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Police Official at Head of Portland Detective Bureau Has
Issued Open Letter Taking Publishers of Oregonain
to Task for What He Terms Maliciousness.
O m
:-y--V' Vv ' I
Portland. Or., July 14 To the Edi
tor of The Journal I wish to submit
to you sample of the dirty journal
ism, so ptly described by Colonel Wood
recently at the Fairbanks dinner, that
obtain In this rlty. The following: let
' iter was refused by tha Oregonlan, after
a persistent and malignant libelous per
secution of me as an officer of the Port
land police force the paet year and eight
months. I turn In disgust from this
class of newspapers and nek you In the
Interest of a square dual to publish
this letter, which the Orofonlan If It
had a spark of manhood In Its Journalis
ts makeup would be only too glad to
Captain of Police.
Statement Well Known.
"Portland, Or.. July 24 To the Ed
itor of the Oregonlan Some day ago,
Colonel C. li. 8. Wood of this city stat.-d
In the presence of the second citlien of
the United Suites, vice-president Fair
banks, at a banquet held here, mimt se
vere reflections on the press, which the
Oregonlan saw fit to resent with some
heat These statements are too well
known to repeat now, but I propose to
aire you a chance to make good your
virtuous and 'Vigorous denunolallon o
these who accuse yeu specifically, an
many there are, of wilfully and persist
ently misrepresenting cllisens of Port
land, official and
and enlightenment 1 determined to take
the civil service esamlnatlon In Port
land. When I filed my application with
the secretary of the local civil service
commission tn this city. Mayor Lane
nor nobody else knew anything about
It. and neither did the mayor of Port
land nor nobody else save the civil
service commissioners know anything
about It until after the examination
was over. I was much surprised at re
ceiving: a percentage of 15, or a grading
vi per cent ana at tne neaa or me
list In this examination.
Position Waa Tendered.
"Five days after taking th! examina
tion 1 was offered, without solicitation,
the position I now occupy In the police
department of this city, and at the
earnest solicitation of my wife and Im
mediate friends I resigned my commis
sion In the army and accepted my pres
ent position; that Is to say. I resigned
Large Majority of the Two
Hundred Expected at
Excursion and Ball Tomorrow on the
Yosemlte Banquet to Close, Sat
urday Night Program or Inter
esting Tapers and Addresses.
(Special Dlipatcb te Tbe foarsal.)
Everett. Wash., July 26. A large ma
jority of the too members of tha Wash
ington State Press association were
on hand today at the opening of their
twenty-first annual meeting. The Initial
business session was held this afternoon
a position paylna $1,8U0 per year for a with President E. E. Beard of Van-
uvmon paying; n.zuu per yrar ai mai
lay before their fel
lows through the medium of your news
"Understand me now. that after on
year and tght months of persistent mi
wilful misrepresentation of me M an of
ricer of tne police department or mi
oltv. I seek vnur columns now not for th
purpose of propitiating- the Oregonlnn.
but for tne purpose or aerying me ure
soman to make good in one single soi
Itary act In my official career in th
pouoa service or mis cur, wnerein
hare been derellet In duty or failed a
an officer of the law to perform m
' Saty lit full to the best of my ability
aurliig these 10 months or perelsten
and wilful misrepresentation
part of the Oregonlan. If the
lan cannot do tLls then Colonel Wood
apparently knew whereof he spoke; 1
It can do this that is' If It can coin
out one single, solitary got In my or
flelal Ufa In tne nolloe service of thii
elty not done wholly and solely for
tne public good, I win. provided you can
make good. Immediately hand In my
resignation to the mayor of this city
and publloly acknowledge that the Ore-
gonian s course in mis long ana persist
on the
the Oregon
ent misrepresentation.
resentation at all but
not mlsrep
done for the
publlo rood and waa Justifiable by rea
' eon of the functions of Jionest and clean
newspaper effort for the publlo good.
Upheld Amerloaji Hag.
