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Ei porters Expect to Send
Away Large Quantities
of Products.
Bailing. Vessel Will B In Demand
IBulk of Wheat Goes to Europe,
Bat Steamers WIU Find Business
Brlak If Orient Bayt the Grain.
. That thing wlU be lively along the
Portland waterfront during the coming
(all la already evident from the large
number of oraft heading tnis way. ana
there are thoae who believe the Oregon
metropolis wlU see the biggest year in
lta history la shipping- as well-aa in
many other line. The wheat crop being
the best gives reason (or estimating the
heaviest kind of a grain movement both
to Jjfl-ope and the orient, which alone
ul bring into ecu on a targe iieev ni
carriers. . . ' 1
' Several charters have already been
. made for early loading, but more ere.
expected almost datlj rrom .now on, al
though' shippers feel fairly secure ; In
the hope of being able to get bottoms at
reasonable prices when they look it the
long list tf veesels headed this war
from Europe in cargoes, These craft
will be seeking return freight, and UKn
this do the shippers bank their chances
. on getting tonnage for whatever quan
tity they may have to export.
That-thero will be a much heavier
movement-of grain , out of this port,
than ever before is considered pal cut
because of the completion of the north
, bank railroad, the opening up of the
upper Columbia river country and the
year's heavy crop. How much of the
', erep will be started for Europe is still
a matter for- conjecture, since this de-
. pende greatly upon the demand In the
orient. Last season, . for- instance,' the
orientals purchased so much wheat that
European buyers could not compete
with them. In the event that a large
portion of the wheat in set afloat for
the orient, principally China, then most
of the wheat will be moved by steamer,
since the trade J a one not often di
verted to sailing , vessels.
Meyer. Wilson A. Co. yesterday after
noon chartered the British ship Arctic
Stream to bring a cargo of cement from
Rotterdam to this port, and this adds
another vessel to the list of those avail
able for wheat. The Arctic Stream is
well known here, having carried awsy
wheat to Europe several times In recent
years. . ...
Several Launches Leave Portland, for
'.' . New Pastures.
A number of smaller boats that have
been plying the Willamette (or some
. time are being transferred to other lo
calities where good ftMs ere offered,
and during the net few weeks sev
eral familiar craft will dlsarpear from
thlr usual haunts. This state of af
faire is due to the growing demand for
traneportation facilities throughout the
country by reason of the rapid develop-
"Yhe gasoline launch Imperial, which
for years has been the most familiar
member of the moeo.u.lto fleet In this
harbor, will depart In a few days for
Kelso, where aha will be put to good
use ferrying people and freight across
the river. Sn was sold by Captain
v.iin. of the Kellogg boat house to A.
fierce of. Kelso, Mr. Pierce's Intention
being to run her between Kelso and
Rainier to connect with the trains on
both sides of the liver. It Is believed
the venture will prove a profitable one
because people have been caused much
Inconvenience because of the lack of
transportation facilities aoroes the river.
The Imperial la a. large craft and of
enough speed to make oer suitable for
the toute selected.
The gasoline launch Gaselle which
left this plaoe a few daye ago for Ya
qulna bay reached her destination all
riant, lust Saturday after a run of 17
hours In the oien ocean. She encoun
tered fairly smooth water at the mouth
pf the Columbia but ran Into choppy
seas in nee ring the entrance to Ya
uulna bay. They caused her no damage,
however. The Gaselle will be operated
oetween I equina city ana Newport,
across the bay, la place of the T. M.
Richardson, which was put out of com
mission for the season by the breaking
of her propeller shaft. She will also
be utilised for taking fishing parties
over the bar where deer sea fishing. Is
said to be excellent. The Ysculns oar
la not very rough except in stormy
weather when the excursions are called
off. so the Gaselle Is considered - well
adapted for her hew field of 'par.itla:is.
