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. - in nnnmrm
pill ruiuuuw
Supplies of Dressed Meat In
adequate to Fill Demand
Price Very High.
,. Today market features:
" Vul trad ia famlahsd.
t Chlckn markt ) vary stiff.
Heavy trade la Waahlngton hops.
Oregon peache mora plentiful,.
Tomatoaa ranging lower.
Flret car watermelona errlva
- Oregon applea In better snap,
v Egg recefpta not ao heavy.
Cheese market la tlrmer. .
New potatoea only ar wanted., :
.. Teal Trad la Tmlshd. ' . '
uvaral wnaki thar haa bean a
dearth of arrival in the local dreaaed
rnejifaUrket.. Veal, which la In th
Arayleat demand, la .coming ao siowiy
that nnMitt eunnltea ara not more than
tufflcient tii aupply the trade of one
trge market. -- . : M- w
: xna price naa aireaoy aavnceu i iwa
B figure that tha trad la almoat acared
' to ask mora tor with higher prlcea tha
- block trade could not cut out tbelr
' money. Dealer attribute the present
scarcity of veal to the preea of work on
the farm. . Haying la in full blat; tha
. hop yard need attention; tha fruit crop
' come in for a large amount of work
.and the wheat harvest la now under way
In aom aeotlona. AIL thla baa a ten
dency to restrict tha arrival of dressed
neat and product In the market. .
Waahlnrtoa Sops atolllng. 1
Henry Bent, president of the Aurora
. fJtate bank and .a .prominent bop man,
pasted through tha city today eiLroute
1 horn after a buainea trip to North
" Yakima. Waahlngton. Aa was told In
Tha Journal Monday evening Mr. Bent
rurchaaed a large amount oj hope In
hat aectlon; tha buyer placing the
.-' amount thla morning at 77$ bale. "They
grade prima to choice and Mr. Benta
says tha purchase prlo of o reported
by Tha Journal waa about a orret aa
anyone could oome, aa tha terma were
private. Other dealers have been heavy
. purchasers of hope In the North. Yakima
... section during th paat fw day; be
ing estimated today that fully 1.(00 or
1.000 balsa have changed handa thar
during tha paat three or four day.,
i """ rowers Wast 9iaUg Money. .
I believe that tha grower In Wash
ington are eel ling their bopa ao freely
at thla tlma because thay want money
for picking the coming crop and would
like In any event to get tha old one out
j of tha way. Tht rop in- Uie-Mortu
Yakima aectlon looka well: all the yards
coming under my notice being In good
ahapa.11 " . 7 "
; Mr. Bent says that tha hopmen of
Aurora ar not -paying -much attention
to their yards; thua confirming lata ra-
fiorta by Tha Journal. "There la eoma
Ic there, too, and I do not believe the
- (rowers will spray because th prp-
pacta ara for very low prlcea. - Ten
.. centa believe to be an outsld figure
for th coming cro but there' a Do tell
ing -what may happen to th crop b-
- tween now and picking time. I believe
. that tha yarda run by rentera will be
-better picked than thoaa run by tha
- owner tharaaalvea because of th flnan
'elal outlay. -Moat rentera are backed
by the yard owner or eomeone else.
5-:toklar oe to Be Iow. ,
-r- According to th Aurora man, bop
" picking prlcea ara not likely to be-
ilgh' as- last ,ort. arorowars.? -lie
aye, cannot pay these price because
hop values are ao low. When hops ara
high the.plckera eoma to the grower
and say that they ought to receive mora
' money for picking but now when bopa
-"ar low will they-eomr around and ay
- they will work for less? I don"t bellev
, they will, but In any event growera can
not afford to pay former high prlcea." ,
Ohlckea Trade X Tery MUtt. -J. '
1 Owing to th very scant arrtvala and
tha depleted stocks In th handa of
", killer, th chicken market, and In fact
the entire poultry market with tha pos
sible exception of geese, la In very fine
ahapa, price being - held - stiff er all
Egg -market shows lighter arrival
but the market la still very depressed.
Creamery butter market la very firm;
shipments of eream showing a decrease
of late owing to tha dry weather which
cuta down grass supplies.
Cheese market la ateadler and aome
who haw en secretly cutting values
ar again charging- tha regular market.
, Brief TeTote f th Trad. -'
First ear of watermelons of tha sea
son from California arrived thla morn
ing in good shape.;: Sales t t)i einti
a pound. T ''.... '.'
Local peaches art fn -bettor-arrival
and are crowding California association
tock out .. ' ,,
Demand at present I practically all
. In new potatoea and old stocks ara drag
ging and lifeless. Price on- new stock
allghtly lower but tone la steady. "- ' '
Good demand for Wall Walla onion
whlch arrived Jyetrday..Qualltr- bat
. tor than usuaL - -
Loganberries were firmer again today
' and all good atock aold at $1.11 today
""for 14s. Leaky atock at any old price.
. Oregon apples are arriving in iuw
ahapa. Bom Dutchess of Oldenbergs
ten arnveo mi mommi wvn, , u
s, wr m rin snap. tesi aeu-
g Tatgo-pnceB.
liniratm show few strsalln ar
rivals and aome holder ar asking a
high a tl a doaen.
