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Telegraphers Hold Meeting
Warmest of Welcomes to the
Youthful Criminal Wrought
Back From Saleru by local
Detective Admits llis Con
nection in Iloldup of Wa
ter Department Inspector.
LVice-Presldent, vho Re
sponds Graciously vpa
rade and Speech Banquet
at Seaside Tonight.
at New York to Settle tne
Strike Question Small
Will Not. Go East Today
as Reported.
bold mue
- With tbe arrest of George Truer, a
10-yesr-oTd -youth, by Detectives Tlen
nor and Jons oa charge of highway
mhher tha nolioe are confident that
they cave si -"
bars a tough young criminal and on
inniicatad in Innumerable
who no irwm .
i. crimes. ". . "
Fraser u brought back from Salem
yesterday by Detective Tlchenor; wbsre
ha had been eononed la the oountyjall
on a eharge oi larceny, . Attar being
f -sweated" tor seme time th prisoner
made a ful I confe-alon -of bis artlol-
' : . . .... of u J. MkxwelL
an Inspector la IM 'municipal water
depeuent. March - f?"
this mora id Fraaer admitted that ha
had. committed" tha robbery with an
other youth snd walvad preliminary
hearing. He was promptly Wind over
to the arand Jury in tha aum of. fl.eOO.
At la o'clock oo the night of March
It. K. J. Maxwell, while- on hla way
home, was stopped by two maaked men
at a point on the Southern Paclflo reil-
street. While one of tha footpads held
a revolver at hla head the other went
... w . nnAl..i m .nil tftnk
tlU In gold from a leather parse. After,
bidding- their victim not to look around
under the penalty of death the hugs
disappeared behind a box car. , -
Maxwell reported the matter to the ., IV.WHWM TnnH and Tlrn
ponce " w . . - - - - .
enor confided hla suspicions as i to the
Identity of the highwaymen. After the
crime- Fraser lf t tha city and went to
Salem. From there he Journeyed to
Koeeburg and later to California. Upon
returning to - Salem three months sgo
ha broke Into a room In a lodging house
.j .tola a suit of clothes. He was
arrested en a charge of burglary, which
was later reduced to petty larceny and a
fine of 2 was Imposed. --
The local detectives became cognisant
of Freser's Incarceration in the Salem
Jail and requested that tha prisoner be
. held until an officer eould be ent after
him. Detective Tlchenor went to the
capital city Bsturdsv and returned with
IT-.... uo.tornv. The .vouth seems to
. i. li. ..nn.nln irnl made a full
jury in in
Statement of the robbery. He Informed
the detectives that the n used In the
hold-up had been thrown - In a slough
on the eaat aide, but as yat tha police
have been unable to recover the weapon.
a searcn is peine; idh. iw
partner in crime and It la only a matter
of hours when he wlU also be brought
. to justice. - -
. . ., .... . . ' ' ' -
Threstantag Weaibtrr Did Sot Deter
; Teople Prom Coins to City
. park Xesterdsv.. .
Bvsn with the threatening aky of yes
terday Ifternoon thousands Journeyed te
City park to hear the concert by De
. Caprlo's band and te enjoy tha beauties
of the park. The band made a decidedly
pleasing Impression. There will be an
other .regular concert tomorrow evening.
De Caprlo's band waa selected from a
list of several competitors te provide
music 'at the park during the summer.
He has selected the best available ma
teriel In tbe City and naa a nana ox reai
merit. The cortVert yesterdsy waa
heard by thousanee-of persons and en
cores were frequent. The band la com
posed of life following. musicians:
a ri'Aultolo. clarinet: Paul Bathe.
piccolo; a. Oerhsle, flute; K. Russell,
oboe; K. I Rice, solo clarinet; i. A.
Appleby, solo clarinet; A. Bellini. Bret
clarinet; N. Hodgson, first clarinet;
Henry Parrot t, second clarinet; George
Parrish. third clarinet;. H. A. Halt
kemper, bass clarinet; O. Saluetl, bass
clarinet; C. 8. Kelty, tenor saxaphone;
J. JL. Wallln, baritone aaxaphone; A. J.
Parrott, solo cornet; John Coomer, aolo
cornet; Virgil Coomer, first cornet; A. J.
