The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 09, 1907, Page 10, Image 10

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    RAItriAINS in sahiudavs grfat saif
AU. summer mcrdiatidiae priced without regard to actual, retail value, la ordecjto quicMy urJosd and make rctom for the largest
and finest stock of, new. fall garments ever, ahown In , Portland. Hot a disappointment, for yw here in Saturday's; sale. The
values will surprise'eyen those 'expecting .the moat
' ' ,'; ; ' V !-::SATURDA V'SPECIAUSSoo' Our ; Window
- -
r , "...
- v . k f
Chinese Baby Entered la JBaby Show Contest t the. Oaks.
ill! DID HOT:
Fully 15,000 People Attend
r, ed Benefit Picnic of Car
's ' men at the Oaks. ;
Things Were Doing Erery Minute
After the Baby Show Opened
General Manager Fuller Won the
Daah In HI Class Prise Award
Although rala fall 'In th afternoon,
(thrUnln to spoil a beautiful day of
!' sports, and pleaaura, the success of the
carmen's picnlo at the Oaka yesterday
wa not lessened. It la estimated that
more Jhan 15,000 people were present
and the picnlo waa the moat auceeaaful
held. A larte aura waa realised for the
, 'Carmea'a protective' association.
' rieatjr ot Zjcdtenent.
: There were thins doing every minute
fefter the baby abow opened at 1:S0
o'clock yesterday 'afternoon until the
last Jbosinr match waa pulled off In the
evening. There were largo crowda on
Prof. Kelsner, Winner of the Barrel
Race at the Oaka.
the grounds, many of whom had bought
five tlcketa or more and - there were
many who had purchaaed tlcketa who
were not present. A large number also
came, buying tlcketa at the gates.
Tnere were watermelon contests in
which the boy who could eat the most
watermelon in , the shortest - apace of
time waa given a prise for. Ma ccom-
pllahment. u nere waa a w ' man a
rnm tnr that wlvca of carmen, for
children and a race for everybody.
Councilman W. T. Vaughn issued a
challenge ty run Municipal Judge; Cam
. i . fc. ' . hi.n1. y 1 n a kit .ram
eron waa not preaent and Vaughn re-
sed to compete against anyone else on
the grounds. . . ,
' F. I. Fuller, general manager and
rleo-prealdent of the Portland Railway.
Light A Power company, won the daah
In hlSiOUss, aa did Superintendent
Flelda. The "men higher up" proved
to be all efficient footracera.
, -, Bwaaa la Heavy Bain.
The swimming contests were inter
eating although they, were conteated In
a down-pour of rain. Miss Mildred Cas
well won the glrlwrace; Oaear Schweaer
won the boy's race; and Professor
Frank, Kelsner waa the only conteatant
able to make the alloted course on the
treacberoua barrel.
Ziooky Mae Winner.
Following are the awarda In the baby
Prettiest girl baby under IS monthe.
Florence Miller, S0 Tillamook atreet;
prettiest boy baby under 18 montha,
Paul Jackson, 020 East Davla atreet;
f rettleat baby under IS month In dla
rict from Ilolladav avenue to Haw-
thore avenue,-eaat elde. Clyde 8. Hewett
OS Eaat Twenty-eighth atreet; prettiest
baby under IS montha In district north
of Holladay avenue, eaat aide, Virgil
Rogera, Denver avenue; prettiest
baby under IS' montha aouth of Haw
thorne avenue, eaat aide, Marjory Bur
row, 8S7 Commercial atreet; prettiest
babyunder IS months, in district north
of Washington atreet, west' aide, Isabel
V. uaoorne, 7sa -.nurman sireei; pret
tiest' baby under IS months south of
Washington atreet, west aide, William
EL Empev, 118 Bancroft avenue: beat
natured baby on the grounds under S
years.. Viola Wolford, Bt Helena road;
prettiest baby girl under 18 montha in
Oregon 'City, ' Coraa Reddlck; prettleat
baby boy under IS montha. In Oregon
City, Atvln Smith.
,; Heat Free.
See Market Page for details of gov
ernment inspected meat price.
Tomorrow la the last day to receive
dlacount on weat aide gaa bllla.
v a 1 ' " " " :"'
' Preferred 'Stock Oaaaed ttooda, '
Allen A Lewie Beat Brand. ' ' - '
'A few Cream Panama. Skirts,
slightly soiled; values up-to
Light mixtures in stripes and
' checks, values up to $17.50 ;
; $4.25
White wash Shirts
Only about '10 of them. Values
z up to $3.50 -
95 Cents
Priestley and Satin Coats, valoes
17.50 . . . . . . . . ...... 07eOD
LlnenWnih Suits
Your choice of any Linen Wash
Suit in the house, J AC
value up to $22.50. . . ; O'Te aD
' i Values up to $50.00 1
Come .early,; only,a y few of
-V-..; them .,: .V.: ,v
FROM 7 TO 9:30 P. M.
