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    imvn Tnra
Subacrlbers mn hays The Journal de
. ""red at the rarular rataa at the fol-
i .. "T resorts by notlfyln. the events
at L. 'L. VartOiia tilaaaa mantlnnaH. Sub.
aorlptiuua by mail are payable . In ad-
Oaarhart Park,,, ...... .P. J. Struck
Hot Lake... Hoi Lake Banltarlura
, ...Lewis Co.
WUnolt Springs... I J. W. McLaren
Carlnn ... H
Boyd as Bon and Mineral Springe Hotel
..Cascade Spiina........lhomaa Morfatt
Collins Bprlass C. T. belcher
ilw0oi . ......Louis Cohen
neacn. ....... .t ....... ..
'Marshall A Pottanaer and . A. Smith
Nahcotta ..." H. J. Brown
Ocean Park.........Matthewe Thedford
. geavlew .....Irank aVeHraukal
M breakers The breakers bote!
.Toiaonrg amusements
Marquam Grand ... .."Tha Undertow."
Grand . Vaudeville.
Lyrlo , "Jim. tha Weeterner."
Star "A Bachelor's Hontrmoon."
City park ... Da Capriole Band,
Tha Oaka, O. T. P. carllne. First ana
Aider. . '
! . It la reported that Manas' r Murphy
will Install bis own company at tha
Lyrlo theatr. fcf tar September 1. The
Allen Stock Company will no to Ban
Joae. Thre will be ns change of. policy
at t""Ly-rlo, the earn, claaa of shows
vi. put on me ooaras. Mr. Alien
-u8 aecurea a ineaire 01 nia own la tbm
aliform city (or hie company.
' - Ton bad ' better , take the trip to
Cascade Locks and return on the
fast , steamer "Telephone," , 1 earl of
Aider Street Dock Sunday, August
me iiui ai a. m., returning aoout
m. Far for the round trio. 11.00.
eaia boo. You cannot have a more
pleaaant outing than this trip, on tha
arena caiumoia luver. -
' C. X. fcamlln, general agent of tha
.; Hertick Refrigerator company of Water-
loo. Iowa, was In the city this week
making a bualneae call upon their agent,
J. J. Kadderly. Mr. Hamlin atates that
:r m wm aoon Drlng hla family to Port
, land to make it hla home. In all hla
, travels he has not found a city that ap
peals to mm so rorcioiy as we metropo
lis wegon, ,-" -v.
Becauaa .of rata sad - bo lights the
concert at - Columbia park, last night
was a failure. Through some mlBunder-'
standing the lights were not connected.
; After playing a few numbers from
memory rain began to fall and the band
aispersea. . . . .
...The following articles were found on
streetcars yesterday and saa be secured
. by application at room 4. O. WVP. build
Inn. First and Alder atreeta: Four lunch
baskets, one soltcase, one satchel, eight
pacaagea, one purse, sevea umbrellas,
. vne eoswi. ... nr, , .
Dr. J. L. Wooden, who was appointed
deputy health officer during tha spinal
meningitis epldemlo, yesterday handed
hla resignation to Dr. Pohl, city health
; officer. Dr. Wooden resigns to accept
a better paying position.. Dr. Pohl will
not appoint a successor at this urns.
, sWater through t . hoso for sprinkling
yards or sidewalks or washing porches
' or windows must be paid for la advance
ana usea oniy oetween tbo noure ot
and I a. m.. and and a. m. i It must
" not ba uaed for sprinkling streeta. If
ueed contrary to thee rules, or wasta-
luiiy.n wiu ae aaut ml--. -,
For lienors phone the Family' liquor
Btoro. - J. XL Kelly, snooassor to Caswell
A Kelly, it Morrison street, corner
Fart Bota phones pecirio. Main 11,
ana noma, a-jsws. - .
