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Gives Advice to Seekers
Lovliness. Care of tke HeJtk, and Person May Result in Dazzling Complexion and Make tne Plain Girl Beautiful. Vnat Constitutes Beauty.
..., 1.
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By Margaret Frey, the moat beautiful
woman In America,
'HEN I waa a very llttla girl I
used to play that dream were -
real and real thing, dreams.
to many.
f -The first requisite to beauty la a clear,
smooth ikln.
Care of Complexion.
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ) " ' mmm ' ' '?
. Jk :-:--:v.i' wV.M ' L lark & ntv IM t J. B V
- ' r fJrvQK Chicago W
A.ry, .wrinkled akin la irtually tha
reeult of too much acrubbing- that't tha
only 'word which deecribee the treat
ment aoma people aive their akin.; '
Why, tha face ihould be handled Ilka
And now I am nlayln aaaln D, Preaden china.
. that dreame are real. T00 know tftat, wnen trareiina;, you
. For aurely It la naught but a lovely , lould never uae' aoap and water on tha
dream that I have been choaen tha moet ' aT It makea the ekln hareh. Cleana-
beautlful ot them all. and lfa auoh a ,n wlth ood masaata eream keep It
happy? dream that, I want every other . .'
lrl tai ba aa happy aa X. t ' Tan and Sunburn.
' 14 atraMi 4al ma iMalUa liaea tela
'JZrttoTt'. noyouUnor.onburnT lMafofng with a towel. oarrangad that tha .team
, v. v.-uHfui 7. - "-vV-- to give you" an bld-faahloned remedy, may be connned untu the aun la moiet
eon. be beautiful to eome oneperhapa mr. m ' . . ,.. .,- rh. k in ti.oMu.hi. nu.
there waa nothing; better. . aage cream, after, which pre., out gently
Make a little bag of medicated cheese w'th a oommodore extractor. Never uae
cloth and partially fill-with bran. Keen the nalla or any instrument that will
Gratification of Appetites Proves Exist
ence of People Depraved Beyond Hope
a pitcher of buttermilk in your refrig- P'"1 or bruise, the akin, for you thu.
make the result wor.e than the oauee.
Moles and superfluous hair are aucoes.
erator. and every time you come in from
Every night before .retiring waah the & rid or tnmn nnnr ntn h,,t.,nv
face in tepid water, using a good, pure in a bowl, dip into it the bag of bran fully removed by the . electrlo needle.
mvv. ana wa.n your lace, nanaa ana armi. i w jt i puibb ipwiu-
Dry thoroughly and rub In gently a The bran keep, them soft, the butter- - A ;
good tnasaage cream with an upward milk remove, the tan and burn and ia t.1
ao refre.hing. m veu "wBary. s
FrecUeg and Blackheads. dear I,tu' oW Udjr ,r,end ' my
mother's ha. the prettiest complexion X
Freckle, are much harder to overcome, ever saw. '. I love to touch her cheeks
aa they are. an Iron .tain on the skin. : thev feel like velvet I'll tell tou the
Do not use water again on the face and can only be removed by the use of secret. She always wear, a veil eome-
durlng the day. Cleanse when necea- an astringent which a face specialist time, two when she goes into the wind
wary with massage cream,' wiping off will recommend. or sun.
thoroughly and dusting with a little The most serious blemish to the com- Follow the" directions above and wear
noe powaer. a pure powder is no plexion are blackheads. a veil to protect your face from sun and
aetnment to tne complexion, but do not
use cosmetics. holding it over a vessel of; hot water, plexion like rosea and cream.
movement Bemember. alwaya with aa
upward movement v ':'
In the morning waah with tepid water
Into which ha. been poured a few drop,
of tincture of bensoln.
FAM 0175
:oimsm photo ofito z&
Jk , . .
Romance Suggestive of Middle Ages
By Mrs. John A. Logan. ' to the appeal of their husbands, chll
HO can doubt the soundneea of dreELna "tna .fS"?!?!??
