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Just Whether to Tick Their" Hops or
Not Is a Question That Is Agitating
the Hop 3ien)f the State at the Present
Hazlewood ; Company Puts
Another Kink in Pockety
, book of Consumers.' ;
,-; Front street feature": v',"" x
1 HwlMd put up butter. lf .., '
' 1 Heavy arrivals Of peache. .
Fine ear "cants" from south. . v - ,
' Eggs and cheese firmer,. , a "...
Canned fruit dellverlea '
v Expecting better salmon run. .
Wide range In pear valuea 4 - ..
Chicken market bold steady. ,
V Moo0t ttr 9rlem. Afmia. v .'? .
The Haaelwood Creamery company tp
, flay advanced the price of IU product to
16o a pound or 7lo a square. . Whether
the advance, waa Justified or not the
; trade does not agree; few believing that
. higher prlcea are due at this time. The
extreme high values shown in the local
butter market this season hav caused
much ' fear among the local manurac
turera that it will let down the bar and
cauee California and eastern as well as
Paget Sound butter to come here. Imi
tation butter would also find easy en
. trance Into the Portland market at this
time owing to the high coat of the real
article. The oat of butter In the Port
land wholesale markets for th period
Siren:. rfiffif?. ' ml. ?; io. '
'. Pound. Pound. Pound.
ffttnaW ..,..i.$ .11 i ! -JIH
July I ...t..,.. H V .
July tt ....... ..80 , ; .lltf ' .1IS
lAuguet I .H r .11.
tAugust It .... 4e .14 .10
TKa ihrnt table show the values rnl
4m at given periods from the start of
tia season. A will be noted, there has
been a gradual Increase in values her
yearly. As compared with the price
that ruled a year ago, this year's values
su-e fully 10o a pound higher. Some of
this advance la due to the unfavorable
weather at the start of the season, but
most of It la due to the fact that some
interests have planned to make the
iLortlDd market the highest In the world
rteapUe the fact that It being a produo
lng center, should be on of the cheap-
neat. - ... - --.
Only On Creamery Advances .
! 'While the Haaelwood creamery was
Itn only on to announce an advance in
vela this morning. It is quit possible
that several ether will follow the lead
later In the day or tomorrow morning.
Hon of the creamery men are up fn
arms over the advance, as they said that
conditions do not justify any such move
at this time, xn i-uget touno. msrxei
Is II and 10c; value there showing a
(decline of about lo a pound during the
week. California, erioe are consider
ably below thoae ruling here and butter
can be eereiy purchased in trie east ana
after paying the enormous freight
charges sell at materially lower values
than those ruling her sad the sellers
would make a fortune If they . sold
enough. --. i i. . '.- .. ,.
TO Xrt Other Butte Xa.
This is not the first time that local
butter people have advanced quotations
to suca a iigure tnat tney aiiieo me
market. On several occasions they put
the price to such a figure that eastern
ers and California manufacturers began
to nood thla market with their product.
This la what Is feared at thla time.
However. M. Morteneen, manager of the
JiaseJwood company, believes the pres
ent prices justified after taking all con
ditions into consideration. . -.
Supplies ef cream are - decreasing at
a lively rate, as they always do at this
time of year. Front street butter prices
ar up to II He for the best product,
with demand fully up to supply at the
new zigures. . ,-. ... .
Xaavy Arrrrals f Peaches l'
Tory heavy arrival of peaehe are
shown In the local market today. A car
of southern Oregon i Crawfords earn in
tbia morning la fin shape and sold at
? rlnted values. One firm, alone received
,700 boxes from there today. . Market,
however, in rood shape.
Pear market show wide rang of
values awing to the great difference In
quality. Bom Dalle Bartlett selling
at ii.oo. some at is.
A very fin ear of "cents' cam In
Tram Filter California thla mernlne-.
Price today range between 11. to and $2
a crate. , ... - -.a
' Brief Votsa of th Trade.
Lower river packer expect a better
run of salmon during the preaent week.
Eggs and cheese are firmer. Bom
charalna- 17e today for eheeaa flats.
In a lata circular the California Fruit
Cannera association states that deliv
eries of standards, seconds, water and
?1 apricot and plums will be about 10
o 16 per cent, while the deliveries of
extra stanoaraa ana extras wm o ivw
per cent. . - .-..'',... ,
Chicken market holding steady. .- De-
anand and supply about equal. - ,
Tomato market la better ahap. Bom
xtra fancies selling higher. .
Front street prices: '.I,:1" ,
,. T am opposed to the advanca d
in cramry butter mad this
morning. There is nothing at all
to justiry any such move at thla e
d , time, except perhap the slight !
reduction in the supply of cream.
Thla latter hni ......i -
:thlg time of year. . Th prtc has
been put to such a high figure
tnat w are at present abov 4
vry other market. Just wher d
d ; w are going; to ship our produot I
at such prices don"t know. Th
advance will allow oleomargarine
; manufacturer to sell their prod- 4)
1 net here, . and every pound ;
soiq or this ImlUUon butter . .
w hurU th creamery wen ' that
w . much.. We will not advance our
prices today unless forced to do. w
4 so la order to protect ourselves.1
d T. 8. . Townsend of th Town-
nd Creamery. , ,, d
ER Oil
No Run in Local Yards Dur
ingr Past 43 Hours Price
A Holds at $7 for Best
' ' rals, rioar and
QRATir BAGS Calcutta. o, large
iota; small lots. HC
nmniiin v.. .. w llei
Russian. 10 O lie; bluest em, 14 Alee:
' valler71l82e.
CORN Whole. 121.00; cracked. 121.00
pr ton.
BARLET Kew Feed, tl.0tl0
per ton; rolled. IZI.oe911.00; brewing.
RTE 11. H per cwt. -. "i.
OATS New Producer price N 1
White. 177.00 per ton: rrav, 120.00.
FLOUR Kastern Oregon patents,
ti It: i IrafrhK. tell: . wwmr A AA
. - r ' . . w- ... w ,
valley, I4.XOW4.40; graham, H. M 71;
wnnie wneat. .v; rye, swa, ii.o; pal,
I! 09. 1
M IUJITU Fr Bran. 1T.0 per ton;
middlings, 121.0; shorts, country. 110;
city, llJ.00: chop fU.000121.00.
HAT Produders price Timothy,
: Willamette valley, fsncy. f K.O0A1T.O0;
ordinary. 112.0014 00; eastern Oregon.
ia: mixea, uuuio iv: ciover. IT.SOOI:
grain, itttio; cheat. II.M 10.60.
