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    o:;c; daily jou:;i;au. iortland, Tuesday evening, july to, ico7.
j Town Topics j
hcrtbrs en hav Th Journal d-
owlu reeorta, b
Jlv. .. i,at th regular rata at th fol
lowing resorts b notirving in sgenn
at the various plaoaa mentioned. Sub
notifying the agent
icaa mentioned. Sub
sorlptlons by mall are payable In !
' Geerhart Perk.,......,.,.;.P. X Struck
- WUbolt
irt Perk. , i , . . , . ;.P. X .Struck
Uia, .Hot like Sanitarium
t Springs.,....,.. F. W. Mcl-eran
Boyd a Bon and Mineral Springs Hotel
5ae Spring.. .... Thomas Moett
Coiiln, Bprings..,,.,;,...C. T Belcher
i100 ! ...touU Cohen
i win cacn. ............. . ..
ucean Park.... .....Matthew TheaTora
S?V,J?W . -i. .Frank B. truhal
'in Breaker.....,. The Breakera Hotel
The Storjr'oi "the "doiden" Fleece"
Marquam -Grand
i . . . "Tne
Grand ....
Lvrln ....J... i . ."Road to FrlBCO1
Star . r...... ...i.. "The Royal Slave"
The Oak. ... .O. W. P. care, 1st A Alder
Holladay Park, band concert, Blgnor
i caprio, director.
. : Three different oorporationa and In
dividual are seeking fa franchise
from the city of St. John. The fran-
thMirt sought byS. B. Davlaldor,
Steel and L. F. Pur. Mr.
kvlaldor asks for an exclusive fran
chise, which City Attorney Green aaya
1 Impossible under the provision of
tha charter. Tha matter of arantinx
tne iranonise win com up taie evening.
There Is a tendency in the council to
grant all tha f rsnchlaes asked for and
' give everybody a chance.' There 1 an
opinion also that the franohlae la sought
In view of future possibilities. Should
the city ever b annexed to Portland
the franchise would probably be good
In the city of Portland.
The., head camp convention of the Pa
elf to Jurisdiction. .... Woodmen of the
.World, which ha Just concluded Its
session In Seattle, voted to hold It
next convention In Portland. It la not
now known whether this convention will
be heid two or tbre years hence. Here
tofore these conventions have been held
biennially, but on account of the ex
pense Incurred by the delegate In com
ing from ail part of the Jurisdiction,
s movement Is on foot to bold the con
ventions every three year. The Juris
diction comnrises the elxht Pacific coast
State of Oregon. Washington, Call for-
Idaho Federal Jurist Here
on Business Connected
With His Court
Satisfactory Adjustment May Come
'tvi Cattlemen With Regard to Bet-
?, ter Acreage Apportionment Iiind
Fraud Situation Geeatly Clarified.
Judge 7. 8. Dietrich of tha United
States district court for Idaho la at
the Portland hotel, having come to
Portland on business connected with his
court and to visit several days before
leaving for Long Beach la company
with Mrs. Dietrich and their two little
girls to spend two weeks at the coast
Judge Dietrich bad little to say re
garding the land fraud, situation In
Idaho, aave to remark that the atmos
phere had been considerably .clarified
by the conviction of the principal de
fendant, Kettenbach and Keater. He
aid his buatne In Portland was In
relation to matter on which he wished
to consult Judge William B. Gilbert of
the United Statea circuit court.
Idaho wa tha main theme on which
Judge Dietrich talked, and he told of
the great work being done by Irrigation
in reclaiming thousands of Acres of arid
land In various parts of the state. In
Deakinr of conditions In his state.
Judare Dietrich ald:
"Idaho haa been forrlna- ahead van.
aerruiiy in in development or natural
resource and averv class of labor and
Business la enjoying great popularity.
Work of reclaiming arid land haa ben
progreaslng rapidly and price have ad
vanoed greatly.
