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tiii: or.zco:! daily jgu;i::al. Portland. Thursday evening, august 8, icc7.
. Hostess and Gout,
It Is now when the atrese of duties
Sr laid aside for th time, when the
. dally grind of things la relaxed and w
allow ouraelvea to expand and take a
' food deep - real enjoyment In., living,
which we usually grudge ouraelvea.
. , that w permit Ouraelvea the pleaaure
of being the hoateaa ef the gueat.
It la not always jeaay on either part,
'much aa we wish It to be. There are
little difficulties to be overlooked, lit
tle twists of character to be allowed foe
little omlaalona and commissions to be
,-atoaed for. . It require tact oh both
-Idea.-' '-..;..'"' ;.""'. '' ' -v
f . . In the caae of the hoateaa, there ex
' ,st"iy necessity for making the gueat
V home all over the houee not In
jon only. The ' gueat who ' feela
w'" that ahe la caged la apt to grow reatlve.
.'Then to be the right kind of a hoateaa
' requlrea that the gueat' a Individual pref-
'rences ahould be taken Into account
not In the planning of meal hour and
- foods for In these thlnga the prevailing
,Mle of the house is not supposed to be
changed for the guest, bnt In the master
r of entertainment , The wise hoateaa will
; 'know that the quiet atudloua girl wlU
not want the aame sort of entertainment
aa the romping girl, the . athletic, girl.
To eome gtrle the visit away from1 Puma
nay be made fully delightful with booka
and a trolls in the woods, and an enjoy
' ment of nature. Thla ia the kind of
girl that la the eaay gueat.
For another It may be necessary to
" plan tennla tourneys, horseback rides
- and dances The girl who must be do
ing something all the time la the dif
ficult one. Young men are absolutely
necessary to the happlnesa of acme
girls, and If only one la available he la
apt to find hie attentlena aa eagerly
ought aa though they were diamonds.
: Thla again makea a difficult gueat,
for the hoateaa does not like to be made
responsible (or the possible misunder-
standing which the girl who la avar
, icloua of attention generally leaves be
s bind her. . -
It la a safe rule to follow in the aum-
: tner visiting to leave before the welcome
, has had a chanoe to cool. A moat un
. comfortable thought to find or to sus-
Iiect. that on haa tarried a minute too
Ong. . - . .
The gueat room may be wanted for
" another gueet don't fail to remember
that. In general the girl who waits
' upon herself somewhat. Instead of Ira
posing extra service upon t her servants
la desirable, rather than the opposite
. type, and the girl who la aufflolent unto
- herself alwaya for a certain time each
day Is sure to leave a pleasant memory.
To help or not to help with the house
work la another question which can
only be answered In the Individual home
and by Intuition. No hard and fast
' - rules avail here, for sometimes the one
, who needs the help ts the on who pre
fers not to have It. The only thing one
" , can do then, la to make as little trouble
. aa possible and to try to make up In
. i some other way amusing the children,
. fn rr h.lnln. w,lH Ik,
' - " . . , v. .v.k",S m, wnw mn.
, or finishing a. piece .of long-delayeoV
..jancy wore.
The best thing of all to take visiting
with one, whether to mountains or sea
, shore, or camp or villa, and whether the
auy be over night or for a fortnight, la
, a cheerful spirit, a- willingness to be
entertained with whatever comes, and
a disposition to accept the kindness lm.
plied In the Invitation. In the spirit la
which It was proffered, v ,
. : -yi:-
. ' .. V - .,
' ; Mm. Eddy on Babies. r.
Mrs. Cia'pp, who was at one time an
amanuensis for Mary Baker O. Eddy,
and who has been confiding her recol
lections of that experience to Oeorgln
, MUtnlne of McClure'a magaslne, believes
that ahe cpled one of the early drafts
of .'Selene and Health." ' Bbe recalls
many paaaagea, and . remembers her
amusement In copying the following
' passage, which now occurs on page 411
; of "Science and Health":
"The dally ablutions of an Infant are
, p6 more -' natural or necessary than
, wouia pe xne process or taxing a nan
- -out of water every day and covering
. It with dirt in order to make it thrive
more vigorously thereafter In It native
. element. . .