There Is some talk of one of the la'ger
launches now handling traffic la and
around the local harbor being trans
ferred to a run on the upper Columbia
where the demand for smaller craft is
heavy. It Is argued too, that it will be
greater with- the completion of the
north' bank road when any part of he
section along the Columbia river can be
placed within reach of the metropolis
at almost any time of the day by sim
ply crossing the river.
will eventually be taken by the lawton.
which la now undergoing repairs ac the
Bay C)ty. . ,
meaula liners Due to Arrive.
Alliance. Coos Bay Aug. I
Redondo. Seattle.,; .Aug. I
Breakwater, Coos Bay... .Aug. t
r . Um n WraMlflllCO. . . .All at
Costa Rica, San Francisco Au.
Roan ok . ban Pedro and wajr . . Aii.
Numantfa, orient ............ August
I 1.11 Y UI raiwiiin( a.. . . - " , ' '
I O. W. Kldr. ttan Padro and way.Aug.
Arabia, orient... .Sept.
lAlesla. Oer. ss BP.-
iNicomedla, orient.
Alliance, City of Panama, Geo. . W.
Elder, Caaco and Argyll In Port. ' :
The steam schooner Caaco, oil steamer
Argyll, eteamera George TV. Elder, Al
liance and City of Panama will be In
the harbor this afternoon, all of them
having crossed in at Aatorla thla morn
ing. The Caaco headed the ' list by
reaching the bay shortly after midnight
She continued on he way up the river
and will be at Greenwich dock early this
afternoon. .-
The Alliance crossed In at lt-o'clock
from Cooa bay and left, up a couple of
hours later. She will reach Couch street
dock late tonight, so that some of the
passengers will probably remain on
board - till tomorrow morning. - The
George W. Elder, from -Ban Pedro and
war oorta. snd the City of Panama,
from San Francisoo, crossed In shortly
after dawn, the Elder leading the Pan
ama by about an hour. The Elder will
be up about. ( o'clock, but the Panama
did not leave Astoria before noon, and
therefore cannot well be expected at
Alnsworth dock before or 10 o'clock.
This being her . first visit here, it Is
not known how long it will take her to
mika th ran.tii) the river. The City
of Panama cfises in the Ill-fated Co
lumbia's place and will henceforth op
erate in conjunction with the Costa
Rica on a .slx-dsy schedule. Hne is a
slightly smaller boat than the Costa
Rica and no better equipped. Her place
.October 1
xtanJaa Users to Depart.
Q. TV. Elder. San Pedro and way.. Aug. t
Johan poulsen, San Frsncisco. . , . Aug
City of Panama, San Franolsco, .Aug.
Alllanoe. Coos Bay ,.v August
Nlcomedls, orient .'.August
Redondo, Seattle and way ...... .Aug.
Breakwater. Coos Bay.. Aug,
Roanoke, Ban Pedro and way. ...Aug.
Costa Rica, Sao Francisco Aug.
R. Inman, San Francisco. .. .Aug.
Numsntla, orient. ...... .August
Arabia, orient. . . . ... . . .September
Alesla, orient... ...Bept
t ..- Teasels tn Tort, .
Tola. Br. ah .Elevator dock
Maori King. Br. aaEaat West. Lbr. Co.
Alvcna. Am. sen.... TV estport
Ialgonar, Br. ah.
;On the lapel of the coats1 of practically every streetcar man in the
"city has caused' more talk than any recent freak in the advertising
" ' ' ;' ! A. . i it - tr.trr-l. .4 TL. r-,.m
, line. ( H 19, advertising mc .Ulg event mat wut lc ucm ai iiic
August 8 by the employes of the Portland Railway, Light & Power
.-company.- .' y "; -: ... v. :'
"The carmen, in conjunction with Manager Freeman, of the park,
. , have made elaborate preparations for the event. -During the after
, noon there will be the great baby show, in which most all the babies
in Portland afld vidmtywi&takc part -There-will also be a number
' j of swimming matches and other sporting events." i ,. . :
In the evening a big cakewalk will be a prominent feature on
the program.' On the stage, in plain view' of every one, there will
be a series of wrestling matches, boxing and fencing bouts and other
events of real interest and merit.