SKIRTS-Values up to $4
On our Second Floor we are prepared to show advance
$10.00 values ; 1 ;'.'. , . , . , 4.00
' $ ?7.50 values' 'i'U ,7i V.v.a53.00
$ 6.50 values :.y..V:i.7.?2.50
$ 5.00 .values .:, i .V. , i'i ,12.00
$ 2.50 Values A;; y. "V ?1.50
M" WaistsK'.:;,
$1.25 v Waistsi;; XX . ;,i .45
$1.50 Waists-.. . . , . 55
$1.75Waists v;V..:. .65a
$3.00, Waists '.v;. r'..-;:.i';7 ..."
$2.25 ; Waists"-: . : -. 85
.1,11 .If,
White; Princess Dresses
Exquisite . styles) ' yalues , up to
$16.50. , Your,choice
Silk Petticoats
; Values up to $12.50
v 15535
SoleAgents for
Henderson Corsets
Wholesale and Retail
Charged with contributing to the de
linquency pf 17-year-old Alice Francis,
by encouraging her" to remain in a die
orderly reaort, Essie Watklna and Dor
othy Darlington wore arrested thla
morning by Detective H. H. Hawley of
the Juvenile court on bench warrants
issued by Judge Fraaer.
, The girl waa taken from Essie Wat
klna' resort a few daya ago by the po
lice, and because ahe la under IS years
of age. waa sent to the Juvenile court.
Deputy Dlatrlct Attorney Robert GaU
loway nas, .sines imii nwni u in
vestigation, which resulted thla morn
ing in the filing of information! against
the women. r
Essie Watkina put up $500 cash bail
to guarantee her appearance in the cir
cuit court to answer the charge. The
Darlington women had not been able to
secure ball at noon.
Potter Schedule fop Beach;
The steamer Potter will sail from
Portland, Ash-street dock, Saturday, I
a. m.
Get tickets and make reservations at
city ticket office. Third and.Waahtngton
atreeta. C W. Stinger, city ticket agent
Woman lovee a clear, rosy bomplex
lou k Burdock . Blood Bitter a purifies
the. blood, clears the H skin, restores
ruddy, sound health.
or a
ISO Third atreMrt Dtweejn Yamhill and Taylor
fc - . , ; w .aaBBB .m - k aawea ; aav . sm sa. mm w. ssv. . . . va.V ,U m ' i . , M .
Tte Qoifliiig Wwm Stook to i ll
. The most desperate sacrifice sale of air fine grade merchandise : in the history of America
Men's CLOTHING, HATS, SHOES and FURNISHINGS at 33 Cents on the Dollar of Value
Study This Price-list--- Ask to Sec the Goods IWfentibnii
Read ThisEntireList
Furnishings for Men,' Underwear, Shirts Sox,' Suspenders,
v Handkerchiefs, etc. . --:.,:,-.
2 for slightly damaged Linen Handkerchiefs, worth 10c
Sa for slightly soiled Sox worth 10c .
B for lot mismated Sox, all colors; don't quite match;
worth 25c to 50c pair. , V
ft 4 for plain and fancy 25c Sox. ?'.. ,
1VA lor plain and fancy 25c and 50c Sox
lla for 25c Wool' Hose, slightly damp. .
3a'for water-faded blue and red Handkerchiefs; 10c grade.
; 19 for heavy 50c wool Sox.
10 for men s 50c grade Underwear, shirts only, all sizes.
194 for men's blue and black Work Shirts, 50c value,
slightly soiled. ,
K for men's canvas Gloves, good condition.
9t for men's 50c Caps, outing style, good condition. . 1
Sa for soiled 25c Suspenders.
19? for men's 50c Suspenders. s
S5f for men's 75c and $1 Suspenders, perfect condition.
48 for men's perfect condition Overalls, bib or plain.
104 for men's good canvas Gloves, gauntlet style.
i; 39 for men's perfect 75c Golf Shirts, 100 patterns.
' 19 for men's Neckties, perfect condition.' 50c value
39 for up to;$l values in Neckwear. '
19 for men's'white 50c Underwear, good condition.
35a) for75c Underwear, perfect condition, all sizes.
45 for $1 Work Gloves, good condition.
In Portland AH in Good Condition.
10aV for men's Mexican Hats. i' V 't
. 39 for men's General Panamette.Hats, worth $1.
59e for Maricabo Hats, perfect and cool, worth $1.50.
98 for Men's slightly soiled $2.50 and $3.00 Hats,
f 1.29 for perfect Hat, $2.50 and $3.00 value .
S 1.69 for perfect Hat, $3.00 value, 1 latest Style Derys,
Fedoras, Telescopes. ' T , , .
f 2.35 for Men's $5.00 Hats, leading styles and colors, per
. feet condition. ' -
f 1.00 for slightly damaged Shoes worth $4, according to
?;:'"acbndition.J'i:; : ",-1
f 1.85 for perfect condition Shoes, worth $3.50 and $4, all
kinds and styles.
$2.05 for up to $5 value slightly soiled Shoes,
f 2.25 for $3.50 to $4 value calf and. seal grain Work Shoes.
