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A u i i i iJ4
:d. i.i o lv:::.i:;o, 'uly
Bir Stock and Wood Sales Negotiated
in .Inland Empire Warehouse Opera
tors Form Combine Against Growers.
Italian llawkers Swarm to
Front Street and Buy
Over-Ripe Bananas.
UtMt market features: ' ,
Apricot crop very h""t
"Watermelon recelpte heavy.
Bartlett seats in market. .
ks ati-adier,
Poultry Improved -banana
arrive overripe.
Five oarlomda of banana arrived and
were delivered tn Front street h'a
morslng that will be a loss to nil who
Lit Aandle them. . The Italians
Irk and procured all they could handle
at the"? own price. There are banana
Jn Portland now within the reach I ! all.
1 It U particularly unfortunate to have
so many overripe bananaa at thla time,
aa this le rnown among the frultmon e
the "fly aeaeon." The file, are amall
brown gnat that wrm about the
bunchea when the are overripe and
make -hem very unsatisfactory to han
dle. AH tommlMloD men were treated
alike.' nnd all have on their band a
large Block of overripe banana. - For
the laat reveral daya tlvrre have been no
banana, in market, but today there are
P- Additional knowledge of a small ap.
rleot crop waa received on the street tn
day. The California and Oregon fruit
will both b ahort. ana pnoea win -'-tlvely
go no lower than they r at
present j
-- Overstock of Waeimelone. "
There are very many watermelon In
stock, and the demand doea not aeera
to be eo general, aa tn former year.
The cool weather la given aa the princi
pal reaann for thla condition. The
prices have not dropped jmicbJbut may
within a few daya. - .
Tomatoes are alao tn big receipt from
both California and Oregon points. -
mu tnmtm nice arrived Sat-
Bit, .ith l&rn auantltv of
California arpiF "u - -
omtl The Utter are aoarca and are
a.l II . 1? KQ M. BOX.
t-i . m uum bearin to oome tn,
...... 1 r 1 tA A m have been ordered
from Lodi and Florin, where the ftret
strawberries and grape come each year.
There will be a large crop of grape
thla year In California, and the grapes
will be plentiful. The tlrat one will
The egg and poultry market la much
lmprovej over las t , " week. - -It Je . not
likely that price will be better at once,
but the receipt are more nearly aoual
to the demand than they have been with
in th last 10 day. No egg or Poultry
of any kind were held over Sunday this
week, aa they were laat .
Halibut I weaker, and ha gona back
to 7 centa a pouna. , ;,
Front atreet price:
Orala. Xlon and Teed.
"GRAIN BAGS Calcutta;- Ic, Urge
lota; amall lota. He. .....
WHEAT Club, flle; red Russian,
7c: blueatem. Slf83c; valley. 80 81c:
CORN Whole. J2S.00; cracked. 2.00
BARLET New Feed. 11.001!00
per ton; rolled,' 121.00 34.00; brewing.
. 111.00 11.00.
dtf II KR nr rwt.
OAT8 New Producer' price No. 1
white, !8.00 per ton; gray, 117.00.
FLOUR F-aatern Oregon pa"".
$4 80; etrarghta. 14.15: export, $J.0;
vallev. $.I0.40; graham, U. $.7;
whole wheat. $4.00; rye. iOa, $$.0; bale.
''wTT.T.fiVTTV'rR Rran. Ilf.00 per' ton
middling. $25.00; ahorta. country. $20;
cltv, 119.00; cnop n.3j..
hit - mutucera' nrlce Timothy,
Willamette valley, -fancy, $1T.OO J1I.00;
ordinary. $lt.00i14.00; eaiitem Oregon,
$18: mixed. $1010.60; clover, $7.60;
grain, $8010; 'cheat. $S.60(10.6O.
4 Batter. Brr Kmltry. - -
BUTTER FAT F. o. b. Portland
Bweet cream, !8Sc; our. lHe. ...
,BUTTFR City creamery. 27HG$0e;
aeoondn, 2$Ho; outalde fancy. Zftc;
mi, ? atora Oreaon. UOllO.
KOQg . Extra fancy, candled, 810
cIEESEJ New Full cream,' fiata.
15?E16Ho per lb; Young America. 100
imc per lb. . . .
POULTRY-Mlxed chicken, He; fancy
bene. lZHtfUo lb; rooatera, oia. tuo id;
fryer. 14tllC lb; broiler. 14lSclb.;
nM iiurVi. tic lb:, eorlnc duck, lie lb:
geeee. old, 810o per lb: prlng geeee,
IZH&lte per lb; turkey. "ll&llo lb;
for old; aquaba, $1$0 per doaen; pigeon.
fl.Zk per ooaen. ureeeea pouiirjr, iy
lljo per lb. higher. ,
- Hop. Wool and Xldea.-
HOP8-10 "cropPrtrn to- etiolea.
IH 7c; medium to prime, dMe. con
tracta. 1807 crop, IO011O.
WOOL 1807 clip Valley. 10llo
astern Oregon, IICZIO.
MOHAIR New"' 107 lte!8Ho-
8HEEPBKINS Shearing 18 10c
ach; ahort wool, 86 40c: medium, wool,
Btv7Sc each; Ionic wool, 7BcO$1.00 each.
TALLOW Prm ,.per lb, No.
I and '""'V' t'i - !o.
CUM JIM BAKK e per lb.
4 rralto and Vegetable.
; POTATOES $1 per aack; old. It.
ONION Jobbing prloe--New Call-
(wiila red. $8 per a k; New Walla
Valla, $l fioe$.00 lb,? arllc. 8c per lb.
