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, , r ' - ' T-
' ..... .........
Ucavers Give Game to Seals
' When They Should Hare ,
; TVon With Ease.
local Bat Joy Out of Box u Hit
x Henley Hard, but Visitor Wk,
.Ncvcrtlwle v Brhlmpff Make a
Great One-HanJed..P1a.
' . -i ,
Pan Francisco. I: P?'1". '...v'- -.
Los Lngelee. ; Oakland. 4. .
,. , -Won. Lot.
Xo Angela ..... .. : JJ . '!?!
Oakland y ! -Si!
Portland . . ...- : , , " , .:."
San Franelsc won another gam to
the ninth Inning after Portland had
thrown away oodleo ot chance to bring
It home. ' ' '
' In many ne It wu a repetition of
Monday1 defeat ."only --yatrday tn
local Wffod the leather la rlgbt hearty
wtyle, , They outbatted their opponenU
by Vr c"1- t0 bu a'"T Uo
-out.errored the wen from the city Of
anhee ty -ISO Pr tent.
Lovett, toward x7hom. becauae ot the
unfortunate breaking of a fnger ai
; worka ago, the Inclination la to M
ch.rliable. fl (cured largely In the loaa Of
and letting it bound away from hia
nnfrwe, Yeaterday he mlejudired i an ,
easier chance, and his tnlsa meant Juat
two runa for the visitor.
Xvva Ooetly MlaJudTaeV ' 1
It vii fn 61 flrt tonl with 'two
out and the baafa full. Kid Klneelta
waa iut pulllnr hlmaelt out of naaty
hole when Wllllama hit an aa fly to
center ftld. Lovett mad hie error and
. two Seal flip-flopped acroaa the bread
'he Seal eoreJf twice rtajn in the
third." ha sole cause thereof being an
error by Charlie Atherton. Two were
out when Irwin soaked one down to the
Dutch shortstop. Bchlmpfrs throw was
not quite oerfect, but Atherton had no
excuse for dropping th ball. William
followed with a lnl which rang th
bell twice. .',...'.'"
Monday Atherton Urred at bat. Tue-
"aay he starred In the error line. " '
.. .. .. Jfoy' Uraneooeat Oar,
. Barney Joy. who essayed to pitch the
visitors into a victory, got JIa In the
'tmrd and. Mohler put him out of the
" bo with as little ceremony aa McCredie
has failed to use at tlmea in the past.
Th inning opened with -to Tight
bv Bassey. ilott reached first on
th base were full. Atherton handed
the sphere a clout on the nose whirn
brought ln Bassey and Mott and then
Mohler. decided that It waa , Una to
chHnae pitcher. ... J .
Henley, th premier twlrler Of th
DUl JY1UV.I rule, uw iiiv u -
batter, and turned the same trick with
Lovett. The fans groaned for there
. 1 . m . k. V. . T at.lli.a
were iwo ivi. vn in. .
vn ivr 1 inii u.i 111.H imm "
away for a three-be riser and the acore
waa ilea, ecnimpii iirw iw n'"i
and there were no runa until the ninth,
I ......L.I- William. ..A.I fl.
by gpencer and a single by 6treet gave
woTtiand Xaa acaay Ohaao.
There were numerous other ' time
when Portland' chancea looked very
brlnht. . In th alxth, with only on out
Schimpff hit a three-bagger, but died
... . i 1 . hlU TI....U .ml Mntt ivunf
Ineffectively. In the aeventh Casey took
first on Mohler's fumble, and made a
beautiful run to third on Atherton' aao
i , r . 11. ... K with nnlv
11 1 mi rn. ..- - " - .
one out, but Casey was killed In a hit-and-run
play which missed fir because
Henley got onto It and threw wild. In
aw. -I V. W T ... . ar 1 v V ntl m SSfS
1 Vila viiiiu ..
awat, took another station on Dona
hue' aacriflce, but when Schimpff hit a
fir h didn't look to ' see whether It
would be caught or not, but ran for
home. . 80 tb.ld:waa retired on
double play. . .
