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CllEGOIi l-UDAY jCU.iriAL.
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V- A A ' ' W . J tit
sur;DAY--xc?ir;:r;Gi august ,907
... v
(Copyright, 1907, by Vb I"orti Amirlcm Company.)
King Cai ipeches Treasure-
sirarF flans ; ine Shoemaker.
AN9. Hansl will you nvr nn-
lah that pair or shoT Th
gentleman U waiting for
them." '
JUt-s-tapt rat-a-tapl rang th ham
mar merrily Haa triad hla best to
; hav th shoe mended within tb Bast ,
minute, .- ; - :" t. '
1 Whan thla work waa dona ha leaned
hi fsc upon bla bands, completely
, tlrad aut Whan ona la as tiny Ham
i It doesn't taks much to tlra on. Ha
' waa dwarf, you know. tod. aon of
,.a shoemaker, waa kapt busy, from mom.
. Ing t night mending boot and ahoaa. ,
' "Oh, dew, X wlih night Waa brr
' ha groaned. Then, aa no ona waa look
ing, h aoftly opened the door for tno
ment It waa ao Inviting outsld that
" before ha kneW it bs.waa strolling along
. y- tha roadside, v '...'- ' .-.
lie began to think of hla troubles,
;r"X do wish I waa blgt" h erlad. ,
:. All, at once ther stood befor him
ONT think tho old aloop can
keep , herself above water
much longer." : Captain Dun-
, worthy brows knitted anxiously. ,
. Tho thief mat replied, between putt
n a short black pip. "The men bav
been hard at work on the pump ever
alnc that gal struck the 'Isabel' day-
', before yesterday. : but th A waUr1 la
. steadily gaining on ua, sir."
- It became evident that th "Isabel"
would , founder - within th next few
' houra. :. Rather than rlak th Uvea of
hla men, Captain Punworthy . reaolved
. to abandon her at one. ' -
Haatlly provlalonlng th longboat, th
. crew took their place In It. Th mat
had lowered ' himself and'.th oaptaln
v waa about to deacend wben suddenly h
. "naked. "Wher ar Ned nd JoeT" :
look ' Ilk - Napoleon or Washington
erosalng th Delaware." ' j.
Thar had not long to wait Boon th
eano swept alongald. ' th natlye
gibbering and grasping their (peara
menacingly f .- '. "
Ned singled out, th.aYag who
seemed to b th most Important,
and drawing forth a watch and
mirror - from hla pockets graciously
presented them to htm. ' ' '
1 Th ugly old fellow was Immensely
pleased with th gift. Nad deigned
to smile slightly at his rapturoua da- ,
tight ' , ,-
They' war eaoorted to land with
great honor, and at no became th
guests of King Campechev That was
not bl name, but It-waa th nearest
Buromoning in two (aaa. n was ronna ... captain Dun worthy b
that no mor could b crowded Into th - n hla reckoning, for
poav a neither ot tb laa wished to . that of flndargogo. As
be separated from each other the : mA hi .rw nmhlna
"Thunderatlon I" exclaimed the mat! Ned or Joe could come to It
T believe they're atill at tb numo. It w For some dava.tha two lived among
was their turn, I know." th natives. They aoOn discovered that
aa maaa a misiano
tha laland waa not
for tb captain
more waa aver
hK the captain to permit them to heard of them. -
take th amall boat ' - After a time,' King. Campecbe' grew
'Rather dangerous " ha ob)eetedt "but ' afraid that tha two Whit boys, who
Inaamuoh as we ar but a abort dlatane ' " eould do so many, wonderful thlnga,
from th Island of Plndargogo, X sun,..; might try to wrest his klnirshlp away
Z"JL?. r!'kJt . ' from him. so he determined to get rid of
la teland wu lhr4 ' y" H"' 1 .... ., .
. ne uKd man wiitn miu mra
, showed them a great cliff, at the bot
, torn ot which he said he had great treas
ure of rrecloua etonee. He said he In-
tended to give this treasure to them,
. but that ')n return, he wished them to
' show hla peopl how great aroda they
war by leaping down from tb top Of
th cliff. , ., - ; -4 :
'"I knew th old hyena waa noto
' sometblng," - whispered Jo, to Ned,
''what ahull we leu .mmy
th queerest littles manikin you dvr -.
heard of, .. ,' ' " .