. . .t to restore them to their senaa of duty,
tha doctrine of total depravity or Bei(.reBpect death alone bringing re-
when evidence, are seen every lief to them and ' their heartbroken
day of It. truth? Otherwise, friends. ' In such cases who aaU y
. ' tul there are not Inborn tendenclea to total
uff v,u awuuuv Mi depravity? '
perversity, wilful debasement and de If women in all their weakness ara
bauchery in which so many person, in- victims of such .Innate evil propenaitlea
due themselves? of &r&Sl'S'&a3&
Why will Individual, addicted to In- Adam that Is said to be in every man?
temperance, the dfug habit and many In their early life they seem to be sm
other vicious propensities turn deaf bitlous, proud men; they may ba talented
ears to the pleadings and prayera of and in all respects eligible for any bo
wl ves, mothers, husbands, children and altlon.
friends? Why will they persist in tha They win the hearts of all who know;
use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco In them, frequently the heart and hand 00
their various forms when they ; know the most brilliant, attractive and lovabla
positively they are poison, that ara women of their acquaintance and mak
wrecking their lives and their for- them their wives. These may have ful-
tunes if there was not in their natures filled the place of wife and mother ofi
the seeds of total depravity?- . - their children admirably; they may have.
If it is not a true dogma how are entered into all their husband's plana
we to explain the conduct of youths with enthusiasm and may have , con-
wbo have known nothing but indulgence tributed largely to their success. For
and luxury, and who have had affection a time the husband may- have been
and solicitude lavished upon them all worthy of the devotion of his lovely
their lives, and whose parenta have been wife; but step by step his indulgence
examples of perfect rectitude: yet their in vicious habits does its fatal work.
children are so obstinate in their evil and finally the brutality and depravity
tendencies that they cannot be won from ef hi a nature get supreme control, and
them? Their dissolute conduct they he never atops till he haa wrecked hi
(From A Staff Correspondent.) ; waiting, and then off to Madrid as si-
ADRID. Love a strategy haa re- na r "'a , . .
vived an Institution of the mid- .A"""? .li'l'' "
die agea and a "marriage by cident nor run into the hands of the f"w,iJ?in5,,?n Vni
have lust had recourfla. la bslnff !?F?
To remove, them, steam the face by wind and dust, and you will have a com- copied through the length and breadth of Madrid aY the flrst church T arrived
of the land.
surprise." to whlchtwo eloper. S?,vu. . I2,fumJI!rBBK duced tT'form:"They io from -one ittiX&rmM6toa
and the car drove through the streets 'X X1. ""Til "r ,La . - J,, i . i, , - ,.-'. ,,.1a C i. -,Vi t i - i T
of Madrid At th first rhurch arrived tney re8xh the lowest, rung on the lad- anguish he has caused by wilful neglect
One Has r Realized Tkat Housekeeping Is a Business
T -r. s.r 17" der or tnelr downward course. and nc
iinH WMmmn ine yaum cuup - nw m.nv ,m nn. h..i.Hfl n ,m .vil nntlt h
i ara
. . . . . . . 1 . I1UK lliaiir KlillVal UI1B BtMIal UC1LL1 L11U1 UT II IB RV 11 BUUCLUB-. UB IU I V W W X.'
Having in mind the enchantment of " " ,Z. women who have been delicately reared ambition and position, squander, ni. in-
the romsnre of Kin Aifnnn mnA On... i 5 J !5 a. hlj h.Z Th and aeemingly have all the noble quail- come and seeks the companionship ofi
ine romance of King Alfonso and Queen lng, for ,early maa. had begim. The Ue) that cuJd b8 delllred ln a wman di880lute men and women, and lavfthea
Ena, stern parents, ln Spain have treated foyP'e made their way toward the front. marrled well th4llp husbands loyally de- upon the women of that clasa hia entlra
young Covers with more than usual wf v i Ki- k.,.V cnegation, then they slipped to their ca, jndiBpoSiUon physicians sometimes legitimate wife, he appeara in publlo
leniency. Yet ln the noble hoyae of knees and clasped each other s hands. pM8Cribed some drug or alcoholic remedy, showering attentions upon hi. tern-
. . . , i-rn vunnuisui mere was an exception. " .K"r . " -Yr ' r. m tne use or wnicn mey not inrrequent- porary inamorata.