, ' Better, Zgfs and Poaltrr.
BUTTa ' WAT-nT. o. b. Portland
sweet cream, sic; sour, loo.
BUTTER City creamery, tSHAttei
second a, IOJ2Ho; otiUide fancy, lie;
seconds, SOc; store. Oregon, lia la
EUCia Rxtra fancy, candled. Ilea
IHc: rood candled, tfOHVxC. ,
t-.:EE8h New Full cream, flat.
Tag!xe.ErH,,b5 Tou Amrlcana,
. POU1.TRY Mixed . chickens. 110
1 in Ik fan. V . .
1-wr id. 01a, . ioe per lb:
iryere. niin per 10; broilers, 14 0
15c lb; oM ducks. 11. lb: spring ducks
WJ,' o1?l lb! Pnng gees
imeii" per lb: turke v. 1 r, 1 JL Til"
for old; sqnabs, 12.50 per dosen; pigeons'
II :& per dosen. Dressed poultry. 1
4 1 fa 111 UiHUOI. ii , ... .f. , ,
Bops, . Wool ' and ' tdda. '
JFTOPS 10 crop Prime te ehoic.
eo; medium to prime, to; con tract a.
ln crop, - , .
wool-'HOT nip Taiiey, .10 a tie
eaetem Oregon. 11(3210. w ,
. MOHAIR New 107 202IV4e.
r-Ht KPHKIN8 Shsaring, ltOMe
etch; short wool. 26040c; medium, wooL
tii6 each; long wool. TIcQ 11.00 each!
TAU)W-Prime, per lb. lQ4o; Na
I end rrease. 1 4f 2 e. . .
( JilTTIM BARK 4 per lb. , -
- Traits and egetablss. '.T.
roTATOFS ft.ioei.l for white.
; 1 for red, selling; buying, per
, liovq jnhbtng price Nrw Walla
, 1 ; DO sack; Oregon, fl.11; garlic.
1 ; , , ' . i i.eo o in.
1 , ( I- i.l ITS Oranges. 14 211)
4T.V l n "i . t-" U: lemons. 14 OOitfT 60
, - ) . ; i 1.yl.-n. 14.00 per 100;
, . , 0 J 00 rtfixen; grape mm
. 1 1 u .. t j 10c lb; peaches, COcfy
11.28; cantaloupe, N f1.S0OI.K0; raspber.
rlea 10c; plums, 0cilT watermelons.
lc; cultivated blarkberriea, 1.7I
a crate; crabapples S0a0o per box;
Unimi pears, tl.DV91.uu per fOX.
VEGETABLES Turnlpn, new, 0c
tl.OO sack; carrota T6cll.00 per sack;
beets,. 11.10 per sack; paranlpa, tl.OO it
11.26; cabbage, tl.7SMl: tomatoes. Ore
beans, 4jo; green. 4o per lb: cauliflower,
11.16 01.60 doaeii; peaa, 6c; horseradish,
to lb; artichokes, 66c76o dosen; rhu-
oan, to id; green onions, zoo per dosen;
mil pep perm, mviino per in; neaa let
tuce ( 1 dos; cucumbers, hothouse. SO to
26s dos; outdoor 40$l0o box: radtahes.
16o ' dosen bunches; eggplant, 16o lb:
green corn,. 1. sack; celery, f lOl.lS
dosen. ... .
erooerle, Vttta, SMo.
SUGAR Cube, fl.UH; powdered,
a nt tj . e mm ti a
lllS; St.rf'sS.H'conV. A. 16.17 lJ d ra. 17.00; SWa
Portland Union atockvarda. Aug. 11.
vinciat run.
Hon Cart la Bbeeo.
Today ............. 100 - ,100
Week ago If 111 ' ' 141
Tear ago ...... ... - - 100
Previous Tear ... 11 ; It
The scarcity ef hoc In ths local mar
ket is again telling upon condition
Th strength la the local bog situation
is so pronounced that It would take
bulky arrivals to Chang tb current of
uemana, jrrice ox oesi siurr continues
to show a range of 16c, top being at
17 and slightly off grade at 11.71. For
best stun receivers are at nraaent it.
perlencing no difficulty in obtaining 7
flat There was no run of hog In
th yards during th 48 hours.:., .
; otav Aixlvala Bimall, . . .
A With ths ho run. arrivals' In ethe
line of livestock were rather small for
th 41 hours. Just 100 cattle cams
during ths two days. This compares
with a run of lit head' last Monday.
100 head a year ago and a nominal
number two year ago. The price hold
unchanged. - ,J-
Hheen run for th 41 hours was ins
head aa compared with (45 head a
week ago and non either a year in
or two years ago.. Prlc la steady and
unchanged, v. ,
. a year ago today all' lines of livestock
nsia a steaay ion at unchanged val
uer ,
Official yard price: . ' ;
Hogs Bsst eastern Oregon. II.7IO
Chicago Slumps Nearly 4c a
Bushel Under Saturday's
Price Eager to Sell.
Xaavy Wheat Peals,
.Athena, Or,, ; Aug. 11. Over
. 100,000 bushels of th new erop
of wheat ha bean gold In
Athsna. . Th ! Pteston Parton
' Milling company alone ha pur-'
chased 100,000 sacks at price
ranging; from II to 71 cents per
bushel. David Taylor of th In
dependent warehouse, and Agent
CHarra Of th Pacific Coast Ele
vator company hav also pur
chased several thousand bushels.
Captain and Officers Bear
' Same Name Though
Not Related. ' '
Labored Hard Oft Cap Horn for
Fifty . Day ; In Doubling J Prom,
ontory and 'Had to Put Into Val
paraiso for Fresh Wtr. ' :.'V
James L Evaston and Mary Winkle
man. '
The marine ways at Lindatrom yard
ar always full, ons veaael waning to
r.o on as fast ss they come off. Two of
ne hulls building at Llndstrom's are
now nearly ready to be launched, and
another is ' fast approaching comple
Aug. 11.
.Aug. 10. Los. ' 1001.
awtM.. 13 K IT W . .a1sa. a Sk i . Vi
w -' w w f 7a uium Vs U. I 7 , A al r A ' A .
yeUow. IS.17H: beet aranulated ..V;,.ur:'w;1 r"" wregon
cow and
fats, 11.71.
Cattle E
(Abov price ar 10 day net cash I puwp doi weiuwa, f.zo; swea.
quotationa) . I " .
