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' !Eoy Higley and Fred. Mills
;J! Pace Eeform' School for
, y Many Daring Eobberies
K ":.Boys Were Before' Ju-
Vvenlle Court Once Before..
With the utmI yeateraay r Deteo-
, Uvea Jones and Ttcoenor, ot Roy HlIr.
' It jrwn of ee, residing at Everett
j. etreet.. end .Fred MUle. 1. eon. of
."a- Plnksrton vatohman. of Tt Fourth
; street, tho authorities have suooeeded
In breaking up sang et hU4 ertmt-
rala rated as tho moat daring and re-
eouroeful younaaters ever haled before
tho Juvenile' eottrt. '
v.; Albert Hlgley, e"ed 11, tho third mam-
rar of the trio, who la undaratood to
ft,(Vfia vicinity of a neighboring town.
how trains aoua-ht by me anerurs
sfyCffloa and will alao bo taken Into eua
- tody. The lade were taken before Judse
Fi-aser ahortly after their arreat and
I in view of the fact that they- were be
, fore the Juvenile court on other oo-
' v eaalona, are in a fair way i of bains oom
- inltted to the reform achooL
The apeelno offenae with which tho
' fi jrounsatere are charged la tho burglary
, ct tba bicycle repair ahop conducted
y F. J. Wyatt at 0T Btark street, al
v though tho detective claim that tho
boys stole at least one wheel from the
' v public hatha and may bo guilty of ether
... . crlmea. Much of the stolen property
.. lias, .been recovered by the police and
both lads are said to have made a oon
' (eaelon.
The manner In which the -youthful
. 5, cracksman operated la etrlctly In line
v wlih tho methods puraued by profes
t Slonala. Making their way over the
, housetops In the rear of the Btark street
' blcyole establlahment tho embryo orooka
; ,' entered a lodging-house above tho store
. ''and descend! to. the yard below by
means of a ladder. It was then an
-., easy matter to force open a rear wln-
; ow. . -
. While on of the boys remained en
. araai-d another entered the repair ahop
.:nd handed out the plunder. The po
n He are aatlsAed that young Hlgley
V not directly concerned In tho oom
tnlssloa of tho crime but acted solely
'as the "fence" for his companions. -
; As far as can, be ascertained four
; , 'eoaeter brakes, a number of bicycle
seat, an aoetylene gaa lamp, and sev
' - oral wheels and tires were taken. From
, -v-the amount of plunder secured at least
two trips were made to tho etore.
-V The boklnass of the young thieves
: f In attempting to aell their booty re
' i suited. In their undoing. Detectives
'Jones and Tlchenor have been on the
case for a week and aotlned all secOnd
' ' ' band dealers to .be on tho lookout for
'.-the boys. Whan young Hlgley. and
. 14111s appeared at a shop at Fifteenth
' '". and Savler streets yesterday to sell a
,-,oster brake the police were 1mm-
d1ately notified.
' Indicative of tho cunning displayed
bv th youngsters wss a letter ols
' played by Mills purportln to be from
: 1 his father and giving him permission
"II sell his bicycle, so no susDlclon
would be attached to th sai ox any,
Named Qnantrell, Famed Qnantrcll, Almost Hanged aa
Quantrell, but Was Not Quantrell, Says His Wife,
. . . Mrs. Burgess Strangest of Stories.
(seetal Bkwatea ta Tba eataal.)
- Walla Walla, Waah, Aug. 10-Xta-patohea
published throughout th north
west la th past few day to th affect
that Quantrell. leader of Quantrell' fa
moo band of guerillas, that operated
during th civil war. Is ally and living
oa Vancouver 1 aland under tho name
of John Sharp,, brought out the Inter
esting story today that Quantrell for
years lived in Walla Walla under th
nam of Colonel T. C Burg. '
; Burgess died eight year age at the
age of Ta, and was burled In the city
cemetery here. His widow, who lives
in Walla Walla, today admitted that her
husband "was one arrested, tried, con
victed and aentenced to be-hanged aa
uantrell, but aha denied that too was
uantrell, aaylbg It was a case of mis
taken Identity, and- that he was saved
from being hanged through the efforts
of his broehers-in-law, who were eum
moned from Kentucky to Indlanapolla,
where Burgeee. or Quantrell, was being
held as a guerilla leader. This was soon
after ths close of the civil war.