APPLES New, $l(
FRESH FRUITS ranae ; 11 00A
4.00; banana, to lb lemon. $.004yT.$0
per box; lime. Mexican, $4.00 per 100;
meappiea, j.o'ff n.uu aoanf grape rru It
ti n; cnerriee. irijioe in; peaches, 0c
t$l.l(: Crawford ICallfornlal. 81.B0:
Oregon cantaloupe, $16004.80; raap
berrles. $LZ8; plum, $1 watermelon,
mtMc; cnltlvated blackberiiee, $1.11
a crate; wild, ta lb; erabepplea, (09
7(c per tax; Bartlett pear. $2.80 per
box. ,
VEGETABLES Ttirnln. new." t0c9
fl.00 aok; earrota. 76ci$i.0O per sack;
eeta, $1.50 per sack; paranlpa, l.9Qft
Jl 15; cabbaire, $1.00; tomatoes, Oregon,
0&80c; parsnlpa, S0c$l; was beana.
(c; green, e per lb.; cauliflower. Il.ltfi
1.60 dnaen; peaa, Sp; hnraeradiKh. so lb ;
artichoke.- 0c76a dosen; rhubarb. $c
lb.; green onlona, 2 So per dosen; bell pep
per. lOClJHo per lb.; head lettuce.
' aoa; cucumbers, hotbouae, JOffllOc
dos; outdoor, 40 60c box; radlshea, lie
firooerUa, ITata, Bto.
' , (Special Dispatch to Journal.)
. BoUe, Ida., July 1$. The laat
aale of wool In the Mountain
Home section occurred laat week
when several clip were disposed
of. . . .
' Joseph Bengoecha sold 180
bags to Robert J. Craig at .1$
cent. : Arthur Pence disposed of
his 180T dtp of 7$ baga to Kosh
land for 1814 centa. The latter
alao purchased 111 bags of An
drew Rogerson for II S-l cents.
Koahland bought 41 bags of H. IX
Lawson. for . which 'be paid It
cents. Arthur Pence's 10 clip
of bags was consigned to ,
Webb A Co, to whom was also
consigned the 10 and 1107 clips x
of John Pence. The first was of
II bags, and the latter II bags. .
18 0714: berry. I5.I7U: dry. -granulated.
$5.17 H: Star. $5.77 H; conf. A. $5.87
extra B,
' SUGAR - Cube, $.zm; powdered
(Special Dispatch to Journal.)
'-r juiy it Ware-
heue - eom r nl operating tn4
una TOomj ' agreea to raise
the storage frrlce of wheat from 4
eu to 7 rents, or me same aa 4
baa been done In the atate of ' 4
waantngton. ire farmer de- 4
clnre that this Is unreasonable, 4
and that they will not pay It, If a
way ran be round to defeat It. 4
It la believed that the sale day 4
aa planned by the Inland Empire 4
c;rln Grower association will
I r'-..rte1 to, which will enable
y . v . - '- -
Seattle Buyers Make Pur
chase of Eastern Oregon
' Cattlemen. ''
v A 1 1 aav u. s u. e I 7a lauawsa v, f v.i 7W
yellow, $S.17Vi; beet granulated. $5.77H;
barrels, 10c; half barrels, 16o; boxns.
50o advance on sack basis.
(Above prices are 10 days net cash
quotatlona) ... .
HONEY $1.80 per crate. "
COFFEE Package brands, 111.110
SALT Coarse -Half ground, 100s,
$11.60 per ton; 60s, $11.00; table, dairy.
50. $17.60; 100s. $17.55; bales, $2.l5;
Imported Liverpool, 60s,. $20.00; 10's,
tlftAA. U, tlBAA' "Ir. fin.
la, fia and 10a, $4.6006.60; Liverpool
lump rock. $29.60 per ton; 50-lb rock,
111.00; 100s, $10.10.
(Above prices apply to sales of less
than car lot. Car lota at special prices
subject to fluctuations.)
KICK Imperial japan, NO. 1, sc; in a.
1. 6Hr6c; New Orleans, bead. To;
AJax. 6c: Creole. 6Ve.r
BEANS Small white, 11.10; largo
white. $3.15; pink. $1.40; bayou. IS.80;
umaa, q4e; Mexican red. rQ. r
. NUTS Peanut Jumbo. IHo per lb:
Virginia, 7tte per lb; roasted, 10c per
in: Japanese. tt6e: roaatea. iwf wo
per lb; walnuts, California, loo per id;
pm Utiri4 116 per- lb: hickory but.
10c per lb: Braill nuta. ISc per lb: fil
bert. JSC per lb; fancy pecans. HQ zee
per lb; almonds, lltfllttc
. Meals, riak and FTOrlalons.
FRESH MEATS Front street Hogs,
fancy. 8 Ho per lb; large. J8c per
lb: vasl. vTtra. lUAM ner thr erdlnarv.
8c per lb; poor, 07o per lb; mutton.
lancy, sw'C per id. ,
HAMS.- BACON. ETC. Portland pack,
(local) hams. 10 16 U Iba. 15c per lb:
14 to 1 lbs. ISHe per lb; It to 10 lbs.
iio; breakfsst bacon, HHOllo per
lb; plcnlca, llc per lb; cottage . roll,
11 Ho per lb; regular ahort clears, un
smoked, llo per lb; smoked, llo per lb;
clear backs, unsmoked, 12o; smeked, llo
per lb; Union butts, 10 to II lba, un
smoked. Ro per lb; smoked, le pr lb;
clear bellies, unsmoked. 11 Ho per lb;
moked 11 He per lb; ahoulder. llHo
per lb; pickled tongues. (0c each. ' -.