After Mrs. Clap? had finished copying
. the manuscript Mrs. Olover took It to
Boston to find a publisher. Six hundred
Vdollara, cash In advance, waa the only
condition on which, a publisher would
undertake to get out the book, and Mrs.
- Olover returned to Btoughton and vainly
besought Mrs.' Wentworth to mortgage
"the farm to raise money. .
. y .
Bow to. Iut on Braid.
Thefts on machine attachment that
doea not receive the attention It de
serves from the home-dressmaker; this
1s the braiding attachment says a
writer in the Ladles' World. It Is sim
plicity Itself, and by Its use 'some very
effective trimmings may be made at
very llttleetrouble. The narrowest of
eouiacne sraiaa, in cotton, wool or allk.
are employed profusely thla seaaon upon
all klnda of materials, .and when you
have tried the braiding attachment for
their application, you will be fascinated
with the effect If It la only a line or
two of braid. It may be more evenly
applied by machine than by hand. .
;V n n
: , .-. ,'- 1
' fiuggMtloog for tho Housekeeper.'
, Milk change from a cool atmoapher
to a hot kitchen will sour In a very few
inlnutes. ;
picture frames when covered with
specks may be cleaned by wiping with
a doth dipped In kerosene. ' . - :
Coffee, when bought alresdy ground,
easily loses Its strength or flavor, even
though kept In closed cans or Jars.
. In dusting- brlc-a-Brao and statuary,
a small; soft camet'a-halr brush la use
ful whn cleaning out . the crevices,
where a dust-cloth cannot reach,
A bag or heavy, dark-gray shaker
flannel made to draw'over the broom
' when sweeping, gathers up the dust
t Bsxexa.
XaaUng for Trouble. -'
"I've lived In California SO years, and
am still hunting for trouble In the way
of burns, sores, wounds, boils, cuts,
sprains or a caae of piles thnt Buck
len s Arnica Halve won t quickly cure,"
writes Charles waiters of Alleghnny,
tilerra Co. No uae hunting Mr. Wal
ters; It curea or money refunded at Bed
Cross Pharmacy. 6c.
ifWhy eat good butter
and drink poor tea and
.'coffee.' v . ;
. Toar (recer rtrann year sioaei 11 yea dost
, tae ScBlUisg 'i Beat; we par kiss. .
UnUy Beach lints
For this 223d Friday Economy Sale we bring
forth an astonishing bargain in Outing Hats.'
Every duck and Outing Hat in the house,
some worth up to $2.50, - Q
choice, Friday UC
Trimmed Dress Hats.A lot of about 4,000
on sale for Friday ; hats in this lot from r A '
$3.49 to $7.50, choice OuC
Trimmings-Roses, foliage, lilacs,' violets and
forget-me-nots, special for-Friday, O Ca
ttle bunch . &3C
Steel Ranges
One of the most fa
mous and best liked
ranirea nn the mar.
ket in a mark down sale. We are closing out thia'
make and early customers find rare savings on
splendid grade goods. , , ' ;
W are closing out
g e r a tors,
lawn mowers, ice ream freezers and oil stoves.
Come Friday and find savings really astonishing.
Refrigerators Si tumme?.",,
And you have over 2,000 yards tochoose from, in
many patterns and colorings; come ia stripei,
checks, plaid and figures, and in every desirable
shade; all this season's patterns; regularly tp
worth 18c a yard, special for Friday XVw
$3:50 Bedspreads $2.69
Colored Bed Spreads, in satin finish of -very fine
quality, handsome patterns and colorings; come in
light blue or pink; they're regularly worth tfO ft
$150, special Friday $&)J
1.2'' . .. ' ".. '.' , : . -. ,'. "1 6 311 . .. 1 . ' V r -.' . .' " ' ".' . '. . ' ' -.
if 1
Women s Hose Worth to $2; 59c
Infants' . fine mercerized.' Lace
Hose, in .pink, blue, blacky cardi
nal and white, 25c to 35c value,
in sizes from 4 to 6, spe- 1 ?