..... Peel of chltttm bark In Oregon la
light. ccordlng to dealera but Wash
ington operatlona ara on a larger scale.
Prlc dull at eo. . . .
Front at reet prlcea: ; ,
". Oralm, rioa( aa a.' : '
t Q RAIN BAO Caleutt. go, large
lots; small lota. IHc.
WHEAT Club, l4ttBc; red Busslan,
tic; blues tern, I7c: valley, .
CORN Whole, $21.01 cracked, fi!.0
oar ton." "l
F BARLEY New Feed,- IJ1.00 Ott.04
?er ton: rolled, $tt.009t4.00; brewing.
21 00SS 00. , .
JtYE ll.BI par owt . . . . . "
1 ' OATS Nw Producer price No. 1
White, til.ot per ton; gray.- t!7.0.-
FLOUR Kaatam Oregon patents,
$4.10; atralghta. 14.18; export 14.00;
valley. $4,100 $4.40; graham, tia. il.TI;
whole wheat $4.00; rye, to. tJ)9: bales.
ei ti
MILtSTUFTS Bran, $17.a
III K4ll "mJ w"w-ww asws wva
city. lMO: chop, IU.0OOii.oo.
14 In lit flile BhAeta aas
ucers' price Timothy,
Willamette valley, fancy, $11.00017.00:
ordinary, $11.00014.00 eastern Oregon,
$10.000 1 00: mlzad. $IO.OOwlO.0;
clover, II 40 0 00; grain, Il.00wl0.00;
cheat $..
Butter, Bgg and revltry.
BUTTER FAT f. , b, partlanB
Sweet rreum, 24c; sour, 14o. . i
. BlITTVR Clt rrMmar, HUai u.
nds, 16 He; outside fancy, 25c; seconds,
Hc; store, Oregon. 110 lte. '
'Tlenty of cabbag 14 now ar
riving In th local market to
supply th trad. I have never
een ucb good quality aa la now
shown for this, tim of - year,
.practically all heada being un
' usually solid. On this Account
' thars Is a" better ' demand for
outside aUlpmenL" Walter Bol- 1
lam Of Dryer, Bollam Co.
- ; Thare haa bean keavy da-
d ' mand for spring chickens ' and
fancy hang during tha paat week d
4 and the market la atlll very Arm.
4 Bhlppera who send In their sup
plies promptly will gat tha bane- ' d
4 ' At of a strong market There ia
4 very-littl call for duck, geese w
4 or turkey and It ia hard to dls- d
4 pose of them at low figures.'
4 "Mora veal could be used to
4 good advantage, tha supplies of 4
d late being Insufficient to meet ;
4 tha demand. Hog ar also in'
4 limited supply.
4 "Loganberries have been arrlv-
4 ing In hetur ahapa during tha
4 past' day or ao and . all auppllos .
d ar now being picked up prompt-
4 ly at better prices than pre-
4 vatled during th latter part of
4 last and) th first of thla week. 4
4 Overripe, fruit sold at buyer d
4 own figure for several day and,
4 It emed that , nearly all ship- 4
4 ment were overripe. " B. W. , d
4 Graham of Shark Qrabam. 4
- EGOS Extra fancy candled; XI 14c;
uncandled, 1202tHe.
CHKKSE New Full, .cream, flats,
14H01ao per lb; Young America. It hi
per lb. . '
POULTRT Mixed chickens. II C
fancy bene, , 14o per lb; . rooatera,
old, iofcc lb; fryers. It017o lb; broilers.
110170 H; old duoks, lo lh; spring
I lucks. 110140 lb; geese, old, 10100 per
b; eprlng geaaa. It H Oil per lb; tur
oya. 11014e lb for old; squaba, $1.50
per doa; pigeons, $1.1$ par do. Dressed
poultry, 101jso per lb higher. - -Xepa,
Waol aad Bid.
HOPS 104 crop prima to choice,
$ WOT; medium to prime, 04o; con
tract 107 orop, 10011-- -WOOL
107 clip Valley. $0011
aaatern Oregon, ItOlle.
- JlOHAIR New 1107 II0MHO. '
SHEEPSKINS Sheairtag. 1J01OO
each: abort wool, 25040c: mi-Hun. wool,
$O0t6o each; long wool. Tlo 011.00 each,
TALZX3W Prime, par lb, Ti04c; No.
I and sreaaa, lOIHe.
CHITT1M BARK o par lb. -rrolta
aad Tegetables, ,
POTATOES lO!0 par lb.
ONIONS Jobbing - price New Cali
fornia red, $1.6.0 tol. 76 per sack: New
Walla Walla, $o lb; garlic, tc par lb.
APPLES New, $1.00 01.7$. -----.
