The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 18, 1907, Page 7, Image 7

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I . e W AViA W
iiv,M.i t th r(ulu- rates at tbs 101
Iowa, resorts by notifying the anti
at-th rarious plaoea mentioned. but
aorlptlona by mall ar pays Is la ad.
vaacai . T
gaarhart Park.... ........ .P. J. Btraek
Hot Laka.... Hot L k Sanitarium
Beatlde , . , , .X-ewla Co,
Wllhoit Bprlns.........J. W. McCera
n . .
- npnnc;s. .. ......... .
. ra at on ana sainwai opnon
wi'i rseacn. . ..,..
' v Marahall A Pottanf er and O. A. Smith
Nehcotta. .. ....... H. J. Brown
t Ooean Park. Matthews T had ford
Seevlew ..s. Frank Jfl. StraubaJ
Tba breakers ,Tb Brkr Hotel
Coa4a Spring. Tmas Mo'fett
ColllneSDrtnaa .....C, T. belcher
. , s ' ' - ssss. p. . .. . (
Marquam Grand. , ; ; . , ' . . '
... ...'The Ire of Saint John1
Grand . , .Vaudeville
Lyrro "Sweet Nell of Old Drury"
Star' The 8 Iran- Adventure af
hui urown-
. Tha Oak O. W. P. carllne. rirat and
Aiaar .-
F 'jskljiaUona to secur ellrfble from
U to make certification to fill Ta-
(daclaa la jpoaltlona aa stated below will
b bald by tha United State olvll eerr-
ice commission aa follows: Assistant
photsrapher, aalary 1840 par annum. In
tha; division of publications, department
' of agriculture, August ?; fish oulturlst,
. at XeadvlUe, Colorado; Baird, Callfor-
Ala; Ban Marcos, Texas; Bpesrflso,
' South Dakota, and Bosemah, Montana,
salary 64 to 1600, August 14; civil
engineer -and auparlntendent , of con
struction. In quartermaster ' depart
. ment at largre, salary $1.(00, Anirust 14
and lij computer, aalary 11,000 to
41.400, In supervising architect' office,
r August 14 and It; clerk, typewriter and
draughtsman, aalary 11.100, offlc of
artillery engineer, artillery district. Baa
Francisco, Augrust SI. . .
" After August 1 tha meeting of the
city council will b held on tha second
' and four Wednesdays of each month In
stead of the flrat an third Wadnea
daya The hour of meeting remains the
same I o'clock la the afternoon. The
- ehange waa made yesterday al tha re-
, quest of tha auditor- office In order
' to facilitate the preparation of monthly
payroll. No reference waa mad in the
ordinance) Introduced to tba period for
the ' various committee meetings and
they will remain aa at present during
tha first and third week. Thla will
better enable the commltteee to clear
a way, business In time for council meet
ings. , - .!v,;,; ::.
Tha flrat of the band concert given
at the plasa waa llatened to last alght
by a crowd of over t.000 people. A
well-randered baritone solo by the laad
ar, Blgnor Ie Caprlo, waa liberally ap
plauded. Tonight' concert will be
played at Beach atreet park If llfhte
can be arranged on the grandstand in
tlma If they cannot tha concert will
be given at Holladay park. Tonight'
program Include tha "Jolly ' Fellow"
waits, selection from "The Fortune
Teller" and "The Prince of Pllsen" and
" tha Intermezzo "Baloma" t ' j
" Alleging that C P. Elwwrt, C'U. El
wart and A. Bchubach oa September 18,
1104, forcfbly obtained poaaeeston of the ;
"furniture of 1 1 rooms at 884 xamhlll
atreet and converted It to their own use,
Barab. I. Swank thla morning began ault
In the circuit court against them for
1 1.400, the vaJoe of the furniture. Mrs.
Swank aver -that ah was the owner of
tha lumltura. ; ,:
' Arrangements for tha funeral of
George T. Myer ar awaiting thear-
rlval of hi on, Oeorir T. Myer Jr.,
from Alaska Ha la expected to arrive
' In Seattle today, and the arrangements
will - thereupon Immediately be made.
