The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 15, 1907, Page 12, Image 12

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... t .
Quality of Oregon Eggs Will Show
an Improvement From This Time
Few Shippers Will Hold Any Longer
onion crop
Prospects at Present Are for
: ah Average Vield-The .
-Quality to Be Good.
Today's market '"lu,i;t.
Good onion crop prosr-ta
Polio market In good hPMtlt,, '
Crawford peache trom the-eouta,
Ekks Mil lower gn TT"
Poultry end meat remain fcarce.
: Another - ear ,Btwto.."yf arrlv.
Oood Onloa Crop Prospects.
' Weather conditions hava beeir fevnr
ahlefor th growth of a ood onion
?roP froregoS 4h-pre..n S'tS
leaVened As far as can be ascertained
it tbl. time in. screw. ' n" '!
r-aSs-ss? ..." r-
In onions mi . - Tll
l.harmria not hv planted, men
of tn season mu.. - ;
thOlr homing. '.,. , -..-Vat ra
Juat at present the onion
!17"" "if-iT 13. ' Walla Walla
""'S -." .i .Ma aa-
onions are dit ----r -.
.Son and for that reason, ere bringing
within rracuon o, -
more oecauaa oi i" - 1 .
Vllow Danvere from the south. Cali
fornia rids ere in quite good shape at
:Sf. t,STh..t the cannot bo compared
with the Dan vera for keeping quality.
twMM ia Oaa4 MbaA. .
Potato market remains In p ,,h
- along will " - nw.iv- , T
Itock are not so liberal bevau.,, of the
press of other farm work, and tola of
necessity caused a, firmer tone to rule.
Along the etreet beat Oregona are sell.
J"a asrf "r.'wl.y "cant." arrived In
thU morning. They were en rout, i U
the eaat and were diverted to this city
because of the unusual
here.. Prloeo steady. .j1.pA. ta
. Logenberrlee are In better shape to
lay7Wh as -regaxda price adquality.
Homo stock was carried over from Sat
urday and was not In beet f?,luB "d
)n lnatancee this was sold n
elderable reduction. Best stock today
brings HOl.26 for --i.H-.i-mor
Crawford peaches are arriving mors
freVly frorn fhe south. Stocks Inmer--ket
today were rather green but brought
BarUett pears from California are In
larger aupply but there Is riot heary
(iali beoause of the. green condition of
, zgr ltarket SsHa Xwe.'!
'that thoegg market ! ' waajcer and
lower waa-shown today by .the aeared
. oxpresxlons along the street. Some of
'the Urger dealers were offering 'up
,es m low aa He In lots.and
that figure they were unable to do any
? great amount of, ; buslnesa, -What the
trade wants to do is to c Jean i up its
-surplus so as to begin the week with
freeh supplies. For this raon the
lower prices were offered. Jmand
slow bpcauee retailers are only buying
-from hand to month. .Quality of candled
i atortr 1J ffrJprHof--trthoaa coming
V Poultry stm Tery eatoa.
T ; There remains a; great scarcity In
.suppllea of poultry la the Front atreet
markets today. All sorts of - poultry
"'. with the poaelble eaceptlon of g eese are
In demand. The latter are out of sea-
tressed meaU could" liardUy bo more
; scarce than at the present time. The
good tone ont only exists In fancy Teal
- but the market for small hoga Is the
beat seen at this time la recent years.
Either veal or hogs or fanoy quality
will bring H along the street today,
i Creamery butter market Is firmer
than ever. Supplies. scordlng to city
this time a week ago. while demand is
as rood if not better.. - .
t Cheese market ahowlng considerable
more steadiness owing to the smaller
qulrles from the noth aa well as from
the local traoo. '
V wrlaf Votes of tha Trade.
-' Some- fancy Gravenatein apples from
California were on , display along the
.street this morning. Best stock bring
- ing $2 26 while lees desirable stock sell
at tl 7161.00 a box.
: i. fnulnnallr lower.
althouKh demand Is very good. Fancy
, crat1 sells at t0lc a pouna.
Today's prices: - , , '
, a rain, noar sad Voag.
""" GRAIN BAGS Calcutta, aa. large
1ot!; email lots,
liih. 49IBo: redRnsaian,
Ic: bluestem. 8lWc vajiey. Hpira
cktKS Whole. 128.00; cracked. tlit.OO
""bAKLET New Feed!, L0Oi.OO
-perton: roUed. M.O0li.00; brewing.
' ' OATS New Froducera" price No. 1
White, J8.0 per ton; gray, 127.00.
FLOUB Eastern Oregon . patents,
14.10; atraighta, I4.JS;. export. 14.00;
valley. 4.tu4.40; graham, hi. tl.7t;
whole wheat. 14.00; rya toa fa.oo; pales,
11.76. -
MILLBTTJFFB ran. 1T.0 per ton;
middlings,-2t.OO; shorts, country,-I0;
city, tlJ.OO: chop, 111.00011.00. -t
HAX tTtMJUcejrar pne iiraoini,
Willamette valley, fancy, III.OO01T.OO;
ordinary, tll.vvW 14.00; eaatern Oregon.
llt.00O10.00; mixed, HQ.OOOlO.tO;
clover. tttOOt.OO; grain. .05l0.00;
cheat. 8.i0Ot.0O. . . . . . -;
Batter. Xggs ana fomltry.
