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First Surrey Made by 'Government Along. Southeastern
Territory Coast Was Hurriedly Compiled So Reports '
; ; , ' - Captain Werllch, Lighthouse Inspector. rL'V
Ths mountains and sjlaolers alone tbe
' southeastern Alsskan coaat are much
higher than the figures given tj the
goyernment charts. Not that the peaks
have grown since the last survey, but
It-was made tiurrtedl and' under' dif
ficulties not -conducive -to accuracy. A
second survey Is being made- and it has
, already led to the discovery that gla
ciers tower several hundred feet higher
over the sea, than the maps Indicate.
This "Interesting information" r wis
brought here when Captain P. , J.
Werflch, lighthouse inspector of
, this district, returned from a 7.000-mile
cruise along the coast . of- Alaska and
among the Islands In the north Paclflo
and Behring aea. The cruise waa made
on the stanctt and finely equipped ten-
; der .- Armaria, which , waa recently
brought out frqm the Atlantlo coaat.
The Armerla reached Seattle yesterday
and Captain Werllch came by rail to
Portland because of urgent business.
Thwmerla win proceed to the head
'ni it Astoria, soon. - . -
.-' .. Z-yna Canal arrays. i
"Surveys of the glaciers along' Lynn
canal are being made by. our geological
department," said Captain .Werllch,
"and I wag told by the officer In charge
that the mountains are considerably
higher uian shown by the first survey;
This, bears out Observations I -made on
previous visits to that part of the eoun-
'Researches ere olng on In several
places along the Alaska coaat, two
. scientific apeditlans, the Boston Tech
nological , and the Carnegie, being in
the Held. - I met the former Jn. board
t the Lydla at Unalaska and the latter
on the brig Galatea at Sitka, The Boa
ton Technological has been examining
the volcanoes on Unalaska extensively
and the conclusion has been reached that
Immense quantities of sulphur are with
in easy reach. Those In charge of the
expedition are very enthusiastic over
the result OA. their visits to the vol
canoes on W Smalt Island and say the
sulphur thef ,!ln plain view Is fully as
' good as thai shipped here from Japan."
An account of the- entire, ti lu. whK-h
jasiea 7 aays, would rill goooaisa
book, for there was always something
going on after, leaving Portland early
i the spring. ,AU the lighthouse sta
tions and towns along tbe coast wire
visited, and soms of them had not been
In communication with the outside world
. since the vlalt of the Under Heather
. several months before.
- Keeper Ole Olson at Scotch Cap light
gave a graphic account of how It took
him a month to reach his station when
appointed about the first of ths year. He
had been transferred from one of the
Alaskan coaat stations nearby and took
the steamer- Dora- for - his new home.
Such a high aurf waa running that the
ateamer could not get near lana xnr a
whole month and In the meantime
Keeper Oleon remained on board and
did duty at the wheel. He waa Anally
put ashore at Middle Point, a small
place consisting of one hut occupied
py m trapper nimni nownorrp.
It Is about 11 miles north of Scotch
Cap and Olrfon decided to walk to the
station - tnat nignt. - starting out ai
o'clock in the evening he walked and
walk, iMrlir all ntaht In the ' deeD
snow and early In the morning fell
asleep In the drifts from exnauation.
Somehow or other he did not f reese to
death, but -awoke much refreshed and
continued : on hla way . toward Scotch
Cap. He arrived there at 1 o'clock in
the afternoon. Everybody declared hia
eacate from 1 freezing to death was
Thlnga are quiet In Alaska this sum
rcer." continued Captain Werllch.
"Nomqi has suffered much from serious
strikes, and other places are dull and
dead. Men are hanging around doing
nothing and it was said that a number
of steamers would be taken off their
run because of the decline In business.
We were at - Nome June 10 and came
down after a lew stops oniy.
"-ofotol Into Star lww
t 1 Behrfnv . aaa. -the Armaria Doked
Into ,ton of the worat blowa ever en
countered. It was impossioie to siana
an deck because of the wind and It
VMit over the - water - so faat that It
could not whip up a sea. It waa too
atormy ror seas, nut ine waves cam
when the wind 'died down. The Ar
merla rolled fearfully; never eaw any
thing like It and It continued for some
time. Wa were then on our return voy
sge. "We stopped a couple of days oa
ITnlmak Island and found trout In super
abundance. Great big Ana fellows sim
ply filled the streams, very xoggy
WMthar waa aneountered during a good
portion of the trip and several large
Icabara-a ware mat. At one DlaCS we
ran close .enough to on to out off a
couple of cons zor our rerrigeraiore.