Plsappoarod Three Tears, .'
Burgess, served . In the confederate
army and member of his regiment In
hi native city, sar they still have his
commissions. After his trial he disap
peared from view for two or three
years, and Mr. Burgee says shs does
not know where he spent that time, he
never telling her of his movements dur
ing that period. . He evidently rejoined
her in 1170, and they bought a cotton
plantation in Arkansas.
From Arkanaas they want back to
Kentucky aad then drifted out to Colo
rado and en cued In the hotel' bualneae.
coming to Walla Walla along In the late
seventies. .In all the places he lived
Burgess was known as Quantrell, and
the nam followed him to Walla Walla,
where tho atory of his life was known
to a few old soldier who had served in
the war. Burgess would never 'allow
pictures of himself to be taken, and
any reference to hi being Quantrell set
htm in a rage. He owned a saloon her
for several years, but was finally con
verted to the Baptist- faith, sold out
his saloon and became a Christian. He
waa burled from the Baptlat ohuroh.
ICra. Burgeaa Bvory..
Burgess served several year a a
Justice of the peace. He we a man of
powerful pbyafuue until old age broke
him down.
Mrs. Hurgeas today gave an Interest.
ing account v. m-i - - ,
mm?nn from belna hanced as Quantrell
Vol on el Buraess." she said, "waa an
officer of the civil war and served In
ULuurf mnA Kinui and that vicinity.
H served through th war with the
confederate troone.
"It is true h wag captured a Quan
trell and tried for quantrell' crime.
He waa eonvloted after an Imprison
ment of 40 days and nights and sen
tenced to bo hanged. ,H1 doom seemed
certain, but he begged that he might
have a chance to clear hlmaelf and that
his brothers-in-law might b allowed
to Identify him. They came .and were
placed outalde the door aad without
knowledge that they were there the
doomed man wag put to a tost for his
life. ; .
AUways Ksewm aa QuaatreUi
"Tim. old boy, la that . yen f aaed
on of th men. .
"Thank Ood. you are bar,' replied
th suepeot . " -
" Tou have come to save met yon
r th. mil vntlfl w h A ftonld da it-
"The man la Innocent.' said an ' offi
cer who stood near and heard th
e 9 th. aunnAMrl OuantralL .
"Subsequently be was released on the
"Waa he the real Q uantrell T Mr.
Rnrmi jr a.ake.1.
"No, he waa not Ha waa. as I have
aid. c
itm waa tin. .iiantrall
"Did h aver serve under Quantrell T"
"That I do not know. He was in that
country at that time, but whether be
waa ever under Quantrell I cannot say."
"Is It true thai he was alwaya known
as Quantrelir
"Tea, that la tru. be was always
known aa Quantrell. On th train out
west he was always pointed out aa
Quantrell. Ha waa known all over as
Quantrell, and some people her believe
be waa tb man; out ne waa not
captured, tried, oonviotea ana e ra
ta be hanged aa uuantreu, dui
(Jeand pwui frrlsO - .. .
Zxindon, Aug. 11 To tb American
lover aad admirers of Charles Dlckang
London la becoming lees and, lees In
teresting a th year travel -on.. With
the gradual dlsappearano of many-of
th buUdlngg aaeoolated, with th Ufa
and writing of tb great English novel
ist, visits... ta ., thee literary, shrines
i-bad shown to a second hand man when whloh, ta yeara past, formed so Targe
A . atnlM klnHl. ITka - . t. . 1 - . . . -AU. 1 . , ,
& pan l lire averag Amenowi ev-
." 1 town so I hereby give my boy permls-
P ,slon to sell bis wheel." waa what th
-jeuer . jouna on mum row-- enu as
'stoutly maintained that ' It had ben
. penned by hi father. This missive be
-bad ahown to a seoond hand man when
. disposing of a stolen blcyole. Th ettt--(,;tude
of Innocence assumed by Mills for
,'a time baffled th police, but oomparl
r? son of the letter with the lad's slgna
tur definitely eaUbllabed that tba
v note was a forgery.