BUTTER FAT f. o. b.' Portland
Bweet cream. 2c; sour, 84o
BUTTER City creamery 17 He; see.
onda, ZtVc; ouulde fancy IBo; seconds,
' J2He: atore. Oregon. 1801c
e KOaS Extra fancy candled, XJttO
. lie . - -
, - CHEESB: New Full " cream." flats.
l4ttlto per lb; Young Americas, 16 14
ft 16c per lb.
POULTRY Mixed chicken a It He;
fancy hens, 14o per lb; rooaters.
-old, iOHc lb; fryers. If 017o lb; brollera,
lt917o lb; old ducks, llo lb; spring
ducka lllo lb; geese, old, tOlOo per
lb; spring geese, 12 HO Uo per lb; tur
keys. ll314c lb for old; squaba lift
per doa; ptgeona, II. It per doa Crossed
poultry. 1 to 1 Ho per lb higher.
, .- Xopa, Wool aad Bides. .
HOPS 10I crop prime to choice,
HW 7c; medium to prime, tt!e; con
trs't. 1907 crop, Italic.
WOOL 107 clip Valley. IOOtl
saaiorn un-iwn, nutic
MOHA1H New 17 20H.'
H1EKPHKIN3 Bheirt.g, ., ail
. 1. . . . IEA1A.. 'I
ana rreaa. j w yc
riilfTlM Baltic to per lb.
fruits and-Tegetablea. -'
POTATOES II per sack.
riN-n iNrt Jobhina Dries New rn
forma red, It per aWck; New Walla
Walla SU irarnc, no per lb
".h-tii New. ll.eOAl.7S.
1 ilKnll KRUITS Orangea 1104;
beniiima. to li'l-mons. 4.t92t per
t-m: limes. Hexlcan, 14.00 per
j on ; rMrif-ipplea, JJ4w 4 00 dos, grape
fruit, la.jri; cherriea vfio per lb.;
.,iHl.rrli.a, 6c per lb; loganberries,
II noil 115 per crate; peachca 7tc
j.i-i-rif-i, 1 2; plums, 1.2ttl.t0;
w ,..rrriona. z-o per in.
I .i; r. I A J urnipn. new, iirei
1 mi s-ick: cerrota 7Sotll.0 per sack.,
, 11-71 i-r stck: parsnlpa II OflfJ
fl '. ; ' I'lH-l'" lurnnnw., van-
f rnla. "., II; ' C'reson, . 11.60; per
a.... ti nn m.w Kj,n 1
. .,.'., !.' illflnwsr 11
kit d'"i; I '. 4 '4 be l horeeradlih, le
l017Rc each; long wool, each.
TALIX3W Prime, per lb, lHOo; Mo.
I and rreaae. IWlHc,
lb; aiuUoi', t e Per dos; aayara-
'1 expect the receipts of pota-
w toes-from - local points to be'
w ' rather small for a while because
w , farmers are very busily engaged
w . la their' regular work and can-
w not take time to bring supplies
to market. Then there Is a
w ' great scarcity of help. There la
no doubt In my mind but what
e the market will hold close to It
for a while, although la some
eases fancy stock may sell aa
Ujsr as 1.60 after 'the arrivals
become heavier. At present I
don't expect the market to get at
all below v that figure for good.
' goo da Poor stock Is always ex-
ceptad." Billy pryer cf Dryer,
Bollam Co. '
yua. 900 rr Aon bunch: rhubarb, So ib
oera UWe per lb.: head lettuce.
r 1 doa: cueumbera hothouse. 40
60o doa; . outdoor,. T5c 1.00 a box; ra
lxhea, 15o dos bunches; eggplant,' .
crater green corn.. IOo doa .
BkuuiIh. Wnta. ata.
StlOAR Cube. ft.KH: powdered.
$.07Wv-berry, I5.ITH; dry. aTranulated.
$6.7H; Biar. l.t1M eonf. A, 167 H.
tra U. liiTU- aolden C. SS.I7tt; D
yellow, I&.17H; biet granulated. IS.77;
barrels, lite; aair oarreia, . w--
too advance on sack besia ' ' .
(Above prices are 10 days aet ash
Quotation a)
HONET-$!. per crate.
COFFKE Pacaage brands. Ili.HV
l'iBALT Coarse Half pound. 100a 111
rer ton: 0s. 111.50; table, dairy..' 10
l.IO,Oa,- IU.ll; balea. 11.10; Im
ported Liverpool. 60s. 111.00; 100a 117:
124s. 110.00: extra fina bbla, la a and
10, I4.t0el.t0; Liverpool lumy rock,
liolM per ton; flV rock, IIL00; 100a
110 to .
(Above prices apply to sales of lea.
thin car lota Car. tots at special prices
subject to fluctuetiona) i.
i. rtNVwjKiiaS?