" The leading business firms in Portland have contributed
, trophies to aid the carmen In making the affair a success. The list,
at compiled up to this jtime, is as follows: '
Bee, Am.'ach'. . . . Wulamette 18. Wke
a ..)., .St. Helena
Irene: Am. schr .Aatorl
Thyra, Nor. str, .Unnton
Lyra, Am. str.. , . , . . ..Portland Lbr. Co,
Nicomedla, Or. sa riour mm.
T D.l.k Am tVMtnArt
Velvllle Oollar, Am. str........ vStella
Johan Poulsen. Am. str. ...... ..Ocean to
Chsa Nelson. Am. str. Westport
xi nu. Am .t, ....Stella
Yosemlte. Am. str.. . . . . , . . . . . .Kalama
Geo. W.- Elder. Am. atr. . . .Martin'a dock
City of Panama, Am. atr.Ainaworth dock
aii An, mtr ' . . Port.m ou th
Caeco. Am. str........ Jj"eUw'cI
Rerun, . ... .......... 'f'""""""'"
fit Miotinlaa Am ah j . . . . .Nushagak
John Currier, Am. sh.. .Numhagak Carriers Mm Boats.
AKralia. Am. str..w .San Francisoo
Caaco, Am. str. ... r. .... .San Francisco
K. 1. inman. Am. str... ..can p hhciko
TkAMaa T . w. am. mtr Ran ITranclaco
Coaster, Am. str.... San Francisco
Burls At- Plummer, AO, sen. . .uuaymas
Wssp, Am, str...., Ban Francisco
Northland. Am. atr San Francisco
King Cyrus, Am. schr.... Ban francisoo
BeuVah. Am. sch Ban Francisco
Americana, Am. sch ....... .Ban Pedro
Alice Mcuonaia, Am. sen.. ..... ivanunui
T Am ,.ti flan Wa nrlarn
Churchl'll, Am. sch. . . . . . .Ban Francisoo
Daisy rreeman. Am. air...oen rrenciKo
Mm moate With Oemeat and, OeaeraL
Rnlaiirh. Rr ah.. ...IsmbUrK
Brann. Fr. bk Hull
Conway .Castle. Br. bk Antwerp
Europe, 'Br. bk.. Antwerp VfAllnna Fr. hk. ...... London
Rene Kervller, Fr. sh Hamburg
Laennec. Fr. sh.., .Swansea
I filter, T. Dl .wnaon
Martha Rous, Fr. bk.. ....... .Hamburg
Ua.uM.ii. T2 - ah MAWflAatlA. K
Hninua, Br. bk. .,.....,....... .Shields
Slam, Oer. ah..... lonaon
rhi.,. kv ah... . Newcastle- K
,.i ww
Marechael TurreneFr. bk. ., .Hamburg
Ville de Mulhoua-, Tr. bk. .... .Antwerp
uuetnary, rr. dk. ,., .niwvi p
Plerrl Lotl, Fr. bk ......Antwerp
1v.m.ii ihhAv. Hf. ah Antwern
Glenesslln. Br. sh.. ........... .Antwerp
Versailles. Fr. bk. ..ieitn
Oeneral de Bolsdeffre, Fr., bk ..London
General de Negrler, Fr. bk London
Bayard, Fr. bk .....Antwerp
Vllle de DIJon.Fr. bk ...Antwerp
Allc Marie, Fr. bk ..Antwerp
Eugene Rergatene, Fr. bk. Antwerp
H. Haekfleld, Or. bk..... Honolulu
Arctic Stream, Br. sh.. Rotterdam
- : Coal Chlpa Bn Bonte. r .,
Belen, FT. bk Newcastle, A.
rl Vlllaknla afaranlL Vr Kk
Newcastle, A.
ciaveraon. sr. in imiwcuuk, a.
Wlllscott Am. bk, ...... .Newcastle, A.
T'r.r R, ah. ...NM,tl. A
St. Mlrren. Br. ah.. Newcastle. A.
CrlUon. Fr. bkw... Newcastle, A.
Ardencraig, tr. dk. Newcastle, a.
Eugene Schneider, Fr. bk. Newcastle, A.
