The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 07, 1907, Page 14, Image 14

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Street paving, sidewalks u4 eroaw
In a. 114 Lumber KiohanM.
TH 2"BZ fin ERTfiDTL'TPAVlNO co.
of Portland. Office 56 Worcester blk.
Everywhere the Same Complaint Is
Being Made of the Salmon linn the
Present Season Records Broken.
1 noom vw"nn ixuR,
are In ths market for a type-
writer, aae the new Model No, (, Oliver
brush, soap. 11 per "Vnt,hr PoU"2
Laundry Towel Supply Co.. 9th end
Couch sta Phone
Cheese, butter. eggs, etc, dairy prod
wots bought or bandied on commission,
m slhit (Swetlnnd bid..), Portland.
M" A. GUN8T "" CO, '
ml eommleslon merchanta, 140 Front
Portland. Or. Phone Main '"
iftPLvinu WlRNltURE
turlng Co. Manufacturers of furni
fnra for tne Irian,,
wadham'- c6, WH6l.fcSALHJ 6k6
ears, manufacturers and commlaalon
I men-he-Is. 4th ana pan stb.
-" 'j special orders. . L. Ruvensky'e furut
f vture factory. 8T Front t
. produce merchants. Front and - Day la
eta. Portland. Or, , ,
! . glassware. PraeL Hegele Co, Port-
land. Or.
' Co- Barbers' Supplies. Barbers' Fur
i nlture. Barbers' Chairs. 10th Morrison.
' . .
AlasKa 1907
a twps
S. Spokane, iw. 9,
. .Oct, T
Sept. 88
S. Senator. .
' S. ft. President
t . ; '.' 8. B. A&ASKA BOUTS.
. - .Sailing Front Seattle, -V.
1 t-gwer. Sitka, Tuaeea and way ports.
V Balling p. as,.
l S. Co.'s Mojabo.dt...Aug. VIS, n
Ani. 3, 15, 80
cottars citv. via Sitka .Ana. 13. 89
abt nxAjrczsco oim ;'
. SalUnf t a. an. Froat SawtUa. f
President Aug. . 18
8. S. Umatilla , .....Aug". 8, 93
lonta a(- . as
City Office, 949 Washington St
Jamestown Exposition
Avoirs s. s, ioj imnan il
- . i .. s . :.
.' Chicago and return. fTLIt.
t St Louis and return, 117.99.
! St Paul. Minneapolis. Ixilnth, Supa.
wu.4nM .h4 Pa Irthuv ntd rat
turn, fee. ,
1 ' For 'tickets, sleeptna- ear re serrations
, and additional Information, call on or
' address H. DICKSON, C P. T. A.
' 189 TaOmn ST, FOXTX.AJTD, OB.
Telephones:' Main 910. Home A-11I9.
Weekly FrelgHt and Faa nire
Serrice of tbe Fin Steams alp
.Xmtm FOmTlABTD rrery Monday, SKW
. p. so, Irom oak-street dock, xow
.Frelcht Received Till 4 p. m. on Day
. . - of EaUlns.
FAJUB Front Portland. Ist-olaes,
910.001 tfa-alaaa, : f7M, lnoluolnf berta
Inquire City, Ticket Office. Third and
.rvasninaron sis.i or uaa-sireei uwn.
Ho! For Astoria
o cm
Dally (eseept Thursdays). Leaves Aldai
Street dock t a. a..v.. . .... .
. svndays S a. an.' (1 round trip.
riOH joiji sea. .
Colombia River Scenery
" Dally ' asrTtee betwees Pertlaad eas Tea
Pallas, esceet Raadar. teavlttf Portlaad at
II . a, trrlTlnf anoet S p. si, earrrtan
Jfrelsbt aad MaaaDrera. MpleadM aaanaiaiuda
. Uofx for eetflta and llvaetock.
I Dock foat of AMer at.. rartlaBd: hnt mt
&mrt at, 'Ibe Dallva. Pbone Main 014. Partlass.
Mojito racirio stsam sbuf oo.'S
Steamships KOANOKE
' : : and GEO. W.-ELDER
Bttfl for nreka, San Francisco and Los
'Ansel' . direct every Thursday at 8 p. m.
'iickt efOce lit Third, near Aider.
iPhrnes M. lilt It YOUNG. Aent
Sculptor at Work is JTaiL
The Italian sculptor. O. Clsarlello,
,who has been la prison at Naples for
jtha last eighteen; months, has recently
(been allowed to practice his art In the
I prison. The Idea was sur tested to him
iby a postal card sent to him by a friend,
with a portrait of the Crown Prince of
'Italy on It
1 He sketched a roup showing the king
and oueen and the bov and made appli
cation for modelling clay and tools and
for nermlMion to have a rhiM
i years to visit htm dully to srrve as a
model for Prince Humbert. The tools
and clay ware furnlahed, but the child
model was refused.
Clsaripllo went on "with the work and
he has 3 ii at finished It Fellow pris
oners occasionally roed for the idnii
riarures. but be had no material for the
child except the postal card.
. Notwithstanding this, tbs work It
raid to have merit The government
i a ordered ho model to be -cast in
Itohm nni the finished work Is to be
.,n Iri front of the niison.
CIsHrllln's trial la expected to begin1
rj't month.
FnMnwin the strike of 900 Italian
lrrkrnn n the New York Central rall
v a rnovernent lis been started to
Knle tne s.i.i noo or more Italian rail-
any emrl 'l over the I nlted Mates
lirin shuut a nigner scaie vi wages.
Supplies 30 Ter Cent Short in
the East Ldcal Value ,
Advanced Daily.
: Todayg market featuraa: '
' Cheese market, advanrea shsrply.
All city creamery at high price.
1 Fish famine la pronounced. t
' market haa atesdler tone.
