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Machinery, of Nation Badly
Scattered During Sum
, ' mer Months.
' ' (Joersal 8pclal Service.) " ' '
Washington, July 10. With the near
Approach ef the "do days" publla af-
, fairs com to as near a standstill a la
posslbla with ths machinery of govera.
ment Washington Is bow practically
deserted by those high In official Ufa,
and the departure of chiefs and clerks
has left all the departments Of the gov
ernment" running along with their min
imum force. Members of the cabinet.
' Justices of the supreme court, senators
and representatives are scattered from
coast to -coast and may be found almost
anywhere except In the national capital.
About the only official activity dis
played anywhere Just now Is In the
navy, which 'Is engaged In 1 completing
arrangements , for the dispatch of the
bis fleet' -of warships to the Pacific
oast. Ko date has yet been fixed for
the departure of the fleet. It evidently
being the intention of the navy depart
ment to show no undue haste In the
matter. .
At Indianapolis next Tueaday Indiana
nveu a monument to her war gov.
r, uuver p. Morton. Governor Han.
in aem
stela. iV uai'gl '-V V--- "-
Thea Luscloug Cherrle Grown In City Umltg of Portland.
the same day 'Wisconsin will Day honor
to the memory of Oovernor Nelson
Xewev by unvefllna- a monument t him
- at the town of Lancaster. Still another
. event of the same dav will be ther
ms m nspuoucin icaaera or Illinois
;-. at Qreenfleld to celebrate the forty.aev.
. enth anniversary of the famous speech
, of- Owen P. Lovejoy. which opened the
Lincoln campaign. Among the partlci
, .pants In the celebration will be Dover
. nor Deneen. Speaker Cannon, ex-8enator
William E. Mason and ex-Governor Rlch
, ard Yatea. . "
' V I-oan associations will be held In Chi
cago,, beginning next Wednesday and
continuing two days.
Unleaa Oovernor Folk grants a . ye-
prieve or commutation of sentence, the
. nvwnvui criminal wno cans nimseir
Iord Barrlngton't will be executed next
' Friday In Clayton, Missouri, for the
- murder of Jsmes P. McCsnn In 10I.
. Secretary Straus) of the department of
sail from San Francisco Thursday for
Honolulu. In the Hawaiian islands Seo
j, retary Straus will Investigate the sub-
. special attention to the constant ebb
nd-f lowf alien and - from those Hr'
1B1N1IUB, ,
Saturday next Is the day fixed by the
navy departmentfor the opening of bids
' for the construction of the new drydock
. ..... . U.Bt BVUUtJ MMTT jmii, ,11.
.dock will be the largest In the world.
nriKcr innn in laraous lreaansugni ox
the British nsvy. .
. Snter Field With taVO0O,OO System
(Special by Leased wfre, the Longest
: u w xtriA - . .
, Boston, June Harrlman has
entered. the local telephone Held by-offering
to back an independent company
against the trust He has guaranteed
t.,000.000 to insure the installation of
' an Independent system In this city. In
it very few weeks It ia probable the new
company will decide upon Us system and
; tne work of Installing an exchange of
about 1,000 subscriber will be begun.
. San Francisco Examiner. : .r -, - -n, .-,
Mammoth cherries of ', luscious flavor
re grown In all parts of Oregon, but
some of the finest fruit yet exhibited
baa been grown within the limits of the
city of Portland. George Vath, who
lives on Roland avenue near Hawthorne
avenue, hae a email orchard, from which
he has picked a ton of cherries. - . ..
; pu .x una wow i aiu 4 x .
.Quarantine), May Kerp Schmlta . in
' Longer, Ball or No Bail, and
Also E.' Zlromr. ...
' (Jooraal Speetaf Berries.) '
San Francisco, ' July 10. Two ' cases
. '.of smallpox have brosjnn out Iri the city
and county Jail and as reault that In-
' stltutlon has been placed In quaran
tine. Judge Lawlor, who la acting as
presiding judge In the absence of Judas
Coffey, Instructed Sheriff Thomaa
O'Neil to permit no one to enter or-de-part
from the Jail. - - .
. Thla will .effect Eurene E. Schmlts,
snoma ne fei oaui oecore mi emDargo
Is lifted, and E. J.-Zlmmer, whoae sen
tence of Ave days for refusing to tes
tify In the Glass case will be up today.
