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Town Topics
I-,, Subscriber a have The Journal de
V'"r4 at th regular rate t the fol
'''n resorts by notifying ths agent
t e various place mentioned. Bub-
oripiioiu by mail ax payable in ed-
eearhart Park j.i'.F. J.. Struck
foi L Hot Lake Sanitarium
Viiiwu'eprliiV.".'.'.,.',.ir."w. M"in
. vn sprinn, ............
Boyd & Son and Mineral Bprlnpiw"
Ca,d, Spring., ,,,.,,Thome Moffelt
Colline Spring". 7,.. 7.... C, T. Belcher
," rieacn I'A".""."'!
Marshall A Potlunr and O. A. Bmlth
Kahootta H. J. Brown
Ocean Park .Matthews Tbedford
Seavlaw Frank EL Strauhal
The Breaker .Th Breaker Hotel
Merauam rend. ........... . "Marda1
Orand . . Vaudeville
Lrlo.,,......"Wboe Baby Ara Your'
utar Mini n.oeray
Th Oak....,........,..
. . . .O. W. P. ear Una, Flrat and Alder
Following ar supplies for tha pulpit
of tha Bellwood freabytenan enurcn,
corner East Seventeenth and Spokane
ava. during tha absence of tha pastor
nMi eaati July II, morning and even
T, Rav. John McLearle, M, A., profes-
xvapiu wuy.
r In th ccnooi or Mines,
uth Dakota: August 4. 1
vie: Elder D. W.. Wakefield
morning eor
d: AuKuat 11.
in orru iim service, juaer .wi l.. rir
naugh; August It, morning' service.
service. Elder R. R. Warren; September
' J, morning- service, nev. y.. o. uunning.
copiemper a, wf pastor.
7 Contractor X- D. Jackson ha , eom
nleted tha dees cut an - fiandv road.
through Roee City Part, after moving
about 10,000 aubjo yard of sand and
gravel. Tha Sandy road electrlo car
Una haa been laid through tha cut and
a mile beyond. Tba out ia tha full
width of tha etreet aa laid oat br tha
Rose City Park company, and it will ba
M i I .. . . 1L. L. ...,.....
faraiera that uaa thla road In coming to
Rar. Paul Radar, who haa beea ab-
; Btreet Congregational church alnoa July
1, on account of alckneaa, haa . baen
franted a further laave of abaenea until
September 1. Ha and Mra. Rader wllj
All aervloee In thla church will ba dia
. continued during, tha month of Auguat,
scapt tha mid-week aervlca, which will
. be continued regularly every Tburaday
avening. , v v . ., .
' Tha Evangallcal Syndar school con
vention opened yeaterday morning' , at
tha camp ground at. Jennlnga Lodge.
Threa questions, aa follows, ware dla
cuased at tha opening; meeting: "What
Do lreu Conalder tha Greateet Quaatlon
in Connection With Our Bunday School
Work?" "Qualifications for a Bunday
Bchcol Teacher" and "Tha Ideal Sunday
School Work." The annual sermon was
delivered laet night by Key. id. Hever-
Thirty, horaemea. tmckmea and
drivers ara wanted br tha Portland flra
department to fill tha complement for
tnrea naw angina companies (o ba dis
tributed throughout the.oltr. Tha p
Sltlona are worth from $80 to 190 par
fiontlvxand good strong: men from 11 to
I veara of aaa are needed to fill them.
Th minimum halrht for men ia these
positions js live xeet, six jncnea
' ' No tnaq-haa' any right to say, that
olden Grain Granules, "tha American
rarollr..Cof feaLla not. tha bast Jn tha
rld. If ha haa not tasted - It Trr
a cup at Butter Nut care, or nu
package from your grocer. ' Now
win you oa gooar
j Water through t boao for sprinkling
or windows must ba paI4 forTn advance
and uaed oply between tha hours of
and I a. m.. and C and t p. m. It must
Sot ba uaed for sprinkling- streets. If
aed contrary to tnesa rules, or waste
fully. It will ba shut aft . . ,
-Tha following article left on - tha
streetcars yesterday can ha found 'by
the owners at room 4. O. W. P. building,
corner -First and . Alder streets: One
tent, one overcoat, alx mlaosllaneous
packagea and ona umbrella, .