Bchtmpff made the tar play of th
. . . I . V. 1Tan1a an.VaJ aTIA
where ll ought to hv been good. It
1 .1 ...... k..w..m Uiitr
was . iiixnn i' ivi . .
and Bchlmpff. The Dutchman did a
. 1 i a 1 . k.Mlr ... Viaa far Allt mnA
siguuiiug run v. . ' . , .
made a auccessful grab with Ms bsr
riirM hand. H did an -even more-not e-
worthy thing. -He recovered- In time t
shoot th ball across the long expanse
to first, beating the slim pitcher out
, ana rooDing nun on mi jiuv;ii www
AB. R. H. PO. A. K.
fthsughnesay, rf. 4
Mohler, Jb. .......... 4
Wheeler, as .......... 4
HUdebrand, If... ...... t
Irwin, lb.,...,,..,... 4
Wllllama, lb 4
Ppencer, cf ........... t
Ftreet. e
.Tev. n. . . . .... .. 1
1 1 I
1 14
0 0
2ienley. d.. . 9
.........SJ I f 27 II 1
AB. R. H. PO. A. E,
Bassey. If..
Mott. 3b...
fasAV. tb. .
.......e i m s.v v
1 1
,.... s
"Atherton. lb.;
McCredie, rf..
Jyovett. cf....
Donahue, c. . .
IV-hlmrff. ..
1 -i
Klnwlla, p
Moor. ....... I t
Total..-... 4 J7 II ,f
Batted for Klnsell in ninth Inning.
Ban jrranctaCl:r...t t 0 0 11
Hits .......I 1 4 I
Portland ....0 4 0 4
Hit..... .1 Mllltli-I
,' ' SUMMARY. , - : 1
Struck out lit Joy I. Klnsella I, Hen
lev I. Basee on balls Oft Joy t. Kln
sella I, Henley W Two-twins hits 11
liBms. Thre-baa hKs Ioihu.
Brhlmpff. lwubl plays Williams to
Mohl.T. Sacrifice hits Street. Lovett.
Atherton.. lxnabua. Spencer. ..Stolen
) HiM.hrinil. Irwin. Baasey, WU-
Irnma. Klnsella. First ba on errors
Oakland 6. Portland 1. Wild-pitches
u intu.ll irt on base San Fran-
ei. o I, Portland I. Innlnge pitched
11. in. 1 t Tteae hits Off
Jv t. H-'nlev t. Klnsella I. Tim of
rme i hours. I'mplre Mr. Perrick.
mi mm
That won't come off, sppears on baby
f 1, . after one Lottie of White Cream
.-r-i fuse, the great worm medicine.
V l,y not keep that mll on baby' face.
If you keep tlila medlrlne on hand,
von will never eee anything else but
ttotles on Ma fare. Mrs. 8 . Black
well. Oklahoma, writes:
"Mr Imtiy was peevish snd fretful
Would no' eat snit I feared h would
tv I ti'-J s botil of White Cream
ririf,!t a "1 he has not had a sick
! , ..I.' lM ly aU drugglsta.
.'V ' y
; '
j .
'Ray Lovett, Portland'
1 (Special Dtopatek t Tb JearaaL) .' i I
Seattle. July -18. Every ball . player
whoa sis make him look as If he
might qualify aa a heavyweight prlie
flghtar, at aom period in hi career baa
a proposition mad to. him to taa up
th fighting cam.' Big Larry McLean,
catcher for Portland, listened to Tom
Cofbett' and' Johnny Rld In Beattle last
year until he really thoucht he was the
coming heavyweight champion of the
world ano he poeea ror pictures, sirippea
to the waist, with his fist doubled an
tler hi arma to bulge th muscles out
But Larry eonld not lick a postage
stamp, and Corbett and Reld were only
kidding him. - - . -- '
The last on to ran jor mis gina 01
bunk is Jack Meyers, the big Indian
catcher of th Butt team. tfldrty
Bishop, who used to - promote prise
flgnta, but who la now a snorting writer
In Tacoma, ha been talking to th big
Indian, and th following la th reault:
"Jack Meyers, the big, good-natured
catcher for Butt, 1 to become a pugi
list, t
"Thl conclusion w arrlvd at
Thursday night whea In conversation
with Burt Murphy, the pugilistic man
ager, who has been In Tacoma th pat
" ! 'i
Are NowJTied , With Trnnks
for First Place Deciding,
Games This Week. ; '
The - rubs won their third straight
gam at th Chautauqua tournament
yeaterday. whn they defeated th North
Pacifies in a "watfaat" by a scar 6f
II to I. This ties them with tb Trunk-
makers for Unit place. . ; .
