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DAILY JOU.vI.'AL, 1 OliTLAUD, 1.101 DAY lVi.:illlQ, JULY LJ. 1;7.
Toivn Tcgics- j
bscrlbera can hava The Journal do
ji 1 at the regular ratea at the ful
lowi,. r aorta by notifying the srnts
at tha various placaa mentioned. Sub
acrlpdona by mall ara payable in ad
Oearhart Park.... ........ .P. J. Struck
Hot Lake ....Hot Lake Sanitarium
foaalda... Iwla & Co.
. Wilholt Bprlna iK. W. McLeraa
Caraon Springs
Boyd A Son and Mineral Bprlne-a Hotel
Caecade Bprlna;.. ,. . .Tbomae Moffolt
Coiilna Springs C. T. Belcher
Jlwaeo Louis Cohen
Lone Beach
MarahaU Fottenger and O. A. BmJtk
Naheotta H. J. Brown
Ocean Park Matthewe THedford
Beavlew Krank K. Slrauhal
. The Breakers Tha Breakers Hotel
Marquam Grand
...."Tha Story of tha Golden Fleece"
Grand .Vaudeville
I-yrlo ......."Road to Frlaco"
Star "Tha Royal Slave"
Tha Oaks. . . . .O. W. P. oara, let A Aider
The Eugene Merchants' Protective as-
sociatloa has' sent a delegation to' Port'
- land . to praaent 'Eugene's claims to
- Southern pacific officials for something
w?" In the Una of depot and yards.
r cltlsens aay the Southern Pacific's
..tatlon accommodatlona are 20 years be
hind tha tlmea, and they think It time
tha company awoke to tha fact that Eu-
f ene and the tributary country. Is srow
nf. and other corporatlona and Individ
uals ara Improving their facilities. Ths
commutes naa a conference with Gen
eral Manager J. P. O'Brien this after,
noon. It was compoaed of T. E. Toran,
. J. W. Haya, Al Hampton. P. E. Dunn.
, M. Svarverud. J. A. Rodman. H. F. Hol
lenbeck. F. E. Chambers, Drew Griffin.
E. L. Campbell, w. S. Moon, C. H.
, Flaher, W. O. Gllstrap, M. 8. Barker.
Major J. D. Matlock, R. M. Murphy. J.
M. Shelley, O.-J. Hull, T. H. Garrett. C.
8. Frank, Otto Kauffman. T. C. Potts,
c;,Bf. nkn. M. 0. Mitch
all, 8. Kloddahl -
, Wednesday afternoon from I to la
' publlo exhibition will bs held of tha
work of the metal school at the Ad
' ministration restaurant building. Lewis
ana Clrk fairgrounds. Twenty pupils
hare been taking tha course under Alias
aauaren watklns. The building- which
' waa fitted up at considerable expense by
Superintendent Inaley Is admirably
adapted to this work, light, roomy snd
fitted with gas and water. Tha di
rectors of the Art association feel much
" gratified at ths Interest manifested and
hope to be able to continue the school
- aiihough Miss Watklna expects to re
turn to Cleveland. '
Re. J.'E. Klttredgs D..D who sup.
piled ths pulpit of tha First Presby
terian church, before (the permanent
- pastor was secured, and Who mads
many friends while "here, has been se
, rloualy in In Pekln. but Is now much
Improved In health. Dr. Hunter Wells
' writes from Korea, that Dr. Klttredga
had has a temperature of 10 or 107.
He and bis wife were expected to visit
..there when, he was sufficiently recov
rTered .... Rev. William. Hiram Foulkes
has received a letter from Dr. Kltt-
' redgs written from Hawaii on his re
turn trip, saying that he Is much better.
A fine, large work horse was over
. com yesterday morning at Fourth and
' Morrison streets with a disease of the
spina. ; A veterinarian was called to
we the animal and gays It tha remedies
usual' in such casta. He said that If
ths horss could be kept quiet for t
i or 41 hours he thought ' It would re
cover. a large crowd of amateur
horse-doctors were attracted to the
. scans, most or wnom bad a sure remedy
. that they wanted to try on the sick
animal, but the owner wisely decided to
stay with the professional's Una of
. FlnaT arrangements - for 'tha big
grange fair and carnival at - Qreahain
k will be perfected next Thursday when
. committees from all the granges of
Multnomah county and about 100 bual
neee men and farmers will hold their
. first meeting. Churches and fraternal
organisations of the community will be
Invited to participate as well as dairy
i man, - poultrvmen and others. The re
sources of Multnomah county will be
thoroughly advertised. .
