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Now Is the Proper Time to
Help Your Favorite
! in Contest ,
Out-of-Portlaad Cootesraata end Sub
scribere May Mali Advance JPay
, menu on Subscriptions on August
lSXewa of The Journal Contest.
Now l ths thns for patrons and Oc
casional purchasers ef The Journal to
lieln their favorites In the scholarship.
Alice Grant ot Dallas, enterprising
girl : now leading The Journal
, scholarship contest. - ' ,
contest Ths young psopls are., now
i-trlvlrrsj for tha leadership of ths four
divisions, for the ones who lead on
Auiutt II will be allowed to everyone
rnd a friend of education on a trip to
Alaska at the expense of this -
paner. '
borne of the contestants purpose to
name for the free trip the peraun who
Dominated them In the contest. Others
have agreed to appoint the person who
la dolus most to neip mem to nether
subscriptions. Ana actual auneorlpttone.
which determine the standing of the
eonteatania tnemanivea, aenerallf are
likely to decide the nomination of sdu
catora lor tne trips to Alaska. ,
rree Znenrsloa Alaska,
Tbe contest for pieces In the free a
eursion to Alaska closes on Auruat It
ai ii ociock mmnigni. All subacrlp
tlons paid over the counter b contest.
ants or br their frlenda for Mntnitanii
will be counted If they reach The Jour
nal office before that date. T
uut-or-f ortland contestants and sub.
Bcribers may mall their advance pay
ments on subscriptions on August IS,
If they cannot before, and they will be
counted If they reach The Journal of-
rice witnin 48 hours. Ths soatmark on
the letter will be proof as to whether
me suoacriDtions were mailed before li
'clock of Auerust IS.
The leadlna contestants will txt nntl.
red of their rlftht to name guests for
ins journal excursion just as soon as
ths votes are counted. An effort will
be made to announce the result In ths
columns of Ths Journal on Monday)
The suests of T he Journal will as-
semble In Portland August 14 and leave
lor Seattle. Thev will tana nessa
on ths steamer Jefferson on Ausust is.
The Jefferson ts ons of tns most pop
ular passenger steamers operating , on
the southeastern Alaska routs.
For those who are not acquainted
with ths Jefferson ths following: de
scription is given. ' r
"Mew -aolng Wsassa. .'' '
' The Jefferson is a new, ocean-going
steamer, built by -the company at la-
coma expressly lor me . souineasiern
Alaaka service, the plana being based
on years of observation and sxparlenos
In Alaska waters. She has a larga
freight eapaclty under decks, and en
Joys ths description of .being, ths only
steamer running to Alaska that' Is
equipped almost exclusively with large
two-berth rooms, which are so much
mors satisfactory, to passengers than
three-berth rooms. Th social hall ai.d
ladles' parlor and smoking rooms are
larre and luxuriantly furnished. .
Ths- rulslne Is not surpassed on ths
coast. 8he Is a new vessel, launched
April S, 1(04. SX fest long; beam. It
feet; depth, ( fast; speed, about It
knots. - ""
After leaving Seattle the course la
northwestward through ths British Co
lumbia and Alaska waters ths first stop
being st slther Ketchlksn or Metlakatla
tla at the ship's 'convenience. Ths ves
sels call st Ketchikan, Don alas and
Juneau both northbound ana south,
bound; at Metlakatla, W range! and
Haines either northbound or south
bound; at Sitka southbound. Bkagway
Is the northern end of the routs whore
ths northbound voyage ends and ths
southbound voyage begins. Ths dis
tance traversed in this round trip Is
about I.J 00 miles, a trip sntlrsly by
A3X ers Ylrfted. , '
The-Alaskan ports visited althsr go
ing or returning, and In some eases
both, are Ketchikan. Metlakatla, Wran-
5 el. Douglas, (Treadwell gold mine),
uneau, Hainan Fort William Seward),
Free Scholarships for Boys arid Girls jn
Leading Educational Institutions.