Doyle, second cornet; A. I Wenner
etrom. barttona; D. Oilmore, aolo. trom
bone; W. N. La Vanway. second trom
bone; r - Xj urosno. luiru itumuuiio,
- tL'.lulk M . i.vAnlt hAfn I. bii.fl
aecond Frenc homi ttC Banaerr third
Krench horn; John Brereet. fourth
French born; A. Karelia, first bass; E. C.
' Bhlpley, second bass: W. T. Pangle,
snare drum; Bruce Keith, tympant; A. E
Kvereat, baas drum; blgnor A. De
Xenrlo. direr tor. .
Herolo Act of Amoa Mealnger Pre-
T tcdU Many Rerioue Accidents
and Poesiblo Iioaa of Life.
" Amoa Menlnger, an employe of the
Home Telepbona company, demonstrated
)ils nerve thla morning by atopplng a
runaway horse on Washington street
near Fifth.-- A spirited animal hitched
te a delivery wagon of the Washington
creamery took, fright at fileventh and
- Washington streets and dashed down
the latter thoroughfare. Menlnger, who
waa etandlng at Blxtn atreet, ran into
the atreet and at the risk of his life
grabbed the lines, which were trailing
alongside the frightened animal.
After being draggeu for a block' tbe
young' man brought the horse to a atop
ana inereoy preventea a serious collision
with several vehicles up tha street. In
addition to undoubtedly averting a num-
ber of accidents and possibly loss of
life. , , . - , , -
C C. Barker, president of the Penin
sula 4-umber company was taken Into
' custody this morning by Mounted Pa
trolmsn Psrker st Third and Oak
streets on a charge of felling to. have a
known lumberman was driving his tour-
t- m mm the 1 n t MrmT 1 1 a
Jinown lUIIIuriiuBii mmw nrifin Ills tour
ing car across the Intersection of the
two streets named .when the polloeman
noted that the regulation numbers were
lnrkr was releaaed on hla own reoognl
iinn to appear In court tomorrpw morn
Antone Maddesoa pleaded fratltv ' in
rr ult oourt this morning to (lie cliarse
t'f annoying pAoj.le In llawthome Pork.
j.j4tf hMrii snionced him to three
it ;h In the county Jail.
j rn i. r arrested on the same
, ( ' fi' " I n"t guilt. Ilia trial
,, ), l-i in circuit oourtsome time
In r'J triLK.r
; - (Special Dispatch . te The Joaroal.)
Fort Stevens, Or- July U.i-Tha Third
Oregon regiment of Infantry la still
maintaining ita reputation for excel
lence and afflcleney. Regular army offl
cera.are loud In their, praise of. the relg-
ment, but Its weltkept atreeta. correct
deportment and promptness In response
to the calls of duty say. more uaa
words for thla body of men.
Without' a hitch, the troops were
entrained, concentrated at Portland and
thenoe euapatohed to their various posts,
together with their baggage and sup
piles. Arrived In camp and tents having
been distributed. It la amaslng -how
nmrlrlv s small orderly cltyof tents Will
arise. Within aa hour after arrival ex
cellent quarters arc ready for the ao
eomnfodatlon of tha men.
Carta foa taa OaaAp
T time at war TTncla Ham always as-.
sum ea tha proposition that disease if
. , .Part ot Company H.