- Th ten team will Una uo against
each other on Friday and Saturday and
....... . m . . .1... irh. mttmm
ngnt It DUl JUT niav l""i a ... n-
. , ....... In.. laTlMAr.
yesieruay w mi.' -....-. - - -.
at second for th Cub and "Oora Paul
Kruger at short for. th en me team, dis
tinguished thmclv and gave an ex
hibition of good, clean team work. Em-
1 -l. u ki. .,.,,.1 ttnannv same and
1 11 1, tautii. 11 . " ' , . , ' , -
cutOff several Cub run at third by fak
w . . . na.La. tla hAI ! nl
throws. J-allue nicns r ' 1 7 ' ,
brother' at, broke Into , th; hit 'col
umn with four awats out of four time
up. . Th scor; , . . . :, . , .,,
.. '..- . ... ' AB. R. It. "PO. A. E.
n.ln. -t I .......... 4 1 9X1
Klser, zd
Turk. lb. J
Vriiarar as. ..a..-.. i
4 I I
4 'I
0 0
Tauscher, If, ... ' J
Parrott, 10. .......
Heltsman, . ..;.....,
Tl rr.) 1 rY .......... 4 . 1
4 11
Lerch. n. ............ 4
j:tau.' 8
; ' : AB. n. H. PO. A. K.
Rmerlck, e, r 6 1 i I J
ry. b. i ; t ; ( ;
itay, lb.-p. .......... I ' 2 : 2
Fry, Jb. J 4 I , ?
Hhorkley: It. 4 f I . 1
rrvoe, ct --.- . , r. ,---'-
Sater, a , I T 1 I
Lundherg, rf. 4 1110 1
Brown, p.-lb. '.'.I..... 4 11 111
Totala I .......... 1 14 14 f
Cuba , 4 II I t 1 1 II
Hits ,.,,11111111 H
No. Pacifies I I 1 I 0 I H 0 I
, Hit ...I 1 I I 1 M 1 U I
Struck out By Inarch, I: by Ray, 1.
Pases on balls (iff Lerch. 1; off Hay, I;
oft Brown, I. 1 wo-base Uita 'i,urk.
. . . t f : i.:.V ; .. ;. '-. ,.,-t. '
Center Fielder.
week-the blw fellow stated he
tiring of baaeball and that he wanted to
get Into aom business where th money
would rou in Mat ana orten.
"'Have you ever thought of going Into
th lighting bualneser asked the little
manager.- 'You're a big fellow and If
you are In favor of such sport you
ought to do good.'
'Meyers, after he bad bad an earful,
thought It over and then oame to the
conclusion that . he waa satisfied to
start.. He agreed to sign a five years'
contract to work under Murphy'a man
agement, which will be the first stroke
toward putting the big fellowvlnto th
bruising business. ' v, 1 .
"Meyer la but 14 year of ago, stands
I feet Itt Inches tall, and In hia present
good condition he weigh 228 pound a
. "H com from southern California,
around the am neighborhood where
.dm Jeffrie developed, and It is a coin
cidence tuat Meyers used to box with
Hank Griffin, the big colored heavy
weight, who waa th first man that ever
tackled Jeffries. Meyers saya he oould
'hang It on' Griffin any tm ha wanted
"It would b a funny snap If Murphy
made a champion out of Butte's catcher.