- The ceremony will undoubtedly be under
the supervision of tha Manon and will
" be held from tha Scottish Rite cathedral
Baturday or Sunday.- ,
Irringrton In Throes of Pay
' ing War Between Bitum
inous Macadam, Bitulithle
y and Asphalt Fprces-Ask
uoartt jot to Award.
Irvington I In the throe of , paving
war, tha mala battle ground now being;
tha city council. Taaterday tha latest
engagements between the bituminous
macadam, the bltullthi aad tha asphalt
force wa foughO Tba asphalt people
now saam to bay tha short bold oa the
handle. . , ,
The council yesterday afternoon voted
to re-refer the paving of tha Irvington
district to tha street committee and at
tha am '- time ' decided to ask the
exeoutlve board at its meeting tomorrow
not to award, any eon tracts for bard
surface pavement la -tba dlatrtot until
the matter had been fully settled. It
la aow up to the street eommlttee to
take decisive aetlon before the celt
meeting one week from yeaterday.
The whole difficulty So ems to be
caused hw strife between tha Warren
Construction company ana tne xiaroer
Asphalt company. It la charged by A.
M. Shannon, agent for the Warren peo
ple, that Kllla U. Hughes, who ba been
very active In tha afalr. la la tha em
ploy of tha Barber Asphalt company,
Hughes denlea thla .v . . .
In tha bealnnrna- a petition was filed
with tha city auditor by what appeared
to b two thirds of tha property ownera
of tha dlatrlot asking for pavement with
bltumlnoua macadam. The next day a
second petition was Bled signed by the
Title Guarantee et Truat company, rep
resented aa owning two thirds of - the
district, asking for pavement with bltu
llthln -
fiubseouent to these two action EH11
O. Hughes appeared for the second tlma
before the council and asked that the
action - prayloualy taken -by which
bltumlnoua macadam waa to be used be
rescinded and that as D halt be uaeo.
Hughe had previously been on of the
leaders in tne movement lor miuminous
pavement. He now contend a, however,
that ha and other hav acaulred title
to much property in the dlatrlot and
that two-third or more, of the owners
A mm I r.
It la verr probable that there will be
a warm session of tha street committee
when tne question Is taxen UP ror re
consideration. It ha been charged that
tne asphalt company is oureouy respon
sible for tn chansa oi neart or Mr.
HuiImit and .other of the nronerty
owner associated with him and that the
deair of the company la not ao much
to pave aa to Keep tn warraa vonairuo
tlon company from paving.
Tha Doaslbla action of tha executive
board 1 alao a matter of conjecture. It
1 not bound to delay awardln con
tracts unless as a matter of courtesy
to tha council it heeds the request made
yesterday. Bhould It not obaerv mis
request the contract would ba awarded
before the next meeting: of tha council
and tha city would be committed to the
pavement already oeciaea upon prior .to
.no meeting oi yesterasy,
- Bert Pllklngton. chemist la th labo
ratory of State Food and Dairy Com
- mlaaioner J. W. Bailey, waa married
last night to Mia Anna Bleege, at th
bom of her father In South Portland.
Both were student at the Oregon Agri
cultural college. Mr. Pllklngton waa
one of O. A, &' most prominent foot
ball player.. , y
.Penney Bros. . Frldajr . Special Our
11.50 grade of red or whit port, brry,
tokay, angelica, sautern wine at tl
per gallon. Our tl grade of port and
sherry wtnee at 76o per gallon. L W.
Harper whUky. regular 4.50 at rS.60
per gallon. Friday only. 7t-8Sl East
Morrison trV. Phon East JIT., Pre
delivery. .
The (regular meeting af th Bast Side
Business Men's club will occur tonight
In th hall at East Pine - street and
urand avenue, several matter or ua-
fwi wuu, n vm v wuwunn, ..... w
' "Golden Grain Granules." th eeroal
khealth ooffea is stronger and richer
tnan oincr. isaee ices ox it. rnon
Bast 178. Oottsacker Jaroa.
Steamer Jesse Harklns. for Camas.
