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ftlrSeEmmaStolt of
.. - Appleton Wiswnsiit
PA tuighbor mdvistd tn to u$ PtrwUL
. . . btgan to imfirov at orut." ? .
t : - I
W :
v Possessions Good .Work of Teachers-i-Military
'J::itrForccntIrariff Sentiment.
Colonel William PwwonV who ha Just
returned from nearly five rears service
as. a supervising teacner u-'ue rnuip-
plne Islands, talked Interestingly today
to a Journal represeniauve ct uri
In to Islands. - ' '
Everything- I tannine rather smooth
17 now, the boiUle bandiU bavins been
pretty well. subdued or rendered lnac
tlve, and there ta no longer much rear
of aartoua outbreaks. The people gen
erally have aocepted American rula and
arc quietly loyal te the ornnol,
though many, -ef -course, entertain, an
tlcloatlons of future independence.
The military forces 01 am
divided Into three parts, first, th rBU
i-. MmiKlnr of aoma 26.000 ol
soma 26,000 of
e OftO American officers ana men, wm
seldom have any active offensive or de-
(naive operations 10 carry uu may ";
second, toe Philippine scouts, about f.vOO
. In number, officered by Americana, and
who are loyal and efficient: and third.
'thePhillLplneoonatabulary, alao number
' ng i.ooi, "ho are not only general po
lice but perform the dutiea of soldiers,
and do moat of the fighting with orlnv
Inal brlganda la the eaaei of activity
on the part of theae lawless bands, who
-are religious fanatica and regard murder
iaa a moat worthy deed, the acouta are
.sent out firat; It they do not suppress
them, tne constabulary follow, -and only
when both tbeae fall la the regular array
called on aa It waa la the Lake Daho
affair, where a large number of out
law Moroa were killed, with much sati
f action to the government. , The munic
ipal police are all natives, and are not
very efficient. There appaara to be no
' netd of the larger American part of the
military forces, except aa a preventive
!or a precaution against-possible -up-'rlalnga,
which are becoming leas proba
ble. . :' '. .... 1
. PPPOo e rlff, .
All the expenaes of the Insular gov
nnit are naid bv taxes of one kind
or another levied on , the Inhabitants
'duUea on Imports, property tax, a poll
tax of a peao a year, etc. The Filipino,
'are pretty well contented with theae
and all other conditions except the tariff.
,whlch they unanlmooaly oppose and crit
icise as something unjust and oppres
sive. They correctly reason that If the
Philippine Islands are American territory
Two blocks of planking on Grand eve
tme between East Washington and East
Wen-leon streets have been torn up. by
the Portland Railway. Ughr Power
company, preparatory to laying hard
pavement on that thoroughfare. Actual
C.,M.&St. P. R.R.
Beverly, Warden, Roxboro and
;- Othello Are to Be Opened in
' . the Near Future,' '
The foUowlnar circular telling of the
iiew towns to be opened along the line
kt the Chicago, - Milwaukee A 8 1. Paul
Vaflway has been laauedi by General
Land Agent O, W. Morrow. Four new
owna,T located on; the Chicago, - Mll
mubu A sl Paul railway . in eastern
rWaahlngton are to be , sold ' atpubllo
action. The opening sales or lots in
theno four towns
will laae . place, a
Spokane, Washington. follows1.
Beverly. July, 1; Warden, July, .11;
Hoxboro, July 17; OtbeUo. Julyltv . ,
t Reverlv. th firat town to be sold. Is
located on' the Columbia river at the
oroaalng of tha Chicago, Milwaukee st
II t Paul railway, 21 miles eaat of El
ensburg. which will be 1U nearest oom-
Miltlve. nAlnL
' A steamboat with 111 tons carrying
- capacity and good paosenger accom
modations makes semi-weekly trips,
- leaving Vatcan and Trinidad for BeveTly
on Tueaday and Thursday mornings,
thua civlnc " this point tha benefit .f
'Wivap f re.nimarta.tion.
This will make one of our beat
'.towns, and. while the 'country trlbu
' ,tary is yet undeveloped, lti Is capable
of becoming a good agricultural ana
- sTrult-growlug district the fact being
widely known that fruit land a similarly
.located in eastern waanington nave m
' i varluhl v Increased to tha value of 2600
sto $1,000 an acre. It Is platted on part
of seotlon S4, township li north, range
- 21 east In Douglas county. - -
i Warden is located It miles northeast
af Othello. In a oartloularl
Of Xouglas county, on part of aeotlons
39 ana l m townsmp li
0 eaat.