Kront street butter at 10c , ,
Tomato market has better tone.
. Chlttlm bsrk showing advance.
Fancy peaches sell high.
All dressed meats are wanted.
Cantaloupes sell at express charges.
' Cheese Market Zs Bensatloaal.
la shown In
tho cheeae market all "over the United
States at this time. In this market
rh. nrliu .itv.nMil another Ifco a
pound, moat sales of flats being mads
at ITo a pound. In a few Instances
soma dealers are atlll selling flats at
nun kn, 111 iikai, nut the price
. "if" A-r- mornlnr. This
condition in tha cheeae market at this
tim t u. 1, nnit wonderful.' 1 ha
condition Is not local, for. everywhere
cheese values are breaking all nrevious
records for their nignneea ior "'
erlod or year. jtccoroing iu
'ownsend of the Townssnd creamery of
hi oitv hi has luat returned from
an extensive trip throughout the esst
supplies of cheese held there are fully
SO per cent abort of tho normal stock,
and prlcea are advancing almost every
day. While In the east Mr. Townsend
saya that a decline of-lo a pound was
shown in the Elgin market one day, but
tha demand on this account became so
heavy that tha nrica not only regained
tne loei value, oui imiocni v- m,
former .figure.
TUlamook Supplies Are Tory Small.
r-heeae aunnllea at Tillamook are Bald
to be the smsllsst ever noted there at
thla time of the year for many aeaaona,
snd this In a measure accounts for the
many recent advances in the prtca mere
Tho greater northern demand at this
time la also aiding tho advance here,
but one of tho principal causes of tha
higher prices Is the fact that but llttls
cheese has been purchased by local par
ties becauae of tho . anormoua values
asked. '.
Practically all sales or cur croam
ery butter were made today at 11 Ho a
pound, the figure quoted by the recent
advance. One or two ' creameries sold
some or their old customers at me oiu
range, but all will charge the higher
firlce tomorrow morning. The Improved
one Is likewise shown along Front
street, and- the best product there
brings S0q today.
Xgg Market Zs Steadier.
A ateadler tons Is shown today In the
local ess market. . While a considerable
number of bad egga continue to como to
market the general run of supplies Is
of better quality. Price unchanged as
yet. '
Poultry market while not overflrm. Is
steadier than durlnar tha Drevloua week.
and supplies are all moved off at tho
values quoted by Tho Journal.
nuuiimtiai Ball at Low riamrss.
Verv low risures were named again
In the cantaloupe market during the
past 14 hours. Soma aales of quite
good fruit were made aa low aa 11.60 a
crate, and It Is stated that the railroads
havs been offering Jobbers -"cants"
as low aa 11 a orate. The express
Charges alone amount to 9ve a crate,
nt the itrnta I taxi f coat ISd each.
Where tho California grower gets off Is
not fullv exnlalned. Dallea "cants"
are arriving In better ahape and values
range irom z to i.bu a kui iur uwi
Tomsto market Is acting; better to
day. Supplies srs of Improved quality
on account of the cooler weather, and
shipments are now noiuing up wen
Price advanced somewhat
Fancy peaches are selling higher.
Rome from The Dallas sold this morn-
ins; as high as a box. but this was
received but ror one snipper euppiies
The higher priced stocks were not even
Crawford a. Crawforda are ranging; ba-
twaan 11 Mil It. 29 a box.
Potato market Is firmer, owing to
tho smaller supplies, soma selling as
high as II. I.
Chlttlm Bark Zs Advaaoed.
Owing to the very light peel In both
Oregon and Washington this year on
account of the scarcity of labor, the
Srico of chlttlm bark la advancing, and
ealera are freely offering o a pound
thla mornlns.
All lines of dressed meats continue
firm In tone with prlcea at the top.
Famine In salmon trade mora pro
nounced. -No arrlvala coming from any
direction at this time.
Watermelon trade Is very heavy, with
nrle. at II ID for best '
Peppers from The Dalles are in htrger
supply, but tne price noiua wi it ivv
1JV0 a pound.
Front atreet prlcea today:
Orals, lion aad Feed.,
GRAIN BAGS Calcutta, to, largo
lots: small lota.
WHEAT New -Cub, 81911c; red
Russian. QfiMlc; bluestem. !49tto;
v-1 1 - v .17f2v
CORN Whole, I2S.09; cracked. $2 00
""BARLEY New Feed.' 111.80 9 11.00
per ton; rolled, $21.000 44.00; brewing.
nrp 11. SI ner cwt
OAT8 New Producers price No. 1
white, tZt.OO pe tnn ray,
it 1 An R Ksstern Oregon patents,
$4.0; straJchts, $4.28; export, $4.00;
.llev. 14. 1044 40: graham. s,IT.TS:
whole wheat, 14.00; rye, 80s. 89 60; baiea.
? M TT.TflTTTFFS Bran. 117.00 per ton
middlings. $25.00; shorts, country. 120;
cltv, lls.oo; cnop in.vvoiii.vv.
iiiT . Producers' price Timothy,
Willamette vsll-v. fancy. $11.00 17.00:
ordinary. $12.00 14.00; eastern Oregon,
tit; mixed. 110010.80; clover. 8T.8099;
grain, $810; cheat i.ui.h.
. Batter, Xtf and Poultry.
BUTTER FAT F. o. b. Portland
Sweet cream, tic; aour. 2c
uTTTTir.H-Cltv creamery. llHe: seo-
onda. 10c: outside fancy. 10c; seconds.
17Hc; store, Oregon. H91fe,
gabs Extra fancy, candled, lie
muul Mndled. tic
tEKBE New Full cream, ' flata,
lH17c per lbr , Young Americans,
17Hlc per lb. . . . ,
POULTRY-Mlxad chickens, HHe
hni hena. lie lb: roosters, old
ia. ik. -ra liOISa lb: broilers. 14i
k thf M diicks. 1IR lb: spring ducks.