cial, Friday, the pair,.......l VC
Misses' fine black Lace Hose,
worth 30c and 35c, , t ; .I
special, the pair m.........1vC
WomenV white or" bjack gauze
lisle Hose, to wear with dainty
white or coloVed dresses,' special
value for 851, of fine full fash
ioned, medium weight black cot
ton hose, Friday, , r O-'
the pair .'. ............,
This grand Hose bargain is
made up of a number of odd
lots of fine lace lisles, em
broidered lisles and silk lisles,
mostly black, but there , are
some colors among them, 'and
nearly all sizes, though, there
arc not all sizes in each lot;
they're regular $1-00, $1.25,
$1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 grades
choice, a'ny4air : ' CO.
Friday, for ........ U DUC
Bathing Shoes, In odd sizes', 2, 3,
4 and 8 only, - , : j
Bathing Shoes, a- few women's
small size or misses' large size
bathing shoes i "lv
Women's plain white , Richelieu
ribbed Vests, all sizes, 1 Q
worth 25c, Friday ......... I it
Women's plain fnd fancy Vests,
tome with lace and crocheted
yokes, 35c value, ' - )Kt
special ......... ...........)(.
Tooth Brushes t2c
Imported " Tooth Brushes, with
stiff or soft bristles, regular 20c
values, special .n ,
Friday ... J.. .... ... y .... li-C
Toilet Paper, large ' size" , rolls,
.worth 9c roll, A: .
Hand Mirrors, in ebony or red
birch finish, regular 50c " OC.
values, special Friday ;.eJJC
Bathasweet, a delightful "powder
for perfuming th . bath, softens
hard wster :.. -.V.t7a
25c package .....III.
19c Pack Playing Crds...24f
25c Box Writing. Paper
Writing Paper, linen finish, with
embossed initial, v - ,QO
50c box ....OLC
10c' Package. Envelopes . &4
Framed Pictures, small ' size,
many subjects and large assort
ment, worth to 45c. : OAt
each, special ...,M..... ..."
Friday and Saturday we'll make
s half price special on all rem
nants of colored wool or silk and
wool dress goods. Lengths' suit
able for waists, skirts, jackets and
children's dresses. L Optra
For two days only. i f ItC
5c Spool Thread 3c
Black linen Thread, ' large - sized
spool, in all sizes, 5c - , O
value, special Friday .OC
Whit Lacs Crochet Buttons, six
on a card," V"V 1fl
special ................ ....lJl
Toilet Pins, large size cube of
white beaded pins, . (
10c value ..........DC
Hair Pins, shell or amber, 6 in
box, 15c value, . ; . 4 .
special k .OU
Washington Pins, 400 on paper,
full count, regularly 5c re
package, special, 2 for . . . . . . ,C
Interest at Fever HeatAll Portland
Saving ; on Footwear of the Right Sort
; lot r. y ,
$6.00 Shoes 53-29 :
These superb' shoes for " women
come in Oxfords or high cuts, in
fine, light weight leathers, and
mostly summer - styles. . They are
made in the newest European
shapes, patent kid, calf or suede
leathers., The popular shapes' iri
Oxfords are plentiful, 1 garden or
Grecian ties, also button Oxfords,
any shape any last, any heel de
sired, plain ' or tip toes; regular
$4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 9 OA
values, choice t .?)
LOT Z Women's Oxfords, in all
the most desired leathers. Styles
of every popular shape, light and
extension soles, low, medium and
high heels. Blucher, Gibson and
garden ties. White or colored can
vas and leathers. Large eyelets
with silk ribbon laces. This lot
embraces all the styles that have
met with favor and are in ) OA
$3.50 and $4.00 grades ... aC.Oil
LOT 4. Women's White Canvas
Oxfords, in a splendid assortment
pi styles. Button and Jace, light
"and "heavy soles. We will include
.every style of white and colored
canvas low shoes in val 1 4? A
ties to $3.00 ....epl.Oif
LOT & Men's Medium' Grade
Shoes and Oxfords, made in - all
leathers and covering the popular
' fashionable shapes, y-Hundreds, of
pairs in the most desired styles for
street and dress wear. Our $3.50
and $4.00 shoes have always been
popular for the good styles snd
satisfactory wear.- tfJO 1Q
Buy. them now for ...... J)I1
LOT 7. Men's Patent Kid and J
l,au leatner &noes ana uxtords,
air are welt sewed and splendid
$3.00 and $3.50 , V CO
values y ssieU a
$3.50 DuBarry Shoe ji.98
This DuBarry Shoe conies in high
cut only, but with them we include
s large number of Women's Ox
fords from our. regular stock, made
jn patent leather, gun metal or plain
kid. They come in button or lace
and with light or extension soles,
swing or straight lasts. The pat
ent leathers have - dull calf tops.