If It la In the big; fellow Murphy ought
to be able to bring it out, for h under
stands th game. .- -r-
Parrott V Heltsmaiv Prtoe, Fry. Three
baa hit Fry. Doubl play Bater to
Brown. Sacrlflc hit Ray. Stolen
base Cubs,'!; No. Psciflcs, t. Passed
ball, battery rr"r Heltsman. .Wild
pitches, battery error Lerch, Brown,
Ray. First baa on errors Cubs, ; No.
Pacifies. . - Earned- r una Cu bs,-t; Ko.
Pacific.. l.Lft on bases Cubs, I; No,
Pacifies, 4. Innings pitched Brown tt,
Ray TH- Hits made OH Ray, 14. Time
of ram Two hour. Attendance
1,804. - Lmplr Cheyne. , . Scorer
Smith. . , : -. !,;, v
s Northwest Leagae. ,' . , "
At Aberdeen Aberdeen I, Batt I.. -At
Tacoma Tacoma 1 Seattle, A.
At Vancouver , Bpokan i, Van
couver 1. ... . ..
Many Portland Peopla Fait to Real
. ba the Serlousaeas t " ;
Backache Is so deceptive." " 4 .' ''.
- It oomel and go kep you guess
ing. ; - ' .' . si. .''" 1 v
Learn th cauae then cure It-, .
Nine times out of ten It com from
tb kidneys. 't.- '. -.-. .-.
That's why Doan's Kidney Pills cur
'Cur every kidney HI from backache
to 'diabetes. f '" v..
Here' a Portland case to prove lt:
James Peterson ot tit East Jefferson
street. PortUnd. Or., saya: . "In 101 I
gave my endorsement of Doan's Kidney
Pills for publication, stating that they
are th best kidney remedy I ever heard
of or used. - X had previously tried every
medlrlne recommended for such trou
bles and .had Just paid a . doctor bill of
176. but wltnoflt satisfactory reaulta
I suffered everything fer two or three
yeara with awful backache, lameneas
aero tn inins una a atsoraerva conui
tlon of the kidney, th secretion on
standing - showing a heavy brick-dust
sediment and ther were time when I
could not get up after sitting without
the st of aom support to take hold of.
I waa In bad shape when a friend In
duced me to trv Doan'a Kidney Pi 11 a. I
was benefited from the first and sines
using them I have been more free from
psln and oiscomfort from my back and
kidneys than for the last taelve yeara
Doan'a Kidney Pills ar a reliable kid
ney remedy and I wish very eufferer
from backache or kidney trouble could
know of their merits."
For sal by all dealers, . Pries 10 cents.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, New Tork,
aole agents for th United State.
Remember tb nam DOAN'S and
tak n otUee, .
British Writer Points to the
Fact That Isle Is Losing
-7 Her Grip in Sports -
How Bdglam and ABitralla Excel In
Bowing,. ' Russia , In Wrestling,
France in OoU and Anperica in
Boxing and Many Other 8 porta.
By Rlc
. i Jarael wUl genlee.) '- -ff - 1
; Iaondon, July 11. la old England los
ing her grip on all forma-of aportT ;
Once ah stood at th tox, but -now
a dclln seem to have set In. This sad
fact la pointed out by a Yorkshlrmaa
who has returned to old England after
an absence of It yeara. In a most In
teresting letter to a London daily h
says: ' ". : -V " , -'
"Whan I left horn II years ago Eng
lish sportsmen were preeminent all th
world over.' Now ther Is - scarcely .a
championship remaining to us. A Bel
gian crew holds th Grand Challenge
cup at Henley, th professional sculling
championship Is In th possession ot an
Australian, th wrestling champion of
th world I a Ruaalan. all th great
professional boxers of recent yeara are
Atnerlcanaat running, team from Har
vard and Yale come over and beat the
picked athletea -of our universities, we
have recently lost our title at court ten
nis to th on of an American million
aire, and there la a very grave danger
of th lawn tennl championship going
this year to either America .or Auatraiia.