12c lb; geese, old, I01e lb; pring aeese
lZfiyiiO per Jo; lurKfii wu iu,
tnr nM- aniiaba 92.E0 oerdosen: pigeons,
11.S8 per dosen. Dressed poultry, 19
l .o per lb. higher.
mi. Wool and Xldea. "
HOPS 108 crop Prime to choice,
$ec; medium to prima, to; contracts.
WUUli 1IVI Clip vaney, luviu
eastern Oregon. ISffJIc.
MOHAIK ivew ll IIBHH".
SHEEPSKINS Shearing, If 9 Me
each; ahort wool, 16940c; medium, woot
fuw7to each; long wool, 75c $1.00 each.
TALIXJW Prime, per ID. rs tc; K
1 and grease, lOHic
CHITT1M BARK 00 pe' 10.
- FrnlU and egetablea.
POTATOES I1.1S4t1.1B. gelling: bar
ing. tOctl per sari.
ONIONS Jobbing prtca wew rwana
Walla. $2.2591.60 sack; Oregon. $2 26;
"Tha hid market Is dolt and ,
neglected Tho eastern tone and 9
4 demand. Is very slow with tan- 9
Vers out of the market Salsa 9
9 mads there recently are at ma- 9
9 terlal eonoeaalona In tha price. 9
9 As far as I ean sea at this time 9
9 tha euUook for Immediate future 9
9 prices is not over bright" Fells 9
9 Kahn of Kaho Brothera. 9
1 49 9 99 4V...
"Hens and springs have baen 9
nomine- In mora freely of late, 9
but demand haa been vary good 9
and prices have bean well main- 9
tained. Oeesa are- very dull, 9
there being practically no call at 9
this lima
, . "Faney-fat veal . continue In 9
firm request nd tha trade eould 9
use a great deal mora than Is be-. 9
Ing received. The same la trus , 9
as to medlum-slsed hogs. ' . 9
"Eggs seam ' to . ba holding 9
about steady at prices quoted by- 9
The Journal, city demand being 9
tho only call." Frank Temple- 9
ton f Templeton A Graham. 9
- 9
garMo, 8c per lb.
, APfi-ria
e V- tt SAtfeeas
4.76; bananss. 6c lb; lemons. ta.OO97.KO
per box; limes. Mexican,' $4.00 psr 100)
pineapples. $3.269. 00 dosen; grape fruit
13.26; cherries, 9ioo in; peacnes. sic
1.86; cantaloupea, $2.50; raspberries,
lOo lb: Dluma. 11.00: watermelons.
lHc; cultivated blackberrlea, 11.60
a crate; craosppies ojTte per dox;
Bartlett peara, $1.0092.60 per box; ap
ricots. 1L60.
11.00 aack; carrota. 76c$1.00 per sack;
beets. $1.60 per sack; parsnips. fl.OOft
11.26; cabbage. 11.00; tomatoea, Oregon,
60986c; parsnips. 0cl: wax beans
lc; green, 4c per lb; cauliflower, 11.169
l.fO dosen: peas. 5c: horseradish, to lb.;
artichokes. C6c076o dosen: rhubarb, to
lb.; green onions, 26o per dosen; bell pep
pers, lotjjio per in; neaa leituce,
( ) dox; cucumbers, hothouse, 10926O
dos; outdoor, 4096O0 box; radishes, 16e
dosen bunches: -eggplant 16o lb:
Sreen corn, $1.60 suck; celery, 1L26
oxen. ;
Brman .k. . f,w - - - -
tl.074: berry. 15.I7H: dry. granulated.
$5.17; Star, $5.77 H; eonf. A, $5.17 H:
extra B. $6.17; golden C, $5.17 H: D
yellow. $5.17 H; beet granulated. $S.77H;
barrels, 10c; half barrels, I60S boxes.
60c advance on sack oasis.
(Above prices are 10 days) ner casn
j-tuiNriT 11. bo per crais.
COFFEE Package . brands. 118.119
It t. - . -
SALT Coarse alt around. 100s.
112.60 per ton; 60s. $11 00; table, dairy.
60s, $17.60; 100s, 117. Z6 bales,;
Imported Liverpool, 60s, 120.00: 100s.
$18.00: 124s, $18.00; extra flna. barrels.
Is, Is and 10s. 14.6096.60; Liverpool
lump rock, per ion; ou-io roca,
$11.00; 100s, $10.60.
(Above prices apply to salea of lass
thsn car lots. Car lota at special prloes
subject to fluctuatlona.)
KICK imperial Japan, no, 1. so: No.
1. lUOIVe: New Orleans, head. 7c:
AJax, 6c; Creole, 64e. .
BEAN &i Small white, , 11.10; large
white, $S 60; pink. $1.60; bayou. $1.90;
Limn, sc; Mexican reas, sso.
NUTS Peanuts. Jumbo. Ho per lb:
Virginia, THo per lb; roasted, lOo per
ift Japanese. owc: roastea. Ttyite
ner lb: walnuts. California. 100 Per in:
fine nuts, 14915o per lb: hickory nuts,
0c per lb; Braxll nut a. lie per lb; fil
berts, lto per lb; fancy pecans. It 9 10a
per 10; aimonas. iiviic. -
Meats, risk and Provisions.
FRESH MEATS Front street Hogs,
fancy. I He per lb: Urge. 7 9 to per
lb; veal, extra. t80 per lb: ordinary.
80 per in; poor, O70 per id; mutton,
fancy. t9o oer lb.
HAMS. BACON, ETC. Portland pack,
(local) hams, 10 to 11 lbs, lto per lb;
14 to 1 lbs, 16e per lb; It to 20 lbs.