't. In order to avoid detection, tb 4
;.ectives claim that the boys repainted
i bicycle frame and th rim f tho
,l wheels to alter the appearance of the
' 'tlnrkif it t. anK am tt...
thi owner would have difficulty In
J: Identifying th gooda Judge Fraser
' will deal with the youthful offenders
Vf luesaajr. t. ,
Reclamation sharps
a. j . : -.; ;, ,,
London Is Becoming Less
Interesting to Admirers
of Great Author.
; (Bpeelel tHspatak ta The Jeorast)
1 Klamath Fall. Or, Aug. Several
'of the head officials of th reclamation
, .asrvle are her thla week, taking up
, ' the claim of the eontraotor on the
, Kflrat aeotloa of th oanal, agalnat th
- government. Among th officials are
4 A. B. Davla, chief engineer of the recla
, matlon aervloe; D. CL Hanny. supervls
- - Ing engineer; Morris Blen, of th legal
' ' .department, and W. M. Sanders, eon
. ' .suiting engineer. They have spent the
week la going over the work. . Mason,
';' ;Davls dc Co., th oontraotors, have their
: .engineers nre,'j. v. Meweii and N. o.
Heamaii.' who have Ciaaslfled tha-me.
tjterlal. . The ouieome of the conference
, .wui not oe Known ror aom weeks, and
. -jno one know whether Maaon. Davla eV
,;,Co. will, be awarded .their claim or
.wnetrier mo original eiaeaifioation wiu
I .stand.
,V Th anglneera are also taking up
r Quaatlon In relation to the pro-
; . j ) ut ywuwf wu vw VHUintu m
. ;4uue-aier. v
' -J: t Treating tba Sex Fairly.
" iFrorah New Orleans Tlmee-Democrat
, "M rather,", aatd Mra Murphy, "al
(ways glu up whla a lady anthers the
. . room." ,. .
, 'Th ould man la too auspicious.1' Mr
;, Murphy grunted. "I never seen the
, , woman ylt that 'ud be mane enough to
hit y when y was alttln' down."
, President Kamuel ' Qomper of th
; Jtmerioan Federation -of Labor Is writ
' finn a book on "Organised Labor la the
fUnlted Btatea."
if. ;
' ' I':
Sherman Act Will Prevent
Federal Interference "
- With Strike, : '
Joura la th English matropolla, ax
a longer possible. To oommamoratal
th great author's association with on
of th place which baa beer) Improved
out of existence a bust of Charles
Pickens has Just been erected upon th
alto of Furnlval'a Inn, In Holborn.
Dlckena cam to the Inn aa a young
man from a Ufa of hardship and misery
In the very part of London which were
afterwarda te play ao large a part In
hie writings. Those who knew , him
then have described hlrrt aa a keen, 'alert
Serious literary youth-who waa vary
sura of himself. It la said that when.
upon tho publication of "Pickwick," he Columbia leave their key and force
(Talted Ires by sbaaisl Lsase Wtra)
. . Washington. JX C, Aug; la Adminis
tration leaders are openly against th
telegraphers' strlka Tb gtrlke will
aot be forced upoa th federal gwvera
meat ' They say if th department of
Juatlo la ealled n ta interfere, aa Is
intimated, tb government will , b In
volved In a glgaatio struggle between
capital and labor over tb ustloa of
"open ahop." , , . . -
Thev declare that th telegraphera
are playing with fir.
They aay that whfl thy may In
voke the enforcement of a federal
statute gtvlng the government ' power
to take over, th property of th tele
graph companies, aa a matte; of pub
11 expediency, when the com pas lee are
unable to operate them, they hav over
looked a federal decision whloh hold
that a combination of workmen for the
restraint of Interstate commerce eomea
within th provinces of tb 0hrmaa
antl-trust law. ; ' "
It la pointed out that th government
can keep clear .of Intervention, even
if th telegraphera la the District of
Morocco Tribes Wait Procla
mation of Holy War to Ex
terminate Europeans.
