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Jljstery Surrounding Assas
sination of Dairyman Iiu
) ber on the Cornell Road
Baffles the' Local Detcc-
i UTe; Department. .
Investigation by Detectives Baty and
Hellyer of the shocking ': murder of
Alexandra Huber, the dairyman, whoss
dead body beadag two gunshot wounds,
waa found yeaterday morning at 4
dock oa the Cornell road. Indleataa
that the- crime bids fair to bepome" ona
f the most baffling mysteries tba local
' police hava attempted to aolve.
Although at flret entertaining tha
theory that th asaaaalnetlon -was tha
o tree i raault of tha tight In UruetU'a
saloon. Front and YamftUl atreeta, last
' featurday night, wban Jacob Leu was
' mercilessly beaten by a crowd of dairy
men ol which Alex 11 u ber was a mem
ber. and struck over tha headji with
spittoon aatd to hava been burled by
Huber. yet In tha faoa of tha complete
silM proven b Leu and his companion,
Adolph Schattner and Joa Amderegg,
tbe detectivea are now convinced that
they will have to look . In other direc
tions for tha murderer and motive. .
V Working XMUgwatly. V " .
Everything la connection ' with the
crime that might possibly lead to a clue,
however slight, has been Investigated by
the detectives. . , ' -
"We hava been working- diligently.''
said Sergeant Baty thla morning, "but
are not prepared at thla time to an
nounce any definite theory We are
reasonably certain, however, that neither
Leu nor urn friends had anything to do
with- the murder and believe that the
gssaaatn determined to wreak vengeance
after tha aaloon mix-up, ao as to csst
suspicion on tha man assaulted and bis
companions. J
As far as can be ascertained Huber
bora an exoelleot reputation. He waa
very popular among tha Swlaa residents
and was never known to have been in
volved in any difficulty of aufflcient
Importance to hava furnlahed tha mo-
tlve for murdering him.' .
From, the fact that prior to tha as
sault on Leu In tha Front street saloon
- beer glass -was thrown at him by
soma member of Hubere party leads
the police to believe that there might
l i ... ..( Ii ttwMtft Ik
men eonoerned In the affair which lias
not yev oome w nguu , -'
' WMtM Slar av Beam Hada. - --
i vt H.rl naulhli that Huber waa
murdered aa the result of - mistaken
identity. Tbe point on the Cornell road
where the tragedy occurred wan ex
tremely dark and the asaassln lying
In ambush for bis victim may hava ben
laboring under the Impression that Hu-
ItWr VUW ,umu . " -. ... .....
- In tha police court thla morning tha
eases agalnat Andreas Huber, John
, Both. Andreas Roth, John Glter end
Henry K'agelll, arrested upon complaint
of Jacob Leu for assault and battery,
were all continued until later . in tha
Jl. The inuestlver- tha -body of - tba
... murdered man will be -held thla after
noon Dy coroner r iniey. auiiuukii
. - ....ikiiu. w.. , ftnm,thin r Im
1 . r . V.. .IMII fmm th arlt.
nessee surjpoenaeo. mac win iiiroua m
clue to tha asaassln. j v
8neest Dtoixtck e The Jearasl) "
The Dalles, Or.. July II. Five run
away boys. Ham Wortly. Lea Marshall,
Archie Taylor, Fred Matthes and Claud
Scott, aged between 1 and 1 years,
were overhsuled on a - wood car thla
morning by Marshal Sexton. They came
from Portland and aay they were Just
having a UtUa time. The chief of po
lice at ; Portland, has been- telephoned
and word is expected soon, as to what
to do with tha runaways,
Corrailla, Or July 18. Near Peoria
yesterday afternoon F. L, Bayne waa
..working with sawlogs in trie Willamette
river, accompanied by hla two little
sons, when a log rolled and both boya
were thrown Into the river and drowned.
The eldest waa S rears old. Ona body
has bean recovered. - ,-
. - .nS Harurdav nosltlvely
the last days fot, discount on oast aide
gas. nms. -
: . ' , . i I1 t
(Journal Special Service.) ' e
4 - - Jackson, Miss, July II. QoT-,1
e smor Tardaman this afternoon
pardoned , Mrs. Blrdsong, alayer e
e of Dr. Butler. Vardaman da-
clared ha based his action on "
a unwritten law, which ha says ,
s should prevail In this state,-
Ths first appeal aver taken from the
findings of tha Juvenile court may be
taken In tha ease of Jl-year-old Edna
Rllngerland, who" Waa taken from her
parents last winter on tha charge that
the oourt'a order that tha child be kept
away from tha meetings of tha Tangled
Tongues had been disobeyed.