$2.50 for $5 patent leather Shoes, perfect condition. '
f 2.98 for, $6 bench-made Shoes; nothing hurt but the boxes, '
which were scorched a little
We have so many shoes that it is absolutely impossible to
attempt a description of them, but mostly all in perfect con- '
dition. - The worst damaged is by water. Yours for one- i
fourth, one-third or one-half wht: others ak for them. "r, ;i
3000 Suits Are Now; on Our Tables
More to follow but that Is all we can get on our tables at we have not near enough room for them all
t r A . Takes pick of about 200 Suits, mostly Outing Suits,
tM.dU ' sizes 33, 34, 35, some slightly soiled, others perfect,
worth $7.50 to $10. . -; 3 , .
7C For choice of 300 elegant dark and medium color
tjf O Suits, tome slightly damaged by water, but mostly
where it does not show, as It is mostly on the lining; regular
$7J0 to $10. 1
4 QC Takes pick of hundreds of fine worsted, in light
P.OD colors; also 200 black Suits in perfect condition,
worth $12.50. , . . ,
t QC For choice of 500 single or double-breasted styles
$0.0D for young and old men, blacks, blues and fancy
mixtures, worth $15 to $20. - ,
tPo or For choice of 700 Suits, extra quality serges, clays,
pO00 unfinished worsteds, in grays and fancy patterns,
single and aouDie-oreastea styles; wonn aio to
The finest grades latest styles imported mate
terials. serges. Thibets. clays, unfuiished wor-
, steds, silk mixtures, black, gray, blue, every color that'a new,
also cassimeres in check and plaids, long cut coats, some full
silk and satin lined; worth $22 JO to $30.
am ac For vour unlimited choice of the' finest and best
DlJOd Suit in the lot, elegant, full silk or aeVge lined, ,
finest makes in America are here represented; suits worth
$25 to $40. ; i-irr-'--- -r--;-'-'' , -
Odd Coats and
Odd Vests
.45e for elegant Wool Vests, almost in perfect condition;,
worth to $2.50; mostly big sizes. 40 to 54 chest. ' .
85e for choice lot White and Fancy Vests, perfect condi
tion; sizes 40 to 54 chest; worth $2.50 to $4; small; aizes
all damaged; they will be sold f6r l5e each.
50t for choice of a lot of Frock Coats, sizes 33 to 36 only;
pants and vests were burned up; suits -were $12.50 to $15
value. '
$1.69 for choice lot of Frock Coats, all colors, black, etc;
from suits worth up to $20.
83.85 for fine black Frock or Prince Albert Coats, from
suits worth $30. .v .
84.55 for choice of 100 Coats and Vests, latest sack styles,
three and four-button; pants were burned; they are from
suits .that sold at $15 to $30; if you are a judge of goods,
you can get a fine one, as these -goods are NOT nailed to '
our counters; first come, first served. v
. Men's Shirts
60 for men's slightly soiled $1 and $1.50, Shirts ' C ,
69 for $1.50 mohair and silk front Shirts, in perfect con
dition; collar attached. . .
69 for $2 and $2.50 Negligee Shirts; god condition
45 for men's derby ribbed White Ljnen Underwear, all
sizes, perfect condition, $1 values.?
10 for damaged and soiled Shirts worth to $1; about 10
dozen only. ..; ,'"
45 for $1 outing flannel Night Shirts.
fl.45 for $3 and $4 Shirts, silk, pongee, etc.; perfect condi-
. tion. '
- It is impossible to describe all the varieties. The stock ,
is all in salable condition and mostly perfect. Lay in a sup
ply to last you for years., "N -
Do Your Trading in the
Morning if Possible
anteed As -
Repre-- u
y sented k .
. i i " " i i I i a. i r :.;, ww I II . .1 , it
faction or
; Back
C,.'JJjjHwl I'll I . . TL
No pen description can convey the immense variety of
tyles. Over 2,000 pairs to select from. ' Sizes to fit every
body, 28 to 56 waist measure,. 27. to 28 inseam. .. . ,
A. For dark, mediurot and flight Work Pants; cotton
OUC worsteds and 'wool grades: also Kentucky Jeans;
(. some not in perfect condition.
a OA lor worsted, cassimere and corduroy Pants; cas
Plswi simere and cheviots, all colors; worth -to $4, ac
cording to sizes and conditions.' -
CI tiCk or 'eKan wool, also union worsted; worth to $5;
tDlU also silk mixed worsteds: worth uo to S4. accord-
1 ing to size and condition. '
Cv IQ' Jf or extra tine quality Diue serge or worsteds, ail
sws 17 colors and styles; worth to $6, according to con
dition of garment and size of lots.
2 OA For best quality ot $5 and $6 Pants, in perfect
O': condition. , :
Q Q For choice of all Pants, all sizes; best money can
JU7 buv: worth to $10; perfect' condition. Pants line
is so vast, so many sizes and colors on" hand that you can
get anything you want in tne rams nne. - " J
There are also Dark Coats, Overcoats, Cravinettei Blan
kets, Comfortables,' Suit Cases and Bags, which we have not
had time to mark and quote prices; and there are hundreds
upon hundreds of items which we have not space to mention
on tms page.' - . ; v-iv' v..v,.;. '.
. .,. .. ....... ,. .. .. A
nt?TTt?D lormi? t?apt VtatTT K1