FRESH FRUITS Oranges, $$04;
banana, so -Ib-Jemona. $4.60 0 1 Xk nar
box; Times. Mexican.- 4.0ft per
100: 'pineapples, $I.2$0(.O$ doa; grape
fruit, $l.25.chrrlea, J$oper lb;
fooseberrlea, 4o per lb; loganbeniea,
101.26 per crate; peaches, $1,00 0
I. lt; - cantaloupes, fancy, $3.1601.50;
raspberries, $1.26: plums, $1.1601.60;
watermelona. IHspsr lb. :
VEGETABLES Turntpe. new. I0o4j
II. 00 sack; carrota 76o0$l.OO per aacM
beeta, $1.71 per sack; paranlpa $100 a
$1.26; cabbage, . $2.2$, tomatoes, Cali
fornia, $101.26: Oregon, $202.26; pars
nips, $Oc0$l.OO; was beans, luto;
freen, $0(o per lb; cauliflower, $1.2(0
.60 dosen; peas. 4 7c; horseradish, o
lb; artichokes, 46 0 760 per dox; aspsfa
gus, 76o per doa bunohea; rhubarb, lc-lb;
reea onions. 16o par doa: - belr pep
para, 12 H 016o per- lb: head lettuce,
( ) doa; cucumber, hothouse. 400
60 doa; outdoor, 1 1.00 1.60: radishes,
Ito doa bunches; eggplant, $00269 '!
green corn, 46o doa, r r - -
Orooerlea, Vats, Kto,
" ftfOAR Cub,
15.07 H; berry, I4.77H; dry granulated.
,,.IISi ,,.,ITI, . ,u. I I 711
extra B, 5 17 H: golden C. Ilim: D
yellow, $4.07 Hi beet granuiaied. $6.47 Hi
barrels. 10c; half barrel 26c; boxes.
60e advance on aack bests.
(Above price ara $0 days net cash
HONEY 11 1 per crate.
COFFEK Pacsag brands, lls.HO
If .41.
SALT Coarse Half pound. 100s, $11
rer ton; 60a, $11.60; table, dairy, $0.
16.60; 100s. $16.26: bale. $2.10; lm-
rortad Liverpool, 60s, $1100; 100a $17:
14. $14.00; extra fine. bbl. in. 6a and
10a, $4.6006.60; Liverpool lum rock,
$20.69 par ton; 60-lb rock. $11.00; ItOa.
$10.60. - .
(Above price spply to sales of leas
than car lota Car lota at special prlcea
subject to f luctuatlone.
RICE: Imperial Japan, No. L et No.
t. 6H064c: New Orleana, head, 7o;
AJax, 6c: Creole. 6c. ... .
BEANS Small white, $1.10; . larg
white. $116; pink. $1.26: bayou, $!.;
Llmaa. tUc: Mexloan red" 4U.
NUTS Peanuta, Jum. Vio Pr lb;
Virginia. 7 Ho per lb; roasted, 10c per
lb; Japanese, 60 6Ho: roaated. 0THc
pay lb; walnuta California. i"Tr lb;
pine ants, 14 016 per lb: hickory auta,
lto per lb; Braall nut, ito per lb: fil
berts. 14o per lb; fancy pecans, l$02Oo
per lb: almond a. ItOHHo.
Meats, Flab aad rovtsloaa.
FRESH MEATS Front street Hogs,
fancy. 10 1 He per lb; large. 407a per
lb; veal, extra, tHo per lb: ordinary,
to per lb: poor.- 4 07o par lb; mutton,
fancy, talc, per lb.
HAMS. BACON. ETC. Portland pack
(local) ham. 10 to 11 lb. 14Ho per lb;
14 to 14 lbs. Ito per lb: It to 10 Iba,
lla: breakfast bacon. 16H0tla pet
lb; picnics. 12o 'per lb; cotiac roll,
11 Ho per lbp regular short clears, tin.
smoked, lto per lb; smoked, llo per lb;
clear backs, unsmoked, 12o; smoked, lto
per lb: Union butte,J0 to 11 lbeun
amokedV to per lb; per lb;
clear bellies, unamoked, 11 Ho per lb;
smoked. 11H0 per lb; anouldera. HHc
per lb; pickled tonguea. lOe each. .
LOCAL LARD Kettle leaf. 10a. lie
per lb; 6s, 1IH Pr lb: 60-lb Una llHc
per lb; ateam rendered. 10a 11 Wo per
lb; ta, llo per lb; compound, 10a. lOe
per lb.
FISH Rook cod. To per lb; flounders,
to per lb; halibut 4 Ho per lb; striped
bass. Ho per lb; catfish. lOe per lb; i-il-mon,
fresh Columbia chlnook. 11 H Per
lb: bluebaxk. lOo per lb: Steel
heads, lOe per lb: herrlnga,$o par
lb; soles, to per lb; ahrimpa lOo per
lb; perch, to per lb:' black cod, 7o per
Ihj tomeod. Te per lb; lobatera 10 per
lb; fresh mackerel, to per lb: crawfish,
too per doa: sturgeon. lOo per lb: black
bass, too per lb; Columbia river smelt,
to per lb; shad, 4o per lb; black cod,
7 He per lb.
OYBTERS Shoalwater bay. par gnl
lon. $1.60; rr lo-lb sack. $4 60; Olym
pla, per rallon, $1.26; per 116-lb pack,
i.f 004.16; Eagle, canned. 10o can;
$7.00 dn. . , "
CLAMS Hsrrfshelt. ' per bo. $1 40;
raxor clams. $1.00 per box: lOo par doa.
- ' Faints, Coal Oil, Bto.