(United Pesse hr gneeUl TssssS Wlsat
Paris. August 10. Latest dispatches
from Tanaler are ta the affeet that a
holy war may be proclaimed throughout
Horoooo. According to the correspon
dent of tb Matin at Tangier the native
are still in a state of ferment. He says:
"The insurrection is spreading rapid
ly. The Vtenoh reeldents are leaving
Aloasar and h.1 Keblr. At tl Keblr the
situation Is exceptionally grave. The
i mn.nnrt t. ,...t -t .
Blanca and landed more troops. There
are now 1,204 Frenoh soldiers on shore
Ulspatohes received by tb govern
ment today from Tanaiar are somewhat
more reassuring. However, the sltua-J
won a very grave. Tne danger Of a
holy war Is recognised by the govern
ment Should it be proclaimed It will
aet the whole of Morocco la flam.
'.. ' Sattvag Kate attuopeaaa. . .
.TJ1.. BaUT ht European and
ChHstlans and only wait a favorable
opportunity to murder them and tak
their property. Agitator are going
about among the native preaching
death . to Europeans and trying to ex
cite them to bloody revolt .
The dread of a rising of the warlike
tribes of the Hinterland, the coast and
the Interior to carry out the ever popu
lar Idea of a holy war to exterminate
the foreign Infidels is ever present The
position at Kabat and Mlgador la said
to be very precarious
Alcaaar Is threatened and fugitives
from there have gone to' Laralche. The
gates of Baffl are reported to be closed
against th tribes whloh ar actively
threatening an attack and the neighbor
hood of Tangier Itself Is regarded as -so
unsafe that the foreign residents are
flocking Into tba town. The commander
of the French squadron haa sent the
Jeanne d'Aro to cruise along the coast
Word Came Von Too ffjooa,
JPl J.lttin ot. th -"ranch cruiser
off Babath haa wired the governor that
if the Chrlatlaaa ar molested he will
bombard, the adjacent town of galea
which la Inhabited eolely by Moora
It I aald that the excitement among
tb native waa auch that the captain's
threat came not a moment too soon,
Th governor. It le said, had distrib
uted arms and ammunitions to th
townsmen and was willing to furnish
auppllea of th earne to th neighboring
tribesmen. ... . ..
CUrke'a Probable) Tax larry. zr
-- tpeUI nvsattkts The Jearasl.) '.
Taneouvar. Waah- Ans?. iasn. t..a
of equalisation Is busy making numer-
, . . mi me lax levy. 'X ne
work It Is expected will barcompleted
within a few daya From present Indl-
V ,V v levy ror
h,SSliI!'iW11' cad that of last year
as- f",wvi . j
Bhortag of Canning Apple.
fapaeial DtaveUk The JeerasH
slalom. Or., Aug. t J. J. Flaher, su
perintendent bf th Salem cannery, re
port that the quantity of apples avail
able for canning purposes In this dis
trict Is very small, and that tho are
ail of th Gravenetsln variety.
Tb recent eorsventlon of th Wiscon
sin Stat Federation of Labor Indorsed
the American Boolety of Equity and
took the Initial stepe to secure tht- es
tablishment of a joint producers' ex
change under the control of both bod lea
awok ta the little room on tba third
floor of Furnlval' Inn to find himself
famous be expressed no surprise.
, ft Dingy Boom.
That was la the year 1st and
Charles Dickens was only 14 yeara old.
