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WniCH W CrVfcfctED
FROM. Pauper's Son to Governor,"!
. was the title of a magaslne ertl
el published a few years no,
wbtn John JL Johnson wu first
I sleeted governor of th stats Of
Minnesota, and. dssplt Ha startling aig
nlftcanc. It waa Indeed a trn apltoma
of tha Ufa of tha now famous executive,
ays tha Naw Tork Times. .
. Handicapped by odds that would hav
prorad insurmountable obstacles for a
boy or man with leas stamina and direct
. ambitions, he defied scientific, theorlea
of heredity and literally fought hie way
from poverty In a drunkard a home to
.the elegantly appointed executive cham
ber of the marble palace which the pea
, pie of Minnesota have constructed ior
a rapltoL Although a Democrat, be has
twice been chosen by an overwhemlna-ly
Republican state to occupy that chara
, ber; and his second victory was a more
decisive one than his first.
It Is a matter of record that durlnc
his first gubernatorial campaign every
quarter of the state of
blossomed with placard vilifying
father and mother, and almllar trans-
narencles were carried in the naradea
Borne of theui urged the people to vote
asalnst John A. Johnson because "His
rather was a Drunken Loafer," end
"His Mother Took In Washing
Johnson's managers began to get frightened.-
Some of suDDorters reaueated
. him to make a strong sweeping denial.
x cannot as repueo.
Abuse Elected Hlnu
The allegations wars true, bat be mat
' them with the same spirit and rigor
which havs characterised : his actions
when, as a boy, ha bad. en numerous
occasions, found it : necessary to set
down tha baskat of washing u i
carrying to or front the boms of bis
' mother to that of a patron, and prove
I upon the bodies of toplofty young per
. sons that be was not responsible for
. his father, and that he was proud of
bis mother. Ana be it to ue oreait 01
the voters of iannesota. that they
delved deeper Into the man's past, and
uncovered that part of his Ills which
showed self-sacrifice, devotion to duty,
. and bis tender care of hla little brothers
" and sisters and bis . overburdened
I ' . mother.
The revulsion was tremendous against
, the opposing candidate. In the election
that foil. wed Minnesota gavs Roose
velt a majority of lfl.ifi, while John
son ran 92 453 ahead of his ticket, and
' was elected by a majority of T.St 3. In
' the gubernatorial campaign last fall, Lie
Republican candidate for governor was
scarcely "In the running," although the
, remainder of hla ticket was -chosen and
, there were few actual contests worm
Such Is tb hold that Gov. Johnson
.. bas taken upon the hearts of the people
of Minnesota. When asked, "How do
vrru account lor your successr he re-
plied, In tha simple and dlreot phrase
which la -eoullar, characteristic dis
tinction, i just tried to make good."
1 Tried to Make Oood." ;
, -' Bo saou so with ae slga of xu lotion.
If ba bad Indulged la soms Internal
' feeling of satisfaction, it night have
been forgiven hla. He had been talking
' about bis Ufa not a very long Ufa, for
be la only 4 and tha opportunities for
contrasts bad been plenty. ', II Bust
have been lest thaa human, when b
. thought of the lltU sis..k in the out-
aklrta of th village of si. Peter. Mln
" re sot a. In whlnb he was born amid a
poverty that was at onoa sordid ar-d
. hopeless, had he not sleo thought f
- - how he had transformed that humble
i. cot into the marble pile in which he Is
sow master.
Adversity, In th form of alcohol. fsJd
it hand on the Johna household whlls
.................. j
. Restaurant
coBJra nmu awo coven arm.
. ' OP2V BAT AsT9 sTXOaTT.
Slues frosa 11 a. as. so p. I
Chicksa Soup with Rio.
jtmc ........
' Sliced Tomatoes
Cucumbers .....
Hsnanas and Cream .....
urwn unions ....
Chicken Salad. Mayonnaise.... ...
Fried Rasor Clams. ..,...
l fried Bhad......... ...............
rrled Halibut,
yriea F Union ., ,....20a
Fried Tenderloin of Sola, Tartar
i!Hf,ma 111 . Hi:. : 35
iuif'bracka i cratr..! -:-:sK5
polled Beef Tongue, Tomato Sawie.20e
Chlrken Pot We.jT.. ,;:;5HJ
r ' . . A ""r.".n nmi K(q Unions.
Vriv& Calves Brains, Drawn Butter.
t oia nam, rotato ttaiad 2
. Base
reslng 2 As)
Veal flausags and Eggplant ...... 2oS
Tireast ef Lamb and Oresn Pea., 2o2
Cold Tongue, Potato Salad 2X2
Chloke (Troquette. String Beaa..2A2
l'eprlk Unit Ml
Cndftsli Jfall,-Creant Bauo. ... . , .12
Cornet Ueef Hash and Poached
In ..Y.
r"f .stew and Vegetable.,..
r nnd Reana. . . ........... .....
i . f Spring Chicken on Toast.....