SaSiSisa'witit w
white, lilt; pink, bayou. t.0;
Umas, ttc; Mexican red-
NUT9 Peanuts, Juntww, H Pa ?'
Virglnls. 7He per lb; roasted. t"
rbjlapanesi sted. T Me
per lb; walnuta, California, ltar lb,
pine nuts. I401t per fcj.h''Th tn
)0c per lb; Braxll nuta lc per J.
bertOo per Jbr J,"rl 0
par aj almonda llilHo.
Keats, Flak aad FrovlstoaB.
"FRESH MEATS Front ar Hora
fancy. S He per lb; large, t Oo per
lb" vial, extra, He per lb: ordinary,
ic rr fb- poor. oVe per lb; mutton,
tHM8eBACOrN!FTO.-rV, pack
f local) hiuiia, 10 to It lbs, lHo per lb;
lo'ltlba: ltd per IhllU Iba
Itaic; breakfast bacon. If HO tie pet
lb: picnics. Uo per lbs eotiage roll,
llVo perlb: regular short clears, un-
smoked. llo per lb: imoiw, v- .
clear backa unsmoktd. llo; amoked, llo
per lb; Union butts. 10 to JJ lbs un
SnToked.. o per lb; amoked. o per b
clear belllea nnamoked. HHo per lb.
SntokeA. Il5a per lb: shoulders. II 0
per id; picaiea " . V,
nr lh.
B..Wihjl (fa euaa 1 K ihlTinf1
r iti
lfln-nwca v a-
6Q bar lb.; halibut. 7o- per ia etnpea
. T aa iu . -. luk 1 Aa na lh' L tU
mon, freeh Columbia chlnooa. IIVIO per
lb.i Bleeineaaa, iuo per ."""in".
per loi aoie w r" " . - "
lb; perch, to per id:-piaca cou.-io vi
lb iomcod. 7o per lb; lobsters. lto.per
lb; tresh macgerei, per io. tr.
IOo per dos; sturgeon. iun pr
r - ' ik. K1 ,1...
pass, sue pr . u ... u ... t.
I? pVr. lb; had.f4o per lb; black cod.
TBTERB--hoaIwater bay. per gal
Ion, 12 i0; per 100-lb aaeg, i ;.;: oiynj
T. ti.ili oer 11 6-lb sack.
is itoai tl: Eaaia. canned. IOo can;
raaor dams I2.M per box: IOo per do
. raiata, ooai u. aro.
ROPE Pur Manila. 11 He; standard.
lHe per gal; water white. Iron bbla,
14o per gal; wooden. 17e per gal; head
light 174 deg, caaea II He per gaL
QABOLINE It deg cases, !4Ho per
BENZINES tl deg., eases, tie per gal!
Iron bbla, e per gau ,
TiTHPfcNTINB la eaaea ltd per gal
wooden bbla He per gaL
WHITE LEAD Ton lota 1 !
lb; too-lb lots, to per lb; leas lota. IH
WlBJCTfAILS--PreganttagW al,
r Mortal XHuatch to TJon
Woodburn. Or., July ll.-nCharles
per acre for his 1 acres of bops as
they stand on the vine. xney wiu
-1 . 4 KAA Mk.tna A . fh. ,.f.
This news Is encouraging to the hop-
, fVI. -a.IIH
: New York Cotton Market.
' ; y. j Open. High.
Jan. ......111! ??
V.h ..1111
March ...1181
April , . .
May ........
July .:;!
Aug. .....1120
Bept. .."IS
Oct. .....lift
Nov. .
Ieo. .....1171
mo hit im
Liverpool Cotton Market,
r.i-nni July II. Cotton futures
closed (to I point lower; market quiet
anei sicauy. - . . . . ....
: Boon Grind New Whent.
... m . Jf in . ... 1 ,
feperiaj " vm - - - .
rreewater. ur., uir ,
Milling oompany has closed Its flour
mills In this city for this aeaeon i ron.
Lmrtng the milling season the mills
ground Into flour'480.000 bushels of
whnat. which made approximately 101.
000 barrels of flour or 420,000 sacks, the
aamo being sacaeo ir '"J""-''' -".
Tkn ay raa f nf fMltf
nom oon-umjiutm. a .tTilaX A
of the year-. pruct wM shooed to
tne orient. io mm
Uie new crop of wneat- . . .
UnltMl SUM Govrmment . Bond.
York, July II. Government
- , J - pet a
Twos, registered..... loot
an coupon. ...i"
Threea reglstsred. . . .1111
do coupon. ... , . ...1118
oo coupon. ivi iz"
Fours, Philippines 10
Twos, Panama, new 1 104
District of Columbia. ... 114
; Fortland Bank Statement,
Clearings today ., .11.417.011 II
. do year ago., 1.171411
todav 1
-'ItS. 111.21
..1111 till 44
iuiianca wnay. ,,
do year ago .nl
,.. 172,880.14
. NW York-Lmirlnai flllvr.
New York, July u. Bar eUver, 17 a
UmAoa, II 1-ltX , ,
nar-Jbi 6V lHo per lb; 40-lb tine, HHo
KTlbJ-stesm rendered. 10a 110 per
lh- Ks. ilTio per lb: compound. 10s. 10s
Tone Is So Strong Kaisers
as wen as jailers on
. der Prlccillold.