164c: breskfsst bacon, ltH912o per
lb; picnics, HHo per lb; cottage roll,
IlUe oer lb: rerular ahort clears, un-
smoked, lto per lb; smoked. 12e per lb;
clear backs, unsmoked, 12c; Smoked, lie
per lb; Union butts, 10 to 11 10s. tin
smoked, to oer lb: smoked, te txr lb:
clear bellies, unsmoked. .11 Ho per lb;
smoked 13HO per-id; snouiaers, unc
per lb; pickled tongues, too each.
LOCAL LARD Kettle leaf, 10c. lie
per lb; 5a. HHe per lb; 60-lb tins, llHo
per lb; steam rendered, 10s, llie per
lb; 8s, lle per lb; compound, 10s, 10c
per lh. . .
FISH Rock cod. It per lb: flounders,
to per lb; halibut, 8e per lb; striped
ba.s, 160 per lb; catfish, lie per lb; sal
mon, fresh Columbia chlnook. Ho per
lb; St eel heads. lOo per lb; herrings, to
fier lb; soles, 8e per lb; shrimps, lie per
b; perch, o per lb; tomcod, 7e per lb;
lobsters, 10 ner lb; fresh mackerel, 80
?er lb; crawfish. 26e per dos; sturgeon,
2 Ho per lb; black bsaa, 10e per lb;
silver smelt, 7c per lb; frozen shad, fe
per lb: black cod, 7 Ho per lb.
OYSTERS Shoalwater bay, per gal
lon, 12.60; per 100-lb ssck. t4.t0; Olym-
rla, per gallon, $2 16; per 115-lb sack.
6.6090.26; Eabla, canned. lOo can;"7.00
CLAMS Hard-hell, per box. $1 40;
rasor clams, $2.00 per box; lOo per dos.
Falats, Goal OIL Ztc
ROPE Pure Manila, 16 c; sUndard,
ll4c; sisal. He.
COAL OIL Peerl or Astral Cases,
ItHc per gal; water white. Iron bbla.
140 per gal; wooden, 17o per gsl; head-lla-ht
170 dear- cases. 21 Ho oer gaL
- GASOLINE tt deg., rases. 34 Ho par
gal: iron bbla, lto per gao.
BENZINE 81 deg..' cases, 15e per
gal; Iron bbla, 98o per gaL
TURPKNTINH: In caasa. 9to par gal;
wooden bbls, 93e per gal.
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. 7 0 per
lb; 100-lb lots. 80 par lb; less lots, SHo
per lb.
WIRE NAILS Present basis at 11.11.
UnltaMl States r Government Bond.
New . York, Aug. 7, Goviniment
Bid. 'Asked;
Twos, registered ....... 105 ; 108
do. coupon luat jui
Threes, realatared 101' 101
do coupon 102 .' 101
Threes, small bonds..., 101
Dls. Columbia, 1-468.... 113 .
Fouro, registered, new..' 117 118
do, coupon 127 12$
Twos, Panama 104 106
do coupon 101 104
Philippine Fours....... 10$ . .....
New York-London Silver.
New York. Aug. 7. Bar silver te;
London, 12 d.
hog mu
Sharp Advance, Is Again
Caused by Lack of
Portland Union Stockyards. Aug. 7.
Official xecelpu:
Hogs. . Cattle. Sheen.
Today ............ It -160
Week ago ...... 114 , 114 , 4S
Year ago ..." Ill -. ' 725
Previous year .. 119 - " 111 1.01
It aeema that tha hog supplies of the
Paclflcrnorthweat ara entirely exhausted
for no arrlvala were shown In the local
yards since Mondsy nd then only a
nominal run waa reported. '
"It Is verr hsrd to get nogs tnese
days." saya President Daughtrey. "and
To Is the ruling price ior oest stuxr 10-
day." Thla Is an advance of 26o over
yesterday's advance figures. At tha
new range of valuea the market is ex
ceedingly firm and it ia quite likely that
shipments would bring a still greater
V Cattle W Wit Soarolty.
ftun of rattle haa fallen off of late
and tha market is firmer with best stuff
moving readily at $3.7694. This Is an
advance bf 16c over former figures. For
about a woek tha cattle market haa been
displaying an improvement In tone and
today s aavance is tna result m im
increasing demand. Tha run today was
but If head compared with 114 head a
week ago, 11 head a year ago and 111
head two Tears ago.
. Sheep Molding Wan,
' Todsys run of sheep was fair but
the market Is holding very well- at
unchanged valuea.
A -year ago today all markets were
quoted steady but unchanged in value.
Official yard prioea: 1 '
Hogs Best eastern Oregon, 18.7897;
stockera and feeders, 17; China fata,
Cattle Beat eastern Oregon steers.
13.7604; .best oows and heifers, $3;
bulls. 11.
Sheep Best wethers, $4.15; ewes,
14; lambs. $5.
,:Horne for Harrest. .
(Special k te The XoarsaL)
Athena, Or, Aug. T. Charles Brother
ton has purchased 11 head of work
horses In th8 Wallowa country, for
which ha paid $1,400 or 1100 per head.
meee norses ara oeing usea tor nam
ing combine harveatera. Mr. Brother
ton recently sold a la rare bunch of fat
cattle in Pendleton receiving $15 for
steers, $18 for oows and til for calves.
New Seed Brings Good Retnrna--'
Sharp Break in Chicago Values .
Caused bf LJrerpooL
97'. 1 71
9 ...9
9 Zfew Wheat Selling. 9
9 . (Special Dispatch to JournaL : 9
9 Weston. Or, Aug. T. Tbsr 9
9 flrat nsw wheat offered for sal 9
9 In this locality and In Umatilla 9
9 county so far as known ia that 9
9 of George Bannlater, consisting of 9
9 8,000 bushels of Red Chaff for 9
9 which ha will receive 70 cents 9
9 ,- par bushel. Many of tha farmers 9
9 are expecting 78 cents or mora a 9
9 bushel, and ara holding for that 9
9 price. 9
9 9
Ana. 7. Aug. 8 Loss. - 1908.
sept. 17;
(Special Dispatch to The JoersaL)
Albany, Or, Aug. 7. One of tha beat
ytelda of wheat reported for tha present
year la that of a two and one half-acre
tract on tho farm of John Lennox, about
six miles esst of Albany. Using a new
vsrlety of wheat purchased In Canada,
called the New Abundance, he threshed
118 bushels from the small tract or at
the rate of 41 buabela machine measure,
or to bushel by weight - Alongside of
this he haa a field of Golden Chaff
which yielded 11 bushels to the acre.
Mr. Lennox believes that he haa the
light variety of wheat for this section
and with Introduction of new seed feels
that the valley yields can be doubled and
mada to bring forth yields equal to
those of early days. It has been 'the
opinion long held by many that the fields
of this section are run out and Incapa
ble of producing the heavy yields cred
ited to thla section in the early days,
Sharp Break In Chicago.
Chicago, Aug. 7. Following tha sharp
break in Liverpool valuea today Chi
cago prlcea ara ahowlng a slump, tha
close being 1 to 2o under yesterday.
- official Chicago prices by Overbeck A
Cooke company:
Open. High. Low. Close.
Sept.... 90 90
Dec 94 94
Sept. . . .
Deo. ....
Price of Stock at One Time
Today Is Nine Points
, Under Yesterday. '
Smelter 1
Atchlaoa ...... IS
n. at u. .....a j-
Brooklyn ..... 1
Canadian ..... 1
St Paul ...... 1
Colo. Fuel..,..
Great North... 1
L. A N. I
Union Paolfle.. 8
Missouri Pea.. 1
Nat Lead 1
N. Y. Central.. 1
North Pac .... 1
Penn. 1
Press Steel.... Itt
Reading .2
Southern-Pee... 1
U. 8. Steel,....
do prer - w
At one time today the raiders on Un
ion Pacific caueed that atock to aell
9 points lower than the price of yester
day. The market opened at an advance.
Union. Paciflo going to lit. Persistent
selling caused by reports of more trou
ble ior Harriman- In rebate matters
forced tha market down to points
at a Jump, the market .hitting tha low
point at 1304i. with a bang. Juat pre
vious 'to the close there waa an up-1
wara nuige wnicn sent me price
to 111. the closing transaction being
f points lowsr. than the similar time
yesterday. .
While Union Paciflo was the leader
today, lta lead in tha depression waa
verv cloaely followed by Southern Pa
ciflo. The rest of the market was wsak
and sharply lower.
Official New York Prioea by Over-
fbeck' A Cooke Co.: '
Sept, ...
Deo. ....
88 66
81 ' 62
62 83jS
Sept.... 1120 - 130 . 117
Sept.... 911 . 918 , 907
Oct,.... 916 918 ' 910-
JanT.'.. 861 861 853
Sept.... 870 870 , 81
Oct 88 85 857
Jan 787 787 , 787
a. 907
- 88
Liverpool Grain Market.
TJvemooL Aug. T. Of flclal .prloes
Open. Close. Aug. 8. Loss.
SeptTs Sd 7s ld 78-lSdHd
DeT 'U 4 Cd 4 1 ' -7s 6(T-Sd
Sept 4s HKd 4s lld 4s lld i
(Special Dispatch te Tha Joaraat
- Seattle. Aug. T. The season of 1907
will go down into history as the most
dlsasterous in the history of the salmon
Industry of the Pacific coast according
to leading salmon brokers. The sound
sockeys psck haa failed and the red
enlmon are absent from the Alsska
flahing grounds. The Alasks red pack
will be at least 400,000 oases ahort
Unless some uniurwwn circumainnce
resr of record heretofore wag 1904
ii.. ill 11a cnaea were Ducked.
To make mattera worse this was the
yesr when the humpbacks were due to
appear and they were counted on to
fill the places left vacant by the aock-
eyes. But the numpDscaa nmvs not
The greatest ehortsge in Ala-ka (s
reported st Bristol bsy snd in southeast
ern Alsaka. It la said that the packers
are about to quit Puget sound fdr sll
time. The packera can naraiy expect
ahould Intervene, not more than 75.000 1 Canada, they say, to hatch ths sockeyea
cases of sockeys salmon will ba packed which spawn In the Frasler river; for
this yesr. At ths most, the total will I the benefit of packers on the American
not aeeea ihu.vuh n-, a um worm i aide.
Am. Cop. Co. ...
Am. Car A F, e.
Am. Cot Oil. c.
Am. Loco, c ..
Am. Sugar, c.,
Am. Smelt o. . .
Anaoonda M. Co.
Am. Woolen, c .
Atchison, c . . . .
do preferred ..
B. A O, e.
do preferred . .
Brooklyn R T...
Can. Paciflo, c.
Cent. Leather, e.
C. A Ot W, e. . .
C. M. A St P..
Chi. A N.,c.
Ches. Ohio ..
Colo. F. A L, c.
Colo. 8, e
do Id pfd
Dels. aV Hudson..
D. A R. Q..O. . .
Erie, e.
do Id pfd.....
G. Northern, pfd.
Louis. A Nash...
Mex. Cent Ry. .
M, K. A T, O. .
Ore Lands ......
Mo. Pas.
Nat Lead
N. T. Can
N. Y, O A W...
N. A W, e
N. P.. c........
Pac M. S. Co....
Penn. Ry. ......
P. G, L. A C. Co.
Preaaed 8 C. c.
Pressed S. C, pi
rteaaing, e
R. I. 4k B, c...r.
r. 1 a a, p.....
H. L e
R. I, t.u. ......
St L. A 8. F, e.
S. P.g 3eeaoae
s. p, p...
Southern. Ry, c.
Texaa A Pac. . . .
T, St L. A W. o
Union Pac, e.
U. 8. Rubber, e
U. S. Steel Co, c
U. 8. Steel Co. p
vvanaan, e ,
West Union Tel
Wis. Cen, c....,
Extra dividend 1
lExtra dividend 1
Total sales for
Call money closed per cent.
per eent
per eent
he day, L017.100
Bid Prices Current Today - on the
San Francisco Kxchange. '
San Francisco, Aug. L Official bid
Sandstorm 47e. Red Top 84, Mohawk
117. Columbia Mt 82c, Jumbo 14, Jumbo
Ext $1.96, Vernal 17c, Pennsylvania
ScA. Goldneld M. Co. lie, Kendall Sic,
Blue Bull 40c, Adams 11c,' Silvsr Pick
do, MayQueen' 11, Nev. Boy 7c, B. B.
Ext 7 c. Blue Bell 10c, Dixie to. G. Co
lumbia 4 6c A, Hlbernla 7o. St Ives Se,
Conqueror 14c, Blk. Rock 4c, Lone Star
22c, G. Wonder 2c, Potlach 40c A. Oro
2$c, Kendall Ext 2c, Sandat Ext 4o,
Mayne 60,. Atlanta Sic, Great Bend 77c,
Empire He, Red Top Ext 24c, Florence
15.10A. Plam'f B. B. Con. 2c G. Daisy
$1.72. Laguna $1.40. Commonwealth
2(e, Comb. Fraet. 82.20, Or. Bend Ext
14c Gr. Bend Anx. 10c, Mlllstorm 40oA,
B. B. Bonansa 7c Kewanoa $0c, Esmer
alda 10c, Portland 26c, Cracker Jack
24e, Francla Mohawk 11.10, Red Hill to,
Mohawk Ext to, Lou Dillon tc Y. Tiger
23c Grandma Ho, S. Pick Ext. 4a, Y.
Rose 70, Cot Mt Ext 80, Goldt Cons.
It 42
Ophlr 11.02, Mexican tie, Gould A
Curry 12c, Con. Virginia tie. Savage 8$c
Hale A Norcross 70c, Yellow Jacket 11,
Belcher 14c, Confidence Rc, Sierra Nev.
too. Exchequer 16c Union lie . , ,
Original 7c Bullf. M. C, 16e, Mont
Bullf. 4c Nat Bank 20c, L. Harris lc
Amethyst 25c, Gold Bar 85c, Stelnwsy
4c, Denver Buf. Anx. 9cA, Bonnie Clare
46oA, May 11. Cons. 17c Monty. Ohio Ext
tc G. Scepter tc, Monty. Mt ItcA, B.
Daisy to, Homestaks Cona 90c, Yankee
Girl 4c Nugget 4c Tramp .Cons. 40c,
Victor to. North Star 2c.
Ton. Nev. $12.50, Mont Ton. 11.01,
Ton. Ext 81.85, MacNamsra 14o, Mid
way 74c Ton. Belmont 13.10, Ton. No
Star le, Ohio Ton. IcWest End Cona
73c Rescue 12c Ton. A Calif. 67c,
Golden Anchor lto, Jim Butler 00c Ton.
Caah Bov tc Ton. Home 6c Bost Ton.
10c A, Monarch Pitta Ex. 7c, Mont Mid.
Ext 8C uoiaen thrown sc
. 1- f lit. , , - V . ,. Ba Ct
Wedge 6c Seyler Hump 6c Dexter 12c
L. Joe 2c, Creacent 6cA, Combination 2c
Granny 22c. Mustsng 10c. Lttns Grey
20cA. Cowboy 6cA, Orlg. Msnh. 10c,
Broncho 7o, Jump. Jack 10c, Plnenut c
Buffalo 60A. B. Dog 17c Y. Horse 8c
Indian Camp 70.
Falrv. Sliver King 15cA, Fair. Ra
gle 84c. Pittsburg Sliver Peak $1.40, No,
Star Wonder-: 4o, Eagle's Nest 17c, Alice
of .Wonder ica. .
Would Establish Cannery. " '
.'(SBeelU'tHaeateb te Ttie Jnnrnat)
Albany. Or.. Aug. 1. The Weber-Bus
sell company, a largo cannery organisa
tion of Heattle. la considering tha es
tablishment of a plant in Albany to
handle tne vegetaoiea ana smsu iruits
nf this section. A representative haa
been In the field and the prospects are
favorable ahould ha succeed In finding
ths necessary rruita to juatiry sucn an
Institution. Latst season Aioaay. arow
Free Scliolarsliips for Coys cnil Girls in
Leading Educational Institutions.
'-mmmmm mmmm wmmm PJBJBSJ Msskxtxl sssssbHs -
Sums of Cash Also to Be Distributed mong" Indusj
and Meritorious Students Who Participate in
The Journal Educational Contest, ; ;
STUDENT! What are you going to do during vexation? Haveju decided what
school or college you will sttend next year? If not. bow would a scholarship
la one of tha following excellent schools suit you 7,
KlU Military Aeadaxay for boys, ForV
laad, Oregon.
Two scholarships: one echolaranip
with board room, tuition, laundry and
other' Items, amounting to t660. Another
Scholarship ss a eeparate prise for tui
tion, value 4120.
t Mary's Institute, Bearertoa. Ore-
goa. one scholarahlp In acaaemio De
partment, Including lessons on any ln
strumsnt; also board, room, stc Value
tzie. - ,
. - sraiam'a xialt dav and boarding
school for girls and young ladles. Port
land. Oregon, '.wo scholarships. Includ
ing noon meal"
Whitman Oollega, Walla Walla, Wash,
Scholarship .In the Conservatory of
Music, value uvu.
wniuuna university. Salem. Orearea.
Two scholarships. Ono In either college
or preparatory department value 160;
the other' In the mualo department
value tlOO. -
Xtallaa Oollere. ZHkllas. Ore-os, Schol-
arshlp In either academia or college de
partment value tit to 160.
xHtrtland Academy, rortiaaa. oregea.
Day acholarshlp In either college or
academic department, good for one
year, value tizo. . ,
Wra. Walter meed. Vortlaad. Orearoa.
Teacher of voice and singing. Leasons
to the value of $100. .1
MeKtaavllle collage, xaojunaviaa,
Oregon. -Two ' scuolarshlps. Ons In
slther srademle or college deprtment
value 60; one In the department of
music, value t0.
waolfla Tnlvsrsltr. Forest orovs. ore-
go a. Two scholarships. One day achol
arshlp In the a cad er or college, value
too. una acnoiaranip -or a gin wnn
months' lnatructlon In mualo: board.
room, etc, in Herrick HalL 1160.
Paolfle college. Bowser". Oregon. One
acholarshlp In either oollega or ecade-jy
department for one achool year. 10.
ii. Mas Myer, S4J Aide street, Port
land, Oregon. One scholarahlp good for
71 hours' instruction In drawing, oil or
water color ainting or pastel. m
Molmea' Suslnsaa Oollage. Portlaad,
Oregon. Fo.'.r scholsrshlps; one com
bined scholarahlp one year, -value 100;
one academlo or civil aervice acholar
shlp. ono year, 1100; choice of either
commercial or shorthand scholarahlpa.
six months. to; night course, any ae
partment one "ear, 16.
aeanke-Walkar Basin saa OoUega,
Portland, Oregon. Four scholarships
for 11 months' combined course, vaius
9100; one scholarahlp for 9 months com
braed course, vslua $86; ono acholar
shlp for 8 months' course, value 870;
one scholarship for 8 months, either
ahorthand or business course, value 30.
Bake Olty Business OoUega, Baker
City, O rears n. Scholarship good for one
?ear In ahorthand, commercial.- Eng
lab, advertising and penmanship
courses, value lti.
International oorrearoenasaiee soasKi
of Seraatoa, Fa, ortlaad aarency 814
McKay Bldg, X V. meed, maaagar. Two
scholarshirs: caolce of 1100 tuition in
any of the numerous . or helpful
courses except language courae or
courses In locomotive running; another
acholarshlp In the same to the value tt
Interna tloaal Ooasarratory ef Warlo,
O, B. Sands, manager, Paolfle eoae OU
vlalun, portlaad, Oregon. , Three schol
arships; ths winners to have their
choice of any of the five different
courses taught by - thla conservatory;
namely, piano, organ, violin, mandolin
and ritar; scholarships Include sheet
music all ' tructiona and ths stringed
instrument if stringed Instrument
courses are aelected.
- Oregon Sxpert Oollere, Portland, Ore,
goa. Ons scholaarhlp In telegraphy and
typewriting, value 178, Another schol
arahlp In telegraphy, typewriting and
Station seT-tce work, value $100.
- Portland Bnalaeaa College, Portland,
Oregosv A, p. Arxostronar, priaolpal.
Four scholarahlpa, aa follows: One tor .
11 months In combined course, value
1100; one for 9 months in combined '
course, value ttt; one for 9 monthe in
combined oouree. val:a $70: one for I
months In ahorthand or business coursv ,
vslue to.
Boss city Business Collage, Portland. a
Oregoai wo scholarahlpa, dUrcim.
blned courae fnr one school va. r t. Vi
$90; one 8 months' course In ShortH&Lv. I
or bookkeeping, $60. jah
goa. One . scholarship, good for 10
months' tuition In either department, '
value $100. '
Orearoa Conservatory of Bnisto, Bora,
land, Oregon. Course In piano with in
struction under L. H. Hurlburt-Ed-wards,
includln" us of music, value
Bugens Bnalaeaa Oollage, Bugeas Ore
gon. . One scholarahlp In commercial or
stenographic course, vslue 1109.
Western Aaadexay ef Mualo, Bloou
ttoa aad Dramatis Art, W. M, Baa s,
principal, Portland. Oregon. One achol
arshlp In choice of vocal, piano, violin,
mandolin, elocution,-oratory and dram
atic ert value 1200. . -
Holmes-Flanders Private School. Port
land, Oregon- One scholarship good ior
ons year's sneclsl university prepara
tion, ono year's normal course, or preo
tlcal English ooursa for one and one
half years, vslued st 1180.
Oregon Xw Oollega, Commonwealth -building.
Portland, Orsgoa. Scholar
ship in the first two years of the course,
value 1110. .
OUIeeple School of Bxpressloa. Po-rt-laad.
Oregon, Private and class Instruc
tion to the value of t22t.
Albany OoUege, Albany, Oreroa. Tui
tion for one achool' year In either aca
demlo or college department
Pendleton Bnslnees Oollega, Pendleton,
Oregon. Value of acholarshlp $100.
Marlon Wards - Farnaaza. dramatto
reader, teaoh of elocution, oratory a-id
aramatte art, Portland, Oregon. Schol
arship good for lessons to value ef $100.
Colombia University, Portland, a
scholarship providing for - tuition and
dinners on achool - days ' during the
school yesr, commencing In September.
Value 1100.
Paeifle TTnltofslly. tJoaservatory of
Mosio, Forest Oroya, Oregon, Frank
Thomaa Chapman, director. Two schol
arships, one valued at $60. one valued at
$101.15, In either vocal or Instrumental
era shipped thousands ef pounds of
Royal Anna cherries to the Seattle plant
of thla company and the high quality
of this fruit and the Immense supply
available makes thla a favorable center
for operation. . . .