ROPB Pur Manila, llfcc; standard.
l$44e; slaal, 11c.
COAL OIL Pearl or Astral (
lHo per gal: water white, Iroa bbla
14o par sal: wooden, 17o per mmX; head
light. 170 dee;., cases. XI He per gal.
OASOLINE t dea., casaa, 24HO per
gal! Iron bhla lo per gal.
BENZINR 01 dea , eaaea lto par gait
Iron bhla tie per gaL
TURPRNTINB In eaaea tto per gal;
wooden bbla lie per gal.
'WHITE LEAD Ton lota T He per
lb; 600-lb lota $ per lb; less lota. $Hc
'"wiRIO NAILS Present best at $11$.
Unlt4Ml States Oovrmmrnt Bonds.
' New York. July 10. Oovernment
oonas: -
. Pete.
Twoa, reg1atrad.....l06
do coupon ,.1106
Threes, registered ..101$
do coupon ..lilt
Fours, reg., new.. ...1(26
do coupon ...... t . )4
Four, reg., old. ...... 107
do coupon 1107
Fours, Philippines.,, .,,
do coupon ,, , ,,
Twoj, Pan. ma, new.. ...
District of Columbia,
' J0H4
' 106 U
101 . '
104 V
10 H
104 i
Killers Forced to Buy In
" Utah aiid Montana StiU"
' No Hog Arrivals.
Portland Vnlon Stockyard. July 10
Official receipts: - -
Bogs. Cattle, Sheen.
Today Hi ' if!
weea ago, ....... see Hi" v
Year axa . . , lit
Prevloua year ... ' IT 7
The small eattr rolpt from local
polnta ar th cause of soma concern
to "th local trad. Whil arrival at
th yarda total well In comparison with
prevloua period but llttl of thl atock
Is being received from local point.
. Up to this time th bulk of th ar
rivals have eoma from Cal-ornla. but
from, thl Urn forth during th pres
ent season som other section will be
drawn upon. So scare have cattle be
come during lata years In Oregon that
every season packers ara forced 4 go
farther away to get tha bulk of ,thel
auppllea. -
Utah- and afoatana took.
Utah and Montana polnta will now be
Invaded by Pacific coaat killers for
their cattle, as tha offerlnga In Oregon
ar too arnaU to fill th requirement
of th trada
Aocordlng to buyers this' will very
likely causa cattle valuea to hold vary
stiff here, especially for select staera
Four centa will be th low point for th
beat eteere. according to the buyers. .
. Begiaa With Be Bogs. .
A second week was started In th
local stockyards slno there were any
arrivals of boa. - Lest Tueeday evening
110 bead arrived. The market therefore
la nominal, - "
SheeD market ahows arrivals of 160
bead agalnat 010 head a week ago, nona
a year ago sad LIOO .head two yeara
ago. -
A year ago today hogs and sheep were
iirm, came auii. ;
Official livestock prices:
Hoss Best eastern Oreron. 14.60:
tocker and feed era, $1.0004.26; China
rata, .2oii.6.
Cattle Beat aaatern Oregon ateer.
14.00; beat, cow and heifer, $$.16; bull
2.00. ... :
Sheep Wethers, $4.11 And 4.60; lamb
$6.00,- -
London and New York Both Record
Bad Breaks in Amrt
' . .. can Isaacs. . .
Amat. Copper.. 1 '4
Atchison . 1M
St Paul. ...... .45
Canadian ...... ' ;
LotitavHIa-TTiVivt 1
Missouri Pao....l
Smelter ...,
B. dc 6.........1
N. Y. Central...!
IPehnavlvanla ...1
Cola Fuel . ,
.lHJReadlng 4
Rock Island
1 IU. B. S-'...ilH
South. Pao.....lH
.do preferred.
Norths Pa.
- Th Nw York market waeL la -th
handa of th bears today. Tha greatest
Influence waa the severe weakness In
London, due to tha Jap war talk. Thla
left American aharea there nearly -1
point lower all around.- ...
Stocks boosted by Lawaon Amalga
mated Copper and St. Paul were among
tha ablef loaer.- St Paul loat 4H point
and Amalgamated nearly $ polnta. Read
ing waa hurt by heavy liquidation,
which coat tha prio 4 points.
Money rates were strong and feverish.
Official New York prlcea by Overbeck,
ptarr.t 1.000 company
Amal. Copper Co.
Am. C. tt V., com.
do preferred
Am. Cot Oil. o.
Am. Loco- com
Am. Sugar, com..
Am. nmeit, com
do preferred:
Ana Mining Co..
Am. wool., com,
Atchison, com..
do -preferred..
B. 4k O.. co n.. . .
14Hl 004
do preferred. . .
Br. Rap. Tranalt.
Can. pao., com..
Can. Leather, c.
do preferred..
C. st O. W., c,
C. M. St. P.. .
C. Si N. eom.
146 H
10 H
04 2
Chesatieak AO...
Col. F I. com.
Colo. South, c .
col. 80. 1st ord.
Pel. A Hudsonj. .
i). K. u. com. .
U R. pfd
Erie, com ,
Erie, 2nd pfdv-r.
Illinois Central .