' Steps to reduce danger from fire from
, dry graaa and brush on vacant lota in
tha Vernon tract have been taken by
the Northeastern Improvement aaaocla
. tlon. Houaea ara scattered about In thia
, tract, and on tha vacant lots a growth, of
. . u-1. wiu a 1 " timm oven auiowea xo
spring up. Ths city attorney said he
would laeuo-warrante for the owners of
.lota who perrnlt their property to be.
coma a menace to tha community.
-At tha museum -of art a loan col
lection of Indian work will be on ex
hibition for several weak. ' Tha collec
,, tlon Includes basketa. beadwork, and
r rugs, . the work of the Indiana of the
west coast. About 700 specimens of
basket work alone ara shown. The- art
museum, at Fifth and Taylor streets. Is
open every day from a. m. to p. m.
Admlsalon la free. c ,.
JThe following articles left In street-
July IT and IS may ba secured by
the owners at room 4. O. W. P. bulldlns-.
First and Aider! Ten miscellaneous
packagea, aeven umbrellas, two jackets,
one pair gloves, , one whip, one straw
'hand bar. two basebsll mlta, four lunch
' boxes. -Two Bibles, one album, two cans
of paint, cuff button and ona oil can.
Presiding Judge Cleland of tha circuit
court sas returned from hla eottaga at
Seaside and will preslds in tha circuit
court during this week and next, after
which he will be relieved for two weeks
by Judga Gantenbeln. Judge Fraser
has acted aa presiding Judge during the
past two weeks. Judge Sear presided
during tha aarly part of July.
For liquors phono tha Family Uqnor
Store. J. XL Kelly, successor ta Caswell
A Kelly, 114 Morrison street corner
Park. Both phones Pacific, Main 21,
and Home, A-280I. v ..... .
; Edwin I Mlnar waa also admitted to
practice in both federal courts this
'morning. 1 Mr. Mlnar appeared before
tha courts a year aero ror admlaslon' but
The First
One Hundred
IS THE hardest
money to save, and
the easiest way to get
"the first one hundred"
is to start a savings ac
count in our bank. One
dollar starts an ac-'
xoupt, and , ' .v ; s
WcPay4 Interest
Compounded Twice Every
Tear. . .
Trust &
Savings Bank i
Sixth and Washington Sta,
Portland, Oregon.
Deposits Over $2,600,000
,W. H. Moore..... President
EL EL Lytle. .Vloe-President
W. Cooper Mortis.. Cashier
Eastern Oregon Contestant
' Determined to Secure
Journal Scholarship.
Voting Woman Is Very Popular and
la Publlo School Graduate Other
Contestants Are Equally Anxious
to Win Oat With Honor.
waa found to be under age and was re
quired to postpone hla admission untU
todsy. ,. ,
AX Ints tha recently organised Bap
tist church has secured a. quarter block
of ground and wlA proceed at ones to
erect a chapel. Lumber Is on ths
ground ana wore: win begin this week.
i am cnurca naa aoout v memnera.
Water throught hoao for sprinkling
yards or aids walks or washing porches
or windows must be paid for in advance
and uaed only between tha hours of (
and I a, m., and C and p. m. It must
not ba used for sprinkling streets. If
ueea contrary to these rules, or wssts-
xtuiy, win ds anut oil.
Steamer Jsaso Harklna, tor -Camas,
Waahougal and way landlnra. dallv a.
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington atreet
NVaJo Indian blankets.-Ill Sixth it
inuian oasKeis, ill eistn at.
Eastman kodaka. 111 Sixth atrest.
-Woman's exchange, Its Tenth street.
luoKaii.tviv ti Business men m luncn.
aema Oil Co. ssll safety coal oil and
fine gaeollne. Phono Kaat 711; B-lvOT.
-ooiden Grain Granules" la of ths
nignesi quality. JJ. u. suru ; . ,
D. Chambara,optlclan, 111 Seventh.'
Berger signs ll TamhUl phona.
Bark Tonic for rheumatism.