St-Louis, Fr. so.... .....Newcastle, A.
Puffon, Fr. bk ...Newcastle, A.
csstis kock, nr. sn.. ...... .oyan.y. a.
Redhlll, Br. sa Newcastle, A.
Knight Templar, Br. sa. .Newcastle, A.
Tymeric, Br. str... Newcastle, A.
Tramp Steamers Sa Bonta. '
Qyeen Alexandra, Br. str. ..... .Madras
Strathness. Br. str.,,. Port Lbs Angeles
Eva. Oer. ss. ..Hakodate, Japan
' .1 -..
in now note 1 to i r. k.
1 Prettiest baby girt under It months High' chair, donated by Jennings
1 Prettiest baby boy under 'It months Baby jumper, donated by Tull A
Orb be.
t Prettiest baby under II months, district north of Holladay avenue
Chfld'a rocker, donated by H.- C- Schroeder.
4 Prettiest baby under It months, Holladay avenue to Hawthorne avenue
Child's rocker, donated by Cslef Bros.
-Prettiest baby under It montha, aouty of Hawthorne avenue Chlld'a
rocker, donated by William Taylor.
Prettiest baby under IS months, west sKle, north of Washington street
Child's rocker, donated by Powers Furniture company.
T prettieai oany unaer is monins wm siae, souut ox wasnington street
years Oo-eart. donated by Ed-
reilieS& Uavuy UllUVr a inuuin. wot.
Kfld'a rorkur. donated bv OevurtS Bona
"eaaV-Beet-natured baby on grounds under' 1
wardroom pan y. . .M.
- ' -- TOOT BAOBS.
t Foot raca, tO-yard dash, between' wives of members Rocker donated
by Oadsby A Bona.
10 Fat men's race, it pounds or over, 10-yard dash Meerschaum pipe,
donated by Slg Slchel Co. .
11 Fifty-yard dash ' between Inspectors! J. O. Mann, Piedmont division:
C. T. Vo:y, West Side division! O. W. Bucholta, East Ankeny division Box of
cigars, donated by M. A. Ounat tt Co.
" it Special race, 60-yard dssh: O. C Fields; superintendent of transporta
tion O. W, P. division; Frea cooper, superintendent of transportation Portland
nni nnof company,
president and general man
manaser llzht and now.r
department; C J. Franklin, general superintendent Mahogany atand, donated
by B. F. Boynton. ,
14 Bicycle race between Western Union and Postal Telegraph messengers
First prise, cap and bicycle pants, donated by Lion Clothing company; second
prise, pair of slippers, donated by Reeves Co. ,
' ii Free for all ladles, too yards Order for dress hat. donated by Wonder
Railway division Pair of slippers, donated by Knight
11 Special race, (0-yard dash: F. I. Fuller, vlce-presl
agar; 8. O. Reed, treasurer; F. Q. Sykes. general ma
to II years of age, 100 yards Oold-f tiled watch-
nons. - - ;
MllHnery company. I
II Free for all-boys, IB t
. and chain, donated by Beck A
::L'i J;1:' ' ' EVENING 'PROGRAM' : -
' 1 Tug of war between east and west aide carmen Box of cigars, donated
K- Henry Westermire. ' . .
Foil eonteet for trophy, engraved, donated by A. C. Feldenhelmer.
1 Wrestling contest catdi-as-catch-can, best two out of three Engraved
"ttuohy. donated by Butterfleld Broa . .
WV4llEhlbitlon drill. Uniform Rank W, O.' W. prise team of the Paclflo
"roast: Uniform Rank Knlghta of Maccabees Trophies, donated by' O. Helt
kemper and Loula Oilbrlde.
. ' in nrtTi noarr q baob -
. :." I Between Dan MeAUen and Dr. iveny, iO-rard dash Box . of etgarav
donatsd by Hart . Cigar company.
( Comic race between B. I. Dasent, advertising manager, and W. P. Ready,4
land agent 0 yards.
, t Foot rac. between four oldest platform men present ll-yard dash
Klsht pounds eoffee, donated by Wadhams A Kerr Bros.