1 -t ciilrken snd Drssslng.,...
w 1'nrlc and Iresslng. M
..t vh and Dressing
; . -t f- ?rn inb end Jelly...,,
(11 A V I ; "i ' ' ej CouH I 9 - ft ft I MOflOV
I I - U 1 7V I
th future of th present governor cf
uinnenin was mil unioreseen only oy
th god. The bitterness of it was In
the soul of the bay at an age when
other ytrangater have no thought but
for play, fa his cae it made the boy
father te a tnaa cf whnnt a rtat la
proud. ' ... ,.
Th governor's father, Gustaf, born
in Sweden of . th peesantry, was a
strong-handed, hard -drinking black
smith. In ISSt, or thereabout he tried
to divorce himself from his habit of
drinking by changing bis surroundings.
He cams to America to 'find that en
vironment has little Influence over ap
petite, and that th whisky of ths Min
nesota frontier was as potent for evil
as th alcohol of his native land.- It 1
said that he did strive for a time
sgalnst temptation, and during a rather
protracted sober period met and mar
ried an Immigrant girl from Sweden.
Caroline Carlson Hayden gave up th
hard life of a hired girl on a farm to
be the wife of Oustaf Johnson, a dip
somaniac, and to become th mother of
a governor.
Father Downed by Drink.
Oustaf took his wtf t 8L Ptr.
built th two-room oottage la which
th future governor was bora, opened a
blacksmith shop, prospered for a few
years, then took to drink, and there
after figured only ss a tremendous and
sometimes brutal handicap to his wife
and the six children who were born to
them. He became a nuisance about tha
town, and was eventually disposed of
by the authorities, who. in order that
he might not wemaln a burden upon
the struggling woman whoss efforts to
taks care of her little brood bad at
tracted the attention of th towns
people, legally declared htm a ' pauper ,
snd sent him to the county poorhouse.
His wretched end would not appear to
hav anything In It that might go to
the making of a governor, but It had.
Toung Johnson waa than about It
f ears old. Hs had an Insatiable thirst
or learning, and had already reached
high school; but he made up his mind
that his mother bad don th work of I
tb family long enough. He sought
a place in a general at or a Th man
to whom he applied said: "Mrs. John
son's boy can havs a job bar If I have
to quit myself.". . After that day his
mother did no mors work for hire.
How the family lived on the meagr
earnings of the boy, was known only
to the breadwinner and bis mother.
He spent months trying to get employ
ment In a drug stora Th job there
would pay as much money as he ob
tained for th manifold jobs he did
around th general stora
He pumped the bellows In th blacksmith-shop
which his father had
owned.. One a week he wa employed
with tnklng the roller of th pree In,
th local prlntshop. He anticipated
the rural rout servtc by carrying mail
and newspapers te outlying houses.
Clerk In i Drag Store. I ;
. Eventually securing the coveted drug
stor job. h absorbed such wisdom as
fell from th mouths of th oracles that
gathered round tha barrel stov of th
establishment, and draw hie wn con
clusions. -He worked four years and
studied books behind tb prescription
ease and men in front of It. .He wantad
to taks a course In pharmacy, but there
was always th family to take car of.
The ordinary expens of th household
ata up everything. Then, when death
came, as it did three times during ths
minority of ths future governor, there
were heart-breaking tlmea It la re
corded that the only credit tha John
eons ever accepted after John became
Ita head waa from the undertaker, and
for five years that gloomy personage,
by reason of ths three funerals, took
what might be pinched out of the
money needed for tha living expenses
of ths family.
It waa to meet this extraordinary de
mand on blm that young Johnson put
aslds hi ambition to study pharmacy,
and took a place la a general ator.
where the work was harder but the
wages higher,.
But he was not te be thwarted In bis
deslr. ' He worked In th general stor
only lone-.enough to get even with the
world, then went back to the druggist
and managed by some means to obtain
a certificate, and registered under th
state law.
"My certificate was No. It," be said,
1ut I nsvsr believed much la hoodoos.4
Pay Off Mortgage. :
At times be got an Idea that be might
do better away, from St. Peter. - There
waa always la his boyish mind away
la the background ths shadow of th
aloohollsed - patient ' In tha almahouae.
Not a night passed but that th thought
cam to blm of bow much" easier It
might be to make his way If he could
start even. That thought stiffened bis
back j and helped square the chin
that protrudes so pugnaciously. He
would stay In St. Paul and fight It
out, with all the bandloaps. H was
tempted onoa, however, by th promts
f higher wages,-to tak a position In
Iowa. Ha did not remain there long.
only a few month. At another time
he was made assistant paymaster by a
firm of railroad oontractora Hs earned
171 a month and waa enabled to lift the
mortgage that his father had left over
the cottage. An addition to the house
was built, snd the surviving brother and
alater were educated.
Later h was offered a half Interest
in the St. Peter Herald, together with
Ita editorship. H. J, Easier, who wanted
him for a partner, showed him that th
plant could be security for the debt
which be would Incur, snd that It waa
not an obligation that would embarrass
So John A. Johnson became ' (and
still Is) a Democ ratio editor of a coun
try weekly In a territory fleroely Repub
lican. He continued to make good. He
wrote and still writes with ths direct
ness that characterises his spsoh. Hs
did not writ much, but what hs wrote
wa to the point In fiv year he was.
secretary of the State Press association.