4. , .. -asBBSBBBBBBWaajBBBBwX-SBBSBB-' j" -,----, -
Sentence of Toots Bryant, 1
Li. Bmiui ana i. Xiggies
5 ton Is Postponed. ' '
A.-F. ("Toots' Bryant. Lewis X
Smith and Claude J.- Eggleato'n pleaded
guilty this morning before Judge Charles
B. Wolverton In the United etatea ma
trlct -court te having received- stolsn
stsmpa from the Sellwood and St. Johns
postofflcea, whloh were robbed last
winter. upon mqu-ji i
United Statea Attorney James Cole sen
tence was postponed In their eaaea until
AUBrryant worked as a bartender at Tom
Fallon's saloon In tha north end and
acted as the agant for tha stamps Stolen
from tbe St. Johns offloe by Wayne,
Carter and Anderson. Smith waa tha
bartender employed In the Manhattan
saloon on Front atreet and secured pos
sesion of the stamps stolen from the
Sellwood offloe by the gang. Eggleston
is a young cigar dealer on Front street
who purchased a quantity of atampa. I
Tha action today accounts for all con
nected with tha rob ber Irs. Wayne ia
serving nine years at McNeil's island
for his part- Anderson and Carter haw
pleaded not guilty and are In the county
Jail awaiting trial. Ollbrlde, another
man who secured some of tbe stolen
property, has pleaded guilty and sen
tence will be pronounced In his caee "tt
the same tlma-that-Bryant,mrth and
Eggleston are sentenced. : ,
4- (loamal Special Serrlee.) 4
e V- Wsshlngton, July II. Mr e
4 Annie Bradley of Utah, slayer of e
d Arthur L.Brown, was today ad-e
e mltted te I1S.000 ball. ' Friends e
4 sra trying to raise It. She Is In 4
d the hospital. ' " , - -
.. .: ; " -
Cherry Season "Closing. ,
' " (gperlsl Dlspstrh te The Joemil.) " ;
; Brownsville. .Or.". T, July. It.Tbt
cannery In thla city has had a fine
v. . .. i n h kii , himilpMi or aeJlona
of cherries, tut the supply la now al
most exnausiea. rrun vv.,uw .u
from all over the country, and aeveral
wsgons were in gaged In hauling straw
berries and cherries from Lebanon.
Early apples, pears, plums, peae and
strlngbeans and corn are now. beginning
to come Ln, and tha caniiery will be run
full blaat untU autumn. ; :
Dnlldlnf Pernilta. . ! '
m i h-nKh AnA.,lnrv dwelllns. East
w I . 1. ZirMMntt and Rllld-
more $00; J. F. Lite, one and a half
,.tn- VMMt VAiiriMnth between
Preanott and 'skidmore, . I00; James
Kane, one ana a nan "'"fy. """""'""v
Morris between Alblua and Mississippi,
ll.SOO; Gibson, two-tory dwelling. Boss
between JDupont ml utxon, ,; v..
vi tun tam-atnrv dwelling.' East
Thirty-fourth between Clinton and 11
vlslon, II.OOO; Mrs. Gllletta, repairs one
end a balf atory dwelling. 4T Front
street, 1700; Daniel Wood, two-siory
dwelling, Bchuler between :
i wenty-nintn and kssi i ninieia, imv,
. rv uiara, one-story ovcuinn
svenue between Winters and county
road, $150: Wllllnm Donaldson, repslrg
dwelling. Fremont between Williams
avenue and Clevelsnd. $10; A. W. Ora
ham, two-etnry dwelling. East Twenty
aecond between East Market and Haw
thorne. 11 BOA' ft U lln'inn,ll Ana-
story dwelling. Est Fourteenth be-
'; w. Blmioons. two
story dwelling. Et Elahth and Wy
gant. ll.etO: 8. Raxworthy. two-story
dwelling.. Marshall between Esst
Twenty-flrsl ne East Twanty-eecend.
i.T.r".""n. ana Bkldroore. eioo; T. .
Wilcox, retaining wall. King and Park
avenue MOO: Joeeph Healey, repairs
stors. Grand between E. Washington sqd
Fort Stevens Camp, Whet the
svan more deadly than are the buUets
of tha enemy. ' . ' . '
To aay that the United Statea . gov
ernment's aanltary. reguletlona require
cleanliness Is to asr aomparatlvely noth
ing: they are extremely exacting and are
satisfied with nothing short of absolute
cleanliness.. Company sinks are- disin
fected each daf. 'Garbage cana are pro
vided for the refuse of the kitchen.
Every menHng theae are emptied by the
post garbage cart. ' Man's, truertere are
cleaned out each morning, the blankets
shaken and the streets cleaned. Every
precaution la taken ainat.aU Jtlads of
epidemics. . The camp 1 a . model Ot
cleanliness. ' ' '
' Amerloaaai waea oldlers. . .
It tskea a very short time to change
an average American into an exoellent
soldier. lie learns to obey Instantly, and
la the 'equal of any regular in getting
into line. - Heretofore no formations
have taken olace at night, but the new
order of thlnca seems to work no hard
ship on tbe clilien-soldjer. They answer
any summons, dajr or night with equal
Tracts in Cods Bay Wagoji Road Grant, Now Owned by
" tlie Southern Pacific, Held at Figures Fai; Above
' ; v Those Fixed by GoYernment.