Masons oa tha naw .Grand avenue
steal bride across Sullivan's hulch ba
gaa laying tha concrete en the floor of
the bridge which will serve aa a base
for the asphalt pavement which will
complete tha street Improvement. . i
Fos two day tha flag at tha ctty hall
has been flying at half mast under or
ders from Mayor Lane, In memory af
tha dead at tba steamer Columbia, -
Let lis DoYour
Another story added to nor
building enlarge our facilities
almost a third. Equipment up-to-date.
Only steam-heated polish
ers th kind that doaa not burn
!n Portland. . Female help
' wanted, ;
Telephone Main 398.
Ninth and . Dayis Streets
.Seems to Be Favored ' .'
Ethel Johnson Is Nearly
Drovned in Struggle With .
; Olaf Pearson. ' (
A sit for a naw city Jail and roer
gs noy hospital, which has been In tha at'
for soma time, will probably ha settled
at tha next meeting of tha council, a
destr for deOnlU understanding- com
ing up In th oouncll masting yeater
day. Ther ara soma IT hid submitted
for a siu and tb council will b asked
t select tha most appropriate from
among than), T - '
Just at present aipreasioo seams to
favor tha looatlon offered by the Moor
Investment company at me corner oi
Ninth and Davta streets for 140.000- A
quarter of a block of ground is con
tained In tha offer la addition to aa ex
oavatlon for a basement and an Incom
plete ston foundation, which, th coun
cil thlnka, can ba uaed ia th coaatruo-
uy a
roldaa Grain Granules,'' tha
health coffee. Is stronger and .
than there. Takea le of It. .
East 171. Oottsacksr Bros. ,
Steamer Jeaa Rarklns, .for Camaa,
Washouga! and way landings, dally ex
cept Hunaay. xsvs wasningtoa street
r. Moor. axTxrt ' phetoaranhar.
stlks building; Seventh and Stark, eta.
- Woman' Baulian r. 1 i 'Twith ttroet.
lunch ll:0 to I; business man's luneh,
' ' Am OH Co. sella th bt safety onal
llaad fin gasoline. Phon East Tit.
' Win sell 10 shares Tehtgraphona a.t
1M0 per share, P. O. box 11, ity.
, XX Chambers, optician, 111 Seventh.
Per gar sign lit TaciMll phooa. ,
1 . Totvl for rheumatism, 2-
Bok Jeweter108 Alder. - t
tion of th 1a.ll and bosnitaJL-
No action wu taken by tha eounoil
In regard to the Irving-ton district etreet
Improvement matter, although the mat
ter was brought up In the meeting and
It will have to be tbreahad ut la th
street commute, to which It had been
r-referrd at a' formr meeting-.
councilman rjonnen mirrauvwi - mm
hoqograph ordinano regulating the
oiXra for playing at night, and it wa
referred to a committee for recommen
dation, i Th ordinance provide that
phonograph muaio must cease In the
fir limits between the hour of It p. m.
and T a. m.
' An ordinano wa also passed grant
ing th Portland Fuel coropany the light
to lay a sidetrack pa East Alder atret
to connect with It woodyarda. Tb
fuel company will have to construct a
plaak driveway on the south side of th
tracks and keep It continually in repair.
Box . of-tb Luscious Fruit Sent to
Arkansas Arrive In Best State-
of Preeerratlonu
Attorney Henry 8. Westbrook of this
olty has demonstrated that the Lambert
cberr!. sr Co Ju!pper, July .J.l ha
expressed a box of Lambert to - his
mother, who lives at Benton, Arkansas,
1,100 mile from Portland. Tester day
he received th following acknowlcdg
aent: . - -
"Benton, Ark.. July II. The box of
cherries came yeaterday; were In line
shape. Th moat delicious boxTof fruit
ever seen In this section.
"I might state," said Mr. Westbrook,
"that the cherrlea were forwarded by
express, and no actra preeautlone were
taken to preserve them. The above tes
timonial speaks well for th Lambert a:
better atUl for OTexon a state which
poasease th soil and climate, th union
of which, together with a little labor,
will prodoo such hardy and delicious
fruit" . .