i Amusecnent-CouncU Crest park every
evening. - Take ear rids to' this most
. beautiful spot Mualo. dancing, moving
pictures, illustrated, songs, eta Vocal
and instrumental mualo by the "iia-
: wallan muslciana,-
Mra. M. J. Fisher, whs returned re
cently front China after sight years of
missionary work, will lecture tonight
t a o'clock In the Volunteera of Amer
! lea hall, at S Fourth street North. She
' will soeak - of her ozperienoes In the
oriental kingdom. -,
Iiearn to swim at Blaclors new Nat
' atorlum. Sl B. Mor, cor. Oraad. Enam
elled tank: freah Bull Run water: pri
vate lesson, 60c: club - membership.
ll.ev per nonui. jrnone suaat eeiv. . (
"TCvar tha&f Is talklnc about fL
Wlthout a sound body, on one can have
happiness on earth. Start today to drink
Ooldan Grain Uranulea. the 104 car oent
pure cereal coffee, sold la every flrat-
Ciaav grvvvry piuiv evvry wuvra. (
Sunday river trips to Oregon Qty.
Moat delightful outing. Go one way
, by boat, return by trolley. Boats leave
Taylor street T:10. S:10, 11:30 a. m.;
i:u, : p. m iwuna crip eeo.
Steamer Jesaa Haxklna. for rimn
Waihougal and way landlnn, dally ex
- eept Sunday. Leaves Washington street
" OOCX UlkO. '- ..
. Sclentlfle Shea Repstrlng Beat work.
Sewed soles, men 75a, women tOo.
. jaooo Bonwma, bst stara, near park.
rSvHava a fine outing; II round trip te
ij-xyJlle, Including' amusements, Au-
Aemo Oil Co. sell safety coal oil and
fin gasoline. Phone East Tl; B-1007.
j .-.Woman's Kzohaage. Ht Tenth street,
. : tnnch 11:10 te I; business man's lunch.
Perfect fitting eye glasses, ll.oe. Dr.
B. J. MUls, III Sixth, near Washington.
Train leaves Union darot I a. ml. An.
gust 11, for Bonneville, 1 eaoureioni .
Good mualo with the 11 Bonneville
wtcuraton, August 11. ,
. Excursion to BonnerUl August 11.
" Dr. XL G Brown, gys-Kar. Maruam.
D. Chambers, optician, 111 Seventh,
- Bergsr signs H Tamhlll phon. .
Bark Tonic for rheumatism. . ;
. Beck Jeweler lot Alder.
You Should Bank
'" i t" ' PORTLAND, : ORSOOH :"'iv': v' ; ,;
1 It is a strong; careful, sale,' liberal, prompt, accu- .
.rate and succesjful institution , v . ' . ;
It U a growin r, active, proigretfsive, conservative and
up-to-date bank In every particular.
' t r It pays 4 per cent interest on savings accounts com
'... pounded twice every year, v ' v r ,
.:: . ' It has safe deposit boxes which are absolutely fire
..." nd burglar proof. i . '. . ' ' ;
"W. H. Moore, President v E. E. Lytle, Vice-Preiident
W. Coopr Morris, Caihier. . - ,
SE. and aCrs. Oeorre fabou WQ1 Be
1 Absent for Several Weeks.
George Jabour of the firm of George
Jabour a - Co., Importers of oriental
rugs and carpeta, known to have one of
the Ilneat and largest stocks ol oriental
rugs on the Pacific coast, left for New
York yesterday. Mr. Jabour said: "I
thank the people of Portland for the
support they have given my business
and my trip to tha east la to be there
whan a large shipment of rugs arrive
George Jabour.
In Mew York, which will be about Au
gust 10. I will be there in time to re
lease the stock from the custom house
and to select the finest and moat beau
tiful antique plecee of the shipment. I
promise the people of Portland one of
in nnesi e cocks oi onenuu run mai
has ever been shown on the coast. The
Inoreas of our business for ths time
w have been In the city has encouraged
ua to carry a large stock. It my busi
ness will bermlt me. I will leave for
Europe and during my stay there, will
devote my time to selecting a fine col
lection OI taces ana emuroiuenae vi mu
kinds." - ' '
Mrs. Inhniir will aceomnenv Mr. Ja
hour to the eaat and while there, will
vlatt many or ner oia menaa. wmm
the absence of Mr. Jab6ur.4he business
will be la charge of N. . Hanler.
th natlva avnart and artist of oriental
rugs. Hs is well known In Portland
and can gtv you all the Information
regarding oriental ruga and oarpela you
may aeaira.