"You have called me a 'foreigner' in
four newspaper In spite of tbe fact that
followed and upheld the American flag
' in a hundred actions from r
captain tn the army of the United States
from vecemoer iz, io, tin Novemoo
. 1108. and received a serious wouni
' through the right lung at the battle of
. Ban Juan mil, under Ueneral Charter in
Cuba. Durina thla 11 veers of service
' In tne United Statea array I rose from a
private to a captain or scouts, my cap
taincy, over the signature of Military
Governor Taft. wee granted for 'gallant
ana meritorious service in action in tn
Philippines, and It was not obtalne
by tha help of newspaper writer or
irienaiy- editors, as a matter or rec
e-rd I carried the American flag through
me nosrue provinces or laDayas, ua
tangas, cavite, Kisai and Batann, at a
time when there wag not a white man
in these provinces, my command be
' lng entirely of native soldiers and the
entire communities hostile. In proof of
inie i rerer to my commanding orncer,
General Henry T. Allen, U. 8. A. tn
my experience of an officer of the
United Statea army, often thrown upon
my own resources and Initiative, I have
never failed to obtain the approval of
my commanding officers. This is the
kind of a foreigner' and Interloper I
Am. according to tha viewpoint of the
irrafters and Incompetents of the tln
iorn patriots among the stay-at-homes
H thla neck of the woods.
Follows Instructions.
"On July 10. 105, I reached Portland.
- Oregon, on furlough as a captain of
acouts of the United States army In
the Philippines. The instruction re
ceived by officers on furlough in the
Philippine at that time waa, among
Otner things, to acquaint themselves as
Ime. The efforts to oust me from my
present position arc well known to the
publlo and better known to the Ore
gonlan. "I was trained a soldier and It Is my
duty to obey orders. If for 1!0 months
past It was my duty to drag some of
the eclona of the first families out
from houses of prostitution In the
woe small hours of the morning and
throw them Into Jail In this city, I did
my duty, leaving It to the Oregonlan
to wink at their recorded aliases and
hide their deviltry from the decent por
tion of society.
"These wealthy and perfumed Jekvla
and Hydea sympathize with the efforts ;
or tne Oregon Is n to ruin my character
and oust this 'foreigner,' that they may
pursue their nocturnal orgies unmo
lested. If the proprietors of the "Parlor
houses' convenient to tha swell cluha
of this city and the other havens of J T1"
couver. presiding. Thla evening a publlo
session takes place In the Everett the
atre, with L. W. Pratt of Taooma,
Congressman Cushman and ether men
of prominence as speakers. Business
municipal government of cities in the
United States: to report to the mayor
swell vice have been driven below the
dead line where they belong, they also
sympathise with the attacks of the Ore
gonlan for reasons plain enough; I have
never raided a dance hall, nor the Paris
houses and other houses of similar re
pute In the north end of this city with
out being attacked by the Oregonlan
newspaper. If the coffee boilers and the
other Incompetents of the paat and pres
ent police force of this city can no
longer sleep on duty, lounge about sa
loons and draw their money without
earning It, they have an ardent friend
and sympathiser In the Oregonlan. The
grafters who tried first to bribe me,
then trip me In all the cunning ways of
that tribe the past 30 months, have a
warm and faithful friend In the Ore
gonlan; the stool pigeons who have lost
their vocation have also a warm friend
tn the Oregonlan; the fashionable cour
tesans they put on my ecent to entrap
me, tbe 'urbane admirer' who left
costly gifts at my home 'out of pure
friendship' and had them promptly re
turned, the slick and effusive 'go-
betweens between the north end gam
biers and bunco-steerer and who
couldnt deliver the goods, all sympa
thlse and approve the Oregonlan's at
tack In the Oregonlan. getting fouler
tning Known to the trade or the prores
tonal grafter and his tools to get me
under their control, thev have failed.
mlserab y failed, and all that la left for
them to do Is to inspire these foul at
tack in the Oregonlan, getting fouler
and fouler every day, until, like the
spider, It Is their daily task to weave
slander and libel out of their own cor
rupt Inside.
Someone Sag tied-
"The Oregonlan accuse me this
morning of being responsible for the
nootlng or cusen on the night of the
2 2d of this month in a north end lodsr-
ing-house and quote the chief of police
of thla city a criticising my action and l
judgment upon mi occasion. The chle
of police absolutely denies thla. Some
one has not blundered, someone has
lied. Who la It. the Oregonlan or th
chief of police? Judging the presen
rrom the past, it is but a fair infer
ence that the Oregonlan lied. It 1 up
to tne uregonian to prove airrerentiy.