Vat Glory Xaa Departed. .
"Even In purely British game such
as cricket and football our glory has
to a certain extant departed. 'Cricketer
from Australia and South Africa now
meet us upon o.ual terms, instead of
coming her to learn how to play th
gam . correctly, - Th pupil has pro
gressed beyond th master, and now wa
are th learners, both in batting and
bowling. - -.-
"At football our case appears to be
hopeless. In successive yeara teams
from New Zealand and Soilth - Africa
have made triumphal progresses through
I he country, not only defeating but rout.
ing an tne teams opposea to. mera.
Seetem Xvsa at Oolf. - '
AIM DUWa IV tTVBII Kll. .ri-iiviiiii.u
has won the golf championship, and
Scotland shares with Bngland the o le
ft rao of being defeated by a at ranger
at her national gam. I peiiev we can
till hold our own at hockey, perhaps
at bowls, out ther our superiority ends.
"I can onlr put down our decadence
to lack of enthusiasm and ultra-con-
ervatlam. ' Wo are content to jog on
la the same old way, while other nations
are Improving their methods and imple
ments witn eacn sncceeomg year, ana
unless we follow their examole we aha II
be speedily leftXbehlnd in th race for
tJoaraal ftpeelal Bat flea.) - - - --
Philadelphia, July 1 1. Ex-Champion
t th world "BOb Fltaalmmona wa
nocked out In the second round here
tonlaht bv Jack Johnson. . the colored
aspirant for heavyweight honors. Th
old fighter did not have a looa-in at any
tag of th gam and Johnson could
have put him out In the first round bad
he desired. "Fits" displayed not a bit
of hia old-time apeed or shiftiness and
demonstrated beyond a possibility of a
doubt thst he Is a dead one..
"Tea I'm a has-been," remarked Fits
after th battle, "and I'D never go Into
tb ring again.'' : ., . . .. r
"Heinle" Knocks Home Bon. "
Uesraal Special Bsrvtas J
San Franclaoo. July II. It took 11 In
nlnas for ths Ansels to nut It over the
Commuter her yesterday, I to 4. Helt-
muller'a bom - run waa in xeatur.
Scor: ; . ; ' , R.H.E.
Los Angela . 1 1 1 ! 1-4 II I
Oakland 0 1 1 0 0 1 4 I I Bums and H. Hogan;
Wright and Daahwood. Umpire Ar
letc .
-Martgmen tn Competition. rT
.(Jssrasl Saerlai garries.)
Zurich. Switzerland. Julr IS. Th In
ternational rifle and pistol matchee, for
which preparatlona have been going for
ward for nearly a year, began here to
day, and will continue for two weeks.
The competitions hav attracted many
of th beat marksmen representing the
armle end rifle associations of many
of th European countries.
Sunday Games. i '
At Marshf leld Marshfleld 4, Ban
don 1.
At North v Bsnd Coquill . 7, North
Bend 4.
Percentages Coqullle, .131; ' Marsh
i'leld, .100; North Bend, .600; Bandon.
,HV -- -r
- 1 - National League. ;
At New ToTk Plttbur 1, Nw
At BostoiH-Chlcago If Boston t.
At Philadelphia Cincinnati T, Phila
delphia 1. . a aa. . a
At Brooklyn Brooklyn 1-4, St Louis
lChtcafr, .714:: New Tork : Pit ta
bu rg. .SOI; Philadelphia. .541; Boston,
.JJ: Brooklyn, .411; Cincinnati. .410;
St. Loula, .111. .. . .. - .t
s V , American Leagne.
At Detroit Washington II, Detroit I.
At Cleveland Philadelphia . I, Cleve
land 1.
At St. lioul St Loula 4, Boston I.
At Chicago Chiaago i-1. New Tork
Chicago, .414; Cleveland. .11; Detroit
.(!; Philadelphia, .171; New Tork.47;
St. Louis, .411; Boston, .III; Washing
ton, .III. . '
Junior Baaeball Challenge.' v
. The Taus-DvI Junior have a new
change In their lineup and wish to chsl
leng any team. In the city under. IS.