In three yesrs more he was president Of
that organization.
Twice Johnson ran for offlo as state
senator and waa defeated. The third
tiros he ran he was elected. "There is
nothing like now knowing whsn to quit,"
said ths governor In telling about It
In the senate he was popular and In
fluential, though a member of th mi
nority. He throve in other directions.
He took to himself a wife, a charming
llttl woman who has helped to make
hi administration popular by her tact
and beauty.
When Governor Johnson talks of hlm-
self and bis past, h aays very frankly
that he baa not governed hla llf by
any fixed rula Tall, . lean, lank, and
e lightly stooped, with a facial expres
sion that Is usually stern, yet not with
out thoss characteristics which mark
svmnathr and nathoa. ha reminds one
a good deal of Lincoln. And in his dif
ficult uphill struggle against adversity,
as well as his simple manners of living
and dress, a comparison with Lincoln
Is again forced upon those with whom
b comes into personal contact
As a public speaker he is forceful, at
av Xst Tins
Save X Xealth
Saws Xer Weary Stops
are Iw Temper
Sar star Completion
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tb iron U I return it within days.
, v Maraa ........
tlmss fiery and electrical, and his quiet
humor is spontaneous, clean and ever
mirth-provoking. He 1 every inch hu
man and democ ratio. -
As a prominent figure In th recent
Insurance Investigation and othsr af
fairs, of national importano. Oovernor
Johnson bas been enabled to exhibit bis
sterling' worth to .the people of this
country outstds his native state. It J
a foregone conclusion that nsxt year h
will be persuaded by his host of ad
mlrers In th northwest to stsnd in th
llmslight ss a promising candidate fo
th presidential nomination on . th
tem6crat!o ticket . -' 7,
If be secures that nomination h wti
prove a force to ba reckoned with.
-f snd Krown Gravy.
" w "1 VTI l.1W
and Dutter and Potatoes
with AW M-ls. ,
rcAW KirsTAUavaarT,
r Third and Ooach Sts.
. U A. K. TO f, X
Rldgee That Are Signe of rearl
, Somo Abandoned Theorlea.
Ths real mother of pearl baa never
been found, nor nobody ' knows bow
pearls are born and mad a The evi-
denoe that they eaa be produced by In
serting acme foreign body Into the mus-
ael ts doubtful, says the Chicago Tri
bune. though tinnseus, ' th Swedish
naturalist. I said to have ewad much
of his fame to th fact that he could
produce pearls by Inserting grains of
sand . between the valve of th fresh
water mussels which ar to be found
In continental nvera
Artifirial neerl crosses are reported
from China as having been obtained
by placing a thin - metal cross within
th body of a pearl oystsr ami allow
ing it to stay there until It became
covered wi in nacreous ni.uor. rrui
feasor Herd man In his researches en the
pearl mussel of Ceylon hss been found
ibst ths psarls In thee shells are
secreted to cover a parasite, usually a
nemalold worm, which passes ons of
Its lire stsses within tn en en, sni no
doubt a similar cause will bs found
for th pretence of pearls In f rssh wat-J
er mussels.
The commonly sccepted theory that
a slns-1 grain of sand witbla th man
tle le sufrlctnnt to produce a pearl must
be abandoned. The expert flshsrman
p!ro!."V e recognise a pearl bearing
shell from othera From the River
I1?- which is said to hold ths finest
Scottish pearla, waa tsken rscenUy s
Shell with thre n.arls, which wss sold
for 140. The shell had thre rldaes
running from ths hlnse to th edge of
the valve.. Such ridgea always ar
supposed to b signs ef psarls. la th
Jrowth of th shell room haa te be left
or tb pearla
Th pearl 1 celebrated as a treasure
of ths esst and the tropical sea a but
It la scarcely known as a product of
Great Britain. Pearl fishing Is on of
th Industries of th United Kingdom.
ins siory or tjrmsn pearis oegins witn
ths earliest records of th country,
with Caesar, who earefully compared
w januan pearl witn tn urieatal,
- r ,.
. " , Son of the PreaidenU.,
' From th Chicago Evening Post
Twenty-one sons of presidents of th
United States hav grown te manhood
snd ten. of them hav become national
figure. Of th famous sons John
Ouracy Adam, himself a president, was
ths most famoua Then come Charles
Francis Adams, publicist and states
man: Robert and Klchard Tyler, big
figures In th southern confederacy; John
Van Buren, sn taring national politics
as death, cut short his career; Robert
Todd Mnooln, cabinet minister and am
bassador: Frederick Dent Orant, diplo
mat and major general; John Soott
Harrleon, son of ons president and
father of another, and finally th two
"Garfield boys." James K. Oarfleld Is
now secretary of the Interior, and bis
brother. Professor Harry A. Oarfleld,
was recently ohossn president of Wil
liams college. -
' May Say Something; Severe, , ,
From the Richmond Tlmes-tXspatch.
Public sentiment Is now so thorouirhlv
aroused that the next . time a brain
stormy gentleman goes gunning undir
ths unwritten law It is quits probsbls
that the Judg will fear something be
fore allowing; blm te go. ,
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