Sums of Cash Also to Be Distributed Among Industrious
and Meritorious Students Who Participate in '
- , The Journal Educational Contest. ',
Fkaawav and Rltka and Taku Qlaoler
The round, trip la mads in sbout 10 or
11 days. At sll porta visited- except
Taku Hclr the vessels stop for from
an hour to four 'or Ave hours or pos
sibly longer, allowing passengers Quite
surncient time to go ssnore anu
letters, buv and mall aouvenlr postal
cards, visit the churches, curio stores.
totem piles, Indian quarters, etc - -
At Ketchikan the most Interesting di
version is a walk up Ketchikan creek a
abort distance. There Is a good Donra
walk on each aids of ths creek and It
la only five minutes', walk from ths
steamer to the creek. During August
the salmon run la heaviest and count-
I... M.imVuM mn. ,M - - t ft IfllWIL
They may be Seen best at the point
where the walk crosses the creea. it
Is very interesting to watch ths fish
trying to ascend against ths swift cur
rent. Just at ths point where ths walk
crosses ths creek (walk on right band
aids, of creek going up stream) ths
creek narrows very suddenly and the
water rushes between, rocky walls over
a (woi or urea-root . isn, a , roaring.
foamy maas, i,'..:
- ' Kaffalfloent Boeaery. -
. Below, the ereek widens and ths cur
rent is less swift. In trying to ascend
ths fish swim along in the lower pool
up to ths foot of ths fall, hugging ths
rocky shore as closely as possible as
far as thev' can and then dash at the
falls, only to be beaten back time after
time, sometimes eeine nuriea clear out
of ths wster and through ths air for t
or feet. But they are gams and ap
parently never give up. neicniKsa s in
a Ian town and totem poles are st. i
little distance from ths nsw city. There
Is a board walk running around ths
cliffs and edge of ths bar to the totem
poire and old town.
Metiaicatia may ds visited north
bound before calling-at Ketchikan or af.
ter the Ketchikan call, or perhaps not
until ths return voyage.. Of course, a v.
eryDoay nas nsara or jramer JJuncan
and Metlakatla and all want' to . nay
them a Vlalt.' Indeed Metlakatla la ona
or tne most interesting of ths .many
places to be seen on this Alaska .excur
sion trip, .,. .. ...
Rldlcnlee the "Do-as-l-Do' Method
of Xeachlna; Advocates Bring.
Ing Out Stadent's Individuality
STUDENT! What are you going to do during vacation t Have -eu decided what
school or college you will sttend next ysarT If not, hew would a scholarship
la ons of ths following excellent schools suit yout , ' . -
rui Military Aeadsmy tot boys, Forl-
lano, wregoa.
Two scholarships; ens scholarship
with board, room, tuition, laundry ana
other Items, amounting to 166. Another
scholarship as a separate prise for tui
tion, value li.
Bt, Marys Institute, Beavsrtom, Oxe-
goa. uns scnoiarsnip in aoaaemio ae
jurtment. Including lessons on any In
rtrumenti also board, room, etc Value
St. ' Helen's MaXL day and- boarding
school for girls and young indies, Port
land, Oregon, vwo scholarships, includ
ing noon meal-
Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash.
Fcholarship - the - Conservatory of
Music, value ivo:
Willamette Trmlvsrslty, Salsm, Oresrom.
Two scholarships. Ono In either college
or preparatory department, value leu;
ths other In the. muslo department.
value sivv.
Dallas Oollsre. aUas. Orsoa, Schol
srshlp in olther scauVmie or college de
partment, value I4 to (so. .
Portland Academy, yortlaae Oiegoa.
Dsy scholarship In slther college or
srademlc department, good ' for ens
year, value lzo.
Mrs. .Walter meed," portlaad, Oiwfoa.
Teacher of voles end singing. Lessons
to the value -of flOO. . .
SreaflmBTUle Collars, MoMlsnvUla,
vthos. i wo scuoiarsnips. uns in
either academle or college department,
value 160; one In ' the department ot
music, value iio. ' -
raolfls Vnlvsrslty, Vorsst Srm, Ors-
gva. j wo ecnoiarsmpa. une aay scnoi
arsblp In the academ-v or college, value
uns scnolarship .or a girl with .
months' instruction in music; board,
WWM .t. M U...1 U.ll .IE.
l' ' ' ,ii iivii I m. ( l a (i. ,iuv.
y-aolflo College, Xewbex', Oreroa, One
scnoiarsnip in suner college or acade-y
department for one school year, f0.