Waahougal and way landing, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leave Washington atreet
a ocx at i p. m. : ,
at 444
TO th Chautauqua by Trolley Take
' Oregon City ear direct to th ' park,
leave' Flrat and Alder atreet every 35
minutes from T:S5- a m. Far !5 cents
round trip. Tlcketa muat be purchased
on sale in wl tlnrroom, First and Alder
street and Kaat Water atreet and Haw
thorn avenaa ' - - t.:;. r ,. .v
Water throna-ht hoae for Bcrlnkllas
X. fard or eldewalka or waabing porches
PS window muat be paid for la advance
I swkJiaed only between th hour of S
I ii Fa m.. and f and p. m. It must
I not be" used for SDtinkllng streets. If
used contrary to mess ruies. or wsune
fully. H will b shut off... .
T Chautauqua Take Oregon City oar,
leave First and Aider streets every 84
minutes" from T-.IB a m., direct to Glad
stone park. Far tS cant round trip.
Tlcketa muat be purohaaed oa sale In
waiting room. Flrat and Alder streets
and Bast Water atreet and Hawthorn
.venue. . ... . .; -, ,,
W. Moor, axnert nhotogranher.
s building. Seventh and SUrk sta
Henry Snaefer, charged with assault
and battery for beating his wife, pleaded
not guilty before Judg Ftar la th
circuit court yesterday afternoon. The
data of Shaafar trial baa not yet been
C Rarrt pleaded guilty before Judg
Fraser In the circuit court yeaterday
afternoon to tn enarge or aeinng to
bacco to 15-year-old Stanley Cobb, and
wa nnaa io. . --- . . '
Oroya, formerly
Washington street, has opened hi new
Ins-ton :
tudlo at 141 Washington, eornsr Park-
Tour friend Is your nmy. If coffee
1 your friend, change to "Goldea Grain
uranui," waicn is tru,
v. . . i
" Woman' Exchange, ltl Tenth street,
lunch 11:14 to I; business men's lunch.
"Aem Oil Co. sells the best safety coal
ou ana no gasoline, mono ast ts.
XX Cbambera, optician, 114 Seyenth. '
Barger sign 114 Tamhlll phona
: Bark Tonla for rheumatism.
- Beck---ieweler 104 Aldr. - r
Potter Sails for Beach Points
Th steamer Potter will sail from
Portland, Ash etreet dock; Saturday 1
?. m. Get tlcketa and make reserva
lona at city ticket office. Third and
Washington streets. C W. Stinger, city
ucset agent.
For 1c call Main 114 or A-II48. Jc
Delivery company, Mtl Btarx St. . ,; .
Oriffinal Styles.
KxoluBlya Scotch and English woolen
Ralbrook A Laveen, Couch block. , .
Totnorrow and Saturday positively
tha laat day for discount on east glda
gaa oilla.
It the armor which cntbles you to fight a winning battle with the
world. ' Being deposited in bank, yoarA money is safe from thieves
or accidents. .Your check book, which you can easily carry in your
pocket, makes the whole amount available at any time. Wheji you
pay by checks, you can always make the proper change. Your can
celed heck, whicH iti returned to you by ihe bank, is a. legal receipt
for payment. No one can make you pay a bill twice when you use
your check book. Your checks circulate among the, merchants with
whom you deal and each one advertises you as a good business per
son and one of some means.- A -check book insures -you a-wider
iintance, better service,' and increased respect ( Deposit your
fIoney in this strong bank and pay your bills by. check! y .
W are headquarter for Elgin
and Waltham Vatch.
Price talk
16-sis. 7-jewel Elgin or WI:
tham movement, in t 20-year"
Ladies' 15-Jewel Waltharn mov,
' ment, 20-yar ca...fll-50
Wa fit your eye4 to glmiss
for $1; expert optician in chars;.
' Agenti for Brauer's hand-'
painted Chba, -; . :4
lileizger & C6;
big coins
Portland Id Men's and Press
Clubs Desire Meetings of '
National Bodies Here.