LOCAL LARD Kettle leaf, lOo, lie
per lb; la, 11 Ho per lb; 10-lb Una, HHo
fer lb; ateam rendered, 10a, llo per
tn Is, 11 1a per lb; compound, 10s, lOo
per lb.-
FISH Rock cod. ij per lb: flounder,
le per lb; halibut, 7o per lb; striped
bass, 16e per lb; catfish, lie per lb; sal
mon, freah Columbia Chinook, lie per
lb; Steelheada, lOo per lb; herrings, c
per lb; soles. 6c per lb; ehrlmps. lie per
lb; perch, (o per lb; tomcod, .70 per lb;
lobsters,. 16c per lb; fresh mackerel, 8o
rer lb; crawfish, 15c per dos; sturgeon,
IHo per lb: black bass, 20c per lb;
silver smelt, 7o per lb; shad. 4c per lb;
black cod. 7Hc per lb.
OYSTERS Shoalwater bay. per gal
lon. 12.60; per 100-lb aaclr, 14.10; Olym
pla. per gallon. 12.26: per 116-lb aack.
I6.I0OI.16; Eable, canned, lOo can; 17.00
dos ,...
CLAMS Hardshell, per bog. 11.40;
rasor clams, $2.00 per box; lOo per dos.
Palata, Coal OIL ate. -ROPE
Pure Manila, like: standard.
11 c; sisal, llo.
COAL OIL Pearl or Astral Case,
lHe per gal: water white. Iron bbla,
14o per gal; wooden, 17c per gal; head
light 170 deg esses. 11 Ho per gaj.
WOABOLINJ 84 deg.. cases. 14 HO per
gal; iron bbls, 18o per gal. 1
- tiE.wz.iKK i oeg.. cases, xso per
gal; Iron bbls, llo per gat
TURPENTINE In esse, llo per gal;
wooden bbls, 92c per gal. .
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. T "to per
lb; 600-lb lots, to per lb; lea lots, IH
PrJJ?: . . . . ....
wihg JVAIL9 rresent oasis si .is.
Portland Union Stockyards. July II.
Receipts at city stockyards are aa fol
low: . . . .. Hogs. Cattle, Bhaep.
Todsy ......,....,. I6'. .
Wock ago .......... ' j;i
Year aao ". ... . . , . . ..,.. - 150 ...
Prevloiia year 1 . 166 -110
Receipts today were small. A week
ago, however, there were no receipt.
Hoga continue to be acarce. There were
14 horses Hated among the receipts to
day. -, -,
Prices remain the aame ana are:
Una's Tlest eastern' Or eon. !v60:
stockers an.Lfeedera, I.IOti.26; China
fata. 4.26 4t8.0.
Cattle Best eastern ' Oregon steers,
81.76: best eowa and heifers. $2.7101.00:
bulla. $1.00. . .
S ieeD watbers. 14.004X14.16: jamoa.
$4.765.00. j - .
Chicago, July II. Recelptg .today
war reported as followed
Hogs. Csttla. Sheep.
Chicago ,. 11.040 11.000 20,000
Kansas city...- a,uwu n.uuv , ,,
Omaha 1,000 4.000 1.600
Hog opened 6 to 10 cent nigner.
Left over Saturday 1,100. Receipts a
year ago were ax.uou,
urriciai pricea: .
jnmru, fu.iu, uvh.t. - , .wwaw,
IS.804I6.I5; light, $0.4501.60.
came steaay; sneep wea.
January .
r eoruary
March . .
April ....
May ....
June ... .. ....
July .... 1180
Auguat .. 1141
September 1141
October k 1174
November 1171
December 1181
Open. High. Low.
1181 1207 111!
x'. -wa.s- rwn " .
Offlclal prices ' by Overbeck A Cooks
company; :'..'.
Liverpool. July II. Cotton futures
closed i to I points up. Market was
steady. . -
Portland Bank St4ttmnW
Clearings today i ......... .$1,117.481 17
Xear ago ...... ......... , oo,j.s
Oaln today . .......'......$ 170.661.71
Balance today ........... 17,818 11
rear ago ............... si,s.i
It 'will -par you to go odt of your
way to see the bargains si nooinson at
Co. a, 188 Washington etraet.
Jt:rnyon . City. Or.; July I.J. C
Ijinrrsn. buver for th Frye-Brughn
company of Seattle, has contracted with
lsee cattlemen ror ,du neaa oi -yrr-bld
ateerar to""bdelivared rnt- Pendlettm
October 11.
This Is the largest band of 1-year-old
steers ever - brought out of th -lsee
country, and the price paid, which la
much higher than the same grade of
cattle brought last year, tneana the lsee
cattlemen will receive In the neighbor
hood of $100,000 for this band of cat
tle. , .
Reveral hundred head of fat cows
have, been aold In- Bear-valley and- eat.
tlemen are jubilant oyer tne prospects.
San Francisco, July II. Not much
Interest Is manifested by traders. The
aummer characteristics of . the stock
market are on. There baa been a alight
decline In some of the mining stocks.
Sandstorm 41a, Red Top 4c, Columbia
Ml 65C, J UmbO 4CA. jumbo .Ttl.
$1.77HcB. Pennsylvania Ic Goldfleld M.
Co. 11.60. Kendall 28c. Booth 44cB.