In urging that an Immediate bearing
be granted the habeas corpus proceed
Inra recently begun to secure the girl's
release from the Boys' and Girls' Aid
society. Attorney Strode In the circuit
court this morning aald that he wanted
a hearing at once because the time tor
epical had nearly expired and if It
should be found necessary to appeal he
wanted time in which the prepare tha
...iiril ...
The child wss first-taken from her
. . -
Oscar S. Btraua, secretary of tha de
partment of commerce. and laboc. Will
t, entertained by Portland's commercial
Voles on Ms arrival In thla city. 'At a
Planting t tiie hosrd rf governors ef
i s i ornm-" !l rluh today It wae de
i i. led to t.'M'iT Mtn a reeptlii at tiie
,i i fsri-.n jraturday evening at I
riie is mmw
1 '
Export "Trader Heqo Tr6m
Shanghai Certain Japs and
- America Will Clash. -
War. - Bloody' war. ; East, .north.
south, west," as Kipling wuld say. is
about to occur between Japan and tha
United States, according to J. T. Arnold,
of Shanghai, China. Mr. Arnold Is an
Englishman engaged In tha export traoe
in tba orient, lust landed from a visit
to Toklo and Kobe. ."
"All. tha newspapers In Japan," aald
Mr. Arnold at tha Portland thla morn
ing, ar filled with war talk. In fact
they hava gone to auch a degree of ve
hemence and positive assertion In their
an Idea that they have the Japanese
people not-only believing In -war, but
rather eager to have it oome. ;
Alive to ituatlom.
"In Toklo the citlsena are alive to tha
situation and hava put aside ths San
Francisco situation. Thev know aa well
aa the reet of the world that If war
cornea It will be to settle the supremacy
of the ease They no longer aay they
do not want war with the united States
but place all the responsibility for such
a crisis upon the United States. They
ssy ths United 8tatea la forcing Japan
Into war, dui rrom ooservaiione roaoe
while in the- Island. -I was led to. be
lieve ths little brown men were not
backward 1n preparing, not only for a
strong, defense, but for a; strong of-
''"EvTtHHEfr 'sith whom I talked In
Toklo believes that Japan will, strike
aa suddenly aa she did in her war with
Russian and that her objective point
will be the Philippines. .They are
sfraid to awing on to Hawaii for fear of
possible defeat. But ir uiey are suc
cessful In the Philippines, they will
oertaLnly try for Hawaii next,, which
would give them a basts of attack
ithln 100 miles of tha Pacltlo -coast.
"With tha Japanese, the altuation is
no longer a question of differences be
tween the mixaaoa suojecis ana me
cltisens of Ban Francisco. They realise
the complicated International altuatlona
of Europe and do not fear Interference
from either uennany. sTanca, -rea
Britain or Huaala. Ot tha other Euro
pean countries, Japan has no hesitancy
In declaring heraelf able to wipe them
off the map with tha aame ease that tha
United States wiped Spain. '
f "This leaves only b United States
with whom aha has to contend with in
the east. Her domination in Corea haa
been a subject of eommsnt in the press,
but all tha nations hava officially dona
or (aid nothing. Japan feera the United
States will make some move In that di
rection. If aha does, Japan will not
wait to declare war, but will do as she
did In her war with Russia. She - will
atrtke tha first blow , and talk after
ward, - .-).--.-.-'
"Ten years ago wa were told of the
coming ' struggle between Japan and
Russia." That question has been settled
for a Um at least. Now, ths Japanese
want to put in a clinching argument
and -oelleve they can do so by whipping
tha United States. If aha thought she
couiu win in a wsr with this country
she would have declared It long ago, but
Sather than lose at the outset aha hna
imn taking an unusually long time in
bringing heraelf to the Trofit
"My opinions were strengthened by a
viait In Kobe. . Even there, where vast
commercial Interests with their ususl
conservatism predominate tba popular
mind. War talk la rampant. In tha
clubs,", hotels . and conndenlial' meeting
places ox better classes tne serious
ness of the altuation . la gravely re
viewed. Among the foreign residents a
deep pessimism has taken root, while
among tha Japanese a cheerful belief In
the aucoeasful outcome of war with
s country prevails."
Mr. Arnold arrived la Portland this
morning, expecting to. remain several
ditya, but upon the xeoelpt of telegrams
relating to calling him to Seattle on
business lsft for tha sound city this
afternoon. . ...
Accused Minois Banker Will
Be on His Way to Clin-.,
- ton Tonight.
(Jearasl Bsedal mrrtes.)
Baa Diego, Cat. - July - II. Sheriff
Campbell Is xpectedto arrive thla af
ternoon or evening to take Frederick
Magtll-and hla bride back to. Clinton,
Illinois, to stand trial on tha charge
of murdering the former" a wife. It la
expected that tha party will leave on
the return trip tonight. .