: -.-v. ... , . - v. -- . !:
Member f " th Fortlaad ; Ad
Man' club bay taken . steps - to
secure th " national eooventlon f
th Associated Ad - clubs of
America In Portland during the Boss
carnival. J una 1(04. . In connection
with the movement on ha bea eat
on loot to secure th national conven
tion of the National Association of
Newspapermen at the aame time, thua
bringing together the oonventlons of tha
two large branchea of newspaper -work.
So far no official action has been
taken by the Portland Frees dub In the
matter, although the matter has been
under consideration sine th member
so successfully entertained Vloe-1 resi
dent ' Fairbanks Tuesday evening. Tha
queation of entertaining tha national as
sociation was talked over- among th
member and will probably be taken up
at th nszt regular meeting of the club.
The protect ha received the hearty
support of th Ad club, member of
which ar enthusiastic over the pos
sibility of getting both conventions her
at the time of th carnival. Charles N.
Black: has written to Edward Keating,
or tne ienver nocsy Mountain Mews.
president of tha National Newspaper
men s association, asking ror informa
tion regarding tha oat of th 1407 eon
van tlon In order to make representa
tions In conjunction with the Press club
to secure tne meeting ror 'Portland In
1M4. It 1 believed that th matter can
be much more effectively laid before
th newspaper man's association by two
representative organisation tnan ir tne
action war taken, singly by -th Press
club. . ,
Other representative organisations of
Portland may take a band in aiding tha
Preaa club to aeour th convention, al
though up to tha present time nothing has
been done say by th two newspaper
' " . ....
Sbedd Collector . Offer Interesting
fcxhibU for 6al-WM Gathered
Through Tear of Effort. -
Mrs. M. B. Troutman. Of Shadd. Ore
gon, writ Th Journal an Interesting
letter concerning a collection of Ola
coin which shs ha apent year accum
in tne collection are two lo-cent
nieces dated 1854. one 14-oent oleoa dat
ed 1454, and a 41 -pier dated 1744. She
naa artotner aaiea n&.-wnicn ta not an
American coin. On one aid of It ap
pear tha - latter . "P-a-t-r-o-n-a. - B-a-v-a-r-l-a-e."
and th data On tha
other aide a re number of Roman char
acters. Th collection contains a num
ber of Interesting coins.
stra xrouunan is aesirou or aispos
Inr of the collection, and would also
like to ascertain their value.
The Aeeorlptlon of the coins given IS
too vague to furnish a baala upon which
to place a value. Tha 50-cent piece of,
1468 Is probably worth 75 cents. The
dollar may ba worth 414 or 54.50, while
tne 15-oent piec may d wortn rrom to
cent to 47160. The value vary ac
cording to special mark on th coins, a
combination of which on aom. coin
mak them especially valuable. -
Th flrat teat of tha legality of the
bond Issue voted at th June election
will be made on tha 460,040 bonds for
th reconstruction of the Madlaon at -t
biidg. City Attorney Kavanaugh yea
terday askeoTv tha council to authorise
th sale of th bond that he might at
one take the matter Into th courta
Mr. Kavanaugh atated he believed th
Madison street bridge matter to be the
moat Important Improvement voted for
by tha people and elected to try thl
case out in the courta to determine
whether thla and all other bond issue
could be legally sold. .. . ,
Change of Cigar Firm.
Mr. H. Demon has sold " his Interest
in th firm of Gerson tt Bart THE
tion, auoceeda. Tba business of tha new
company will be conducted under the
management or jar. uoi Hart, preaiaent
of the company. Mr. Henry Hauaaman,
an old-time and well-known cigar' man.
la vic-prsment. la addition to tn
famous OPTIMO cigars and other podu
lar brands, th new company will be
s rente for the celebrated OA TO. clear
Havana and other clgara of merit. The
eomDinr alao handles pipes and amok
r srtlcles very extensively. Being
distributors ef cigars of such high
standing, tn Hart cigar company can
well expect a rapid growth la It bu si
ne sa
Nolan Rtca Best 'of Chicago, ' editor
of the Interior, after buay visit to
Portland and thla vicinity, left last
night for his homa Hs was entertained
by Rev. William Hiram Foulkea and
by J. Thorburn Roaa at luncheons and
wa given a dinner by th Presbyterian
Brotherhood, when some good toast
were heard and aflna reeling mani
fested. Ons day was apent in th trip
up the Columbia which Mr. Beet seemed
to snjoy, ons day In a trip to the sea
shore, and his visit wa terminated by
the ascent of Mosnt iiood.