Farming an fruit growing are ear
triad on extensively in the territory sur
rounding Warden. We predict a pros
' jperous future for this town. "
Koxboro Is located It miles east of
.Warden In the center of a rich farming
country, which la bound to push this
x town to the front. It is platted la seo
tlon It. township IT north, rang tl
eaat. In Adams county.
i Othello is located about 40 miles east
' of Beverly In a rich farming oountry
' with a large territory to draw from, on
, part sections t, 4, IS and 14, In town
' ships It and It, range St east. In Adams
county. r
' These various towns are in that fa
' vored part of Washington known as the
' ,-Blg Bend" country, and will afford
, .splendid business opportunities for
bankers, merchanta. hotel keepers, law
yers, doctors and skilled and unskilled
.workmen. ... .
, Sale wilt commence at the hour of I
to. m. sharp each - day. In tha Elks'
' temple, near. the poetoffice. Spokane,
JVaahington. . . . . . J
- , Moderate prices will be placed on
these lots by the townelte company,
and purchasers will be required to bid
.for choice. Easy terms given.
For further Information writ or ap-
- fly the Western Townelte Company
vt fiuiimiwii, vj. rt , moitdv, general
wnriin ana isna agent, est :
(lunnina, Beatiia. Vvasnington
Columbia - building, Spokane,
ton. Adv.
or lit
The way to buy tea is to
say to your gjocer : "I
want Schillings Bestr 1 lb
Japan or Ceylon or Eng
lish Breakfast or Oolongs
Yf rroror rvtants rur au U dea l
h a-f kua, -f
' and they are .American 'subjects, they
are entitled to the. same consideration
and treatment aa the Deonla of any oUier
territory. The tariff dutiea Imposed ar
not only a cause or dlasatlaraction ana
discontent, but they retard development
and discourage both natives and others
from engaging In industrial and Other
enierpriaea. - , .
The islands are very rich In natural
resoureea ana tne climate auiie toler
able, and if poaaeased by Japaneae or
Chinese would be extremely productive.
Chinese are the principal merchanta
throughout the Islands exoent a . few
white foreigners In Manila and Ho 11a
1 Be rirst legislature, to oe . electee
thla falL will conalst of a bouse of rep
resentatives only, no senate, and will
have practically the powers as to local
legislation of a territorial legislature
here Bills passed, however,- will' have
to be approved by the commission, com
posed of seven Americans, with Oor
armor-General Smith at its executive
head and then may be veteod by the
president of the United States. -
The School System. -.-
A oomnlete nubllo school system Is
maintained not only In-the cities but
throusbout the countrr or-mi-fuiages
oom posed mostly of farmers, and are
a very useful feature of the govern
ment. The children are bright and eager
to learn, and learn readily and are eas
ily subject to discipline. The supervis
ing teacners or principals ana svme
others are Americans, but moat or tne
grade teachers are now natives, some
women, but the majority men. In Tar
lac, for Instance, where Colonel Far
sons was employed for awhile, he had
under him about 26 teachers and nearly
2,000 school children. In the main city
and the adjacent barrios suburbs occu
pied principally by families who culti
vate the Surrounding soil. The Ameri
can teachers sent over - there have al
most invariably been well adapted to
their work and faithful to It and have
been the . Instrument of doing great
good. -
On his return trip Colonel Parsons
visited several schools la Japan, where,
ha nays, the school system is far su
perior to that even In this country,
being marvelous, . as be showed In nu
merous particulars cited, of cleanliness,
tidiness, order, variety of practical In
struction and thorough efficiency. - -
operations were Started yesterday
morning end between It and 20 men
are at work today near the corner ot
East Morrison and Grand avenue.
urand avenue bualneas men are re
joicing because the proposed Improve-
invui. is unaer way axier
months of delay. It is honed trr them
there will be no farther delay until the
work is completed.