Adams 12c, Sliver Pick 10c May Queen
lOcB, Ney. Boy- eo, B. B. Ext. 8c, Blue
Bell He- Dixie 6cB. O. Columbia 6c
Hlbernia 7cB. St. Ives 81.20, Conqueror
llcB, Blk. Rock 4cB, Lone . Star 10c,
O. Wonder IcB, Potlach 40c, Oro 12cB,
Kendall Ext. 2c, Sands t. Ext. 4c, Mayne
7o, Atlanta llcB, Great Bend 770, Com-
monweaun lieu, uomo. rracc- iz.ib,
Gr. Bend Ext. 14cB, Gr. Bend Anx. 10c
B, Mil I storm 40c B. B. Bonansa 7c,
Kewanoa 9cB, Esmeralda c, Portland
ZcB. Cracker jack lc Red Hill 670,
Mohawk Ext. c Lou Dillon c T.
Tiger 20c Grandma 4c 8. Pick Ext. 4c
T. Rose Ic. Col. .Mt. Ext. 6e. uoldf.
cons, ic
Oohlr 11.05. Mexican lie 'Gould A
Curry 14c, Con. Virginia, 68c Savage
68c Tellow jacket oew, Beioiter zo.
Confidence 750. ' Sierra Ner. isc ' Ex.
ohequer 40cB, Union Ic, Hals 4k Nor-
cross 66a
Original 7c. Bullf. M. C. lie Mont
Bullf. 4c Nat Bank ZcB. L. Harris IcB,
Amethyst IcB, e?old Bar 10c Stelnway
tcA, - Denver Buf. . Anx.. lOoA. Bonnie
care 60c, MavfL Cons. ItcB. Montv,
Ohio Ext. to, G. Scepter 7c, Monty. Mt
lie B. Daley 10c A, Homestake Cons.
I2CB. Tankee Girl 6cA. Nugget 4cB.
Tramp Cons. 41c Victor IcB, North
Star oca. l
Ton. Nev. IZHcB, Mont Ton. II.10A,
TonKxt acNamar iscs-Mia
way 07c. Ton. Belmont 11.40A. Ton.
No. Star lie, Ohio Ton. 8c. West End
Con a 60c. Rescue 14c. Ton. & Calif.
7cA, Golden Anchor" 7eA. Jim Butler
11.02H. Ton. Cash Boy 6c B. Ton. Home
5cB. Boat. Ton. IOcA. Monarch Pitta.
Ex. Ic Mont Mid. , Ext. 4c Golden
Crown Ic
" Manh. Cons. 80cA. Manh. M. Co. IcB.
O. Wedge 6cB, Beyler Hump, ic Dexter
14c A. L. Joe 2c Crescent c A. Combi
nation 2c, Granny 22c Mustang 10c
Little Grey 20c, Cowboy 4c Oris. Manh.
10c Broncho 7e, Jump. Jack 7cB, Pine
nut 7c, S. Dog 18oB, .T. Horse 4cB,
Indian Camp 7cH.
orriciai pricea by uverpocK at cooae
I company:
I lx . . WHEAT. y"
1 Open ' High, taw, " Closa;-
Bept ...... ...... SH tlH
leo. ...... I0B H
May 100H lOlg
Sept. II H i 11 lljt ItHB
Sept. 41 60Vi .-41 '- 40 -
May . 61 " II 3 " II . II J
5cB. Nevada H!Ua lie. No. Star Won
der 4c, Eagle's Neat 17c Ruby Wonder
25c, Alice of Wonder IcA, Pittsburg
Silver Peak 11.87 HH- ,
r- '.' Car Lot BecelretL
Chicago. July 2$. Car lots received
today were: ',
Wheat .. ...........128 IT 110 187
Corn 201 11 205 107
Oats . 80 I II 277
Crops Good Near Spokane-
i MV prkins: Sundays in
" Palouse Countr-.,
tSpeelal THsbetck to The Journal.)
Bookana. Waah. Julv ! I..l wmV
haa been a Week of activity In the har
veat fielda and - many of .the wheat
growers have cut and - stacked hun
dreds of acres of snldrn a ruin. Min
are plentiful and good wagea are being
paid. In Idaho the wheat la not so far
advanced, but barley la going up to
60 -bushels an acre and farmera are
holding for 76 cents. Barley harvesting
Is well along In all communities. ,.
Recent rains north of here have de
layed the harvest some. In some placea
hall damaged the grain slightly, but
there are no great loss. Smut Is be
ing found In some - fielda. but moat
wheat around here will be No. 1. Wheat
la doing well throughout the Big Bend
country and harvesting Is on full blast
In the' Palouae country they are work
ing Sundays to keep up. . ,
I' P. Turner ,of Mohler "expects to
barveat 17,000 bushels of oata from 100
acrea and haa purchased 10.000 sacks.
This shows. In general, th oats crop.
Cora Shows an Upward Tendency on
Account of Loss Claused
. ' by th Rains. ' July II. Dealing ..dull on
the exchange. Cora bullish on account
of decrease In acreage caused, by rain
- srOH
OAT8. .
40 , . II
4114 414a
1657 1657 ' 1147
$17 111
- 1 1 . T
, "
1I4TA '
71 : 177 171
fo rilpose of the
ut rnvlng storage.
rn!n growers' association
. up the matter at once.
1 up the matter at once. a
. By Myman lt. Cohen.
Oren De Mar' Farm, near Dixie,
Wash., July 18. In Dixie lan'd, not be
low the famous Mason and Dixon line of
th south, but in th Walla Walla val
ley, tbey ar harvesting today timothy
hay that- will In many Instance run
three tons to tha acre and crops or two
and a half tone are quite common 1 thla
section- the present aeaaon. . Such mag
nificent crops of timothy were never be
fore equaled In eastern Washington.