Judce Lawlor left It at the discretion
of the health officer, Dr. Watklna. aa
to when to raise ths Quarantine. Dr.
Watklns Intends to fumigate the- place
and thlnka the quarantine will last for
at least a week. '
;": Piano Bepajr Work. '
tt often .hanpena a few dollars put In
upon work will save the tone of a piano.
Whfl you are- away on your vacation
we will do this work and have the piano
ready , for you wheirT you get back.
Phone Reed-French gomvanr.' Main 1251.
It's the piano atore on Burnalde street
' (Special Dfapatra to The. Joaraal.)
" Chehalls, Waah.. July 10. The city
eouncil has passed the ordinance for
paving Market street with vitrified
' brick, and with ita publication thla
" week the ordinance becomes effective.
. The plans and specifications are all
- ready and the bids are being advertised.
It is the Intention to finish the work
' before the inclement weather aets In.
'The paving will cover Market street
from the Northern Pacific depot to the
St. Helens notei. The estimated .cost
Is about 80,000. to coyer which bonds
will be issued by ths oity.
N. B. Coffman, for himself and the
. Cof f man, Dobson A Co. bank, and
Frank EvereU. who own the total front
age of that part of Bolstfort avenue
lialls avenue expect to close the con
tract with the Haasam Paving com-
pany for paving that portion With their
' concrete process, early In August, and
-. begin the work at once ao that it may
tie finished while the season is good.
w' ' s ' '' 1 -'.
t mw;
i A Liquid Antiseptic and Non
acid Dentifricie will penetrate the
little crevice of the teeth that
ttfxnnt h reached bv the Tooth
4... J ' .
Brush, cleansing and purifying
. . ti t. rL
cleanly sensation, aa to become a
joy to the mouth and refreshing
to the whole system.' Sorodont.
The cherries shown in the accompany
ing picture, nearly four Incbea in cir
cumference, are of the Lambert variety,
wine colored and of. fine flavor. Their
else le easily comprehended by compar
ing them with the half dollar which
waa photographed with them. They are
typical of the splendid fruit for which
the entire state of Oregon Is noted. -
Latest Fashion Ideas.
EW YORK,; July "10, The
feature ' which lends a charm
to feminine grace more than any
other Is the fan. and thla la
- an accessory In this summer's
toilette. The appropriateness of the fanH
carried ' should be the Important thing
tO rememtar. when chooalng one. . If It
Is of good material, nicely decorated
and of a harmonious color, a. paper. fan
may1 be . just as Appropriate as one of
silk or gaus. Fans of crepe de chine
embroidered In Japanese design of
bamboo leavea, the same ornamentation
being carried out harmoniously In the
carving of Ivory-sticks, are very dainty,
These ar mostly In white, but equally
aa pretty are those embroidered in roses
in natural-colors." There, ar fans of
sandalwood, and of chiffon and tnousae-
Une The very smalL fans Jeweled or
set with vanity mirrors on the outside
sticks are only suitable to be worn with
empire gowns, and Indeed, no other fan
would be appropriate.
Women are carrying coaching parasols
with very long handles when they wear
tailor-made costumes. The "handles are
of ebony, silver-banded, crystal or Jade
and ' are ornamented with rosettes of
satin ribbon. Borne of the very high
priced ones are provided with a large
jeweled or goid-lncrusted , top, which
springs open, revealing a tiny gilt pow
der box and puff. The linen parasol in
nura white or matching the gown . In
color is also the proper thing.'
: The whits or cream, mohair skirt Is
worn this summer to a great extent with
a batiste, silk or even lace waist It le
mads ankls length, circular end pret
tily flared below the hips. If trimming
Is desired, folds of self-toned taffeta ar
ptu'on near ths bottom, or a mohair or
ailk galloon makes pretty effect. -
Stationery has Its fads aa well as
clothes, and a woman Is often Judged
br the writing paper she uses. Note
paper . of any positive color; such
green.' purple, blue, yellow or the like,
are always bad form. Certain neutral
tints are permissible, and gray is the
favorite one lust at D re sent. . Blue Is
alao oonular. but white Is Seldom seen
now, owing to another fad. although it
is always good form.- The rougn nnisn, than the smooth. Is the present
fad. but the edges should never be
rough. Highly scented note paper la
considered very poor tasts. A alight
scent la permissible, but It Is better to
have none at an than too much. Cor
responding cards have again come into
vogue, where only a few lines are need
ed in a note. The monogram should be
An the left corner and the address writ
ten In the right. White, gold and silver
are the beat colore for stamping, ana
blue la the only shade considered really
arood . - - ' , ' 1 -
.A very attractive bat of Panama
which has the new droop la trimmed
In violet loulslne ribbon nine Inchee
wide. This is drawn through an oblong
gilt buckle In the front and finished at
the right sides with three -square loops
and an end held by two bunches of hy
drangeas. . i .