Portland Union Stockyards, July 15.
Official receipt: ,
Hoga - Cattle Bheep.
Today ...:..,100. , J7t J2
Week ago ,.,. ... ?? ' "J
Year ag . - , "
Previous year . 41t 100
Ltveatock men view with wonder the
present great atrength of the livestock
arl No Ana line la SVaS Showing
a aign of weaknesa Every lino la sbout
as strong ss ins omw. ri uivi,
the trade nnda no difficulty whatever
In dlapoalng of all stock at prices
that are al way a, top for best stuft.
Woadexfal Bhaep Toae, v
nat 'wonderful of all at this time
of year Is the great strength displayed
by the sheep . markets wethers - are
J readily picked up by killers at !4.!t
to and such strength of the lamg mar
ket at tl has been heretofore unheard
of at 14 thla too when no lower prices
have yet .Deea nameo mis season. .
Fins aet Karket.
It new begins to look as If there will
be no lower prices quoted on livestock
this seaaon. Best steers continue firm
at 14 alihouch off-grade atuff fre
quently sella 2o under the top.
Xogs XoU Thai Ova. .
A few head of hosa.oontlnue to come
but the volume of arrivals Is small
when compared to the demand now
ruling. Hogs lose Be ons day In the
eaat and the next day they are lc
hlxher. thus not only regaining; ths loss.
but making an actual gain. With pack
ers Indulging in thee eastern luxuries
at high values, the local hog market Is
well able to hold Its own at former
prloas, although! higher prices are justi
fied. .
A year ago today boss and sheep war
Arm; cattle dull; values unchanged.
urnciai uvosiock prioes: -
Hoas Best eastern Orea-on.
stockers and feeders, t.0; Chlaa
fast. ll.lfOt.ta.
Cattle Bast eastern Oregon steers,
14.00; best oowa and heifers, 1 1.1 5; bulls.
8 beep Wethers, 14.11040; lambs,
Chicago Market Steady to Ton Cento
Lower Oheep Weak. -Chicago,
July li.--Omclal reoaiptst
. Hoaa CatUa Sheep.
Chicago ...... ...41,000 29.000 10,000
Kansas city .-...i-.000 11.000 1.000
Omaha .......... I.OOO 1.000 - s.a00
Hogs are bo oigner wim i.ivv mi
over. Receipts a year ago were 11,000.
r M m n eL M AA. . kaavw tit at ft gnfl
IS 1ST rough,; light, t.7tO
a a AS?
Report of Blch' Find on Pollard
Lease Very Active Tone --
i r-- tn Trading;. .'t.....
' tMl.'. II A VTAV4
Ran r raiiviww, .v.. -. - r -
. . A . a ....
ncn striae in ne roura y
Florence mine. Thte caused an advanos
of 12 H In Florence and resulted In
neavy irsuing u w. -
Official Nevsda bid prioea by Over-
beck Cooke oompany:
Sandstorm 41c Red Top 14.00, Mo
hawk lit. 00, Columbia Mt. llo. Jumbo
14.16, Jumbo Ext, l.0, Vernal 1C
!.nnvlv.nla IcA. Ooldfleld M. CO.
II. to. Kendall lie, uootn bio. xjius sun
ln A Am mm llo. Silver Pick to. May
Queen lac, riov. soy sc. o. s.
PIUV DW J . . , 7 . '
Hlbemla to, nt. ives nii. i-unaumw
13c Blk. Rock 4c. Lone Sur loo, O.
ivnn., lln Potlach 50c Oro llo. Ken
dall Ext le, Bandst Ext Ic, Mayne 7c
Atlanta 14c Great Bend 77c Empire
10c Red Top ;xx. idc, r lorencw u.
DUmX B. B. Con, llo, O. Delay 1.I6,
Lacuna ll.i. Commonwealth 8c Comb.
TrCT nnu. Ar. Bend Ext 16c Or.
Bend Anx. 12c, Mlllatormlto, B . B. Bo
nn nisa 7c Kewanos 76c Eararalda 10c,
Portland llo, Cracker Jack 10c, Francis
Mohawk Red HU1 66c Mohawk
Ext c. Lou Dillon 8c T. lger 20c,
Grandma 14c B. Pick. Ext IcA, Goldf.
Ce-na t.0, Dlam r iriangie no.
nni,i, li es.. Mexican lie Gould A
Curry 11c. Con. Vlrglnla SSC Savage
tic. liais 4k JNorcroas dvc icuuw im..
0c Belcher 2c Confidence tie, Blerra
Nov. lie Exchequer 16c union lie
swi,tt in. Bullf. ML C lie Ame
thyst 28c, Gold Bar 78c.-Denvsr But
Anx. IOcA, Bonnie Clare llo, G. Scepter
IOo, Monty. Mt, 16c B. Daisy loA.
Homeatako Cona 16c Yankee Girl IcA.
Tramp Cons. IOo, Viotor to. North Star
tc. sunset TONOpAHa.
