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' Secretary JIcGee of Inland Waterways Commission - So
; Tinds Not Only With Eeffani " to Tributary Producf "
, tire Area, but for Tower That May Be De?eloped.
Dr.' W,' S. McOee. Secretary et tha la
land waterway commission, after v-
- eral days spent In Investigation or Ore
gon streams, departed yeeterdar enr
noon for 8 alem to call on Oovrnor
Chamberlain, and will lv tomorrow
for Sacramento. HI findings will form
, a part of a prallmlnarr report that la
.to bo ubmltted to President Rooaavolt
- by the commission la September.
"Of all the waterway tn thl country
.'th Columbia rlrar la second In Import
ance th Mississippi rlTer being first;
, 'Dr. McOee said,, The. Columbia river
1 Important not only tor area of pro
ductive country tributary to It, cut Tor
(power that may oe aeveiopea. mere is
,grei available power at Celllo fall.
The Snak rlrer couM ba mad.'nav-
lgabl "regularly- ag far up a Twin
Tall. . The Columbia can be made nav-
T Igabl from IU mouth to a point con
siderably north of the Canadian lino.
' Tho Willamette la a grand stream, both
''for navigation and water power. The
aim of the Inland waterway eommla
alon la to encourage th 'utilisation-of
1 all the Value Inherent In thai river of
' the' country. We can and will cooperate
- with the reclamation department, the
' foreatry service, and th navigation and
.' tranaportatlon branch of th federal
-.inn Make orro'Uona. .
i It 1 aald th commission" can alio
, 'afford considerable aaaiatano In th
1tn of suggestion to atate anAmunla
Ipalltles, wherever It Investigations re
veal ooodltlon that might Be utilised
- y them to their advantage. Th inland
- waterway commlaaloa la a non-salaried
. body, and ha no appropriation from the
i federal government for carrying on It
work. - It creation waa In response to
5 demand from Inland communities that
av long; Buffered from tranaportatlon
' abuse and that have waterway which
might be converted to the use of trans
portation If properly Improved. Its
'western member are Senator Newlsnds.
of Nevada, and F. H. . Newell. . chief of
i th reclamation bureau.
Thu far th at ream of th country
-hay been merely touched In the work
of utilising; thera for public us and
benefit.-!. Navigation. Irrigation, power
and domestla use ar to be considered
In numerou phases. Th city of Lo
Angeles, after devising; P'en for brlng-
-' Ing th headwater of Kern river 160
mile to that city for city water, at a
cost of $a,000,000, discovered that It
oould by a slmpl plan of development
produce from the same water, without
' harming It for domestlo uses, sufficient
water power at the city limits to yield
a revenue sufficient to par 10 per cent
Interest on the entire Investment. This
revenue would be enough to pay Interest ,
' on the bonds and provide a sinking fund
to pay th principal. . Th city engineer
- ef lx Angelea la now working out a
Iilan for such power development, and
t will probably be adopted,- unless th
city Interest I thwarted by existing
private power companies.
Acquired Another aueam. "
I The city of New Torfc. .which h
"ond keep
' . : ' .Dull, sluggish, half asleep, unable to think clearly
: and promptly anything but "Brainy"7 is the person so fed. In fact it is not feeding but
poisoning,. and a Brain so treated cannot be successful.'
- - A genuine food for the Brain is GRAPE-NUTS. "Why," someone asks; Analysis
of Grape-Nuts' will show Phosphate of Potash as found in wheat and barley of which
the food is made. " ; " , . V . - . : . :
This Phosphate combines with Albumen and water in the human body and builds
the soft gray filling of the nerves and brain cells; then again the food is easy of diges
tion bepuse it is cooked at the factories in such manner as to transform the starch of
the wheat and barley into a form of sugar, to be seen under a strong glass on each gran-
. ule of Grape-Nuts. W-':7'"' ' ' . -
This sugar was not "put on" or poured" over,: but exudes during the process. of
cookmg jand is really the starch turned to sugar and ready to be absorbed into the blood.
" So 4 with Grape-Nuts we have the food with the right things Nature demand.rf of
Brain building and we also have a food easy of digestidn. ;' "
Make the trial, it's worth while. It's a profound demonstrable truth. (
found th,Croton river Insufficient for
Its need, ha just acquired! another
stream, together with, practically the
entire watershed at ita source, and It 1
proposed to-develop th stream for do
mestic water and power usea .