The shoes and stockings of this sum
mer are anown In many styles, quail
tlee and colors.- The olassa shoe that
la, one worn In the afternoon and every
day has a prominent roie in rooigear.
The tan shoe takes the lad over the
black one. and In walking ahoea the style
le pointed toea, rather ahort Tamp, high
instep and straight Spanish heel. The
two . favorite styles in pumps ar the
low-cut vamp and medium Spanish heel
and a little bow of leather on the toe,
and the new pump cut very high In the
back, low in front, finished with an
elaborate buckle, above which Is a
nloae-flLiine- pointed toncue of the
leather. White shoes may be only ap-
nronrlatelv worn with a white, dress, or
one which has a flower or V or color
through It. colored pumps are worn
with a gown and hose to match. -
The Jeweled fastener for linen col
lara la now In vorue with all the sum
mer neckwear. -fUoeye links to hold the
collar toawther top and bottom are a
French conceit, and a tlaht little but
terflv how of white tulle la fastened
between them. Then there are the pine
and brooches much worn -with different
styles of bow a Amethysts, star sap
phires, ruoiea, emeralds. Jade, lapis
lasul . onal and turouolse matrix are an
beautiful and fashionable atonea for
collar pins. The diamond horseshoe Is
a greet favorite; also the Jeweled cir
clet, show'ia a combination of atones,
le particularly attractive. "Enameled lace
pins in blue, pink, white and violet are
used with ltnsn gowns of ths same color,
and sometimes they sre worn with white
where they are the only touch of color.
A velvet neckband studded with Jew
els and fastened at the back with
bow, 'leaving "very long ends, is ths
latest fad in, a collar. . This- is mostly
worn ' with a decollete rown,. although
It la often used to give character to a
lingerie collar.
, .. it H - '
' A New German Bread.'
An entirely, new kind of bread made
either of wheat er rye. Is becoming pop
ular In Germany, and Is likely soon to
b introduced Into this country. It Is
made of the-whole grain? but not ac
cording to any method hitherto familiar.
The grain Is germinated by alternate
Bleeping in warm water ana aeration.
this being accomplished by a simple me
chanical apparatus. - As soon as rootlets
appear It Is ready for ue& and Is crushed
to nneness Between rollers, arter wnicn
it la dropped through a chute Into an
iron trougn on tne noor peiow, wncre
it is kneaded by a machine,
The preliminary process is one of
malting similar to the malting of bar
ley. AH the water used In the sprout
ing process, which contains a lsrgs part
of the mineral salts of the grain, is
poured Into the Iron trough to make
the dough. Thus nothing Is lost, the
entire substance of the grain being in
cluded in the dough, which, with the
addition of yeast and salt. Is Anally
formed Into loaves and baked In the ordinary-
The bread thus made la said to have
a delicious flavor. It Is claimed for it
that the process of germination makes
the substances of the grain much more
' ' St t St r
; Mrs. RoTer on Roups.
"Soups may be divided into ' four
classesmeat sohps; those made .from
vegetables, without meat;' thoae made
from a combination of the two, and the
cream' soups.' All thick soups contain
nourishment. " Clear meat soups are
without nourishment. They ar heal
ing and stimulating and for that reason
ar .valuable food , adjuncts. Clear
soups, such as consomme and bouillon
are best mad from lean meats, without
bona A consomme la best made from
a mixture of veal and beef, or beef and
chicken; while bouillon should be
from beef alone. Soft, cold water soft
ens the fiber and draws out the Juice,
and ia therefore beat for aoup making.
For stewing meats, use boiling water,
to keep the juice In.
"Vegetable aoup, without - meat Cut
Into amall pieces, or chop an onion, a
carrot, a turnip and a cup of celery.
