connection wun in Japanese ex
hibit. It haa never been removed.
but remain in arydook within a
atone'a throw of tha wooded Island.
Hundreds, of persons In row boats peas
th curioua craft dally and wonder
what it ia and why it la there.
fBetiat Vewa by tsagsst Leased Wtra.)
New York, Aug. IT. Robert Allan
Plnkertoa. head of th famous detective
agency aad oa of the beat known de
tectives la the world, died oa Monday
at sea, on ths Unr Bremen.
Th news was flashed over th cable
from Europe today when tha North
German Lloyd steamer Bremen from
New Tork arrived off th 1. 1 sard oa
her way t Plymouth, Cherbourg and
The ahtp 'waa nearlng Europe when
ob" passed away. He waa bound
upon a long tour or the continent. His
health had been bad for several weeka
and - his physlolana had told him
thought It waa not generally known
that hia only chance for Ufa waa to
give up work and go abroad. .
Ha Bailed from here laat Baturday
with "Florrle" Bulllvan and a party of
politicians and sporting men.
He suffered from heart dlseaaa and
waa going to Carlsbad and other Ger
man resorts la the hops of r covering
his physical well-being.
It waa his 1 0th trip serosa tha ocean.
He appeared to be In good spirits dur
ing th first few days after leaving
port. News of his death cam aa a
great shock t the thousands who knew
Mead of AH at ta Track, ,
Especially did the race track crowds
mourn him, for he waa their proteotor
and friend. There waa no more fa
miliar flgur about any of th great
courses than "Bob" Plnkerton. He was
the associate of millionaires and of
"pikers" and waa as fair and cordial to
one as to tha other.
Mr. Plnkerton'a chief businees la tha
last few yeara had been to guard tha
race track against crooked dealing by
trainers and jockeys and to seoure
safety and comfort for tba crowds by
barring pickpockets and Other crooks
from tne standa and betting rings.
But that work did not prevent hlra
from acting, with his brother, William,
as head of th agency that bear hi
nam and keeping in touch with it
many operation throughout the world.
Robert Allan Plnkerton was the son
pfAUanJ'lnkerton, acknowledge! to
have--been the greatest detective ever
known. H mother was Jean Carfrae,
daughter of a refuge from th French
revolution. He waa born at Dundee,
Illinois. In Wit. .
Idaho W. C T. U. Convention.
' (Special Dispatch te The JeerasL)
Boise, Ida., Aug. IT. Tha twentieth
annual convention of the W. C. T. U.
of Idaho will be held at Blackfoot be
ginning October t and continuing three
days A number Of prominent speakers
will bs present - 1 . -
Tuesday, the 10th. ' will be th laat
day to receive discount on east aide
gaa Dins. -
THE A. B. CHASE is Sovereign among PLAYER PIANOS. It
has surpassed other players, and gone far in advance of older and
. v . highly advertised inferior makes . - , -
THE A. B. CHASE it unlike other players. It is different It is more easily oper
ated and produces better results than other players. -
It is different in appearance.
1 ' - With the A. B. CHASE yon ait in a restful position in an "easy" chair and enjoy
the music. ;,.,. - , '
It is different in that tha mechanism is all below the keyboard and the music roll
is near the expression levers, enabling the operator to watch the roll and give Vcr feet
expression to the music : v.,' ;. 1 j'- -. -
Don't pay a big price for an old-fashioned player that hss not passed the ABC
stags, when you can just as well own the best, the A. B. Chase. This remarkable
player is now to be seen at -" . , ' 1
Sixth and Morrison
Opp. Postofflcc
lay& Co.
Pacific Coast Jobbers Victor Talking Machines, Steinway Pianos,
Portland," Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellingham, Spokane.
rrrvn o tt at
v. .,,. ' .- .. .... - .1- 'l.f.
6 T!
" - ' f V'."'tf "
'' '' '
To advertise our new and won
derfully tuccessful . Alveolar
Method, we will do work at cut
rates for
A 10-year guarantee x with - all
work. Examination free. Silver
fillings, 50c 1 crowns (22k), $3.50
to (3.00; bridgework (per tooth),
$j.ou to $3.w. Elates as low as
$5.00. Everything first class.
Lady attendant ,
291 Morrison St.
;0j?csi!c PostoIIIct
cny Man's Outing Suit in the
House ' ; - . yi '-r V;
Boys' Wash Suits at -Youths'
Outing Suits at -
Any Man's $20 Summer Sack Suit in
the House - - - - -
. . : . .... . - . - ' . - . v ' .' ''
Ladies' and Misses' Wash
Coats and Dresses ...
AIL Men's and Boys' Straw
and Panama Hats, now .
HALF price
We have now the initial showing of Fall
Clothes for men and boys at the store.
Tomorrow morning they will be placed on display in our windows
7 ,