For game call up Bast 1J0S, between
4 and 7. The lineup: Oowllng or
Pauta, catcher; Brill or Stoops, pitcher;
Spady, Shortstop; Stepn, first bsae;
Keysv second base; Hendrlrkson, third
base; Cnhn, left .field; Orayson, center
Held; Mulley or Pauta, right field.
Progress of Glldtlenltes. -
. (Joarsal gperlsl Sai-rlee.)
Columbus, Ohio, July II. The Olld
denltes left this city this morning at
7:45 for Canton, 110 mllae away. They
hav eight hour In which, to make the
run. . . .
YAV-SHt.u for
Th Leading SpeoiaUat.
Men's ""
I have treatei hundreds of men "who had lon suffered a gradual decline of physical and mental energy
, as a result of private ailments, and" hsv been interested in noting the marked general improvement that
follows a thorough cure'oi the chief disorder. My success in curing difficult cases of long standing has
made me the foremost speciajist. treating men's diseases. This success is due to several things; It is due
to the "Study I have given my specialty: to my having ascertained the exact nature, of men's ailments, nd
to the original, distinctive and thoroughly scientific methods of treatment I. employ. - - . , -To
those in doubt as to their true condition who . wish to avoid the serious results that may follcrw :
' neglect, I offer free consultation and advice, either at my office or through correspondence. If your case "
' is one of the few that has reached an -incurable stage, I will not accept it for treatment, nor. will I urge
my services upon anyone. I treat
My Fee in
Weakness; -r'
- So-called "weakness- In men Is
curable fully curable. It hae not
' been cured by those measures
commonly employed, for they r
. methods bssed upon supposition
and not upon fact Ifemeture
neaa and loss of power in men is
due to a chronlo state of Inflam
mation in the prostata gland, and
. not to a disordered nervous con- '
"r dltlon, aa haa been "auppoaed. I
treat th Inflammation by a local :
1 n-vnAaa that lMia not fall tO. aO-
nil ah Its numoae and with .
ix t-thla condition -oorreoted - full and -
T W I,. ....... V. vlrnf M.
Will L.l3Va, -,v,a,uBvM - '
BTRICTURBSMy treatment Is
abeolutely palnleaa,- and perfect '
. reealta can b depended upon ta
everv Instance. I do no cutting
A or dilating whatever.
nmi a
-i neui-i aviui uu
Patient living out ' of th city and coming to Portland for treatment will
Check your trunk direct to, l4H Morrison Street ,
Santal-Pejsin Cspsulss
for InflamsMtlea eeOatart at
the Blad.l.r ana1
tMTt. so cvas raw. vuwm
kialrkly ss BanBaaest the
asd ttlewa, ae wstier et how
Of mm
painiioss. Dvaan wg i
" Bellnfaatalna, pans.
hs All PeastrWrtai
Local and OtbenriM.
John I Sullivan, "thoblt Roman
of 'em all," and Jake Kllraln hav been
matched to' light again. What a sensa
tion this would creat if the old rivals
war aa earnest as .thay.wfa back In
1181, when they met down In old Mis
sissippi, but, alae, thl tim they ar
th best of friends and ar out for all
th coin" there I In sight. . -
Th mighty John haa hooked up with
Jake under the management of Harry
Clark and the pair Intend to travel all
Over th country giving th vtran
followers of. ring sport and also th
young men of today aom Idea of how
that celebrated fight waa fought. John
and Jak will try their level best to
show. Just how th blows' wer truck,
and thy--areboth-under the lmprea
slon thst they hav not forgotten any
vital feature of th most ITectlv wal
lopa. Tb two veterans ahould make
a big hit, especially with th thou
sands of fight rooter who war unable
to attend that hlatorie tussle.
... -. '-- - ;
'Th ; Multnomah club! baaeball nln
will leave tomorrow for Seattle, where
they will. play a match gam with th
Seattle Atltletio club. . . .. , .