"The chief of police has been Quoted
at least 20 times during the last two
months by the Oregonlan as criticising
me; tne cnier naa denied making euch
tatementa each and every time. Who
lying? Its ud to the Oregonlan to
how thla
'I have said I have been trained
oldter. I now say during the past year
nave Deen orrered much better do -
tlons from a monetary point of view
than l now hold. Hut l have refused
and pleasurs will divide the time during
Friday and Saturday. A trolley rid
about the olty. a grand ball and a boat
excursion to Olympia are among the
feature of tn entertainment program.
In the way of business the editor will
discuss libel law, legislation, railroad
transportation, advertising rate and a
number of other matter of mutual In
Today' program In full 1 a fol
10 a. m. Reception of member and
appointment of committee at head
quarter In chamber of commerce In
library building.
2:00 p. m. Business meeting In L.b-
uditortum. Address of welcome
by mayor of Everett. Response by
John L. Wilson, Post-Intelllgencer, Se
attle. President's annual address B. E.
Beard, Columbian, Vancouver.
Paper "The Newspaper as Town
Boomer," W. P. Ely. KeJsonlan, Kelso.
Paper "Newspaper Hvpocrlsy," Big
EAiuy, oiate iapnoi, uiympia.
.For Fir
1 1
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Frank B
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tor, Tacoma.
2:20 p. m Visiting ladle will be
entertained by the Associated Ladle'
clubs of Everett.
8:110 p. m. Stag reception to dele,
gates by the Cascade club.
Excursion and Ball
An all-day excursion on the specially
cnanerca steamer losemite win D taken
among the Islands, startlr from Ever
ett at 8 a. m. In the evening a grand
ball will take place In the apaclous ball
room of the Yosemlte.
Saturday's program follows:
:00 a- m. Take special car for a
trolley ride about the city with visits
to the papermlll, amelter and other In
dustrie. 1:00 p. m German breakfaat with
Bernard Ilochstadter as host
2:00 p. ni. Business meeting at lib
rary auditorium.
Paper "Value of Printing," M, jj.
Abbott. Chronicle, Olympia.
Paper "Molding Sentiment," George
Boomer, Record, Prosser. x
Paper "Alone In the Field" W T
Howard, Times. Coupevllle.
Paper "Politics and Press." Pater
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Morrison Street
Morrison Street
Attorney-General Atklnaon.
fully a possible with the workings of th.em ,for he reason that I will not
aown under the raise, persistent and
of any ejty vlelted. also to the auditor
ana enter or ponce and fire department
or eucn city, to scats tne errand and
aek for the permission to study the
woraing or tneir various departments,
make note of the same and UDon re
turn to duty after the expiration of the
runougn 10 maxe a run report to the
executive secretary of the Insular gov
ernment of the Philippine islands. The
purpose of thla I obvious. After my
arrival In Portland I proceeded to study
the workings of the local government
and pursued my investigation for three
months. At the time I am speaking of
every captain was an examiner of the
civil service board in the province In
which he may he located In the Philip
pine Islands. For my own Information
uncalled for misrepresentation of the
Oregonlan and Ite corps of disappointed
and unmanly incompetent who are fur
nlahing it with this scandalous and
libelous matter dally, I will go down
on me riring line.
"I defy the grafters and corruDtlon
Ists and police loafers who would get
back in the saddle at the expense of
my orriciai neaa. Tney nave tr ed to
down me pretty hard this past year
and eight months, but I am still doing
business at the old deak. I now repeat.
defy the Oregonlan to make eood on
Its attacks on me. If it cannot, the
people will understand what Colonel
Wood meant In his recent postphrandlal
"Captain of Police."
Feel Cool and
Well Fed
All day when you Breakfast and
Lunch on GRAPE-NUTS.
Surprising how long a Human
Machine can run smoothly and
comfortably these hot days on a
Saucer of this Scientific Food.
Report of committees
Selection of next place of meeting
Election or officer.
4:00 D. m. Automobile. rM hni
mo ciiy.
Saturday evening Banquet. Frank B.
Cole, The Lumberman, Tacoma, toast
master. Speeches by Governor Mead
Congressman Cushman, Senator Piles'
Congressman Jones, Jonn L. Wilson s'
O Cosgrove, John D. Atkinson and
To Reward Patience of Men
Who Are 3Jaking Haste
(Special Dispatch to Tbe Journal.)