'There are plenty of sizes in all
kinds and they are the grandest
shoe bargain, ever offered in Port
land; 4,000 pairs to r 1 AO
choose from ............ aj) 1 ealO
LOT : 1 Men's Highest , Grade
Shoes and Oxfords, embracing a
great many kinds made in dress or
street styles for hard and light ser
vice. Made in patents, kid and calf
..leathers. This assortment Is most
extensive it being in the grades we
have always specialized and no
trouble will be experienced in find
ing plenty of styles in . fco OA
$5.00 to $6.00 grades e0 J.OH
LOT 8. Girls' Shoes and Oxfords,'
embracing shoes for school and
dress wear. Button and lace, pat
ents, kid and calf leathers. This lot
will cover over 8,000 pairs of splen
did shoes, showings from the best
factories in the land. 'Shoes not
usually offered. , during sales.
"Friend makers" every style of
fered: - " . .. -
Sizes 5 to 8, reg. $175.... ..f 1.29
Sizes 84 to 11, reg. $2.00. . . 1.49
Sizes. 11H to 2, reg. $150...1.T9
Sizes 2 to 7, reg. $3.00A..f 1.08
LOT 9 Boys' Shoes snd Oxfords,
made in calf, kid and patent leath
ers, Blucher and regular styles. A
strong line of excellent shoes that
are satisfactory both in style and
service: v v
Sizes 0 to 13& reg. $2.00. . . f 1.39
Sizes 1 to 54, reg. $300... f 1.89
Long Silk Gloves $ 1 M
Here's another Glove bargain;
16-button, elbow length silk
Gloves, in splendid qualities; '
come in the wanted colors, black
and white; a grade that has set
the standard value at $2.00; doz
ens and dozens of pairs to sell
Women's Lace Back Gloves, of
fine silk, solid palms, come in 2
dasp length, in black, white, gray
or mode; the choicest quality and
finish, regular $1.00 and if Q
$1.25 values, Friday .......40C
Women's Embroidered Swiss
Turnover Collars, very trim, neat
styles, and values to ,
25c, special Friday ......... DC
Ribbons Two splendid bargains,
5-inch all silk taffeta in white
or colors, much in demand for
hair bows, of regular 50c value,
special Friday,- . : OQ-
the yard ............... ...a7C
All silk chiffon TaffeU-Ribbon,
Valenciennes Laces in white only,
come in both diamond mesh and.
round mesh styles; edges or in
sertions in bolts of 12 yards each,
and widths up to 3 inches or
more; not a yard in the lot is
worth less than $1.25 a bolt, some
are worth $2.25; choice,
Friday, the bolt ..,f 7C
IS ' T 1
Women's White Parasols, beauti
ful designs that lend a finishing
touch to a perfect summer cos
tume; come in tucked or embroid
ered styles, now . . . ay
reduced .... Q
$1.50 values .............. T&4
$2.00 values ......... .....fl.OO
,$2.50 values ....1.2K
$3.00 values '. 1.50
Decorated China, Friday, Half
Fruit Saucers, regular ., OC
50c values, special ......... WC
Creamers, worth 22c, ' t 11
special It
Sugsrs, worth 60c, ' T' ., , f
special ................ ....eJVC
Sauce Boats, regular 40c Oflr
valuea.v special Friday ...Avt
Covered Vegetable Dishes, regu
larly worth $1.20, ' . Cft.
special UUW
Covered Butter pishes, regular
90c values, v AC
sneeial ,......'.M.;.i...,,tJw
Oat Meal Bowls, regularly, worth
$1.00 for set of six, . . C(
special .UUl.