In the southern nart of the state
sheepmen and cattlemen have had to
contend with email acreage In the
grasinar land which haa been tha cauai
Of much comDlainl. but It la believe)
that the visit of Chief Forester Glfford
Plnchot. who came west with Secretary
Bla. Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Colorado I Garfield, will result In a more satlafac-
ana man, ana tne territory or Ansona.
Two suits for divorce on tha ground
tory adjustment of allotments.
"Citlsens in all carta of the stat are
buaily engaged In their various indus
tries, and the trial of Haywood for the
of desertion hav. -be, , filed In the clr- -J -ft EZGESStSl 5E
cult court David H. Van Horn yester
day afternoon brought suit againat Mra.
8. 1. Van Horn, to whom he waa married
In Polk county In November, 1888,
cnarging that aeeertea mm in May,
1808. They have two children. Vernle,
aged 11 yeara, and Karl, agea 11 yeara.
wnoae custody van Horn asic. urn.
Lena Green baura brought suit against
lea Greenbaum, charging desertion in
yetoDer, iu. xney
Cited no more interest there than else'
where. All that the residenta of the
tat aeemed concerned about was that
Haywood be accorded a fair trial, and
when I left all seemed agreed that this
had been done.
"I wa greatly surprised at the ver
dict, not that I had formed an opinion
n the mattor, because I did not follow
tha evldenoe closely enouah. but ba.
wer married at cause of the length of the trial and the
Mra Greenbaum great mat or evidence introduced I be-
leved. In common with the rest of the
stein, b restored to her.
Chicago In June, 1900. Mra Greenbaum I gi
ak that her maiden name, Dlmond- II
people, that a disagreement would arise
In tha Jury room and a huns Jury re-
The annual session of the Oregon suit"
Press association will be held this year . uieincn ana ramuy win leave
n...k.. TW JSl. sMaaasaaa V .W WWOW.
jaa ivai usu b a iio uouisivu wcsjsb a vbajiivu
mm.m.-Amm at M..4. 0 aw aan A
esiciuaj t- m jswuiiB ui .usj wwhv i mT a m k rmT-T
aus juBuivuu asvwa A " v uiviu ws m w J
ssemble In Portland Thursday, August
x, ana aepart mat evening zor Jiaioria.
The regatta will ba taken In on Friday.
and then they will depart for Gear hart
where Saturday and . Sunday will be
w, F. Fraser, a logger, who was
brought to the Good Samaritan hospital
yesterday from Goble, suffering from a
number of perforations of the intestines
died shortly arter aamittance to the in
stitution. Fraser was knocked down by
failing log yesterday morning and
wounded In the abdomen by a broken
limb. He was 8 a yeara of ags
leaves a widow.
Portland Trust Company Secure.
-Morrison Street Corner for
$40,000 Other Deal.
Hy Eilers Impressed, With
Government uwnersnip 01
; Streetcars Abroad.
Another Feasible Proposition In Re-
, turned PortlandeVi Mind ! Ren'
, tal to Cltlcen of Platted Ground
to Raise Garden' Produce On.
.Onef the things that Impressed me
most abroad," said r. Eiiers, wno nas
Just leturned from an extended Euro'
pan trip, "1 th advanUg gained fn
many wya from the old-world system
of munlolpal ownership. .. It seems as
though the mass of the publlo enjoy life
more get more out of It there than the
Wfrvyvnuiu wmmm uu..
1 .don't mean." he continued, "that
our people would be better satisfied
with their conditions. Th extremely
frugal and yet beautiful home life, the
simplicity and spirit or it our peopie
would not understand ana aasiiutiniv.
But in . th matter of street railway
ervtoe, for Instance, the principal of
municipal ownership seems to work over
ther to perfection,
"No overcrowded cars; th sign are
plainly posted up so many seals here,
so many there, and if you find th car
all full, you wait for the next Of
course they run enough car to accom
modate the travel; something that our
street railway companies would do well
to Imitate.