. Ha held a bottl toward Hana. "Tak
thla,'.' said ha. In She squaakleat voloe
Imaginable, "and whenever you fe
Ilk growing larger, tak a sip from
Before Hans could recover from his
astonishment the manikin had dlaap- ,
peared. , Only th bottl yemalned, to ;
how that th whole thing had not been
n dream. '' . v ' : r,
The Uttl fellow looked at the bottl
doubtfuUy. "It will do no harm, to try
It, anyway," thought he. Bo b tasted
g few; drops. 1 '
. Immediately he felt hlmaeJf growing
a little larger. . After all, th manikin
bad apoken th truth, ' ' " ', .
Hans now turned his steps homeward.
When he reached the bouse he -carefully
hid th bottle, nor did he explain what -had
happened when his mother, amaied
at his sudden growth, asked him what
be bad bean doing. He was resolved
that It should be his secret, and hla
alon. .. .-".'..''... '. . :
Han . found that he could now worhu
much faster than before, but his father
observing thla, almply gave him mor
shots to mend. Then, too, now that he
had grown larger, bis appetite had
grown also, and, as his family war
poor, be eouldn't gat nearly enough to
eat to satisfy him. . . - .
Without sufficient ' food Hans soon
found himself growing as tlrad as
ver he bad been, '
-I'll drink some mora from th bot
tle." said be to himself, "and than
1 11 be able to do th work without
feeling so tired." - '' -
He drank, and at one h became
larger. '
But again he waa given mor work
to do, and again did he grow tired
because he hadn't enougn to eat.
In th meantime, b was becoming
much too larg t for his clothes. Al
though, relatives and friends gav all
tb elothes they didn't want, th shoe,
maker and bl wif wr at their wits'
end, for Hans kept drinking all th .
tim in order not to fel tired. At
last he became so big that hi mother ,
had to mak all garment especially
for him. , , , . , ? ''
On day. just a h finished th hot
tie, his head burst through th roof
of th Uttl cabin, . "
. Tb owner of a inuteum In the city ' ,
nearby heard of this wonderful hoy,
He cam to aa the shoemaker, and
offered a big sum of mpney If Hans .
were permitted to b pUced upon ex
hibition. , - . ,";' s '., .
Hana'nov recefved plenty to at, but',
he soon grew tired and nervous with
being starad it..', , . .
"Oh, if - X would ' only grow small
agalnl" he lamented, day after dy. ,
The manikin again Stood befor biro.'
1 ' 1 1 1 I I
' 7 3... ...
"Peopl ar nvr contented." aald
th sam squeaky vole, "but X shall
grant your wish."
' .And Hans was one mere a dwarf,
. 'Kept Up With Hr. '
Bunday-school Teacher dd yon fol
low what I eald, Bammyt
Bam my Team, I followed along hard,
?nly it waa bard work to keep front
allln' asleep till you reached there.
the Island was sighted.
- Then on of those 'Tlolent
which Com up so . suddenly
on too'
two lads
southern farina, a wept upon -As
It wss useless to row. the
"Looks pretty bad. fof.UV old Chap,"
Ned shouted. - " - r v - '
"Can't understand ' why - w haven't
been swamped, already!" yelled Joe, Is)
TSfi.- -i . : i
ardly bad ha anokon whan ihi-
ilungecf Into th breaker, '
JUDITH thought It really ham -not
t mak use of uch a grand ,
pond. Ever lnc they, had moved
M aetata th pond, beautl- .
fully covered with water Ullea, had not
been disturbed by boat or animal. - . ,
. Unci WUl knw how Judith longed
The boat
were oon strukgllng q th water. A
moment, and then Ned. to hla surprise,
found,- himself In quiet- water. And
- "We have to accent, of course, aa , ' v. ..nt Ave awana. . Now
w'd be. killed -anyway.. But I've an . . CTT ... nada mod' two at
ean-t w mas pojaenuiea ' - - .
and si-ap- front berer"aald Z4ed.
t Idea. 'Why can't we mak pnraebutra
. of skins, drop to tha bottom of tha cliff .
swam to it
Ned had just reached tb boat whan
he heard a faint halloa..,, . '
"HelloJt h shouted, with aU hla
tnlsbt .- . - x ..- .-, ,.
, Pretty soon his shouts were rewarded '
by th sppearano ot Jo at his aide,
almost exhausted. . .... , , ,
They rested for a while,' and than.
tVVTi".' "gi.dlh.o.uM h. was pur bit in 1.
id gift, but that th.y tooa bam her-favortt pet- WhlUy -
the lanausne he bad - been
able to learn
aeeept hla kind-
. aliould Ilka to make th descent in th
night, aa their magic, worked beet at
that time'.' To.-thla th king assented.
