The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 08, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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    ;j c;.l;;..; l.mlv j3U. .:au. ici.ilakd. tiiuscday i;vi::,'i:;g, 'augu:t s, 1
.IVdeiai Prisoner .Returned
From Ijos Angeles Tells
' -Tale of Abuse. '
JPrlor td 'Divorce Jlaa Under Ant
? Had Narrow Escape From Death
' at Hand of IndlviduiU He Charged
Wlt Breaking Up Hia Home.
Wlllara W. Slmuihter.1 who waa In.
'dieted by th federal grand Jury (or
vending obeoene ploturea throuth the
mall, waa brought to Portland last nlfht
from Loe Ancelea. ' where ha waa ar
reated, and arraigned this mornlna b
;for. Judge Charles E. Wolverton in
local United States district court.
;. Slaughter Uvea near Woodburn, Ore.
'gon, and clalma to be a much peraeeuted
and e'iet man, and if bla tale of trials
'f lobulations la true he has Just
at use for complaint Ho says that' in
lh first rjlace ha waa divorced from
hi wife when he round she no longer
loved him, in rart Slaughter nea no neai
i tahcy lit declaring' that hla former
'spouse wa ainlttm on one Eucene Rem-
-.. In.tnn whit 'abM niw.' Ih. Alamrhfar
Believing his former, wife and Rem-
jngton were too familiar, Slaughter Bent
e tie re to bar In which Remington was
.mentioned In a manner dlnileaelng to
,thal man. lit accordingly aelsed a rifle,
.ran over to the Slaughter place and
sneaking- up behind Slaughter fired at
.the men aa he waa plowing In the field.
,' Remington mlseed and aa Slaughter
turned to wno waa doing the ahoot--lng.
fired again, the bullet taking ef
fect In the ahoulrter. Huge plecea' of
the Joint wera torn away and Slaughter
. la mlnua the use of one arm. A aptln
tei' flew Into Slaughier'a eya and he
Juet the eye. Remington waa tried In
the atata oourt and aentenced to serve
two years for the crime. He appealed
and the case Is still hanalna- fire. . ,
In the meantime Mr a. Slaughter gath
ered up her letters and other Slaugh
ter ant through tha mall and oame to
'Portland where aha turned over tha avl
,dnce. to "Foatofttce Inspector Clement.
Slaughter waa Indicted by- tha grand
.Jury. Thinking that tha fatea had been
AirI(IbJ L. I ........ I 1 . . . . .
. sault on hla personal liberty, ha fled to
California where be expected to loae
lilmeelf from tha officer His hiding
.place waa located, however, anu Slaugh
ter waa arrested. Ha waa brourht to
Portland by Deputy United Statea Mar-
anai rranxnn or Angelea. Slaugh-
'?r'" Jn..,h eoun'r Jsil la defsult of
,11,000 balL ; .
f - wood at i?exdlj:ton
ZTralnload of Anthracite From Penn
, gvlranU at the Former Place; -
; , No Famine at Either.
(Special Dispatch to The JeoraeL)
La Grande, Or., Aug. t. La. Grande
atnd Baker City have, clubbed together
and ordered what will amount to a
train load of anthracite coal from Penn
sylvania, the . cost laid down in La
yxlrande to be tls.sO per ton. - Aa one
-ton of thla eoal la equal to about two
and a half tona of aoft coal, the nrln
le not considered high, from tha merely
'comparative standpoint. ,.
' Pendleton, Or., Aug. . I There are
now over. 4,000 corda of wood banked
' out and awaiting ehlpment at the-different
wood shipping point In the
Blue mountains, and there la no m.
Jon to fear a wood famine this winter,
n many places - tha land haa been
tleared entirely, every amall tree being
'cut, Into cordwood, and the supply la
larger than for aeveral year. It la
thought wood will be high thla winter,
?ut that there will be enough of it at
om price. .
. " " .' S
V The Undertow. ' ; .
I Municipal reform and how It waa ac
complished by a newspaper reporter is
the plot of "The Undertow," which tha
Btockwell-MacQregor company la pre
venting this week at tha Marquam. "The
'Undertow" reflacta conditional n
Pranclaco and other. American cltlea
where there have bean revolts agalnat
tnachtnea, ..
' ' ' ' i ': '
i M. Bachelor'g Honeymoon."