One result accomplished by the trip
was the buoying and lighting of the
mouth of the Yukon river and the es
tablishment of many' buoys and lights
along the coast. - The stations were
found In good trim.
J.Tbt II years H. C Bowers aad James
', T. Clyde, formerly manager of the Hotel
f Havtland Of Cincinnati, who 1 In Port
land on hla-way to Seattle to assume
ths management of the new Savoy hotel,
..' had not mat, yet upon their meeting in
; the Portland; hotel Saturday- night they
' recognised each others immediately and
; commented' upon the lack of change In
fone another's appearance.
a Chen the hotel managers got together
-'a corner " of the hotel and talked
'' Jut old times' In New Tor, which
'Viace they both left to come west with
'Billy" Lee In m. Mr. Bowers went
to Spokane, Mr. Clyde to Kaneaa City
' and Mr. Lee to Taooma. - Mr., Lee has
s alnce died, but many traveling men who
' came to 'the coast remember him well
,' In connection with V.r; Bowers and Mr.
Clyde. 4 . .
v. Mr- Clyde started In the hotel bual
- Tieas In San Francisco, but earns to Port
land on several occasions while en ths
. coast, the last time being In 1814. ' In
speaking about his former vlslta to the
Hose City he said:
Evea in thoss daya Portland always
had the appearance of a substantial,
conservative, wealthy city. . She never
impressed on as being a frontier town.
Of course her development hag been re
markable. Why, the walla of the Port
land had not been thought of at that
time. If I remember. correctly. .All of
the city waa down on the river front
and tbe wooda covered the greater por
tion of the west aide.
"These buildings that are going vp
and have gone, up are the surprises I
have met with. . No one ever dreamed
of them In the days when Z waa In
Portland. -The ' inhabitants thought
Portland would probably grow to be a
goodly slsed ' city, but' few looked to
see her- the metropolis aha has grown
to be." i , ' -
Mr. Clyde ' la accompanied by Mrs.
Clyde" and their children. They will be
In Portland several days, when they
will leave for Seattle. Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde have many friends In Portland,
who have been showing them the sights
of the olty.
'.. "Tb Royal Slave" at the Star
.. The Royal Slav" Is the title of
-thrilling melodrama wbrchie the bill at
'the Bur this week. To thoaa who are
- fond f that- form of amusement- the
Star Is offering play of unusual In
terest this week.- It was produced yes
terday and pleased a large audience.
There have been several changes at
the Star and a number of new faces sre
seen - In the company. Conspicuous
among ths departurea are Miss Msrgaret
Pitt and Mr. Raymond Whitteker. lead
ing man and -woman, who have left the
.-company. Miaa Claudia Coloma. the
new leadtna woman, made a decidedly
.j!eaalng Impression and will undoubted
-ejrove to be one of the most popular
- lti women of the city. . -
' A nrge portion of the success of ths
play la undoubtedly due to the efforts
of Frank Decamp and Eunice Murdock.
Mr. DeCamp haa the title role In the
f lees and both give' unusually good iq
erpretatlona of their parte.-.' -
J'Th Road to Trfsco". at the Lyric
k There ars all ths elements of romance
and drama connected with the days oi
'41, and a story dealing -with the skir
ting events of that time always arouses
interest.- It was ths age of gold, and in
such an age there are naturally cherac
' tare of every decription from which an
. author may choose. -
It waa from that period that the char-
An ' attack . Of . CramVv
Diarrhoea, Sick Headache,
Indigestion, Dyspepsia or
Biliousness can be quickly
jjflieved by resorting to the
Bitters oromotlyrWe guar
antee it pure and it has a 54
years' record of cures back
of it Always keep a bottle
on. hand,: ".. . ...
aeters In The Bead to Frisco," the
melodrama ' that Is being' offered st
the Lyrlo by the Allen stock company
this week .are drawn, A bounding In
human Interest, with thrtlllng scenes
and situations, the play la one of the
best thst has recently been offered at
the Lyrlo.