Brown slightly in oil or butter; cover
with two quarts of cold water; , add
quartar cup of rloe; cook slowly two
hours; strain through a aleve; add a
tables poonful of butter and one of flour,
rubbed together; a level teaspoonful of
salt and a dash of pepper. Reheat and
"Clear soup Chop fin four pounds
of lean beef; add four quarts of.oold
water; stir snd soak for two hours;
bring slowly to boiling point and skim.
Simmer gently two hours; add one
onion. 12 cloves, a carrot, a bay leaf,
a dosen pepper corns and a level table
spoonful of salt, one hour before the
aoup is . done. Strain and Stand aside
to cool. Remove the fat, reheat and
serve. .
'Italian cream of ' tomato Put one
can of-tomatoea over the fire, with a
slice of onion, a bay leaf and a salt
spoon of around mace. Bring to boil
ing point and add two tableapoonfuls
of butter, rubbed with three tableapoon
fuls of flour; atlr until boiling and
drain. Season with salt and pepper,
reheat, and add a half pint of cream
and two ounces of spaghetti that -has
been well boiled and out Into pieces not
more thaa., four, inches long.
n st'1.'
Why HI Marriage -Was Failure.
He did all the courting before mar
riage. He never talked over bis affairs with
his wife, ('
He thought of bis wife only as a
cheap housekeeper.
He never dreamed that a wife de
served pralae or compliments.
He thought bis wife had a very easy
time. . .. .
He married an Ideal, and was disap
pointed to find it had- flaws.
Ha paid no attention to bis personal
appearance after marriage. -
Hs treated hla wife aa he would not
have dared to treat another woman.
Wha Ii Lattice?
What 4s a lattice T ....
That Is the question which perplexed
more than 1,00 boys' and girls who
took ths examination for admission to
the high schools In Philadelphia. The
queatlon was sprung on them - In' the
language examination, and as yet most
of them are much in doubt about the
They have looked, through ' diction
aries, encyclopedias, architectural mag
aslnea and text-books on -physiology,
but most of them haven t been able to
decide yet whether a lattice la part of
the human anatomy, a noara zenc or
a peek-a-boo waist. r
The question was. down fa the1 lan
guage teat In connection witn tne poem,
"An AnostroDhs to the Wind." Several
verses of the poem were quoted. - In one
the verses tne poet, rererrea "to tne
nd as "The spirit which breathes
through my lattice."
The queetlon waa, "What Is the mean
ing of the word 'lattice' In the poem V
When the examiners- started in to
mark the papers they didn't know
whether they were marking for a physi
ology examination or a . test In lan
guage. The trouble was all over the
luestion niwi im vlv m..niiia wi
teaT" About one Quarter of the an
swers put lattice downaa a synonym
for-nose. Others declared that lattice
In thla caee meant mouth.
"By lattice ia meant the network of
halra In the nostrils." was the answer
of one bright boy. .
"Lattice is the pores of ths body,"
said another.
The most novel explanation was
given by a boy who wrote:
"A lattice Is a deKoltay walat My
sister has ons. Bsc diagram."
And appended to the examination pa
per waa a neat sketch of a peek-a-boo
walat, mad with a lattice effect.
st st st
Cleaning Greasy Dlsbeay
The moat objectionable part of dish-
Kwashlng is the cleaning of greasy
dlshss and utensils, says a contributor
to Ladles' World. - The tiny partlclee
of fat cannot be scraped off, and so
float about In the dish-water, making
it very disagreeable and almost unfit
for further use. After many experi
ments, I have found a way of cleaning
them ' quickly ..and thoroughly. In a
convenient place I keep a tin box con
taining bran, and a mitten rudely eut
and stitched from any odd pieces of
cloth.' Some of this bran Is shaken into
the dish, the mitten slipped on, and by
rubbing the bran round the aldea and
bottom, every particle of fat Is re
moved, snd the dish is quickly and eas
ily wsshed. The bran la then pouryl
into the next dlah or thrown away, ac
cording to Ita condition. When the
mitten becomes soiled It Is destroyed
and a freah one put in its place. This
method is much quicker and better than
rubbing the dlahea with cloth, paper or
a rubber scraper,
H st st' -
t , i : , .