Ton. Ner. tll.llA, Mont Ton. 12.20,
Ton. Ext 11.70, MacNamara IOo, Mid
way I1.17H, Ton. Belmont 8.4t Ton.
No. Star llo. Ohio Ton. 4o. West End
Cona 80c, Rescue 17c .Ton. A Calif tcK,
Golden Anchor 17c, Jim Butler ll-Oi.
Ton. Cash Boy Ic Ton. Home 6c Bost
Ton. 15cA. Monarch Pitta Ex. IteA,
Montr Mid. Ext -4c Golden Crown to.
Manh. Cona loA, Manh. M. Co. c
O. Wedge to, Beyler Hump ic. Dexter
lie, L. Joe lc. Crescent IcA, Combina
tion IcA. Granny - 18o. Mustang 18c
Little Grey 20c A. Cowboy 6eA, Oiig.
Manh. 10c Broncho 7c, Jump. Jack 10c,
Plnenut Ic, Buffalo lc B. Dog ltc Y.
Horse 4c, Indian Camp Ic
Falrv. Silver King IOcA. Fair v.' Eagle
IOo, Nevada Hills I4.60A, No. Star Won
der 4o, Eagle's Nest llo. Ruby Wonder
10c Alice of Wonder IcA, Pittsburg
Silver Peak 11.40. i
7 . Tieet gug.rop;-.--r
(Speeiel Dispatch te The JesraaL)
Lac Grande, Or, July It. The beet
thinning In the . Grand Rondo valley
field has been about completed. The
Srlnclpal part of the work waa done by
apa The crop In all parts of the
valley Is making an excellent showing
and One yield sre expected. There Is
a total of 1.400 acres In beets this sea
son. . , .
, - . ' Cannery to Start,
" (gpr Uliteh "to" The" JonrnaTT
Freewater. Or.. July 16. The Free
water Canning A- Preservlnr comoanv
will begin canning In a few day, the
first product to be canned will be black
be rrlea. Forty-otght thousand cans have
already been received to begin work
Many cases of tomatoes, vegetables and
all kinds oi iruits wui do put up. .
- . $t. Lonia -Wheat Market. ,
(it. Louis, July IS. Wheat, close;
September, nc i c - t
Little lines In The Journal bring re
sult to tne aaverusera.
Winter Variety Being Cut at
BrownsTille Break in
..." : Chicago Market --"1
4 Oattlatr Wlntev lrheat, e
A dispatch from Brownsville,
Or., says that farmers are .cut-
4 ting" winter wheat. Haying le 4
nearly completed. - Tho , hay
crop, also the spring oata, will 4
4 be below tho average, but the s)
4 wlnyiir wheat is good, being well
4 niled, .. -.
4 . "Prospects for a bumper yield
4 of wheat were . never better
4 than they, are now at thla time,"
4 said a prominent , Prairie creek
4 rancher to the Joseph Herald.
It -is estimated that Id several.
4 .sections . . the 1 conditions - ara f a
4 . vorable for many 41 to 41 bushel
4 yields this season.. The' same
4 can be said o the hay crop.- .
July IS. July 14. . Lesa ' 104.
July I0H 11 7IH
Sept. 1H 4B 1H 7IH
Deo. I7H 8H 1H
May 10lS 108 H 1H ....
A sham decline In early Livorrjool
cables brought a heavy setback In Chi
cago wheat prioea, the closing being
H to mo lowert with deferred opUons
weakest. Thla too. In spite of the fact
that at tha start July had the greatest
As far as erop reports are eoneerned
they were la favor of a higher market,
rains being predicted la a large part of
the wheat belt - -
The American visible shows an In
crease of 141,000 bushels for the week.
The world's visible today was 47,088.000
bushela against 14,141,00 bushels a
year ago.
Official Chicago .micas br Overbeck.
& Cooke company;.
V. Ooen.. Hlan.
July ....-80 . 1H
Sept. .... 14 H . . ttU
Deo, ..... tlH tltt
May .....101 . 101 H
Bept, ....
May .....
40 II'
, 40 H . :. 40
41 '41
1811 ltll ISIS
II JO 1181. 1110
tARD. -
July .....
Bept. . , .
Oot .
Jan. .
.... eov , 099
861 .
UU I. ......
It .
' . 1 ..
Union Pacific Rlaea Two and Half
Polnta Early In the Da. ,
New York. July IS. Bullish opera
tions were the feature In today's trading
In the stock market There waa a very
sharp advanos of 1 H polnta tn Union
Pacific 'early, on the report of the In
terstate eommlsslon, but sll but one
half point waa loet on realising sales.
The rest of the market followed Its lead
very closely. r-
Official New York price by Overbeck
v.oox 1..0. :
AmaL Con. Co.
Am, C ft F. ...
Am, txt uu, c . .
Am. lco., com. .
Am. Sugar, com..
Am. Smelt com..
do preferred. . .
Ana Mining Co..
Atchison, com. . .
B. A O.. com. . . . .
68 H
Droo. Rap. Tr. .
Can. Pac. oom...
Cent Leather, c.