Of tha deeds of heroism ' performed
by those who helped their drowning
companion front the tamr Colum
bia, none Is more genuinely lmpreaalve
than th rescue of Efrl Gordon and
Olaf Pearson by D-yecjr-old Ethel John-
! - " - - - -
AU th more rerearkabl was th
resou because at th time the little
heroin was using her utmost ndcavore
to keep hsr schoolgirl .friend above
water, she waa clasped about th neck
by Olaf Pearson, who had plunged over
board Without a life-preserver. Today
ha, too, owea his life to the child who
fought desperately with her double bur
den until all three were landed, aafaly
oa a raft
Ethel Johnson I a good swimmer.
To that fact, combined with th child
perseverance and courage, 1 due th
ueeesaful oulmlnatloa of her heroic
reacu of two buman being.
Tb Johnsen family beoame aeparatad
soon after the eraah came, Ethel John
son bad strapped on a life-preserver
and reached the upper deck alone. She
waited a few minutes la the hopes of
finding her mother- or brother, then
plunged overboard. - - .
. Striking feet foremost she sank' to
a great depth, and while atiU many feet
in tha water She felt th body of an-
neraon rlalns to the auria
her. Her companion
run rlain to tha eurrao with
r companion was II-year-old
H.rri uoraon.- - . .
No aooner had th two reached th
aurfao . when Ethel reoogulaed ' th
friend with whom she bad been a class
mat In on of th San Pranoisco public
schools. She grasped her nearly ex
hausted friend about th neck and en
couraged Efle to make every effort to
keap afloat, while Ethel with the other
arm and hand swam away from the
sinking steamer. -
The struggl for th live of th two
bad hardly begun when Pearson, after
plunging overboard, rose to th surface
close at hand. U reached out and
arras pad the Ufa-preserver strapped
anouL Jtuiej. -.
"I told blm to let go. that h would
draa- ua all to th bottom." eh said
In rolatlna- la an unconcerned way th
detail of her heroic reacuar f'But he
told m he had no life-preserver on, and
so I did the best I could t keep both
of them from drowning;."
Ths battle f the child heroin wa
crowned with success some time after
wards when sh managed by a last
desperate effort to reach a life raft
Vpon which all three were taken.
Passengers on board th Elder said
yeaterday that Mra Gordon, from whom
Effle became separated, reached th San
Pedro In safety, but that when th lat
ter bes-an to sink th unfortunate wom
an wa drowned In on of the vessel's
staterooms. This was kept xrom .bin
during tb entire trip norm, ana tn
husband and father is now endeavoring
to learn whether Mrs. Gordon was lost
or whsthsr through soms fortunate cir
cumstance she reached San Francisco
ssfsly. ..- j , - v - . . . .
Transfers Filed for Record Teaterda
. Indicate the Home Bayer Btlll
. v--:ta ' the ' Field. -:-r
At the meeting of the council yester-
oy uifmwa en oraiiuuioe wee intro
duced riving baseball team ths- right
to play In th olty without license. This
leaves baseball game out of th class
of publlo exhibitions for which a license
of 10 per day or (100 per year tssked.
Last week Secretary Shepherd of the
Portland team appeared before the
oouncll aaking that an ordinance ba
paaaeo rixing an annual iicenae of 12
in oraor mat tne ciuo might be pro
tected from prosecution under the ex
hibition ordinano. Councilman Con
cannon objected to the imposition of
such a small license and when Vaughn
moved that no license be imposed th
rormer wa th first to second the
mouoB, " 4 -.
Ullhi llO) S Ji Mil
rt Our entire stock of Paripmaa and
: Soft Straws at Exactly
One of t!:2 Llcst Attrccllvc IzzCi Hc:::Ij
on the PcclIIc Ccht Just Kg vi b
9 TT .rip TTTN ri !
ITaaa'a meth a tJoromM Stiver. a th Wasklsgtsa
aid, reeshed fman th Olty f Perttm a Ua
; '. i . syldld soarslos ,
nt avaovv movmm.
It Is upward of 10 mile long, very broad and lal aaA almost aa
compact ae a eomseeltton pavement It is dotted it entire length wttb.
towns, cottage aettlernenta, tent cities, villas, fin hotels, and ail the
amusement accessories of a popular Summer bee oh resort. - STs) TaUS
MAO ro h lor rest, health and . good tline, ' Tbousandg Uer.
for UsUr Mummer outing. Try lb
The Potter Sails Every Day
- nam sttwbats ajtb tsupats. -. y : ,;
-, . e publiaked s hduls, , .'
