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give yoa all the news irca hc-:c
. Tha Weather Fair tonight and
'tomorrow, continued warm. "
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VOL. VI. NO. 124.
Portland; Oregon. Monday evening, -july 29, ,1907. twelve pages. -'; " v
rvrnv Twr rTrMTS Tnr lire jrww. '
Attempt Fails;? but Walls of Jail at
I J ) i r,
it, fi
k lc . va . ,
Butte Are Cracked by Stolen Explosives
: - - .'..'-. '
President of Western - riideration' Re
Release Pettibone tomorrow-rTrial
' . (Joorul Special trvtee.V
.Bote, . Idaho, July I -Chrle H.
Moyer,-president of th Western Fed
eration of Miners, accused with W. T.
Haywood and Oaorg A. Petttbon of
th, murder of. former governor
Frank A. Stuenenberg of Idaho. wu
thla afternoon orderad ralaaaad on ball
of ( f 26,000 by Juda-a Fremont Wood.
Tha trial of A.-Pattlboaa waa aat for
Tnaaday. Ootobar 1. W. IX Haywood,
who waa aeqntttad yaaterdar. apant tha
oay oonaultlng' with hi attorney ra
ardlna; tha defanaa of hla brother offl
lala. . . - - .
Moyar and "Pettlbona' were ' brought
into court together. ' Attorney Clarence
Darrow made a- alrmlf leant atatemnnt
when ha aald. "Appearannea In thla caaa)
are tha aame. only for tha praaent time,
aa In the Haywood cane." -,
Darrow then moved for ban tot Moy
ar. and Ju!; Wood fixed the bond at
$35,900. which will be furnlahed beore
mldnlsnt. It la a continuing- bond, aub
IL' L'L.I H lib. VM WWW. . ,w
''when notlf led." t . '
Darrow wUl make a motion Tuesday'
momlnr . to admit Pettibone- to ball.
Thla will be fousht out by oonnaal for
the atata. who Will oppoaa It strenn-
oualy. - ' '
; WVl Fxoaeouae Others.
When the Jury In the Haywood case
reported Ita verdict of not aullty at-
o'clock yesterday morning, there waa a
rumor afloat that Moyer and Pettibone
were to be released and further prose
cutlons for the murder of former Gov.
arnor Fluenenber dropped.) Governor
Frank 5oodln; silenced these reports,
however h denlarlns? that, both would
be prosecuted, as also would Adams and
Blmpklns.. 1 . " - - r rr-r 'J
Governor Good tha was plainly dis
appointed when ha heard the verdict of
the Jury and admitted that it was a
rreat surprise to him. .He said, that the
atata would not dtsmlsa the charaea
aa-alnst other federation officials ac
eused of -conspiracy and that their trials
wui oe nau aa rormeny pianneo.
' (Continued on Pass Two.) a
i . ii i
j Advertising Record, for Week Ending July"28
" The record of. advertising: for the week just closed shows
the following results: - , : J- "X'f;- " ; ;
y, .-, 'v- ' ; v..JouniaL'rvOregoniru Telegram.'
' T..f lrwl,. X " il Atd. . ' ' ft 2fift ' R ASA '. '
Local, inchea 6,414
Foreign, inches 667.
vuwsmea ana xvcai cxtiaic, ins ,u,uw
0,734 10,128
1,581. 1
The volume of advertising continues large, for; summer
months. - More advertising is done this summer thin any" pre-
ivious season The Journal training 'over 2,100 inches "over the'X
corresponding week of last year. ; No other Portland daily t
t-newspaper 4uowj uuui--gixiwui., iuc-uc imuwuq . Ycry t
.v.nfiHa Vi mr.tif ..ViS 'Anm Mv a1vH(einff f nil I
" I a Tm.miiI - A i4.rl!..r. liwa I.. m A '' eN m tfm A W
X U9C9 ( JUw JVUl UOl, iiUTViiiavia ao v v vaniv. uiah. iv. 011 vau
the news of their stores through the Oregon country they
X must use The Journal. Seventy-five ' per cent of . The -Jour- X
Z nal't subscribers take no other Portland daily paper and there-'
.. j t- t - j. ..I .
T lore me advertiser nas no-way ui rcacning inesc pcopic unless
Tt Tnnretl :'..'-,-,- : ,', . .-. Vw''-.
T -ay-ay --ay -ar -w ' w--w ww-ww w -w -w -w -w -w -r -w -w -w -w -wt -w -w -w -w
: : . .. - :
- laT' j-. ''-. ., -': 'CP. , ' .. .,.: -
w ii 1 MassBaaaeajeMaa1eMajMMt,wnwiMiiir i ..My.y pw:..OaeVaJ "?aj
a ji
- i ?
