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Lawyer Dieltz Declares His
r:;. Client - Is Not Receiving
, . Fair Treatment at jlanas
of Court Prosecutor in His
" Trial for 3Iurder.- ;
"" " . aoowl Sped) lwvks.l
' KsrUrhue. Germsny. July 80. Declsr
ioc tht thsrs Is m ors-snlssd conspir
acy to convict Ksrl Hsu upon Insuffi
cient clrcumstsAtlsJ svldsncs. Attorney
Diets Of tbk defense. crssAsa ; senss
tlon In court todsy.
Dleta wit server in Ills SJ-rs.!nroent
of the attorney for the prosecution, ds
clsrlnr tht throuf bout the government
couneel his shown the stroneat animus
against the defendant ,
. wnv nnlnt relsfta DT fnS OS"
fenss today wss the declaration that.
Wlrtund, the vaiet in ma Momor
who disappeared on the day of the mur
der of Frau Moll tor, Hau's mother-In
law whom he la aocuaed of slaying,
hall be found and examined before the
trial la allowed to proceed further.
A new point was ralaed In the esse
yaaterday afternoon when the Baroneas
von Reitaenateln testified that she saw
Hau. wearing a false beard, near ths
Molltor Vina ma nigni 01 ini niuru.r,
but that aha also aaw-a man similar
In appearance to Hau, bat shorter In
stature at the same time. This latter
man. who shs did not rseognlss, was
following Frau Molltor and her daugh
ter Olga. . ' .
Hau admitted that h was at the spot
upon which the baroneas declared eh
saw him, and at ths time mentioned,
but declined to elate what his purpos
was, although be said he knew the
gravity of his refusal to anawer th
miestton. - - '
When th matter of th stilcld of
Hau's wife waa brought before th
court, th defendant aald that he could
exolaln it satisfactorily. . He said that
tila wife had declared to him that ahe
would kill heraelf because ahe could not
bear to bear her family affairs aired
1 court- Th professor becired her not
to. telling her that her suicide would
direct suspicion against him. . -
(Continued from F On.) -
1 taken and th great textof th state's
, attorney was always "motive," In any
. body else's hands this might have prov
en a single stringed Instrument, but
not In Hawley.
And In winding up his talk he re-
ferred to the missing Jack Slmpklna.
Slmpklna' familiarity with Orchard,
their staving together at th Saratoga
hotel In Caldwell under assumed names,
th executive committeeman's - sudden
.' flight, then the murder, all proved a
good theme, and wer thoroughly ex
plained to th Jury - :
r Work on Bntte-Frisco Line.
-: - (Rpedsl Dbpetek t Vae - loerssLl
Boise, Ida., July JO. According to re
ports from Caldwell, dirt Is flying on
- the San. Franclaco. Idaho tt Montana
railroad, two large crew having com
' menced work on the grade near ' that
' city, ....... ,
PB. M. t. mrOM, sTstnropatk.
and want to get well the
best thing for you to do is to
throw your medicine away
. and go to Dr. N. J.. Fulton.,
Naturopath, who treats all
diseases without medicine.
She cures ...many patients
' who'have been treated "for
months with medicine and
- who have - about given . up -hope
of being cured.
' Such diseases as rheuma
tism, la grippe, stomach and
bowel ;' complaints, . J goiter,
paralysis, female complaints,
nervous diseases, she treats
without medicine, and cures.'
, Examinations . and trial
treatment free. v. .......
Dr. N. J. Fulton
i Office hours are limited to
4 hours daily first ; come
first served. ' '. J'.--
Long 3each Station, Roelff ,
Cottage, Opp. Skating Kink
Addre's all communications
as above.
Nary Department Will Keep
Jlines, Ordered Tlanted at the Mouth of the Co
lumbia River Near Fort Stevens.