The only other cause of delay will be
on account of the large and complicated
piece of apeclal work that must be in
stalled by the street railway company
at the Intersection of Grand' avenue and
East Morrison, street. Thls work must
be ordered tn the east and 1s not easily
oonstruoted. . Tba Intersection at - th.s
point Is exceeded tn Intrinacy only by
the intersection on the west aide of tee
river at inn ana Washington streets.
President of Flouring: Mm st St.
Johns Expired After Reaching
. " Office Without Warnlnc. v
W. V. Jobes, president and .manager
of the Jobes Milling oom pan y of St
Johns, 'died suddenly yesterday morn
ing tn tbc office of the company. Mr.
Jobes was apparently In his usual good
health when he went to business In the
morning, although he had been troubled
with heart disease for the past two
years. . !. '
Three rears aro Mr. Jobes removed to
St. Johns from Spokane and erected the
flouring mills, whloh he operated wl
hl A T A 11 ST TaK
who survive him. Funeral services will
be held at the residence la St, Johns
this afternoon succeeding which Mrs.
Jobes and her aon. W. H. Jobes. will ac
company the remains to the birthplace
ana. oia some or aeceasea ax jrtocarora.
uiinois. jjeceasea was s . years oia.
From the 10th to the 21st.
Those are the vital dates. . Between
them you. can get a Reed-French piano
at less than factory prices. It's a vast
demonstration sale. Sec paa i.
Huge Trpnch-Digging Machine Scoop
Olred War WltlutU. Warning,.
Crnhlng Laborer,
8. Aleckh, an Afghan . laborer, was
fatally struck yesterday afternoon by a
huge bucket on the big trench -digging
machine In use on the Brooklyn sewer.
The accident occurred at t o'clock.
Aleckh waa worklnar directly beneath
the machine when the tuieket .broke
loose and fell on him, breaking his legs
and injuring him Internally. lie was
removed at onoe to the Oood Samaritan
hoenitsl but died ewm after arrlvat
Aleckh was ahout to years old ana
leaves a family In At (rhanleten, consist
ing of a wife end -three , children. One
of the children la In the United, Pta tea.
' , i. e .
i w V
','.)'! '
,.' v. W. V, Jobei. '
Convention . of Evangelical
Association Will Bo Held
at 'Jenninjg, lMg&
At Jennings Lodge ori the line of the
O. W.. P. the "annual convention and
campmeetlng of the Evangelical asso
ciation of Oregon will begin July tl and
will continue until August- 1. The
events are to be for the benefit of the
Ministerial association. Sunday, school
league. Toung People's alliance and
Women's Missionary society.
Dr. & I Umbacb. of the Union Gos
pel Institute of Nepervllle, I1L, has been
scoured and will give Bible Instructions
every afternoon. The meetings will be
held In a Urge gospel tent. The follow
ing program will be observed.
Ministerial Association. '
Friday, t a. m. Our Ministry t Ths
Applicant; Probationer: .The Deacon;
The Elder; The Presiding Elder; Tne
Local Preacher; Why lay We Believe in
the Itinerancy! Brian we iave jlm
Representatives In Our Annual Con
ference T Why the Shortage of Minis
ters t How May the Efficiency of Our
Ministry Be Increased I
. 1:J n. tn. -Woman's Missionary so
ciety program, in ohargc-cf Jdrc. H. O.
Henderson, president. , ""'
Saturday. a. m. The Bible. OocTS
Word, F. Bens; The Holy Spirit, Theo-J
uwr Dvueuni,
Sunday Public worship.
Monday. a.' m. Haa the Kvangellcal
Association a Divinely Ordained Com
mission t t C. Hoover; The Church's
Relation to Civil Reform, J. A. Ooodel
The Preacher's Attitude Toward His
Predecessor and Successor, G. IX Horn
schuoh. - - - -
Tuesday. a. m. snail this uonrer-
cnoe Be Independent of the Parent M le
gionary Society T H. O. Henderson r The
Advisability of Having;- a Conference
Evangelist, N. Sliupp. f . ,
Toung People's Alliance.
Thursday morning session t. Conse
cration service: :!d, Investing a Lite,
Mlac May Ooode; 10, The Unirylna in
fluence of Christianity. Miss Rata Price
10:10. The Sabbath Its Vee and Abuse,
Chester Blum: 1L The Value of the' Old
Testament in Training Our Toung Peo
ple for Cltlsenshlp,
Miss Frieda Gelger.