Bohemia, Or., July 26. Some very
rich ore ha been uncovered at the
Hiawatha mine by miner drifting on
the ledge. Ore from the new strike
has not been assayed yet, but It Is cer
tain to run hlch. Tha Hiawatha h
always been a good mine, and could
have been made a nroducer lonir urn
If the owner had cared to Install a
reduction plant. They have continued
teaay development work for several
years. The future plans of the com
pany are not disolosed. but it Is under
stood that work will be carried forward.
it is estimated that there Is 1158.000
worth of ore blocked out In thla mine.
Mr. Lovelace has sold his Interest
in the Sunrise mine to Eggen & Sweet,
and the new owners are at the property
now with a mining engineer and will
make a thorough examination of th
mine. Assay of ore will be taken
from various tunnel and thorough
tests made of the 500-foot tunnel, which
is a drift on the ledge and la tn good
ore all the distance. The or body
m largo ana rne ore carries some rree
gold, but the value are mostly In base
Colonel W. H. Bursrhardt of Salem.
manager of the Martin oreek mining
property, la at camp directing work and
letting contract. He has let a con
tract for a 160-foot crosaout to tap a
rich antimony lead and will let other
contract before he return to Salem.
He plan to build a new trail front his
property to the county wagon road,
thus saving about four mile of travel.
Dr. Oglesby, J. W. Oowdy of Cottage
Grove and Frank Talklngton of Salem
are on a tour of Inspection of their
mining property, the Golden Slipper.
They Intend to do considerable deveiop-
uivni. tcuia 1.1119 mmmar ana rail.
lhl , j.1 ''..'NI ILLM'lli 1 1 IE
AVejetaUc PreparKlontrAi
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tnc eturaua eeaeawv, tw veaa errv.
raising sharply th question of state
versus federal right, was an open ana
" There's a Reason "
(Jearail Special Service.)
Waahington, July 26. The report
come from Raleigh, N. C. that a bitter
udlclal contest Is being waged in North
Carolina between the etate and federal
authorities over the mode of enforcing
we iai railroad rate law which will
robably lead to an attempt to Impeach
circuit jungi t-eier u. .fritehard, ac
cused by Governor Olenn of trying to
paralyse the court of the state and
Prevent the proper enforcement of their
The plan, It Is said, I to present
formal charges to congress Immediately
en It reassembly In December. It la
aid the state officials and member
of the Judiciary will contend that th
judge' action In releasing the officials
of the Southern railroad on habeas
corpus and o preventing the atae of
ficials from trying te uphold the law.
gross violation of his powera. It la
hinted that Judge Prltchard acted in
I the belief that he waa carrying out the
wishes of the president, whereas the
president Dy his action is said to be
seriously embarrassed.
If you want to rent your newly fur
nished room advertise It In the "Fur
nished Rooms" columns of The Journal.
Rate one cent a word. Phone If vou
can t Drtng u.
Courthouse Scheme Tabled.
(Special DUpatcb to The Journal. )
Enterprise, Or.. July 25. At a meet
ing of the Wallowa county court a
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than $21,000, was laid on the table in
definitely. Potter Schedule for Beach.
The steamer Potter will sail frnm !
Portland. Ash street dock, Saturday. 9
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(Journal Special Service.)
San Francisco, July 25 In order to
see for himself how the new lmmlgro
tion law Is workingMn Hawaii, Secre
tary Straus of the department of com
merce and labor Is sailing for Honolulu
todav on tha ataamcr fiihort ik.
Hawaiian Islands Secretary Straus wUl
investigate the subject of lmmlrrattnn
carefully, giving special attention to
ma constant eon ana now or aliens to
and from those islands. The question
of Japanese immigration will receive
particular attention. . Secretary Straus
plans te be gone several weeks. He Is
aocompanled on his trip by Mrs. Straus
nd his private Secretary, T. L. Weed.
tSpetlal pispeteh te Th jsorsaj.)
Salem. Or.. July M.--W. u Slmaral,
who for 10 years has been farm
at the state reform school. hs resigned
his position and has gone to his farm '
in the Waldo hills. Chester Cannon,
who for the past two years has been
assistant farmer at the school, was
ohosen head farmer. Mr. Slmaral served
under four superintendents, R. J. Hend-
N. H. Looney.
frolsan, H. E. Bickers and
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