Louis. A Nash...
Mex. Cent. Ry...
M.. K. A T., o...
Distillers .......
O. Northern . ...
F. Smelter
M. K. A T.. pfd..
Mia Pacific - v..
National Lead ..
N. Y. Central ..,
N. Y O. A Weat.
N. A Weat., C...
do preferred
North American.
Nor. Pacific, c. .
P. M. Steam. Co.
Pen nay 1. Ry. . . .
P. O., L. A C Co.
P. S. Car.', a . .,
do preferred . .
Reading, e . .-.
do Id pfd ......
do 1 at pfd . . .
Rep. II. A fl , e. .
do preferred . .
Rock Island. 0...
do preferred . .
S. U A 8. F.. 1-p.
do 1st pfd. . . .
St. L. A 8. W., e.
do preferred . .
8a Pacific com.
do preferred .
8a Railway, o. ..
do preferred . .
Tenn. Coal A I.. .
Texaa A Pacific
ii"r.7!4 riiU
T.. St. U w., e
do preferred . .
Union Paclflo, a.
do. preferred ..
U. 8. Rubber, e. .
do preferred
U. 8. Steel Co.. e.
do preferred-.-Wahash.
com . . . .
do preferred . .
W. U. Telegraph.
Wis. Central, c.
00 prererreq
Total sales for day.
r:4?ell jrgojtey closed at
do preferred
8.H.206 shsrea.
6 H Pr cent,
Liverpool Cotton Market. ' "
Liverpool,. Julr 10. Cotton' future
closed easy, 4 to 8 4 polnta lower.
firm Tork-London Silver, ,
' New York, July 10. Bar allver. $714;
IVondon, 114, - , - .
r-' :" '-
"Washington Ilopgrowers Are Selling
Their Old Crop in Order to Get Money
to Pick Their Crops for This Season.
Government Wheat Report
'Issued Spring fWheat Is
Ninety-One Four Tenths.
0 ' : 4
0 ,; Ooveraaaaat Orop Beport. , 0
0' Condition of grata crops on 0
0 July 1 aa compared with prevl- 0
0 0u parlodat . 0
0 Winter wheat eondlUon Tt.l 0
par cent as agalnat 77.4 par cant
June 1, HOT, agalnat 11 1 par
Went July 1. HOT. and 10 years'
average of 10.4 per cant .
. Spring wheat .condition tT.t
par cent, agalnat ll.Tper-cent
June 1, HOT, and 11.4 July 1,'
Hot. - ..'.V
4 , All wheat condition July 1.
4 HOT. $1.1 par ' oent agalnat $T
0 par sent July 1. 1104. and $4 $
0 par cent July X, 110$. ...
0 . Cora coodlUon "July 1. HOT, 0
10, 10.1 par cent compared with 17.6 0
0 - per oant year ago, 17.$ par oent 0
1101. and. 10 yeara' average of 0
IS.t per cent , 0
. : Oats ' condition ' $1 par cent 0
agalnat $7.6 par cant June 1 and 0
14 per cant July L 110$. 0
eept .it - u ,7 8-
Deo .11H .11H U .1
May ...... 1.01 3 1.0 ...
aala." - ' '
Although - Chicago valuea showed' -a
loea because the government report did
not ahow greater damage to th wheat
tha news was oonaldered bullish In gen
eral. WhJJe thar waa a fractional In
crease In winter condition, spring
wbeat shows a Joaa of 1.6 per cent from
a month ago,
The trade had somewhat had these
conditions reversed in Its (mind, tha ex
peotatlon being that aprlng g'alu would
be improved. The fact the" govern-
ment'a figures showed that It eld not
helped to hold in check tha extreme
beartahness of th . Chicago board
- Kay Is athowlng a 0st,-"'-rv'-
'Whlle all other options in thChi
cga wheat market are ahowlng a loss
from yesterday. May closed with a gala
of Ha '
Liverpool waa bullish in anticipation
of th government report ahowlng a losa
and opened and - oloaed with a- gain.
However In the late trading that market
was not ao active and firm. ,
According' to the government report
laaued today th amount of .wheat In
farmer handa July 1 wa 0.446,100,
equal to T.I per cent of laat year orop.
The board finda that the preliminary
return ahow tha acreage of corn to be
about tl,09,000, an increase of 1.141,000
aeraa, or 1.4 per cent as compared with
the acTeajre-planted laat year.
- Official-Chicago-prices by-Overbeck,
Starr A Cook company t -
V -l WHEAT. , ;
July. 0IH 01
Sept i.-i- 16 H 04
Dec 0H 01
May... .1014 101
. vr.r- corn. .
I1H 64H
04H r 66
11 H 61 Vi
414 41
11 40
A0 41
JolT.... 10I ItOt 1401
Jan.... .....1116 1610 14261426
- .' ' LARD.
July.,..k... 010 110 ' $19. $14 -
Sept........ W7 197 tt tit
Oct.. ....... 000 lOt 117 000
July......... 146 141 141 .141 --.