Margaret, Magill a daughter, la how
domiciled at the home of Maglll'a local
counsefe he accused say they ate
mora anxious than over to meet tha ac
cusers.. ,
. """"New Irrigation Enterprise.
Pendleton. Or., July II Tha Blue
Mountain Reservoir, Irrigation A Elec
tric company la the name of a new cor
poration formed in this county with W.
J. snd Jaraea S. Furnish, R. J. Slater,
H. J. Bell and Frank P. Harts as In
corporators. The new company la capi
talised at tl.OOv and tha object la to lo
cate and develop water rights on lower
parents by ths Juvenile ,ourt on tha
charge that she was being permitted to
go to Tangled Tongues meetings, but
was rstumed to them on tha promise
that aha would not be allowed to at
tend any more meetlnga of the frensled
religion. Later It waa charged that
thla promise had been broken and tha
child waa again taken charge of by the
court and waa committed to tha Boys'
and Girls" Aid society.
Superintendent Gardner of tha aid so
ciety is out of tha city, as Is also tha
society's attorney. A. F. Flegel, and
Judge Gilbert, one of the society, asked
Judge Fraser to continue the habeea
corpus hearing. Slingerland'a attorneys
opposed the continuance, ssylng that
Mrs. Rllngerland had worried ao much
over the absenoa of her daughter that
she could not aleep at night. Judge
Fraser continued tha hearing until to
morrow morning. r , . l
v. The entertainment will ba a Joint af
1 -.?,tl Commerdni club, chamber
or commerce, board of trade end the
Manufacturers association. The re
ception will b. Informs! and light re
freshments will be served. Kuslness
men neral!y are Invited to attend. It
la expected that there will be addresses
by Mr. Straus, Uovernor Chamberlain
and Mayor Laos.
Unknown Killed andThree
Trainmen Fatally Hurt
- in Wyoming:.
' (flpectsl Dtspslea te The JoarssL)
"Cheyenne. "Wyo., July 11 Engine No.
l.U on tha Union Pacific blew up
thla morning at Latham,' west of here.
kllllnr an nnknnsn man who waa rid
ing with the crew and fatally Injuring
Knglneer Robert C Alklna. Firsmen Ju.
B. Jierry and Head Brakeman Charlea
Mnwarrt I v nr Nm nft wvumina. a lie
unknown man was blown to pieces snd
all the Injured were blown great dis
tance and horribly mangled.
Tha mm nan v haa anoolnted commis
sion of citizens to investigata tba catas
trophe. - . i - , i . . .- . . . .
Though BetterThai the
rresent, Is the UutlooK
r for Spokane, v ; V
(Ipectil Dltpstck to ' Tba Joorasl.V '
Spokane, Wash., July II. H. M. Steph
ana, ona of tha attorneys In the Spo
kane rata case, has returned from Wash
ington, where he has Just finished ar
guing the case before the. Interstate
commerce commission.
"I do not expect a decision tn tne
Spokane rats case before tha first of
October," said Mr. Stephens. "When I
left Spokane I eapected a decision In
September,, but after tha - arguments
were completed tha commission asked
for further argument on certain points."
The stand waa made by tha railroads
that tha present rates wsre based on
ths valuation of their property? and that
thay are fair and equitanie. . -mere la a
general opinion . prevailing here that
Spokane wiu not get terminal rates, but
will -receive much batten rates than at
present. Thla will allow Spokane to
compete with tha coaat cltiea, though
tha profit will not bo aa Urge aa that
which tha ooaat points will make on tha
sams goods, .. . y-'. ,
Presbyterian Board of Home
iMissions Carries Out Gen-
eral Assemtly-Ideas.
Word Waa rcefved of tha appointment
by tha ' Presbyterian Board of Homa
Missions of Rev. W. SV Holt. D. D. to
tha position of Pacific coaat secretary.
Thla appointment follows ths recom
mendation of the general assembly In
th new Una ot work, whereb the whole
of the United States la divided Into
administrative .districts, this territory
being known as the diatrlct of the Pa
cific ..
Dr. Holt'e new field comprises Cali
fornia, i Oregon otid Washington and
Alaaka, with a email portion or inano.
Rev. Mr- Holt haa had an Interesting
career. He waa missionary to China
from 1173 to 1186, following which ha
waa appointed by the Board of Foreign
Missions aa missionary to tha Chlneae
on thla coast snd took up his residence
in Portland, where for many years ha
and hla wife labored among tha Chinese,
he preaching to them In their own
language and Mrs. Holt conducting a
girl's school and refuge home for Chi
nese women. .
For the: past few yesrs Pr. Holt haa
been superintendent of home missions
for Oregon, traveling through the atate
and establishing churches snd schools.