0. JL & N; and U. P. Will Add
? New Daily Passenger
. Train August !.
Tha ' first - of Important defensive
measures that are beiajc taken by-tha
O. JL A N. 'company and Union Paclfjo
aya'tem ' aralnst Invasion by tha , North
Bank road waa - announced today. Ef
fective Auruat 1 a -new daily pessenter
train . will be put. on '. between .Walla
Walla and Pendleton, with close eonnee
tiona that will greatly facilitate traffic
between Portland and eastern Washing-
ion poinia. - - ,, , . ;
"W "i
. r
The Walla Walla-Pendleton train will
make tha round trip dally and connect
at . Pendleton with the . through day
trains between Portland and Pendleton.
T , nr.n. m . t n
. v n . 1 . 1 h . . mi. ,t .11. a k o.av . in..
and passengers will arrive at Portland
at 1:20 p. m. lieavlng Portland passen-
gera will take the Bpokane Flyer at 1:10
m, ana reach waiia waua at f :o
m. '
A throurh aleener between Wtolla
Walla and Portland on tha night trains
la already; In effect, and with the new
... u
' . f.' : TEMPTED' TO ESCAPE. ' '....- T'.T:.""
day train eastern Washington will have
a complete and ' convenient - Portland
service. .. . , r.-. . v.'
' Undoubtedly a hard battle is to ba
waged between the north bank road and
the O. R N. Co. for the bualnaaa of
eastern Washington. The H1U roads
have as. yet given no - hint aa to tha
time ecneauies to be made by their
(Continued on Parr Rev an.)
f3. 1 2-YEAR-
Touthful Slayer of Benefac
I tres Declared by Alienists
to Be Fully Responsible. I
Albert OlemaiOvtha lt-year-old boy
who shot and killed hla foster mother,
lUrarAyreg,' Bear 8t Helena last winter,
la aana, according to the findings of the
alienists who were commissioned to In-
. oulr into his mental oondltlon. Dra
W. T. Wllllamaon, .Andrew C. Smith and
William House composed tha board.
The report waa agreed upon Saturday
night and haa bean forwarded to Judge
- jtfoBride. at 8t. Helens.. .. The report
atataa that young Olaman la aana: that
he Is as fully responsible for hla acta
aa any other bay of hla age. and that
he has criminal tendencies Thla eon-
' aiuslon waa reached by tha lunacy com
mlsslon after numerous examinations of
the boy and hearing a large amount of
testimony from hla relatives and othera
who knew him. .
, Among the wttneaaes who teatlfled.
before the board were Mr. Ayres. hu
band of ths hoy's victim, and the boy s
slater. May Oleman. who lives at 8lom.
' Ths examinations extended over severe!
weeks, giving experts ample time to
Study tha boy closely. - ,
Toung Oleman lived with a farmer
named Ayrca near the town of Warren.
Last winter for some misdeed Mrs.
Ayres 'punished the boy, and he went
. tipetJlrs. secured a rifle and coming
(" .-Taxiln shot Mrs. Ayres through the
k hf her. lie than ma tn ruia
,n& 'went to the house of a neighbor,
S to whom ha said that a strange mm hnd
come to ins Ayres noun ana muea tare.
Bherif f White of Colombia ' eminf y
Oiieatlond the boy cloeely and on noting
0verel dlscrepanclea In his statement
pressed hla wore closely, axid at last
- , r - .. .. - " ' ' ' " '
lunacy y commission, After
Numerous Examinations,
V; Reaches; Conclusion. '
the boy eonfasaed that ha had ahot Mrs.
Ayres. . -,- - , ,. , - ....
..The shooting waa done with a rifle
mat young uieman nad purchased with
money he had atolen from Ayrea. ' Ha
told Ayres' that a tramp had stolen the
money,, and Ayres believed his story so
confidently that the next night he lay
" wji wiiti m gun 10 eaten tna tramp
if he returned. -
Voting Oleman told 'Ayres that a
neighbor hnd given him the rifle, and
jo me neighDora said that Mr. Ayres
nau n.-F.riif-a to, nne to mm.
Sheriff , White thla morning arrived
and took young Oleman to 6t. Helena,
where hla trial wtu be held aoon.
marriage license '
(Jeerael gpaelal Benlea.) , .