Uoaraal Ssselsl Servtoe.) ; ':
Washington, July 10. Th navy de
partment has decided to order an ar
mored orulser squadron, consisting of
th Colorado, West Virginia, Pennsyl
vanla and Maryland, from th Philip
pines to San Francisco. It wss Intended
some tlm ago that the vessel should
rendesvous In Japanese waters, but' In
asmuch as th ships will com to San
Francisco by way of Honolulu, thay will
not go to Japan. Ths squadron will sail
from Cavlt about September 1.
This movement has nothing to do. the
department officiate say, with th re
ported movement of a battleship squad
ron to the Pacific .' It may, however,
add to tha great spectacular .exhibition
which Secretary of the Navy Metcalf
had advertiaed for th special benefit of
the people of San Franclaco and ths Pa
ciflo coast. Then, again, then four
ships msy constitute th only great
spectacular" exhibition which Metcolfs
constituents are permitted to Be unleaa
they come cast
' Contract for Win . , , ' j
Ths- formation of another armored
cruiser squadron for the Pacific coast
has, already been announced. It will
comprise the Tennessee, Washington,
California and South Dakota.
Contraota hav been letby th chief
of artillery for nearly 1 1,000,000, the
full amount appropriated by congress,
for' flr control stations, aubmarin
mine and acoompanylng apparatus to
work them, and searchlights to b used
In connection with th coast defense of
Bitulithic People Score Signal
Concern, Being Awarded Six
i Eemoves Principal Weapon of Asphalt Conyerts.
Disregarding. th request of th city'
council to withhold letting of' contracts
for strest Improvement In th Irving
ton district, which has been In contro
versy between th bltullthla and asphalt
Interests for soms tlm," th xecutlv
board yesterday awarded six streets to
thf ... Warren " Construction . . eompany,
agsnts for bltulltbis pavement. This 1s
a algnal' victory for th bltullthlo peo
Jl In th paving war which has been
waged between the two firms, as it
removes -the principal weapon from the
handa of the - asphalt converts uni
formity. I -l
. Both SUM' rough Kard. ,
Both aides hav made a determined
fight to gain control of the paving
work of th twenty or more streets In
the district which are to b Improved
with hard-surface pavement. First It
waa a conflict between the bltullthlo
and the bituminous macadam Interests,
the latter being led by Ellis O. Hughes.
Hughes later switched to ths asphalt
pavement and haa supported that Im
provement In recent meetlnga of th
council street committee.
In th lsst meeting of th committee
Hughes succeeded in getting a recom
mendation for tha resclndment of aU of
ths work hsrstofore done by the council
for the improvement of the district.
This meant that both bltullthlo and
bituminous macadam war to be ousted
from consideration and supplanted by
asphalt. Hughes promised to hav over
two-thlrda of the -property owners la
the district sign for asphalt.
However, an obatruction beaat th
path of the -asphalt people In the ahap
of Councilman. Vaughn, and after an ar
dent speech tfle latter waa successful In
getting the question referred to the
committee on streets, whence It came.
Had the councU voted for resclndment
Members of Honse of Kcpre
sehtatives Being Elected
, by NatiTes Today.;
1 (Jearsal Sseetsl fswrlee.) " '
- Washington, July 10. Th first step
in tha fhlllsDln ' self-government Is
being taken in th Philippines today In
th election of a house of representee
iumi rat th MiMrimMt nee been
a disappointment to Americana. The
'principal parties are th Progressives
' and Indepandsnta. .
New Isxmber and Shingle) - lUtea
j Would Mesa Colossal Shutdown .
, and Fight to Supreme Court.
(Special Mssate ts The' earsaLt
Seattle, July 10. If th new rates on
lumbar and shingles bstween th coast
and Chicago. St. Paul. : Kansas. City.
Omaha, and St Louis, announoed by the
Transcontinental Freight Bureau, are
put Into effect It will result in a general
close-down of the mills and logging
camps In the state of Washington, ac
cording to Victor H. Beekman, aeoretary
of tha Pacific Coast Lumber Manu
facturers association.