. ts to Sfio Beward.
IW Medina an Intensely Interesting
llttl book and anewerlns a vitally In
teresting question. Bee Market section.
a Katfalirm th Fourteenth in-
fantrv from . the Vancouver barracks
faaaea tnrougn roruaa jr.iu.j vm
h umui riald nractlce. The DOtnt of
destination is a email town on th Tilla
mook coast The march will be about
US mllee Ions; and the troops will con
sum about three weeks In th march
hath rain an1 returnlne.
Tha i-nmmand. ISO atrons. la march
ing under haavy regulation outfits, con.
slating of a pianaei roil, eneiier naii,
meaa kit. haversack, canteen, field ra
tlona. rifle or saber and canteen. They
cover about three mllea an hour, march
Ins Eo mlnutee and resting 10. as the
army regulations provide. They will
move about IK or to miles each day,
They expect to reach th coast within
ten daya. . '''' .
The battalion. In charge of Major
Parka, left Vancouver at T o'clock yee
terdav morning, crossing the river by
means of the ferry and taking the route
step towara t'orxiana. 'iney paaeea over
th Madison street bridge yesterday
afternoon and swinging aoutn Divouaced
near Klverview cemetery last night.
Other officers of the detachment are
Captain Taylor, ueutenants Husscne,
l oliey ana sraay.
F.W. Baltos
and Company
inyito your
inquiries for
. ... fjsr . -a a s
Pkonfis ) "in o
First arid Oak
Henkle HarrWn, left yeateraav for
rstnla. where he win visit hi family
and old home. - Mr. Harrison la one of
It ohlldren and has e.Tht brothers snd
six slaters. Both parents are auu llv
Ins and a happy family reunion la an
ticipated by Mr. Harrison upon his ar
rival In Virginia! While east be will
visit Washlna-ton. Baltimore. Davton.
Philadelphia and tha ameatown exposi
Mr. and Mrs. Henry ' Blackman, of
Heppner, who have been temporarily
residing In this city, left yesterday over
the Northern Pacific for a two-months'
visit to friends and relatives In th
east. Mr. and Mrs. Blackman will pro
ceed dlractlv to Naw York vhnri thev
will visit their son lieppner, a talented
i young cartoonist, ena,d on the New
Tork Herald and Evening Telegram, the
afternoon Issue of the Herald. They
will later spend Boms time In New Eng
land and upon returning will stop In a
number of th principal western cltiea.
I .. ! -
At future" 'rHt in g of th Rhod
, Inland branch of the American Federv
tlnn of 1-abor no delesate will be seated
I unless hla clothing bears th union label.
. .,o . ssaaswaaBBS..aBBBBBBBBBaBBSB v
East Siders Talked , Over
Scheme for Advertis- ,
t . lug That Section., .
Plans for th advertising campaign
to be launched Immediately by th Eaat
Bid Business Men's elub war dis
cussed last night at a meeting of the
committee appointed by the club soms
time ago. H A. Calef presided and ths
irauine or ae scneme ss previously de
scribed was adopted. It is desired to
have the 'plana completed before the
next meeting of the dub, which will be
Thursday, August It. Another meeting
will be called aooordlnalv within a. raw
daya ' ,
Th plans Include ths holding of a
corneal 10 secure, an east siae aiogan,
which will be placed at th intersec
tion of Grand avenue and East Morri
son street, on sn electric arch, and
which will be uaed In a systematic pub
licity campaign. The purpose of th
campaign wiu Da 10. aivert trade- from
me weei nae, wnicn me east Slds busl
ness msn believe Justly , belongs . to
them. . ......
Those who eomnaae tha onmmt
ana wno met in the ofrie or Calef Bros,
on East Morrison street lsst night,
were David H. Strowbiidge, Dan Kella-
nw, Ki, a. niaiow. xl. A. fjalar and Up.
Fulton of the Cltisens bank.
' .. atoTS th XMsooamt. ' i"
or send remittances, to general offlcea.