" I Comlo race between Captain ailham and T. W. Bullivan, chief engineer
llallt and power department.
" a Fifty-yard daah, free for all young ladles present on the grounds Order
' for pair of shoes, donated by Btalger Shoe company. .
. . , v .- '- . CA.XB ILK, TBXB TOB AXXa
10 For juveniles under 1S yeara oiri. bracelet donated by Charlea
Tatenhardt: boy, silver cup, donated by Frledlander.
' n For adults Lady- gold-headed silk umbrella, donated by McAllen tk
McDonnell; gentleman, gold-headed cane, donated by L. Henrtchsen.
jj High-wire exhibition by Professor Penners, Parisian Importation. - -.
, ' BOZOTw OOaTTZST. ; . -
it WIU bs on of the moet Interesting features of the day's sport. Thee.
. rwts will be participated In by and between the beet amateur talent In
i-e paclflo northweet The trophies for which they will compete are superior
r in ousllty to any wvmr i i.rwi iwr vAiiioiiiivns 01 mis Kina..
It Is the earnest request of the carmen in general to the public to Secure
their licsaia kwi.'iw - v. v....m ,, u. ..uaum . Aii'avia ua ii vw pmcurwj .
of any carman for 10 cents, which entitle, admission to Oaks grounds and all
' NoTfee will be charged for entrlee to any of above events. ' w
Two loving cups, donated by Staples, the jeweler, and Fred D. Flora, the
jeweler.- ' , y ' ';
The ' steamer MelvfUeDollar Is ex
pected to finish her tie cargo BV Stella
today ana sail xor uuaymas.
The Norwegian steamer Thyra will
finish loading lumber tomorrow and sail
for the Orient.
The oU carrier Argyll will be ' at
Portsmouth this afternoon with a cargo
of oil. The oil carrier Atlas and barge
1 aaUed today from Aatorla for Baa
Francisoo. ,
The man who fell overboard from
the steamer Charles R. Spencer off Van
couver the other day was a deck hand
who had been ordered, to put up, the
guards along the edge of the boat for
the protection of Just such accidents.
He was picked up none the worse for
his experience.
Astoria; Or., Aug. T. Condition at the
mouth or the river at i a. m moderate.
Wind, south. IS miles. Weather, rainy.
Arrived in at 6:10 a. rn., steamer Geo.
W. Elder, from San ' Pedro snd way
porta Arrived down at I a. m. and
sailed, steamer Atlas and bargo 1. Ar
rlver in at 1:10 a. m. and left up at 11
m., steamer City of Panama, from San
Francisco. ' Arrived la at 10 a. m..
steamer Argyll, from Port Harford. Left
up st IS m., steamer Geo. W. Elder.- Ar
rived In and left tip at 1 a. m., ateamer
Caeco, from Ban Francisco.
Tides at Astoria today: High 11:17
a. m., . feet; 11:KS p. m, l.f feet.
Low--:l a. m.. .1 feet; :1 p. m., 1.4
feet .
Yokohama. Aug. T. Railed. German
steamer Numantla. for Portland.
i. a .
. Spanish War 'Veterans.
(Sued! PlnMilch to The 7ireaLt
Spokane. Wash., Aug. 7. Spokane ex
tended a hearty welcome today to the
United 'Spanish War Veterans, depart
mant of Waahlnston. whose annual en
campment opened under moet favorable
conditions. The attendance of visitors
Is large end the arrangements made for
their reception and entertainment are
of the moet perfect and elaborate char
acter. The meeting wilt elect delegates
to represent tne oepsrxment at tne
i.iilnn.1 annamnment to be - held at
Sandusky, Ohio, next month. It is prob
sble also thst steps will be taken to
secure If possible ths next national en
campment OX tne oruer inr in. cur ui
Tacoma, .
Serpent ta n Nevadav Lake.-
. From the Sacramento Bee.
A.renort from Walker Lake states
that a monster sea serpent has been
seen st the northern end of the lake.