Crops of Club wheat will rangs very
close to II bushels to th acre on the
average, while there have been numer
oua Instances where th yield has. been
considerably higher Reports have been
circulated of yields of 71 bushel to
the sere but if uch was th eaae the
isi was made only In a' very limited
area and did not comprise more than
an acre or two. . .., -a.. -
' Barley Yield Bnorasott. . . ,
Br,L v,ela this year kept apace
with other grain crops, production
Cvrliof buhela tn tha Dixie neigh
There have been Individual Instances
When ss hlsh as 0 bushels Of barley
this Ilk the70-bushel wheat stories
hardly reflect actual conditions tests
being made only In limited apace.
This part of eastern Washington will
give to the world a record breaking crop
of oats. Kxoeptlonally heavy yield are
reported on all aides and the grain la
much, heavier than tn any recent year.
Taking all la all tha entire grain pro
duction la an eyeopeney even to those
that have lived In this wonderful grain
country all their Uvea. -
low Dixie Ok Zta Vi
Th - way t hi -placa-was - named 1s
quite an historical event It waa this
way. In 1846 three bovs or young men
of the Kershaw family William.' John
and James atarted across the plains
for the west with ox teams. The boys
were born musicians, each being a fid
dler of some- renown. On the way to
the weft their principal .musical (tern
ass "Dixie Lnd." and many times
across the plains where It had never
before been heard, floated the strains of
th favorite southern sir. "In, Dixie
lnnd I'd tnke my stand to live and die In
Dixie land."
This tune was riddled all the way
across the plains nnd the party of trav
elers gave the name of "Dixie Hots" to
the musical trio. i This name clung to
them snfl when they settled on the pres
ent site of JJlxle the town wse named In
thir honor. Two of the "Dixie Boys"
still survive and on special occasions
fiddle out "Pixie I.and1' to th step of
many young feet at Dixie dance
Hot Weather Affected JIaxket
Many Large Oprratorn Absent.'
New - York. - July II. Extreme hot
weather had its effect on th atock mar
ket today. Big traders were not active
and many paid little attention to th
market - -
Official quotations ' by Overbeck,
A Cooke Company; , Open. , Close.
Amalgamated Copper Co. . 88
Amer. Car eV Found., com.,. 41
do preferred ... , ....
Amer. Cotton Oil. common. It
American Loco., common,. 68 .
Amer. Sugar, common Ill
American Smelt, common. 11H4
do preferred .'. ...... . ....
Anaconda Mln. Co. ....... it
Jiuiri icu T, Vt'lvil, VUltl.. , , , . , , I . I
Atchison, common ........ I4H l
do preferred 8!!4 II
B. A O., common ....
Brooklyn Rap. Transit..,. 16 67,
Canadian Pacific, common. 17114 . 171
vent. ueKiner, common.... .. .,
do preferred ....
C. G. W., common
C M. 4k St P.,.., ....... .114
C 4k N. W, com. ...... ,...161 U
a Ic O.... 16
Col. fuel A Iron, common., tl
Colo. Southern, common...' 14
aa secona preierrea . . . . t 1
do flret preferred ....... ..... II .
DeL & Hudson ........... .... 170H
D. R. a., common ...... .... l7Vh
do preferred .......... . . . 10
Erie, common 11 11 H
-do-eond preferred-.,,, rr. 41 4
do first preferred ...... .... II
Great Nor., preferred..... 117 114
Illinois Central 77.V. r.T" . ..."14a H
K N. .114)4 111(4
Manhattan Railway ...... .... 180
Mexican Cent Ry t4
M. K. T common...... IIH 18
do preferred , 17 !
IMstiUera 66 Si
Virginia vnemicai ........ ....
Ore Lands ....
Missouri Pacific. I. 71
National Lead .1.. ....
New York Central Ill'
N. Y.. Ontario A Westers. . 18
Northern Pacific. e.....,,.l!
Pennsylvania Railway,,.., Ill
Pressed Steel Car. s....... ..
do preferred............ . 01
Reading, e...... 106H104H
Republic Iron A Steel, e. .. 18 17
do preferred............ 14 84 H
Rock Win4, errrmrrTTII- H 11
do - preferred ,-r m , . , . , 47 Si 47
S. L. A 8. F. Id preferred, , , , ,, - 17
do 1st preferred.,,...... ..... 40
St L. 8. W.. c...., 10
do preferred...,....,,,, , ... 61
Southern Paclflo, e 1074. 89
do preferred....! .-111V4 111
Southern Railway, o. ...... 18 1
do preferred ................
Texas Paclflo........... HVi
Toledo, fit L. A W ..,......
do preferred.. ..4..,,,,. . ...
Union Pacific, e,., ....... .144
do preferred ............. ....
U. 8. Rubber, o. .... r, ....... . .'
do prererrea . .
87 Vi
Mariners Will Keep"a Sharp
Lookout for Boats and
Eafts Off the Coast,
CnptaJn Mason Iveg " Grairfilo Ac
' count of How News of the Wreck
-.' Created Excitement s Among Pas-scngr-r
on Alternating Croft.
y:i,Q.--: : '-.' "
Coasting vessels are keeping a sharp
lookout for life rafts or boats that
might atlH be drifting about on the
ocean and possibly carrying survivors
from th Columbia-San Pedro collision.
Cases have been known -where survivors
havs drifted about for many days, even
in th path of commerce before being
picked up, and mariners ar of the opin
ion that a alight bop may yet be held
out for those who disappeared with the
amp Bunaay morning a wee ago. -
' Captain Mason, master of tne San
Franciaca & Portland Steamship com
pany steamer Costa Rica, which alter
nated wltn tne coiumoia, miu
at all Impossible that one or more
boata or rafta mav be picked up, per
haps with Uvea aboard. - He points to
the fact that when . the Valencia was
lost on the coast of Vancouver island
one boat waa nicked UP aeveral months
after the disaster, although the occu
pants bad died marry weeka before from
exposure. In thla case, however, he
thinks th boats should be discovered
more easily, since the beach south of
where the collision occurred 4a more ac
cessible than the precipitous cliffs thst
break the seas that roll In upon Van
couver island. The Coata Rica, which
arrived here yesterday morning, paaaed
the scene last - inursaay. dui saw no
sign of anything that would cast fur
ther light upon th tragedyr-
On her way aouth the officers and
paaaengers en the Coata Rica looked In
vain for the Columbia, which waa us
uUymtln the vicinity at Jureka.