HONEY 11 10 per erata
COFFEB Package brands, fllllO HOGS LOSE IS THE EAST
Coarse Halt around. 100a
$12 0 per ton; 10a, 111.00; tabled dairy. Prlo Down 6c Cattle 8tady to 5c
imporiea uverpooi, va, liio.0: 100a, I r .
111.00; ..4a 111.00; extra fine barrels, Chicago, Aug. 11. Official mns
, , ana iv. i4.oee.o; Liverpool I Hogs. Cattle; Sheep,
ump "rock. 120.60 per ton; 10-lb rook, I Chicago .12,000 16,000 .12,000
'i.;' lvvml. IV 9V- , ' . " 1 Kansas City ,.; 6.000 21,000 4,000
Above Diices annlr to salea a Im Om.k. , itu
than car lots. Car fo tea t special prices I Hog aiw 6o lower with 1,400 ieft
over, receipts a year ago were 11,000,
jmjxou, o.; neavy,
rougn, ii.Diigi.iv; light xt.t0fjt.40.
vaiue mimmaj to IVO lower.
eneep steady.
subject to fluctuations.!
BICE Imperial Japan. No. 1, lc; No.
, nw oneana oeaa, . 7o;
AJax. 6c: Creole. Ie.
BEANS Small white. 11.10; . large
white, $1.61; pink. 11.60; bayou. !.;
aiexican reos, sk.
NUTS Peanuta Jumho. IUi nav 1h
Virginia, 7Ho per lb; roasted, lbo per
lbt Japanese. 606kc: roasted. 7O7V0
per id; wainuts, canrornia, loo per lb;
pine nuts. 14(16e per lb: hickory nuts.
jvo jw id; jarasti nuts, ISO per lb; Tll
berts. lie per lb; fancy Meant, 11010
. Meats, risk sad Provisions.
FRESH MEATS Front street Hogs,
Bid Prlcew Current Today on the
San Francisco Exchange.
San Francisco. Ana. 1 J Official km
lanlMfnem Alts Tte Tm. . A AA '
fancy. Ho par lb; Urge. 7Mo . parlhawk- $11.76. Columbia Mt. lie iumbo
lb; veal, extra, IU$le per lbt.ertlnryrI4.00y -umbo. Ext. $ 1.82 H, Vernal 17c
K . IK nAW M M T Ik, . .... I T. , ... . .... . .
" f -. . w muuuji, i nnn.j'i.fii. ica. uoiarieia M. CO,
f"P5Ti::lO9 JfT. lb T T ' 1 $16. Kendall 2c Booth -0c:-Bla"ll
Aia. blu.n, a-rc,-Portland pack. I 18o. Adam llo. Silver Pick lie. May
(local) hama 10 to 11 lba 16a tier lb: I Queen lln Nv. Tn 7. n xt ir.t i
iw-.wiJ"lr "i.1.".!?.!0 lb. Blue Bell 10c. Dixie lo, O. Columbia
ik. tJil. ii r!l T"Vt. peri . uiownia tc, Ave . too. Con
lb; picnica 11 Me Der lb! eettaa-a m . mum, Hn uilr nv.v k t
HHe Per lb: rentier ahort cloara. an. A Wnn in.i..K . Z
smoked, lie ner lb: smoked. Itn nee ih-lvnH.ii tj-. a -
lJ 2,I!UbV',,',ltiS i lb rone Empire 10c. Red Top Ext.
smoked,. lo per lb; smoked, to pr lb;Ho. Florence 14.70. Dlsm'f. R. A c.n.
;t? UMmf,3't11,70 : c, O. Daisy L0. Laguna $1.40, Com-
!?e liitf. P.!l-Il: hul,i'r. monwealth ioc. Comb. Fract. ll.07H.
Zlj. P,c"!inf''1 oN Or. Bend Kit. 16c Gr. Bend iV'fi
iTil UlyZ. l.ZI;,Jj,fe MUl.torro 60c A, B. B. Bonansa 7c Ke
Tib, oa llsQper lb: 10-lb miil HUo I w.nM t, xn.i. n M
ner lh: , la. 1 1 li i. . . ""t y'm""
r. , , r. r' I c rnrancis sionawa 1.10, Kea Hill
neV I b lb; 10. loo gc Mohawk Ext. 11c Lou Dillon lc.
FISH Rock cod Te lb- f1.n..M il. S: . "nam . 1 ' C.S ?
o ner lb: ttallfaxTt: MfThZTZZuZl SttlS!' .H?i- J"-.
baas, llo rar lbreatfiah 'lie .V lV. -.11""""- "-"n '" - l- inangi ZOc.
mon, fresh Columbia Chinook, llo perl COMSTOCK. j. ,
Bteemeaas 10c per lb; herrings, 6el Ophlr 11.00, Mexican. B7c Oould
y win, eo per ioi snnmps, xja perl vnrry lie con. Virginia 7Sc, Savage
lb: perch. I per lb; tomood. 7o per lb; 1 10c Hale 4 Norcross 6lo, Tsllow Jacket
lobsters, llo per lb; fresh mackerel. I c. Belcher l$c Confldenc gOcA. Sier-
X It - ik. "i w C sturgeon, i ra ey. isc Exchequer 17c Union lie
" , vm,i v,'m m , ivg ymr 10:
liver smelt. 7o per lb; f rosea shad, lo I
vir iiijioiBca coo.- inc per io.
Original o. Built M. C 16eA, Mont,
OTRTKRH Munl.ui k.. ilhullf. 6eA. Nat. Rank 1 Sn T. HaerH. 1
Ion. $1.10; per 100-lb sack, $4.60; Olym-1 Amethyst 26c, Gold Bar tc Stelnway
r'J.pT .$llon- $$-26; per lli-lb sack,oA, Denver Buf. Anx. loA, Bonnie
6.80 4.16; Eable. canned. lOo can; $7.0Clar 40c MayfL Cone 15c, Monty Ohio
do. . , lExt. 7c O. Scepter lc Montr Mt. lie
CLAMS Hardshell, per box, $1.40; I B. Daisy 10c A, Homastak Con. He
raaor dame $2.00 per box; lOo par do I Yankee Olrl IcA, Nugget c Tramp
rataia, ooal OH, Bt. I vina (. victor joc norm star toA.
ROPB Pnr Manila. lla: atanAeA I V ' ' ' TONOPAHS.
