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Police Official at Head of Portland Detective Bureau Has
y Issued Open Letter Taking: Publishers of Oregonain
to Task for "What He Terms Maliciousness.
ortlsna. Or., July ft. Te the tM
i tor of The Journal I wlh to submit
- - to yon ampl of th dirty journal
- lam, so aptly described by Colonel Wood
; , recently at th Fairbanks dinner. that
obtains. In this city. The following let
waa refused by tha Oregonlan, after
prltat and malignant libelous par
eouUan of ma a a off loar af tha Port
land police force tha paat roar and alt ht
' 1 montha, I turn In disgust " from thl
claaa of newspaper and ask you In tha
-- Interest of a square dual to publish
thia letter, which tha Oregonlan If It
- - had a spark of manhood In fta Journalls-
tio makeup would ba only too glad to
' Captain of .Police. ;
attaasauatg WaU Knows.-
"Portland, Or.. July 14. To tha Ed
itor of tha Orgonlan Soma day ago,
' Colonel C. B. a Wood of thie olty atated
In tha preeenoe of tha aaoond Uierr of
the United Bute, vice-president Fair
banks, at a banquet held here., soma .
' vera reflection on the press, which tha
Oregonlan aaw fit to resent with some
heat. These ataremcnt are too well
. ". . known -to- repeat now, Aut- I propose to
(In you a chance to make good your
; virtuous end. vigorous dendnolatloji of
- these who accuse you specifically, and
snapy there are, of wilfully and persist
A otly tnlsrepreaantlng cltisens of Fort
land, official and lay before their fel-.-
; Iowa through the medium of your news
. paper.
. "Understand ma now, that after Tne
' year and eight months of persistent and
1 wtiful misrepresentation of ma aj an of
; -fleer of the police department of this
el ty, I seek vnur columns now not for the
-' purpose of propitiating; the Oregonlan,
but for tha purpose of defying the Ore-
fronlan to make good in one single oi
tary act In my official career In tha
... . . Bolloo service of thia elt. wherein I
' hare been derellot In duty or failed as
an officer of, tha law to perform my
' aoty m run to the beat ot my. atmit
during these to montha of perslsten
and - wilful misrepresentation on -tha
- part of tha Orearonlan, If tha
' Ian cannot do Oils then Colonel Wood
apparently kaaw whereof ha a poke f if
It can do thia -that la" If It can point
eat one (Ingle, solitary act In my of
ficial Ufa la the polios service of thl
j, city not done Wholly and solely for
' , me pudiio good, l win. provided you csn
make good. Immediately hand in my
resignation to -the mayor of this city
" ; and publloly acknowledge that the Ore
gonlan' course In this long and persist-
ent misrepresentation, waa not mlsrep-
' ' reaentatlon . at all but done for tha
publto good and was. Justifiable by rea-
. " aon or tna functions or, jionest ana cieea
. aewepaper effort for tha publio good.
. ; Upheld .saierlna me. .
, - ' Ton have ealled ma a forelrner In
roar newspaper In aplta of the fact that
followed and upheld tha American flag
n a hundred actions from private to
, - captain In tha army of tha United States
Jrora yecemoer 11, is, till Movemoei
- through the right lung at the battle of
. Ban Juan hill, under General Shatter In
Cuba. Durlne- thia 11 veara of service
In tna United Statea array I rose from a
private 10 a captain or aoouta, my cap
taincy, over tha aignatura of Military
Governor Taft, waa granted for :gallant
and meritorious service In action' in the
Philippines, and It waa not obtained
by the help of newapaper writer or
friendly, editors. As a matter of rec
ord I c tried the American flag through
' the hostile provinces of Tabayas, Ba
; tangaa, Cavlfe. Rlaal and Batann, at a
, time when there wag not a whlta man
In these pr9vlncft1 my command be
' ing entirely of native soldiers ana the
entire-communities hostile. In proof of
1 thia I refer to my commanding officer.
General Henry T- Allen, U. ft. A. ta
, my expert enoa of an of floor of tha
United Statea army, often thrown upon
- my own resources and Initiative, I have
. never failed to obtain tha approval of
my eommanaing officers. This la tn
. aina oi a Toreii
officers. Thia is the
lnd of a foreigner- and Interloper I
am. aooordlng to the viewpoint of the
graftera and Incompetents of tha tin
' fom patrlota among the stay-at-homes
In thl neck of tha woods.- - -,;
' - ' PiHowtsl Terraotloa. " .