Pare Prom PortUnd. Round Trip 34.00
, .Saturday to Monday Tickets $2.30
'' PuMhas tickets and mak reaereatlon at Cltw Ticket Offlo. TMrd
and Washington streets, Partlaadi or inauir f any 0. M, V K agt
isewker for Information. - . .
MsA wmrtxa. x.
-Has Oneof the Finest Beache3
- : 7 on the Pacific Coast
. " '"'k'.. ' and U an -7- . :
.;... ... 1 . , . ..
It It agtily reaad. It not aa expensive, placg tq riiit. haa or
eellent hotel accommodations, affords, perfectly safe, d delightful
surf bathipg gnd all ortt of beach pastimes, such at cram-bakes,
oytter hunt, fishing, pebble and shell gathering, etc., enloye
aiild and inviting climate, picturesque scenery, and all tha otiker atr,
traction that eaa b desired for recreation; and pleasure.
KEWPORT ) reached by way of the Southern," Pacific, fc? Al
bany pr Cory alii a, thence Cervallis tt Eastern R. R. Train ervie
dgily and the trip a pUt)r throughost. Icgr) PortUnd a, m.
Rate from Portland $6.00 for the round trip. . Tickets on sal
dally and good for return until October 31. There, ia alia a Satnr-day-Mon4y
rate from Portland of $3.00, tickets on, sale Saturdays,
good, for return Monday. . Correspondingly low rata from all
other points. Call at the city ticket office of the Southern Pacific,
Third and Washington streets, in Portland, or at any & P, afency
, elsewhere, leg complete' information. . : .. -
"7 -V-"'.TIT:' WILLIAU McMURRAY, . .. 1. .
Oeneral Paseengar Agent, Southern Pacific Company, Portland, Or,
Thremgk gluptug Oar Bervio to Tamaa.
- town Bxposltton.
Erie railroad ha Inaugurated through
leaping cars, leaving Chicago every
night at :10 p, m.. arrlvlnr at Norfolk
second morning at S:lo. No ehanre
neoeaaary. For run information appl
io any sni or .wrii is. . ml. . uraig,
P. A Seattle, . - ,
This is th dav for a man to he
outfitted In uo-to-the-minnt furnish
inaa at th loweat-CoaWgreat sal onl
Hooinson tjo.
atop '-iLKjLt
Jurnishcs the-most Interesting literature of modern time. In it are
recorded the small , beginnings, the earnest endeavor to become -a
tuefol citizen and'the final success. - , ' . '
. , V - - --w,-"-
Be the author of a bank book to which you can point with
pride and pleasure. Start a bank account today and let the pages
of your book record your' steady 'rise in the world. Let it tell of
habita of; economy and thrift, of opportunities taken adVanUge of
and of ultimate financial, success.. r , . ;
.,- ;.' " ' V" - ;': ;
Let us help -you. We will guard your treasure and . with our
confidential advice and influence will second your every effort to
ward prosperity. "We will pay , 4 per cent interest on savings and
tiate deposits. v -
" " " 1 , - ,, , ,,,, I
Transfers of realty te th value of
H 8.1 IT were filed for record yesterday.
practically all of which represented
transaction In residence property.
Mrv BeHs-M. -Whiting purchased -th
residence of J.'Whyt Evan, located on
Thurman street. Willamette Kelghte.
Consideration, $,800.
Ooulleb Koth has purchased the
Quarter block at th northwest corner
of - Rodney avenue and Fargo atreet
from Huso Krleaer for 15.600. The site
Is impro ved. with a modern two-story
rsiaenc. .
VV. P. Walsh ha oli to 8. 15. Voses
a lot In Lower Alblna near th Inter
section of Lorinr and Railroad street.
Consideration, tiT00. -.. -
i Th quarter block at ' th southeast
corner of East Washington end Hast
Bevenfh street ha been purchased by
Olds. Wortman A Kin from J. L.
Leonard and associates. Ths considera
tion is named in th deed a S,000.
Beno A Bailie have sold to J. Van
duyn a 60-foot lot on Marahall street,
between Twenty-fifth and Twsnty-sixth
streets, for IS. 250. The nronertv I in
a district that Is rapidly building up
with sxnensiv Domes, and it is under
stood, that this sit will be Improved
with a handsome dwelling as soon a
th preliminary arranaemsnta can b
F. C Oortler haa purchased " from
Margarst Q. Btowell a house and lot on
Monroe street, between Williams and
Vancouver avenues, for $1,200. W. J.