Sept. ....... 141 t YtO ttl
Oct.. ..4... $46 16T ; 161 $67
1 Lfvcrpool Grain Iarket. -
Livrpoci, July 1 0.-Oglclal price :
f Open. Close,
July!. Gain
July...Ts IHd T IHd
Bevt-.Ts 4kd Ts 4Hd
T IHd Ta t
T 4Hd T 1
T t4 7 6
Ta I d Hd
Deo... 7s tHd Ts 4Hd
Sept..4allHd 4allHd
4slld Hd
Bid Price Current on San Francisco
,' Exchanjre Today. N
San Franclsoo, July 10. Official hid
Sandstorm 42c, Red Top 14.60A. Mn
hawlr' $1, CotumblaMt."" 40c, Jumbo
I4.21A, Jumbo Ext. $1.76.- Vernal - 17o,
Pennsylvania le. Ooldfleld M. Co.Jl.IOA.
Kendall 12c A. Booth 46cA. Adama llo.
Silver Pick 44o, May Queen 20c A. Nev.
Boy Ic, B. B. Ext. to,-Blue Bell lie,
Dixie tc O. Columbia 10c Hlbernla tc
St. Ivea 11, Conqueror $1, Blk. Ronk
4, Lone Star 20c, O. Wonder 1c Oro
He Kendall Ext. 2c. Sandat Ext 4c,
Mayna 7c, Atlanta tic. Oreat Bend 14c,
Empire He Red Top Ext He Florence
$6. O. Daley $1.$6. La gun a $1.16. Com
monwealth 14c Comb. Fract. $$, Or.
Bend Ext llo. Or. Bend Am, lOo, B. 1.
Bona ns 4c. Kewano 0c, Portland lie.
Cracker Jack ITc.- Frartcla Mohawk
1.16A. Red HU1 47c, Mohawk Ext 11c
Ixu Dillon 7e, Y, Tiger llo. Grandma
He Y. Roee tc, Ooldf. , Cona $$.14,
Diam't Trlangl Hp. . -
Ophlr 11.70, Mexican He, Oould
Curry 11,. Cpn. Virginia 40c, .Savage
41c, Hale A Norcroaa ft On, Yellow Jacket
lie Belcher 14c Confidence 41c, Sierra
Nev. 14c, Exchequer ISc, Union 25c
Original 7c Bullf. M. C He. Nat
Bank llo, L. Harris to. Amethyst Ha.
Stelnway tc Denver, Buf. Anx. IdcA,
Bonnie Clare 46c, WeyfL Cona ISc,
Monty.-Ohle Ext.- Te. G." Sceptre- 10c,
Monty. Mt He B. Daisy tc, Homeataae
Cona. 11 A. Yankee Girl . TcA. Nuggitt
7cA, Tramp Cona. 41c, Victor tcA, North
Star 6c Bunaet 60.
Tor. Nev. $11. Mont Ton. $1.2S. Ton.
Ext. $1.10, MacNamara 10e Midway
11.10, Ton. Belmont $1.60. Ton. No. Star
ito, Ohio Ton. 6cA, Weat End Coaa
10c, Rescue 17c Ton. A Calif. 17c A.
Golden Anchor 10c, Jim Butler $1.06,
Ton. Cash Boy tc. Ton. Horn 6C- Bost
Ten. .He A, Monarch Pitta Ex. lea,
Mont Mid. Ext 4c, Golden Crown 10c A.
Minn. Cona 45c, Mann. M. Co. To.
G. Wedge 7o, Seyler Hump. 6c Dexter
12c, U Joe tc Crescent IcA, Combina
tion 1c Granny He Mustang 14c. Cow
horr tc Orlg. Manh. to, - Broncho 7c
Jump Jack He Plnenut Tc Buffalo
60A, 8. Dog 14c Y, Horse 4c - Indian
Camp 0c.
Falrv. Stiver King lOoA. Falrv. Fsgla
ffto, Nevada Hills 14.14. Nc Star Won
der Ic Eagle'a Nest 14c Buhy Wonder
J So, Alice of Wonder 41c Vltuburg fill
var Peak 11.4.
H 04 it
H 101 101
14 64 H
64 64
61 H 61 Vl
Oregon ProTislon for Short
Working Day Causes Rail
. road Trouble. ,
" ' (Jearaal Special srriee. .
, Redding, CaL. July It. Tha new Ore
gon law forbidding trainmen being em
ployed mora than 14 hour contlnuoualy
la interfering with : tha operation of
fralaht - trains' between Thinemulr aad
Ashland. Oregon. Thla waa atliklngly
Illustrated yesterday.- wbaa a north-
kmmii frelarht . train consumed 10 a
hour in going from Dunaroulr to Horn
brook, 11 miles from Ashland. Tha
minimum time tha Southern Pacific al
lows for tola mountain portion of th
road ia three and one half boura. If the
crew In charge took the train "over the
hill' thay would hav arrived In Ash
land It minute beyond th limit of 14
hours prescribed by th new Oregon
law. There la no a tat I on between Horn
brook and Ashland with eldetrack room
for th storage of a freight train, o the
train dispatcher at Dunsmulr ordered
th freight to stop at Hornbrook and
th crew wer deadheaded back . to
Dunsmulr to take 10 hours rest A
freab aet of trainman wa sent trt
Ahm.nA In hrlnv In th frelaht
Railroad men approve th . law,
thoush It haa no affect in California
cept on th Dunsmulr dtvlalon. whloh la
part ta Oregon ana part in uuiranua
Washington, July 10. Criminal ao
tlon agalnat high offlclala of the Har
rlnun railroad avatam aannot b taken
la tha land grafting cases of the South
ern Pacific in Nevada. Th Oakland.