"XTr S - . I Ton. Nor. $11.00. Mont Ton. $1.00.
lHo par gal; water white, iron bbls, way $1.12. Ton. No. Star 17c Ohio
f( A P, SiL 1I?,P,r rJ! bad-Ton. 4cA. Wet End Cone 44c Rescue
oXt t-i.' . per ga. i loc. Ton. t uaiir. oc uoiaen Anchor 10c
OABOLINhr II dee., esaea S4u.e narl t T...i.. t.. r..k
Hi J bbJ .' . Home 6c Bost Ton lOcA. ' Monirch
w.T'iVm. Z:i i" Piput Si. icA, Mont. Mid. Ext. lc Gold
bhl. loper gal. . .. . I crown 6s. . .
iViiJ1?1" 7-. "O VT ItflS I, ... . waKHATTAV TW.TT.Tf-l.
wooden bbl. tlo per aaL
lb: 600-lb lota, la Par lh: laaa Int. tu
IT" '" , ' - - f - - i
wuxm axi n present basis at $1.11,
Manh. Cons. $1.60. Mann. M. Co. In.
a. Wedge 60. Seyler Hump 60c, Dexter
llC L. Joe lc Crescent 4cA, Combina
tion lc Granny 16c Mustang lie Lit
tle Grey20cA. Cowboy IcA, Orig. Manh.
IJCA. juroncno tc nnenut c Buffalo
oca. B. juogj jTO, x. xxor IcA, Indian
vamp c , .
took Market Xrfxsna.
Amalgamatad .2H
Bugar .........1
Colo. Fuel .....I -
Brooklyn ......1
U. 8. Bteel .....lV
' do sfd. ......IV
Atchison .1 4
N. T. Cantrsi .,li
B. O. , ;
Canadian .....
Erie ..........
U 4k N
Mo. Pac . . . . ,
Pennsylvania .
Rock Island ..
St. Paul
.i. ..
Rain benefit Wheat.
(oeeial Dtssete te Tae loamaLt
Tekoa. Wash.. Aug. 11, Harvesting of
winter wheat has been In full blsst for
a week and th first wheat was threshed
and brought into Tskoa by P. J. Flglt
ner ana its ausutr is io. l.
Nearlv all winter wheat will be No 1
In tb Palouaa country this year, the
cooi weai ner ana more tnan tne usual
amount of rata making an sxceptlonally
fine erop.
Th spring grain, most of which was
sown rather late. Is greatly benefited
At th .inr77b. 'stack v. bL "L.?' t w day and a
J ' " l lV W.UII, . II
sellers.. Everyon started to unload at
once and the cloee 1 from t to nearly 6
poiata lower. .-, .. ,i , - -
Ths best renorts comlni to Tekna at
this time are of 60-buahel wheat raised
by J. G. Conger of Farmington, and on
me urn or jonn atouioua near nere.
who threshed over 40 bushels Der sera
Preparations havs been made thrnuvh.
put this country and new warehouses
ouut to handle one of th largest crops
Ak for High Price.
(Special pispatck te The learsaL
Milton. Or, Aug. 11 At a mstlnga record In th Palous country.
of th director and stockholder of th
fruitgrowers' union. It was- decided to
hold that the apples of this valley were
Of as good a quality as those grown In
me Mooa niver country, norm xaKima,
nenaicnee ana otner eppi countries,
Hop Yield U Oood.
(serial Dlasatek to Tka lamli
Albans. Or. Ant 1 4 TK knn MMn
n i.iuu wunij ana across in river In
nniiHcun ana outer eppie countries, I t.n,.n m i . ;".,, .
and that they should demsnd th same thVtid w"? ba a'h.LVJ STdlTK2 .ai1
prices received by the shipper In those 1.. yVl 11 ?!1Z Jl riJ
locsnties. Tne cnief varieties or thlsih, iMa are intir.i- i. T.
section are the Roman Beauty. Winssap" r inmcitl oVof mowJT th! Ucm
Newton. Plppfn. Splt-enberg. and Ben STat'Jrln:" very0' rartdVInd 'ou"
put nereaoouis will D equal.
nereaoouta win be eoual. If not
a 1 "'p uuw urn vi me previous yar.
United BUtea Government Bond.
: Hop Picking; to. Start, y
(BneeUI Manteh t Tk. b.ll
"P vwners in this vicinity will com
mence picking shout August 20. Ths
crop this sear . will, mmun f..mhl.
1th that of but veer .lllinii.h K.
are v. TL" -"'.T I oo. coupon 1
a common.'4' V..r,.r,.n."1 "Si. ! kT!" Tbrew, 102
New Tork. Aug. 11. i n..r- .
bonds: : - 7 "
Two, registered i . . ; ; 1 06 '
do, coupon .......... 1061
enijt . L.i : alvft. u.nri w raw i rto. coupon .,....... lot I
be JgSadij" cp, . which is now ThwrS bonii 105
celJld Ui,1IILihr c;r". Th Pr,c - Ms. Columbia, 1-66.: ; JIJ
cenv.4 rumored to be I cent a pound, j Four, registered, new.. 1241
Portland Bank Statement.
do coupon 114
Twos, Panama...,..,., 104
Clearlnsa o1 . I ruPJ5 .....101
. . . . . .. . . . , in. , ... b I Phi nn it, I flnri
V IW'Urt., .... .. , I -",
V 104
.101 2
125 fe'
106 3
Liverpool Cotton Market,
TJvernnnl. Aus H-aMim
$102.140.01 1 closed very steady, ( point lower.
Vorthwee Waeat Weathar. . ,9
Eastern Oregon, eastern Washinstoa
and Idaho Fair and warmer tonight
ana xuesaay.
Chicago wheat market waa thrown
into a panla this morning with th
spread of th telegraph atria. Long
were feverish and were very eager to
.ei gv at anr pno ana get out ox the
market until telegraph aervlo la re
sumed, aspeclally In the larger eltiea
The close la Chicago waa Ifc a bushel
under Saturday. . .. . .
Official -Chicago price by Overbook
4k Cook company: , , ; 1
WHEAT. .' '
September s.
December .....1. ....... l
v : CORN.
September ............. I4H
December ' 61 "a
September . 44
December .............. 41
September ............. .1416
' "
(Beeclal IMssateh te Xbe leanuL) -Algany.
Or. Aug. 11. The arinla and
prune crop In Linn county win be a
good one The Indication at preaent
time sre that th vlald In all iha nr.
chard in this vicinity that hav been
properly cared for wlU be up to expec
tations. While th yield will not equal
that of last year, th quality of th
fruit will be better and poaaibly more
apple produced for the market on an.
count of the Increased acreage and the
impeius 1 receivea iront m agitation
for better and cleaner orchards.