When near Rtixbury Point a ateam
aohooner signalled tha words "Colum
bia la lost" to the Coata Rica and upon
entering the bay. fuller particulars were
received rrom tne outwara oouna steam
schooner Yosemlt. The news created
great excitement ' and threw gloom
over th happy paaaengers who had
enjoyed a beautiful - voyage from the
Columbia river.
The oil carrying steamers Argyll and
S. W. Porter, v which arrived bare thla
morning from San Francisco, did not
sight any wrrckag off the coast. The
oil j carriers stand further off to sea,
however, than the passenger and gen
eral cargo ahlpa. so they were hardly
expected tO have encountered either
boata or wreckage that might still be
afloat Th 8. W , Porter is at Linn
ton and the Argyll at Portsmouth die
charging oil. . ' .
How md Wynn Will Return ta the
.: Oolden Gate.
Messrs. Edwards and Fuller, inspec
tors of hulls and boilers at this port,
received a telegram thla morning front
Captain John Borm Ingham, supervising
Inspector of the first district 'with
headquarter at San Francisco, recall
ing Aaalatant Inspector How and
Wynn, ;who a few months .ago hirers
transferred to this 'port
The reason for the recall is net
known, and it is hardly believed to
have .any connection whatever with the
Columbia disaster, although both the
Columbia and San Pedro were probably
Inspected by those two gentlemen when
they were stationed at San Francisco.
- Not long ago a system was adopted
calling for the transfer of aaalatant
official a often a possible for th
good of th servlce.when Assistant In
spectors Ames and Weldon were ordered
to Seattle from Portland and How ansi
Wynn sent her from the Bay City.
Ames and Weldon may be ordered to re
turn to Portland. , . , -
French Bark Sustain Damage hi
' .' i ' : English Channel.
Word was received her this morning
to the effect that the French bark Vllle
de Dijon, which left Antwerp Juns 11
with a cargo of cement, has put Into
Havre, France, damaged. Th message
doe not convey, the character nor ex
tent of the -damage. ;
Th accident will delay the vassal par
haps . a couple of weeka ,, ,.
The steamer Breakwater sails tonight
for Coos Bay. The Alliance is due to
arrive tomorrow from Coo.
Th ateam schooner Excelsior will be
In th harbor thla afternoon from San
Francisco. ' She la expected to bring
some general freight to be discharged
at Oak street dock.
The oriental liner Nlcomedla Is dis
charging freight at Alaska dock today.
She will begin loading flour for a re
turn cargo this week.
A wireless message was received from
the steamer President by the weather
bureau at 10 cVlock laat night, stating
that she waa 110 mile aouth of th Co.
lumbla river th barometer 10:01, wind
northwest and moderate.,--- - r-- -T r
V. 8. Steel Co- v..-1744 16
do-- preferred . , .... , ...100 100 Si
Wabash, c .... MISi
do nrererred ...... ...........
W. IT. Telegraph ........ ......
Wisconsin Central, e
do preferred
, . , . .
The German Lutheran church waa
granted a permit today to build a two
tory frame church building to coat be
tween 16,000 and 18,000. The new edifice
will be located on Rlggen street be
tween East Twenty-eighth and East
Twenty-ntnth street, about half a mil
east of Woodlswn. '
The McColman TiundlntfoirTinh
treat, between Stark and Oak, which
was partially destroyed by fire some
week ego, Is to be repaired at once
and will again be occupied by Archer 4k
Schana, wholesale druggists! The dam
kges to the building have been appraised
at .
Clevelend. O., u1y II. For ths first
tlm in a year John U. Rockefeller ad
dressed the Sunday school yesterdsy.
He said that the great secret of aucceas
Is to aet away from the butterfly pur
suits of life and do good to othara.
Rockefeller also stated that he Joined
the Sunday school at the age of 14, and
bad been a member for 14 years.
?,". : MARINE ffOTES ; , ,
Astoria, July . Let up at 4 a. m.
Schooner James Rolph. Arrived at 7
and left up at 7:10 a. m. Steamer Ex
celsior, from San Franelaco.
San Francisco, July 18. Arrived last
night Steamer Casco. fronr Portland.
-. Astoria, July II. Arrived at 4:80 a.
tn. and left up at 1 p. Vn. Steamer W.
B. Porter, from Mopterey. Arrived at
I a. m. Schooner Jamea Rolph, from
San Francisco. Arrived down at I and
sailed at 4:40 p. m. Oerman steamer
A leal a.--tor Hon gkong" and way porta
Arrived at 1:16 and left up 'at p. m.
Steamer Argyll, from Sany Francisco.
Arrived down at 1 p. m. Barkentlns
J. M. Griffith.
Havre, July IT. Arrived French
bark Villa de Dijon, from Antwerp, for
Portland. , .
San Francisco, July 18. Arrived
Schooner Lillebonne and steamer Atlas
with barge No. II. from Portland.
. Astoria, July II. Condition of the
bar at I a. m., obscured: wind north
west 14 mile weather, dense fog.