The ratea are to go into effect Octo
ber L They will b aa follows; to St
fanl and Minneapolis, lumber 6 cents
and shingles 0 cents a hundred, against
e eenta and centa now; (.nicapro,
lumber cents snd shingles T cents:
St. IxJUlsr ths same, and Omaha Sn4
Kansas City, lumbar , tt cent and
ahlneles 6 cents. -Ths
rates will mean th cloae-down
of the mill and logging . smp In
Washington." said, "affecting
tl.ooe men and putting out of busl.
n annual pay roll of not less than
eS.OOO.ftoo. Ths Waahlngton lumber
men will fljrht tooth and nail agslnst
ths raise, this announrement will pre
clpUatath greatest fight th
hsv yst to deal with. . Under a decl
aioti pr the supreme court we will as
sert before, th federal courts and lb
Interstate commerce commleslon the
dor trine that the railroads rannot take
advantage of condition In the lumber
manufacturing Industry to. raise rale
Vessels Out of Jap Waters
ths ports of th United State and Its
possessions. A large portion of tnia
meney .is to be expended around San
Francisco. The work of providing sub
marine mine defenses for soms ports is
being pushed forward rapidly on botft
ths Atlantic and Paciflo coasts.
Th plans contemplate th sowing ol
mine fields on the pselfle coast in th
neighborhood of Ban Frsneisco, at Forts
Swtnford. Bcott, Mlley. Baker and Bo
nus, at Fort Rosecrans near Ban
Diego, at Forte Stevens and Columbia
at ths mouth of ths Columbia river and
at three points In Puget sound. .
Mo Secret X Movement.
Of the- Jtotal appropriation about
1436,000 Is for the special benefit of
the Philippines and other Insular pos
sessions, and ths first shipment will be
made In August." Contraota for trans
portation have already been made. Ther
la no secret whatever In th movement,
whloh waa planned before ther wer
ven rumors of war In the east.
Th plana also contemplate th In
stallation of no less than 6 mines 1
ths approaches to Manila harbor and
of toi at Sublg bay. At th Manila
mine fields It Ta proposed to Install
two big searchlights, and at Sublg bay
one lsrg and one small aearchllght will
be installed. In buildings, electrical
apparatua and all kinds of material
needed for the proper Installation of ths
mine fields contemplated at these two
points In th Philippines It Is expected
eventually to expend about 11,500,000.
The harbor of Ouam, Honolulu and
Pearl river In the Hawaiian Islands;
Ouantamo, Cuba, San" Juan, Porto Kloo,
and Klska, in the Aleutian Islands, are
all to b equipped - with these sub
marine defenses. -j...tx
Victory Over Competing
Streets to Pare Action
th exeoutlve board would hav been
unable to award the contracts, but In
referring It to the commute a hoi was
lsf t open for this action. .
Saw o Beasoa to Delay.
A requeet waa mad th sxecutlvs
board to refrain from letting th con
traota until the street committee could
make further Investigation, butth ex
ecutive board members could see no rea
son for this action. Inasmuch as ths re-
3uest oontalned no argument in favor of
elay. C. A. Coggswtll thought ths
matter ought to be referred to the ex
ecutive street committee but his fel
low members were averse to doing this
and voted to award th contraota.
Eaat Elshteenth. Eaat Nineteenth.
East Twentieth, East Twenty-first,
Eaat Twenty-second. Eaat Twenty-third
and Thompson streets are the atreets
which had, been advertised and made
ready for improvement at this time, and
which war awarded yesterday. Th
present weather must be taken advan
tage of, the board members say, and
no aeiays must o countenanced un
less the. cauaes are good.
Talked U lb Board., . .
R. W. Montague. representing the
UT...H.. f - - I .... . . .. ..II ,
briefly to the board and explained the
situation irom the beginning, ahowlng
that two-thirds of th property owner
In th district wanted bltullthlo pave
ment. He auggested that ths petitions
presented by the people favoring bitu
minous macadam and, later, asphalt,
ahould not be considered, alleging as a
reason that the title veated In them.
George W. Simons, representing th
Paciflo Bridge eompany, urged that th
improvement o begun at once. He
atated that his company had contracted
forcttrt from these. streets to fill por
tions of Vancouver avenue and delay In
starting them would mean loss of
money. 10 ma company.