, A closing out sale of several odd
' and discontinued lines. High
grade semi-porcelain in very
pretty decorations. A 1 splendid
chance to replenish your stock
now. . Half usual price. " "T"
7- inch Plates,, regularly 55c for
set of six, OOs
specisl ................... XOC
8- inch, worth 77c, special.... 39
9- inch, worth $1.10, special.. 55f
11-inch Meat Dishes, ; . 1 1
22c value ......1IC
13- inch Meat Dishes, OA
40c value ................. J.JC
14- inch Meat Dishes, - )C-
50c value ....Z3C
18-inch Meat Dishes, . OA
78c value .aJiC
Soup Tureens, regularly 1 AA
worth $2.35, special ..... I. UU
Pickle Dishes, regular Z ; li.
27c values, special ;.; ,XlC
Fruit Saucers, worth 45c OQ
for set of six, special ...... WC
. .'
This Is only a partial list. There
sra Included nearly everything
needed in dinner sets and there
art savings on every piece in the
odd lines lot , ..
Another sale of the sort "that this splendid store has become famous for.
Again Friday we ably demonstrate our supremacy and offer more conclu
sive proof that we are Portland's largest and best suit store.
A lot 'of nearly 300 Waists in white and colors, trimmed with lace JQ
or embroidery, an immense assortment of styles, special UC
Women's Percale Wrappers, in light or dark colorings, come in blue, red
and mixtures, stripes and figures, regularly worth to $2.25 each, no
special .........I........ i7oC
Women's Short Kimonos, made of fancy figured lawns, in very L Drirn
attractive. designs, regular values to $3J0; special Friday..... V2 1111.1!
$t.50 Jlighigovns
W o me n's'Mntltn Night
Gowns, . wkh . embroidered
yoke, and in the rtjund or V
neck style, come with long or
short sleeves, regular AT
$1.50 values, special '. . f C
Women's Gingham Aprons,
come in blue or white checks,
made with pockets and with
long tiea, regular 07
3 5c values, special. . . . I C
Women's; White Petticoats,
of Indii lfcon, circular or um
brella style, long or short and
stamped for shav -w or eye
let hand embroidery, together
with floss enough to complete
pattern, ready to sew . ,7
complete, 85c value ..Of C
: Portieres Pair .
Full sized tapestry Portieres,
in oriental; designs and rich,
warm' colorings; haudsome
hangings that sell regularly
for $4.50 the pair; ; JQ Mr
special for, Friday
White Lace Curtains, , in
heavy cable net and renais
sance designs, full 50
wide and Zyi yards long,
splendid wearing curtains
that sell regularly for $4.00
and $4.50 the pair, Aa qh
special, pair ...... 3) OO
Croquet Sets, splendid sport
and exercise for summer eve
nings . and afternoons ; 8-ball
mallets, $1.25 value
Men's Shirts $1.07 Each
A broken line of very fine Negli
gee Shirts, in pongee effects, and
they run in good sizes. They are
splendid qualities and patterns,
regularly worth $1.50 A7
and $2.00, special ...... PX.U I
Men's Shirts, in self-figured neg
ligee ' effects, have soft collars
snd cuffs attached, collars are
buttoned down and silk stitched;
a regular $2.50 ,1 t1 ?Q
number ,...pieeJe7
Men's Underwear, the celebrated
Lewis make, one of the best fin
ished garments in the United
States. These sell regularly at
$1.25 the garment,. ' 87
special for Friday ....... 0 1 2C
All the items on sale earlier in the week are continued for
Friday's selling. , Come and share in the splendid values.
and keeps It from flying all around th
'The oven floor In baking should al
ways be gently closed, after opening to
see If the baking Is done, ss otherwise
th Jarring will cauae th cake or pud
ding to fall. 1 -. . .
In mending h torn leaves of books,
a thin waxed paper auch aa cornea In
cracker or bon-bon boxea, may be used
and faatened with' library paste. The
paper being transparent may be uaed
over the entire paper If neeeeeary, as
th print easily ahows through. , ;
Tomorrow and Saturday, last days to
receive discount on weat aide gas bills.