Wit July 10. 10I, I reached Portland.
Oregon, en furlough aa a captain of
' scouts of tha United States army In
i the Philippine. The instruction re
i reived by officer on furlough In tha
. Philippine at that time waa among
? trier thlnga. to acquaint themselves aa
ully aa possible with tha working of
municipal government or cities in tn
united Statea: to report to tha mayor
or any eny vieiieo. also to the auultoi
ana enter or none and nre departmen
and enlightenment t determined to take
in. bivu aervice examination in fort
land. When I filed my application with
tha secretary of tha local civil service
commission In this olty, Mayor. Lane
nor nobody els knew anything about
it. ana neither did the mayor of Port
land nor nobody ala save the elvll
aervlo commissioners know anything
win it until after the examination
waa over. I waa much surprised at re
ceiving a percentage of IS, or a grading
of 85 per cant and at th head of the
Hat ta thl examination. . .
Position Waa Tendered. "
Tlve day after taking thl examina
tion I waa offered, without solicitation,
th position I now occupy in tha police
department of thia city, and at tha
earnest solicitation of tor wife and Im
mediate friend I resigned my oommle
alon In th army and accepted my pres
ent position; that la to say, I resigned
a position paying l,vo per year lor. a
position navlns- 11.100 ter year at that
time. The efforts to oust me from' my
present position are wen known to tna
publio and belter known to tha. Ore
gonlan. '
"I was trained a aoldler and It 1 my
duty to obey orders. . If for 20 montha
paat it waa my duty to drag aom of
the scion -of the first families out
from bousea of prostitution In tha
wee small hour of the morning and
throw them Into Jail In. this city, t did
my duty, leaving It to the .Oregonlan
to wink at' their recorded aliases and
hid their deviltry from th decent por
tion of oclety. -
"These wealthy and perfumed Jekyls
and Hydss sympathise with tha efforts
of th Oregonlan to ruin my character
and oust this "foreigner,' that' they may
pursue tneir nocturnal orgies unmo
lested. IT th proprietors of the 'Parlor
houses' convenient to th swell club
ot this city and tha other havens ot
swell vie have been driven, below the
dead line where they belong, they also
sympathise with tha attacks of the Ore
gonlan for reasons plain enougn; i nav
never raided a dance hall, nor the Paris
houses and other houses of glmlihr re-
put In th north end of thl city with
out beina- attacked bv-the-Ores-onlan
newspaper. If th coffo boiler snd th
other Incompetents of the paat and pres
ent police tores of this city can no
longer aleep on duty, lounge about sa
loons and draw their money without
earning It, they have an ardent friend
and sympathiser In the Oregonlan. Th
graftera who tried first to bribe me.
then trip me In all th cunning way o
that tribe the past 10 months, hav
warm and faithful friend In th Ore
gontant ths stool plgsona who Tiav lost
their vocation hav also a warm friend
In the Oregonlan; th fashionable cour
tesans they put on my scent to entrap
m th 'urbane admirers' who left
Large Majority of the Two
Hundred Expected at . -Everett
Excursion and Ball Tomorrow on the
Voaernlte Banquet to Close, Bat ;
urdar Night Program of Inter
eating Paper and Addreasea.
. (gpectai Dispatch t Tse tarsal)
Everett. Wash- July lis A. large ma
jority of th too members of the Wash
ington Stat Presa association war
on hand today, at tha opening of their
twenty-first annual meeting. Th Initial
business Session was held thl afternoon
with President E. K. Beard of Van
couver,' presiding. Thl evening a publio
session take plac la th pverett the
atre, with tk W, Pratt ' of Taooma,
Congteasman Cushman and ether men
of prominence a apeaker. Business
and plessurs will divide th time during
Kridey and Saturday. A trolley rid
about th olty. a grand ball and a boat
excursion to-Olympla are among t he
feature of th entertainment program,
In th way of bualnees the editor will
discus libel Jaw,
irtlsing re i
number of other matter of mutual ta'
transportation, advertising
to ana
Today' program
In fun la aa fal
lout of pur
them promptly f e-
v alt
friendship' and had
turned, th slick and effusive 'go-
between between tn north end gam
blers and bunco-steerers and .who
couldnt deliver the goods, all sympa
thise and approve the Oreronlan's at
tacks in th Oregonlan, getting fouler
tning xnown to tn traae oi tn proies
lonal grafter and his tools to get me
under their control, they have failed,
mlserab.y failed, and all that Is left for
them to do 1 to Inspire these foul at
tack la th Oregonlan, gettln
and fouler .every da;
until. Ilka th
task to weave
spider. It la thel
slander and libel out of their own cor
rupt Inside. .