K. Mas Mywr, S4S Alder Street, VerV
laad, bregoa. One scholarship good for
li hours' instruction in drawing, oil or
wi'fr coior "aiming or paaiei.
atolmee' Business Oollege, FsrUaad,
m-rw. rw-T Knuwiniptj-eiif com
bined scholsrshlD ons year, value 1A0'
ona academic or civil service scholar
ship, ona year, 1100: choice of either
commercial, or enorinand. scnolarshlps,
six months, 160; night course, any de
partment, one vear, ISO, , -
Vshaks-Walks v Bnslnsss - ' Oollea-e,
VerUaad, Oregon. Four - scholarships
for 12 months' combined course.- value
100: one scholarship for I months' com
bined course,' value 8S : one scholar
ship for months course, vslus $70;
nnn scholarship for months; -either
eh"rhnd or btislneea course, value ISO
Josser City Bnsiaess Oellsfs, Baker
City, Ores-oa, Scholarship, good for ona
V"r in shorthand, commercial. Rng
lih, . edvertlslng and penmanship
courses, value luj. .
Internatloaal flMisiuuiia, sltM' .
of Porantoa, Pa. Tortlaad ageaoy 614
scholarships; cnoli
any of ths , numerous or helDful
rouraea except language courso or
courses In locomotive running; another
. Bead, manager. Two
e or ios tuition in
scholarship In the same te the value ti
Xntsraatieaal Ooasei latory f Mrail
v, b. Manas, manager, raoiiu
vision, roraaae, Oregon.
ie eoas iU
Three schol
arships; ths winners to have their
cnoics or any or tns five dirrerent
courses taught by this conservatory;
namely, piano, organ, violin, mandolin
and r-witar; scholarships lnflude sheet
music, all v truotions and ths stringed
Instrument If stringed instrument
courses are selected.
Oreroa Bxpor College, Portland, Ors-
gvn.' m ocnoiaarnip in teiegrapny ana
typewming. value 7. Anotner scnol
srshlp, In telearaphy, typewriting and
Station se--"ce work, vslus 1100.
Portland Business College, Portland,
Oregon, A, P. Armstreag, prlnolpaL
Four scholarships, aa follows: Ons tor
11 months In combined course, vslus
iioo; one for s months In combined
course, value 186; ono for months in
combined course, val-ie 170; one for I
months in shorthand or business course,
vslus 80.
Mm City Bnaiaeea Oollsre, Pogtlaad,
Orea-oa, wo scholarships, ons com
bined course for one school yesr. value
ISO; one months' course In shorthand
or bookkeeping, 60.
- Capital Besinese OoUegs, Uaimn,- Ore.
iron. Ons scholarship, good tor 10
montnr tuition in sltner denartment.
vslus 1100. '
Oreroa Conservators- af ntnsla. Para.
land, Orsroa. Course In piano with in
struction under 1 H. . Hurlburt-Kd-
wsrds. inoludlno use or music, value
xina-ene sjasuees uoossrs. bustsbs ore.
gon.. One scholarship in commercial or
stenographic course, vslus 1109.
Western Aeademv of nfnsln. Tims.
Won and Dramatic Art, W. ML tmu,
principal, Portland. Oregon. Ons schol
arship in choice of vocal, piano, violin,
mandolin, elocution, oratory and dram
atic art. vslus 1200. -
Xolmss-pinndsrs Private bmAosI. Vara.
land, Oreroa, - Ons scholsrshlp good tor
ons years sneclal university prepara
tion, ons year's normal course;- or prse
tlcsl English course for one and one
nasi yeera. valued st llto.
Oreroa law Collars. Commonweal I
bxdldinr, Portland, Oregon. Scholar
ship In ths first two years of the course.
vanie siou.
OUlesnla ehaal mw vrtmsdm. mv
jano, vregwa. t-rivaie ana Class lnstruc
tlon to the vslus of 1226.