Suits Involving II.oOS acres against
the Southern Oregon company, ot which
Elijah Smith, his brother, Prosper W.
Smith, and William W. Crape are the
principal stockholders, will probably be
the nest move on the part of the United
States to enforce the conditions Imposed
In Isnd grants in Oregon. The. Southern
Oregon company is tbe present, owner of
the land granted to the old Coos Bay
Wagon Road company, which waa grant
ed a strip of land between Rosebnrg and
Coos bay, a distance of about miles
T. a. Ml not. a lawyer of San Fran
cisco, la In Portland -la the Interests
ef a large number -of applicants for
the land, and baa prepared a bill of
complaint and Information showing
tnat nis ciTenis jrmr.n lefsu eiiini,
fur the lan A ar.d aealng that the courts
compel the company 10 elL"Mr. MlnOt
has submlttsd ail the papera which
contain the evidence be has gathered
ninil the oomoan v to Burdette D.
Townssnd. assistant United States at
torney, who was sent out rroro worm
reknfa eevaral Week H 'SS9 ' as the "rep
resentative of Attorney-General Bona
parte -In all Oregon land grant mat
ters In discussing the situation to
day, Mr. Mlnot aaid; . r
Te Oosmsel wale ef Zrfuias. r
, This- action la - brought ' to' compel
the company to sell Its landa at $a.50
an acre, - whloh It has refused te do.
Tbe land, Is valuable for graaing pur
poses and diversified farming. , Its tim
ber resources are wonderful. - Some of
the land will run II, 000,000 feet te
the Quarter section. -
"We have made application for the
land and tha names of 11 appllcanta
appear in thla complaint which I have
submitted te Mr. Townsend. When we
visited tha offices of the com pa ay at
""--Boertel Dtepatek' te Tke Javraal.) .
: Salem.' Or.. July II. With tbe haying
season practically at an end and the
baling process going on unabated, local
dealers are as yet not ready to give quo
tations on the new product. ' Tbe bar
vesting of the fodder baa been delayed
on account of the late rains, but tba
output will at leaat be IS per cent better
than was expected six weeks ago. did
bay Is selling at f I.M per ton and It la
possible that the-pew hay will be of
fered at about tha same price and may
reach t; loose hay' Is reported to have
been contracted for from I to tt.10 per
ton., but It is net thought that large
quantities have been contracted at that
price. Aa far as can be aacertalned tha
quality of tha grain will be as good oa
usual though the straw- will be much
shorter. As a whole the price of. hsy
will be "higher than last year. Consid
erably mors clever bas been raised than
Inst year. r .,
1 (Special Dispatch te The Joersal.)
Brownsville, Or.-, July II. Farmers
In this county sre Jubilant .over the
starting of the condensed milk factory
In Albany. This will mean a great op
nnaiiioii to the creameries. The com
pany has agreed to pay so much more
for milk that the creameries will be
forced to advance prices nn butter fit
or go oat or ousineas. ine conarns"i
milk f.,-torv has snaared about 10.000
cows The company will be tha cause
of a greet Kdvanro in toe price or oni
ir u butter must be had for bom
I trad - . ,. .
Oregon Militia la Encamped. '
1 t
Light Refreshmenta at Camp.
alacrity, and nothing drags bare because
of the tardlneaa of the men In falling In.
On the march It la alwaye necessary
to eend outs oouts or "feelers." " These
men are. the eyes of -.the army. The
men composing these advance partlea
must be active and Intelligent, and they
must, above all. be good ehols. Kor all
these duties the westerner la admirably
equipped, and the fulneae- ot - the In
formation and the. afflcleney with which
It was - procured has brought forth
much favorable comment from regular
army officers. , .
. reaming the aegulaa'a Way.-..
One of the most Important phasea of
military training -la guard, duty. The
men ot the Onion National guard are
1 being mingled with tha men of the regu
lar army, and responsible positions given
them. This tends to imbue -the men
, with the : seriousness - of such respon
sibility and they, gain confidence In
i themselves. Aotiva participation for
ten daya la productive of more - good
than many times that much theoretical
Empire City, with more than 1100,009
to pay for tha land, our applications
war turned down by R. Ev Shine, sec
retary of- the company, who ordered ue
out of his office, we showed our papers,
offered fl.eoe hi payment for each seo
tlon. 400 for the land and the rest for
taxes which tha eompany baa paid slnoe
It secured the grant. Thla made a legal
tender and will be good evidence la the
courte. . -
Oxaaa Was for Wagon ' Boas.