Afternoon session l:to. The r-aaiors
Work n the T. P. A., it. R. Scheuer
mann; 2, What Should Be the Strong
Points of Attraction In the Y. P. A.T
Mrs. J. Smeltser; S:t0, The Application
of New Testament Ethics to tha Every
day Life of the Alllancer, H. N. Goode;
s, - aest siemoas ox vnuycuin iui
Monthly Missionary Meeting, Miss Ber
tha Townwmd; t:0, - The AUiancc, a
Training School for Soul-Winners, H.
Albright; 4, business meeting.
Bvenenlg session T:t0, What Part Of
the Y. P. A. Work do I Enjoy .Most, and
WhyT One minute talks: 8, annual ser
mon, B. X umoacn, 4J. u , -
Suaday School Xteagus.
Tueaday. T:tO n. m. Grand rally. JH
Maurer. .
Wednesday, morning session Jt-ariy
worship led by the vice-president; , de
.1 l w r T a.SA Tk.
Sunday School; (a) The Boy, Salem Eng
lish; (D Tne xonng jaan, Monmoum;
(0 The rawer, osaiue;, wnier-
enoe: What do you consider tne great
eat aueatlon in connection with our Sun
day school work? How would you an
swer ItT it, me xaeai nunoay ocnooi
room. Portland First German.
Afternoon session t. Devotional aer
vlce IV C Hoover: 2: JO. conference: (a)
Weak Points in our Present Day Sun
dev School Bvstem: b. Remedies:' 1:10.
What Should Be the Qualifications for a
Sunday School Teacneri jaiiwauKie; a.
bualneas meeting.
Evening session T:tO, Song service.
led by the convention cnoirster; s,
nual sermon. Rev. M. Heverllng.
Xcw Weat St, Johns In'dlustry wm
Be in Operation One Day
This Week. . ' '
The 1 80,000 turpentine plant recently
constructed at West St. Johns by -H. C
Campbell and C F. Swlgert will be put
Into operation this week. All machinery
haa heen Installed, and Only a small
amount of adjusting and other essentials
have to be oompietea neiorc tne wneeis
begin to turn. ,
Industries m St. jonns arc an ncgin-
nlne- to take on added energy. The first
carload of asbestos for the new factory
of the aillen-Cbambers company ar
rived yesterday. -It
is expected that the new ferry.
James John, will begin regular trips to
Llnnton ana west etu jonns wiuiin a
few day a The boat was recently taken
down- the : river to its .location at Bt.
Johns, where , finishing touches have
been added. 1 i, - . , - t,,;-.
- - . 3
Last of The Sorceress.'
"ThU( evening's performance" will '.be
the last appearance of Nance 0Noll In
"The SoToeress." the powerful tragedy
that haa created so great an Impression.
Tne piece is magnificently staged.
morrow and for the rest of the week.
"lngomar" will be the bill at the Har
quam. - Great Joy tor Small Bojrg.-; -There
Is promised joy at the Oaks
next week for every small boy In Port
land. Every youngster likes to see a
dog show, especially when it Is a good
one and is free. Next rweek . Don
Carlo's dog show will be a free attrac
tion. 13,.
JVrite Tour Qneetlona.
seeing your written Ques
tions, Abigail Price, at the Grand, reads
"f?1 newera. This Is one
ot the.' -strongest demonstrations of
mental science that has been seen here
slnoe Anna Eva Fays . advent Mist
Price does nil that Miss Fay dpes and
with leas effort. . ... ..
v..;: "Utah" at the Star.'.'- --"Utah,
the play"th!r-weak at-the
tar, brings Uf mind one of the strangest
States in the country where Mormons
hold sway and control the destinies of
the commonwealth more directly than
the federal government. There will be
matlneee tomorrow, Saturday and Sun
day. Seats now selling.
r "The Man Jtom the Wert.-TT
: The Alren Stock company at the Lyric
Is offering an unusually fine attraction
in "The Man From the West" this week.
It Is a strong play and Is. splendidly
aoted. - . ' . - - ;
Potter Schedule for Beach
-V;-;..This -Weekr-r
The sailing schedule of , the steam
er Potter this week from Portland, Ash
street dock. Is as follows: Thursda
a. tn.: Friday, 1:10 a. m.; Saturday.
ra. Get tlrkets and mke reservations
st city tirket offlrn, Third and Wash
ington streets. U. W. SUngsr. alty ticket
a ec-sji MBS. XMKA STOI.T-.. , , .