.: Someone Xa Xied.
"Th Oregonlan hocuses me this
morning of being responsible for th
hooting of Olsen on th night of th
12d of thl month In a north end loda
lng-hous and quote the chief of police
or tnia city aa criticisms- my action and
judgment upon thia occasion. Tha chief
of police absolutely denies thia Some
one ba not blundered, someone has
lied. Who Is It, the Oregonlan or th
ehlef -of polios T Judging th present
it is out a wr inrer-
It Is un
v mi ur.unwn to prove mi,TBrvnwy.
of such city, to stats tbs
aek for th permission to
-srlflgof their various department,
make note of th same and upon re-
turn to duty after the expiration ot the
furlough to make a full report to the
executive secretary of th Inaular gov
ernment of the Philippine Islands. Th
purpose of thl I obvious. After my
in r-oruana proceeaea to etuay
th working of th loeal government
- and pursued my Investigation for three
. montha At tha time lam speaking of
very captain was an examiner of the
. elvll service board in the province In
which he may he located In th Phlltp
. pin Islands. For my own Information
from th paat.
ence that the Oregonlan lied.
o the oreaonlan to Drove dlff
I "Th chief of Dollce ha been ouoted
at least tO times during ths last two
month by th Oregonlan a criticising
me: tn cniei nss aenteo wiaKinr uca
statement each and every tima Who
I lyingT Its up to th Orea-onlan to
bow thia
I hav said I hav been trained
oldter. I now say during ths past year
I nav Been orrerea muon patter posi
tions from a monetary point of view
than I now hold. But I have refused
them for th reason that I will not
retreat under fir, and If I must go
aowa unaer tn - raise, peraistant and
uncalled for misrepresentation of the
uregonian ana it eorp or disappointed
ana unmanly incompetents wno are fur
nishing - It with tnla acandalou and
llhelou matter dally, I will go down
on th firing Una
"J defy th grafter and corruption'
1st and police loafer who would get
back In th (addle at th expense of
my official head. They have tried to
down ma pretty hard this past year
and eight montha but I am still doing
Dusiness ai in oia aeea. i now repeat,
I defy th Oregonlan to make good on
Its attack en roe. If It cannot, th
people will understand what- Colonel
Wood meant In hla recent postnhrandlal
oration. rAiKiuit bkuin.
"Captain of Police.
r ' .....
Feel Cool and
Well Fed
All day when you Breakfast and
Lunch on GRAPE-NUTS. ;
Surprising how long a Human
Machine can run smoothly and
comfortably these hot days t)ri a
Saucer of this Scientific Food.
There's a! Reason' -
10 a. m Reception of member and
appointment of committees at head
quarter in chamber of oommerce In
library building. .
1:00 p. m. - Business mee Jng In lib
rary auditorium. Addreaa of we loo me
by mayor of Everett Response by
John I Wilson, Pot-latalllgenor. Se
attle. ' ..
President' annual ' addreas B. XL
Beard, Columbian, Vancouver.
Paper "The Newspaper a a Town
Boomer," W. p. Ely, Kelsonlan, Kelso.
Paper "Newapaper Hypocrisy," Big
Eddy, State Capitol," Olympla
Papr . "Oetttng Bualnssa," J. A,
Bwett, Star, Sultan. , . -
Paper "The Newspaper " Ladlea"
Frank B, Cole, Th Lumberman. Ta
coma. . -
Oration E. W, Pratt, association era.
tor, Tacoma. ."
- 1:10 p. m Visiting ladle will b
entertained by tha Associated : Led!
elub of Everett. - 1 ...
1:10 p. m. Stag reception to dele
gates by th Cascade elub.