' "When the grant waa made to the
eompany It was for the purpose of se
curing a wagen road. Borne of tha land
waa sold at first under tha obligations
of the grant at 11.60 an acre. , Later tha
road waa accepted, although In many
places no work had been dona and to
this, day there Is" nothing but a trail to
show that such an enterprise was aver
"I have been gathering the evidence
which I have submitted to Mr. Town
send for-the psat two months and be
lieve that It Is sufficient to compel the
eompany to cell Its lands - Supreme
court decisions have bean mads In tha
past which unhold ns In our contention.
The company has violated Its privileges
according to the provision Of the grant,
and now bolda the land at (30 an acre.
maxing a total valuation or about ,
000,004. - ,
Ost of Original Hands. -'
The grant wsh made to the Coos
Bay wagon Koea company in -1879.
Later It passed to tha Oregon Southern
Improvement company and Anally to
tna noutnem irregon oomnany, or wnicn
KlUah Smith, Prosper W. Smith and
William W. Capro are the principal
stockholders" . --
What action the federal government
will take In tha matter could not be
learned today. Mr. Townsend refused to
aiscuss tna ease, out aamitten ne naa
received the - evidence Mr.-Mlnot bed
submitted. - - .
- - (Special papstek ' te The JeorsaLi
Pendleton. Or.. Julr IS. Charles W.
Irwin, proprietor of the Del tan Confec
tionery and a -highly rsspected business
man. died last night of appendicitis
after a short Illness - H located In
Pendleton several years ago, coming
from California. He waa a native of
North Carolina. Pern ln 1S8S. He leaves
a wire, two children and several broth
era and slaters, anions- them Jamea L.
Irwin or. Albany, Oregon. n i ha funeral
will tajt enlace tomorrow. - '. ! .-
i -
MJoernal SomHbI Se1ee.t
San Francisco, July 1 1.4 Frederick
Eaton, secretary and treasurer of tha
Pacific Telephone company. In the Olass
trie I testified that in January, 1101. he
signed a number of cbecka for from
11.000 to totaling between 140.
000 and 160,000, for which he received
no voucher.- He did not know to whom
they were given. The checks were Is
sued en toe - oroer ?Mv vioe-Preatdent
' ( Joernal SpeAsI Bnl' l ' '
Chicago,- Julr 11.-Heran Blllek, who
is accused of killing six members ' of
the Vrxal family. Is expected to take the
Stand tomorrow in nis . own oetanse.
The state will close this afternoon. Km.
pert witnesses testified todey that the
rxu s tued or arsenical poisoning.
It la marvelous how quick the average
militiaman la to learn from hla older
brother, tha regular. Here at Fort Ste
vens they were .placed-at the batteries
with the regulars, and after three daya
were able to manipulate tha big guns
with almost the accuracy and speed of
th regulars themselves.
Details for instruction In submarine
work are rapidly acquiring pronciency,
aa also are the details for the communi
cation of information. .
Beastlta of Yew Militia Law. .
On January SI Senator Dick of Ohio
succeeded in having paseed through con
gress a bill providing for the reorgani
sation of all the mllltla. of the United
Rtatea, and making It a grenA national
reserve. It waa to be supplied with the
same equipment aa the United States
army and part of the expense of en
campment waa to be borne by the gov
ernent. The good effecta of the bill
h.w, iimii han fait In Oreaon. with
the result that- the Oregon , national
guard stands wall to tna neaa ox ins
states of the union In point of efficiency
and readiness zor war.
Secretary Garfield's Visit
Promises Better Adniinis-.
tratlon of Our Lands.:
That a better administration ot publto
landa in Oregon wlU be the result of
Secretary Garfield' e visit te Portland
la the opinion of those whof ollowed the
launch noes, walks and talka of the sec
retary, United Statea Attorney William
i. uriii qi ui juan n. a. oaA,ua.,
commissioner of the general land office
Saturday. -- .