Park and Burnald streets, on or before
Telephone aV Telegraph company. ,
Serious trouble waa narvmrtv awilill
laat nlsht on a St. John, ! k.bhm
of a stubborn conductor. Leaving Sec
ondhand Alder streets about 7:0 oolock
he refused to permit anyone to rid In
me trailer, aunourn th leading oar
was crowded to suffocation. Ths trailer
was empty snd to keep the crowd out
in conductor locxea tn doora
Appeals from ths suf farina- paaseo
rers were ignored entirely by the con
ductor until he saw that they meant
business, and then ha consented to
throw th trailer open. On th return
trip ' th same conductor had trouble
with a baaeenger because of refusing
to punch a transfer ticket as requested.
Several paasengers on ths ear vouched
they would lodre a oomnlalnt aaainat
th stubborn and Inclvll employ, whoa
number they say Is ft. ,
For to call Main 114 ar A.ltia.
Delivery company. 1(1 Stark st.
A trio In tha interact tif watarwav
improvements is to be taken in Octo
ber by President Roosevelt, accompan-
ica a j m commute or me miand water
waya commission. They will be at
tended bv the rovernora of states bor
dering on the Mieslsslppl river, and will
travel oy neat on inai stream, from St.
Paul to New Orleana The Portland
chamber of com ma roe. In view of the
Importance of waterways Improvements
at this time, has desired that Governor
George B. Chamberlain accompany th
party, and baa offered to defray th
expense of the trie. In th absenc of
any Stat appropriation for that pur
pose. Governor Chamberlain yesterday
signinea nis intention or aoceo 1 ng to
the chamber's requeet. He had pro
posed to appoint X N. Teal as his rep
resentative with th presidential party.
Tomorrow la tha laat dav t rwHra
discount on WeSt aide saa bills.
"Mr fatberkad sees a sagaiei tntm alak kaaJatk
fa taa laat tweatftra jaefs sae aavsr feas4 aay
relief aMI ke saeaa taklag year Caaaants. glaee
he kas eesea tekiag Ouaanle ke aae sever had
the headuhe, Tkay have eatlrely eareS hlat,
Oueareta so tat rsa reeasiaiB tkeei te Se. I
will slvs ye the artvllsfe e aalat bis Hat."
a. a. aiiakaoa, list aeslaer a., WOaaisa spells, laa,
ffS Tor-''-
1 1 VL Ths) Dowel ; V1 '
o n
Tl sr--S) w aassx BH
A t It I
Men's Outing Suits v
Youths' Outing Suits:
Boys' Outing Suits
Lad;es' Wash Suits and Goats
Panama and Straw Hats
Men's Three-Piece .
Summer Suits
$40.00 SUITS AT $25.00
$30.00 SUITS T; $2tf.00
$25.00 SUITS AT $15.00
$20.00 SUITS AT $13.50
Men's Outing
$2.50 TROUSERS, $1.75
$3.50 TROUSERS, $2.25
$5.00 TROUSERS, $3.35
$6.00 TROUSERS, $4.25
$6.50 TROUSERS, $4.55
Underwear . -
$2.50 SILK GARMENTS $1.25
75c Cooper Ribbed Garment 45c
All Slimmer Weight Union Suits
$2.00 SUIT . .... $1.00
$1.50 SUIT . . . . . 75c
. All $1.50 and $2.00 Neck-
' wear, 95c
MEN'S SHIRTS, $1.50 Kind $1.15 , Attachcd and
. Detached Cuffs All Sizes
-f . r f t.
V i
.. -.
NFVV APJH MOnFRN Located right in the center of the great factory district, Twelfth
MLH Mill IiIUISLIIIV and Marshall streets. Right in-this neighborhood are Upward of
10,000 factory employes who draw good wages.
Light and Airy Rooms ; ' y Oas and Electric Lights Modern Kitchen
Single or En Suite . Three Floors ahd Basement Large Square Court
Large Halls and Corridors : 140 Large Rooms Court Fitted With Fountain
Steam Heated Throughout . . Large Dining Room . ; Every Comfort ; and Convenience ;
WU1 lease for four years. For terms and further Information inquire of PHIL
GEVURTZ, at I. Gevurtz & Sons. ' ' . : "V,;;- - ., . :
-7 , .