Hi new appointment largely Increases
his responsibilities and la an honor to
tha city and to a man who la ona of its
earnest, active citlsena. '
H. B. Orannls.' alias X C. Darcey, al
leged to be tha daring telephone box
thief with a doxen crimes of thla char
acter to hla credit during tha past week,
wa captured -isst night after he had
broken open a nickel-in-the-slot attach
ment on tha telephone In tha Tenneeaee
aaloon. Fourth and Madison streets.
Orannls entered tha aaloon about 10
o'clock and roqueated permission to use
the telephone. A few minutes later the
bartender 'heard money falling on the
floor and upon making an investigation
found the thief In tha act of rifling tha
telephone coin attachment. The man
fled from the place pursued by the
aaloonman and while sprinting through
the plasa- was grabbed by the legs by
the fleet-footed bartender and thrown
to tha ground. Assisted by several by
standers, . Grannie was held Until tha
arrival of the police.- -
A puree containing a large Quantity
of brass checks .and a considerable
amount of money was found in posses
sion of ths prisoner.. Keys to ths looks
on the nlckel-in-the-slot boxes were also
discovered In Orannls' pockets.
In the police court thla morning Oran
nls asked for a continuance until to
morrow morning In order to secure
counsel. Detective Price atates that the
prisoner admitted his guilt laat night
and announoed hla Intention of throw
ing himself on the meroy of this court
f j. R. Worthlngton was arrested and
placed under $10. ball in tha Justlee
court this Tnornlng an a charge of as
sault ' and battery brought by J. D.
fttltea, a conductor on an t Oregon City
car. v
According' to ths complaint Worth
lngton took sides with a passenger In
an altercation with the conductor over
nma chanae. Ha said that tha mm.
ductor waa trying ta beat the passenger
out or nis money, ana men Bines, the
n1iictor. sailed him a liar. Worthing.
ton became Indignant and hit St lies
ovr tn- eye wun; held In
his hand. ' . . '
The injury oompeiiea mites to lay
off severer days. The occurrence took
place on July I and between Portland
and tha Pake.
' Tomorrow and Saturday positively
the let days fwr discount, vn east aide
Strong roint Is Made byHhc
Defense in the Trial of an
American in Germany. ;
' (Journal Special ferries.) .
Karlsruhe, Germany, July ll.t-Herr
Andre, a firearms expert, today testified
In tha trial of Karl Uau, who la accused
of killing ' hla mothsr-ln-law, that the
weapon that killed tha woman waa fired
Big mcnes away trom her body.
Olga Mollter. the defendant'a alater.
In law aald vesterdav that tha mur
derer fired from a distance of aeveral
acest She waa with her mother at the
lme. but on account of darkneaa could
not aee the murderer. Thla discrepancy
Is favorable to Hau.
Lane County Assessor-Will
Make Southern Pacific
V Pay for Grant. ;
(Special Inspatea te be Joernal.) , '
Eugene, Or., -July II. Assessor B. F.
Keeney of Lane county haa announced
that ha will assess the Southern Pacific
company's congressional lands thla year
at twice their valuation last year, when
the land the company owns la absolutely
worthless, whils. a great deal of It is
worth much mora than II an acre, but
this figure is thought to ba a pretty
good average. 'j
- The company's main Una roadbed and
rolling stock will be assessed at 1 1 1.000
a mile thla year, aa against 118.000 last
year.. This la In accordance with an
agreement made by the assessors of the
several oouatiea in western Oregon taat
year. - Assessor Keeney made this as
sessment then but tha board of equalisa
tion cut : the assessment on the rolling
stock from 11,000 to. 11,000 per mile.,.,
Werfeia Calls to Issue Amounting to
i v .
Forty-Three Thousand on Street
r and Sewer Improvement .
City Treasurer Werleln haa laaued a
recall for Portland Improvement bonds
amounting to $41,000 by August 4. Tha
bonds ware Issued three years ago, and
are 10-year bonds, subject to recall after
one year, rney were issuea tor street
Improvement -and sewer construction
work. Treasurer Werleln announced to
day that another recall would be ef
fected in November, another In hree
years, and the remaining bonds In about
three and one half years. ,
Tha reaaod lor ins reoan la aacriDea
to the recent activity in real estate
transfers, i1 r ....- .. .:
MAN intNTS 'MAN r '
TD. J. Stowa, colored, created consider
able excitement at 10 o'clock laat night
In the vicinity v6f Sixth and .Couch,
atreets by searching for Oeorge Lewis,
proprietor of a "club" on Everett atreet,
with an unloaded Springfield rifle. He
was landed In tbe city prison by Patrol
man Oalbralth on a charge of. disor
derly conduct and was before Judge
Cameron thla morning, v -
Stowa maintained that Lewis had
robbed him of I and he went out with
the Intention of forcing him to return
the money. Judge Cameron - found
Stowa guilty,, but continued tha case
for sentence and confiscated tha artll
iery. " ' . . '
(Spertal Dtspetrh te Tbe Jearasl.
Pendleton. Or.. July II. Pendleton's
prospects for securing aa armory now
seem very bright and if sufficient In
terest la shown or me oounty -sourt ana
the neoDle the bulldlnr will be erected.
If the appropriation for armorlee now
being held up ia decided in favor of
those armories In the state. Pendleton
will be on tbe Hat for one of the best
In the state, according to local militia
:gets off luckily
T Israel, a workman on the Rotha
child building,- Fourth and Washington
streets, fell from the third floor through
the elevator ahaft to tha basement at 11
o'clock thia morning without sustaining
very serious injury. He wss examined
by a physician, who dressed a ecalp
wound and lacerated hand. ,
The Injured man was afterwards taken
to his room. . .
,-.' Biggs Disbarment Case, ,
' (Special Dlspatck te Tke JoaraaL)
Balem. Or, July It. Disbarment pro
ceedings have been begun In tha' su
preme court against Marlon R. Biggs.
who rigureo in ins tana irauas ami
jury along with Pr. Van Oesner and
ex-Con aressman Williamson. 'Biggs Is
serving a 10 months' sentence in th
Multnomah county JelL The papers
were filed by Fran h. urent, proaecu
tor for tha Oregon State Bar asaocla
tlon. ' Biggs is aaked to anawer within
29 daye. - - :
Tomorrow and Saturday positively
the last days for discount on east. side
gas bills. . ;
4 ; (Hpecial Dispatch te The Joertul.) f
4 Pendleton, Or, July ll-C. A.
4 Barrett, president of tha Intend
4 Empire OraJn O rowers' assocla-
s tlon. atats that- arrangements
are belngj made by tha aasocla-
e tlon, "which haa a large mem-
4 bershlp In Umatilla and Morrow
4 eountlee, to hold ssles days aa
4 Soon as tha new wheat cornea In,
4 probably once a week, at Pandle-
ton. Athena and Heppnar. Many "
outalda buyers aro coming, treaw
dent Barrett states that ha looks
for wheat to open at ? canta
this seaaon. and not .go below.
Tha members of the association
have- purchased 400,000 sacks at
a great saving. . Soma harvest
ing Is going on and It .will ba In
full bVst nextk wsek.
Field Considered as Promts
; lngr as Any New One
V Now Known.
1 " , 'i
(Special' Dispatch te Te JoamLIi L ,
Ontario, Or July II. Tha oil and gas
In thla vicinity are continuing to attract
widespread Attention. Much curiosity
has been areuaed recently by tha ao
tlona of a couple of men who hava been
making a quiet but apparently thorough
examination of the general conditions In
tha field. : While attempting to studi
ously conceal theia business. It is now
definitely known they were here In the
Interests of a Pennsylvania eyndlcate
with a view to becoming interested in
the all and gas fields. Ons wss a well
known eaetern geologist snd tha other
a bualness representative of the syndl-
"it- Is understood' thet these partlae
while here opened negotiations for some
of tha choice locations under lease to
ths Oregon OH Gas company, but It.
la doubtful that they met with any en
couragement, aa thla company
Is P
narlnir to carry on OBerauune
Itself In
the field -on a very large seals.
Th, nwiii kentfcal are now convinced
that the gas and oil resources of this
vlninltv era no tha eve of large and
rapid development. The Oregon Oil
Otui company haa had; men In tha field
for aeveral montha arid at a large ex
pense haa examined and eecured leases
on practically all the desirable locations
in the valley.- They have a derrick t
Arcadia, another at Ontario and a third
la to be built within a few daya at Pay
ette. Idaho, and in a Very abort time the
company will have three large drilling
outfits on ths ground, each capable of
going to a depth of l.tOO feet and mora.
Experienced oil and . gas men' pro
nounce the field one of tbe most prom
ising ever 'examined and. that- Immense
depoalta of oil and ' gas will be en
countered Is hardly a matter of doubt
or speculation. During the ipsst 10
dsys the development work has been
Jolng on with great vigor and It is P re
lated that when tbe oil la struck east
ern Oregon will witness a boom rivaling
those of .Texas and California. .
Defense ' Says Glass Should
Not Have. to Answer for;-
: Acts of Others. -
J ,". (Joarsal pecial Strrlca.') J
Saa rranctsco, July 11. In the trial
of Louis Glaas. charged with bribery in
tha teltphbne case, today, tha attorneys
continued their argument on tha admis
sion of ovidenoe of "similar cases." The
contention of 4he defense waa that Glass
should not. ba required to anawer for
deeda of the whole telephone company.
F-nrmer Chief Clerk
Hail or tne teie-
hone oiflcea told of
seeing many, of
Fha aunervlaors visit Halser In this of
fices. Among thee were Wox ton, Walsh,
linwnn Sanderson. Fury and Coleman.