Dietz Challenges Prosecutor
and Says He Will Force
a Gash. ,
: (Joarnal Sperlel Service.)
Carlsrhue, July i0. Attorned Diets
haa challenged Prosecutor Blslcher to
a duel because of the alleged Insults
heaped upon Diets by the prosecutor
during the Hau trial.
Dlets's seconds today called at Blel
cfter a residence .with the challenge, but
were denied admittance. Diets Issued a
statement that he w.ll fore Hlelcher to
fight or proclaim him a ooward through
out Oermany.. . H will, send his cbaU
leng through tha mall. He says ths
prosecutor must fight or welsh." .
Detroit ' July tt. Flv thousand
strike sympathlxera this morning at
tacked 100 atrlkebreakera on their war
to work at the Great Lakes Engineering
Works, precipitating a wild rloL .The
atrlkebreakera fired, wounding one
striker. Policeman wandrle waa badly
beaten. Twenty-flv Htnwtt hav been
(Continued from Pag On.)
railroad commleeilon.. Th latter in turn
waa ths foundation In principle of th
federal. Interstate eommerce commission
whose work I now being diligently pur-
suea -
Secretary Straus will remain In Port
land until some tlm tomorrow, when
It la. believed he will continue big Jour
ney southward to San Francisco, gain
ing meanwhile an lntlmat knowledir
of tha western country whose resources
are playing so Important a part In the
making of Industrial and commercial
hlatory. ,
- Suggestion on Bird Protection.
: Poise, Idaho, July JO. Chief Deputy
State Game Warden T. It. Livingston,
after travelling over a large portion
of souttfern Idaho Inspecting hfrddom,
is of the opinion that h only riant
wsy to regulate th seasons for birds
la to divide th state Into districts,
lie ssys there Is a great difference In
the sir. of ths birds in th low and
Men districts. He sussst that each
ouuuty b sued a district
Hundred and Sixty-lTiree
Teople Called to Prove
' -Their Loyalty.
IJeoreal SsecUt Servle .-..
Chicago. July 10. On hundrd and
alxty-thr Chlcagoans, Among them
nln women, hav been called upon by
the United States govsrnraent to snow
that thev are not anarchists, possible
aaaaaatna of public officials or destroyers
or organised guverniuwii. wihw
prove that they ar not nmiea of th
goveroment. tney wia ne sinppnu
cltlsenship and will stand In danger of
being- deported as a menace to aoclety.
Thle unuauaJ action by the govern
ment has followed th atartllng diacov
ery that through a loophole In the Chi
cago naturalisation machinery scores of
dangeroua foreigners may hav been an
nul lea to (Citisertsnip. on oi in wo
man whoss vlewe on anarchy ar being
challenged by th government because
of her failure to make tha necessary
affidavit la - vrtta Patterson, . a
school teacher. - '
In addition to thla line of proeecutlon
glgantlo naturalisation fraud a ar being
investigated in Chloago by special gov
ernment agsnts from Washington.
Canning. Company Manager
Prosecuted by Child Labor
' Commission as Result r
Upon complaint of Mrs, MUll R.
Trumbull of th child labor commlaalon
an Information was Issued this morning
from th offlc of th district attorney
charging R. J. Holmes, manager of th
Holmes Canning company with having
violated -xner cnua- aoor law. Ji . in
formation is th result of a visit mad
by . Mra. Trumbull to th cannery a
eoupi or any ago wnen sn xouna
Helmut Brooder, a lad of tender years
or- thereabout engaged- at work. Six
other boys were alao required to appear
befor th district attorney and ten
their ages and whether or not they
wer employed In the cannery. - Brooder,
however, waa th only on not over th
legal age of It.
Upon th questioning of Deputy Dis
trict Attorney Haney, Brooder admitted
that ha had been working In th can
nary for a short tlm and that h was
under th ace of it yeare. on thla
showing and upon th request of Mrs.
Trumbull th Information waa filed.