"Aaaln. in the matter of music. No
city of any else, either In Germany or
in Italy, but haa lta municipal tneatre;
where, for a email price, on can see
and hear th beat things. Tbe biggest
thing I heard in the operatio way waa
la uioconai
magnificently given
lgbtfui orchestration, at Flor
ence, all for a very email admission fee,
with delightful
Another feature of municipal owner
hip which Seem feasible i the plotting
or ground xor a truuna rental, wnere
eacn citixen raises nia own proauoe.
One sees whole tract of tbl kind with
their little cottages and a contented
Instancing: the elmrIe naturalness of
tne uerman spirit. Mr. muera told oi an
educational convention at Freiburg, at-
tenaea Dy national sepreaentauvea. "At
the cloae of the exercises, what do you
think was the piece-de-resistance of the
whole affair?" asked Mr. Ellera. "No
less than a walk through th Black
forest to the famous Schlossberg. Im
agine us holding a national convention
and offering the guests aa a great treat
wane tnrougn tne city naric. ud tne
canyon road and back by way of Port
land Heights."
I took pains to see most of the
noted scenery." continued Mr. Ellers,
tne ttntne. tne iaae or the Four can
tons, and I assure you It la only a toy
proposition against the real thing. When
we have the facilities for seeing the
great scenery of this coast, we will see
tne limited trains carrying the tourist
travel leaving eastern cities every half
hour for the coast. Even outside of all
sentiment connected with our scenic
features, we should take palna to pre
serve th landscape features, for a a
bualness proposition It Is wise.
'Bwltseriana has one and one-fourth
tourist to one of the DODulatlon. Tha
historical society, too. cannot too soon
resurrect and make known tbe tradi
tions conneoted with our scenic feature.
These are the thing that attract tourlrt
travel and make associations."
Many Portland People Find It
Hard to Oct . -
t Hard to sleep at night
With that awful bane, Itohlnf Flies,
With irritating Ecsama, .
With any Itohlnea of th skin.
t Doan's Ointment relieve and auras.
t Hare's Portland teetlmony to prove iti
Jaooh Heesong, farmer, living at th
corner of East Kwenty-elghth street and
Keelly avenue, Portland. Or, says: "la
recommending Doan's Ointment to those
who suffer from hemorrhoids I can only
repeat th statement I made some three
years ago. I had suffered from this
trouble for torn years and in hot
weather it was a great worry to me.
could not sleep at night Other prepa
rations having given m little or no re
lief I final jr began using Doan's Oint
ment and It required only a few appli
cations to bring soothing and healing
relief. The facts above stated are as I
told them Just after my first trial of
th remedy. I think Just a muoh of
the preparation today."
For sal by all dealers. Price 10 cents.
Foeter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, New Tork,
sol agent for th United Btatee.
Remember the nam DOAN'S -and
take no other.
New Plav Immense Success.
Kane O'Nell's appearance last night
In the new play "Th Story of th Gol
den Fleeco," was th theatrical event
of the year in Portland. It I th first
time that a star haa presented a new
play in this city and consequently the
event was of the utmost importance.
. On promising to pay his wife 25
a month, John Colamer, accused bjr Mra
Colamer of failing to support her, was
released in th county court by Judge
Webster this morning. The couple
were married in Wyoming several years
ago, wnere tney met on a cattle ranch.
Colamer was known as one of th beat
horsemen among tne cowboys.
Th week's realty market started off
yesterday wjth on big sale and a large
and number of small ones, aggregating over
Th lot and frame business bouse at
the northwest corner of Bast Morrison
street and Union avenue, haa been aold
by Frledlander & Daly to the Portland
Trust Company of Oregon, for 140.000.