The prune crop will be the largest
ever known In the hlstorv of ths caunt v
and growers are slated over the pros-
ptcu. i a in maraet ana large re
turns. Practically all th fruit grown
Is contracted for and no difficulty was
experienced by th producer In dlspos-
. uuwr pruuea. is cells xiroa, OI
thla city, hav entered tha field and
are taking all th prune obtainable to
supply their eastern market. This ha
been built UD to such an extent aa in ra.
quire all th crop possible to obtain to
muvvij ma unmano. Oregon prunes ar
beomolng famous and their reputation
for excellence nation wide.
Haireat.1. Continued. ' 'J J,
(gpteial Dispatch te Tae lesrsal)
Heppner. Or.. Aus. 1 1. Continued ra.
ports of good yields of wheat ar com
ing in from all directiona Th lat
rain did no damage to standing grain.
Harvest will go on with renewed vigor
this week. Many 40 and 60-buahel
yield hav been reported up to thla
time. Bom wheat is being contracted.
W. & Wharton baa sold 6.000 bushel at
I ocnt. . ; .
Klamath Crop Good. , '
(gseeial Diapatch te The JearsaL)
Klamath Falla Or Ausl 11. Tha
crops In th Klamath valley ar look
ing unusually well, despite the fact that
there waa a cold backward apring. Th
rye I at present nearly all cut, as 1
most of the barley. Th wheat la turn
ing Verv raDldlv and a arnod ernn la
looked for. The first cutting of alfalfa
was not up to standard, but th second
crop is expected to be of excellent
isna ana quality. Th late -date at
which water waa delivered thla anrlna-
made ths farmers a little fearful about
ins crop, Dut the outlook at present
Is very good. Crop on th new land
that waa broken fnr tha firm ,l,a .
looking exceedingly well. . r
Labor la .Very Scarco.
(SmcUI DUnateh to Tha lara.l t ;
' Payette, Ida., Aug. 11. Help for th
packing houses and cannery will be
very soaro her thla year, aa under th
provision of ths new child i.w
they will not be permitted to employ
children after school begins, which will
in me i run season. lAst year
the packing houses and th cannery had
difficulty in gettln . enouah hein tn
handle th fruit. And now between th
puuno acnooi opening auring th early
part of September, as always has been
their custom, and ths child labor l.v
prohibiting the employment of children
during school hours, ths packing houses
may ee eompeuea u secure jap labor.
, .... , . 9
, Bt Theat Crop. .
(lesrnal Speelal Service.) . .
Pendleton. Or.. Aug. It. All throueh
eastern Oregon and Washington there Is
now being harvests ths best wheat
crop .on record Tb grads I first
class, weighing 10 pounds and more per
bushel. Everywhere Is found a bumper
yield. Wheat is selling for good price
and barley In parts of eastern Washing
ton Is selling readily In large quantities
for $1 per hundred. Half a million
sacks hav been sold In tha vlelnlt nf
Dayton for $1. t ,
i. - Pay Warehouse) Raise. -
(Ipeeial DUpatek to Tae JoersaL)
W.... . .. . , .
tt ..tuu, v , .. aui. .. ii w wnemx
growers of this section ar now paying
76 cent per ton for the storaaa of
wheat, an Increase of IS cents over what
naa been paid ror many years. Ware
houssmen st Weston say ths rals wa
only in keeping with the general high
prion of every commodity. Competent
grain handlers ar now oald 11 a dav
instead of $2.60. ,
v. i- .- . - . . , ;;
New York-London Silver.'.
' (Jnersal Bptal nervlre.)
. .a , . Tl 1 1 . . .
' .rw . 1,1 a, AUH, . i- BliTir, VI Si
London. II 6-1 Id. .
, aUgnlar Xilnsra Da to Arrive
Alliance. Coo Bay ...Uncsrtatn
t oata lUca, Man Francisco. .... .Aug. 11
Koanoke. ban Pedro and way.,.. Aug. II
Breakwater. Cooe Bay, ........ .Aug. II
Numantla. ori.nI .-. Auauat 11
City of Panama. San Francisco. .Aug. II
G. W. Elder, 8an Pedro and way. Aug. 20
Jonan Poulsen, San Francisco. . .Aug. 10
Kedondo. Seattle Aug. 13
H. D Inman, Ban Francisco. .. .Aug. 11
Arabia, orient i
Aloala. Oer. aa ia.nt is
Nicomsdla, orient ...October!
Begnlair S.lasr to 'Depart,
Alllsnce, Cooe Bay , . .Uncertain
Breakwater. Cooa Bay Aug II
i.euunao, neatne ana way ....Aug 14
Roanoke Ban Pedro and way.... Aug. 1?
Loata Rica, San, Franciaco Aug. II
R. . Inman, baVi Ernnclaco. . . . Aug. 11
City of Panama, Sail Franciaco. .Aug. SI
O. W. Elder, San Pedro and way. Aug. 21
Johan Poulsen, San Francisco. . .Aug. IS
Numantla. orient. i.,r.
nuia, urieii..,,
Alasla, orient. . . .
I Nicomedla, orient
Din hie niuER
......... September 1
....Sept. 21
V r Oct 10
Tassels la Fort,
It Is easy to ramaraber th names of
th officer of the British bark Con
way Caatl becaua every on belong
.iqur-vpiu ob Toi. Br. h.. ............ Elevator dock
Jones. First Officer William Owe Maori King, Br. ss-.East- West. Lbr" Co,
Jone and Second Officer. Gerald Nor- fa?lar,S "h- . .Westport
man Jon. - For aU that they ar. not W&.ulTil?
i au reiaiea. aitnouga may pail from I Y,'r" Am- tr.,.. foruand Lbr. Co.
Walsa. : Th Conwar Caetla la nrohahlv I : Rolph, Am. . ach ...... .Weet port
th only craft afloat with three offt. gtAm: Vtr. 7.7.7.V.7&,?..
w sam patronymic ana notn- i runway aaiie, nr. dk. .... .ureenwlch
lng but. official titles, given name or l,1wi"r" Am- tr .,Oak tret
hick name s on bnard e al. .i.d. ?.S?T,."h-V.r' ....Astorls
, nmuiii iya, jim, an. ........ . . fortamout h
jammar, . ' Redondo, Am. atr. .Couch atreet
Th Conway Catl arrived tip In th Kincr,ArK'' aV "'' X
harbor last night and went to Orn. & -at-ndard Box Co.