Dan Sornellaon. - a mining man , of
good reputation ror veracuy, Drougni
the story to Goldfteld. .
i-nrn.ilson savs that both he and a
companion named John McCorry sighted
the reptile while fishing from a boat
half a mile from the northern shore of
the lake. The monster was men maging
Its way toward the east shore of the
lake,. Cornellsnn says -that at first
sight he took the serpent for a man
In a skiff, and when It disappeared
for a moment he thought the boat bad
eapslsed, and rowed toward the spot,
when It suddenly reappeared, giving
them a good view of Its proportions,
which they estimated to be abeut thirty
feet In length and sis feet across th
'Another resident of that vicinity's
man named Peters. Is said to have dis
covered the serpent some time ago re-'
posing In shallow water near the shore,
and ok being aroud It disappeared
In deeper water. There la also sal.1
to be a legead among the Pliits
around ; Shurs concerning the exist
ence of a serpent in Walk.r Lake. y .
Sanaa, ssorptlon fog the Skin
aid to Work Wonders en '
the OomplesJoa.
A good complexion la eaeantlal to
facial beauty, and If It cannot bs at
tained naturally, then artificial means
must bs resorted to. ...
But all ladles regret the neceeelty
of using Imitation beauty and would
gladly possess the natural roay glow
with which some of their sisters are
so bountifully favored.
Here ie a prescription that comes
across ths ocean, from France, the
home of so many beauty secrets, and
It Is said to be the most effective prep
aration known to science for rejuve
nating the akin and restoring the
bloom of youth ss well as promoting
ths growth In undeveloped or shrunken
parts. , .
Obtain from your druggist: two
ounces of Rose Water; one ounce Spirits
of Cologne; four ounces crystsllaed
Sartoln sk!n food).
Put the Sarteln Into a pint of hot
water (not boiling) and after It Is dis
solved and cooled strain it through a
fins cloth and add the Rose Wster and
Cologne Spirits. Put It in a bottle or
fruit jar and ksep well corked when got
In use, j '
. This wash is to be applied twice a
day or oftener, and massaged well Into
tbs skin. It Is sn lnexoenalvs mixture.
the Ingredients belna obtainable at any
good drug atore, and la well .worth a
Oregon's Share of Revenue
,- Twice That of Last
. Year. ' ' " '
- . - - '
Under 'Ten Per Cent" Clans Each
- oLVetern States and Territorlea
Will Be, Paid Much Larger Sums
Than Were Distributed Tear Ago.
Member of New York Stock
Exchange Sacrifices His
Life to Support Folks.
(Josmal Spatial Berries.) - '
New ' York, Aug. T. It has been
learned that the suicide of William S.
Alley, for 19 years a prominent member
of the New Tork stock exchange, who
shot himself in ths head lest night In
his rooms at ths Larchmont Yacht club,
waa an act of sacrifice for his family.
He had met with heavy financial re
verses, and his seat in the exchange re
cently was declared sold. Its vslue
wss insufficient to meet the claims that
the members of the exchsnge held
against blm, and he was left without
meana to provide for his wife and two
A gratuity of $10,000 for members of
families attaches to every seat In the
exchange, and by killing himself. Alley
savsd this sum for his family, as tbs
transfer of his seat wss not to become
effective until next Thursday, and at
ths time Of his death he was still holder
of It It is believed that this waa the
motive nf the suicide. . .
(Spatial Pbeateh to Tke Jeara.1.) '
Aberdeen. Wash.. Aug. 7. Miss Lu-
clls Schraeder, who was so nearly
drowned at Westport Saturday while
bathlna. is improving rapidly, and will
soon be abls to return to her home at
Seattle.. So far as is known, she has
not yet been Informed of .the tragic
aeatn or ner irieno.
Mr. Davidson, the rawer or the girl
who waa drowned," hss gone to the
scene of the tragedy, and says he will
exhaust every means to secure her
body. Captain Jacobsen. or the launch
Clam, is now engaged in the search for
the body, which he thinks may possibly
be cast up on the shors somewhere
south of westport. Citlsens of that
place are doing everything In their
power to assist ths grief-stricken father
in nis mourniut lass. . . . i
Dr. Robert Collyer Goes Abroad.