It seems Impoaalbla for a bachelor to
'have a honeymoon. Thou whn nau
(. iiouotu cdoui laia matter ahould ylait
Tr" Dr iiimin inn wvvk ana wuneaa
kPachelor'a Honeymoon,' . a acream
i liieareae. Tha atock company la doing
..some TMU beat comedy work la thla
: . ' ,
Real VandevOle Feature.
,FrendBhlp,, tha headline attraction
at tne urana. was written by Ibeen, the
Jimoui dramatist. It la the only
aketch ha prepared for vaudeville and
thla la tha flrat tlrn it h.
brought to the Paclflo coant. "Frlend
ajjip la a satire on tha modern prob
lem drama. ..'
, 1 i .
-' Tomorrow and Saturday, laat days to
receive discount on west side gaa bllla
.- -i r
Charles Wright, president of tha Ore
gon hotel, haa returned from a two
weeka outing at Belllngham and 4he
coaat. Mr. Wright spent much of his
time in the Sound cltlea whera ha had
an enjoyable time. .
' George H. Baker of Spokane, la at tha
Imperial hotel. Mr. . Baker la a atitj
senator In Washington and haa a larae
tiumber of frtenda in Portland.
A- R sir?,n 0 BJrn. who goes to
Nlagera Falla aa a delegate to the
National Aaaociatlon of Sutlonary En
alneers In convention there September
10, will do miaaionary work for the
- Portlend chamber of commerce by dis
tributing Oregon literature among tha
Harry B. Smith, the well-known
porting writer, formerly with tha Tele-
?ramv reached the city this morning
rora San Francleco on the City of Pan
ama. Mr. Smith is sporting editor of
th Pan Francisco Chronicle and la in
tha city visiting old friends for a short
vacation. , .
:' Tomorrow and Saturday, laat days to
receive discount on west side gaa bllla
' Town-Daddlng at VoIImer. ;.
. ..row i"i,, I'iniiu, "up.' -1 jiw nW
town of Vnllmer. near bewleton, la airve
with cnnstrurtlon work, and gives every
lndl-aiUon of rapid growth. ' Fifteen
cnf-'Mere from No Perca ar at work
" r ldwalk construction and on the
, lg store for the Marr Mercantile eom
fpany. Thla force la In addition to
Ihoee previously at work on buildings.
Work on tha water system is to begin
t one. - - -
" MeUger'g spectacles, !. 141 Wash.
Tb worn a who has periodical head
aches, backache, wa luiaglnarr dark
poU oriuocka floating or dancing before
Ler yea, hayc'is'"" Hlrs ksavjr
full feeling kfi itomach, taint ipllt, drag'
ftng-downrcellng In lower aUlomlnal or
pslvle rejjKm. easily startled or excited,
frrefulrrfor painful periods, with or with
out plvte cat arrh. Is suffering from
weakii tnV..,rangeirienU that should
bav r Ay syii-ntlon. Not all of above.
roiptoiM liaely to U prtnt In any
et at ! Aima.
hrgltyi or badly treated and inch
cases '.' a run into maladies which da
man txe '. urgeon'g knlia 1( they do not
fef 'JTtaliy.
rpp'llflna Tlrt frill fir) long
"i",Kh " -r 3 1 1 TV 1 1 -T
1 - f .) I . ' i. 1 1 1 1 ft ! M
fills mtrE
f u-n
kuuwn U medical sclenca lor the cur ot
woman's peculiar ailments enter Into its
composition. No alcohol, harmful, or
hsblt-forminff drag Is to be found in th
list of Its ingredient printed on earn
bottln-wrapper and attted under oath.
In any condition of the female system
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription can do
nly good never harm, lis whole effect
is to strengthen, invigorate and regulate
the whole fenal lystem and especially
th pelvio organs. When these are de
ranged In function or affected, by disease,
th stomach and other organs of digestion
become sympathetically deranged, the
nerves are weakened, and a long list of
bad, unpleasant symptoms follow. Too
much must not be expected of this; Fa
vorite Prescription.. It will not perform
miracles: will not curs tumors no med
icine will. It will often prevent them. If
taken In time, and thus the operating
tabls and the surgeon'g knife may be
avoided. ' t- . .