When the proposition to canalise the
Illinois river at a coat of 131.000,000 and
complete a navlgabl rout from th
gulf to th great lake -was brought for
ward, th Illinois authorities bad in
veattgatlon mad and found that power
oould be developed In thla stream suf
ficient to yield a revenue of II. 000. 00
annually to the state and pay 10 per
cent Interest on the Investment. ' Th
extreme contour of Illinois shows only
100 feet difference between it highest
and lowest elevations.
It is pointed out that the city of Port
land, utilising the city water. brought
rronj Bull Run, by directing tc- inrougn
watae wheels at soma hish DOlnt con
venient to th city, could at on strosa
f ay mors than th' interest on the sn
ip, water worka Investment, eventually
return the nrlnelDal to the city ireaeury.
and at th am time regulate th price
the people muit pay for leotrlo power
and light now purchased from private
companies. , -
. - 1
Transfers Filed for Record
Climbed Well Up in Values
f ActiTity on East Side.
Teaterday transfer Bled for record
climbed well up toward th top, th
total -value amounting to 7T,4tl. Of
thla aum nearly half waa repraaentsd
In th sal of ' th half-block on the
north kid of East Aider- etreet, be
tween East Watar and East Flrat, by
Richard- Koehler to H. ' H. Brown for
IIT.I00. . ' -.j .
East aid property waa again strongly
la evidence In yetrday" salsa, almost
vary transaction of Importance repre
senting an east aid sale.
O. A. Oalllnger has purchased from
Isaiah Buchman a 60-foot lot at th
northeast corner of East Everett and
East Twelfth streets, for U.500.
The lot at Maple street and Michi
gan avenue has been sold to - Ella Dle
pold by John E. Hiller for ItyOOO. -.
8am Goldstein paid 1200 for a quarter-block
In South St. Johna The nron-
erty belonged to John EL Buselck and la
lira. Mary Woodcock ha sold to W.
H. O'Brien OS-foot lot at East Thir
tieth and East Pin streets, for 11,200.
'Any man or woman, with little trouble and less ex
pense, can make an interesting experiment on Brains:
We all naturally desire to- be considered "brainy"
"intellectual." ';
The Brain and nerves are fed or hurt by the food
put into the stomach. If that food contains the right
. elements and digestion and assimilation are perfect,
the Brain will act in the sanest, clearest manner.
- If impropcrrindigestible food is takenreaten with
, nervous haste and in excessive quantities, the diges
tive organs cannot convert it entirely into real sus
tenance andJtJies in the
""Decay" means that
these-living organisms
matter which is quickly absorbed with what little
food has been digested, and carried into the blood. -----
r This poisoned blood goes to the Brain as well as
elsewhere, and the Brain with all its ' connecting
nerves, being the most sensitive tissues of the body
the seat of thought and execution of the same is
actedd upon the same as whenlcqhgljor any othr
poison is taken, only in different degree. - - "
"Therw'i a Reason" for . . . : f'
Not an Ice Cream, Candy or
-..Tobacco Store, in State .
of Washington.
- ... .
AMornej-GeneraJ'g Opinion to Have
-the Effect to Put the Screw Wown
Harder Than Brer Restaurs ta
Limited to Meal.
(pedal blspatek te The JoarsaL)
hi.nni. Wash.. July H.Attorney- Dl Atkinson today ren
dered an opinion addressed to th prose
cuting attorrey of Skagit eounty .whlcb.
will hav th ffct of screwing th
wa- - a uttia tlrhter even than It
ha bn, throughout th slat. Th
.ifiiii. im naieuiated to elo uo many
s nmm stores which hsv been sel
ling other merchandise than druga on
Sunday. Prosecuting Attorney Hurd
nArmnn a letter to th attorney-gener
al a to whether ' druggist-eould sell
Ice cream, confectionary and cigar in
thei- nisMa of bualneaa. incidentally.
whll thoe engaged with such line
eould not, .
Th attorney-general give th een
nltlon of th word "drugs" and says a
oruiiion is w " - - --
sold axclualvely. H ay. In conclu
sion: ... .
It I my opinion that Mrugstorss aa
used In th section nnder consideration,
contemplate -only - stores devoted to
the exclusive eale of drug and doe not
Include either drugstores or any other
establishment In which soda, lc cream.
confection or lonacco is eoiu, ainue
auch atorea could a well be designated
tobacco stores." Drugstore remaining
open on Dunuift wuwiw w
ing th law, must limit their business
to tn saie or arugs ioiuiht o
restaurant to tn serving msn.