Pat ton haa purchased a 60-foot Im
proved lot on Bast KlghteVnth. between
East Alder and East Morrison street,
from J. H. Spain for I1.S50.
Home Telephone Company
To th Cltlsena of Portland:
Tou ar respectfully requested to give
no heed td the representations of com
petitive Interest who ar leaking to dis
parage th Home Telephone Ac Tele
graph company by circulating state
ment forthe purpose of affecting our
securities and destroying the confidence
of our patrons. .
Notwtthstandlfir assertions to the eon-
In substantiation of this w quote
from our-franchise; "Bald grantee, his
successors or wslgne, ehall not, without
the eonaent of the city, evidenced by or
dinance, sell or transfer th conduits,
poles, wires or appliance of any kind
or description, r aell, lea, assign or
transfer any of the rlghte or privileges
herein authorised or granted to any per
son, i company, trust or corporation now
or hereafter engaged tn telephone or
telegraph business, nor shall at any
time enter Into any combination, di
rectly or Indirectly, with any person or
person or any corporation concerning j
the' rate to be charged for telephone
aervlres. with any officer or officer.
employe r manager of any telephone
or telegraph system constructed or be-
in onersted in eaia euy.
Nnr ara the trouhlemen. or anv other
representatives, of tne lacino Telephone
eV Telegraph company In the employ of
this company,' and no on-should be el.
lowed to inspect your "Horn" telephone,
under ' any pretest whatevar, without
first requiring him to ahow a badge of
thla company. Thr la no combina
tion between the telephone companies
operating In this rtty and never will be.
A.. Lt. ibiu, unersi manager.
Portland, Or.. July It. HOT. .
Health In Underwear.'
(7t th right grad for . you. Thla
varying , eumate . demand . varying
weiKnl tn unoerwear, ana airrorent
fabric for different men. Tb best
physicians sy much of a man's health
depende on hi undergarments. Be par
ticular. Select from a complete new
stock, hist tb styl. material and eelor
to suit you. tou ran oo tnis at cut
nrlees today at Robinson Co., lit
Washington St. . .- , .
w. a. wisb mai MTomna
n eatract one or ell
teeth without hurting a bit,
fiut in new teeth th same
f you desire. . .
Our systso or erowa
" paJnlne
work Is simple, quick and
When desired you can have T.
P. Wise or my personal service.
raliO extracting Fro Wham
-. rut ar Ordarad.
ae Tiau mi
and doing dental work all the
time. That I th record of Dr.
W. A. Wiae. That' on reason
our business has grown our pa
1 trona com back, and thsy send
thlr friends. i
W. A. WISE; Dentist
railing hldg Sd and Waahlngtem
a. na. to S p. a. Sundays t to la.
ratal Ba. -ottoei Oa nates S
'r .and H. A. Huffman
, botx rmoaxi. a ajts
Marquam Orand
. (sOron Main .)
Tonight and all week, Matlne Wedoe-
day and Saturday.
In Sudermsnn's Maaterpteoa,
Evenln- tl.oo. 16o, too, Ike, JdaU-
nee, Tto, iOo, 15. -
' Nent week'Th Story, of the Oolden
VI ira
.r, -,':lc6:::-- r
For Ire call Main lit r A-114&.
CellTerr eotBpea, Hi Staxk at.
Entire Change or rrogram oy
. Schllsonyl's Hussara
Between man and ourang
outangv beat two In thr fall a,
q Friday Night
evj . rjTLT ,.!(. '
5? Don Carlos' Doe
g and Monkey Circus
uav sou nmn mi 7 w
LrvlUtlen Att .. ,
any 1:11-1:1 p. n. .
flosalaa' Batarday.' Peeve
y raaay atauiria est Kb Aveao
- M.mwwAv. waenrramaw .
f . ' Found Child's silver, metal 1
Py special arrangement made with th
Gordon-Campbell Truet Co., Financial
Agent, we Invite subscriptions to a
small block fit th promotion stock of
ths Wonder Paymaster Uold Mining Co.,
aVIS for ach-100 sharxa. Properties
situated In th rich Wonder Mining
district. Nsvada Btook order at th
ebov prlr cantiot b nlaoed too early.