Uoornal Special SsrHre.)
' New Orleans, La., Aug. i. Bherlff
I .on a- haa completed arrangements for
the execution tomorrow of Laaar Meho
jvlch. allaa Oeorge Morrla. convicted
or criminal assault. Mehojevtah waa In-,
dieted for criminally assaulting a young
girl named Hilda Uorchers on August a,
iDOR, and waa tried and convicted' last
October. Th caae waa taken to the au
preme court, which- tribunal refused a
new trial.
Si-attle,' Aug. 8. Believing that they
will be able to accomplish more working
hand In hand, the lumbering Intaraata
of th Pacific coast have decided to
unit In rignting moreasea railroad
rates. - Th Oregon delegation at the
conference here yesterday promised to
recommend auch action lo th Oregon
lumbermen. - ,
i ..: , f
(Joeraal gpeelal Berries.)
. . Lafayette. Ind., - Aug. I. Thla was
another Interesting and profitable day
for th many fruit growers gathered at
Purdue university la attendance on th
annual tneeUng of th Indiana Horticul
tural society. A. considerable, 'part of
th forenoon was taken up with prac
tical demonstration work In spraying.
The demonatratlons were conducted in
the experiment orchard connected with
the university.
-The program at the afternoon seaslon
Included addresses as follows: "Our
Insect Friends," Prof. Jamea Troop, of
Purdue: "Commercial Orchardlna." Prof.
I. C. Written, of the University of Mis
souri; -The Value of th Pure rood u
r IJn,H.ill.t,l.l. 1 Tiw IJ - 17"
atate food and drug commissioner of!
Indiana; "Effects of Commercial Fertll
iaera on th Quality of Potatoes," Prof.
8. D. Conner, of Purdue.
veferrd snoek Canned osUs.
Allen A Lewis' Beat lirand.
Metiger sells diamonds at 10 Per oent
proflU 142 YYaab. St.' . . . . ,
Rofuaal of . Western t'nlon to Rein
state faa Causes a
t '
- Oewaal Breelal Berrif. ) -
Eos Angeles, Aug. S. BecaUa ' th
Western Union company refused to re
Instate Operator Rvan, whom the of
ficial aceuaed of delaying messages.
members of the local union of the Com
mercial Telegraphers of America left
their keys last night, leaving but five
men to work the wires. '
Officials of the union say they are
sorry the men were so hasty In their
action, but that they had been discrim
inated against by the company and were
Justified In walking out
Superintendent Lamb of ths Western
Union offices declares that th griev
ances as drawn up by the operators are
a tlaaue of Ilea, and that he Is willing
to see any operator as an individual but
not aa a union man. '
Norfolk, Va Aug.' I. Today was ob
served as Knlghta of Columbus day at
th Jamestown exDosltlon. with special
ceremonies held In observance thereof
.r' ( " -
r nxn in,'
1 'ii 911
x.xA3nro sTTKisn xxsobt or nra paotpio TOTrwzrr.
Klectrlo Light. Ktesm, Hot antt Cold 3alt Water In Every Tub. Buy TtcJceta
to Breakers. Pacific County, Wash. Postofflcs Addreas, Breakers, Wash.
at th auditorium. O. T. Bhepperd, seo-
retarv of ths avtmaltlnn comDany. pre-
atded Over the larvlaes, and aildrcases
01 welcome were msae Dy isrry 01.
Oeorge Tucker, president of the expo
sition company, and Governor Claude
Hwanson Of Virginia. .The response on
behalf of the Knights of Columbus waa
delivered by Supreme Knight i. J ward L.
Heam of New ITaven. The special guest
of honor was Mgr. Falconlo. the papal
delegate. Following the exercises there
wsa a public receriiton In honor of Mar
Falcnnfo. Bishop Uonalnm, of Wheelma
and Bishop Kelley, of h.vsnnxh.
Ing the delegate In re. f-ivlng the gaosia.
Mttiger's ey sUescji. i. J12 avj-,n.
. IN
1 D
PortlanJ Tn: