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and tomorrow; aoutliwssterly wind.:
VOL. VI. NO. 132.
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Reform Forces Prepared to
Wage Strong Campaign
Whether Refuge Is Sought
in Vancouver or Else
"This War Is to the Finish,"
Declares Dr. Tufts Con
tention Is That Majority
of People Are Back of
Those Fighting for Bight.
No quarter la to be riven the ram
bler by the reform forces and If the
ramblers seek refuge In Vancouver or
any other place near Portland, the war
against them will be carried Into TVash-
inrton or wherever they may seek to
ODerate their tamei. according to O. L.
Tufta of the International Reform bu
reau. District Attorney Hedge' order
In the fifth district cloaea all the
towns in Oregon within any near dis
tance of Portland. The principal town
affected by the order la Astoria, though
at Scappooae and Rainier games have
been running. Others besides District
Attorney Hedges are determined that
gambling shall Do stopped.
War to rials h.
"This war Is to the finish." said Dr.
Tufta, "because the majority of the
people are back of it It la not Intended
to take the work out of the hands of
the county officials, but to hold them
to a strict account for the performance
of the work for whloh the people have
nirea them and are paying them their
salaries, Tne a ay 01 recKoning win
come next June. And If the report be
true. that tne ammeters propose to es
tablish themselves ' at Vancouver, it
will .be the business and pleasure of the
bureau forces to follow them to that
Dart of our field of labor where gam
bling la made a felony. This club Is
closely Identified with the Now York
state race truck gambling octopus,
where eight racks are maintained, ono
of which .Jobs Its patrons of 12,000,000
It was only a month ago that the
movement which has cloned the Mllwau
kle club was launched. On 8unday. July
7, by invitation of Rev. 9. M. Fisher
Ssstor of the Evangelical church of
tllwaukle, Dr. G. L. Tufts of the In
ternational Reform bureau addressed a
him ''FfeKiv&V m
xs $w l mm '
Qumshoe Campaign Being
Made for Incumbent's Be-
election by His Associate
Hopes to Control Pat
ronage Thereby.
iBinger Hermann Also Finds
a Friend in Junior Sena
tor on Account of His
Loan Made to Accused
large audience upon the evila of their
rambling institution and how to abate
hem, thus opening the battle at short
range. A committee was appointed to
take aerinue action.
OenenU Cooperation.
The plan of the campaign was to
aecure general cooperation of all the
moral and religious forces or the county
to urge upon the district attorney and
aherirr that they 'do their duty against
this unlawful nuisance. To this end a
drumnoad consultation was held a few
days inter at Oladstone Park between
Mr. Tufts and four of the pastors of
Oregon City, all of whom agreed to
uring trie matter oerore their congrega
tion on a specified Sunday and take ac
tion In harmony with that of the Mil
waukle churches. The Journal came
to their aid and after a brief but vigor?
ous campaign the club was closed.
"The Journal as well as those fear,
less pastors," declared Mr. Tufta to
day, "deserves a high meed of praise
from every law-abldlnsr citizen. Not
only ao. but this periodical, which is the
ier exponent or public morals in this
jr tne state, should receive the pat-
ronaalHtT au who desire clean govern
ment aflcmhe protection of society, for
talk Is cheap. A newspaper can not
do business In behalf of the people ana
live on thanks any more than a nubile
achool." '
Working Elsewhere.
"The International Reform Bureau has
two of Its field agents In New York
state seeking the overthrow of this
giant evil, in cooperation with such men
for his cmis
Bonaparte Announces That
Government Will Trj to
Imprison Millionaires.
(Joaraal Special Berrlce.)
Washington, Aug. 7. There is
longer any doubt but that the federal
grand Jury, which meets In Chicago Au
gust 14, will inquire particularly into
Harrlman'a management of the Chicago
& Alton road at the time that it Is
charged that the railroad 'granted
thousands of rebates to the Standard
Oil trust.- The belief la growing that
criminal prosecution of E. H. Harrl
man. John D. Rockefeller . and others
will be one result of the recent dis
closures at Chicago. Secretary Bona
parte today said:
"In some cases It Is the opinion of
most prosecuting ornoers tnat tne law
can be much more clearly and effective
ly enforced through Imprisonment of
individual defendants. Immunity given
to jonn i. nocKerener ana his asso
ciates from personal prosecution, when
'they appeared as witnesses in the Chi
cago case, will not extend to the rebates
accepted from the other roads.'.'
(Continued on Page Ten.)
Draws Maps' of Unknown
Localities and Finds
Missing Things.
" (Jonrnal 8peclal Berries.)
Christlanta, , Aur. 7.- A 14-year-old
boy John Flottum, who la alleged to
possess a sixth sense, la the subject of
discussion throughout Norway. On aev. j
rf nocaaions he baa shown where miss
ing persons and horses and articles, lost
for years, could be found. At present
. la trvino- to find a little girl in Chrls-
tlania, supposed iu "v uen Kiuoipw
py gypales. ,t u .
ti9 uoes nut auv.riisv Mimae. iu uny
my, but bis fame has spread beyond
fcia home pariah. Christlanta papers
publish full accounts by reliable eye
witnesaea of his feats. Physicians and
dentists are unable to explain his phe
r?ry skeptical, but they ne lo
r"e to be)
.iusual rift
(Joorntl Special Serrlca.)
Mllburn. Mass.. Aug. 7. Mrs. Louisa
M. Taft, mother of Secretary William
Taft, haa suffered a relapse, and her
condition is serious. She haa been ill
for the past three weeks.
Will Bestore Sultan's Power
in Morocco Instigator
of Outrages to Suffer.
(Journal Special Berrlce.)
Tangiers, Aug. 7. Two hundred and
fifty sailors and soldiers from the
French and Spanish warships are now
guarding Case Blanca until order is
temporarily restored.
Paris. Aug. 7. France has sent a note
to all the powers making plain her
position in the Moroccan crisis. The
note says the policing of Casa -Blanca
will be undertaken Immediately1 and
Jointly with Spain, as provided by the
Algeciras conference. The note further
states France' determination to main
tain the authority of the sultan and in
tegrity of his empire. Order and se
curity to commercial liberty In Ca3a
Blanca will be guaranteed. The author
of the recent outrages Is to be puniahoX
, ,
(SpccUl Dispatch to The JearnaL) -
Seattle. Aug. 7. When the Minnesota
sails next month for Japan, she will
carry Thomas J. O'Brien of Grand
Raolds. Michigan, newly appointed am
bassador to Japan. Secretary Taft wilt
also salt on tne Minnesota, as will Judge
Thomas Burke and M. F.' Backus, who
are going to tne orient as special com
missioners for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
(Washington Barcsn of The Journal.)
Washington. D. C, Aug. 7. Senator
Jonathan Bourne, while not mentioning
the matter from the housetops, is the
avowed supporter of Senator Ful
ton's aspirations to succeed himself, and
conducting a gumshoe campaign to
assist the latter. If Bourne's quiet tips
to Oregon people who visit the national
capital have the desired effect, the peo
ple of the Beaver state will sanction
Senator Fulton's return to the senate.
Tbs Junior senator from Oregon Is
using all the persuasive powers of his
political acumen to swing his constit
uents Into line for Fulton and there is
not as Oregonlan who pays his respects
to Senator Bourne who Is not advised
In ft quiet and friendly way that Ful
ton should be eleoted again..
Bsmob Tor Support.
There are those mean enough to hint
that Bourne la secretly aiding Fulton,
who is not popular at the White House
so that he. Bourne, alone will control
federal patronage for Oregon, through
his assiduously cultivated friendshin
with the president
At the same time Senator Bourne has
been favoring ex-Congressman Hermann
ever fines he came to Washington. He
deprecated the trial here and was close
to being called as a witness during
ois trial, xnis resulted rrom tsourne s
connection with the raising of money
on certain lands negotiated by the
Hermann-Williamson-Mitchell Interest
for loans. Bourne having suDDlled
money ssked for with the land aa security.
Zs Helping mermann.
It has been claimed that Senator
Bourne wanted to quash the Hermann
case, if possible, and that he has ex
erted himself to that end. at least he
has always shown himself in entire
mpathy with the former commls-
oner of the general land office.
Senator Bourne waa much annoved
recently when the etory was published
In Portland Intimating that the depart
ment oi justice was not acting in good
faith in investigating the land grants
of the Southern Pacific railroad com
pany. The senator has been cultivating
the good graces of the department ever
since coming to Washington, and the
story apparently did not meet with nls
! Z--" ( ( . : '. -
, ' - V
w - X '
('.. 1 1 '...' . y &&-x -
. I h
IS ' - a i i 5 t
r i , ; i , i ' '
Xi . ; , r. - , f i&t :
ii r- - ' V : I
SENATOR ALBERT J. BEVERIDGH V I ! i ; . I i 4. ty f' "
AND HIS BRIDE. rl 1, V.vr
PllfflTOH WEBS' S0
Bomance of naywood Tria
Groom Is Bodyguard of
Detective McParland.
Member Severed by Glass in Frightful Berlin Wreck and
Hurled Fifty Feet Away From Track Fifty Per
sons Lose Their Lives, Among ThemAmericans.
nomenal accomplishments. At first they
-?ry sicepucai out tney ne longer
rte to believe tnat be possesses an
-llUSUJ gill.
y The boy draws maps of localities In
Whlcn ne naa never peeiv ana vy uifm
maps people" are able to find lost arti
cles and persons. One body was found
tt hia aid after hundreds had searched
Ht It aeveraj d-ys. , ' ;
(Jonrnal Special Serrice.)
Berlin, Aug. 7. In ft frightful wreck
between an express and freight train
which occurred at Tremeasan this morn
ing, in which SO persons lost -their lives,
amonr them several Americans, the
ground 'Was strewn for rods with the
limbs and mangled remains of bodies.
Fifty feet from the track, covered
with blood and dirt, the features cut be
yond recognition, the head of a young
girl was found by members of the
wrecking orew. The head had been sev
ered from the body by a. pane of glass
when tbs two trains collided and the
Impact of the. collision threw the mem
ber away, from the wreckage. ' The body
itself ' has not been recovered. - It lies I
beneath the oars which are tilled on ton I
of each other. r - v - - -'. 1
Count Keiserllnk Is anions- those bad. I
ly in lured. He was caught in the debris the flames added to th list
wiva vuuvuiif, uiat urn was a ues.
removed from beneath the overturned
At noon today 20 bodies had been re
moved from the wreckage, which Is half
Cleared away, but an accurate list of the
dead and injured is unobtainable owing
10 tne coniusion.
1 The collision was the result of mis
directed orders. An express train bound
to Berlin from Hamburg ran full speed
Into ft freight train running in the op
posite direction. Both trains were go
ing at a terrific rate. This is shown
oy tne way the engines were demolished
and the manner in which the cars were
piled three deep on top of each other.
: The tmesenaer train carried several
hundred persons, a large number of
whom were American tourists who bave
been spendinsr the summer in this tart
01 1 no country 11 is neiievea tna sev
eral of these lost their lives and that
their bodies -lie burled under tons of
debris which will take hours to remove.
"r-&roe- out In the -wreckage, but
was extinguished,' It is thought, before
(Journal Special Service.)
Washington, D. C. Aug. 7.
Chairman James Griggs, of the
Georgia Democratic congression
al campaign committee, says W.
J. Bryan can have the presiden
tial nomination If he wants it
"The west and south will be
for him," said Mr. Griggs. "Even
If tha east objects, those two
sections will be strong enough
in the convention to control
If Bryan decides not to run, the
south will furnish the nominee."
(Special Dispatch to The JoarnaL)
renaieton, or., Aug. 7. A romance
upon 'Whloh the recent Haywood trial
has a bearing war consummated In this
city yesterday, when Mr. Charles Sir
ingo and Mrs, Grace Kelley were mar
ried by county Judge Gllllland. The
room- is a memoer or the Plnkerton
etectlve force and has been with that
organization for many years. During
the Haywood trial he was detailed ss a
ooay guaro ror James McParland, who
secured Orchard's confession, and he
was Known as tne cowboy detective.
rne Dride was a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Deerlng, of the North Juniper
country In Umatilla county.
Charles A. Slrlngo, the groom, has
oeen in tne pinicerton service for twenty-one
years, and during that time has
oeen tnrougn some thrilling events.
During the early days of his work as a
sleuth he was connected with the task
of finding the parties who partlclpatod
in u lamous jiaymarxet riot In Chi
cago. But most of his experience has
been In the west, much of it heinir
among the coal miners of Idaho and
other states wherein the Western Fed
eration of Miners sway. According to
.."i0 11 waa hls evidence that con
victed George A. Pettlbone, and seven
teen other miners of blowing up the
flr'sco mine In the Coeur d'Alenes in
18S2. When that crime was committed
Pettlbone, now on the executive com
mittee of the Western Federation, was
accused of having taken the lead In
blowing up the mill, and he served two
years In the Detroit, Mich., peniten
tiary for the same. At the Hm nt th.
riot he was the financial secretary of
the Gem Mining Union, and 8erlngo was
serving as the corresponding secretary
of the same organisation.
From here Mr. and Mrs. Slrlngo will
go to Denver, where he has beeh living,
ut they will make their future home
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Mr.
Slrlngo owns some property.
Indiana Senator United in Wedlock With Miss Kath
erine Eddy, Niece of 3Irs. Marshall Field and
Sister of American Diplomat.
(Jeomal Special Service.) 1
Chicago, I1L, Aur. 7. Acordlng to ad
vices received here by friends of Miss
Katherlne Eddy, her wedding to Unito
States Senator Beveridge, of Indiana,
is to take place today in Berlin. The
ceremony is to be performed at the
apartments of the"brlde's brother, Spen
cer Eddy, on HohensoUern Strasse. Be
fore the wedding there will be a formal
civil marriage at the city registration
office, in acordance with the German
Miss Katherlne Eddy, the bride-to-be.
Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Au
gustus N. Eddy, of this city, and a
niece of Mrs. Marshall Field. Aer
brother, Spencer Eddy, Is now secre
tary of the American legation at tha
German capital. Miss Eddy Is noted as
a beauty and made ber social debut four
years ago. She has been educated prin
cipally abroad, and It la said she always
has taken an intelligent interest in pub
lio affairs.
Mr. Beveridge is the senior United
Stats senator from Indiana, ''having
been first elected in 1899. He married
in November. 1887, Miss Katharine
Maud . Langsdale, but she died seven
years ago. Mr. Beveridge was born 4a
Ohio in 1862, but has lived tn Indiana
the greater part of his Ufa Ha Is a
graduate of Depauw university and la
a lawyer by profession.
(Special 'Dispatch to The JoornaL)
Boise, Ida., Aug. 7. Troop K of the
Fourteenth cavalry haa Just left Boise
Barracks for an overland trip to Marys-
ville. on the. St Anthony branch of the
Oregon Short Line, ab"'.t 400 miles
from Boise, where It 'will go into camp
with the Second Battalion of the Idaho
National Guard, which Is to go by rail
and pitch tents there August 19 and hold
an encampment till August 28. Cap
tain W. C Smith of the post Is in com
mand of ths troop. Besides Captain
Smith and Lieutenant Smalley there are
15 men In the troop. j
ffilf OF BEARS
c k mil
L n
Michigan Hamlet Beceives
. Visit Brom Denizens
of Dense Forests.
(Journal Special Berries.)
Standlsh, Mich., Aug. 7. Driven to
lowlands by forest fires, a small
army of bears Invaded this town, fore
ing a suspension of business for several
hours and terrorising the population.
The visit was made Just as thestores
opened for business and laborers-were
on their way to the factories. The in
vasion waa headed by a remarkably
large specimen, a mother bear, followed
oy two cuds. Tney chose the principal
street of the town for the entry and
ieople un
when they had driven all the doodi
der cover were bold enough to stop in
front of .a arrocerv store and breakfast
from a basket of turnips.
This advance guard was followed by
the main army of four good-sised ani
mals, but they refused to stop, racing
through the business section in double
quick time. ' When the Inhabitants had
recovered from their astonishment a big
hunt was orsranlsed. and In two hours
three of tha invaders were brought back
M f una. ; V
United Telegraph Company Plans to Build Big Station
In Portland, Connecting: With Tacoma, Seattle, San
Diego and Several Other Coast Cities.