California, land offioa, after an invea
tlratlon, haa notified th Waahlngton
offlclala that tha atatut or limitation
will bar criminal proceeding. Civil
suits will be started to reoovsr th land
claimed by tae-rallroada
.. ' (tDSClal Dtssateb e Tea loaraiU
Pendleton, Or.. July 10. A new store
I being Incorporated ia Pendleton, to
be capitalised st 160,000, composed of
the Teutch department store and the
Wonder store of Pendleton, and the
Fair store, recently organised by Lee
Teutch at Preston, Idaho. Th follow
ing ar the Incorporators v Lea Teuton,
Charlea E, Bean, J. B. Dee-pain, Charles
Bonney,- Oeorge Bear and S.TS." Llv
lngood. It la tha intention of the new
eom pany t anlarg -aad add ta aU-th
. Jaffarsoa . bualnaas . man subscribed
about $100 to improve a road.
Livestock of All Kinds Contlnnos to
' Show Good Form..., '
Chicago, July 10. Official receipt:
. , . Hoga Cattle Bheei
Chleaso V.1. ....... 10.000 12.000 II. od
Kansas City 11.000 . 7.000 1.600
Omaha 14.000 1,000 4.000
Hogs opened ateady to a fraction
lower with 1.100 left over. Receipts a
year ago - were 17,000. Mixed and
butch ere 15.8004.10; good and heavy,
15.1004.01: rough and heavy, $6,609
6.76; TlghtJt"0f.l!H.
- Catt le 8fdy.- - - rr
Sheep Steady. - '.:
New York Cotton Market,' ' ;
:. Open. High. LoW. Close.
January .... 111$ : 1110 10 1117
ill II
March , Hit 1114
May , 1120 ' 1220
July HH 121$
August 1201 1106
September .. 1196 1116
October ..... 1101 .1107
November .. 1171 1171
December .. ; HOT 1101
1111. - -HIT
:-w Portland Bank Statement.
aearinga today ...$l.tll.l7.IT
do year ago ...r...... 1,241,924.17
Gain today ...........
1 17.021.20
Balances toaay
do year ago
eases, then the serious complex and stubborn ones that otnert neither cure
nor comprehend. I have confined my effort to diseases of men exclusively
and there it no ailment belonging to this class Ihet I cannot fully ooaqaer.
I make broad snd definite claim.' I tell men that I can cur then, even
ft tl Attach Atfcei hav failed Teslnua doctors here charged me with claiming
too much. But. I ask. wherein
tice it now fully twice that of
...; men'a diseases It haa
made oromises and fulfilled them.
and a manifestation of skill that has had hs part in the msktng of my suc
cess. Each day new caret are completed, aad my present growth of prac
tice it more rapid than ever before., v ' -
Consultation is free. If you "are afflicted, consult me. Yott can rely
noon what I tell you. andifXAecept your esse you can rest tttored that a
eoraolete and permanent cure will
All necessary X-Ray
eaaminationa are , abso
lutely free . to patients.
My equipment for. X-Ray
-work it tha finest and
most complete ever pro-
" duced, and equally per
fect results are not possi
ble with an inferior appa-
. rants. . " : '
? All medldnea are pre-
pared ' from standardtid
drug in. my own private
"laboratory and ore sup
plied ta patients at actual
1 r j
Brother of .Ear! of Xeitrlm Come
to Anvrtca ta the Flrerooo
- - of Ooeaa Ltner.
Ueamal faeelal asvvtea)
Haw Tark is t waa learned
today that th Hon. Francla Patrick
Clements, II years old, brother of th
present Earl of Lei trim, who has been
mniufll xor nim lur weewi
Do aot waaa yoat llfaaoasalttag lrragnlar Mootors" who possess nei
ther th eduoatlon. skill nor expeilenoe neoesaary to find out what your .
oilman ! . muk leas umm with.- It and make yon well. ..
I rhlne-a that ara not done rlsrht
Doaaut asi w s asw iwuaiu i"u
whose orialnal lnvaatlgatlons and
special dlaeaaes hav caused oa t
elallat In our llna.. .
We Cure Nervous De
kirirM M4a wTaalack eouras-e. whoanerva ar shaky.
have loat ih anaxkla. whoa
aleep restless, eonfidenoe gone, spirit low aad eaally depreaaed. who ara
backward, hesitating, unable to venture because tbey are afraid of failure!
who want somebody to decide for them, who ar weak, run downs and rest.
I as a It Is to men who have part or all of these symptoms and want new
life, new energy. W specially solicit those case In which many eo.
called treatments hav failed, or where money has been w asked on other
methods of treatment. Don't experiment when our direct method ef-.
f era a certain meana of our by local treatment. '.. , , ..
" We Cure Varicocele .