Albanr oousrs. Aisanv. oreroa. Tui
tion for one school year In either aca
demic or college denartment.
Pendleton Business Collars. Pendleton.
vrom, -vaiweor gcnoisrsnip fiov..
Marlon wards .Psrnham. dramatis
reader, teach of elocution, oratory aid
dramaiie art, Portland, Oregon. Schol
arship good for lessons to value of $200.
voinmsia um varsity, poruase.
scholarship providing for tuition nnd
dinners On school days during - ths
school year, commencing in September.
Value 1100.
Paema Trnlvarsttv. consswasor ar
suia rnen urovs vrsron, srank
Thomas Chapman, director. Two schol
arships, one valued at ISO. One valued at
1101.16. In either vocal or Instrumental
aepsnmenis. i r-- " - . .
THE QREG0H JOURNAL Portland, Oregon: v ,? 'Is
.'-v;.-' ,:':' -"-
I desire to aid ..-....,,......,.,.,..,....;.., win a
Scholarship by subscribini to th.,..... ..JOURNAL for the
period of. ... .. month betfnnlnf . 4 . , .... . , 1907.
Please credit $....... bit account and deliver
the paper to the following address: - -
Indicate here
' '''ier NEW rr
T TJ subgcri, jn
c f points, due
f CTIONS Tor.U not credited to contestant unlets CASH
rier. To make ure contestant net! ei.-
. . r- ' K'- . vvj iv iwi ,U1C
rrt to The Journal or give the money to the contestant yon
A rcr a now taking The Journal will be allowed votes if
it adva mcJ for three months or more. -Votet are allowed
:u f rr any payment abort one month.
The schools participating with Ths
Journal in the educational contest have
been Invited to express . themselves
along the line of the lines of their
work through the columns of The Jour-
Mm Emma Wllson-nnieanla 1s Ana
of the first to take advantage of this
opportunity to address ths general puh
llo and shs chooses for her subject r'Ex-
rressionsi ncnooia as Jfiducattonal Fao
ors." What shs has wrlttsn follows:
. Xxprssalonal Soaoola as r actors.
An institution, to bs worthy of ths
nsms of "school, ' must possess ths
school essentials a curriculum, meth
ods and Instructors. . To be a worthy
school Its curriculum - must be broad
and deflnlte, but flexible: Its methods
rational and progressive. To be a school
that will produce a worthy output, those
who teach . the curriculum and smploy
ths methods must be earnest and pains
taking and Qualified for their duties,
both by nature and by culture. . ,
Boms slocutlonery schools, alaal feoth
nubllb and private, to the detriment of
he -profession and to ths nreludlceof
ths uninformed,. , are sadly lacking in
these essentials. This Is due, partly,
to ths fact that ths study of expres
sion has been too frequently regarded
solely as a method of developing enter
tainers, rather than as a means of in
creasing, fundamental aS well as special
culture. Hence any ons who could "per
form" before an audience has been con
sidered competent, to instruct others.
Failure on ths part of many teachers
to merit ths indorsement of cultured
people is also largely attributed to ths
"do-as-I-do" method of Instruction and
to the .tricks of voice, gesture and per
sonal mannerisms that ars oftentimes
encouraged. "... . -
A bird can. give us beautiful voice,
a lion powerful tones, a swsn msjestlc
f raoe and an spe -remarkable lmlta
lons. But the time is fast passing
when a school of expression can ally
Itself- (except as a sideshow issue) .with
eitner a menagerie or a circus and still
maintain its professional standing. . Ths
concept of life as a reality; of selected
readings as parts of a literary whole;
of amotion as individual temperament,
and of expressions! growth as ths nat
ural unfoldment of the latent possibili
ties of ths "trinity being," must replace
the too prevalent unreal. Incomplete,
ranting ana rorcea elocution, -so-called.
i How to raise the standard of our
scnoois in rsct, as also in nubile sstl-
raatlon, is a problem which members of
ths National Speech Arta association are
earnestly striving to solvs. , Quoting
from ths last annual report words of
leading workers may show ths general
trend of growing sentiment.