Th property is under a lease that hla
four years to run. and which pays over
I per cent on the purchase price. Prop
erty value In this immediate district
are advancing rapidly, two yeara ago
business sites along East Morrison
street and Grand avenue could be
bought for one third the prices they
. Water throught hoso for sprinkling
yard or vldewalks or washing porches
or windows must be paid for In advance
and used only between th houra of 5
and t a. m., and C and p. m. It must ! El Boydston, a house and lot at the
not be used lor sprinkling streets, if southwest corner of Sharon street and
iised contrary to tnese rules, or waste- I aarneld avenue; consideration 14,100.
will readily bring today.
jonn juunpny nas purchased from J.
Cross Washington street to the other
side no. zsy wnere y
best values In men's furnishings,
Blill on.
rou will find the
Eastern Headline!?.
Thr la never a scarcity of eastern
headline acta at tha Grand and this
week the bill la particularly well sud-
comedienne, assisted by Stanley Johns,
la presenting "Taming a Husband.'1
This Is, however, only one of a large
numoer oi entertaining zeaiure.
"A Royal Slave."
With the current attraction th atock
company at th Btar la offering the
rubllo the best play seen at that houae.
''A Royal Slave'1 la a Mexican drama In
which Frank DeCamn starred for sev
eral seasons and Miss Eunice Murdoch
was featured. These people are aeen in
original parta.
The Road to 'Frisco."
Tonight at th Lyric the Allen stock
company will present a new western
dramatlo suocess entitled "The Road to
Frlaco. The play la one of the strong'
est of Its kind that has ever been pre
sented In this city. It is sure to please.
The Oaks' New Features.
Among new features of the Oaka is
Landauer'a troupe of actors who ar
creatine a decidedly favorable lmnres
aion at tne di para. Tney ar to n
aeen at the park for a lengthy engage
ment and will furnish amusement for
thousand. Their act Is free.
Carbonic acid gas and soda water ap
pliances. Bllderback A Crane Co.. 51
Preferred stook Canned Qoods.
Allen Lewis' Best Brand.
fully, t will bp shut off.
Th following, article left on the
streetcar yesterday may be recovered i
bv the owner at room 4, O. W. P., build-
insr. First and Alder: One handbag, one
naming suit, one nat. i canvas oas witn
pipe, seven miscellaneous packages, one
Ola M. Stryker has purchased from
Benjamin Fallows, a house and lot on
Fallows Terrace, Portland Heights, for
A fractional lot at the northeast cor
ner of East Pine and East Eighth
streets has been purchased by Addle
H. Benbow from George XI. Nottage.
r'wl " ' ' i'-who i - CKn
' nn. limhr.11. ah Innli.t aa. ZOr SJ.oOV.
pur;"' " ' . . F. H. Kearney has sold the residence
-v - I at tne eoumeasi corner or wygant and
Grocers. Attention! We w modem ! East Eighth atreets to John Hinck for
front corner store for rent, in good real-1 z.aow.
: dene district, on car line: a fine loca
tion ror grocery and marnec; reasonable CPT.WXTnTTl PPfHTRAir
no opposition nearby. ; investi- juaj-i.'i jl nuuiuiiii
Michigan Central
Th Kiagara rails Boat
"BIO FOUR Route."
Address G-456, Journal.
Mir end of the city w sell "Gold-
en Grain Granules," the pure cereal cof
fee, with pure food guarantee. Koehn
& Base, lis 3 iymingg worth avenue.
Steamer Jess HarklnS, for Camas,
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington atreet
docg at z p. m.
An attractive program ha been ar
ranged, for tnis evening's concert at
Holladay park by Signpr De Caprio'a
Jiark band. Following is the program
n full: .