-. . . . Y e e '" : - v '
Th San Francisco newspaper speak
well of Otto Pokorny, Portland's new
outfielder. They say that Pohoray ia
the real goods with the bat. Thle tall
young man, who haa alne coming here
played ofi the bench, 1 a brother ot
Butch Pokorny, who lias mad such a
hit at Toledo thl seaaon. . -
;.. e ., e. I
Th Seattle HlgW echool baseball
team, which started on a trip east aev
eral weeka ago, is having a remarkable
run of vlctoriea. Eastern newapapers
glvd the playera strong praise, some of
thsm going even so far as to say that
they are superior to th big college
teams. . - , '..',-'
Morris Barkowlts, a Russian Socialist
cigar dealer of Los Angeles, ha entered
ult agalnat Jim Jeffries for 124,00
damagea, alleged to hav been sustained
through Jeffrie having failed to es
tablish a saloon at a corner on which
ho had plan nd to loeat.-- -. .. . ...
e e
"""Two " world's Hblcycl 'reeord :-rre
lowered at Ogden yeaterday. A. . J.
Clark, an Australian professional, mad
th mil In 1:41 1-6. Th previous rec
ord was 1:4. Walter de Mara, ama
teur, mad th quarter mil In 0:21 1-8.
- -- ' -
Th extent of th motor eras In Lon
don waa recently shown at aa auction
of commercial and pleasure motor ve
hlcle. over. $14,000 being realised within
th first 16 minute' bidding.
Th government Is eonalderlng the
advisability of holding motor-car tests
for th war department and the poat
oltlce department at th Jamestown x
posltlon. j s s ' ' ' '
Ruenos Ayres, Argentina, ha th
moat automobiles of any South Amer
ican 'vlty, th . car numbering over
100, mostly of French and Kngllah
make, with a aprlnklln of American.
An np-to-dat automobile xpres com
pany haa been eetabllehed at Philadel
phia, placing cara at th aervlrw of th
public at a saving of from IS to 10 per
cent ovr hor-drawn vehicle
e e
Th" Royal "Automobll Club of Great
Britain la In a curloua. dilemma, being
unable to find a hill within easy reach
of London sultabl for hill-climbing
contest.. . ' .'.
The Florldi East Coast Automobile
association Is determined to get the
Vahderbilt annual International cup tm
run over - the famous Ormond-Deyton
Beach If such a thin I poeetble.
Major Arthur B. Foster, president of
the F. B. C. A. A., had a conference
with W. J. Morgan at the letter's of
fice, and later met former President Aaa
Pain, together with First Vlc-Preal-
IS 07.
doctor 'thinks".".
doctor treats s
The doctor relieves the
symptoms. 4 ,
, ;
A good doctor has some in-;
f A
n :
struments and equipment
all ailmen
curaoie cases oruy, ana cure au
Any Uncompffiated .' Case
" Contracted Disorders,
. livery case -of contracted disease
I treat 1 thoroughly cured; my pa
tients have no relapses. When I
pronounce a case cured there la not
a particle of infection or, Inflamma
tion remaining, ana iper is nut mi
rbtest danger met tn aiseese
I return In It orlsinal form or
work Its wav Into th general sys
tem. No contracted disorder Is so
trivial aa to warrant uncertain
methods of treatment, and I aspect
ally, aollclt those eaeee that other
. doctors, have been 'unabie to cur.
I have th largest nraetlea W-
X uvananiy guinu my pa
m Colored Oban mtowlat
male taatnay and afforiag aa
eeresting study
frse at ofBe.
in men-
Entrance 234
a. w."ro awn. vmrsATa 10 A. M.
Pay- WJie n -Cured
StrioUy SaUabl ...
f-j 1 1 CJC Hemorrhoids, ar small vascular tumors situated at' the
r I la lower opening of th bowels, oa-rectum, and they hav a
" "-""-"r -nost degrading Influence on th general health. W cur
Pile without cutting; nor do w. us injurious ligatures, which treatment
la seldom successful. Our treatment la saf and reliable, and whea you
' ar dismissed by us you ar cured for Ufa .