He aald that also many polltlclane aeek.
ing Joba came- to Halsey for aid. He
was unable to tell wha, paased between
Halsey and the supervisors aa they wereV
always cioaetea n ine latter s. private
- Thomas E. Bherwln.- present audi
tor of tha company, said that aa audi
tor for the North American -Telephone
company, which owna (1 per sent of the
stock of tha Pacific Statea company,
at tha time of tha alleged bribery he
was auditing the books of tha San
Francisco office. He said that he could
not remember of having examlnad any
report sheets made by Halsey for Glass.
It waa probable, ha said, that hie as
sistants, who are bow In Boston, paased
upon these.
It Is probable that '-the brosecutlon
will endeavor to learn from these as
sistants whether or not there were cer
tain expenditures made) by Halaey which
were approved by Glass without ques
tion, no resson for them being given In
the report as thla was what Heney was
after li
n his examination or ttherwin. ,.
As a result of the visit of Judge R.
A. Bellinger, commissioner of the gen
eral land ornce, 10 nose our g. tne con
ested condition In the land office will
relieved aa rapidly as possible. Judge
ftalllnger- ha-already- ordered - aproof
clerk to be sent to Roseburg to std
In tha jrerk. aa wall aa other assist
ants.-- '- - -
"I found affairs badly congested in
tha Roseburg land office and will do all
I can aa early as possible to relieve the
situation. Tne men are elmply crowded
with mora work than they can attend
to and I nave ordered a proof clerk to
help them. . Other assistants -will be
sent to ths aid of the office and I hope
to see- tbe business well attended te-" In
aeveral montha"
Judge Bellinger has been In confer
ence with United States Attorney Wil
liam C. Bristol today. Thla will be L.e
laat d of the commissioner in Port
land. Ha will leave tonight for Seattle,
where he will take a reat for aeveral
weeks, and then probably will go to
San Francisco to study conditions in
California land affairs. . -
VAt tha examination being held today
for admission Into ths fire department
service, II - applicants wrestled ' with
the problema of aavlng Uvea, solving
arithmetical problema and untwisting
knotty points of - English - grammar.
There are II positions vscant In tha de
partment and it la expected that a suf
ficient number of candidates will pass
the examination today to fill the com
plement stipulated by - tha olty ordi
nances. t -
Vienna, Jul
II. Scores were
drowned here Tuesday In a cloudburst
which flooded ths streets. The total
number of deaths haa not been, learned
but It la certain to be large aa reports
of -fatalities are oomlng In ' from all
parts of the surrounding oountry .
- ' 1 " 1 " ' -
Winnipeg. July ' IS, Mra William
Thaw passed through Port Arthur, On
tario, last night, en route to British
Columbia, thence to Ban Francisco . to
vie it friends. ;
" Tomorrow and Saturday positively
tha last daya for discount oa east side
gas lUU. . .,..'-- ....
President of Federation of
c, Labor Is Called to Chicago
to Assist in the Work of
Spreading the Telegraph
Operators' Strike. ; "f : - v
tfoerear Special Berrfe,.)' . 1
' Chicago, July II. That hg telegraph
ers' strike Is Bearing a crlats in this
city was evidenced by tha summoning
today of President Compere of ths
American Federation of Labor and other
members of that organisation to Chi
cago -for a conference. Oompers was
summoned by Small, who la aald to be
on" his way here.
-Pending tha ' ar-
rival n-r4itcat-o of Preelden
nt Small no
developments are expected in the local
telegraphers- strixe. t wenty uperaiors
from the eaat went to work at tha
Western Union-of flee thla morning. .
Frsflichise 'of Oregon Trac
tion Company Has Lapsed
and Action Is Urged.
Mayor Lane lav a latter io tha city
council yesterday went on record aa
favoring a -rigid enforcement of tha
terma of franchises when he asked that
tha franchise granted the Oregon Traction-
company be declared forfeited.
Mayor Lane calla attention to the ftact
that the Irancntse expired April of
thla year and . no effort haa ao far
been mads to- secure another franchise.
He urgea that If tha permit la revoked
and another asked for. it be made mora
stringent - In Its provision
The mayor's letter follows
' "I would respectfully call
.- your at-
time limit'
tentlon la the fact that the
fixed by ordinance for the construction
within the city limits of tha railway
tracks of tha Oregon Traction company
axnlred AoHl - . -1007. - Inasmuch as
aome OX tne terms unaer wnicn ime
franchise waa granted aro obacura, and
but few if any restrictions bearing upon
tha rlrhts or the . DeoDle of thla "city
were contained In the , said franchise
to the use of tha oubllo streets. I would
respectfully ask that such franchise be
forfaited .for a. failure . upon, the part
of thev Oregon Traotlon company to
cdmplywlth the meager requirements
whioh It contained and thati aald rail
way company or Its successor, If It still
be aatiraDie to ouna sucn a railway,
be required to secure at the handa of
thla city a new grant mora in conform
ity with the -rights Snd needa of tha
ould respectfully urge that Im
mediate action be taken In thla matter
Md atate that the power to do.-as here
suggestod. lies in your nana,-ana matt
such relief as is to be obtained In this
matter muat come from you."
sHQWDOivn on
Commission Orders Keports
From All Roads-Demi- .
