The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 18, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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Mail Orders Have Our Careful Attention
Wight Gowns 98c
Women'i " Flannelette Night
Gown Splendid garments for
vacation wear, made of well
fleeced toft flannelette,'' in pret
tily, striped pinkor blue, yoke
trimmed , with plain dome! flannel-and
fancy stitching; gar
ments that will be very useful
on your vacation . trip; regular
$1.5() values QQ
Friday for- ...... yOC
Infants' Wrappers
Boys' VJaisls 25:
"Wotter ma4 Shir Walata.
flu for boy r of a
valua to 11.54, apulaj - m
for, Mch
CtDtna'i Whit KiUt, - VnAr
waleta They con in all -
and are very cool. Very .
apeclal for, each. tow
Boys' raoatlaroy ambroid. r
W .-!. A v.rr dmI and drwar
WaJat fo then eummer day.
Cheaper than It would coat to
makt tharo youraejf. K.rular Sto
value, each, I5o;. Regular -,,
60 value, each .t
With' ribbon straps over shoul
der; regular value 35c, 1 fl
special for IC
Women'i Knit Union Suits,
summer ,. weight, low neck,
sleeveless and trimmed in lace;
Women's Lisle Vests, low neck,
sleeveless, and lace trimmed all
around yoke; regular )A
35c value, special fait
Infants' Domet Flannel Wrap
pers, trimmed in pretty com
bination of colors , and fancy
stitching, some with pretty
kimono sleeves; regular AQ
price 65c,,. special v. j , c, ,nl7C
Collar and Cuff -Seta stamped
on fine white linen -and suffi
cient floss to work pit- 1 C
tern, all for IOC
vasniNGTCN street
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns Wc and 15c
. ' . r mar
- I
........... .. , .-
Good qualify of Tapestry in
oriental effects,; rich, dark col
orings, and new designs;" they
ire great Dig ones,, too; ,60
nches - wide and 109 - Inches
long; regularly worth $4.00
each, special . 2 95
Misses' tfose 19c
Misses' Hose In tan color,- of
ribed lisle. They are very light
weight and very clastic; for little
maids of 6 to' 10 years. Reg- A
ular 25c grade.....,.,,.... 1I7C
Women's Imported LI sis Hose
In allover lace patterns r come m
white only; special . two- OQ.
day price, pair, ............ J7C
This 220th Friday Sale contains many offerings of unusual
importance Sa vings on summer ! goods that you are not
liable to find duplicated by any other store in Portland
Offerings that combine the rare merit of unusual value and
seasonableness. Prices reduced on goods that you need toda y
Shoulder Shawls
Square . or, circular shape, of fin
wool yarn, coma In a variety of da
algna, f lnlahed with . fancy etltchlng.
and com In black, wblta or colors:
thay'ra vary pretty ahawla; sell
regular at ll.Ie each. ' Q7,
z:art department-:-:
Camping Blankets
Mixed wool and cotton. In a
good dark gray color, just the
thing for camping; they are
good weight and good size, and
art sold regularly for $2.00 the
9air.'; Your choice, A f
per pair ...... .....OI2 J
Camp Stoves
We. . carry several different
kinds of Stoves for use while
camping, as well as modestly
priced gas hot plates y
Single 'burner' Coal Oil .Lamp
Stove, worth 50c, . O O
for ......... ...... .... OjC
Two-burner Coal Oil Lamp
tove, worth $1.00,. -,
Two-burner Blue Flame Oil
Stoves, worth $5.00,
Sa ve on ToiletSundries
Peerlaas Seamless Fountain Syringe, I -quart JKr
sise; valua 1.0-pclal.... w
rollet Vapar, large-elxe rolla; valua o B
special, roll. .
Batbaaweet Bath Powder, a food powder for f Jc
.the bath; valua l5o epeclgl. .
"air Braahaa, aolld back, all briaUa; valua AQr
J So apeolal . ........ . . . .. . . .
Vompiaaa acaasafa Crm, . value. 0o epa- 35 g
Mm Cloth rialah HrrtUng' Vapw,. In box; Jc
valua I60 apecial. ,..''
O. W. K. ianaa Xawa WrttUr-aev, ona-
pouod packaca; vaL tit apaclal par pkg.... '
half Vapov, food, heavy quality pa par, 19
yard plecea, white or oolora; val lOo apea...
Oartora Bart Wrltla tax, valua le apoolal. ' -r
Bulad XJaaa Wrltla Tablata value 10i
pacta! ,. t. ...... .a
Men's 12V2C Hose aJ Half
Buy two pairs for the? price of
one Friday. We have 3,500 pairs
to sell you. They are. a prime
grade of silk finished cotton.. As
good a ; 12aC grade as yoil ever
saw. It is a hose bargain that will
be t remembered for months to
come. : Men that - share in . this
special will profit. Regular 12 c
hose for, Hafl F
Three Spools Darning
Cotton 5c
Black Darning Cotton, on spools, '
special, 3 spools for .................