Professor Sllvernall of the Rochester
(new xork) rneiogical seminary says:
- wnen i amwaaxea to admire tne ren
derlng of a thing, and I do not think
at all of what is rendered,-1 do not ears
how graceful or musical it is, ths very
oojeci i or wnicn mat penormance pur
ported to be given has bean defeated."
Says Miss Wheeler, a prominent
worker or unea, wew Tor:. "it is a
great temptation to dotnlngr for show,
The general .audience, having been
trained to expect It, la pleased to have
us ao stunts witn voice, race and soar.
It Is no compliment to us. Ponularltr
with the average audience la no sure
test or trntb in Interpretation. '
Professor Nswens of Iowa state ml
legs gives us his idea of Just adverss
criticism in the following: "The worst
criticism that can be offered upon my
wora is mat my students set ss I do;
that they speak aa I do; that they hnvs
my mannerisms ana my individuality.
The worst criticism that can possibly
be offered upon ms is that my students
Imitate me that they have taken some
of me. or I have taken aome of ma
ana stuck It on them."
Comparing the art of expression with
other arta. Professor Rummell of Buf
falo, New Tork. ssys: "Literature
touches life at ail points. ' It includes
all ths othsr arta. Therefore, ths study
of the ethical Interpretation of litera
ture gives a broader and more general
culture than any other art." - --
Ona last quotation, showing a phsse
Of thought regarding ths advertising of
our work Is taksn from a. paper by
Professor Wlnsns of Cornell university,
and la as follows: "I believe a 4eacher
In such a university as I know would
do better never to give A publlo reed
ing. Hs should let his pupils be his
sole advertisement." " ' i
May ths time speedily corns when all
teachers of expression, whether private
vr in vjKnimi' Knowi or college Depart
ments, will concur with . the advanced
tenets of our national association, whoas
aim ta 10 sianu. enucationaiiv. second
only to the National Educational asso
ciation. . . ) .
Principal Ulllespls School of Expression.
Helena. Mont- Aur. 1. Th memhera
of the National Association of Fish and
Game Wardens, representing nearly
every state nnd territory of the union.
assembled in ths Yellowstons national
park today for their fifth annual meet
ing. The meeting, which la to bo In
session several days, will be devoted to
the discussion of uniform laws snd
other measures for ths better protec
tion of fish and gams throughout tha
country." - , "
Rome, Aug. t. The fourth annl-
verssry of the coronation of Fops Plug
X was observed today by a brilliant re
ception In the fllstlne cnspel. ' The st
trnriance Inclmlcd the cardinals, bishops,
diplomats and autmbsri ot the nobility,
. -. ,,. , snmnnnsnessssjessnsnsasajsssnsejasns.
Fully 300 Carloads Will Bo
t ' Hauled ; From Crook
; County to Shaniko.
Charles P. Richardson of Spokane
1 Visiting la Portland Brings Sam
ples and Telle Some Truths of the
, -' . i
Wonderful Deschutes Country.
"No stronger condemnation ef Harrl-
man's, policy, of bottling up the .state
of Oregon bi found than In the magnifi
cent crops which will be harvested this
year off Crook county's broad plains.
Ths agency plains alone will be com
pelled to haul about too carloads of
wheat to Shaniko, a distance -of about
10 miles," in order to secure an outlet."
This is ths statement made bv
Charles P. Richardson of Spokane, who
a at tha Oregon hotel, having lust re
turned from a trip Into ths Deschutes
country. Hs brought . with him a roll
of grain samples and grasses that at
test his assertions regarding- the great
crops which have been raised this year
both in the irrigated and noa-lrrlgated
sections. '
From the former tracts he has. oats
standing alx fset high with heads up to
20 inches in length, t-year-old alfalfa
four fest high and red clover four feet
high, which made tbrea tons to ths
acre the first cutting the last ot June.
Mr. Richardson thinks Portland should
uss Its utmost efforts to encourage the
building of transportation lines into ths
district. He said: .