New York. July II. OorerT,wr Hughes
haa algned tha marriage license bllL
which waa passed by tha legislature in
tha closing days of the aesalon, and the
new law Is hailed with satisfaction. It
Joea into effect at the expiration of 10
ays The Tribune says concerning It:
"At laat New York atata la to be rid
of secret marriages and their attendant
evils. In signing tha Cohb marriage
Mil. Governor Hughe, haa taken the
final eteD In long delayed leslalatlon
aalnt young foola and old aeoumlrela.
juvenile elopers ervt hattle-eoarred di
vorcee. In thla state thev have alwava
been able to find some unanrupulnue or
thnushtleaa man, clerical or otherwlae,
horn a mndul fee would coax out of
bed In the we small hnure."
Tha law rnilrs that a license must
fee cuxl five days fore marriage
Mj-sterious Aimlrer Sends a
.Priceless Gif Etliel
.",:"" ' '';:'.' : Johnson. : a-.
Six Hundred Guests on Long
Island Lose All ot Their,
Possessions 'a.
'Long Beach, Long Island, July II.
While too gueata were calmly aleeplng
last night tha Long Beach hotel caught
fire and it waa with tha greatest dif
ficulty that the Uvea of all were saved.
Senators MoCarren and Reynolda were
at the reaort at tha time of the fire and
performed valiant aervloe in rescuing
a number of women -from tha biasing
structure. Two fcottagee were also
burned andtwa parsons are reported
missing. i ' . -
- The fire broke, ont .In . tha.. ton . storv
of the hotel. Two hundred guests were
sleeplna on that floor and there were
many narrow escapee from death In the
riamea. uvery guest at tne notei lost
all his personal belongings and all of
them are telegraphing for clothe and
money today.
It la estimated that tha loss to the
hotel wlU exceed 11,000.000
James Fagan, TVho Has Al
ready Made Several Dcs
. . perate Attempts to Break
Out, Was Leader in Last
Night's Attempt,
Prisoners Had Worked for a
.Week Attempting to Drill
Hole Into Concrete Wall,
Using. Spike. for Drill
Heel of Shoe for Hammerv
Dynamite amngglsd In from tha quO
ry where It had bean used for break.
lng . boulders ,wa used laat night by
the prisoners at tha Kelly Butte rock
pUa In an effort to Mow out tha and.
of tha concrete aublaU and effect aa
Following tha tarrlflo eoncuaaloa pro
duced by tha exploding dynamite the
prisoners, lad by a desperate gang of
four men, rushed to the and of tha
Jail where tha ' dynamite had been
Placed, but were forced to atop. Th
explosive had not made a breach in ta
wall and tne rules or ina guaraa were
trained on them before they could make
any further effort.
The four men who led the daring at
tempt to eecape are confined In tha
dunseon on bread and water today.
irlaoner who waa ahot in the nip anout
wo montha ago- after he had broken
through tha atockada with a heavy
hammer and waa running away through
the bruah.
Byiuuntte Vsed at Book TO. '
Dynamite la used at the rock pile for
what are known aa plaater blaata. Th
sticks of dynamite are placed on top
of large boulders to shatter them and
are plastered with mud to keep them
In place. A number of rocks are usual
ly blown at a time and occasionally on
of the blaata, exploding before another,
jara the other a tick of dynamite off ita
roca ana it lane aown into me crevices.
Br carefully watohlna their oonor- t
tunltleal the prisoners nad suoceeded
In smuggling Into the Jail three sticks
of the explosive that they had picked,
up after it . had fallen ... Detween thev
bouldere. '
or aooui a weea mey naa woraea at
the end of the Jail tr-ing to drill a hoi
into tha concrete wall, uaing a aplke for
a drill and the heel or a ahoe for a
hammer. The noise of the drilling waa
la uaed for heating water in the beta
tub at the Jail and the prlsonera care
fully cloaked their operatlona behind
their bunka.
Thev had auoeeeaed in aniline- a. hole
about an Inch deep in thla way. Laat
mgnt at :z ocioca uey placed their
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' Possessor of a hag butterfly,' made
of gold and sparkling with a princely
array of diamonds, little Ethel Johnson,
ohild heroine of th Columbia.' disaster,
la tha. happiest girt In Portland. ' - ,
Th ' gorgeously winged ; present waa
sent her Saturday by a mysterious ad
mirer. . Who he la may never be known.
though there, are faint suspicion that
the sandar may be the man whoee life
was svad by th little girl who also
reacted Effla Gordon, her child friend,
from perishing In th waters of th
Paclflo. i ' t ; t i ; -;-'''
The hatterfly la brilliantly designed
and marvaloualy made. . It , la . ltfa-aic
and Is made of gold.. It Is about two
by two and a half lnohea in als. having
a myriaa or tiny golden arms and ten.
aclea,' and studded with perhaps enough
diamonds to pay a- king's ransom.
it- was taxan to, the home of B. It
Dingle, 106 East fifteenth street, whara
th Lm. girl la stopping, on Saturday
by n employ of Xaldenh4mr Jew
elry stor. with It ther was no not
of explanation, no signature telling who
was uit senaer or so magnificent a glfb
jnere were merely -tna word, "From a
rortiana Anmirer." .. -. .