"rr- tfesraal gpetlat serrlcej
Toledo, O, July It. Th national
convention of th Gideons, or Christian
traveling men' association, waa form
ally ushered In today with th arrival
of large number of delegatea The
eealon are to continue during the next
three days. The attendance will include
a good representation from Wisconsin,
Illinois, umo, inaiana, Missouri, tows,
and a number of other state In which
the organisation ha gained a strong
foothold. Th-report prepared by the
several officer for Dreeentation 4 th
convention contain figure ahowlng that
th association ha continued to in
crease Ita membership during th part
II montn at a gratirying rata in addi
tion to th business to be transacted
thera-will be addresses bv a number
of prominent divines -and lay speakers.
stomachltooJong and de-
t' ,
bacteria begins to workand
produce toxic or poisonous
He Calls th$ Roll of Knox,
Fairbanks, . Taft, Can
non and Hughes.
Say Ko Letting Down Chinese Wall
a to Idaho Product HI Own
SenatorUI Llfchtnln's Bod Stick
"Way Up Into tho Sky.
(sseelal Insestca te The JeeraaL)
Bois, , Ida.. July - II United State
Senator and Mrs. VT. B. Heyburp hav
arrived in ,th city from Waahlnton and
ar pendln a -fsw.dayt JSer meeting
friends. Tha Mnator, whll howln
si ens of hi 1st illnesa, apeared to be
in fin ahapa for any political or other
fray. .. .
When aaked a to the political situa
tion nationally, he remarked thr"thre
were many arood, ' avallabia ntn ' men
tioned for the Republican nomination for
the presidency, any on, of whom would
make a good president. He spok ulo
alstlcally of Knot. Fairbanks. Taft,
Cannon and Hufhes. Whan asked if
Hushes was an avowed candidate, n
stated he had talked with a number of
New Yorkers recently, who declared
that New York would ba for Hughes for
the nresldenov. He aay -there la no
talk whatever of running; him again for
governor or for th vice-presidency. He
stated he was convinced that Roosevelt
would not accept another nomination
and that this, of neceaalty, eliminated
him from- U race.
Th aanator would not hazard a guess
as to what th Pemoorati national con
vention would do, but ratner thought
the south would not sennit th nomfh.
tlon ef Bryan.
Speaking of Idaho' position In th po
litical arena, th senator declared that
he would not auDCort any man for th
presidency who waa In fayor of letting
elgn products oould compete with' Ida
uuwn lav Draiiciuui wrs w uiv iirt-
ho s raw material a,
Referring te hi own. candidacy rot
reelection, he declared that he would
not oppose an Indorsement at th Re
publican tat convention and intimated
that he expected such an indorsement.
However, he said this would not neces
sarily be binding on tn leataiauve oa
dldatee, although following tha prece
dent established at tn last convention.
Th aenator and Mr. Heyburn will
remain tn th elty a fsw day and then
go to north Idaho; where - they will be
moat or tn urn till congress con
(7earaal special Berries.)
New Torkv Xnly- II. -Financial circle
ar conaidarably Interested in th notion
of th Mldvaia Steal company to in
crease It capital from 1710,009 to
Il.7i0.000, th final. step In th plan
being taken today w&en th stockhold
er . meet to glv th necessary formal
approval to tha proposal of -the board
of director. Additional caah will -not
be realised by tha company for any of
in ,0ue,ouv or new atoca. Tn man
1 to Issue th 11,000,000 of new capital
In th form of stock dividend to th
holder or th present 1760.000 stock. .
Br this readjustment of eaoltall
tlon the Mldvale Steel company lose
on or lot minga lor wnion u naa oeen
unique. While other steel companies
have been capitalised often high up, th
Mldvale heretofore haa kept along with
a nominal capitalisation. For nearly ten
years it paid no dividend even on ita
mall stock, but put profits back Into
th plan. Recently big dividend hav
been paid.
- (Special Dtapatek te The feansL)
Salem, Or, July It. If the tat
want th property -of Margaret and
Joseph Thiel a a part of th tract
which th board of truateea for th In
stitute for th feebleminded ha se
lected for th alt for that new atate in
stitution it will hav to pay tl.I8l.40
for It. This 1 the result of tha condemnation-proceeding
started by 'th
tat board against th Thiel becauee
they wanted more for their land than
what th atate believed waa a reason
able prlca The Jury yesterday after
noon brought in the following verdict:
"We, the Jury In the above entitled
civil action, rind for the plaintiff and
assess damages for defendant, in case
the property described tn ' th amended
complaint is taken by plaintiff, at th I
sum ui t,,is,i,v.