WWT1 if you cannot call. AU correspondence strictly aonfldentlal '
and all replies sent In plain enveldpes. ' . .
now wio kits sun bi ai rMnm bt Bsifmim in.
saiauui sas Tisai winovz
XW Til
Bsanratuio ' would
A LI f el oner Cure for
Bx-oon ponov, m sisbasbs, aomzs, trxoiaa, sTmiorvBa. t
on owmowxo Diraasna o run xxbvbts ajtd yaosTin.
FKiyATn SiasABsa Newly-contracted and chronlo cases cured. All
burning, itching snd Inflammation stopped in 24 hours; cures effected In
Ws do not offer you any rass rmXAX. minCBgTS, BUBOTBXO
BZI.TS, WOXTXUSSS CDAATOM a or other useless method of treat-,
ment. Our ads ar our own, and while other may copy them, they can.
not Imitate our superior methods of treatment TI ABB m XiOWuV.
. been located her 21 years. W do not advertise cheap. Inferior treat
ment but w give you all th results of years of ripe experience, gained t
In th treatment of many thoueands of patients. We give you our skill and
ability inth treatment of dlseaaes of men for a fair fee, which mnf be paid
n any way the -patient- desires, I sTTBSTIOATB OVJS SCXTWO0S in
K.AOB Totrm oasw im oom k ajtd a tov ii aroma or obttuto
. HOURS t a. m, to I p. m.
$li;06 PER. SHAlCE!
You cannot lose
stock in payment for coal at
guarantee that is worth money
Consumers' Coal Company
Commonwealth Trust Co- Fiscal Agents, Commonweaiui Building,
dent George N. Sabring of Ohio, and
chairman of th rac committee. Com
modort A. IL Allen, of Daytona. Th
former gentlemen all own fln winter
residence on th Florida east coast and
ar strong supporters of ths K. A. A., ss
their club Is on of th sarly members
of the a. A. A. ...
A conference was had with aom of
The specialist 1CNOWS
r The specialist CURES
i ,m ai us 1
The specialist goes further
- . a i 1 - '
ana remove uic cause
good specialist has ALL
scientific mechanical aids
for his specialty. '
cases i treat.-
, , Varicocele
' Without using knife, ltgatureor
auatlo, 'without pain and without
detention from bualneaa, I our
Varicocele In on - week. ' If you
have aought a cur elsewhere and
been disappointed, or If you fear
the harah method that moat phr.
slolsns employ In treating thl
disease.' com to ma and I will
eur you ounaii
ly oy a
has Its dar
aatrousreaults. If you will caul
I will D pleased to axplaia my
method of curing.
' No dangerous minerals to dtiv
th virus to tb interior, but.
harmless blood-cleansing - reme
dies that remov th last polaon
ous taint. -
' ana permansnt- "r
genue ana painiees X
on t delay, vartoooel X
isere and bring It dla- T
Corner Second and Morrison Sts.": Private
1-2 Morrison SL, PortlmoV Or. t
TO 1 V. K.
be f urlabed fin room fre f eharg
. t 4
Consultation Free
r--r--e-' We Cure iy-".
Ulcers, Chronic Discharge. .
f Stricture, Prostatic Diseases ' ' ' -Hydrecele,
Ntrvo-Vital Debility
Varlcocel, Blood Poison and
dsut, wnca sin TKalT Boll ;
xats. utu tux
Evenings, 7 to I. ; Sundays, I a. m. to It
s Te,
as we. will always ' acceDt vour
the market price. "This, is a'
to you.
th national head of th racing board
of tha A. A. A. and th Vanderbllt cup
commission, and It was learned from
the latter that Florida stand a gooil
phi... nf uaurln. tha. . v.. . . ...
road vnt.
Tomorrow " and Saturday positively
ths last days for discount on east sld
gas bills..
i . .