C. A G. .. com.
a. a a W MA T
11H 11
CO., CK D W JT. e
CT N.-W- com.:;
o. o.
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Manhattan Ry. .
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National Lead ,.
N. Y. Central .
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" " ' --
Total sales for day, ltt.200 shares.
Call money closed at I per cent
Liverpool Org to Market.
r Liverpool. Jul" 1 1. Official prices:
Open. Close. July It. Grain.
Jnlv . T a 7" 1
Sept ...Tatfl 7IHd
Use ,...7S I a i L
7slHd d
Sept ...4elld 4UHd 4slld d
. 1.
"Sew York Wheat Market.
New York. 'July II. Wheat, close;
... i mm M . h.i.-Iu. tl aa .
Use a Journal want ad If you want
Low. Cloeo.
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ItH 07U
101 H 11 H
ll Ml
ti . J tlH
; s Ftnlt Is of Great 81m
Burbanks Mammoth, a berry' having
the flavor of a wild blackberry, the ap
pearance of a loganberry, but attaining
an enormous slse never known to grow
ers of the old-fashioned berries, may be
seen In its wonderful perfection at the
home of V. R. Mitchell, op Fremont
street Mr. Mitchell, soon after Bur-
bank perfected the new Mammotn, sent
to California for a few silos, which he
planted in his dooryard. They took root
and grew from this small ' beginning
with such profusion wax. tney nave oov-
Married Saturday, slugged hie wife
Sunday and sentenced to I day on the
rock pile Monday, Is the strenuous mat
rimonial experience of C A. Johnson,
colored, "who was -arrested at 10:10
o'clock last night by Patrolman Barsee
on a charge of disorderly conduct
- That Johnson will spend the ensuing
month at Kelly's Open Air Sanitarium
Inataed nf navlna- a fine In the munici
pal coffers, was due entirely to his
own ef forte; Upon being called before
Judge Camtrfta this m"rntf -Johnson
entered a plea of guilty and was. fined
Tr voh honor nlease." said the dusky
defendant, after sentence had been pro
nounced. 'I'd like to have an opportun
ity to appeal this heeh case. -
"I don't ses how you can appeal after
pleading guilty," commented the court
''but to assist you 1 11 Changs your sen
tence to 10 days Imprisonment" Be
. More complaints have been received
by the Juvenile ooort that children are
being admitted to the Tangled Tongues
meeting and kept up until late at night,
and the Juvenile court officials are deter,
mined that children will not be allowed
at the meetings In the future .
It was state this , morning that the
Tangled Tonguers will be subjected to
a constant watch In the future, and that
they will not know who is watching
them. It le said that, arrangements
have been perfected to guard-sgalnst
Children joining the freniled eect and
that It has been made Impossible for the
Third Annual Meeting of the
Holiness -Association Be-
gins Friday Morning.
.rf..l. Widav morning. July It.
the third annual camp meeting of the
Oregon Holiness ' association will be
held In this city and will continue until
-UMAav mmmllK Julv II. There Will
be iervlees every, day during the meet
ing at 10:10, a. m., 1:10 ana Jg p. m.
Th. r.mmr win be located at Tremont
station on the Mount Scott earlina It
is expected that a large number or iivi at the around, for
each tent hag been--arranged to accom
modate two or more persona
. a . v. , .mmlnaiit
A numoer oi mv vwv -teachers
of Bible holiness In this coun
try W.U1 presiaa ai me V
the number are Bev. Aura Smith of Bev-
mour. Indiana: Kev. unsriee i. "io"
of Newport Kentucky i BavaLewl- L
preachers and lav members will also
panicipaw in i-nnuuvii...
The nnu bu.lne.s meeting of the
association wui u '
day morning. July It. The objeot of
the sociation, accvruins ""
motlna I It Is "To get sinners saved,
b.?lev?rg iaiictlf led and to spread Bible
h0fhe'Oregon Holiness association Is
not only an arganlsatmn, but a movs
ment," eald a member of ths faith,
"not a mera machine but a living force.
Like ell movementa It had but a.maU
beginning. It ha encountered much
oppnaltlon, met many obstacles but-ls
lowly and steadily. In God a name, mov
ing forward to spread ecriptural holl
neea throughout the atate of Oregon.
As 1ta alms and spirit Is better under
stood, much prejudice Is melting away,
and many of God's dear children of all
denominations are uniting themselves
W1U1 U, lln ------
of trus holins.r By our organised
bnd of bolypeopla w hope to prove
. . .. I . .ffn.l In
wnac can vm uuim vj "'"". . Z 1
.. l .n.A mw.A h,rn m-in w about
a greater unity among God s children,
and thus fulfilling ths prayer of Jus
when he prayed "that they ail may be
' --J
- .I'm i iiUfftni'i-H)
and Delicious Flavor.
sred a" large trellis, and ' this season
three slips bore about 60 pounds ot the
luscious fruit ..
The slips were plsnted In ordinary
Mack Oregon soli, and received no spe
cial attention or fertilising. They grow
i.. k -imlir to a ellmhlns rose.
or-a grapevine, and do not send up
sprouts from ths surroundlns ground
as the old-time berry plsnts do. It le
believed that the Mammoth will find
Its ideal home In Oregon, and that here
It will attain Its greatest sis and finest
flavor. Some of the berries shown In
the picture are two Inches In length.
wildered at the action of the Judge
Johnson waa led away to the dock.