Women suffering from disease of long
standing, are Invited to consult Doctor
Pierce by letter, free. All eorreipondence
Is held a strictly private and sacredly
fonfidentlal. Address Dr. Ki V. Pierce,
luffalo. N. Y. r 1
. Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser pages)
la sent frt on receipt of SI one-cent
tamp for paper-covered, or 11 stamp?
tot cloth-bound copy, ddrees as above
Ihe very Urol IngredieuU
Admit Guilt of Injudicious Conduct
, ' Before Large Assemblage" .
, Given Indefinite Vacation.; "
(Jearaal gpeeial ikrvlre.) ,
' lav Angelea, Aug. I. Rev. - Oeorg
SteedV pastor of the Prospsot Psrk
Msthodlst church, has astounded th
great southern California camp 'mast
ing at Huntington Beach by making a
Subtle confeaaion of "Injudlctoue Con
uct" with a woman. Dr. Torrey, the
Chicago vangellat in charge of tha
gathering, bad been dlscusaing Sabbath
breaking, and auddenly branched off
hla subject with thla plea:
"If there im any here who have made
other unworthy compromlaes, - pleas
let them arlae.1
'None atood up save Rev. Steed, who
sprang to his feet and remained erect
until th meeting closed, hanging hla
neao in snama, wniie nia wife ant be
side him and wept. It was a dramatic
acene. Not a word waa apoken, but as
Steed had already been accuaed hla
action spoka plainer than worda o the
assemblage. . -
' Four presiding elders of th southern
California conferenca who were present,
at onca took Steed In hini and aftar
private hearing gave him an Indefinite
hv.i.llnn wltknut .aw ..... ...
. ..... , . .
Tomorrow and Saturday, laat day to
rwnvt amount on west Blue gas bllla
Tha Iron molder of ' St Ixuls ac
cepted a wage Increaa of It eenta
per oay orierea oy the emplorera in
ya ui in is oit aemanded.
Watchea cleaned. !.. 141 Wash, at
$20 to $40
Trousers $4 to $10
You'd best
not wait .
many days
't . " ' .
We're nearly ready to
withdraw our? special mid
season offer of an extra pair
of trousers free with every
juit at $22.50 or more. We'll
, have to "cut it out" as soon
as the fall trade ets started.
However, : you can order
your 'fall suit now and by
anticipating .your 1 ' wants
just a little you can still se
cure the extra trousers, too
.This is a. case of. "no. time'
like the present.. ,' ,
u r ' as is i Mill i i
Elks' Dmldinn
Seventh and Stork
Summer Goods Have No Value to Us Now Clearins: Tliem On:
mm mi
...... j
Are .
A day of staggering reductions to crowd the store with buyers What's left of our summer
stock at VitVz and Vi price-It's your time for bargains now-the more you buy the more you save
Hair Pins
Large fancy asaortrflent .'
styles xtra blj boxes; our
best 20c values now half price,
; tmizz clock c;i YAM:u,rr:c;4 zi:o to ellvJ
Fancy Silk Gauze
Hand painted Geiaha effects j . J
others sell them at 15c special;,; ' .
one day only, 3 for
All $7.50 to $10 values-that's what they are worththat's the price we have sold hundreds ct
all season long-NOW-slashed to $2.98 td clear them in a day-just 73 in the & TK Q
lot and if you are lucky enough to come before they are gone you II get a bar- j) ) J 0yO)
earn mat you ii rememDer tor years-maae ot line wnite wool serge ana mo? v
haircut in the latest models, strap and button trimmed all beautifully tailored
and every one guaranteed a $7.50 to $10 value-Pick a $10 Skirt if-you want
'" .';:'. Saw.""
s s
g.50Pife Waists
wms in over 50 different styles, lavishly fl XV
i laces, embroideries and tuckings, all . 1 1 I 1
no reserve, all $2.00 and $2.50 Waists y
Fine sheer lawns in over 50 different styles, lavishly
trimmed with
sixes. There'
go now at, choice
All our Women's
52 Long
go now -at
in the House $
That sold up to $15, there's none re
served, all colors and black and white
. 5,009 Women's Aprons
Made of white lawn, good size, always sold at 35c, now
worth up
t $1, all
In one lot
Almost giving them away now to make a clean sweep before this fall stocks arrive. Over 500 still to go, marked down to less than cost of material alone. Made
of all wool chiffon Panama, cheviots, serge,-broadcloth, voile, taffeta silk, etc., full tailor made, fancily trimmed, all colon and black. Come early and get first
rtfrk. Three treat lota, threa blr barraina. choice . ! ' , . r , .