One local firm alone shipped enough
small fruit to outside canneries to keep
a large elsed plant In operation a good
portion of the aummer. Albany Is reach
ing out after new industries and all
manufacturing enterprises . are encour
aged and assisted.
New York Cotton Market,
.lit I
r eo. . . .
April ..... ...
May 1238
Aug. .....1148
Sept. .....1168
Oct 1201
Nov. 1110
Dec 1218
Open. High, Low.
' August
At the present moment both the
orange and augar-cane growing Indus
tries of Louisiana are seriously threat
ened by the ravages of the New Orleans
ant which la a South American, that
entered thla country by way of the elty
whoae name It bears. The efforts made
by the atate to keep out the cotton 0011
waevll have been unsuccessful, and the
commission having charge of the matter
has about given up the Iignt xne con
clusion arrived at was that the weevil
could not be exterminated, but that its
destructive operatlona could be kept
down In a measure oy tne larmers in
bareful planting and burning the atalka,
but thla aame commission hss taken up
the warfare against ths misnamed New
Orleans ant which la said to be more
of a menace than the weevil ever was.
It is said that the sugar plantations of
Grenada, In the West Indies, were al
most wined out of existence by thess
ants in a campaign which aatended over
19 year a
A eanal system ons mils In length haa
been constructed for tha purpose of con
veying water from the Nile across ths
desert, where' It Is used for irrigation
work. It is constructed In sections 111
feet long and 10 feet wide Ths sections
are laid in masonry, so ss to permit of
expansions and contractions from the
changes In temperature. The use of
metal In this manner la unique, and
greatly simplified the problem of build
ing the canal through the deaert coun
try. . .
A series of tests made recently of
the different electrlo lighting systems
gave reaulte greatly In favor of the
vacuum tube system. Aa far as posal
ble all the different lamps were tested
under the same clrcumstancea, and It
waa ahown that the long vacuum tubes
were the most sstisfsctory and the
moat economical. While the virtues of
thle comparatively new method are
manifest there are certain disadvan
tages connected with their use which
must be overcome before they can be
Jenerally accepted for aervice. The
isagreeable color of the glow, which
waa very noticeable at first has been
overcome In a great meaaure and the
system otherwise perfected. '
A universal electrical directory pub
Ushed by a London company la a very
complete register of all the principal
electrical concerns and plants of the
world. The laat Issue, which has just
been Issued, contains 31,313 names, giv
ing telephone numbers, telegraphic ad
dresses and many - other particulars
about the companies and data concern
ing tho character and capacity of the
plant 1
The National Agricultural society' of
France has recently had Its attention
directed to a new process of preserving
fruit which hss been In use In England
for some little time snd found to be
very satisfactory. The fruits ars
plunged into cold water containing I
per cent of a 40-per-cent solution of
formaldehyde, and after 10 minutes' Im
mersion they srs arranged on screens,
where they drain and dry. In the caae
of tha soft-pulped fruits of which ths
whole Is eaten. Ilka grapes, cherries,
plume, stc, they srs dipped for five
minutes In pure water on taking' them
from the formolated solution before
putting them to dry. But In ease of
hard-pulped fruit which are pared before
eating, like apples snd pears, this sec
ond washing la not neceeaarr. The
fnrmlo aldehyde disappears .almost
completely, and the 48 per eent formal
dehyde, the antiseptic power of which
la well known, destroys fungi, bacteria
and other micro-organisms on the sur
face of the frulte, which are the agents
of putrefaction and decay. -
Reporta from France are to the effect
that electricity may supplant druga In
the capacity of an anesthetic , What Is
called electro-narcosis Is being devel
oped by Professor Leduo, ef Nantes,
which is said to produce complete in
sensibility without any Inlurloua reaulta
whatever. He has conducted experi
ments . sufficient to demonstrate Its
value A current of from six to eight
volts completely deadens the brain ot a
rabbit and this suspension of Its func
tion can be extended indefinitely with
out danger. In the caae of the human,
where it haa been tried, the parta re
sume their normal sensations Immedi
ately upon cutting off the current and
no after effects are noticeable.
CJoBTenient Combination Which Win
Appeal to the Traveler. .
A ery oonvanlent combination which
will appeal to the traveler specially, aa
well aa to others, la the coat banger aad
clothes bruah combined, aa ahown In the
HANGER. - fc
accompanying cut ' Garment hanger
are largely resorted to by women aa
well as men at the present time, in
fact their use Is wsllnlgh unlvsrsaU and
the very first thing that one wants after
taking a garment from the hanger la a
brush. Where the new combination is
msde use of, the brush Is not only at
hand, but In hand, as a matter of fact
This article conalsta of two portions
hinged In the center, at which Poln
also secured a hook for hanging. The .
two parts are supplied with bristles
suitable for brushing the clothing, and
when the two end portions are folded
back onto each other a very excellent
article is preaented In the shape of a
brush, - '
The Secret of the Sett.
Inscrutable snd doomful deeps.
Where Solitude, cslni spirit sleeps.
Beyond the furthest seeking sunborn
Where Silence, kindred god. abides.
And rythmloslly restless tides
Clock off th' unreckoned, llghUess ocean
- day.
No temple of the olden time -A
Was sver like to this sublime,
Nor from the world of men so all un
linked. Here broods ths Spirit awesomsly-
In his own sanctum or the sea
True Holy f aU Holiest God dlstli
' So was It when ths world began.
Bo In the cycle, God In Man -'
80 when thla earth is old and cold 'twill
Then Man In God, one perfect soul
The ultlmste, the supreme gnat
Shall share the long locked secret of
. the sea. . X.