John Case-7-Tlianks.
: (gpedat Diseetch te The JearaaL) "
Salem, Or, July It The state rail
way commission today passed aa order
asking all -railroads- operating In ' the
atate to file a verified list on August It
of all railroad tickets, passes and mfle
mmm hnnka Issued free for all other than
actual bona fide money consideration at
full eetablienea rates, 10 resiuenia oi
the stats between February 1 and July
1, 1107: also ths names of the recipients,
tha amount received and - tha reasons
for Issuing the same. ' 1
H. Grant Co. of Portland In
la-communication today ask the railway
commission to examine tne cnange in
tariff on deinljohna sh)ped1n boxes and
those shipped in bulk. It is alleged that
the present difference In tariff wtll ba
sufficient to prsvsnt competition on ths
Paclflo . coast, and that if demijohne
ahlpped In bulk In cars taks tha rate
of SO per cent Over that which applies
on boxes It will shut out competition
and prevent Oregon Jobbers from get
ting supplies in the east, leaving them
to be supplied by Ban Francisco firms.
Robert B, Allen of Hermlston. in a
letter to tbe commission, statea that
shipmsnts are coming through ' from
Portland to Hermlston In much better
tima than formerly. He statea that pre
vious to his informal complaint to the.
commission anipments rrom t-ortiana
were sometimes delsyed two weeks or
longer and he axpressea his thanks to'
the commission for the changed atate of
affaire. - - , -. .
Angry Emperor Orders Min
t isters to Hand Him Their
. Resignations, v.
; ' -" . 1 " x :-
(Joarssl Beedat Bervlea.l ;
BeouU' Korea, July , It. Late this
afternoon the cabinet resigned in a
body. It la reported that their resigna
tions were forced by tha emperor, who
la very angry because they e a vised him
to abdicate and make apology to Japan.
At the emperor'a urgent request
Marquis ItO called upon him this after
noon. The outcome of the conference
Is anxiously awaited by, ths people.
' n rolled Moat at rendleton.
Pendleton, Or.,' July U. Fire early
thla morning damaged the butcher ahop
of Carney, Ramsdell A Co., to the ex
tent of several hundred dollars-. Ths
fire originated in the ment smoking
room. Firemen noon extinguished the
flames. The loss is. covered by Insur
ance, f w
"Tha r.:cJ iiTLe IITj. has never gons .beyond thd
abovaslinplesuumentolicrlpture. But
It has llluruiuated. that statement and
given It a meaning ever broadening with,
ths lncrel:.g' breadth of knowledge.
When ths blood u bad or Impure it
U not alona ths body which txiBf-nT
through diteasa. Ths -brain U' .
clouded. Hh mini and iudgemat?rara
:td, andTaany aa evil deedorimDura .-
UokghtVC&ekrectly tracatt to tha
rmpilvecy oi the WtnO FptiUTT-nurebTofl
ran ba mitSc nyra bv tl.e .. r,f TrT
fierce'. iWrfcn Medlral m-icovery. U
BnnTTf and nurllips tl,e, pcth-r.r '
urlng, plmpici, blotches, srupUona gn4
fcther cuUdooui affections, as eczema,
tetter, or salt-rheum, hives and other
uanlfeiUtloiu of Impure blood. .' v
- , '' " ' . ..
In ths curs of scrofulous iwelllns, an.
larged glands, open sating ulcers, or old
ores, tha "Golden Medical Discovery "has
performed tha most marvelous cures, Ja "
cases of old sores, or open sating ulcers.
It is well to apply to the open sores Dr.
Pierce's All-Healing Salve, which pos
sesses wonderful healing potency when .
used as anaplteation to ths sores In con- -Junction
with ths use of "Oolden Medical , .
Discovery as a blood clanslnf const!-
tuttonal treatment. If four druggist
don't happen to have ths 'All-Hcallng
Salvs" In stock, you can easily procure IV
by inclosing fifty-four cents la postagw
stamps to Dr. E. Tv Pierce, 063 MT St,
Buffalo. . and it will come to you
return , post. Moat '-druggists keep It a-
well as ha "Golden Medical Dlscorerx v
Too ean't afford to accept any medlcloa '
of unknown compotition as a substitute).,
(or "Golden Medical Discovery," which la
a medicine or xkow coMPOsrnox,,
baying a complete list of Ingredients la
plain English on Its bottle-wrapper, the
same being attested as correct under oath. '
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulata
god Invigorate stomach, liver and bo we''..