- vui uai BVfw-Bes mtiweif
' Boston, Mass., Aug. 7. Among the
passengers sailing from Boston for
EuroD. today is the Rev. Robert CoK-
yer, now bs years oia, pastor emeritus
or tne enurcn or tne jneesian, nsw
York. Ths purpose or ur. couyere trip
abroad la to make an address st ths
dedication exercises of a Carnegie li
brary at Ilkley. in lorxenire, Jbngland.
It wa near Ilkley that Dr.- Collyer waa
born and there he spent the years of his
youth working as a Journeyman black-
mitn. - . ... - -
Immense 8 wine' Pavilion. . ' .
The laraeat "a wine pavilion' In the
world is the latest Iowa boaat It 1
being built on the stater fair grounds
at Dea Moines and when finished will
ocrunv three acres .under roof. The
judging ring occupies a square, almost
aurrounded by? pena.
This will De tne center oi attraction
for the Iowa people at their state ex
position this year, says he Clinton
Herald. Farmers interested In swine
breeding have been urging this 'im
provement a long time. Last year they
brought 2,700 hogs to the expoettlon
and many others were sent back for
lack oi space. This Is a larger evhlblt
of hogsThan at all other state fairs
toa-ether. With these Improvements
the Iowa state exhibit will be kept not
only at the head of the list but far In
the lead of all others. - -
T BST. Baaa aafae PUMnti tilMMnnla aril.
Which 1 k. ! .flletod for.t.r wa T.ara.
an leti a.y UuOiMmM S.t. gtT.s si. mat
wt th.a any olh.r r.a,d, f ha.. .vr trl.4. I
shall ..Mainly raeonm..4 ih.m te Bay fiia4s as
kelag au lk.x are' n " .
. 'IBOI. Vlliasm, AlglB. UM
ffrX Btt For "
VV ' , CANttvCATIMRTtt w
aaaa.t. paHtdtl. PvVntt. Tart. Qeed.Tle Seed,
r Blkra. Waak. r Orln. . iaa. Mara.
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Washington, Aug. 7. The total re
ceipts from business on - the national
forests for the fiscal year ending June
to were ll,H,tt7.98, more tnaa double
the receipts for - the preceding fiscal
year, and the aunt which. goes to the
States and territories, by law, to swell
the county school and. road gunda
where-national forests are located It
per cent of the total Is alao mors than
doubled, reaching the eonsldsrable sum
of I183,m.7. r
There la food for thought In the fact
that, except for Arlsona, California and
v tan, tne states wnicn aenvs tne great
est benefit from the returns of forest
management are Colorado, Idaho, Mon
tana. Oreeon. Waahinrton and Wyoming.
ths six states in wnicn congress . taat
winter forbade the addition of new na
tional forests except by Its own act
As compared with the figures for last
year, Montana's share, $to,6Mt, Is this
year over three times larger; Idaho's,
llt.12I.ta, almost three times; Oregon s,
h, 880. 19. almost twice; Wyoming's,
tlt.tso.21. about two and one half
The following table shows the share
each western state and territory will
reeelve under the so-called "10 per cent
clause": " .
Alaska ISZ8.76. Arisona 117.107. l.
California 18.01.2, Idaho 1.122.2,
Nevada New Mexico t,ei4.05,
Oregon tll.80.g. Washington H.7I1 to.
' (SsmI.1 Dia patch ts Tke JearsaL) .
Bolss. Ida- Aug. 7. Idaho Is going to
have trouble with her corporations un
der the corporation tax law passed by
the last session of ths legislature. There
are about 8,000 corporations in the state
but only 400 have responded with the
tax. According to the law this tax
should . all be paid by August It, but It
Is safe to say that It will not be. The
statute hss met much opposition in va
rious parts of the state. It Is charged
that It lacks the principle of equity and
Is grossly discriminating. It is ex-
? acted that many eults will be brought
a collect this tax after August IS.
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