Frank Fl. A. Smith, assistant pastor
of tba First Baptist church, arrived In
tn city, and will be alven an Informal
reception following the prayer meeting
inn evening. Mr. nmun comes rrom
Spokane, where he was acting aa the as
sistant pastor of the First Baptist
(1 ,
.""..n.n rr ... rn. r.n
r--i i- n ttv 1 1 r? I I i n rvtri jt. i i i i tt
BECAUSE of our unbreakable policy never to hold over a season's
. dbthing, all of our guaranteed CHESTERFIELD. SUITS, the
most modern ready-to-wear clothes sold' in Portland, are included in
; .- b:r- : rv:; this sale
r 'V.-
$18.00 SUITS for $1350
$20.00 SUITS, for $15.00
$2250 SUITS for $16.50
$25.00 SUITS for $19.00
$30.00 SUITS for $2350
$35.00 SUITS for $2650
$40.00 SUITS for:$2950
$45.00 SUITS for $3450
20 Per Cent Discount on A11 Black and Blue'Suits
Extra Special Reductions on Outing Suits
$18.00 SUITS for $12.00
$20.0Q SUITS for $13.50
$2230 SUITS for? $15.00
$25.00 SUITS' for $1650
$30.00 SUITS for $19.00
$35.00 SUITS for $2350
w - J:
$45.00 OUTING SUITS for $26.50
Every article sold at sale price has our guarantee the same as at reg-
v. - ular price.--Terms of sale-r-STRICTLY'-CASH. ,
269-271 Morrison Street
Every Day in
"Ton th teeth, thre Mm
dally as a rula Is it any wonder
they -tvs out and troobl you
'. after a wbUt
' If your ' bay eommncd ta
gly oW plao yoursslf In ur
ear. - We'll dean tba teeth, r
mov th tartar, fill or crown th
decayed' teeth with (old, mak
them good for years to eom. ,
All work don palnleesly. Bets
of teeth furalshed 'WITHOUT
FleATEBI ..' . :''
W. A. WISE, Dentist
Tbira aa -raswaa-toa fc7
T.P.Wbe,H.A,Stardmnt I
and B. A. Baffmaa -;
Hakes tba skin Ilka yon ant it.
, Does it la a aoaent.
cMagnolh Batrru
A liquid preparation for Face.
wecK, atbs ana rtanas
Xt is neither sticky nor greasy.
It's harmless, clean
and refreshing . - --. "
.Cannot be deteoted.
. Two colors Pink and White.
Use it Borning, noon and night,
s winter, spring, summer, I4U,
: SAMPLE FREE. . . . V ,
Lto Mr. Ca, 44 - St., Breoklym, K.T.
Let Us Do Your
Another atory added ' to our
buUdlns; Blarws - our- faollitle
almost a third. Equipment up-to-data
Only steam-heated polish
-sr the hind that doe not bm
In Portland. reroala help
wanted. '. -
Telephone Main 398.'; '
f :
Will cost you less at peyurtz' than .
elsewhere, besides you may make
. easy payments. i; :-'
, ,,7-.. , , ,,,, , . y .... . S.V,
We offer special inducements . to
purchasers this week, i -All our
. -
Five Dollars Saved Is Five Dellars Earned
- These are genuine reductions and are large enough
to merit the attention of every suit buyer this week.
In addition to the low price ' we ; extend our Uberal
credit system,-which permits ofr-lCl..l!'-.:i.'i;i
Nil .
If ll
wm 1
Your Credit
Is Good
at GEVURTZ for any suit in the
house." Standard Goods for less
than usual prices. :::: :
mm 1 1 iF!P
Corner First and Yamhill
Ccrr.-r f
cnurcn. lie nas neen prominently GO,
T eon-
uia wiut x, jt. u, A. vui.
I, i ,