At the time appointed, the whole tribe
'wa at th cliff. 8oon .the boys appear-'
d. oarrylng quer-ahapf aklna. fast-
eneo to what looaad like umbreilBS.-
th Uttl girl PM nours.av m
watching th graorful creatures.
On swan, whom so namw-
Kw hi. mii.A ... - . ' t eneo to what -1
rlghtlnar th boat and climbed intn il: :. Theee. they aM. were to ba-uaid or
Arter. again manaing in King ana.
"I -wonder -how the other boat mt
through t W must hav fortunately,
struck an opening In the coral reefs',
that surround all these Island, and so ;
got Into- wUr protected from ; th
wlnda" :. . ..... i
- Jo, who ' wa ' balling' energetically,
paused a moment to reply r "They
naa in cam cnanca a w sul But
whlsDertna' . aood-by Ao.each other. In
case tb plan should fall, they made th
perilous leap.
their purpose.
th parachutee served
Ir nurDoas. and. Instead of - being
' das had a to : pieces tbey . reached .. th
ground In safety. .
fni . , ( V . " .
I'i?. refcS?? tb WU ? "yor the beach. But It took a Ion.
out th two want
they awak until
Thoroughly tired
to sleep, nor did'
Nsd waa first to awake. He rubbed '
his eyaa for a. moment Then he sud
dently ponncad upon Joe and shook
mm rougniy.
time to find theli boat and to get omo
of th savages' paddles, so that it was
Just daybreak when they pushed off -from
shore. Befor going they had rig
ged up their skins as sails,
- Only a few rods from shor war they
when tb boat wa discovered by tb
savages, who. upon not finding them at
"Look what's coralngr Ned xcllm- . the bass of th cliff, had been search
cd excitedly.
Jo looked, and wa Instantly wide
awake, for paddling toward them wa
a larga canoe filled with savagesl ' --
"Aren't they beauties, and don't they
; look peaceable?" he murmured when
.the hideous faces and the murderous
looking spears ' could b seen 'dis
tinctly. . - ,. , :
"Don't they, thought" agreed .Ned.
"But say," be continued, "we've got
in. for thm- Frantically they yelled
and waved their speara and then rushed
for their canoes. 1
But the wind was fllltne; th Impro
vised satis, and with swift strokes of
th paddle th lads wer soon beyond
reach of the savages. ,
As good fortun would hav It, they ,
wer not far from Plndargogo, The
wind nd wather wr all that epuld
be desired, ao tbey road th Island
It was who always saw Juaitn nrsi ana
swam to feed upon th crumbs th lit- 1
Us miss always brought ' T 4 '
Oh It was so funny: to e nil ,th ,
swans race to tha bank to b fed!
Judith woula clap her. bands In
And than W hiuy was. so tame he would',
even eat 'from, ber hands., He liked to
have his bead scratched -oo, and he
would look at her so contentedly that
Judith waa sure that b -waa aaylng,'
"Thank you," a plain aa plain couui
be, even though he, couldn't speak X .
woy people do. 1 1
- Judith laughed and laughed when aha -told
me how she had shown her' new
parasol to tha ans. - -
It was a beautiful parasol, so that It
was but natural that Judith should
wish to snow It to her favorite pets,
specially Whltey.
Raising the pretty' parasol, Juulth .
-proudly strolled down to th pond.
8he thought It funny, a. she neared -the
water, that Whltey or the other -T.ans
did not swim toward her, aa
usual. But she wc I more surprised
(r .11 - -.". -
M . 11: . Ul AJI II .L,r; . i. Jr UUfW.H i44,iiiM r KM m -g wm-r fl I II "
ART scanned tb letter exclted-
"Of all that's wonderful!
Jeaala's coming to visit us for
aeveral weeks.- I suppos she'll
have a whol wardrobe of old-fashioned
country cloth, too."
"For shaml" cried Harry, Indignant
ly. "I'll hav you know so', lota
Jollier than any girl around bar. va
U ah doe com from Country JTorka."
- "Did X say anything about bar. stupid t
Don't I know shs's tb aweetaat Uttl
girl ther vr wr Mary retorted,
"Juat tha sams," aha added, "I'm sur
sha ll cum rigged out in,th sam togs
her grandmother wore."