The play was offered yesterday to'a
large audience and waa a decided hit
It Is artistically staged and admirably
presented. Among the members of the
Allen company who sustain excellent
parts are Mlas Verne Felton, Mrs. Clara
Allen, Forrest Seabury, Irving Kennedy,
Harry pianchard and others.
Ths Road to Frlaco" will h-tht-1m
at .the Lyrlo for the entire week with
mattneea today, Thursday, Saturday and
Sunday. . ...... : . , ., '
Manager Errlckson la certainly able
to find vaudeville attractions and every
week hs springs a surprlss on ths pub
He. For -several weeks he haa been
offering bills that were really remark
able from a vaudeville standpoint, each
containing features -which of themselves
were worth the patronage of the public
This week he Is offering a bill that
la good, though not so unusually so as
those of the past fsw weeks, 'framing
a Husband" la the name of a farce
played by Beatrice Moreland and Percy
Hunting, which provides an abundance
of mirth. - Hunting Is a clever comedies,
and Mlas Moreland Is a clever actress,
making a team of real ability. Allen
Shay, aa skilled In coin, and card man
ipulating . aa ons could imagine. Is
another Interesting feature of the bill.
Aa a tight-wire performer Cavana Is
really a wonder and performs some
thrilling, feat a. , He ia -one of the beat
In his line that has been seen in Port
land vaudeville.
There are many other reallvmerltor
lous features of the bUl which is draw
ing large houses. - . ,
' i .'' ' ' .
- (Special ' Dhpeteh Is Tbe Jeeraat.l
Helena, Mont., July 10. Charles But
ler, representing Dttlmer, Bradbury and
Whltbich, a Arm of Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Paul construction contractors,
waa Instantly killed, and Joaeph Rob
erts, an employe, was badly injured by
an sxploalon . of dynamite on the
new transcontinental line eaat of here.
Roberta struck his pick against a primer
covered with dirt In a mine and an ex
plosion followed. Roberts was brought
to a Hslena hospital. Hs will probably
recover. t .
- Boise, Ida.," July 18. A" report from
Emmett, 10 miles wsst of Boise, on the
Payette river, la to the effect that a
party of government officials connected
with ths reclamation service. Includ
ing Chief F.nftlneer Newell end District
Engineer Roaa. will visit that plaoe In
August to look over the ditch eurvey
and dam sits of the Boise-Payette pro
tect with a view of commencing work
In the near future. .
Bracing food for steady
ncrvesT- y'; ;::':-;:-
ITutritivc food for heal
thy appetites .
Strengthening food for
sturdy muscles
The most nourishing
wheat food ; '
In moitturt and
dust proof packagtu '
New Amalgamator, Promises
to Reyolutionize Method
; of SaTing GolJ. v.
Pordand Mechanical Engine Buo-
cedg Wlthont TJse of Gravity Pres
sor or Com pressed Air to Dellyer
Metal Under thm Quicksilver.
W. F. Bedell, a Portland mechanical
engineer, has succeeded In harmonising
specific '.gravity and amalgamation In
worklnaout an amalgamator which sev
eral well-known mining men hold will
shortly revolutionise - gold mining.
Briefly stated, Mr. Bedell haa aooom
pllshed what for 40 years mining engi
neers all over ths world have tried to
do deliver the product from ths placers
and from the mill, into, and under ths
quicksilver by. means of gravity and
jtamnrctud air - - .....
BMtUi invention is Known as ine
"flour gold amalgamator," a small port
able contrivance, easily handled and
weighing only 460 pounds. - It can be
shipped to any mining camp without
the least trouble and coats to manu
facture only 150. It requires but eight
horsenower to onerats with a handling
capacity of 100 tone.