Wioh dock to dlacharg ber cargo of ce- R7D?rnmanlAirt ati ''"7" '"' ofk it
ment. tar olL Dig Iron and aaneral mar. n-.fK ? " Oak t.
ehandlaa hnn.kl ... I ' ............ ... ...IWH
VB... VV . a UU Aelt-WVi fla I
and th lonttshorempa " will tt put to)
Chamberlain -With )ther
Governors to Attend Lakes-
" to-Gulf Convention.
X,tuabe Oarrtsra Sa Bout.
Caatl experienced fearful - weather n I
in vicinity oi caoe Horn. For io run
day th bark fought her way against
ths fiercest of winds and seas, beating
vacs ana norui iot weeks at a time
without gaining a mil on bar course,!
work tomorrow morning. The vessel la I Thomas L. Wand. Am. -atr.San Franciaco
In Ik. W Tt nr. II v PflUttr. Am. BlP . . . .Han V....Im.
... , w.Kw . .uivi, iuuui i " . l :r - - . -- - - . .... ' ..
A ra. Innal inmli and The 1 Ana K.- I DUS1S St. Jr-iummer. Am. BCB nuavmaa
rel of cement ar for W. P. Fuller A W"P", Am- tr.... ...-.,. Ban Franciaco
Co., .. - " Northland, Am. atr....... San Franciaco
Coming out from Europe the Conway A,r,"n Av son ........ sn Pedro
Lettltis, Am. ach ..San Franciaco
Churchill. Am. ch.,.....fiaa Francisco
Berlin. Gr. SO.. Nuahaamk
St. Nicholas, Am. ah. ...Nuahagak
John Currier, Am. h. ........Nuahagak
Several time ah waa almost sun. J.?m-r Ant' .,....BanFrancisoo
merged bv th tremendous wavsa Th r.. ,,.' a - tJ" Tlro
pipes lesding to the water tanks Wei I Cascad. Am. tr,. ...... .Baa Francisoo
wrenched so that th wster soon be. I ' Ba Boato Wit 43taai aad exiaral.
cam tainted ana captain jone decided Buocleuch. Br. an...:. ...Hamburg
to ruav for-Valparaiso for a freah aup- I Brenn. Fr. bk... .Hull
" -L r", : f . . Europe, nr. dk.. ......... .,.,,,Antwerp
From Valparaiso to th Columbia Genevieve iktoUno, Fr. bk...... .London
river fairly good weather wa encoun- Ren Kerviler, Fr. h. ....... .Hamourg
tared and a great deal of sport was Laenneo, Fr. sb. ..Swansea
had shooting shark from th deck. L Piller, Fr. bk.. .. r,,,.... .London
Many were Immense monsters that tha Martha Rous. Fr. bit TTan.K,r.
captain - would - hav liked - to- - bar I Mosamblqu. Br., sh Newcastle, x
brought to port . for display but they I Samoa. Br. bk. .Shield
ati aana wnen mortally wounaea, ana it I mam. uer. sn... .............. .London
would hav been dangerou to approach Thlera Fr. h. .......... .Newcastle. B,
them. , I Vlncennea, Fr. -bk. Glasgow
Part nt tha? era a' tha rVn.i, I Marechael Turrena Fr. bk....nmki..
Castle cleared out last Bight and this X11' V1 MuJho?M bk Antwerp
morning there were only enough aallor Ojieary, Fr.bk.... ..Antwerp
on board to sweep and wash th deck. .'b bk. ....... , ... .Antwerp
Th vessel 1 not chartered for out- Walden Abbey,. Br. h.. ....... Antwerp
ward business and will probably be In Oienesslln, Br. h... ... ...Antwerp
th harbor aom tiroa Sh la well Xrmiltf' Cv fcj'"'iiv,llttt
k k..i i jaja . . General da BolBdefrra. Fr. kk ..tiui..
iu tt u M...V. . . i'm tuw, i asa,u a, I - . - i
thi port several time in recent yeare. I nLV V."?.- bk....... London
Th entire complement of officers and I 5.Tar?,v.,i.t),li.', v" .Antwerp
crew 1 new with th exception of th TJ i ,JionATi ". twerp
apprentices who were on board when I S" Vl.--. " antwerp
in vessel arrived at Antwerp to lo I ur:v.:,7 n "Ti, ' v......n.w.rp
for thi Dort. Several of the offloara Haektleld, Or. bk.. ...... ...Honolulu
hav been her before in other vessel. tV?.'. ii. Rotterdam
however. Captain Jones, for instance, a 155.? 5??n,J5 .......Antwerp
master of th British ship Lydgat and l- r- u antwsrp
Galgata Steward Plmblett wa her I '-j Ooal ' Bdyi-Il Blt.-'; '
seven- years ago on ths British ship! Bela.-Frr bk;r::T77r.Tr.TwcaU;A.
Lonsdals of the same lln aa th Peter ICoL d VlUebol lfaranlL Fr. bk.... .
I red ale that lies aehore on Clatsop I Newcaatle. X
beach near tb mouth of th Columbia. Clavardon, Br; ah. ..Newcastle, A.
r i ii i ' ' I iiiscoix. an, na. ....... newoastta. A.'
BREAKWATER TO SAIL I Pr' f clk.Bl"-h J,!woa.M' t-
Crlllon. Fr. bk ..... Nawnaatla. A
Coon Bay Boat Carries Workmea for I rdncrmJ' Br. bk.. . . . , .Newoaatia. a.
Tff c i.mi. ni . ! I ,;J. owinnun-, m r. iva.iNewcasiie. a.
..vw Kwnuuu. dl juiouia. sr. an.. N.VMiii. a.
n. tiM-v-.... i ..ii e.lBuffon. Fr. bk. .......... .Newcastle. A.
Coo bay thi evening with a full list B? "i; TJ".V A-
of passenger and al" th freight that Rh' ?' 'J. -.Newcastle, A.
can be stored In her hold. A good quan. t-.,i. n. ... ' weaatl, A.
tlty of freight Intended for the Alll- Tymrlo, Br. tr. Newcastle, A.
ano will be aent south on th Break- Trasay Bxeaaaer Ba Boat. '
water, inc th Al llano will miss on Queen Alexandra. Br. atr. ..Madras
trip at least in. consequence of having Strathnea. Br. atr.. ..Port Lo Angela
lamett last week. . r . w 6natBra sma, v . u
Among th paaaenger to leave forlAtlaa, Am. tr ...San Francisoo
Coo Bay thi evening ar $4 aawmill v -' ' '
w'frTlntarork0 W THR WATERFRONT '
C A. Smith Lumber company lmmenee - -
El ant now being installed on the bay. The schooner King Cyrua arrived at
everal hundred more employe will be th Standard- Box factory' wharf at th
brought out from th company a plant foot of East Pin atreet last night to
in the middle state, wher It ha been )-d tie for San Franciaco. Sh wa
operating extensively for many years. 10 day making th run to .Portland.