Safety Pins, black or nickel-plated,-in
all sizes, special, card ...... . , . .. .
Summer Dresfc Shields, light weighty
size 2, 3 or 4, special, pair
White Pearl Buttons, for shirt waists,
1 doz. on card, all sizes, 'special, card.
Fancy Mounted Back Combi,
valuec5c,-special T?
Lavn Mowers
Special prices on til the Lawn
Mowers in stock now.' Improve
the' looks of your lawn by hav
ing your own mower and at
tending to the grass regularly.
Save on any one you buy.
Lawn Mowers, with ball bearings,-linch
size, W PA
reg. worth $3.50 for. D U
Lawn Mowers, with, ball bear
ings, 18-inch size, df '7tt
regrworth;$?.00 forroDe l D
Ribbons y Menard
Embroidery 15c Yd
as follows :
- Friday, for, the
JV. t Sit I I r r ,
. : .-.
y omen's Silk Gloves, in the popular 16-button length, of a superb grade of silk,
and in the blacks and whites that are now in such popular demand. They have
spliced; fingers-and are a good wearing grade; come in two qualities, priced
50 grade sells . QQr The regular $1.75 grade, for (jj 1 O
pair .VO y . Friday only at, the pair; .. . .) 1 1 0
Kibbons Z9c a . Yard. A splendid lot o unusually attractive
Ribbons in stripes or checks. A fine quality taffeta silk; good
jwidth,iand. a regular 45c grade; hundreds and hun- OQr
dreds of yards on sale Friday at, the yard . . . . . . . .... .H7
Embroideries.--Fine , nainsook Embroideries in edging or in
sertions. yA great variety of patterns to choose from and five
different qualities, all specially priced. There ate many widths
included m this lot, and early comers will find : rarely good
ChOOSing.-;5- : i r r;...1-.;.nr.r.r-..--li:'--rirr--:n:': .. ' f: L
The regular 65c and 75c values are 37c; the regular 1 Cr
50c qualitiejs are 25c, and the reg. 25c and 30c qualities. 1 Ov
SUk Wmdsor Ties, full length
and widths in striped "or figured
designs, also in oriental patterns;
- regular 50c and 65c Osf
"values ; special . . . . . . . . . .muv
Ping Pong Collars for women;
25c and 35c qualities, 19c; 50
regular 65c grade . . . . . . .js
Suits t $835
Suits $13.95 -r-Suits for Half
LOT 1, contains dozens and 'dozens of this
season's newest models, in tWomen' Tail
ored Suits, i Pony Jacket effects, in fancy
6tripes, checks and mixtures, and, Etons,
in plain colors (brown, blue and black)
Suits that have sold tor
as hieh as $25.00. Your
unrestricted choice Fri
day, for
blue and black).
LOT 2 is composed of 108 Suits, in splen
did styles, made of Panamas and wool
mixtures. The ; Panasyias come in navys
and browns;- Very pretty Eton coat styles,
and the ,wool mixtures come in checks and
stripes. Some plain kome very tastefully
trimmed. Worth to $38.50 fN-Q Af
each, for -.. ........... tJL 0l0
LOT 8, contains us( 82 of the smartest
Tailored Suits ever brought to Portland.
The materials are plain voiles and Pana
mas, in brown, blue and black. Panamas
and wool suitings In fancy stripes, checks
and mixtures. Worth from $40 fj jj r;
to $125. Friday's price just . .. . .UnLr
Summer Footwear $1;50
, ; -rr , . ; -a
LOT 1 in the; Friday tale shows two styles of
Woman's Oxfords in white or- kid -leather,
Blucher or regular cut, hand-turn soles, and
with or without tips. Have covered or leather
heels,' and come in all sizes and widths. A
great special for Friday at, - f ffA
choice JUaaJU
.Lot 2,. Women's White Canvas Oxfords, Blu
cher cut, medium weight soles, me- &1 TC
dium heels. Friday, the pair ....v aj)llJ
Lot 3, Women's Canvas Oxfords llS different
styles. Grecian, garden, Gibson ties, and regu
lar Blucher cut. Button and one-hole styles,
and covered or leather heels; welt sewed or
hand-turn soles; made of the best Sea Island
duck; come in all colors, all sizes, , t0 CA
all widths; special, Friday ...;,. ...9a)U
Lot 4, Women's Oxfords, in patent or kid - V i ." v
leathers; two very popular styles. Xarge eyelets for ribbon ties, medium
heel and toe; the patent leather has dull kid top; , " .. tfO PA
special value at .p&ajlf
Lot S, Women's White Canvas Oxfords, made of hand-welt soles, come
in-button or Blucher styles, plain and tip toes! a well made efyl AA
shoe in every respect Your choice for Friday, S3. 50 and..... P4VV
(low for the Morning Only,
. I,)(v6rth $1.50 i OA
, fof Friday ltiJ
TAe Special
Prlc0$ RuUt
Lot No,
the pair,
Lot No. 2, worth $175
the pair,' for Friday ...