Tides at Astoria today High water
1:11 a. m- 1.4 feet; 4:31 p. m., 1.4 feet
Low water 10:11 a. m., 0.0 feet; 14:48
p. m., 1.6 feet .
Joaraaf gpeelal grvtre.) , 5
' New York, July II. Firs at Coney
Island yesterday destroyed seven block
of amusement buildings and did damage
estimated at nearly 81.000.000. , There
was no Insurance on th property, i
'Now York, July II. Fourteen people
wvie ourno id oth anu a i.i,j
number Injured In a tenement house fire
at 111 Christie street last night The
fir was started by an explosion.
Streetcar Employes' Benefit
at the Oaks Will' Be a
Bis: Event. ?
Nearly 20,000 Ticket Plcdgrd and
Ccmrnlttee on Arrangement Com
pletes Lotto; List of Event for tha
Entertainment of Fleaaareeekera,
Alncln (Cfi7
' a TBJP3
ft. gpokana, July 80 1,
a. P, genator ' 6M?t, , Oct f
O. President . . .Sept M
. at It AtABXA KOTfTB, . .
. ' ' aalllna rxom eartls. ,
Ikagwa;, Sitka. Jnoeaa aad way porta,
, Balilng .. ,,
M. f. at Oo.'s Bnmbodll. ............
, " . July aa, Aug. 1, it, n
Cltv of Seattle. .July BO, Aug. a, IS, to
Oottag City, via Sitka
X... .u.
SaUlnf a, bu rrosa Saattla . ............. Xtll V SA
i Beat XWS ......July .
! m .1 '. ....Julr aa
,..lli, .,. . --v- - .
City tffle. Mt Washington St -
The general committee on arrange
ments for the annual picnic and field
day tourneys of ' the Brotherhood .of
Electric Street Railway Employes Is
meeting with great ' suocsss In listing
events for Tbursdsy, August 8, at the
Oaks. Tbs big pleaaur park wilt be
turned over to the carmen and their
friends. Manager' Freeman desires It
understood that all the receipts from th
ssle of ' trie csrmen's tickets will be
taken in charre by the committee on
benefit of the Brotherhood for sick and
disabled members.
- Kerehaat Olv Freely. ,
All the leading merchants of th city
have voluntarily oontrlbuted aaalstance.
Nearly 20,000 tickets have been pledged
end some of the wideawake dealers
downtown ar going to make premiums
of the admission tlcketa which are gool
for all the special events of that date
and give them away to customers with
each purchase of goods at their placea
of -Jfuslnesa, y-' . - - ' ' ' 1 "
During ths afternoon of Thursday-,
August I. the lawns atr th Oak will b
the cn of a big baby I show. Tha
present for the ucceeaful entries are
of extraordinary value and will b well
worth while. There will be a great va
riety of athletle atuota during th after,
noon and beginning early In the evening
of th carmen's day there wilt be cake
walk contests between the champion
team In th Paclflo northwest some of
which will oome from a distance to at-
There will be a fencing contest be
tween masters of the raplera drill
hibltlona by uniformed teams from lead
ing fraternal organisations, alao a ae
ries of boxing bouts, running races,
swimming races, and watermelon eat
ing contest ..;,.....-'.,. .; .
Sveats aad, lrla. ' ,
Following , I the prise . list and the
vents that havs been arranged by the
committee, consisting of active car plat
form men:
. Prettiest baby girl, I to 11 months old
High chair donated by Jenning 4V
Prettiest baby boy, I to 11 months
Baby Jumper donated by Tull 4k Glbb.
Prettiest baby In th district north of
Holladay avenue, I to II monttis old
Child' rocker donated by H. C Schroe
der. Prettiest baby between . Holladav
avenu-and Hawthorn avenue; I' t 11
month old Child' rocker donated by
Calef Brother. . '
Prettiest baby south of.. Hawthorn
avenue,' I to 11 months old Child's
rocker donated by William Taylor.
Prettiest baby on weat aide north of
Washington atreet Child's rocker do
nated by Power Furniture company.
- Prettiest baby on west aide aouth of
Washington atreet Child' rocker, do
nated by Oevurta Son.
Best natured baby on th grounds, 1
to t yeara old Child' go-cart donated
by Edwards company.
Footrace between wives of members,
10 yards Arm rocking chair donated by
Oadabys. ' .
Foct race for all young ladles between
11 and 10 years old. 60 yard Pair of
hoe donated , by Btaiger Bhoe com
pany. ' - ' '"- ; - '
Fat men' race, 100 pound or over,
free for all. 10-yard daah Meerschaum
pipe donated by !g filchel.
. Comic foot race, between Dan MoAl
len and Dr. Deveny, 10 yards Box- of
cigars, donated by Hart Cigar company.
Foot race between two oldest platform
employe In service El aht pound cof
fee, from Wadhams 4k err company.
Inspectors' footrace, 10 yarde, be
tween J. O. Mann, Inspector Piedmont
division; C. F. Doty. Inspector west aide
division; O. W. Buoholts, Inspector Eaat
Ankeny division Box cigars. -
A seeolal rao for a trophy will be
ran be, ween-Superintendent a. C Fields
and Fred Corper, general superintend
ent '-'..;-, - - - V. -.
v ;. . -9ng at War Ooatssl. ;. : ; .
Tug of war between members' from
east aid and west aide Box of cigars,
donated by M. A. Ount Co. -
.. Boxing contest bantamweights, , for
polnta, amateur rule, four round 811-
point only.-'Marqui of Queensberry
rule, four rounds Silver loving cup,
donated by Staples, ths Jeweler.
Wrestling contest eatch-ae-catch-ean,
best two out at three Engraved medal,
donated by Butterfteld Brothers.