The Thlela asked till per acre, th
tat offered 176. and th jury award
l6 per aor and 1100 for damage. '
- (tpectal PUpateh te The JoersaU
Salem, Or., July II. Thar will b
Joy among th resident of Maroola, a
station on the Wendllng branch of th
Southern Pacific, when they learn that
Manager J. P. O'Brien of th Harrlman
Una, haa decided to erect a depot at
that place. A .complaint waa filed with
the - commission by - the residents of
Maroola asking that that body render
what assistance It oould to better the fa
cilities and accommodation maintained
by th railway company at that point.
Thar waa no depot building at Maroola
and th residents of that section were
OTeativ Inconvenienced bv the Poor ao-
-commodatlon maintained there. Th
move on th part or tn railway peopi
to provld for a depot building will b
met with gladnes by th people of Mar
cola Mr. O'Brien ha notified th com
mission that a depot will be rctd
thr within day. '
FROM THE 0. R. & N
(Hpscial Dispatch te lac YoaraaL)
. . 1U..I. T..1. IS- A Aln Mtl
on wheat from the Palouae country trib
utary to th Inland Empire electrle
road, ha been made by the Great North
ern. nu wnea.1 irura n rwvun wi"
be carried to eoaat point for 11)4 cent
a PUSnei. iflin tuumum ue. w
th Palouae wheat growers, as thr
1 nOW IVV mnrn m ."".l"" '"WJ"
operation paralleling th Northern Pa
cific on th Palais nrenon ana cutting
Into a rich country wnicn nas long oeen
monopolised by the O R. N. company.
It now gives Rosalia, Colfa and Palouae
two lines, where In th peat they had
but one, and at Oarfleld and Oakearial
three, wher bofor they had but two.
(Jmimsl prtsl- gervlra.l
. Boston. July II Ensign W. H. Toe
and Boatswain Murphy of th battle
ship Georgia are th heroes of their
shlpmatea and ar 'being lionised by
vary one. sLno th tory of their part
' i - . - - 1 (-.. l
mi isi ' ' I liiii iiiin. ill f y., -
1 i:
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Corner First and Yamhill
in th icnt aisatf hasbwom known.
These two men wer in th powder
handling room directly below the turret
wher the explosion took place at th
tlm of th accident. Their prompt ac
tion in removing th powder In their
car t a place of afty and closing th
slide probably saved, tb fxotn
total destruction. '
(iDeclsl Dlspatea t Tk J.oroal.)
Knurprl. Or July II. Pr MonU
goraery and Carl Dunn bav brokn ut
of th county jail and mad good their
ascana. The prisoner out a hoi
fhlouth ' th ?loor of th,jBll and
climbed the fenc .urroundlng th jail
without being seen, and made their e
cap In th night,
In May lat Montgomery w ttnma
guilty of aseault. and J)dg Crawford
ordered that he pay fine of I2M) or
be confined In the county Jail 131 day.
He had been In Jail about 40 day.
Carl Dunn wa but recently arrested,
aharged with stealing horse In Wal
, ,: , ... .'. .., j.,,--;-
Corner Second and Yamhill
Iowa county. HI cas wa set for trial
on th morning ef th day h broke
Jail. -
- - VatJrlotie) Beanlon and licalc
Held Under the Auspices of th
. Viluable- Prises Patriotlo Kxerclaea
-Cedar rack, ganday, Jnly II, lOT.
Oaello and American games, running,
lumping, tug-of-war Kaat Vs. West
Bide, Irish Jig. reel dances, etc Ad
mission to park, l5o; colldren free.
Lunch aerved on the ground a
Judge, Samuel R. Artmaii
Jurtrs Artman Is a brilliant man. an
hi Jurist, snd a forceful spesker, and
his sddress Sunday ntght was a dellgtit
to all who had th pleasure of hearing
IL Morning Times, Frankfort. Indiana.
He sr"" ln tn Mrat ireaDyterian
church Bsturday night on' The Unoon-
tltutlonallty of Saloon licenses,"
I Say . ; -ItHonestiy
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ing, aa a special mid-season in--
ducepient: First, the very best,
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.ors' prices, and, third, in addi
tion to all thla, with every suit
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extra pair of (trousers FREE.
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better It will be for both of ua.
lhon sCala X '
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Sixth and Washington.
Nineteenth Year Opens Sep
tember 1. 1307
The academy fits boy and rlrl for
astern and wetrn college. UV&tt11ng
hall for alrla tirovldss for
a. uiii
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mary and grammar, under th . am
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