Lot No. 3, worth $2.50 tM OA
the pair, special for laOlf
Lot No. 4, worth $3.00
the pair, special for. ...
Lot No, S, worth $4.00 the pair, special for
Wash Goods
' for V"1"-.''
Plain Colored ; Silk Organ
dies, about 70 pieces in the
lot,. Very . sheer, qualities,, .in
fine," filmy fabrics, that sell
regularly at 40c the yard. It
is an endless assortment of
coloring and this is the pre
mier wash goods bargain
of the year, C
yard ;.... ....... X J t
Persian Challies only 5 yd.
Light and dark ground, m
dots, floral and Persian de
signs ; special . -( . r
the yard DC
Specials on
i " - " 1 r "
VegeUble Dlshea, $1.20 A .
value, each OUC
Small Coffee Cups and Saucers,
reg. value $2.30, - x tfl CA
special, . the - dozen
Individual Butter Dishes; regu
lar value 75c, special, Cfl"
the dozen JvC
Fruit Saucers, regular $1.06
value; special V- A
trice . r. r. . . ivir. . I UC
-inch Plates. $1.60 f 1A
value, the dozen .....ylalU
, 9-inch White Plates, fancy edge,
special, - - C
each ....OC
Meat Dishes, regular 40c value,
special, 2Sa; 50c value, special,
&W. 78c value, CA.
special T UVC
Decorated in small pink flow
' ers.- ' : . - ' . I '
50-piec set, $60 &1
value for Pa
-1 60-piece set, $9.10 - Aft
l value for ip0.4U
and Leather
Dog Collar Necklaces, set in .4
bars rhinestone; reg. , AO
$1J5 value, special ...... 'a70C
Silver Hand Purses; regular
$2.25 value, M
special PlaUI
Peart Belt Buckles, in oval and
sguare designs, . ' AQ
65c value for . ....
Veil Pins, , in plain or enamel;
regular 50c value OQ
for ;......JOC
Leather Bags, come in gray and
tan. Values from $1.50 to $250
r.f.- fourth Off
s -. - - .
Combination Purses, in seal and
novelty leather; $2.00 , CA
value for ...... DUC
Cigar Cases, in seal, walrus and
'......fourth Off
Leghorn Hats5dc 0nes25c
f-?JL' " "' "' A famous Fridav ' soecial on "several
iZ '"1 nf th vrrv nnmilar T rh nm
y3!fAv' shapes,1 untrimmed. " Can be fashioned
tWAVt into aI1 the 8haPs now popular and
fjt with the addition of a bit of tnmmtng,
yjjS? they are very attractive, clever hats,
l rar1v t wear. Tri TtmilT AA
$3.00 ones, Friday ........ OZ. 11
The regular $2.50 grades 'nn
sell Friday for ......... 1.510
The regular 65c qualities Jf
sell Friday for ........,..:...;4yC
The regular 60c Hats are for ' OJ
Friday only : . .............. . . . CtuQ.
Outing Hats. -A splendid line of hats, do very nicely fpr outing
ahd picnic wear, specially priced for Friday - : ' .. " OC
at, only i ttoC
V. S. 2ai
Ostrich Plumes for One-Fourth Less
Every Ostrich Plume in the house, all lengths, all grades, all
colors, reduced one-fourth for Friday's selling. Take i .
your choice of any plume we have and save ..............
Flowers Half Price. A Friday flower sale of unusual interest.
Large or small roses in many colors,' bunches of violets, sweet
forget-me-nots, foliage and manv sorts of flower trimming. Be
the regular price what it may, triday you cai Il-s
buy for ; A .i lul f
, rioanwl ft part Sanies.)
, ; fTorfolk, Va Jnlr ' II Amons the
papers presaotad at this, tha third day
r tha convention, of national and suta
fnoA rommlnalonara. In aaaslon at tha
Inmeatown eapoeiUon, wera ha follow
Mi . . ;" A
"American Wlnea and tha Pur Fnod
I lira, ' Parry T. Morgan, Ban Franc! aco;
"Adulteration )n Confectionery," V. L.
rrlce, 6L Loula; VRaatrictlon anil Pro
hibition of Artificial Color in Food,"
Jay IX Miller, Chlraro: '"Tha Paonle'a
Ixibby and- It Pura Food-Work," Henry
Peach Ncedham, Waablnaton, D. C;
"Tha Preparation of Fruit and Vaa
Uhla Producta With and Without Pra
aervatlvr,'.' Bebaatlan Mueller, Pitta
bura'Tha Prepnratlon of Tomato Cat
nip with and Without Preaervatlvaa,"
Charted F. Uoiidon, Terra liauta, Indi
ana; ""Tha Preparation and niatributlon
of Fruit fiyrupa With and Without Pra
aervatlveB, ' A. O. Rlahardaon. PocheMter,
NewTork; "'Need for Uniform Standarda
Antonc th Btatea and Hetween tha
Pialea ahd .Federal Oovarnment," A. V.