Country of Oreat BoeefblUtlee. v
' "Ths Deschutes country is a wonder.
and with Its proximity to Portland I
do not understand how so ' little is
known Of it snd so little interest taken
of It hers. If ws had a tract of land
ef like slss snd with liks possibilities
near Spokane' ths whole ' country
would go wild over it. - i
"The Deschutes country today offers
ths DOsslbllities that wars offered ths
publlo when ths Northern Faclflo wheat
lands were being sold at SO cents to tl
per acre, wlfh ths exception that the
buyer of the railroad lands wss taking
a long cnance aa to wnetner nin land
would ever prove anytning more tnan
sheep range. Tha country waa untried.
dry-land farming was not understood
as a scientific proposition, and ths buyer
waa running nasaras on ais purcnass.
But thoao aame lands are selling and
paying big profits today at tSO to f0
per acre.
"Tbe country along the Deschutes, en
the othsr hand, is a proven country of
wonderful croo yields, even in its first
crops, and far mors wonderful possibili
ties when additional - cultivation - and
cropping add the needed nitrogen and
other Ingredients to heretofore arid
lands "which have bees lying; dormant
for untold centuries. The transforma
tion is already being carried on at a
surprising rate. Ths chasgs is - so
marked sines my first vials' there last
May as to astonish even a westerner
who bss seen ths development of the
bulk of the country west of the corn
field fences.. . .'..',..
. -'v'Sjotetaeee Zs irsedea.
'Junipers - and sagebrush' are being
uprooted, land cleared and plowed, lit
tle patches around ths houses ars in
green Crops, which were in the raw on
my nrst visit; older settlers are harvest
ing and the newer ones clearing their
land. Every one la busy and there is
work for an army of men more than
ars now In ths country. . Ths Deschutes
Irrigation ds Power company, which ta
extending its canal system, could use
many more men If tbey were available.
"Nearly oo miles or canals and lat
erala are completed and tha work Is
being substantially and permanently
done. . The soli Is proving a wonder
fully good watsr bandlsr. Last year
ths Pilot Butte canal, ths oldest of ths
system and iv miles long, showed only
12 per cent loss in evaporation and seep
age. "A man from ' the famous Imperial
country In California waa in there dur
ing my stay making an exhaustlvs ex
amination for a large party of settlers
who will follow him should his - report
prove favorable. After their disastrous
experience with the Colorado river this
man certainly was from Missouri On
matters pertaining to substantial ditch
construction, snd he was mors than
pleased with ths work being done in
Crook county, - ,
"In -fact, the whole country la,, en
thusiastic ever ths results so far at'
tained and la a unit in support of ths
company whose policy seems to nave
been a broad and liberal one. I have
been In many Irrigated countries where
there wss constant complaint and bick
ering at ths policy pursued byths com'
pany at work., but throughout the Des
chutes - district ths settlers ars - unl
formly back of tha company and its
efforts. It is an Inspiration to a chance
visitor to sea ths general optimism,
hustle and earnest work to a common
snd ths development ef a wonderful
new eountry. Ons would hsve thought
hs was in a hornet's nest down there
tbe first of ths week when ons of your
Portland papers earns out with a sensa
tional attack on. tbe company and its
"Every rancher who eame Into town
condemnod tne endeavors of a metro
politan paper te hamper and retard ths
development of the district. There was
a delightfully frank and vigorous use
of Anglo-Saxon M opposition to this
"You will not have te keen your ear
to tns rrouna to near rrom tne Des
chutes country in the near futures It
is a wonder and your Portland people
snouid oe more in evidence in its devel.
opment. . ...
. r r ri
' ' i r l i c i i
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fering from hunger. Such ie the causa
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sickness, when they really are suffering
from hunger. . This is csused from their
food not being assimilated, but devoured
by worm A few dose ef White's
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csass crying and Begin to thrive at
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4 $20.00 MEN'S
$15.00 MEN'S ; C I A "A A
3-PIECE SUITS. . 3) 1 U.U U
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$3.50 OUTINa CO OC
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: 1 Ail Men's and Boys' Stravv and Panama Hals .
: QnerHalf Regular, Price L c;
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Is VrilLa: All Over August at,
Welch's Gsiiiiiris Removal Sale
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Men's Outing Suits Are Selling at One-Half Price
Men's Straw Hats Arc Selling at One-Half Price
If Not Right Welch Makes It Vight
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