Z. Beck Jeweler t o s " '
Wmm Ttaaala OavlOrd of North Powder
Is in The Journal contest . to win a
scholarship and to lead tha contest uis
trlet of eastsrn Oregon if posslbls. If
Ulum navlord leads that district about
August 1.; shs 'will ba allowed to ap
point somsons to go on a aummer vaca
tion trip to Alaska, entirely at tha x-
psnse of Tha Journals
But Miss ' Oaylord s first sna cnisi
purpose is to earn a scholarship In a
ror tern can Main 111 a a.sjs
iTvuvwrr vwmpaiiy, 111 miara St.
Well Known Ex-Portlandcr Expired
in 8onthrri Calif ornla Front
Exposure and Overwork.
Thomas r. Osborn, who 11 years ago
waa .one of tha bast known and most
prominent men In Portland, died recent
ly in Baa Diego after brief Illness
brought on by sxposure and overwork.
Osborn waa tha most potent factor In
tha building of tha Chamber of Com
merce building, which waa put up In
tha early NTs. He waa it that time
preeldent of tha chamber of commerce,
fPd. WM 1r,3r through hla efforts
that the money waa raised to oonstruot
tha handaome office building at ThlrJ
- Osborn left Portland IS or 1) years
ago, removing to Los Angeles. . He en
gaged in concrete ana eteel construo-
" wor ana Became one or tha most
successful builders. In southern Califor
nia At the time, of hla death ha was
engaged In putting up five hues atruA.
tures In that part of the country.
r. uiiwrii wu aa years or age and
a native of Missouri He leavea a wife
living In Loa Angeles and five chll
W. H. Osborn, Mrsrfi R. rrasler.
nie. u. n. .:, i nomaa jr. usoorn
r. ana nevuie usDorn.
'l. New Play t Marquam.
' "Ths Story of tha Golden neeee' is
tha name of the new play that will be
given its premiers performance at the
Marquam tneatre tonight. The play
will be Interpreted hv n-Mait ..i
her company and Interest In. its preson-
wuw urn a . . . . .'
"A ItoyaJ SUTe.M " 7
several years ona of tha most
MAKJ 105
uivite Youn
innuiniEG Fon
wr r ftm mm '..
successful romantic dramaa touring tha
country has been "A Royal Slave." Sul
livan at Conaldlns have secured tha naa
of the play for the atock company at
m onr mis wees: ana Will begin Its
n "Taming Hasbnd.n , .
M t ... x..w..u, ...w -wwv
aienne, aasiatea by Htanlev Johns, will
present tha headline playlet. "Taming
a Huaband." at tha Oruui
an tnia wee. Tble la one of ths beat
vaudeville comedies on the stage. The
Dm is a long ona ana strictly first
clsss. . ....
- The Road to Trisco."
Tha Lyrlo'a greatest offering of melo-
arama win De inaugurated tonight when
the Allen stock company will present
ur me iirat lime nnre xne aenaatlonal
meinoramatie success. "The Road to
'Frisco." . This Is tha only play which
reproduces conditions existing before
n siier me terriois aisaster Of April
IS, 107. . , .
Carmen to Celebrate Aag-ust 8.M
August t has been selected by em
ployee of the' street railway company
aa the day for their celebration at the
uaaa. 'logemer witn Manager Freeman
they have made elaborate preparations
for the event and thousands of tickets
ara being sold. Carmen themselves
have charge of tha aale of ticket.
Don't tiae harah physics. Ths reac
tion weakens ths bowels, leads to
chronlo conallpatlon. Oat Doan'a Reg.
ulets. They operate' eaally, tons the
stomach, cure constipation.
Straw hata-for outing at Robinson A
Co.'s sale Slit Waahlngton. , ,
If you want to rent your newly fur
nished room advertise It In the "Fur
tilehed Rooms" columns of The. JournaL
Rate one cent a word. I'tioue If you
, sBtsVksaaaaL Kis4SwtBsf
Bessie Gaylord", eastern - Oregon
contestant who '.will ride over' 200
miles for : ubacriptiona. . .' , ;. ; - ,
business college. . . She la now central
at ths telephone exchange . at . North
Powder andi aha also assists on tha
books of the place where she Is em
ployed. She has seen just enough of buel
mu Ufa to learn that much nrevlous
training and knowledge Is required of
young women nowadays when they seek
good positions and Miss Oaylord desires
a thorough business aduoatloi.