Within the next 10 days' the United
Wireless Telegraph company will be-
gin the construction of a wireless tele
graph station in Portland. A. V. Rags-
dale, the Portland manager of tha com
pany, is negotiating for a site for the
plant, with the probability that a lot
on Council Crest will be selected, al
though It may be found more desirable
to Install the plant on top of one of the
tallest buildings in tha downtown busi
ness district C B. Cooper, the- chief
engineer of the company, with head
quarters In Denver, Is In Portland 'for
tne purpose 01 constructing th nin
and installing the delicate machinery.
Mr. Cooper has Just returned from As
toria, where a wireless station is under
construction. . ,
Sites for plants have been selected in
both Seattle and Tacoma and the ma
chinery is on the ground for Installing
both stations. Mr. Cooper says that
with the completion of the plants at
ooaiuo, roruana ana Astoria it will De
possible to eommunlcate by wireless
telegraph from Seattle to San Diego.
He further says that the United1 Wire
less company has made arrangements
to put in stations all - the way from
Nomej Alaska, ' to the city of Panama,
(Jonrnal Special Service.)
Milwaukee, Wla, Aug. 7. George
Pess, the chauffeur for Alderman
Kuschbert,-- died from his injuries at
noon. Sloan may die, as he is seriously
Injured. . ,
(Special Dispatch to The Journal.)
Helena, Mont, Aug. 7. Tha Helena
Cab company has applied to tha district
court for a writ of mandamus against .
the Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone
company to compel a resumption of
service, papers were served on General :
Superintendent Burdlck and ha at onea
asked the strikers to return, saying that
if they did not he would bring girls
from Salt Lake City to Jtake their
places. The cab company, whloh it is
understood is actinar in behalf of , that
Helena Business Men's association, as
serts it is losing business because of
the shutting off of the telephone ser
vice. . - i
Federal Judge- Hunt today granted a
temporary injunction, aa , prayed - for
against the labor unions and their offi
cers, restraining them from continuing; .
In effect the boycott" against the tele
phone company. 1 -",;.
JapaneM. Wrestler Sails. , A , "
Tokio, Aug. 7. Japanese Champion
Wrestler 8 Itachlyama sailed todavfor
Seattle, -where he expects to meet Hack
enschmltt and -other wrestlers. ;
f . . ''-f,
4 t,
x (Joaraal Special Barries.)
Montgomery, Ala,, Aug. 7.-The house
today adopted" a resolution Strongly
backing Governor Comer in his firht
against railroads. The resolution vir
tually asks the executive to tell the
House what' ha wanta. and the same
JrtU granted, ffn is itlU aa aout
possibility that nC mayibatne-essar
to recall th. militia, unless strained
lauuQB eeiween roaas and state of rt
clals are terminated. If the SnTithiV
road takes off local, trains, as the revo?
cation order requires, riots will t
To add to tha present troub lei is th
threap of the railroad employes,
OX tto abltaav-to -.trWVp
"Jack the Smearer" Caught
Bed-Handed He Spoiled 4
Many . Costly Dresses. I
(Josrul Special Ssrrtoe.)
Indianapolis, Ind.. Aur. 7. William '
R. Gadd, known to tha polios 'for too
last three years as "Jack the Smearer,"
waa captured " red-handed; shortly after
midnight and made a confession, coolly
admitting that he had ruined hundreds
of t costly party . gowns, but gives no
reason for his mania. He has reMe
her eight years and although employ
in a rolling mill has done some t rain
able painting and crayon work.. H as
sociations have always been mooa ss
his habit above reproach. 11 luta
estimable wife, who la stanaeJ fey h.
arrest and confession.. -
His friends believe that,
on , the f subject of prwp" v
others and perhaps driven ' '
Socialist orators, who --i- -
such acts against weli-dr'"'-' ;
He says he would bs ovwiw,- - s
desire to ruin party dr ' '
fill bis pockets with fiif "?' -with
theatre crowds, u- l-t