The new Invention without ths use of
gravity pressure or compressed air de
livers the nroduet into and under the
qulckallver by mesne . of two hollow
shafts which axtsnd down Into the
quicksilver and these shafts are con
stantly in motion, seeping toe quick
silver alive and aotlve and distributing
tbe product squally and uniformly, ex-nnalne-
to fha action of the aulcksilver
every particle of value, regardleaa of Us
All oartlclss In ths product which will
amalgamate, or of a apeciflo gravity
aa great or greater than that of quick
silver, remain in the pan and the lighter
material or waste, psssss through the
quicksilver, and coming to the surface,
is disposed of through aa adjustable
outlet which is properly constructed in
the center of the pan and for ths exclu
sive purpose. '
-Tor nearly a year thoss Interested
have been perfecting the new machine
and- now It t reported nearly ready for
market. Dally demonstrations are made
at the Colorado Agricultural building,
Iewls and dark- fair grounds. Six ma
chines are completed and the Manufac
turing tt , Guarantee - corporation has
been formed to manufacture and handle
the amalgamators. Nona will be sold,
the company preferring to lease them to
mines at a monthly rental of 150. Pres-
Jnt intentions sre to turn out between
0.000 end 11.000 and with thta and In
view, Portland will . gain another large
manufacturing Industry. Later Denver
and othsr middle west and intermoun-
tain eltlea will have branch Plants in all
' Better to illustrate the working of the
machine, a few daya ago a sample was
tendered the Oarvln-Cyanlde people of
this olty. -.The rock -and dirt by aasay
contained konlv a traoe. Run throush
the amalgamator 87 V cents In gold was
These local mining men, all of promi
nence. Indorse the new Invention: An-
rs McQueen. L. N. Greenley, Harley
Armstrong, S. B. Edwsrds and C. I.
wit u a rr.lAB ... 1 ..
of ths Mining World, Chloago, says 11
Is the greatest mining Invention of ths
age. . . .. . .
rorxiana ana norxn xajtima men oon
trot the Invention. They are. Duncan
McPhall. C R. Edwards, A. H. Northrop,
H. B. AttU and W. F. Bedell.
Lured Into Alaska, They Find Strife
H-! era Wont Let Them Work-
'. '' Cannot Remain.
. (BpecUl DU patch te Tbe loonat) v
Seattla. July 10. Something like 1TI
mea ars stranded near Fairbanks, out
of work and harassed by striking
miners, and trouble Is threatened for
the men that sent them north. The un
fortunates went north on the Dolphin,
leaving this city June 4. They had been
promiaea 15 a aay ana Domra mi pwr
minina. Thev osld an . employment
agency $t each for their position and
1st ror iranaportauon. inree i re
turned. They say they were employed
for Lawson. Berry Maddocka, They
wars tnM of no labor troubles In the
north, hut when they arrived near Fair
banks tney found 1.400 men who threat
ened them and hooted them as scabs.
The three who returned are u. vrnei
lus, H. Chase and XX M. Englern. They
y the members or tne party wno ars
ft behind are out of work, and for the
moat part out of money. None haa the
neceaaarv $71 te pay his way back to
the United States, and not being allowed
to work there Is no way of earning It.
The three who returned will file a suit
against the employment agency that
sent them north. -
Mnre railroad tickets sre sold' St
Alhanv thsn st snv other point South of
Portland, says the Herald,
(special Dispatch te Tbs lesrsaL)
: Seattle. Juy 10. Ths experiment of
oilT roads Is to be tried in King
eoUnfy. The road betweesrthe city and
Tbe Meadows haa been one of the most
troublesome in the county, particularly
to auto drivers, but those who attended
the -races Saturday, noticed an almost
complete abaenoa of dust, Tbs road
had been oiled.
All macadam roads in the county will
bo oiled, and about 10 mllea of new mac
adam ia In prospect. The county engi
neer figures that It will cost about 1100
a mile to oil the highways. - ,
Watches cleaned flrt Metagor'a. 141
Washington street. -. . . , .
Aberdeen Remains Lidless.
(Special Dtipatea te Te laaraaL);
-Aberdeen. Waah, July 10. No "ap
parent effort waa made by the reformers
to close the town Sunday, and It waa as
wide open .as over.
"-"Wise Counsel from ths onth.'" "
"I want to give soms valuabls advice
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kidney trouble," says J. R. Blanken
shlp of Beck, Tenn. "1 have proved to
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ters will positively cure this distress
ing oondttfon. Tbe first bottle gave me
great relief and after taking a few
more bottles I was completely cured; so
completely that it beoomea a pleasure
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guarantee at ' He
Price too.
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