Hut If Alary war at sll ashamed of
. her sousln, shs oartaluly didn't show U
when she mat her st ths railroad sta- ,
tlon. . Jessie really looked so nice aud
freah and chaertul that no on but
Would hav been glad to own her for
a cousin. And In th matter of clothes,
ther was also a surpris in store for
Mary, as Jessie waa quit atyllahly
dressed. . Jessie 'spoiled It all, how
over, by aaylng. In return to Mary's
compliment, that mother had "followed
a city pattern pretty closely." ,
A week later Mr. Graham wa talk
ing .to Mrs. Orsham. "Hav you no-.
tiued," aald he, "how much brighter ''
r th household has grown alnc Jesal
came?" A ' ,
"Indeed. X have," quickly replied1 Mrs.
Graham, who was an Invalid; "there la
no on ilk her to relieve my pain ana
glvs me nice little attentions.''
Truly, everything wa much mor
pleasant 'alnc J east had coma. Her
uncle slippers wer slways ready for
him, and she aided his comfort In a
freat many Uttl ways. Bobby and
anet, tb twins, wbo . wer always '
fighting on another, grew almost
peaoeabl. Bobby, In particular, had
been left quit to himself ever sine
Mrs. Qraham Bad become an Invalid,
and it waa very nice to hav some on
tak an Interest in him and comfort,
blm when he fell downstairs which '
happened, tnree or tour tunes a day--"
and -to- aympathls with him at all
times,- It was something b wasn't
used to.
Heretofore, when Harry lost a' but
ton from bl clothe or had a tear to
be mended, he waited hi slater's conv-
. nlenco. lie was decidedly grsteful now
that Jessie undertook to do such mend-"
ing even without his requesting it
Even grandma could not say enough
: In praise of th Uttl girl. Jeaal listen-"
ed with aagerness to tlie stories of .
long ago, which Mary pronounced so
"tiresome," snd when dear, old grapd
ma felt a Uttl out of sorts, ss some
times happened, no one could cheer her
like Jeaale.
Mary, too, grew Into th habtt of run
ning to bar ooustn for advlc upon ail
occasion, avaq in matter regarding
dress, for shs soon found that Jeaal
had good test in such tblngs In spit
, of th fact that ah cam from a w
country Tillage, . ;
It lacked but a .few flay of the time
Jesal was t return bom. "By th
wsy, Jeesl," said Mary, "l'v arranged
with some of tb girls to mak up a
party to go to th theater thia after
noon." - ,
"I'm sorry," rpttd Jessie, "but Tv
promised to take the twins to tb Zoo."
"Nonsense! the Uttl beggars can go
sny time. You'd be bothered half to
death with them."
but Jessie stili Insisted that ah would
hold to bar promise, and Mary left w
a huff.
That afternoon, ss Jesal wss leavtna
th house with th twins. h was mei
by Harry, Juat returned from aom ad
venturous trip. .
-v "Hellol Wber are you golngf ha
asked. .... v..
"To th Zoo I" th twin shouted to
gether. -
"Well, I'll be swlxaled!" was tb u
prised exclamation.
For a moment be stood there scratch
ing his bead and seemingly In deep
thought i
"I say," h finally asked in some era
barrassment, "would yon car to bav m
chap go with your
- "Of course not", replied Jessie, al
though ths twins protested, strongly.
8o Harry went along.
You san't Imagine What a fin tim
they had. ' From that day on th twin
naa a now regard lor utrr, auu new in
turn, no longer teased them -aa he had
been accustomed to do. '
As for Mary, she could hardly believe
that Harry had been with Jeaale
Harry, who had always scoff & .at such
AvrMiramn.i mm nan not M r an.
Joyed herself at the theater', aha had a
bad headache, and she said a few bitter
words that wounded Jeaal deeply and
angered Harry to such an extent that
h. wouldn't SDeak to his Slater for a
week. But when Mary thought it alt
over, ah told Jesal ah Waa sorry for
What eh had said, and th two "mad.
VP," so ther was really no harm done.
At laat Jessie had gone. On and all
felt her absence, nor could they se
how they could do without her. Tha
twin wer Inconsolable, grandma's eyes
looked auspiciously red, while. Harry
became wonderfully meek and gentle
even to hla sister. Indeed, each one had
been taught something during her brief
stay and each was th better for It
"No, ah a not at aU Ilka city folks,
and I'm glad of It!" Harry had said
with emphasis, nor did Mary ventur
to contradict him.
i 4
,whn she called. "WhlUyl Whltey 1"
and Whltey merely stared curiously
". back.
Than shs guessed what : th matter
was. Closing tb parasol she laid it
carefully on th ground, and then cam
again to th edge of th pond..