Hilt, atat dairy, food and oil Inspector
of Idaho; "t illers In Canned Oood,"
Prcfeaaor Oharlee D. Howard, atata
chemtet of New Hampahlra: "Tha Sani
tary Bide of the Production. Ma.nufe.ctur
and Dletrlbutlon of Food Product," Dr.
T. J. Bryan, etete atixlyst of Illtnola;
"Nptea on tha National Kplce Atandarda."
Ir. William Frear, c hem let of tha aaH
cultural axperlraent . station. State col
let, Pennaylvanla; "Plain Labeltnc."
Robert McDowell Allen, Kentucky ami
cultural experiment station, Lexington,
Kentucky; "Bleached Flour," Profeaaor
E. F. I.add, chemtat and food eommla
loner, Farao, North DaJiota; "A Review
of Food Control Work In Jh Weat,"
R W. Ilurke, atata dairy and fond com
mleaioner of Wyominf J "Tha Guaranty
Clauaa," Profeaaor K. W, Marruder
chief ehemlat of tha - department of
aarlcultur of Virginia; "Like -Hub-atancea,"
Profeaaor Jamea H. Bhepard,
stats analyst of floutb L'akota; "Local
Blaoirhter Hona Inpotlon," Dr.- Irrlns
A. Watson, Secretary of tha state board
of health of New Hampahlra, .
' S srhortaaS Zfta to toalarin . '
I"lh pennaylvanf 194 mile from
Chicago. ' "Tha Loulavttla- Special," with
parlor and cafe library car, and throuah
coaches, lea Tea Chicago da.ll, 10 a. m.,
arrlrea Loulavllle T:1S p. m. Nlht
tratna leare Chlcaao 10:05 p. m. with
throuah aleeplna car; aleo at mldnlaht
with sleeping ear to Indiana nolle and
Broiler parlor ear to Loulavllle. 0t
particular from Kollock, ' 14 - Stark
strt. Portland. Or. ' . .
' Tomorrow and Saturday poaltirely
the laat daya for dlaooant aa eaat sld
f Joaraal atteclil Brrte(.t 1
Philadelphia. July H At tha (rand
1od- saaslon of tha Elka a eommltte
ha been appointed to find waya and
moans of prosecuting people who tnak
ua of the todta emblem without au
thority. , A flat day. June 14, wit, ajao
authorised., Election of officers raaull
ed aa follow: Orand exalted ruler,
John K. Tener, of Charlerol, Pennayl
ran la; arand treaaurer, Edward Leach,
New Tork; erand eateemed loyal knlnht,
W. T. Lelckla. Dowaalae. Mlchlaan:
arrabd aateemed lecturing knight, bay-
ard Oray, of Frankfort, Indiana; grand
aateemed leading knight, John D. 8hea,
Hartford, Connecticut; grand secretary.
. Onrd of Xaag Troabl.
"It Is now eleven years sine I had a
narrow ascap from conaumptlon.
wrltea C O. Floyd, a leading bualnea
man of Kerehaw, 8. C. "f had run
down In weight to- 1SI pound, and
coughing waa conatant, both by day and
by night. Finally I beaan taklnc Itr.
King a New Llaroyery, and continued
thla for about six month, whan hit
cough and lung trouble were entirely
gona and 1 waa reatored to my normal
welcht, ITS pounda." Thoiiaanda of
per eon a ar healed every year, Quar
anteed at Ked Croea Pharmacy. . lOo and
fi.vw. iriai out ti ir.
Fred C Robin eon, Dubuque. Io
truateea, Ttinmu . B. ! t .
Wlaconaln; Thomaa F. MrViii..'
tlmore, and Mayor Cbrl.- t- '
ler, Jamea loley, and gr.. l i , fc
eu a, layiur.
, !) 11
' Four fVlner rr ".
1 ftpe1l Dtipat.'h t., T . j . ,
Aatorla, Or., J ' n
Jlr.fncer, r rnnk tV; j ;
and Thoin. 'I ' .
arreati y W'-r.( , , ,
for a I num 1 i i , i ,
out a i'f'i-H - it ,
In JuhU. ii . i e.
" rrrrrl )
a::u a i. -
t i
gaa but.
... ) t '.t '
.... 1- - t- ; -