. Larger appropriations, more ssalstsnta
In Mr. Bristol's office and the coopera
tion of the departments of the Interior
and Justlo will ba recommended by Beo-
retary oerrieia upon nis arrival in
wuhln.ion. tha result of which Is ex-
r,MM.tmA la hrlne about a sneedv relief In
the congested condition of land affairs
in this stats. .
nr.infin. the two departments have
MMtn at lnaaerhrada with each other In
rthe worn to tie oone. uupuoaugn vi mj
rannrda. inaurnoiant BDDroDriations ana
other dalavs have resulted In a conges
tion which win require monms oi extra.
time te unravel. retty qwonuni oe
twaen tha denartments. red tape and
beaurocratlc policies are also said to
have been a enier cause oi tne aeiays.
Hundreds. of cases both criminal and
civil are on file In Mr. Bristol's of Hoe
watting the action of the department at
YYaanlnHloa laaea to oe iriea auu
cases to bep resented to the federal
ran.4 lurv are still swaitin the action
of Washlnaton officials Mr. Bristol
has made application from time to time
for assistance only te ba asked for fur
ther Information. . .
' -Judge Balllnger' -will remain In Ore
gon tha rest of the week going over the
affaire In this state that have connection-
with hla office, which la considered
the best evidence that the condition ln
Oreaon la not as It should be. He was
closeted with Mr. Bristol -for- several
hours today.
Jndg Balllnger will leave tonight In
Company with Thomas B. Neuhausen,
antine- chief of the Oregon field division.
for The Dal las. where the work of. the
land office will be Investigated. Re
turning from Tha Dalles Judge Balllng
er and Mr. Neuhausen will visit the
Roseburg land of rtne - -r
In soeakins of hla visit to Portland.
Jadg Balllnger said that ha waa greatly
gratified with tna personnel or tna men
amnio ved in land matters In Oregon.
but - discreetly said nothing In regard
to which the dilatory method employed
by thW department of luatlce ln pros
ecuting the esses on which hi depart
ment had spent month of labor and
thousands of dollars In gathering' evi
dence. As to the trial of case this summer
the matter Is still up la the air No
word haa been received from Francis
J. Heney, who I to proeecute the'eaao
agalnnt Finger Hermann, R. A. Booth
and John H. Hall, since he sent Inform
ation from Ban rranoinco mat-ne ex.
n acted to be ln Portland about July 1
It Is doubtful Whether any action will
be taken on other land fraud cases- un
til Mr. Ileney trie those already named.
ne jury na been caiieo. -
' y IVmm,1 mnariMl -.Sal itia.1
Berlin, 5 July 11. Tjie marriage i of
United mates nenaior revenaae oi in'
dlsna and Mlsa l.t ynn n.aay oi i,ni
rn will noniip at the Amerloan less
tlon hers Auauat 7. ' It was originally
planned thst the wadding should take
pisce in America. .
linwraal Snarial aarrlce.1 "
London, July II. Wright snd Behr,
Americana, tcKiay won ine noumrs in i
rr all miner v round for tha Iwiaht Davl
Iannis tronhv. defeating Wilding snd
Brookes. Australians, giving the Ameri
cana still s chance to win ue iropoy,
IJoarsal Special Berrlce.) ' ':
Maw York. July . II. It t . expected
that the Question of s local strike will
be definitely settled - this siternoon
whan ananial meeting of the . exC-
irtiva esmmitt of tetecreoher will be
held at 4 .o'clock. Small baa given the
committee full power to set. The ee
cret board ef strategy, which wll take
chsrge Of the airiga, ii one is wuwi
. Local otlioers are raising Hmm
money iron uuimuw
T 1 DA.i,fAn Aneam Bald tnl
. . , . M Yin th.
ilieriiuvii ma . . n ....... . -.
YV est era union nave iMtimi ui iian-
ing oi tne wajra apiJeroimjr. . - - ., ,
. eerMi epeetai anrt.i - -
k l T . . I , K Tk. altii,llAn
. .i .-I .Mb.. tirMW . la
in ine i cs""""" ::. f..".
onieiiy on o iiieinuT, i
Small Is not golna- eaat today, as was reported.-
He will not call other strikes
Commissioner Nelll aparentlv ha not
taken any part In the affair today. .
Tne local union win towi iuiiwi vw
morning for the purpose ot acting upon
s resolution asking Small to call out
. w . nvtAMtnr ,vr,nt thoe not enaasred
In commercial work. - .;.