. Wblty at one .warn Joyously' to
meet hen- 'Following him closely ca--i
the other swans. S .
Tou see. they didn't know bar when
he had the paraaol!
"Silly goose!" Judith exclaimed, -scratching
ber pet' head. ' He wasn't
a goose at all, but he war silly. Just
the same. ' Don't you think. aoT
to make a bluff. Fold your arms and1 without mishap.
..' -, ' ' . ' Ssui"mmi-,nrr "MV.mvm. Jt ' T"r'- - f t-ssctwJ v-
'"V-J- r ",V V;.-.,,. rf , 1 j. -Vv' .w '..'-,. ! ? V " , V f '
' " gca h ' ' - '
,, W l'i'l''"1''.' .' I'l v'',fe:';- '.'...-;'. :"''
13 yx
, t " , t A SPKINQ'S'A'BAP TIIINQ F0ITl;Uc3-0FiWAB: ,- - 'JSjSjjr' ,
I " v ...-Jl II ,. -;-.-- r. ...... s , , l I
X trudge down to tho brook,
Sometime without a thought -Of
fish but Just to look;
'Deed, not a thing l'v brought
, But 'for I even think."
l'v cut a splendid polei
And then, quick aa a wink.
., LJnea from my pocket roll.
Then, too, aomehow a worm
I find upon th hook;
Ther soon a flab will aqulrm
If one la In tb brook 1
1- V,
IT IS not 'at all difficult to build a;
punt This sort of boat with th
flat bottom. I aft, too, as lt':
cannot b radlly vrtumed. Another
advantage It ha Is that It may b
r d from lther end, and the over
bading end afford good seating room.
Klifc S Shows a punl fifteen feet lotm.
rJtM.en Inches deeo. and four feet
.,la. Ths ends sre out under twenty
-inches. At one snd a skag and rudder
J can be attached, aa shown in rig. i.
for each side, twe boards ar used,
fne ot six and ths other of twelve-Inch
! width. Th twelve-Inch board Is used ,
the lower On. Fig. ahowa how th
Jasswd ar fasiened together by bat--i,
naUad Inside, the boat at th mid
dle and near th ends. Into th upper
ends of th middle battena, which should
be tlx Inch wide, ar driven th row- '
lock pins.
' Th planking for th bottom of th
roat should be four or Bv luche Wide,
t Is nailed to the' edgo of ths side,
end to s keel strip, which, ss Is shown
In Fig. t, runs the length ot ths boat
Use only galvanised nails, -
In building your punt us only th
dry est wood, Smear whits lesd snd on
this spread one or two thicknesses of
lamp-wtcktng along ths edges ot the
. sides before the bottom planking Is laid '
on. Between the edges of the planking
also put white lead andwlcklng. In this
way your boat will fee. uomplelelyi
' water-tight '
'. ' ' ' ' v - ''
t,- sa ' - tt' r ' . .... Zm.-' '" jp'T."11 r Ht.; ,n " . ' .
Orent Zxpoctatlona. ' ' - -y''-;
; Eluie My bruvyer Tommy I going to
. be an admiral when he grow up.
. Visitor Ah, a naval academy student, ,
. X aupposs. ,
Elsie Oh, h hasn't got that far yet; .
, but he's got an anchor tattooed on hi :
harm., .
Handed Down, All Bight
Teddy Pleas, what doa "heirloom"
mean, papa?
Papa I'm glad you hav such a de-
' sirs to learn, my ton. - It means some
thing that is handed down from fath
er to aon. v
. Teddy IT m. first ttm I knew a pair
f trousers was called an "heirloom."
Hi Didn't Tick.
', Magician Now you saw m put your
watch in thia hanrur t i f f
Small Boy (on a!r.
Maglcian-And you can l.tur It tick
ing; .mall Boy Y. hut I t" th works
out of my wauii hst .
A Suro TUng.
Conjurer Boy. "do you think I could
put the twenty-five cents which th
lady hold In your coat porketf
Arthur -No. air; I know yuu couldn't
, Conjurer Why notT
Arthur Because th pocket la all tora)
Mother waa telling little Mart
about th heron. Killing the stuiy
ah aald. "'in bird haa no tail t
prk of." ,
. "I he next day the asked Mirth m
tell h-r what she retneinberi-l u h , ;
the heron. Man ha began
"The berou'a tall must nut i '
"Boy War'
Toots Ms say I
bahy girl.
H,H1t Vt'1'1 I'
1 (Mil ":
Wll. i