Ui" t iir-j,
' It iiie iim .
Only lour nmre r.rf.
i !!- tonltiit. fat'
mall nee. Batui-ua.y and i
day n'Me.
avS) WOtfTOW.
-VV TO. great rri j,, r.l't
nilaa It
' Price, ik. lie, lSu
phon. Main iitt.
This Week the Allen Stock Company
xnc, rms wsicium.1
Matln.a Tuesday, Thursday. Satur
day and Bunday. Prices, lOo, ta. Lr
ery evenlns at 1:1. Prloea. lo. laa
and too. K.aerred aeata by phone. Main
se.S. OTlce open from 1 a. m. te It p. ou
The Star
Ot.T,..M I4t
, Will OT AVODft S.
A BT.c1l Summer mlrth-proroker,
Matlneea Tuesdaya, Thuradaya, batur
daya and Sundays at, prlcee 10. and)
too; .very erenlns at S:16, prloea lOo,
10. and SOo. Beeure seats for ail par
formancea by phone.
, wuk or Avavvr s, itot.
Vauderlile I, ox. -Sea4e
BATZD V. nxus, OtI A. SAP"
HS at bo.
' rUlaTaTlP. 1- '
Datlir matlneea at X:0: two perform
aaces each sv.nlna; at T:il sad :J0.
Coras 7agta and Ssemt-ertk.
August 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, 11
Oame eatled at t:ts p. m. dally.
, Oame. called at p. m. SnndayS.
ADMISSION 25f. ' ' j
Ocandstand I5c 4 Chlldrea lOo. ,
Box Beats Slo. -rrr.
Added Attraction
OUT or DOOR 'jJfi71
- tCSsHly oan'w.e
BfMimi 1 S rlr a I
rnit arrj "JrVrJ errsri'aail
rri a trns 1 X
miormownm 7 yVvTv ""
or nt mwr njrrj V A x"" v
imrnrr Atom na M ' 1
Slums mtcMM mam l ' j r '"Z "',
Jtq mvcsune mm J
auohttioiI fi X U I ot yaJWaar)
lrftiM. . 1 1 1 7 FIWi . Ittfmutl
la Pavilion Tonight.
Concsrts t snd T:t( by tha
artnroAmiAK armiSAJUs.
PlMaant. P.1.UW.. PnM,4 Tut. Qnnt, ! Aend.
.r kiok.a. Vr aak,, n. flrfM K ta. V.' ....
fold In bnlt. Tk.f.nnln. I.hl.t mvii QUu.
aaraatMl te aar. or yoat aio.. bms.
Sterling Remedy Co.. ChiaaceefH.T. Sal silica inn
Given by Knights and ladies of Security r
SUNDAY,; AUGUST 1 1th f7
Train leaves Union Depot at 9 a. m. and returns at 6 p. m. Tickets for sale at Laue
Davis drug store, Third and Yamhill streets.
i military'
A Board In g and Day
School for Young Men sad
Preparation " for col
leges, U. & Military and
NstsI Aoademlea AO
credited to Stanford.
Berkeley, Cornell, Am
herst and ail State UnU
r.rsitl.a and Asrloultural
Colleges. Manual train
Ins;. Business eourse.
The principal has had 1
years .zperlence la Port
land, , Comfortable Quar
tera Beet snvlronmenta.
Make reeerratlons now.
Por llluatrated . eataloa!
and other literature ad
dress J. 17. Oil. CD..
PHaotpal and PropttoWS.
Mount Hood. Auto-
mobiles operate between
Hood River and th. re
'. , sort , Make your reier
Tttions now. For trans
portation rate ask at O. JL
& N. city ticket office.
For reservations write
Postoffice. Mt Hood. Or.
1 Dr. Bandsrson'sf'nropounilP.vtn
I j''M and Cotton Hoot Pllla. Th. h- t
f and only relldbla remedy 1 -0
r U4TED 1'kHlOl fi. Cur. t
r V most ohatinate ca-s In 1 f ; '
daya Prir II per bnx, inai.-d I
wrapper. Bold tr Jrei(l' ' T. J. I'lEUCix Is! 1
l"f)rtland. Oron.