She graduated from the eighth grade
Of the - North Powder publlo achoola
three years ago a no, sna zeeia mat sna
baa a good foundation upon -which ' to
buna a apeciai acnoonng. .
Tv Vatom ad Baker Ooantles.
Wnu Oaylord la about to leave ths
teleyhona office to devote her entire
time to gathering ' subscriptions - In
Union and Baker counties. On soma of
tha roads she will travel, ths houses are
It to It miles apart, but the people
Uvlna- In them will be aulck to respond
to her appeal for assistance In tha con
teat. ' . . . -
t The farmer of eastern Oregon deals
In larae Quantities. He counts his stocK
by herds, his hay by atacka. and hla
cereals or tnouaanqs or ousneis. wneo
bo subscribes for a newspaper it should
be In- the large way In which he does
other thlncs. It should, be for the Dally
and Sunday Edition and for a whole year
in aavance. ' -
Bv aecurins? larae aubsoriDtlons Miss
Oaylord may overcome tha bandlcapa of
the grand aistanoea wnicn sne win nave
to travel between settlements. ,.
Ova the Blue Mountains.
' The ftrst canvaaalnr trio which this
young lady will attempt will cause her
to cross a apur of the Blue mountains
from North Powder to the Pine and
Eeale valleva. This drive will cause
her to travel over 100 miles. -
Her ta rents live at Halfway and her
father, Clarence K. Oaylord. la farming
there. Halfway Is at . the head, of the
beutiful - Pine -valley.-- From this point
ss a-base Miss Oaylord will canvaaa
the- fertile ijtxle Creek -valley, where
tha farmers alwaya havs the money to
purchase what they want.- This part of
Oregon Is aO miles from the railroad
but It la so rich that it la proaperoua,
- Mlaa Oaylord may ride up Pine Creek
to the Cornucopia mines, which Is one
of the best -quarts camps of Oregon.
Tha ausrts miners, gallant to women
and generoua in the rauss f ths schools.
will give her subscriptions, every man
of them aba can find above ground.
. . . Wia Travel Orand SUtaaoea. -'
After canvassing this territory. Iso
lated from the railroad, Mlaa Oaylord
will aeeH votes at LaOranda, Union,
Summervllle and -Elgin; andoshe may
make a canvaaa of Baker City. - If she
does sll this she will cover mora terri
tory than any other contestant. . And ta
cover all tha territory which ahe has
marked out.' will 'fceep -her on tha go
until the last day of tha. contest.
" - " wots This Comparison. f -.
A' Portland contestant In ona week's
time may canvaas more people than
Mlaa Oaylord will be able to aee In a
whole month. Yet Mlas Gayl'- y
complete the contest with a la.
than any Portland cltv mi.ip ! ,
aha is the persevering, esrenst t
her letters and her photograph I
alia will become one of the leader
Mlaa Oaylord's father la iulu
among the farmers and stockmen of tlie
L ! Crt.k euntry. He belonsa to the
Modern Woodmen of America and mein
bera of that order in that portion of
eaatern Oregon may contribute subscrip
tions In her favor. Her mother belonaa
' Episcopal church and ahe will
look to that denomination for aaalatance.
ir,nJ? M.lM Oaylord a abaence from
t r,,llPow,d.or nr trandmother, Mrs.
in 11 C,rroll who in bualneas there.
i i i i w p on Ior
Living with her DM ran la at Hilfwa
i Oaylord has a brother amt
K-.iT 'L ,v uruiner ana sister,
both of whom are about ready to go
IhT. to.,,cho,L The colleKe whose
-y-.-.K wuii mu aeieciea oy Alias
Beaale may secure two additional stu
dents In her brother Clydo and her
slstsr, Valma Oaylord.
Aaothar Oood Traveler. .
laAom Ci iUTTT ot rvllle, Oregon.
-T.-.iT . -u """'"in wno naa a
n,f.ntKiri P,ul-a region to canvaaa.
K-.hiJ"Lfoln UD th "no toward the
Ik "'" "pnisst ciaaa faatsr than
some others whose fortunes srs caat in
m 0'"r populated regions.
th?"i1i 001 -ns centra on
n2- thln-Jlmr, "v" ,n 0r1t oounty,
" r cuniy una. it la one
WaLon t,iH0n" cn Tn- Military
r.Tiia- r- i a ... " . .