March. "Tannhauaer" (Wagner) : over
ture, "Stabat Mater," by request (Ros-
. ... . ,Siaat v bii va.avavwajT - J j a vuwwt
H. T. Hefty, architect has resumed 1 (Batiste) : bridal chorus from "Lohen-
his business practice and la situated in grin," by request (Wagner); "Dance of
the Lumber jsxenange ouuaing, room 428. the Bayaderes" (Rubinstein) ; mtermls-
. " . sion; grand selection, "uarmen," oy re-
Perfect fitting ey glasses. $1.00. Dr. ouest (Biset)i waits "Dante in Para-
B. J. Mill, 111 Sixth, near Washington, dise" (De Caprlo); ballad, muslo and
soiaier marcn rrom "wunam Ten"
s" (Llb-
eratl). A. De Caprlo, dlreotor.
soiaier mi
Woman' Exchange, 1SS Tenth steL (Rossini)," "La Clnauantalne" .
lunch U:0 to 2; business men's lunch, march, "Our. American Belles"
B. W. Moor, expert - photographer.
ks' building, Seventh and Stark eta. I
. 4
Acm Oil Co. sell safety coal oil ami
line gasoline, rnone isast 789; B-1007.
Meuger'e ye glasses $1, Hi Wash
ington street. .-...i.T. .g .
Dr. E. C. Brown, Eye-Ear. jMarquam.
Chinese Episcopal mission school will
Let Us Do Your
, . Another story added to our
'building enlarges our 'facilities1
almost a third. Equipment up-to
- data Only steam-heated polish
ers the kind that does not burn
-ln Portland. Female help'
wanted. "
r Telephone Main 399.'
reopen August 1, on Thursday evening
at 7:80 p, m. Will be pleased to see all
teachers and pupils present at regular
service. James M. Kan, superintendent
Room fer rent. SeUing-Hlrsoh build
ing. .
P. Chambers, optician, lit Seventh.
Berger signs 284 Tamhlll phone.
Bark Tonio for rheumatism.
Beck Jwler 106 Aider.
For lea call Main 284 or A-K4K. Tn.
Delivery company. u Btar a at
Exclusive Novelties.
Scotch and English woolens. Hoi-
brook and Leveen, Couch bldg.. Fourth
and Washington streets. v
'a Lewlstbn's Paving Plans. '
, ' (SpecUl Dlseatcn ' to Tbe JonrnsL)
Lewlston, Ida., July 80. Bids on Lew
Iston'a 8110,000 paving project will soon
be called for and the contract let. De
tails of the work to be done have been
completed by the city council and City
Engineer Gullland has been Instructed
to prepare permanent plans' for paving
the street of the city. - The drainage
plan provide for the assembling of the
storm waters in a system of catch
basins and then carrying them under
ground to the river. . the estimate pro
viae ror pituntnio pavement. The sys
tem will be said for on a, 10-year an
---TO -- - -
BOSTON OLD HOME WEEK. July 25. 27. 28
From CHICAGO or ST. LOUIS ONE FARE plue $2 for the Round Trip.
A Grand "OLD HOME WEEK" Celebration and Reunion
v. ruuuv 1' VBUUUBO. VVUUUUVU1 www.
Founders' Day; Patriots' Day; Greater Boston Day; New England Day;
Massachusetts Dav: Women's Dav: Militarv Dav. Durinsr these seven days
Historic BOSTON will be "AT HOME" to all her Sons and Daughter,
wnerever residing.
BOSTON & RETURN Jfifof "iofjofw; sept. ,4. k m
re trom CHICAGO, $24.00 Fare from ST. LOUIS, $27.00
From CHICAGO or ST LOUIS, One Fare' Plus $2.00 for the Round Trip
CANADIAN BESOBTS, daily until sept. so. w
From CHICAGO or ST. LOUIS One Fare Plue $2.00 the Round Trip
Full Particulars may be obtained from any Ticket Agent of the
WARREN J. LYNCH, Passenger Traffic Manager, CHICAGO
4 ' t
f - k
'I '"
$40.00 Suits $28.00
$35:00 Suits $24.50
$30.00 Suits $21.00
$25.00 Suits $17.50
$20.00 Suits $14.00
$18.00 Suits $12.60
20 Fer Cent off Blues and Blacks
. .