Man niding in Pullman Car
Finds Purse and Restores
It to the Owner.
Ueoraal Spatial Berries.) -
Pueblo, Colo,, July SO. Oood fortune
was thrust upon John C Bloomlngdal,
a Kansas City machinist, whll h was
beating his way to Puablo on a Bock
Island passenger train. Bloomlngdal
hsd bribed a Pullman porter to hid
him In th linen closet car. This morn
ing when th soiled linen from the
berths waa placsd In ths closet Bloom
lngdal found a purs which contained
13.000 In raah and a railroad ticket
Bloomlngdal forgot that he was In
danger or being put orr tne train,
walked out of ths closet and commenced
asking th paasengers In the car if they
had lost a pure. Martin, Schlack. a
San Kranclaco . brewer. Identified the
riocketbook and took possession. Sohjack
ndueed Bloomlngdale to go with him
to San Franclaco and will giv him a
good position.
(Continued from Page One.)
dispatched to the scene of the disaster
some mtnntarbefoT the wreesr actual
ly occured. Th train dispatcher die
covered that cross orders had been
given th two trains and that tbs dls
sster was Inevitable. He nearly faint-'
ed whan th true situation dawned upon
blm, but showed remarkable presence of
mind by rushing ordere for wrecking
crews and relief trains to b formed at
once. -
All of the doctors and nurses n the
city wer summoned snd all who could
possibly leave were upon the trains and.
rushing toward ths scan befor ths
trains met. They arrived soon after
ward and the death list waa materially
reduoed by their timely aid.
mfaea Story.
A special from Plymouth,' Michigan,
says: With handa and clothes covered,
with blood and almost mad with tha
horror of the thing, on of th refugees
from the Per Marquett wreck arrived
rtfre-thls afternoon. - HI etorv I, a ter
rible tale of death and suffering. .
"I took 14 bodies from th wreck my
self," he said. "AU were mangled be
yond description, -I saw persons
dragged from ths wreck-and die in the
sun, crying for water and thalr rela.
lives, i puea up arms ana less until i
feared I would go mad. God, it was an
awful alffht.
"I saw one woman, her dress 'drsg-
flng in the blood, her fare covered with
L to comrletelv mad as shs crawled
over and under the wreckage looking
for her nate. Men reii over in a rami,
exhausted by vain searching for rela
tives and friends, snd lis ther In th
hot sun ss though dead. Shrieks of
th dying filled th air. It was horri
ble, horrible, horrible. I only wonder
tnai i retained my sanity,
The hatlona wealth of Swttserland Is
rapidly Increasing, and two flftha of it
Is repreeented In th hotel of th
country. Th annual Income rtf th
note i Keepers or in country is estimated
at tao.000.000. .
L 1' I
, ; ' that makes
v "There's a Reason"
TH Health Departments of both Naw
Yorli and Chicago have sounded the
alarm. Th growing deaths from kidney
disease a re appalling now yr 170 per
day. The are the oenaua nfc-urss. . n,ia
m disease is aattlna: to be a national
menace. jCvery on should watch hla
Kleiner trouble is not only curable
th first few weeks, but often gets well
of Itself. After It has become chronlo
(fastens) all known medlclnea were
futile. . Thla waa the situation un to
the discovery of Fulton Renal Com
pound. It la new In this profoundly
Important particular It ta the first
thing yst discovered that Is effective
AFTER th disease haa become chronlo
aa well aa before. Henoe, It Is curing
th most fatal forma of kidney disease
and It Is tha only thing In the world
inai ia '
If you hav kidney trouble, don't
take cnano, but atart right No on
know whether It has been developing
a long time or has come on auddenlyi
hence, the only aaf plan ta to take the
only thing known that will control It
in either event.
There is no doubt whatever about
Fulton having discovered a specific for
these diseases. The Herald la In pos
session of facts that enables It to state
thla authoritatively. Oakland (Cat
Iallv Herald.
. This compound la superseding kidney
medlclnea- People with kidney trouble
now hav their, opportunity. Ask for
Fulton ( . Renal Compound. . AU drug
John F. Stevens Accepts the
Vice-Presidency of New
Haven Railroad.