Mrs.' Emma 8tolt.'l(tt! Oneida St,
Appleton. Wts writes:
, "Peruna has done me a great deal, ef
good 'Slnoe i began taking It ana 1 am
always glad to speak a good word for it
"Three years ago I was In a wretched
condition, with backaches, bearing down
lame t
and at times was so sore ana
that I could act:. move about... I
had Inrlammatlon and- - irritation, . ana
although I uaed different remedies they
did me no good.
"A neighbor who bad been using Pe
ru na advised me to try It, and 1 am glad
that I did. I began to improve as soon
as I took it and I felt much better.
1 thank you for your fine remedy. It
la certainly a godsend to sink women,"
Catarrh of the Internal Organs...
Mies Theresa Bertles. White Church.
Mo., writes: . v
I suffered with catarrh or tne stom
ach, bowels and internal organs. Every
thing x ate seemea to nurt me. i never
had a passage .of the bowels without
taking medicine. I was so tired morn
ings, and ached all over. X had a pain
in my left side, and the leaet exertion
or excitement made me short ef breath.
"Now, after taking Peruna for six
months, I am as well as I sver was. Pe
runa has worked wonders for ma I be
lieve Peruna Is the beet medicine in the
world, and X recommend It . to my
friends" r - . , , " ; "
State Troops' Prove Profl
; cient in Hajqidling Big:
Guns at Fort;
(Special Ptspetes its The JeoreaL) . '
Fort Stevens, July 10c To the great
relief of the regular army officers In
command It has been proven already
that the volunteer troop's of Oregon can
be utilised to man tHw Mg toast defense
batteries. It oocaaloa sheuldUarlse, on
very short notice. -7 For the past three
days steady drill with the big guns has
shown that the militiamen readily pick
up the necessary, knowledge -to man .the
big guns and that the garrisons could
be reinforced with state troops If neces-
Drllls and speed tests have shown
that the volunteers.- with little prac
tice, can handle -the distance , finders
with nearly as great dispatch' as the
regulars. Militiamen .yesterday located
a vessel and transmitted the firing or
ders in 40 seconds, while the record at
the fort is SO second a Erven better
showing was made In loading a 11-lnch
mortarr for which the record at the
fort Is 14 seconds, the mlUtamcn accom
plishing It in 41 seconds.
" Store, of NoTel Ideas.
- The Golden Eagle department store
has gained for Itself the reputation of
always having "something up Its
sleeve." This loom end sale Is the first
sale of the kind ever held In this part
of the country. One of the very simple
yet Important . reasons for the great
success of thla sale and of this store
seems to be the hard and consistent
"team work" of the employee. During
thla loom end sale each of the sales
ladies wears a neat little silk badge
with the words "Loom End Bala1 This
is only one example of the constant
systematized working-together of em
ployes and employers at this establish
ment' - Every clerk Is ready to - work
hard for the "house and,' In turn,' the
house is ever ready and willing to stand
back of the employes. It has '- been
admitted by one high in this firm that
the present great volume of business
which this store enjoys is due just as
largely to hard and persistent work on
the part of the employee aa to the busi
ness methods and business policies of
this ever busy store ;
The bureau of commerce and labor
has sent Miss Agnes Smith from Wash
ington, X. C to Portland to obtain the
copies of the records of the" Juvenile
court for: the psst Year to be used tn
connection with statistics compiled from
the records of criminal ooarts.- Miss
Smith is now at work In tha juvenile
court rooms at the court house, work
ing with the juvenile oourt officers who
are prearing the annual report ef the
juvenile court : -
. In the statistics being compiled -try
the bureau are Included the records Of
the divorces granted In the local circuit
courts for the past 10 years. These
figures were obtained some time ago
by another employe of the bureau. : ,
(flperlet tnspateh" te" Tne ' Jeernal.f "
Long Creek, Or.. July 10. It la now
assured that a telephone line will 'be
constructed from Uklah to Long Creek.