I. It I 1Tthr- Jntiniin' H "!.-
membered by those who read th newe
pepere, aaved two human Uvea at the
time of the Columbia dlaajitetv She
reeooeo her- child companion. Effle
Oordon. and held her above water until
tak.n aboard a life-boat.
While etrurrllna- with her mmmii.
Ion a man, who could snarcelr swim.
wsa alao saved by bar. . He aelsed hold
upon her and waa also bald above the
water by aer childish, efforts. Perhaps
W waa this man who sent the present
At anv rat, lht. .hllll h.mln. im
he proud poaae.aor of a masnlfloent
present today. Hhe dnee not know who
aent It. and none of her relative know.
and taoa at th stor rafua to tell 1
JudgeCameron JnllunicIparCourt Holds That Man Who
T: Passes a Flask of Whisk ey Is Not Guilty of Vio
t , ' , ; lating Sunday Closing Law. a
A man" may glv a friend a drink trora
hla private flask without breaking th
Sunday closing law." according to an
opinion given by Judge George It Cam
eron In th municipal eourt thla - mbrnlng.
Cameron gav th opinion in th case of
th atata vs. Sam Pfhegley, charged
with having given hla friend, Oeorge
Hlggtns, a drink of whUkay yeaterday
afternoon. "",'. .. '
Pfhegley waa taken Into euatody yas
terday afternoon by Patrolman Jim An
derson. In Blasiera saloon for having
given Oeorge Hlgglna a drink put of
Ela botU ef whiskey. The policeman
tha two men' In the lavatory of
.k. and according , to his testl
handing the
flaak back to Pfhegley when detected In
the aetA Pfhegley Tn default of US
ilZh hall waa- locked up. and the ease
came up In tha police oourt thla mora-
T:' Olvan ay Aaothas Kaa.' - -
Rlsrlna. who was put on tha stand by
vl naAntian declared that Pfhegley
did not give him the Hquor, but that the
bottle was handed to him by another
rha atata represented by Lnputv
IXstrlet Attorney Adama, endeavored to
contradict thla witness by the testimony
of CaptsI" f Police Moor and Patrol.
man Aaaroa, inn iii'" waa huoji.
""inaivertently Deputy Adam fMW to
bring any testimony to show thnt the
liquid contained in the two fix u
evidence contained anv )nti i. .. t inn
Unuor. The attorney for the
pielntalned also that aa the t .) (
Iflcally proviaeo tnai no inut,,, un
llqtinra" were to be aoM or iiMoaed of
on Sunday It would tie nr.'iry to
give or sell more thn one vin.i of Indi.
loant to come within the n.-anlng of tna
law. . .
, ,7b decision whl .- 1 the moat l.n-
cortant sine th Sunday closing
haa been enforced 1 aa follows: -
or .tha . at i
whether or not the defendant furnlah'e.t
H.,f?".'th th take a drlnlc
out of. the court finds from the teatl
mony that there was no intent to vlo
a rrfi-T. liw; M w ""nply a caae. of
a friend having a bottle, papains- It to
!-r!fndt ?,t.hi ,h PrPoe of tek
Ja drink and raturning it to Mm
Olesg PaoasylvaaVa X sola ion.
"I dd not believe that it waa the pur
pose of the framers of thla law t uk1
with casea of this ehr.r... -.'.. 1
preme court of Pennsylvania he, n,,.;
J .V..1' rp,nlon th statute d',-;
not cover the giving awav of a drink!
i".0,.tth ,,n'"' matter la , th in.
inf. Kntt nurrmaai . . v.
r.T.1' r''tr,r Attorney Adama after
rameron had rendered hla declei,n rte-
waa only rcBnty t)lMf
v vt tnq ware in
oiret ii y ortioelte.
,J""lu"'y wrong, ifnw i
It going to be determined what nmrh..-
ii tirinxR would
or tn ia,wT"
1 I amonk I .-: 1
"I believe that Jn..
constitute a vluiaimu
ama was so nettled at riw
action In dlnml-xlne- the cue- I
rno.uately ank'l fur a 1lmL..! i
caae aaalnat il. L. Amtr n I
der arre'-d yrit.fhr nftfr.,. i
tectlve Kay and ki. iil n, f r .
ot nr to iila fit
Moll oilvrtiof-h
of the -rr; n- i
drew hla mot hoi i
riot prtnt w--n
the boll i t !..'.
A dr-. ott r"
,- 1 .
It 1 1
t i
,f I