Saturday Johnson and Martha Payne,
a cnmelv Indian woman were united in
marriage and nothing occurred to mar
the honeymooa until last nigni.' o.iori
ly after 10 p. m. Sergeant Cole was no
tified at headauartere that a man and
woman wsre creating a disturbance on
Fifth and Oak streets and -Patrolman
Barsee wag detailed to make aa Investi
gation. Upon arriving at the soene the police
man found Mrs. Johnson sitting on the
sidewalk - bleeding profusely from the
mouth and nose from a blow delivered
by her spouse. The brutal husband and
hia tnrared helnmeet were taken to the
station and released on bait The wo
man failed to put In an appearance this
momtng, evidently with a desire to as
sist her husband out of the meshes of
the law and everything would have
been adjusted had It not been for the
defendant's foolish desire to fixht the
Tangled Tonguers to learn who the se
cret watchers sre.
Probation Officer H. H. Hawleytiaa
made several vlalts to the camp at East
Twelfth, and Division streets, but the
Tangled Tonguers know blm, and are
on their auard when 4hey ses him In
the tent . Ths juvenile court hereafter
will have secret lnrormauoo wnenever
a child Is admitted to the Inner ctrolee
of the Tangled Tongues, and It Is as
serted that . prosecution .will follow
swiftly on each violation of the order
that children must be kept away from
the meetinga Officer Haw ley said this
morning that- recently the Tangled
Tonguers held their meeting all night
lona in wrestling with some refractory
I sinner who deelred the Pentecost
Final - Eally-on Wednesday
-Night to Be Addressed byr
. . fDr. Brougher. ; ' ;
In a special' Pullman chartered for
the trip II members of . Portland's Ad
club will leave the city at 11:10 Wednes
day night bound for) Sacramento to at
tend the summer convention of the Pa
cific' Coast "Ad vert!slngMen'g . associa
tion." . As' a preliminary' sendoff to the
Portland delegates . the' local Ad club
will meet at i o'clock Wednesday even
ing In the board of trade rooms, Cham
ber of Commerce, and listen, to sn inter
esting sddreis by Dr. J. Whltcomb
Brougher on - "How to Advertlne a
Church." Following Dr. Brougher'e ad
dress will come ths presentation of the
cup to the two boy frorn Mount Tabor
who drove the decorated dog and cart In
the rose fiesta psrade. '
The letter part of the evening has
been set snide ae a sort of a rally and
boost meeting for the delegates to the
Sacramento convention.
The delegates will leave on the regu
lar 11:10 Southern Paclflo train that
night arriving at Sacramento the sec
ond morning. , . .
- Three Portland delegates WUI read
Kpers before the convention. B. I.
want advertising manager of th P.
B. L. A P. Co., will read a paper on
"Electricity as a Factor in Advertising";-C.N.
Blsck will deliver en sd
dress on "Portland's First Roes Fiesta."
and James Tvler of the Spectator will
make en address' on "Portland and Its
Sinter Cities ot the Coaat." John White
of the Astoria chamber of commerce
will tall the convention something about
"Astoria's Advertising. Met hods."
- The convention will be Invited to hold
n.vt .Hmm.r'i mMtJn- In PA,4l.nit .flaw
ing the roee fleets. An effort wlli also
be mane to nave tne national Advertis
ing Men'e association to meet In thla
city at the earn tlma , .
ma' sanctified through the 'truth,' by
the -Holy Ghost' " . ..-
In order to reach ths csmn oars will
will be found at Flret and Alder streets,
and every one la Invited to attend. . .
Little lines "- The Journal bring re
sults te the adrertlsera
1 - A-.....-:.-.:.'
IS lii Jil-
Ex-Detective Day Finally
Lands EartenUer Who '13
; Said to Have Taken Billy
Winters' Diamonds Lat
ter Will-Not Compromise,
. . A M-
On the delated O. a. A N. pessenget
train which arrived soon after neon to-,
day Detective Joe Day arrived In Port-:
land from a trip to London, bringing
1th him John T. Townsend, - alias
Thompson, wanted here for the theft of
dlamoads from Billy Wlntsra ' .