To construct the line frera its present
terminus at Dale to Long Creek will
require an expenditure of tl.tOO. The
company has. been incorporated, with a
capital stock of I J. 000. and shares -are
now being sold. People of Pendleton
who will be benefited toy he.llne will
subscribe $400 'and the, patrons 'living
In the south end of the county and In
Grant county agree to take the rest
The Commercial club has the matter In
. . a
The-JoaraaL) .
. (Special Dlapatek
Astoria. Or.. July
10 Judge T.
MoUrlde adjourned the
loo of -the
circuit oourt last evening for the term.
j. h. Bowisby, charged witrr muraerm
Uieve Jenninge, was te nave pieea
iterdsy afternoon, bnt as he waa too
to appear the case was continued to
the September term,, llowlshy haa not
Wei . '
leiireerte In .Ivln, the 12 IDS BnnA ee-
;W unloaded cwloadof New MtHhod" Gas Ranfs yesterday after over two months .delay
en route from Mansfield, Ohio. This belated rtlpraent we shall place on. sale for ten days at a
rery substantial reduction from rejular prices, for we do hot intend to be "stuck on gaa range
' stek if wo caa.ayold IfcTT-T." Zi:i ' '" ;yTS,7l Zi '"'1 TcT'f' 7-
S1.C3 Dotvn, $1.00 a Ueek
This style of the "Newi Method Oaa Range haa a burner at
each side extending front to back. Each throws a sheet of
perfect blu flame towards the center, covering evenly the en
tire broiling space. ; It Jiaa a simmering, burner, four New
Method top burners, guaranteed for five years, that wfll sava
lyou 25 per cent in your gat billcNew Method finish, that will
prevent the steel rusting out In a life time Instead or in aiiTor
eight years aa ft will if not protected. Haa large baking oven
and broiler.;w ' .
mp: 20
This style haa four New Method top burners, "large baking
oven and broiler oven, has bottom flue through which the heat
passes evenly causing all parts of the oven bottom, aides and
top to bake the same. The flame not coming into direct con
tact with the bottom as in other ovens, does not warp or burn
it out. Accurate tests made by ras experts in different parts
of the country have shown an average of 25 per cent less con- ; -sumption
of gas from the TNfewMetnod. than from any other r
;Durner.., . , ,
0i Course, the Gas 0). Bo wtft Uke 0
: " V " " Gas Ranges connected same day as ordered without Extra Charge. v ' y
You Wear a WATCH WhMc
Yon Pay
. - :v. i-
When you Ttake advantage of
..less than elsewhere.'.,':"- -T
Corner First s
r s
UttleLivep Pills.
.'Must Bear tfgnatur at
- See Pes Slsslls Wrapper
Tsar sun eaaCee eesr , ,
M.talMMtafasV,'. ;
rciGinixut. ' v
rsa tiu:stnle. :
rci ecnnwic-;
iaTt. p '"I alfP'- 'jak :,
r 1 '
Consume ONE-FOURTH less gas than the old style sold by the
OAS COMPANY, therefor it is not to tha interest of tha Gas Com
pany to hare New Method ranges installed in Portland homes,
however, every knock they give 'the "N. M." becomes-"a, decided
boost for' this gas-saving range.". ' .
Ranges $18
Down, $1.C9 a 7eek
. -: y .:
Special In Crockery Department
To introduce our fine new Basement Crockery Department we are.
quoting weekly specials here. They are all bargains. This week it is
GLASS BERRY' SETS FOR a.;.L;..V;.,..;;;v...20f7
' Large GlawBeriy BowlaVU ni.y gi :,0V;
Six Glass Individual Dishes to match ...... M.;10 '
our installment plan of easy paymental1 Prices
:X7 ''y ''"- '." " X'r:- v 7: '-l yy-T:"'.
Solid OaI( Bed Special
Three daya this weekThursday, Friday "and Saturdaywwe'
shall offer' a line of solid oak. beds,' the product of one of the
best Eastern factories and always sold for $12.50 An AA
and $14.00, for only.......;..;..;....;.) .Ull
EASY PAYMENTS Lfsi See' Window Display
I isr-e m s a a we- .eMw w a es e
UliSvlltGHlC I
M "-! A.7t" '' fAV
l ii-.eee t-rs viseM ,r...v
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and o' her drof habits Sac poeltfvelr evred bf
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