R. A. Clem A Cp, Itl Alder atreet.
not co,
"FID . 1ST a- - -
Week of
July sad.
Krelsel's Doe and
Cat, Th Tanakaa,
Xeve e Kenny.
.Jo Thompaon,
Phone Mala f
and Home A-14t.
monas at. M, and (Horn) A14I.
Tb Coolest Theatre In th City.
Week of July ll, the Oreet Pcenl
; Production,
ntAjrm urncr." . ''
Matinees Tuesday, Thursdays, latur-
eay, eunoay at :; price jec, joo
Every avening at l:16i pric 10c, 10
and 10a. Becur seats for all perform
aacee by phon.
This Week th Allan Stock Company,
i jthuuhi
Matinee Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
and Sunday. Prlo 10c, 10s, Every even
ing ai i:ij. rnoe idc, oa aae 99o,
Reserved seat by phone. Main lt.
omo open rrom iu a. m. to iv p. m.
Ooraer Taagha and Twenty fourth.
July 23.,28
Oaxn called at $:ld p. in. dally. -Oams
called at 1:10 p. m. Sundays. -
aVaama 9 at rmroAT. -ADMISSION
OrandaUnd HoT ' . . Children lto.
By special arrangements made wit the
uoroo!V4jampDii Truet Co., Financial
Agent, w Invite ubciiptlons to a
Sart of th promotion stack at th Woo
er Psy master Ooid Mining Co.. at It
tor aoh 100 shares. Properties situated
In th rich Wonder Mining distrlot, Ne
vada, Application for this stock can-
no am nut too early.
Co., 151 Alder atreet.
B. A. Cleni
Preferred Stock Canned oodA
- Alien A Zwl aieat Brand,
Mstteesth Tesr Opeas Sep-
leaBcr tst 1907
The academy At boy aa girl for
eastern and western oUege. Boarding
hall for girls provide for a limited
number, elementary grades, both pri
mary and grammar, under th same
management. Office hour during th
summer, I a n. 19 II ri, and from
I to 0 p. tn. For cetslor-ie, addrea
la th tardea spot of tha garth, and OOLDXN GRAIN
GRANULX9 th fiott drink on tarth -4
la a pvra aeraal health coffse, and can be had from tha foSowi
lag grocer in tha KOGUX XXVER VAXXBV
row, em.
p. w. Warner
bOHutehlnaon t Inmm&mn
Miller A Ewbanka
Allan A tUsgso,
actr W. StHnaer .;,
T. I Cranflll
XL Mts A So v--i.:-;:r
' nr amajrn j ass, osw
H. C. Bobseln
Kenney A Truaai .
Cau Schmidt
' J. P. Knny
- Southern Oregon Bepply Co
T. Tt Dean -
. T. B. Cornell
C F. Diaog,
"' nr ejroOBTiz&s, om.
'. Ci feaaiaa. . T
w. V. Jonea
ss sous scc&vom,
, Tarttr ar PuffleUr
, C M. Farmer
Marrltt C.
T. 1. Ksaney
' Hunan-Taylor Oa, ' ', .
Vlrleh proa, ;-
pr cjbst&axi roars, sv
CraaflQ Kohtnee
7. Verrttt,
xm r9MiK oa. t
Bsara Flahar.
V rjr TAijarc, os,
C. W. Wnlter - g-1-,
'Sargent PtalasV . 1"
O. Winter
Holm Bros. ' '- '
.Nlm Cappellae . .
To A Oa. :'!
Teuag 4s Dt
Crewe Son '
Loom is A Nelson .'
D..P. TI1EISS & C0 Wholesale Grcccrs
. Ststrussyg fee Boath Oregea and Martharm fllfaemla.
Golden GrmJajCrarwJa"Jt served at tha Moors Hotel. IXad-
ford. Ore-, bacasse tha Moors Hotal aerre tha bast
(with th exception of Portland) Is the headquarters (or ths sai
tnoa industry of the world. Astoria has th climate, ther ar
neither ays, lieas, mosqunos nor oust. ;
Golden Grain Grl2s
The 100 per cent par cereal health coffee, can b had from tha
I oil owing grocers in Astoria, nr.:
1 Oroeery.-
Milk Depot N.
' Milk Deeot Ne.
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