' ' . "! i aoDumtni, is an
other candidate In Grant oounty. Her
25i"wSn" over a country 40 miles
1h i""" "l. Both aha and
Adam Murray have to ride for long dla
.v -. uvir auoacnpiiona.
'. a Bonis Ssrvloa. , - .
fear1v all . K . . .
county ars served by the Star Route
aervlce and receive their mall alx times
a week not on Sunday. Many of ths
?i?llm,n,.nd i?rmer" fr 'rom
these off lose that they visit tha post
offices but once or twice a week.- Still
ihltTh ZT "fl a-nerally so well off
i 7. . . .Miurn io -laae a
a'ly newspaper, and . pay . a year In
Ajvance lor 11. . .
una star Routs carriers ara required
- ii pviais along tneir
r2u' .wh" hags are erected
T--"r -a- ivui.. receive meir men
dally and many of them take dally news-
nhlukln' ' aubscriptlons 1 to bs ' filled
... j- vuniminii vnouio specny
on tvery ord;r the postofflco at which
, ...... . v. mi our nouie carrier
are made up. . . .
. Patrona of Star Ttnutaa .
,V?l ".ny kln4 ot " or bag which
will ahed water and which can be served
"t?f dAver whout his alight
ing from his vehicle. . ..
These points can bo borne In mind by
conteatanta working In ths country; 7
Why STot Pick Vp tha Oeaut
. . - tana iuwMI -
om Pork-
Tou need not mn far n
althourh Roblnaon A Co 'a ara - . ..I
dlaadvantage on account of the bulldlns
an ,f Inn. . . I . ...
It- i. 1 1-uiiiiuiiin . arouna inem.
iaw.uiuaii .m inair oiaad vantaaa
uy ouLiiiiinn . yourseu in nign grade
goods at sals prices. SSI Washington
S D)il A m
Potter. Schedule ior -BeaclL
Ths steamer Potter will aal from
Portland. Ash street dock this week as
follows: Monday, I m, m.; Tuesday,
Wednesday and Tnursdsy, a. m.; Sat
urday, 1 p. m. Oet tickets and make
reservations at city ticket office. Third
and Washington streets. CL: W. Stinger,
vtiy. i;a .fojii. . . ..
Watch our windows!
Co.'a. 1(1 - Washington..
Roblnaon A
i" nt..
w. i, tim has KSTrnunm
' ; OM AT. A A. :
We can extract one or all your
' teeth without hurting a bit, and
.put In new teeth tha .gam day
If you desire. - -
Our - system of crown . and
bridge" work Is simple, quick and
When desired you' can have TV
P. Wise or my personal service.
Painless Xxtraettag Free Whan
' Plates ara Ordered.
to tk&m nu '
" and doing- dental; work all tha
time. - That la tha record of Dr.
' W. A. Wise. That' a .one reason
-our business has grown our pa
trona come back.. and they send
their friends. .
W. A. WISE. Dentist
Tailing hMgVSd and Washington
M a. as. to p. aa. khudaya to la.
Talnless Bx. xtloaaoe Plates a
: T. f.: Slardcwnt
and B. A. BafTman v ;
.'!-, soat, . . . ....
Ee a Railroad Han Learn Telegraphy
'. Better, Baslsr, aVargoi' Than Bras.
Mora apnea' needed to keep pace with
the growing demand.. -
WhyT- Wo . poaitlvely do aa wa aay,
place our graduatea In good positions.
Results: Our. graduatea tell their
friends: they attend. Train dispatchers'
wires into our college; actual station
blanks and forma. Oraduateg furnished
with passes from" school to positions.
We can do this for you. - Catalogue. ,
; ouooi izntf ooiuai r
i "The School That Karri Ball."
Commonwealth bldg. (th and Ankeny at.
--:- i .. .
I. ! I 2
r e u
x.BAsnro tnrrnnm hsiobt op tttb taoxtxo stobtbtwbst,
Elsctrlo Light, Bteam, Hot and Cold Salt Water In Every Tub. Buy Tloketa
to Breakers. -Psclflo County, Wash. Postofflee Address, Breakers, Wash.
f l II I I I f t II .-v
A Perfumed Luxury foe the BatL
Hard Water.
Perfume. 25
I Mass avaw msv
RICE POWDER r . . ..