Soutnern Pacific t Files De
murrer to Commission's
(Bpaetal Dlspsteh to The fceraal.)
Ealem. Or, July It. The Southern
Psclflo today filed s demurrer to tbe
statement" of the stats, railway com
mission relative to the hearing aet for
tomorrow on tbe Inadequacy of depot
accommodations, which the stste. rail.
way commission I Investigating on it
own' motion. ----,.r---- r-
Thla action of the commission Is be
gun against all railways one rating In
Oregon and la to be beard tomorrow.
W. W. Cotton, W. D. Fenton sn7A-?.
Spencer for tha Sonrhera Psclflo allege
that the "statement does not state facts
sufficient to constitute s cause or
ground for ordering sny hearing or
making' any orger -aa asanin-una r-
K ratio with respect to the matters
rein mentioned, and further that
several causes of action not ' in any
wev related to tha auestlon st Issue
and "with which the defendant baa no
Interest have been improperly . uqitea
la one statement. .
J. 8. Land Is of Oakland. Oregon, has
written to the stats railway commission
for Its assistance in rectifying the
chargea on a bill of emigrant goods
shipped fromMancbester Iowa, to oak
land. Oreaon. Mr. Landla asserts the.'
the rate gl van him was 1 26 for S0.000
pound and that when the. car arrived
st IIS oestinaiion tne onari wr
1307.46, although the goods weighed bnt
li.ioo. - The matter has been referred
to Oeneral Manager O'Brien - of the
Southern Pactflo for Investigation.
Onios Ken nis Complaint, . ,
" Tha aommisston baa received com
Slaint from tha- Confederated Onion
rowers' association, whose business Is
th growing, shipping and marketing
of onions praying that a time and place
ne nxea xor tna inYnnira v rai
maintained by the Southern Pacific oa
nniitn ahlnmenta and askins that new
and reasonable rates and charges be
BUbStltutea zor mnq now ib iwiu -la
eilaaed -that the ratea eatabllahed
since January 1, 107. are nnreasonsble,.
unjust and aiscrimnuory ana opermie
to work irreparable injury to the mem
hnrs of the assoolatlon. The aaaocli
iina haa reference to the chargea vn
shipments from HUlaboro, Beaverton
ana- unerwooa, in nunniuu wumri
. .i '
Notwithstanding th great, variation
In tha length of daylight In the arctic
regions, the war department haa de
cided that the eight-hour law ntust be
tlon with the building of roads snd other
.nn ai aa eiaewnerv vrtm in wunw-
public works
t. finds Insniratlon In a paper
published In Portland; he aay that he
reads th paper weekly ana una in it
s corroboration of bis Inmost thought
- In an - Interview with . the . famous
Russian ia tha New York Times Stephen
Boneall write of ; ToUtoy: "tt ear
.A in hie hand a little weekly oaoer
published In Portland. Oregon. He had
hi finger on S psragraph nd hastened
to say: 'See here, 1 this not beautiful?
It is from ths Key Thoughts of Lucy
A Mallory, and 1 read thsm every week.
While people In America write a she
does I know the salt ba not yet quits
lest It savor. Listen. "We, who know
the truth of life, 'must first change ths
world ourselves Interns lly befors the
world can be ohanged In other externally.-
If we know th truth of life and
do cot live it. we are aa a lighthouse
set upon a hill In which ths light ha
gone out.' " ' A - .
The paper to which the great Russian
philanthropist referred Is Tbe, World
Advene Thought, a monthly published
by Mrs. Lucy. A. Mallory, of thl city.
Continuing, Count Tolstoy ssld that ho
fears for tha American- nation. II
says thst the national selfishness which
.v. .
Julias KeJlsoh of Wood lawn nss pro
duced new - variety of cherries-el
ample Of which are now on exhibition
at th exhibit of the Portland Chamber
of Comerce.m Mt Kallach hss named
hi new specie - "the Giant," which
ham la a very appropriate one, a th
samples shown ar aa large la diameter
as S half dollar piece. . .
(Joernal Bpeelsl Servtce.V
a.,,i. nr.. Julv 1. An ImmeDa
crowd, tlmted st over .000. greeted
Vice , Preldnt Falrbank. Governor
George EL. Chamberlain, Senator C W.
Fulton and the Portland ooiega. .