Townsend made-a, sensational escape
near Cheyenne, but was recaptured, He
suf fsred a broken collarbone and two '
broken ribs In jumping from aAtraln : I
going. at the rate of 40 miles an hoiran I
Wounded and In great pain, the prurw -
oner with the detective was mtt l"T
the -union ' station i on his arrival-by A
Bnerirx ntevena in an automooua xie
was hutrtfed to the county )sil wbsra
Sheriff Stevens attempted for more
than half aa hour to summon a phy
slclan by telephone . ,
Sard Time to rind a Doctor. . ' -Central
was unaccdmmodatlng, bow
aver, and relief for the suffering prls
oner was not obtained until the eberlff .
had sent a pereonal meaaenger to a
physician. An examination of the ' ,
man's wounds waa mads late this af
ternoon. ' "
:.. Even before the arrival of the prls
oner In custody of the officer today
there were numerous rumors of a oom-
romlae having been reached whireby
lr.-Winters "will be repaid the value
of the stolen -gems by the prlsonsr and
the prosecution ended. Mr. Wlnte.-s l
slsts that he will tolerate no such ac
tion. - ---- -
r Townsend's attempted escape from av
rapidly moving train was one of the "
rhost daring efforts to evade an officer
that -baa been recorded. Although It
waa against the imperative ee-ders of.
the railway official, a vestibule door
had been left-unfastened, and tt was -from
this door-that the fugitive made -hie
desperate leap. He hsd sxcused him
self for a moment and why the de
tective did not accompany . him to ths
rear of the ear was not explained. - - - - -,
-. Train Was Bunalnr Fast. ,
" The train le said to have been moving "
at a rat of 40 miles an-hour and at
the time be Jumped running over an'
embankment A physician was passing
along the road at the time and aided
the Injured .man. He took him to bis
home and cared for him. dressing the :
fugitive's wounds He later told the -detective
that his' suspicions were
aroused by the refusal of ths Injured - .
man to reveal hie name and bis appar ;
ent desire not to be questioned. r -
Detective Day was Immensely pleased
with the trip, so he told hie friends, '
and delighted with London. He lias ac
quired nons of ths cockney accent of -the
metropolis, retaining his own purely "
original style ot descriptive language.
Disappears v
. ' Townsend's theft of the diamonds has - -resulted
In a prolonged chaae for the
fugitive and -In great expense to Billy
Winters, ths proprietor ot the "Log
Cabin" saloon on Third street Under
the name of Thompson.- the man - who -was
returned to PovtkuneV- .today was
smployed ae a bartender by Mr Winters
and enjoyed his Implicit confidence. He :
disappeared suddenly, however, wnd slm-
Ultaneously with the disappearance waa
the discovery of the theft of the gems,
which had been locked in the eafa
Several months later he waa seen by
a Portland traveling man In the City of
Mexico and- a warrant for his arrest
was st last issued. He left that city,
however, and was naxt heard from In .
London, where his arrest wss accom
pllahed. In Mexico he le said to have
been extremely fortunate tn business
venture and Is now said to be amply able
and wllliag to make financial restitution
for his crime.
' eve Compromise," Ses-s Wlntesn.
"There will be no compromise," said
Mr. Winter today, "snd Townsend will .
be nrosecuted to the limit I have heard
of no efforte to compromise, but even
If there were I would not stand for It . ,
Hs will be prosecuted to the extent ot
the law." .
As soon as he wag captured In London . -Ex-City
Detective Joe Day was em- -
ployed oy Mr. winters to mage tne trip
to that city and bring ths fugitive back
to Portland. After vsrled experiences
In this country and abroad ths detective '
finally reached Portland thla morning.
Two Ont-of-Town flnestg at the HpoLl
. Hotel Left Doors Unlocked to . '-
Their Sorrow.
B. Hetlum cf . Kalama, - Washlrn, '
and H. Morgus, a visitor from BCHel- -ens,
Oregon, -have learned to their aor
row that the locks with which the doors
of the rooms In the Hood hotel. IIH
Sixth street North are equipped are for
practical use and not for ornament '
Morgue and Hetlum arrived ' In this
city last night and after engaging a -room
at the Hood hotel aet out to see
the elghta Tire two men retired at
11:40 a m. without taking the precau
tion of locking the door to their apart '
pent. Upon arising this morning Ht-
lum found that 1140 In gold oobi had '
been taken from his pockets during the
night and Morgus mourned the loss -of
his trousers and II in silver.
Morgus nether garments wsre subse
quently found In the .. bathroom with
Hetlum' empty purse In one of the
Socket. As the outside doors of tha .
otel are locked at X o'clock every morn- ....
ing ths proprietor of the hostelry Is
satisfied that soma one residing In the
hotel Is reaoonalbl for the robberies.
Detective Price haa been detailed on the -case
but as yet no arrests have been
, .
C. Amato and Jos Cataneasl were ar .
reeted thla morning by Detectives Ins
keep end Smith on a charge of larceny
preferred by W. G. Mcpherson Of Granil .
avenue and Kast Mala street. It was
alleged that the two men carried away -two
balee of damaged cotton from Mc
pherson's place of business several days "
ago. ,
- The defendants were ahU to establish .
that they thought the cotton waa of no
value and had distributed the material
to friends throughout the district with
out eny criminal intent,-Judge Cameron
after hearing the story dismissed the
case and discharged th men front
custody. ja -
Mountain Climber's Narrow EKap&su J
.From the London Evening Standard. N
A young baker who . was returning I
witn a companion auer an ascem v- ,
ths Plsn Algullls near Chamonlg wa
caught by the .branch of a tree after
falling nearly 100' feet, snd suspended K
by his braces, to tho strength of which '
be owes his life.
His companion fell 1.000 feet and '
was picked up with nearly every bone
la his body broken. - - .
" : ' ' ' - ; ! .