By Professor Otto Sick. - ea.n call hla h.n tt tna raiva. hia ni .ml in.m nm. h a n.,. j v. - - .... , n nounced the benediction of the mass the u hawnm nirruiv on..t in thoir rv. .t anrh mm mm lumiiA
T IS surprising that practical Amer- friend, and where, hi. wife, .upervislon of dish washing and then again petronllla, named for ancestors of the J?"1.?-!, abandon td the frivolities i of society possible contradlcUon that there is such
ICS. has not vet hsj? Its ovo nnontuf ran .vlwthln. nnn.rnr.h1. T"V """i V"""P. no, nrew ages Dast loved the VOuni Marauls de " X V J." .T "" u u wuirui n. in "S.m ucvioTtv .u uf
. , B . v -w ana sun runner aisn wasnini
o uw iic. nousexeepuig can corumg 10 ner own ldeaia. ASiae irom oious, never-ending routine.
a then again Petronllla, named for ancestors of the y?uti'ul lover" repeated a little form- abandon txf the frlvolitiea of aociety possible contradlcUon that
e next meal ares past, loved the i youna Marouia de Bla neceslI"y r constituting the "mar- they may have also lost all control of a thing aa total depravity
ling, in ate- villa Real In i every way the nalr of rlaa by eurprise." When a moment themselves and become quite indifferent species?
. This com- loversvere ldeaL She a rnlldeJ Pnf 18 latr they stood erect and looked Into
th i?s cook- .lf&tS&S tk others eyes they were man and ,
' venw
be made Into a regular buainea. thla hotel life, even in a 'ad-called apart- partment tha kitchen, with its cook- waa beautiful' patrician Tto her finger other s eyes they were man and
venture without aaaumlng any ho- ment house, or hotels, Is much too cost-' feffHY W nlaSVBi Some tl rdltwJrvS :,rhaccord,n t0 both Uw Md tb
p... t. . . , "... f .mi i i .n (.t.nn. v.- An. IM reaiiy naa no Diacs in a home - Th. i. k. ..j church.
k- tal features which wouM make it too a, ly and .It can in no' Instance be con- k.ST ZStiSZ i?JfJ?- J:-0-1" 1m5 enta. The young man is the son and
Ntfstve for common people to take ad- I'M wmforirw to the ancient Marqulsate. a tall
aCafi of. . It is also a aurprlae needs and Reserves to enjoy. An ideal taking plac? in a flit or lSVanv0nlac. "port and motoring rather thai
no architect, or bulldera have, so far, oie of livingrfvould, of course, be Jn jn," yf, t0 sleeplna to the walks of working life.
ns. While the cookln. itself alwaya .. lw. young aristocrats lived
Romance Most Popular.
no architects or builders have, so far, mode of livingvo
found any .oluuon of the problem which wnh'ae&n.W,
. - - - . a ..a a a,-- . - i uni anal as. Ban ii TYaa w aro V
neceBsaniy must" ana' certainly win oe the chances of carrying out thia plan ara mi.tPeB; -.,r .eVvint V
found, if we expect ever to be able to becoming less all the time, while If chMging of aSta U or
lead adaUy life undisturbed by the ever, UDUrhb.uf "i X'tVinM: Sr?iA"'u"- !"
to reach the
in young marquis- nome. tiers ai ins
furnishes a source of wrangles between their family palacea in this city and breakfast table the bride waa warmly
a continuous uenuy in me gay mioi xnaa- welcomed by the bridegroom', parenta
than ill ti.ata waa marfa
young marquis' home.
ovj w vlueis.o i -LiNJLy xeopie
Know; How to Mend Worn Out Inanimate
Tilings, But Not Worn Out Humanity
lasting servant question. Still
cause of surprise is furnished
nnn-annnmln anil manna-
which an ordinary dwelling house for. ror the middle class of society.
.a. .m rM. nAV ho slLrln cr Im vViaa atn aKIma a m
UllO VI VlaJ UII- 1 waaa.-j ail VUQ Sf UIIBdlUW V S .a a , . Jtt,M - Jatalllaiai
tha relations ruu-niaaoned reigning court ""u '""'
events was sent to xrujuio. xne jviar
Lovelorn Maid Abducted. quts de Conqulsta being a sensible man
They , loved. The youth declared his made th beBt he could of it and with
more Vlreryn.,0find"a.L Jove to the haughty Marquis de Con- Pt 'e'iUnce' the happy pa,r
.-a.rYf aarventa' viAaitinna1 u 4n in i11lf alf . al nrl wti 4nf ari 1 w Mfneaif UTa . . T" . a. . .