Foil contest, - for points Engraved
trophy, donated by Fldenhelmer, Jew-
Bicycle rsre, fr for all. between,
Western Union and poataj xsiegrapn
company messengers First prise, esp
and pants, donated by.' Lion Clothing
company: second prise, pair of Uppers,
donated by Beeve at Co.
Exhibition drill. Woodmen of - th
World Silver tray, nons ted by Louis
Oil bride. Jeweler. . . . "
Kxhlbltfon drill. Knights of ths Mao
cabeea -uniform rank Loving cup, do
nated by Heltkemper company. - -.
Swimming contest, free for all ladles,
Amtmnrm to be announced Dreaa hat
donated by Wonder Millinery company. J
Swimming contest, irw ior mi wore,
16 to II years old, distance announced
Gold filled watch, donated by Beck, Jew-
''cakewafk. for Juvenile under 11 year
of ags Olrl, ' bracelet donated by
Charles Leonhardt; silver cup for boy,
donated by Frledlander, Jeweler.
Cakewalk, free for all Gentleman,
gold headed cane, donated by L. C. Hen.
rtclisen company; lady, gold headed silk
umbrella, donated by McAUen 4k Mo
Donnell. , , '
Watermelon eating contest free for
11 under II years of ags Cash prls,
Footrace, 60 yard dash, between T. I.
Fuller, general manager; 8. Q. Reed,
treasurer; F. O- Sykea, general manager
power department; C. 1. Franklin, gen
eral superintendent Portland Railway,
Light Power company Mahogany
stand, donated Rv H. F. Boynton. . .
- For member selling greatest number
of benefit tickets, exclusive of members
of committee Cuokoo clock, donated by
... vv ; ,. . i.
Chicago and "return, 171.16.
St Lout and return, 8(160.
St Paul, Minneapolis, Dulutty Sup-'
lior, Winnipeg and Port Arthur sad re
turn, I0.
. For tickets, sleeping ear reservations
and additions! Information, call on or
addresa H. DICKSON. C. P. T. A. ,
..l TmiKa st, roaxxAjro, om.
Tejephonea: Main ISO. Home A-11S8.
lo! For
..... . .
FastSteamerTefegraph -
Dally (except Thursdays). Leaves Aide
street dock 7 a. m. f--.
, Sunday a. m. fl roand trip. '
j nOn BCaXaf S4IS. h"'.-3.
Columbia Riven Scenery
Dttly 'serrlee astweea Pertlssd sad The
Dallse, 'eseeyt Basdsy, - tsaring Penlaad at
I a. arrtelDg sboat 6 . si, esnynit
frelskt asd essseesera - Splendid aresaisieile -'
lloas rer eattlts so Ufastaek. ...
Dork foot of Alder St.. Portlssdt font 4
Con at. Toe Dalles, rkea Mala i. Portiaa.
wom-x-x r Atwrio stbaksxi 00.-S
Steamships ROANOKE1"-
ZxT-y'Z and GECT. V. ELDER
Bait fo "ireke," San Franelsoa and Lo
Angel' , direct every Thursday at I p. m.
'iicket eClce 111 Third, nenr Alder.
Phtne M, 111 tf H. XOUNO, Agent
g6sfr Collars
ths aoarr esaoN ao ovraa" ,
Usee "LIHOCORD" syelet esuashelee.
Easy le knwaa. Strong lo aelA
OtO. P. IS( OO, ttesare j TSOV, B. V.
ii. . k. Ti iV
p. i
' (Joarasl Special arfc.o.l
" Seattle, july ll.After telling bis
congregation that those of them who
said he had ulterior motives In holding
to his pastorate her after dlsseslon
arose In the church were liars. Rev.
Myrort W. Havnea announced yesterday
that he had resigned and would accept
a pulpit in Chics gov . k
(floeelsl Plapetrb e The joerhst.) '
Roeeburs, Or., July 18. Orders la
sued by Aljutont-Oeneral Flnser of the
Oregon Nstlonsl Guard at the rifle
range camp near here have created the
Fourth Oregon Infantry, Ths new regi
ment of guardsmen will be commanded
... ' MBS. S. Kj OX AH
ins ontv, L.nmes
doctor In this city. Bhe
has cured many afflicted
sufferers.-- ' Cured private, .
and female dlsossea, alo
throat and lung..troubles; -stomach
bladder and kidney
and dlseaaes of all kinds
I' that ths human flesh Is
heir to. cored by Chinese
herbs and roots. : Remedies
harmless. No operations. Honest,
trestment ' Examination free. Ill Clay .
st, corner Third. ... ' t .
l:rs. willow's
has been need by MIIIIob of Motbera toe their
Children walla T-toln for orer ytrty Tears.
II sootiMS U ohlliU aortons the gums, all'Tt
all pain, enrea wind eoUe, add If the bast
ramenjr fordlarrtKBa..
TWFHTi -riv a rxHTi A swrrxi.a
I J.J J U i I. .
by MaJorVToran. who will rank a nolo- -nel,
and: will comprise companies A, I),
C and D of the first anparate battal
ion, separate companies K and F and
company G of the Third Oregon.- Head- -quarters
of th new regiment will be st
ugen. ;
Good Fishing: at St. Helen. ,
(Speelal hlsnstck to The lanrnaL) j. 1
Bt Helens, Or., July II. Theresa
the best run rf fish In the river thsaj
baa been known for aom time. In oneO'
day over eight tone of fine salmon were
shipped, from here. The largest catch
for one bont la claimed to have been
1,200 pounds. In the enrlier part of
tne season fish were so scarce that few
fishermen put, out their nets but they
are all busy now. .
' s . - . -' - v'