Francis B. -Catanaugiriii-r
jured in Auto Collision t
, in "Vaw Ynrlr. . :
.,,' T-fv-.rr. , r"TV"
, - (Jearasl Ipeelal SetvlceJ , , ,
-New Tork, July It. Francis B. Cava
naugh of Boise,-Idaho, was badly ln ;
Jured- In a head-on automobile collis
ion at t o'clock thla tnornlng and can
not recover. Chapman Ropea of Mor
rlatown. New Jersey, was also probably
fatally injured. The mac hi nee were re
duced to splinters and scattered over a
radlous of to, feel 'w.'V.
" Tomorrow andT Saturday poaltlvely
the laat days for dlacount on eaat side -
gaa bllla. - ,
,-, . . - . :
Marqaam Apartments i at Sixth anol
l AloVr Streets; Being Practically
' Bebailt at Heavy Expense. .V I .
' Ths Marauam rooming house at Slxl a ,
and Aider streets ia being practically
built over and modernised by tha Title, ,
Guarantee Trust company owners pt ,
the property.. Tbe work Is being dona -under
tbe .direction of , McNaughtoo '
Raymond . eV Lawrence, architects, who '
made the plans foe the alterations. Tha
ground floor will" be converted Iota
seven storerooms with plate glass fronts -and
otherwlaa modernised. The two
upper floors will be repainted through
out and aome neoeaaary Interior altera
tions made. The entlr work will re-
2 aire an expenditure of from IS.0UO to
1,000. -
The old three -story brick at Second ,
and Alder streets haa been torn out and
work begun on tha excavation for tha
Ova-story building to be erupted on thla .
corner by I Oerllnger., .i , . v -
a., b.
Holmes, owner of the Mer- '
chants' hotel. 8a
alt Lake City, la at tha
.. U Unlmu k.. .....
Portland hotel. - Mr,
returned from Seattle where it is said
he went to secure a leaae on the Wash- ,"
Ington hotel which Is being rebuilt. . Mr.
Holmes refuses to commit himself upon
the object of his visit to the northwest,
but It is reported he came to. Increase
hla holdings in hotel property. , . . J
E. P. Bpsuldlnr .a wealthy, mlnlt)
man of Wallace, Idaho, la at the PofjJ"
land hotel. Mr. Bpauldlng- comj0-
quently to Portland on business qCTiors,
. . Dr. and Mrs.'M.-.K. Bhaw, oflHood
River, are at tha Oregon hotel. They
are visiting frlenda In the Rose City. '
Captain D. V. Tosler head of the life
Saving service on the Pacltlo coast, left ,
todsy for Bsn Francisco in regard to
business connected with his . office.
Judge Samuel White ot Baker City, '
ia at the Imperial hotel. Judge White '
oame to Portland On legal business and
held a conference with United States
Attorney William C Bristol -tats after
noon In regard to matters pertaining
to eaatern Oregon. '
t "
Oenldnt Taderetaad th Taste
. ...... -. Oustomers, , ,
ef Xia
. Two men were discussing . ths varl- .
ous food produces now being supplied la
such variety and abundance. - '
, One, a grocer, said. "I frequentlx try
a package or ao of any. certain article,
before offering it to my trade, and In
that way ' sometimes form a different '
idea. than my customers hava ,
For instanoe, I thought I would try
some Fostutn Food Coffee, to see what
reason there wss for such a call for lt
At breakfast I didn't like It and Supper
? roved the aame. ao- I neturally con-,
luded that my taste Waa different from
that of the customers who bought It
right along. ' - .
A day or two after, I waited on a
lady who wae baying a 16o packagsand
told her I couldn t understand how one
aould fancy the teste of Poetunv -'I
know Juat what is the matter,', she -aald.
you put the coffee boiler on the
atove for Juat It. minutes, and 10
mlnutee of that time it simmered, end
perhapa five minutes it boiled, how If
you will have It left to boil full fifteen
minutes after it commences to boll, you
will find a delirious Java-Ilka beverage,
rich In food value of gluten and phos-..
nhatea. so cnolce tnat you Will fever
h.ninn It. nartlcularly when ro.
- , ,
nntUp teUI and aura .enouah r lolm
the Postum army for good, and Ills
seems worth living since I hava gotten
rid of my old time stomach and kidney
troubles.'.' '
Post nra Is no sort ef menlMna, but.
pure liquid food, and this, together wltW
a relief from coffee worked tha change.
"There'a a Reason."
Read "The lioad lo WellvUle," In