About to will be her In time to leave Captain Rosendahl 1 accompanied by
on th next steamer, ao It waa stated hi wife and two children.
this morning. Th steamer Redondo la in th harbor
Th men arrived here fmm Mlnneapo- from Puget sound port with freight
II last Friday and hav been sight- Bh will sail north 'In a couple of day
Ing ver since. , All of them ar greatly from the Couch atreet dock.
Dleaad With th OUtlOOk. and think th Tha ataamar Alliance a k.l. M
climate grand. Those havlns; left fans- paired as culckly aa possible at Suoole's
Ille behind Bay already decided to boatyard on the east side and It Is now
-end for th. It Is estimated thjt estimated that ah will be ready to ra
the new mill will employ at lMt 700 auma onaratlons In TH dava nr tarn
in- . , - : ') Iweeka . '
I. Th weather - bureau wa informed
yesterday that a light earthquake shock
i. . . W .! . T.. 1 1 1 I
Slam Is Here and Cornfl Bart OB tbe terday morning. No detail were clven.
Bartlx.'''"' ' - ' ' I The aew schooner R. D. Inman arrived
" lln th harbor thla mornlna- from Rmn
Th German ship Btatn will be at Co-1 Francisco. Sh I in command of Cap-
J. E. Franklin wa arranged In local
United State district court this morn
ing and pleaded not guilty to sending
obscene letters through tb mall. Frank
lin was Indicted by the last federsl
grand Jury and waa arrested In T acorn a
several weeka aso. He was released
from custody upon furnishing ball in
th sura of $1,000. .
j ;. ,-- , ' - ' -
lumbia dock NO. 1 this afternoon or to-1 tain VTarH wlrk. fnrm.rl. nf tha ataan.
morrow witn a car so or J. a. White m I schooner Thomas 1a Wsnd and the
Bro.' English cement consigned to I steamer Alliance. , . Tha Inman . earrlaa
ueorgeA. mate m yo. xni is saia to (about 110,000 Jeet of lumber and has
be the nrst cargo of this famous cement a peed of about 10 knota Sh brourht
.. j. " .luimio sdoui auu tone ox general cargo which
It ha been ued hr extensively In th wl, discharged at the foot of Oak atreet
past, as for Inetanc la th construe- this morplnr and wlU tak lumbar at
l'0!?. tb Chnb"r ot Commerc Knappton for a return cargo.
nl "fa'lan. a mna. tr. A -r'?"". e' " received yes-
iTin. ..i ft ...I vJ- iil teraay morning oj ne weatner bureau
A.lm ' SITviTr tili V?, tt4KkJIIl.i '! r trom th transport Thomss. 170
iffi of walthir .nIn,!nfaJh4 fi Francisco. Th messags
Cari Ho 7 thi 2l I?.in.5 -"PPO-ed to have been transmitted
iome dlnSaas althou.h retain nl,ki " way. of th steamer President which
confl?t",r tiMt u mnir4 in flt1" p-"' itwr&'ffln!:
There i a heavy demand for cement "'PP1 wltB w'1 ag quip-
nara itui vaaaaia ara bimii v KAinv i i i
. (Special Olapateh te Tbe JueraaL)
Salem, Or., Aug. 11. Governor Cham
berlain has received word that th fol- .
lowing governors of states beside him
self hav socepted th Invitation of th
Rualness Mens league to meet Presi
dent Roosevelt at St. Louis and after a
luncheon at tbe Jeffereon hotel to ae.
company him aboard the steamer Alton
to Memphis to attend the Lakea-to-Oulf -deeD
waterway congreas: Josenh K
Toole,, Montana; Bryant B. Brooks, Wyo
ming; jonn nuaxe, rior.a f uow: v. J.
Crawford, South Dakota: J. O. David- '
son. Wisconsin; Albert B. Cummins,
lows: Georxe L. Sheldon. Nebraska: Ed.
ward A. Hoch, Kansas; Charles S. De- .
neen. Illinois; Joseph W. Folk1 Mis
sourl; Mnlcolra R. Patterson, Tennessee;
Frank Frants. Oklahoma; X. O. Plndall,
Arkanaaa; Newton C Blanchard, Louisi
ana; Napoleon B. Broward, . Florida; ' ,
Thomas M. Campbell, Texas. ,'
..The boat will carry no on bat th
governor, th president and represen- '
tatlvea of th Businea Men' .league,
and will be specially equipped for tha
purpose of th excursion.
Governor Chamberlain I alaWjieked
by th lakee-to-gulf committee Tiond
the best photograph of himself, thav.
portrait may be made to hang wltAjaw'
thoae of the other governor In thav
convention hall at Memphis.
Company Has Ooininissioned
a Boat Designer to Draft
Large and Modern Vessel '
. ,' , (Jearaal Opaelal Sernes.) - . ....
Tancouver, Wash, Au. 11 After
eonslderabl delay aad much changing
of plana. It has been decided definitely
oy tn management of th Portland
Railway, Light Power company to
build a new and modern ferryboat for
the run between Vancouver and th Ore
gon shore of th Columbia river. Thla
is most welcome news to th people of
Vancouver, who hav been waiting for a
long tire to know what th company
Intended to do to better th ferry aerv
le. T. J. Johnson, tha PnrtlanA hna Am-
Signer, has been engaged to bav u jar.
vision of th construction. Mr. John-
son was In Vancouver and stated tbat
wore on in new rerry would commence
as aoon as he completed the plana Th -
new boat will be of th double deck va
riety and will contain cabin sultabl
for passengers, doing - away with the
necessity of passenger traveling with
teams. Foot naaeen rera will antar tha
boat along a passageway separated
from th team section., nmovine- tha
danger passenger ar now put to la
traveling to Portland. Th new craft
I to be much larger than th present
on and according to ths construction
superintendent, will bs built with aa
Idea of serving th publla for several
year. -.
Whll th new boat la in course of
construction the ferry crew and others
are wondering what th railway com- "
pany will do for a boat to onerat. Tha
old craft Is in such . a . condition that
th Inspectors hav practically stated
that unlea ah waa repaired they would
condemn her in October. In view of th
decision of the 'company to build, it t
possible the inspectors may permit th
old boat, to operate for aa additional
0 days. If no delay la experienced
in securing th machinery, tb new '.
boat should b completed In day.