(Journal Speeisl Servlee.) '
Kew Have-.: Conn., July 10. It haa
been announced by President Mellen
of th New York. New Haven Hart
ford Railroad eompany, that John F.
Stevens, formerlv chief engineer of th
Panama canal, had been appointed a
vloe-prealdent of th road. ' Stevens will
have - charge of all matters pertaining
to , operation of th road. .
(Joarnal Special Berries.)
Edinburgh. Scotland. July 10 A di
vorce was ' today granted to Count
nossivn. rormeriv Anna nooinson. an
American chorus girl. Bh was married
in 1 - - ' -
At one point along th Australian
coast ths line Is unbroken by any
stream lor nearly i.ooe muea.
.How toCux Chillblaisa.
To enlor freedom from chlllblaina."
writes John Kemp, Eaat Otlsfleld. M.,
"I apply Bucklen'a Arnica Salve. Hav
also used It for salt rheum with excel
lent results." Guaranteed - for fever
sores, indolent ulcere, - piles, - bums,
wounds, frost bite and akin diseases.
16o at Red cross rnsrmscy.
' Good coffee, good break-
Poor coffee, poor break
fast : : . VZ-j::
- Year grocer rsrstst rear grar N ra leal
Has Schlllln' Best; we ev blob
lakes tbs skin llks you want it.
.Does it In a noaest. ; .
m asfce Mi e
; cMagnolia Babru
A liquid preparation for Face,
Neok,Arms and HandstL.
Zt Is neither sticky nor greasy,
Zt8 haraiess, elean
; -y and refresbinc -., .
Cannot be deteoted. ....
. Two colors Pink and White. ,
Use It norning , noon and nitht,
Winter j-Spring, Sumner, Tali. ,
' 'SAMPLE. FREE. . '
Ire M, Co., U Kth St., Breaklya, K.T,
" . : : :-
The Location
., : Lents ;.-.v) . .
The Soli
Will Grow Everything .
The Water
Abundant, Inexhaustible .
v '.::'!
Knapp & rjacliey Cliapin G Ilerlov
Room 2, Chkmber of Commerce 332 Chamber of Commerce Phone Main 1852
,' - - - - - ' . - ...
, ' . . . ... ... 1 ' : ' ,
mnm pans
No matter how hot It may be, cooling breezes are: -at
your command by the twist of a switcn . . . ..
In the home, in the office, or in the store, the ELEC-
TRIC FAN, is ever a boon; a comfort, a luxury at a.
trifling cost. .. ;V... .;: :J;;;
' In up-to-date stores, 'during warm weather, a num
ber of fans are kept, going day and night, making
the establishment so equipped more comfortable for,
and1 attractire to patrons. The cost of this service is -so
small that there Is really no excuse for its omission.'
A 19-inch ELECTRIC FAN can be' operated at a
cost not to exceed one cent-an hour, and 'a 12-inch "
FAN can be run for even. less. T ; . ; . v
The new model ELECTRIC FAN Is specially
adapted to use in private residences and offices. It
may - be -carried - to any room and, attached to- any
convenient lamp socket. ( , ... : : ; -
FANS are on sale at the Company's .Supply De1.
' partmenV 147-149 Seventh -ttreet.. .... ....... j?rrr.7...
. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY, made of all Fans or
.'dered NOWk : ' ry.rr?-r--j-
MATION. . ; ; v.; :- : J -. ,
Corns Willi Us
:. . On the Elegant Steamer '.. 1 r.
Of the Regulator Line. Leave Alder Street Dock 9 a. rru, return
about 5 p. m. Fare for round trip $1.00. Meals 50c The scenery
, ; r on this trip it the grandest in the whole weet '
; ..... ,;A ':' .'...
Last, But Not Least
' ' An Acre for the Price of a Lot
The Car Service
' , Y Every Ten Minutes 'r , .
The Price
$300 and Up
The Terms
-10 Per Cent "Cash, Balance to Suit