With the coming of fame and conse
quent prosperity n oia not linger wt"
in th dingy room of Furnlval'a Inn,
but moved to much more pretentious
and comfortable quarters In Doughty
street, almost opposite to th house oo
cuDled at an earlier period by Sidney
Smith, th author and wit wnea b
first cam to tempt Dame Fortune la
London. - , "
Although a modern nil of office
buildings now occupies the alt former
ly given over to the Ina. almost opposite
to It on Holborn still stands a row "of
ancient hulldlns-a. exactly aa "thejr stood
In the days of the novelist Staple Inn
look cunouaiy out or pi ace among in
modern building whloh hedge It about
on every aide and literally seem to be
choking out Its - prolonged. Ufa Tho
oi tot inner q
corner house
"Well-known ' and popular Stanford
University ' law student, whoie
v. horn wu at Hillside, near Forest
t Grove, Oregon, and who died at
Honolulu, July J5. "-.
over th door or wnicn appear tn
myatenoua inscription, j r i. iim,
Is still to be recognised aa tba horn
of Mr, Qrowgiou. the guardian of Miss
Rosa Bud or -Kuwin urooa. ao a
matter of fact this is ths last mention
mad by Dickon of a particular London
U. .- Bad IVaada Beformed.
To tb south, and a llttl to th west
of Staple Inn, II th ono erime-ln-featad
district of Seven Dial and St
Ollee which so persistently crowd th
wonderful page or lumens' woraa To
day they retain very llttl of their for
mer cnaracter. ana no longer - aoe a
man take hi life in hi hands In visit
ing their dark alley and street after
nigntian. 1
The bust which haa been placed In
the Inner court of the Prudential Assur
ance building. Is by Sir Percy Fltsgerald.
wno vieias to no one in ms aamiration
of Dlckena 1 Beneath tt la a bronae
tablet with the following inscriptions
Bom 1111. ' Wed 1170.
Lived for Some Time In Furnlval' Ina
Close to This Boot
Aad There Wrote Pickwick tn the
This Bust Was Modelled and Presented
. . ,- - ny
Percy Fltg-rald.
Curiously enough, despite th great
lov which Englishmen have for Dlck
ena, this Is ths first bust or memorial
reeled to him in London.
.'' Sunreyof and Tanther. : ,f ,
' Bathhurn Cor. Kan sue CltjTlmea
A surveyor employed by the St Louis.
Bartlssvllls dk Pacific Railroad comp
any, which proposes to build a line
from Joplln, Missouri, to Pond Creek,
Oklahoma, saw a remarkable etgnt
through the glass of bis transit Instru
ment while running a survey on Sand
Creek, II or 1 miles northesst of Paw
huska, - In the Oeag Indian reserva
tion, recently. The country at that
plane la broken and Indented Wltb can
yons. - . ........
The surveyor hurt turned hi Inaru
ment to see th - f isgman behind htm.
Th flagman wa seen plainly, but be
yond the flagman about 800 yards Waa
something that censed the eurveyor to
gasp in astonishment A large panther,
st the edge nf a small clearing, waa
sating - Intently at the surveyors.
Through tho glsea the panther every
movement could be clearly seen, The
surveyors shouted at the beast, whloh
quickly ran Into the timber.
federal action.
. The decision that tba department of
Justice might be called on would be
Farallel to th case of United Btatea vs.
he Worklngmon'a Amalgamated Connotl
of New Orleana, In whloh the circuit
court of appeala held against the union
on the ground that their Interference
wltb the employment of nonunion men
waa a conspiracy In restraint of trade
within the meanlnr of tb Sherman
antl-trust aet.
;. ; ... . . .
(taaetal Dispatch te The Xeermal.)
Klamath Falls, Or Aug. 18. Th
HMrnmmt .ntlnjar. wAtlrttia K.
rXcno canal, a part of th Klamath pro
ject hav encountered the hardeet kind
of rock formation, and th blasts 4hat
hav been set off hav caused con
siderable damage )n their -vicinity. The
blasts ar set off at th noon hour
and alaa tn the .vtnln. m n A ! t
great rock were blown across th river'
end plereced the flume of the Light dt
water company, so mat it waa neces
sary to shut off both- light and water
while th break waa being prepared.