Best Toilet powdef. Antiepticl!y
pure, s Keuevea funbura end ;
n HAit TO py
cLaiijig. Best for
ir V t
When in Doubt
Beard.'n$ the Best Investment forYoor Honey
Biiy Diamonds
Their increase in value wilf pay a hand
tome interest on the investment and you .'
have the pleasure of wearing them. We
.extend -' . . v :T.i
To any reliable party without extra charge "
or going through, a lot of red tape. We
can and do sell for lest' than any jeweler, in
the city.- - . . .. . .
tt iii i niiin i .
1 rw- ;
t I :
. 4
: Do you realize that a properly equipped and man-
' aged -trust company can handle your estate for you
while you live i and look after Jt after, your decease, .
T rendering better service and at lest cost to' you than"
under any other arrangement you can effect?, .v
- The trust company is a perpetual trustee and its
acta are guided by skilled hands directed by a board
of directors composed of successful men. . V
" Our company Ts especially qualified for this work ,
and its officers will be pleased to be consulted at any
time relative thereto. - .. ',.".v' .' '
All business is considered of a confidential nature
and will be so treated..- -
Merchants Sayings and
Trust Company
; CAPITAL FULLY PAID. ... . ; .$150,000 :;
J. Frank Watson. ............. ........President
TRIirTiurhani. ..... .'. .. .V. .Vice-President 'T7
W. H. Fear, .. . ... ......... . . . '. .'..Secretary . v'
f S. C Catching;77t7r...."...'.. Assistant SecretaryjJ
k O. W. T. Mueimaupt. ..... .. ..... .v. ... ..Cashier 7
(I'hone Woln )
Tonlht and All W.. Flrat I'.rf r i-
awe on Anv 'mi,
Ii th ir.-( Atvtai'i-'fH-al r'.
"1.. d arojtr or u.a tut.. . t
tvanlng- tl.tld. iac. 40o, 150. Mat
ln. ". Sop, 25c.
Curtain t .iO !. m.
EyKic theatre.
rhone Main 485.
This Week lh Allri Hiock Compsn
m foad to rico."
Matlneee 0 nc.aay, Satur
day an4 Humlnv. Prlopa, 1p, ton.
Kvery aVenln at S:15. Prices, 10c, loo
and SOc,
Office open from 10a.m. to 10 p. m.
T'Ii, CTAP rhoriPi Main 45
Ths coolest theatre In the city. ,
l"rank DeCamp an Acquma, the Astea
Matinees Tuesdays. Thurailays. Sat-
urdaya and Sundays at 2:30; pi !, 10a
and 20a. Evenlnss at S;15; prlrea, 10o,
SOo and 10c. Reserved aeats by phona
for all performances.
Oornas Vacurha aad ' Tweaty-foarth.
July 30, 31, August 1, 2, 3
- flmt celled st 1:80 p. m. dally-
Games called at Mt p, m. Sundays,
Oraadatand tie. : " Children 19.
Box Seats ISe.
Slek Baadaabe and ralleteall tbetraablaa BssW
dent to a btllooe ata(ee( the lyvtaza. waoh as
Plnlnaai, Manaia. Pineiliiaai, Dial i na eftar
eaUos, Pala la the Bide, Aa. While than- mas
tsmarli hle snnMae has baaa ahowa la eUag
Baadaehe, ret darter's Little trre Wis are
equally valuable In Conatlpailoa, enrtns an4 pre.
VanUa( tbiaannoylnaeomplalntwalla thay aiae
11m aad rafulae the bowels. XraaUlaaysaly
Aehethev woo Id be almost prtoalaaa to flxwe ha
saflar from this dJatrasauig somplalnK bat forta '
fc.Uly tbelrsnodnaaa iloaa notaad hnra.an4 those .
rhooaoetry thaaa will Snd thee, little pll la valu
able la aemany vaya that tbay will not be wtl.
ItsdtodawithoatUMim. Bat after all alca head
la the Baaa of as many Uvea that here la whera
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Low Summer Rates
.To Jamestown Exposition and the East. There :
Is no better time for your summer trip than now, . ,
taking in the Jamestown Exposition and then -;
visiting the Eastern Summer Resorts. -
. , -" 1se;'". -; o':v .; ; .' - ; .: .:
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Hotel 'Hamlin
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