. Household Blnta. 1
.. Tasty sandwiches t nave anohory
paste, mayonnaise and minced green
peppers as ruling. "V
v Add. a little milk to the water In
whiqh potatoes- ar boUed and they
will 'when done look .very white and
test well. ' . ' ,
Paint marks on gla,as may be re
moved by rubbing with, a paste of whit
ing and ammonia, thinned with water
to' the eonal stent y of cream. Leave the
past on, and whsn It Is dry wash off
with soap and warm water.
wnen tne wooowora in a room is d
ln nalnlt It la a arood nlan to have
about three Inches of the floor painted
with, the same color paint, then If ever
It ia necessary is put car
doee not exact.
t upon the
rpet upon
tfy fit it.
t be so
floor which
little space, left will not
sightly. - -
Don't use soda when washing chin
ornamented with gliding, for soda will
la time aurely take off every vestige
of gold from the pattern. Soap may be
added to the water with Impunity and
it will do the work of cleansing without
roughening the hands of the operator.
' Two divorces wer granted by Judge
Fraser In .qlfcuit-, court yeaterday after
noon to wives who complained that
they had been cruelly treated. Mrs.
Martha Olson said Lars Olson Indulged
to excess In intoxicating liquors, bnf
her and drove her and the children out
of the house. Ia February, 1S04, Hie
elleges, Olson was arrested on t'i
oharse of stealing a IUh net. was a l
mllUJ to ball, and than sold all th- r
froperty. Including household giMt,
uniped hla ball and Wni a fuKitive
rom Justice. Mr. Olmm was granted
a divorce and the custody ot bar four
children. They were married la Octo
ber. It90. ,
Mr a. Myrtle L. Gibson waa granted a
dlvoroe from w. C Olbeon on the
around of cruelty and- exunkenneea.
She waa given the custody ot her two
children and $60 a month alimony.
" Energy for breakfast to. start
the day.
' - Sustenance for lunch to carry.
you through. -. : : ' ' ;
- r- Rest and -renewed -strength
at close of day. ' ,
. The food ideal for every meal.
Uneeda Biscuit
More nutritious
otler , wheat . food. '
than any
In moisture and
dust proof paekagti.
" Wis Oounselrrom the South.
"I want to give soms valuable advice
to those who suffer with lame back and
kidney trouble," says J. R. Blanken
ship of Beck, Tenn. T have proved to
an absolute certainty that Electrlo Bit
ters will positively cure this distress
ing condition. The first bottle gave me
great relief and after taking a few
snore bottles I was completely cured; so
completely that it becomes a pleasure
to recommend this grest remedy." Sold
under . guarantee at Red Cross Phar
macy. . Price 60c -
- TEA V v
- Moneyback says: Schil
ling's Best is assafe as the;
bank for your money. "
Tear grocer returns year steoef It yes seat
like Schllliag't Best: we per hint.
Persons suffering from heart
troubles should avoid coffee.
Secure a heart tonic and , a
coupon for - - .
Frrn Skidmore Drug Co..
Jones Drug Store, and Allen
.Drug Co., who recommend
It. Golden Grain Granules
for sale by the grocery trade.
: ; When the Kidneys fall to perform their functions properly by riot straining put the poison
ous waste matter from the blood as it passes through them, the poisons are carried by the
circulation to every ; part, of -the body, deranging the different organs. This causes heart
trouble, stomach trouble, sluggish liver and, a host of other ills, all due to deranged Kidneys.
I v
rt i i sr .-x'v'N xi-v r i" sa r i t i -i mi
corrects irregularities and cures Kidney and Bladder diseases in every form, tones up the
- f cuftED or BRiQHrs disease. " who.le system,, and the peases tot have
Mr. Robt O. Bnrke, Elnxa, g.ratoe C.., N. Y.. Write. am f lad to have aa eppor- reSUlteQ IfOH QlSOraerea JVlQnCyS QlSappCaT,
una i siaw uaa irons vshs rvwai as.-. a - ... - ' m m
tnnltv af t lilac wnsit tnsTOincii'
f,Y.:7. because tne cause nas been removeo. torn-
W mence taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE
eOTSltfo at the first sign of danger. Do not risk
ether aymptoma of Kidney tfouble. My friends were surprised that I was cured, aa they . . , . , . .
r'!iJr.irA having Bnghfs Disease or Diabetes. ,
ku UU4 to hu JaiAl to LM tMMAtWtk
Two Sizes. CO Cents and 01 -00s
. i
"Weddings and Strikes
mM one of the affllotad tha other day In our office. It's hard enough to get
Juet when they begin to be worth their aalt they etart something doing. One day thla spring I
' "
are the bane of a telephone manager's Ufa,1
learned that two of my best operators were going to get married soon- and that a bunch of the worst ones were
up a labor nnloa. .