Varicocele causea eongeatlon of th blood ta som ef th most vital
blood veaaela of man. It causae a . dull, heavy, ltstles feeling, which is
often mistaken for nervous debility or general decline. . Varfoooela re
sults from partial paralysis of tb delicate nerve fibers that control la-,
cal circulation of tha blood. The muscular coating of the veins Is deprived
" of nervous control and become inactive, weaken and relaxes. Th
'blood veseels expand from the preasur within. Tha olronlatton baeomea
sluggish and clots form In little nooks and pockets that constantly en
large as ths relaxation continues. .. ,: ; .
: Nq Pay Unless Cured v Consultation Free
Our reputation snd work ar not a mushroom growth. We hava been'
earing men for 27 years. , -
write. If you cannot rail All . errrspondenc strictly eonfideotlal
and all replies seat in plain envelop. Xktglo 1-cant stamp to lasur re
ply, k if.
OFFICB HOURS 4) a. m. to I p. m.; evenings, T to $:10; Sundays,
, I ,, m. to 11 noon.., .1.- . , -
iiecicai m
, ooiurn KatoosTO ajts t.
I Dave the largest Prcc
tice Because I Invaria
bly FnlUll My Premises
Soceess isn't attained at n bound. It it made
no of manr little triumoht. A lartre tnedkal
doesn't await the yoa nf phyciant
the eoilere door. - He must prove buoaut.
muit work toward tnccest day after day, doing
well each dy"i tasks. '
It hit always been my role to promt noth
ing that I am not absolutely certain of aceom-
puanms;. neaiixins; ina n vum yj
tnccestfully undertake to cure all diseasee, X
entered anecial aoarses of Study in preparation
mv nresenr work. For 16 years I
been proving; my ability and bnfldinf my tue
cet. I - have mastered, first the simpler die-
have I failed to fulfill a promise? My prac
any other specialist upon the Pacifle coast
now to these dimensions because I have
Each cure I have effected ia a tritunpb.
low my treatment
The Dr Taylc:
r.!orrisca St, Ccr. tzi, Crcrcn
Putients livlnc OH ef ''a e'te com In
Forllarnl lr lr.!m,r( Yn f,,,.:..!4 .
fin r'"" f' f'T r' .i. , jo ir tfunis
rect te lit . :..jrt.- . , -t.
earns her a a atuker oa th eu.f -St
Louis of the American line, whi. h u
aw la port. vn,n he ran away lr 1
hla family estate at Mulroy, Com
DoneaaWrelan. about a month ai I
went t SoutDauiBinn, where he a i -t
for a chance to r his iaeae to
country. He had on the see
aa a midshipman and, being strong an.l
athletic had no trouble In sttln th
work be asked. He save the assume I
name of Sloan Sod Assistant -nsinr
Dobaon put him in the etnke bole wimi
ut any Idea ef bia Identity, n, in. -1
her with bis wares, amounting to 14.
and said a would get employment In
New York. - Clamant 1 tb tietr pre
sumptive to Use aarl'a tltl aad atata
I a paternal government oe ta which
nobody works bat fathert
aCAjcaa ulav noru ta ,:
; Tasoagai the asanas sya
srstaaa. Xt Is a pasely
vegeeabla eompoaaa.
Csntalna no oils or fata or
any drug; that is injurious
or liahl to produo a hablc
Each - kottl contains a
month's treatment and enata
$1.10 at any nrst-elas drbg
Ovegexdaja XUg-. PerUaaA, Oc . I
It U
VI a -
FEB? TO PAT. . - .
We are curing; tnore men than any two tpe-
cialitts in Portland. Our small fee enables at
to cure for lets money than mtnr self-styled
specialists atk for their service. Our advice
to yoo will be worth much in your case if you
; need the services of a skilled, reliable tpecialist.
. never turn out well.
aiimuM wi
long study bits th cause and cur
be duly recognised
brains ar mnddlad. ideas oonfuaed.
sav. VATixm,
Te produea temporary activity
T m ntneuesta m I
oallad weakn la a alraple mat
tar, but to permanently restore
atraagth and vigor I a problem
that out few phrelolana have
olved. T sever treat for tem
porary effeota Under ar ye
tana ef Ireatmont, every bit ef
Improveaaeat la a part of s per
maaent sura Though other
phyalclana have, through my aue.
ease ta effecting permanest
area, beea eoavineed ef the fact
that prametureneea. fn of pow
er, etV. ar but irmplnnn re
sulting from eArenle lnlaam
tloa ae ontloa la th proetai
glaad, aooa hav aa yt ha
able 4 dualk-at rev cnra Mr
ya of local treatment I
only effeettv mean r kaawn
for reatertag tb prostate t He
normal ace, whl" i way re
sults la fuU a4 cTPrlt return
f tragrk and vi r. tiuoh. a
Mr ta aJolnt,lv permanent, ne
au the cona tion i.imIM
fW th fanetloival o.snrU.T la en
tirelr rereevad. It le th er. r
Bind ef a eure a rlt desire
Snd la the only kind ef cure t
will treat for.
twuwtTarrear rvvs.
1 e'ai B- " ' 1 'i r v
ami a-. 11
Beeta rrta-att
4 ur of
eg the leaning spa.