1 stf
Marquam Orand
. (Ihon Mutn
Tonlg-ht and Alt w..k, Fir-t Terform-
anra on Anv Kint, .1
; in the frat A(vthiii.ioi vv
-TSUI ,1(011 o u Cvi.JsS
. - . 1 FteBCTs." . ,
irnInrTlt.OO Uo, Mo, , M,t.
Inee, 76e, tOo, He .
Curtain 1:10 p. m. ' .
LVaic ; theatrc
Phnni Mlln 4MS
This Week th Allen Stock Coropanr
tn Mis to rmisoo."
Matinee Tuesday. Thursday, flatur
day and Sunday. Price. 10c 10a.
Every evenlna at I;1S. Price. lOo. 19
and i0e.' . .
Reserved seats by phone, Main HtL
Of floe open from 10 a. m. to 10 p. ra.
Phones Mala 4(l
and Home A-ltli,
The coolest theatre In the city.
Vrank DeCanp a Aoqullla, , the Aatee
Matinees Tuesdays, Thursdays. Sat
urdaye and Sundays at 1:11 prioes, 10a
and 20a Evening at 1:1a; prloea. lOo,
ZOo and I0o. Reserved eata by phone
for all performances. . ,
Vaudeville de Luxe
Special Bill of Headhners
Matinees Daily. Pnce 10c
Two shows nicrhtly at 7:45 tnd
9:30. ' . ;
Prices 10c, 20c and box seats.
30c. . ;i ,.,
Matinee prices Sundays and
holidays, same as evening.. ; '
311 Morrison
Opposite Fostoffice
re- O
Coolest, most cheerful and
rw iresnins rccreauon epoi in ine
tef Roee City.
il C landaocr Trocpe 5
Tree Specialties on Band '
tS fitava.
kit Popular programa at 1:00, '
n 1:11. 7:S and 1:40 o'clock by
raiaM.d. j ai
eutKvi a Hungarian uuudrs
ns and spir
tnly play.
Is the garden spot of th. earth, and OOLDIN GRAIN
- GRAN ULBS is the fiocat drink on earth
is a pure cereal health coffee, and can be had from the follow
iag grocers in the ROGUE RIVER VALLEY
xx xxsroaD, ob.
H. N. Warner
Hutchinson A Immsden
.Miller & Ewbanks
Allen A Reagan
W. Strlnfr
F. I Cranflll
H. .Mjpts A Son
H. C. Bobseln
Kenney A Truaz
Claua Schmidt
J. P. Kenney
Southern Oregon Supply Co.
T. T. Dean
T. B. Cornell
C F. Dixon.
nr wooxmxM, om ,
C. O. Seaman
W. V. Jone.
xjr oou xtjea, om.
Tartar A Duffield
C. H. Farmer
Merritt A Co.
xm SAOxaoxmxa, om.
T. J. Kenney
Nu nan-Taylor Oe.
Ulrlch Bros.
nr caaxmax rozarx, om.
Cranflll A Koblnet
3. W. Merritt.
xx wkoxxxx, om.
Hearn A Fisher.
nr TAXJUTT, om.
C. W. Woltars
Sargent A Dunlap. "
nr ASKXAjrs, om.
O. Wlntr
Holme Bros.
Nlms A Cappeller
Teo A Co.
Toung A Dlx.
Crew A Son
loomls A Nalsoa
Fonny Manikin Theatre
Sunday, but h' ready at last.
Oaks' annual relay swla
mlng races Saturday. Trophies 2.
given. ,
Coming Events Carman's
benefit day, big prises, Thure- J v
i orestsrr oar
day, August 1.
August IS.
D. P. THHSS &.C0 Wholesale Grocers
Dlst-uter tot Southern Oregon and sYostneta OaJtfornta.