'. Bzrorsloa and Ball.
An all-day exouraion on th specially p iwmior xoaemiie win d laaen
among the. Islands, startlr- from Ever
ett at e a. m-
i . i
Esfira p
i i w w i aw m i
-.11 I II' IV
fa ; , : . rr v" rr,n n
ii) JLlAYllll Gsii
Derby Mate
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$3.00 and $3.50 Hats Sale Price $2.00
mm Me ifiiiiii Sif
$ 18.00 outing suits on sale $ 1 2:00 $20.00 outing suits on sale $ 1 3.50
'$22.50 outing suits on sale $15i0O' I $25.00 outing suits on sale $16.50
SialSisle of
Oie Famous Cliesf erfield
Suits Confiriues
in th evening a grand
room of th Toeemlte,
naturaay program
ball will take place In th spacious ball
-day s Droa-raxn rellowa:
:00 a. m. Take aDeclal oar tor a
trolley rid about th city with visit
to th papermlll, smelter and ether in
dustries. 1:00 p. m. German breakfast ' with
Bernard Hochstadter a host
l:o p. m auslnese meeting at Ub-
rary auditorium.
Paper "Vslu of Printing,1
Paper "Molding Sentiment.' Qeorge
Boomer, Record, Proneer. . .
Paper "Alona Mn the Field," 'Wi T.
xiowaro, . x imea, oupeviiie.
Paper "Politic and Pr. Pater
- Addreaa "The Law and the Presa,
Attornay-Qeneral Atklnaon,
Reports of commltteea " ' "
Selection of next place f meetlnr.
Election or officers.
4:00 p. m, Autoinobil ride about
ma cuy.
aturday evening; Banquet. Frank B.
Dumoerman, l acoma.
tfi - $25.00 suits on alc $ J 900 $3000 suits on sale $2350
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r --269-271
Morrison Street
Tm uu
Mo Mo
Morrison Street
Cole. The
maater. Speechea by Governor
congressman Cushman, Senator Piles,
tonirniniM onve, jonn l. WHSOn, o,
To Beward Patience of Men
Who Are Raiting Haste
-Slowly. :
(Special Dtspatet te Th 7eamL)
2onemia, vr., July js. Horn very
rloh or ha been uncovered at th
Hiawatha nine by miners drifting on
th ledga Or from the new strike
hss not been assayed yet, but It is cer
tain to ran hla-h. Th Hiawatha ha a
atway been a good mine, and could
hav been mad a producer long ago
ix iq. owner psa carea ' i ineiail
reduction plant. They have oontlnue
steady development work for several
jsara. , i n juiurapiana or. tna com
pany are net dlaolosed, but it Is under-
tooa tnat work win be carried forward.
t Is estimated that there Is 1150.000
worth of ere blocked out In this mine,
' Mr. Lovelac has sold his interest
In th Sunrise mine to rren A Sweet.
and the new owner ar at th property
now wim a. minins - enaineer ana win
mak a 'thorough examination of th
mine. Assays or or will be taken
from various tunnels and thorough;
test mad of th 800-foot tunnel, which
Is a drift on ths ledge and 1 In good
pre all th distance. Th or body
la large and th or carries som free
gold, but th values ar mostly In baa
Colonsl .W. BT. Burghardt of Salem,
manager of th Martin creek mining
property, la at camp directing work and
letting oonUacta Ba haa let a con
tract for a ISO-foot crosscut to tap a
rloh antlmonv lead and will lot othr
contract before he return to Salem.
He plan to build a new trail from hla
firoprty to th county wagon road,
bus saving about four mils of travel.
Dr. Oaieabv. J. W. Onvil. of rnat...
Orove and Frank Talklngton of Salem
ar on a tour or Inspection of their
mlnlns- oronertv. the rsnMi, atinn...
They Intend to da considerable deveTop-
mb -wi tui. eurnmer ana I ail.
i v - ,
Uesraal gseetel Serrlee.) .