Another blast sent a large rock crash
ing through the roof of a house near
th powerhouse, also across ths river
from th Keno canal. No on haa been
hurt as yet, but th people living In
that vicinity look for shelter when th
time for th blaata arrlvea. The work
on the canal is progressing satisfac
torily and they believe the moat diffi
cult rock work la finished. . .. t ,
' ("pedal Dispatch te The oameL) . '
Albanv. Or.. A us-. 10. Of the Hat fit
11.000 acres of lieu lands of tha North.
srn Pacific approved tbia week a large
portion are located In Linn county. The
total number of acre (elected by the
company In Linn county aggregate
over (1,11 acres, located In townships
10, 11, II. 14. It south, range I east
The eelectlons tn Linn county Included
large areas of the finest timber land
In the weat According to the present
method of determining valuea the landa
are worth 1600,000, at a very oonaerva
uv ngure.
(SaertU rnsseteft Tb earsLI
Albany, Or:, Aug, 10. A surveying
party of II men, aald to be In the em-
floy of the Southern Psclflc, passed
hrough Albany yesterday bound for the
head of the present construction of the
Corvallls tt Eastern to trace out the old
survey leaning out irom mat place to
Ontario. The party waa provisioned
for two months. . It Is said this meana
th re-ostabllshmtnt ot the Unas of the
old survey preparatory to the actual
work of extending the Corvallls tt East
ern to an eastern Oregon termlnue.
Th recent annual convention of the
International lAincshoremen, Marine
and Transport Workers' association re
elected Daniel J. Kaefe of Detxult as
president, v.
Are Coming v
In Now :
There are two reasons why
you should drop in here at
once: First, "to get a line"
on the nobbiest, handsomest,
swellest and most ex
clusive display of advance
patterns to be seen In town,
. of . the ' fabrics . that good
, tlressers will be wearing this
fall; and second, to take ad
vantage of the special con-
' cession of an extra pair of
trousers freeVith every suit
"at $22.60 or mofe, which in
ducement well have to with
draw very soon now. There's
- a lot to gab by coming now.
Make a point to see. to it to
morrow. ' '
Oraat Phogley, Kg. ' '
atlXS sua.
,;&ltlj u. UC ! '
. of Rooni
Not of Profit
The balanct of the seven cars of splen
did new pianos diverted from San
Francisco must be sold this week, and
: there is every assurance that they will
be.' , -'
; Our statement that equal values have never been offered in the city of Portland will be ab
solutely proved by your Investigation.
, Th imperative need of the room occupied by theseyjew0
. oin XTuncisco pianos lor uut vwu use v.uiiircu
rifice; there is no other alternative. Fall stock is now eh
route which we must take care of within another week's
time. We shall soon need our Recital. Hall (now occu
pied by these San Francisco instruments, for the accom
modation of our own new lines, and then for the concert
season. With all thia in mind .we have cut the prices
for this forced sale to a point that leaves no chance for
failure to dispose of every piano in the shipment. When
' you have looked these splendid pianos over, noted their
well known makes, tested their splendid tone qualities,
and have fully realized what extraordinary worth is of
fered, we know you will embrace thia opportunity with
eagerness and enthusiasm.
C: $200 Pianos Now $114 '
$300 Pianos Now $1 71 $400 Pianos Now 28
V . $500 Pianos Now $285
zizi Half Cash, Balance Within a Year t ;
- Every Instrument carries with It th famous EUert "Money Back Guarantee." -If you live out
; of town there is still time to write, or wire, to have one of these pianos reserved for you. But
' . V Quick., Stow open evening 'during h1. ... .u-'C--. .,'-,
a I
-' . . I II IUVU 1 .
cottf- Ni
V. & """"" ; '. lee
' 4 mik:
. ,,:'. '7..-.-... ' ""
The House of V
Highest Quality
353 Washington
Biggest, Busiest
and Best of All
Corner of Park
"".-.;. . . -
cm to
Owing to the fact that this building is to be torn
down very coon,
bur large and
complete stock of
- .'.
''.'" ', t
' t - ...
';,- ;
' ' ' . ' 'x )
Gas and
Are to be offered
with no reserve, at
1 1 ;
You can judge for yourself by coming in and al
lowing our salesmen to show you the stock,1 '
rt Ii-ji
L il VI'
.1 -.-!, I
. . 'k . - ' . . ; . ' .