Constable Lou Wagner thla morning
erred paper on six free-holder to se
cure a constable's jury to try tb legal- .
Ity of th attachment of a dog. Dlffl-
eulty baa arisen because of th attach-
ment isst wee or a ureat unit pup
belonslnc to a ntcro. because th col
ored man allowed hi board bill t ac
cumulate until they represented a sum
of mors than $100. -
As ths attorney for th defense. Max
Cobn believe there Is aom doubt as
to th legality of th attachment, a eon
stable's Jury wss called end a hearing
was begun on th oas thla afternoon
at 1 o'clock. The ess I tb first of
th kind to com up in an- Oregon court
because of the oasssgs laat winter of a
law making dogs persons! property.
Charles Walker Is the owner of th
dog. He resent th act of th constabl
in taxing tn nog ana has employed
legal talent to ecur it again without
putting up the $110 which he say he
doe not owe. -while th action 1 pend
ing the constabl has to feed the dog,
which "eat aa much as two mules," ae-
cording to It keeper.
irHBr ,
on the berth st Buropeaa port for
th Columbia Th latest charter In
this lln was announced this morning
i . t. i iiaini max mi rrencn
bark Comll Bart will load at Antwerp
for Portland. The Cornll Bart is bet
ter known her than r other vease
flying the trt-colored emblem. Sh will
oring cement to w. v. Fuller Co.
Steamer Spokane Goes Down With
. .. oat Loan of Life.
The steam schooner Aurslla will ba at
Vancouver inn anernoon to- loaa lum.
1 ber for San Francisco. . Sh wlU flni.h
at oteua. ; . - , ...
Astoria. Aug. 11. Condition at ' tha
mouth of th Columbia st 7 a. m..
smooth. . Wind, north. I milaa Weather
clear. Arrived .and left up at I last
night, steamer Aurella from Saa Fran
ciaco. '
Astoria. Aug. 11. Arrived Am. at
1:10 i m. and sailed at 11:10 n. m .
steamer Norn Cltv, for San Francisco.
Nana. Waali An 1 T.a I
kail ii-a.. wv;r ..Jw tTr Arnvea aown at :o a. m. and sailed
r ? wluSL vfalarSSt 1' Fti ! 1,9 ' m s Toemlte, for San
hivfninnI iJk nrLamihT- 5ln!T Francisco. Arrived at 10 a m. and left
i ii vm oaaii iv i aiiuiat u. DHiitru v. m. tn. .
.?T- w,r- nJ witnout much dlffl- ,teamr City of Panama, for Ban Fran.
" Tfii .teams,' bstong to , tb. Fend ?irCS. Fnc' Arrl5Sd.?l X'SZ
ZIV&tlTSrVS aU! 2noonFB.uafron718? 'tnisco!
r.l'v.i-i.fn..!. . i!1 of-S'a.?;. ?m! b" Francisco, Aug. 11 Sailed yee-
f o"f Veveru ,r. " and' U valued"";i ir Portfand' AUM Wlai U
Large Fleet of Lumber Carriers fail
- Harbor..' , .
Redondo. Aug. 1 1. Arrived schnnnar
J. M. Griffith, from Portland.
Tide at Astoria today Ulrh. 1:10
a. ra., 1.1 feet; 1:11 p. m., 1.1 feet. Lew.
1:11 a. m., o.l fset; 1:11 p. m.. 1.1 feet.
Aberdeen, - Aug. 1$. Th following
esseig ar now In port, most of them
working a Carjto, although a few of
them ar without charters: Loading at
Aberdeen steamer Norwood, steamer 1 Judge Charles B. Wolverton decldea
Santa Barbara, steamer- Qulntault,. the case of Krlk Maunula against Kaleb
schooners Hopnis ennstsan,- David Bv- Sunell In favor of the former. Maunula i feet July 1
1 r ' 1 t , , - - ...... v,nnriiV.uri I " r an injuiirium lu renirain sun.
Aomirai. brigs'! ell rrom
machine used
On flan net
daedal DUpatek te tb Jo
Eugene, Or Aug. 11. Th peopl of
Eu gen will vote September I on th
question of bonding th city for $100,000 1
to put In ' municipal water, and from
present Indications ths project will be
Tbe Willamette Valley company her
has claimed to pump It water from a
well - acroes ths river, but yesterday
afternoon It was ascertained that they..
were pumping from the river. The
and other thing sr very well known,
and the people will undoubtedly put la
a plant of their own whatever th ex- ,
pens. - - - - .. ' ..
There will, howvr, be quit a fight,
for th company has some adherents, ,
and there ar otner who do not dealre
tb issue of bond to ouch an amount. .
, exnwMBaawMaaaxa , l.1
' (Special Ihsvatek t Tbe Jo-real.)
' Dayton, Or, Aug. 11. The Third bat
talion of th Fourteenth Infantry, com
panies I, K. L and M, with Major Park
as commanding officer, from Vancou
ver, arrived here Saturday at noon from
Mlddleton, and camped In th City park.
They left yesterday morning at
O'clock to inarch to McMInnvni, ther
to reroeln unUl this morning. Th
troop ar on their annual 1 1-day s"
march. They expect to go to the coast, :
and will reaoh her on lh return trip ...
AUgUSt il. r-.-. : -
Testerdsy th nldlr had an Inter. -ting-
gam of ball with the Dayton
team, which resulted In a soor of I to
I in favor of th soidlsra ,'
Over 100 final notice ara helne- aent
out by th city license department to
day ordering delinquent merrhan to
appear and aettl up. Practically sioaf
th notice ar to merchant who liTV
from ravine llnenaaa
th renaallng ordlnanc wnt into af-
IT" TT-1 1. r Tt Tt'll.n.
Lurlln and Golden Shore. without
charter are the schooner Jesale Minor;
Watson, Hoqulam, A. West. W. F. Jew
ett, Meteor, barkentlne John Palmar,
, .. 1 m mm . 1 .11 . ..
' . iiuiiM.-i oeiinnuenta tn
...,,,u a ii.aiie uuii lan xieie, seem to be under
ed to fasten leaden weight th Impression that they wcra exempt
ta. elalmlna that Hn . in. fmm rvin . t..i..' . i... .:; (!
f rinsed upon oatsnts owned sxclualvaiv nn h. ,l " " '-i'- "ri. i".
w klmaalf ' V . j TT '". M TSIUB Wll
by hlttiseit jb haled into court. ,