Washington. July 18. The report
come from Raleigh, K C. that a bitter
Judicial eonteat I being waged In North
Carolina between th state and federal
uthorltie over the mode of enforcing
ha a tat railroad rata law which win
probably lead to an attempt" to Impeach
Circuit Judge Peter C. Prltchard. ac
cused by flovemof Olenn of trying to
paralyse th court of th stats and
ireveni in proper enforcement or tneir
unction. -
Th rlan. It ta said, la to nraaani
formal charges to congress Immediately
on Its reassembly In December.- It I
said th stat official and member
of the judiciary will contend that the
tidg s action in releasing the official
if th Southern railroad on habeaa
corpus and so preventing th atat of
f lolala front trying t uphold the law.
' "'''""'''''""'IwBessBg
1 1 jNrfTfpffTT! i V11
slrallaring teRwtfanrJIteAfr
Un the StcaadB aadflowi of
ncssand HtsCXonouis nainr
OmuniXarphlne narMiaetai
' ' AaafciteW . "
JUMmm , " 1 :
HmWt Jefrsj
I gMss1srawaV f ggTrwA f
- AperttetBerofiy for Consflpi
Mon . Sour Stomadi.Dlarrtm
hm I Hliiil
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Boars the A At
Signature W
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Ta aTav wv, atw rrv.
railing sharply th question of state
versus federal rights, waa an oosn and
gross violation of his powers. It is
hinted that Judge Prltchard acted in
th belief that he was carrying out th
wishes of th president, whereas ths
prssident by his action Is said t be
gerloualy embarraaaed. . - ......
If yu want te rent your newly fur
nlshed room edvertlee It In- th "Fur
nished Rooms" columns of Ths Journal.
Bate one cent a word. Phon if you
ean't bring It.
' Conrthonaa Scheme Tabled.
- (tpeet.l Plseatek to The JeerasLt :
Enterprise, Of., July II At a meet-
Ing of the
owa county court a
AX.& m vromi.0
Know that Ballard's Snow Liniment
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Joints, cute, sprains, - lumbago and all
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proposition for the cltlseng f Enter,
prise to doate th oounty a alt valued
at 110,000 and a 18,000 cash bonu on
condition that tn county court rct a
courtnoua oa tn alt to cost not lees
than 128,000, was laid on th tab! In-
Potter Schedule for Beach.
Th ttr.r Potter will sail from
Portland. Ash street dock. Saturday.
a. m. . Oat tickets and make reserva
tions at elty ticket offlo. Third and
Waahlngton street. C W. Stinger, oltr
tlckt agent ,
!.i .'.'-: (Jearaal Special tervto.)
San Pranclaeo, July 28. -In order to
so for himself how th new Immigra
tion law Is worktngMn Hawaii, Secre
tary Straus of the department of com
merce and labor I sailing for Honolulu
today th steamer Siberia. In the
Hawaiian Island Sertry fciraua will
Sale at
On April 1 we opened this store with the NEWEST
tnd CHOICEST, stock of FINE FOOTWEAR in the city -and
U U our firm determination to close out all iccumula
tion of a busy season at this time. This policy insures to
ouffcatrons FRESH and STYLISH SHOES eVery day in,
the year. The price reductions are numerous and extend ;
; throughout the MEN'S, BOYS'. LADIES', MISSES' and
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BLACK or TAN at Hdfculously low prices. .
wi3i RoscnthwiFs wtzi
Sec Our Windowi
Tonnerly it 141 Third St
Investigate th sub tee t ef lmmlratlM
carefully, giving apeclal attention te
gat th subject ei
11 y. giving aDeclal
th constant ebb and flew of aliens to
ana rrom tnoee laianas. Th auaatlon
of Japan Immigration will receive
particular attention. . Secretary Straus
Mane t be gone several weeks. Ha (
aonompanied on his trip by Mrs. Straus
and hi privet Secretary. T. L. Weed,
tlpetlal Pupate te Th Jearaal.)
Salem. Or.. July II. W. t- aimaeai
who for 16 years haa been head f
at the atat reform school, ha raelgned
tu position ana ha goo to hi farm
who for th past two years has been
assistant farmer at ths school, ws
hoaen head farmer. Mr. Blmeral served
under four Superintendent, R. J. Hend
ricks fc. M. Crolsaa. II. S, Bickers and
N. H. Loonsy.
CataallSe-iw'n Tw,A.
is sold In packages only,
never in bulk. ; : !
X Tear greear retvrat tm aoae V jot doa'l
lUe Ui w gay aiav