. n tha train from Portland
thl morning. A poclon was formed.
heeded by s plstoon or poiroe, www .
by the band of the oruUer Charlejiton.- r
. . .... . i ih, antiaa e11a
of Senator Fulton, accompanied byAV
governor snd Senator Fulton, bis win.iwae
automobiles, with " othar dlgnltsrles, .
mad. a short through jba city's V
Streets, wnicn were iv
The v1co-preldent's appearance i - was -th
signal for a great ovation. He re
turned greeting by tandltig In the an.
tomobllS with hi hat off. bowing to
tebod rtnj. id military parede
will take place at 4 o clock, after which
the vice-president will address the peo
ple et Van Luseo ground and hold
reception..- i - -
will leave for Beaelde, where th gran4 .
banquet will be given tonight.
" ,'T 1 " ' ' ' ."
Queen of Oregon, at Hundred .
and Twenty, HJijoys a
: Rare Treat,
v " peetal Dkjpatee te The Joamat)
- miiahnrn. Op - July U.-For tha first .
i- ia vaara nrandms Mary Ram
sey Wood. jQueen of Oregon, yesterday- '
took s rid in as automooua.. n waa ,
Mret and ln ail crobablllty ber last -.
experience with this up-to-dats mettjod
Grandma was 110 years old laat May
and haa not been away from her home
for over six montha Yesterday being
nice day and grandma's health being ..
a law ad Dnwt 1 s bk jl eaBrKj
OOu. Mmer tsunn v
I I 1 ..l.Sleaaaaa w.asA Ss.llakA At!
rrandme. and took hwr for a pln In hU -utomoblle.
She nJoyHl It ft gnat demi
and Mid. -"it-ridr tw r
nEflTAL STRAiri : :
Physician Denies That Phys
ical Ailments Threaten
Ba. 1 ma.lws t E. Vff a. . tlaklSsaf -- files
numi ey is a - - " -
pop-p phy-ilclflnv aflld today thai th
pontiff may dlauddan)y at any ino-
mnt from antat ' narvoua atrain. Ha
J.Hl.a tkat ..ka,.SkArhS las gl 1 ttmr i t sT frOITi
unuias) .lies siav in'jr as .
pbyslcsl weakness aa reported.
...v ; " r- ' ;
: Moghllev, Russia, July r II. Several -Uvea
were lost in the payt few daya
in a series of Incendiary fires which
destroyed the village- .of - Smolyany,
There were 116 Jewish, - It Christian
house and It shops burned. It Is ba-
lievea tne Tire was iuiin oj muw fc .
mltto fanatics. . v.
Ah Important matter-: en gaging the..
attention of the International Typo
graphical union la the proposition to
pension all disabled member not In tha
noma at Colorado Springs, where many
are unable to gain admission on account 7
of lack of room. 1
tha subtle men who rule n call patriot
ism bas don more to retard th growth
of th Individual than haa the Church ' -of
Russia with, all Its . shacklea and-,,
chains mental a well as physical.
"Prosperity, prosperity'' he repeated
"What a. shameful plea that I which ' ...
your American platform makers ad-'
dregs to the voters. They do not ay
'We will give you an honest, righteous
government,' but they say 'Wil make -you
all fit and sleek. If you vote for ':
m. you wlU have a double chin.' And '
doea no one s rise to say 'What will
your . full dinner pall profit you,. If
while gorging your bellies you o - -your
Immortal soulsT"
With Impressive earnestness th count ..
concluded, "Forgiv m If my Judg-
mente seem- hsrsh. Only remember you
live ln a lighthouse set upon a bill ant
that In the last few years it has see me 1
to many watchers flist tha light which
waa once tha joy and hope of th world,
whoa rays penetrated Into ths utter
most parts of the esrth . was about to
be overwhelmed with shadow.: I pray
that, young Americans will sea to thst
light and lend it dny nnd night. It I
tbe flame that their fathers lit and it -hss
become th llyht of the world e
well aa yours - It would be s dark world
without It,"
Th new variety Is a cms between
tha Blng snd Lambert cherries and com- '
bines the good qualities of both of the
rarent fruits. -The grower now ha on
res that Is bearing, but has a number
of young trees which will he bearing In
a year or two. Tha sample on- exhlbl-;
tlon has attrscted much attention from
eastern visitors on account of the large
else of the fruit -