' S7 50
15c Curtain Swiss Q 1 n
Full yard wida, mad to sell at 15c T
yard .
$1.25 Table Covers HQn
6-4 English Tapestry, fancy 0;
frtngea, au coiora..
$1.25 Bedspreads OQp
Full tiM, Marseilles patterns and
good weight... ...
Big 10c Towels
Oennina hack, heavy weight and
cheap at 10c,.
25c Hand Mirrors
Good sUe, fancy stylet; one
IIUWIUCI ........................
is. 10c
$20 (7
Sliirls -m
$B ALL 3
Here's how We Clear out the Millinery
h the
Douse v
lo $3
to $J
all now
Choice 13c:
Sale Starts at 8 Sharp Be Sure and be Here Then ;
All our Trimmed Hats tnat All our Tiirnmed Hats worth
sold up to . . , ifkv up to $12.00 QQrr
$7.50. .... .... ... . . .4VC now. ........ .... ... .OOC
20c Bath Sponges 4 A0
AH good sUe best 20c values at R Ij J .
half price, each v
iOcMogneticStarch tn
All full sis 10c package. while fsU.
they last... JJ
Best 25c Combs Do
Full six Dressing Comba none ' J.
worth leu than 25c choice. v
vuw iuuui ui I o
Good bristles bona handles, beat H I i J .
. V U k V fcW ................ .
Finest50c Perfume OCo
AU odort bay what 70a want it if J.
half rlas At. , . Bisr
50c Black Silks, Full 19 In.
One thousand yards only and all the genuine Kai.Kais,
black only, 19 inches wide and the kind that always sells
rr- rrt 1 111 1 f. 1 T M '
at ouc. jl nousanos win uc aiicr it, bo come cany, wnuc -
it lasts
50c Linen HanKerchiefs Half
Cutting the price right in half to clear them out Women's
hemstitched Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Va and J-inch
hems, full size; never sold even at a bargain sale at less than
10c For Friday- price. . . . . . . ..... ..... . . . . . . . . . . . .....
-Selling Out the Wiash Ooodls
Most Any Price Goes now to Clear Out What's Left
12V(c . fancy Oinghama, la blues,
,pink,gray and tan stripes, Q
yard V C
8c bleached Huckaback Tow- C
cling, full 18 in. wide, yard. . . . aJC
Yard wide unbleached Muslin, fin
heavy and close wovt; best Ql.
of 10c grades, yard......... 03C
All remaining lots are yours now at Y; 1-3 and price, and at these give-away fig
ures if will pay you to lay in next season's supply now. All kinds, all styles; plains
i r i a s j .ii. J i ii it i t i ri : n
euiu, ngurcu, suipcu anu uuiicu muuuing mc luicsc oi unpoircu, an
I mm . a a IT.-. a - . ' . -
in o great ioxs ar, cnoice
All 20c
03" I Qoods illV1
Children's 2Sc Underwear
1,000 garments to go, fine Jersey
ribbed Undervests," ' high neck,
short sleeves, pearl buttons,
12 years, and all 25c values. . . . .
rsey J i
' - " :'''.
ladies! 2Cc Doslery :
Just 1 case of it, fast black and full
regular made, lull seamless; never
sold under 20c Clean Sweep price
50c Imported
5000 Clothes and Hair
Good bristles, solid wood backs, full sizes,
none in the lot worth less than i
25c, only 2 to a customer, as at w )) L
this price they're a bargain so
great that every one should go by
noqn, choice, each .......... .". .
SUK Clesn Sweep
All our $1 wide 274n. black rr
Taffeu Silkv yard IZZ
An our 73c Pongee Silks, in brown,
green, pink and cream, on
Jti ..; ..OaC
Broken lines 50c and 60c Wool
Suitings, all. go at, choica Of)
yard a)vC
25c Sffli EIcsUc Yard
Pure silk web Elastic, plain and fJ
fancy edge, black, white and all col- I hO
ors; our every day 25c kind, cut to, r ' .
yard .. J .W
75c fJnsIIn Unilsnvc:?
All mixed lot3 of Gowns and Draw- r '
ers, lace and embroidery trirnrr.r.!j
none worth less than 75c, til r;o .".