.v ..... ..iM - , " ""S''m V . .i... wp1 eervanta- positions with families quista ana was instantly rerusea e n0 8ecret was made of the ma:
PentfliWed nW ve.rFo.V'n.'Tha ouht th W of hl PMnU- but they, in VietyScls? though many
?y PhefMTf S,S! too, met with a rebuff. The opposition to" -. apparently w,
iurn o mt uavj 01 mo weu ana ifb duck i"" nivr-I w" . '.m.i.rr I- dui a necosBiiy, pure and imDle. 1 aa aaam aa. aa an aa aa aa I aa aai UCI L3. al. 11D1 I1HU1II UB 1 M.1'111 I 1UI .
at nr kerosena lamna nr haatlnv atnv.a date. - There , Should ba facilities for
after once he had been accustomed to $?inl?,? vli'aySuJmaPetP. in..i55
rtiiah a Dutton in triiir to. nt llihl nr .- ui iiuuviai . vuiuua" iuuc
lly that there should ; ba no
By Irene Gardner. been repaired so that it could do aa)
HE man was leaning up against an J IY? had ever done, becausa
electric light pole. He was the te matter with it. there waa no one in
picture of shlftlessness dirty, all that passing throng who understood
ragged, degenerate looking. Hla hatted nature wen enough to re
' . , pair it and bring it back to usefulness,
face wors an expression of list- 0methinr had Shattered that man'a
No secret' was made of the marriage le,s Inference. The only sign of ac- soul so that it no longer served aa m
ly gos- uviiy aoout mm was tne manner in "J5", II:. """
waa HO whinh ha rnllart tha tobacco in his "l IT- olty .ther. -f??
..v.iu .aMa " ------ noonflwiMenouKa in lom Knowieaif ia
a ... ... . UUUI1U li'Cl OUiUIlJ. . . . .,a -
rannea tne young couple , love into a ; Now, however, the story of the elope- m ftn- ,, thf, m. OUCklv re??iS ",,.. ....' wW... '
passion. The flery blood of young Spain ment and the U oni, remarkable W0AU?J ha?2 ntlilnf oJw passg SS5nS elSSfflTft help !?S-.
would brook no obstacles. Th young m"eB i Bm,., .,.. loafer. But. atanding near him for a man they would not have known how
Marquis met Donna Petronllla in secret; The: romance is 0" PP"' J"ce few mjnuete while waiting for a car. to go about it. Had they stopped to
he bribed her duenna; a charming se- lVjJ'.r1 lga??,afl"Ti!Ju AIL Jels I furtively studied his face and saw in speak to him they would not have
cret correspondence passed between a m " , t rncti J tM mar. lt unmistakable evidence of a mind that known what to say, and even knowing,
them. Ii,. y,w"J U,E; "..'kh ii.k7n.'. But U8t once hav been keen- a nature would not have understood how to say
One day one of the girl's scented lova lhls tne first public case of its oc- with traces of refinement Something it The very fact that so many peopla .
nlialvu -ant ..f..t. TTa-ak Mill CUmng III rCCent times. DCrnanS Tor k. nt.llt him An-am anil rlnoin lintfl Kin. nltk.M.1 ...
There was an instant search of her u"e.l7? centuries. . ne na(1 apparently reached almost the acknowledgment on their part that they
na Tn tha nnulrln 'hlllnl. hv Ana lt na. nOW DeCOmO the VOaue Inwaat Hpntha at dearadation. know tin W tn .nnriaA htm .
the score were unearthed and with them Wu. He stood there almost motionless Why is it that man la ao little in
while hundreds or people pasBea nim. touch with man that a soul whose light
College Girl Hag a New Idea He glanced at some of them listlessly, u shattered cannot be helped? la It
! . wnl,e they dld not PPMr .Be h,m- because we give so little thought, so
tilatlon. Sucl an arranaement marks 5. inarT,o?,wner. two servants "". "P' were f von . iwue' w wtw. young.- vuia wa n a-.- POiiaM riri.. . i " ,T XiTa T.,k .;n- Sr.iS- ..-T 1 1 ;i",'"a "'."T
1" ; nnlntnn a. ratna-raaainn aa It AmL are . empioyea inere W1U DO Ollt room rn" "no painiui. aespair. JNO WOra came irom nis sweet- ,," " v " j 1 . .V. ,r " ' "i - -V.V 'Vi . . . I "" wh wrw circiai - inai
JILSSS nnuSod fff w Hhuan ?et anart for .Wvanta. use, because it ' "Toward the dinner', end a servant heart. Her father' aervants withstood fKM--?S-"SlK.W nd the J flfMlJlp ? man wbo ."P1"? -the -.electrlo 'light
that, a family of this class extended to the young man a plate of all bribes for a time and private detec- , ... 12 . uX ,! tuKT 1 BV?i?u" B5 lnB ."3 "'""Th," ,f".T7 "new now xo 00 it necause na haa mad
loath fo dlsnenaa with tha a.rv. toothnirka Ha nvJ tha niata aa. tivaa MnM nt nn trana nf tha airi ami at?-. re a boom to the race. They shattered, and something else seemed to a study ef such work. Perhaps if wa
ices of domestic attendants. , In house. ;.aylng in a low and bitter voice: . her Parenta . There waa no news of Sc5.P!?a,?,k - . be .th? matter, for the enure top or tne ,would enter with aa much earneatnes
; " 'No thank, you; I have already them in the social world; they were not n.hW VA - Ur, "i, -fno xV1 UT JT.VXT f nt i .mEVES y.T".0" orotnera, ami
naatina annaratua when there is not at uiarc - n wouia oe proper to eaten two or tne accursed things, and ar any of their country maces. r cf . Hr vw, " " .r ii. wm mowimh
th? same P$i ? .?ml Division m Tund floor a. I want no , more. " " T But at last lm ?ouna servitor auc- willy hUXhj are being adjustlngv even more secureiy -.tha regarding how to repair their
m h done at a verv lnslanlflcant mit or a noergarten. wnere The , , .; - : .. ... . . icnmbad. nerhana to tha lure of cold or oaa waa as quiec etuauar w - . "f. naiurea ana Dnng tnenv Dae to. use-
"i: -einntiflo ventilation.) - '"tie ones mignt be left when their par-.' - am , ' -" :- narhana T nut nf inva and avmnathv for - tamo, i nrougnout the ceremony poie. .... .. ., ' - ' xuiness. v i,...,-,.,.
hVeoccls1orwhen in taw.eli as have no servant or nurVe Iftf of Hto .bneoeiiee. : HmtatlSS At ."tatl thS " up beautlfully.into my face. tailaJ? hAena. ? -1 5 But at present there eao few of ua
Coppenhagen was Inspected by tha rep- out, ; . JA southern negro wa. brought into youthful Wquls 1 lato htaT &?rXA thmttZ&t??1 rnej-
resentative of the German government - '-it'-' tf-.r...a - - ' th?rtroom.; accused of stealing afconquistaa had been given tha low of ' JLI': nf Tha.t0nni. h. 'Zk t. n.T fci1". !?,n. JB' '"
the prince or. Keuss ana nw.arcniteo-': 'auuuca, . neif noor a. cnicaena, , . . a relaUve'a country house on the out- h.h.r " th. dia done tha T llaht with Vui r." VA'" A'
n- avii.t at.- ..nt.M nn.nilA Ua-a 1 v. wivciiu niura uuo ; . r;-- . s w. aiiuw auaui u)ob nun"
rr ii. a ' Jnnh f- i from the power plant of the Dronerty.
be .upplledLlwlth water or heat " ; EtfSSl iS5 "aH
But 11. seems not yet -. to nave oeen z vri "X- it: iYia --a -vV--
alized that tha most imnortant can. ca.1?. comoany or the like) and ahoe-pol-
traiiaatlon of allthat in retard to tha l?n.W une or hanu
" " . a . . . . .w . T I V T n 1
lnKI? tha tftnihMna af .litn . Ia nnJ a JlOblemSn. I
, "5 domestlo help, people living in a house broidery and great diamonds, but never- the details of the seoret courtship.
need of
of ine
Had Enough Toothpick.
From Tit-Bit .'
A well know sculptor tell, the fol
lowing etory: v : ' 1
."Whenever I see a toothpick I think
01 a amner mat waa given
realized that tha most important' cen
trail sat Ion of all that in retard to thi
. . .in . 1 m -u. ny tm
IIICIIBI.MMU v . . 1 v rv . t. 1 m .HQ .ic.lCDb V...l. I . ...
asset of improvement which can ba add- bu,,dingiV th n"1" two Turkish noblemen. it There was a
... aiinnlv T al.h n Ha ah.: OOmestlO Help, people living in a house """"'W ' preai uianiunua, DUl never- m" muuii i iuo aourci miuriBiiip.
to wSstermy mst earaest 1 pltfe1 h,m. "Jncerely, for.he 4vTh. marquis, the marchioness and
t 2 to 'heatina ' -anDaratua wUhout ow desirea.-. In flats corresponding to "e strange to our table manners, and their daughter left Madrid the next day.
JuaMnn SuchKan ordinary, ones where two servants aome of nis errors were both ludio- For weeks young De Villa Real was ln
in mv oolnion ai retroaresslon. as it da- rriemPit
t prives people of good air without giving , a if"
1 la a aa pa.h Blimr.1v 1 B.V a. M sVSk A Byt ' llfttSlT
since it i. not lawful toatlfle people. .wUl b2 l.oath IPeaa with the aerv- toothplcka. He waved the plate away. Uvea could get no trace of the girl and &:,m?,.m
I wUl .uggeet thaenictment of an oS domestic attendants. , In houses saving in a low and bitter voice: " her parents. There waa no news of "ThH.tanVl!
dlMnce prohibiting th. with ', '' 'So thank you; I have already them in the social world; they were not hahI, f- ,
' Vhi; 'aVrJT J- Irii . I small children it would be Drone r to eaten tvnnt tha mnnud hn.. .r ... A th.i. ti: baby of a married i
turaf expert - M. de Bruyn. V imperial
'councillor and member
tural commission, tne
. lin . liokal Anieiaer. v
them, expressed his wonder that the
idea of building such house had not
: been exploited long oerore, since
ruyn, ( jjnBrii ....; .ni. ii..; m v- . miaiar v uwrii nuniniron onin- skirts of the Villaae Of TrullHO. Here. a
r of the.architeo- For .mailer families thera will be no topp, did you steal those "chltkensr in the birthplace of the great PlaarrS !'00i
.en-fSi fKrov,.',?n eenranf. chamber; aated the . pointedly. , . , . '.UXuonill hidden '.w."0 2
J hU5 Sd hu" JrelJr making , a saving of one j'i No, sah, Jedge; Ah 4s toe. '.pecUble . , , , - . J1;
room.! Furthermore, tthe .
kitchen u. ' -nut it i stated m' aood authority Succeagful Elopement.
babies, but I never before chriat- and swiftness. He seemed to know tha world which tha brain of man haa
one that behaved ao well as yours.' exactly who to ao.: Gradually the bat- been able to brina forth and how 1-
"Tha young mother smiled demurely. -t.t Jlort2r ; "rant wa are of the only thing ia ni
" No wonder he behaved wall.' she appearance.. Ere long the workman de-Uhat counta vA v
said. 'Hla fathaa anil r with a nail f SCended to tna wagon got a globe, wentS ; v-a tha wnrlif haa nanrraaaaf tnarVf 1-
it omitted in, each f Ut, alnce the food la that a bundle of feather, waa found tu. i-i,i.v hi ie .a weter, have been practising christening 2? iTO ,TiUhi!J1.-i! 11 P,crtJr ; lously in some ways. But until a-a
ur back vard thav dav hafnra .K a v- 0n htm for the last ten davs "...5tT. .v"nry??: r.-" V. - wagon, nnderatand how to rena r the sfiirr i
baby for a T:I JanT PWvi?a h!h.n J'fi'a an1 llht of " "d how mum 1
a-iri away tney went, leaving behind them a 1 wa to tut nrnud nft
College gin ., ht thorouahlw nnclrail ,h . w .P prOUu Olf u
would rive rood service for
tor Knox leanlna aralnat the nole. tor. Mimi,iT"":.""n.i,M. i
.!h2 "nttMt anything but a passing nl StaUhenator C-rvla
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