"Golden Grain Granules" is served at the Moore HoteL Med
ford, Ore., because the Moore Hotel serves the best
sbRSSSib5S aasffsBMB5sS ssmsSZZa&a
Comes Taugha and Twentyf oorO. ; '
July 80, 31, August 1, 2, 8
Oam called at 1:10 p. m. daily.
Oame ailed at 1:10 p. m. Sundays. . '
Grandstand 15. . Children lie. w.
Jtsox seats sea - -
&2&mJ& " -TL, nlifl i t i .
i rurucinu irunn
Manufacturing Co.
UVnVd , '-
it ;,il Ke . Mwif
1 -'CiS.
'e-atabg f
everything in Trunks, Bare and
, Thaatrloal and Oommerolal
Tmaka Saad to Oxdex.
Xt jroot eagrff la In need
of repairs call up Main 8774 or
Two Stores
nar Stark.
M Third,
Cor. Mn.
(with the exception of Portland) is the headquarters for the sal
mon industry of the world. Astoria hat the climate, there are
neither flys, fleas, . mosquitos nor dust
Golden Grain Granules
The 100 per cent pure cereal health coffee, can be had from the
following grocers in Astoria, vis.:
Milk Depot No. 1 Grocery.
Milk Depot No. 1 Grooery.
Milk Depot No. I Grocery.
Fisher Bros.' Co.
A. V. Allen.
Acme Grocery,
Schalfleld. Mattson A Co.
Ross. HtggfhS A Co.
C. M. Chrfstensen.
Tongue Point Lumbar Co. 8tor.
Johnson A Morrison.
Suomalainen Cooperative Co,
E. Hauk A Co,
S. L. Nauthrup.
XV mAHXBm, Om. (Center for
lumber Industry on th Colum
bia river.)
Ferris Bros.
McMllan Mercantll Co.
F, Traw.
M. Ellis A Co.
A. L. Richardson.
J. LT Bell.
J. P. Hansen.
x wAJUuurroir.
Warrenton Grocery A Butcher
C, W. White,
xv oxAJULamT, omy "
F. Dresser.
city, where settlers ar wanted.)
E. Lk Edgerton.
Henry Krats.
H. McKlel.
A. R. Miller.
M. E. Page.
Timothe Rlcharda.
or sBASTJoa. om
B. W. Otto.
F. Dresser (two stores).
Oolden. Grain Granules' Is served at Locksley Hall, Seaside, Or,
because it is the 100 per cent pure health coffee.
Picnic and Field Day
l Brotherhood of Electric Street
Railway Employes V
TKTrsssAT, Auavvt a. i '
pa Tropin ana caan prise o rA
all pUase and reward eontostante all
v Li all entrlM. , v
Foot Races. Boys' Bicycle Race. Tna
Raoea, Swimming; Races. Exhibition
Drills by- W, O. W. and Maccabeea,
Championship Cake Walkers, Prise
Dancing, Tug-of-War Contests, Boating
Matches. Wrestling Matches. Fanotna
Championship. Grand display 1 Fire
works ana otner jrre attractione.
Oscar Stanley, A. C. Burns. James '
Morgan, A. M. Singleton, C J. Ander.
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We can extract one or all your
teeth "without hurting a bit, and
put In new teeth the same day
If you desire.
' Our system; of crown ' and
bridg work la simple, qutok and
When desired yen can have T.
P. Wlae or my personal service.
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Flat ate Ordered.
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n& doing dental work ' all the
time. That la the record of Dr.
W. A. Wise. That's one reason
our business has grownour pa
trons com back, and they aend
their friends. . ,
i A. WISE. Dentist
renins; bldg, Sd and WaahlnfKm
S a. tn. to e p. nu Sundays to la.
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: T.P. Wlsc, l!.A,Stsr!mnt
: and H. A. Kaffraaa '. .
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Spend your vacation at Ssid il at
delightful Locksley HaJL More ett ...
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