'That Set me thinking
y of theee glria Ana then they are harder to get rrom year xo 7"r. i m-na
ooerator hire, for training tnem and for tne extras ror tneir eomion, mo now muo wT B
all this, and I decided that It automatlo equipment; would wipe out. these two Items and the worry. mat mem.
about how much we are at the mere;
out what we Spend for the operator
'me for the automatic' , V
It How many managers are In the same fix? Don't all speak at once, but think It over, and remember that the automatlo
. 1 switches never get married or go on a strike; they are never tired, or peevish, or unruly: but they "are all there all the time,
j , as an enthuslastlo automatlo exchange manager aald recently. Their maintenance is small -110.14 for repair parts oa 1,000
J switches la a year and a fcalf. ia one Instanoe and, taking It all around, they are the most efficient and economical operators
i ' t a manager can get. , . .
'It might interest yoii
to know that ths total taaiateaaaes saves se of parts for our satire plan of 8,000 switches tor the past eighteen months has
been 110.14," writes Superintendent 1. A. Puiwan ot ths Bioux City Telephone Company, Bioux City, Iowa.. (This company
operates ths AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE BXBTEM.) . . . : -.
-'A like sum- -w , ; ; : .
; would perhaps take ears of ths repair eost on operators chairs In a manual exchange of ths same sle. adds Mr. Duncan.
It occurs to us y ,r
that the ens Hem of swltohhoard oords aloas for a manual exchange of 1.000 lines would amount to at least S180 In eighteen
months. That Is fiXteea times ths eost of all repair parts oa the Sioux City auto ma tie sxehaatra.
That is
, of the many economies of ths AUTOMATIC BTBTEM. These economies all help to swell ths profits. And the ATTTOMATTC
being the best service commands the highest rates, low prodaotloa eoet plus high selllag prtoe equals big dtvldesAs. That ,
U what led to. ths adoption of the AUTOMATIC TElEPHONE SYSTEM In the following cities: .
Aberdeen, BV D.
Akron, Ohio. - '
' Allentown, Pa. '
Auburn, Ma ,
Auburn, N. T.
Battle Creek, Mich.
Beaver Falls. Pa.
Iielllngham. Wash.
Butte, Mont
Cadillac, Mloh.
Champaign, 11L .
Chicago, rt
Cleburne, Texas.
Columbus, Oa.
Columbua. Ohio. :
twyton, Ohio.
Ienver, CoL
El Paso, Texas, -'
Emaus. Pa,
Fall River, Ma. a.
Grand Rapid a, Mich.
HasUnga, Neb.
ITavsns, Cuba. -Hasleton,
I'olland, Mloh.
Kopklnaville, Ky.s
Joneshoro, Ark.
tke Benton, Minn,
Lew la ton. Me.
. Lincoln, Neb.
Los Angslea, CaL .
Manchester, Iowa.
Martanao, Cuba,
Marlon. Ind. -
Medford. Wis.
Mlamlsburs. Ohio.
Mt Oil vs. 111.
Nsw Bedford, Masa
Oaaiand Cat
Ocean Park, Cat
Omaha, Nab.
Pentwater, Mloh.
Portland, Ma
Portland, Or.
Princeton. N. J.
Richmond, Ind.
Riverside, Cat . . . . !
Rochsster, Pa. -' . '
Rushvllle, Ind. '
San Diego. Cat
San Francisco, Cat
Santa Monica. CaL
Raakatoon, Bask., Can.
Sioux City, Iowa.
South Bend, Ind. ,
Spokane, Wash.
Bprtngaeld, Mo,
St. Marys, Ohio.
Tacoma, Wash.
- Toronto Junction, Can,
Traverae City, Mich.
-X'rbana, 111.
Van Wert, Ohio. -
Walla Walla. Wash. .
Waussu, Wis,
Westerly, R. I.
Wilmington, Del.
Woodetock, N. iX, Can.