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: Federation President "Will
k Hot Betray . Haywood on
- Witness Stand and -Will
OiTe Orchard the Lie on
! Testimony. " ' ' ' ' '
By John Nevtna. .
" ... (joarsal Ssrres.)
?i Boise, Ml. July The krly
iitton of today's session of th Haywood
' (trial wu again devoted to tho reeding
f of lu rranelsco. depositions. I1
had a talk with HM la Ws s-U this
4 morning. Tho federation president Wi
k. U I. ( condition. tafl0J!
anxiously f orward to tho ordeal on tho
witness stand and will absolutely deny
Orchard's testimony In oo for naj lt to-
latesto blm counseling or otoii permit-
iby Implication or
, be favored violence In connection with
taking Orchard to Ouray, and that ho
t sent Vardto Idaho to km SUumo-
i t1' ' Kaaefeotared Byidanoa, '
' Albert A. tiwaln. Xeuver agent of tho
r Pu.UO CMeftalnre. ptit on tho stand
1 tms aftsrnoon. whila the reeding of
i .depoeltlone wu tempOTarUy dlapenaod
wltb7 to order to testify to the confer
, 7nc betvreen hircLf "l1'!
McParland at Denver. Daxrow said tna
wftnWwould teetlfy to an
5 MeParlaod's part to manufacture raiao
i "ceWnet Haywood, but Borah
oblected and wa sustained and Bwsin
wpermitt- to tell hi. storH.
a promising he would recall him after Me-
Parland nad teetlfled. ' '
-Allan V -GUI.- a, Spokane contractor,
formerly city engineer of that city,
' "master mecbanlo at tho Tiger and Poor-
; chard in the Coeur cTAlenen. The Utter
" tried to eeu sirs, m. .
Slmpklna. Orchard - in discussing the
aid Ae would hare been A millionaire
Ton-,. . ir it had not been for
a...r.k-,i--7 M said Cardon was
spending ssonby which belonged to him.
. tahoa op J-d oonauraed tho balance of
v tAO QMaion.
. a.
Frnd and Omsp1ry Charge by
Wtich RanAin Seeks, to Re
nrn Kwuly f 12,000.
' Fraud and conspiracy are tho charge
on which M. B. Rankin seeks to recover
taarlv 111.000 by a counterclaim to a
suit brought Against him by H. C
Mahon. . Rankin filed his answer setting
up- ths cftunter charges to the.'' circuit
mi,- .MKnh, afternoon. H alleses
tia omnloved Mahon to' secure tim
ber lands for him in Benton and Doug
las oountlea, and that the- prloot was to
Mahoa entered Into a conspiracy with
F. K. Bnoagrass oi i r.ugene, imfi
RjinVIn: br which LJ31 acres Were 121.60' an acre with . the
agreement that Mahon was to receive
all the excess of 114 an acre that was
naM. vtvlns Mahon a oommiaslon of
17.60 an acre. Rankin alleges that he
raid 114,447 on this deal, relying on
Mahon'a renresentatlons end now asks
that ho ntMrocovor fll.000. from Ma-
: (peehl Dkreteh ts Tke Sesrssl.) '
' Pendleton. - Or, : July - . Oeorgo
Adams, a sheepman whoso ranch is on
upper McKay creek, ts at tho point of
death In a hospital here as a result of
being- pitched from a wagon seat and
striking on his heed on the
a- on his need on the Pavement.
norse Mount rngnienea ana ran.
Making a short turn, ths wagon careened
'and tossed him out. George Hart was
-'.'Also sorts ly injured bet will recover.
'. Little lines The Journal ferine ra
' waits to tho advertisers.
f1' i , );
1 1!? An : Interesting
Mrt. Lawton My A. B. Chase ptano ii perfectly delightful ' It !a
rich: in tone and has an aetion that u rtiponsive. Besides beint; a per
fact: piano for my opacial mnsical work, Mr.. Lawton is fond of . the
player and our dsughter Grace thinks it a great treat to play the ad
ranced music by. means of the music roll. The player is a' wonderful
asiisunce to Craee; it aids her in her interpretation of the more diffi
cult motic. ;. . ' - -,.';''. i " ' ''
. Mrs. Brown I nerer saw the Chase Player before. It looks so
different from the ordinary players I hare seen. The music roll ir
right by the keyboard and the mechanism is below, where it does not'
mar the appearance ef the piano.-l bare never carenor player piano
but the A-B. Chase ."looks good to me." Where did. yon secure it? .
Mrtf LawtorrWe all enjoy thetlayer and we find that as a manual
pmo it i just ss sweet in tone as any piano we have over heard and
tie case is juit as pleasing to the eye as though it were an ordinary
i-crumfnt Sherman. Clay & Co. are western agents for the player and
they certainly have a beautiful line of pianos from which to select. ' Their
s"re l known as "the House of Quality" and ii located near the post
o(. e pit MTrira street They slso sell tbe celebrated Btemwsy piano
ani Victor TsUing Machines and recorda, , , ,
-Ml TOM.
Interest Very High and Sue
cess Assured Nursery
, . , men ia Convention,
ra4et(l Ohpatch Tbe leeraatt ;
Baleni, Or, July . The second an
naal cherry fair to he held under the
auapicoa of tho Horticultural society
w(U open tomorrow, July It. ' at tho
apaetoua Auditorium akatlnc rink haJL
The Intereat to all the mora abaorblnir.
ir. thla meetlna- beoaueo of the facttbat
the Paolflo Coaat Nurserymen' aaaocla-
tlnn will meat In connection with the
cherry - fair and flower festival - The
latter nortlon of the fair has not ss
yet been taken bold of ss it should have
neen, a no ll is learaa mil am uo.w
festival will not be ao treat a success
as expected. On the other nana the
intereat already manuesieq oy looai ana
non-realdent frultsrowers in the cherry
fair assures the suocess of the venture.
The prtsea are to be awarded Thurs
day, on the second day of tho exhibit.
The Judges chosen soros tlms aco by
president H. C. Atwell are E. L. Bmith
of Hood River, Professor C. I. Lewis
of CorvaJUs and Mark Lry of Portland.
The program xor too xirsi oar m as
foUaws: '
Wednesdar. Mr 10 Arternoo-i atoMtoa,
v JiSO p. as,
Address " of ' welcome. Oeorse ' T.
RtKlges. mayor of Balem. .
Welcome On behalf of -Salem board
of trade. H. . B. Thlelsen, president of
Balvm boara oi iraae.
, rmimmm m bohalf of f rnltsrowero
and nurserymen. H. C Atwell. president
of the State Horticultural Bocloty.
Audress. r. w. rower, presiasnc .
the Paelflo Coast Nurserymen's aaeocl-
I bam.
xrewaiar ossunv s p. aa, ;
"Marked" Line Between Inferior and
Superior Nursery Btock.' J. A. Stewart.
"The Necessity of United Effort," W.
D. lofleee. - - -
" 1 he Cherry In Boater Oregon." Judd
Auropesn SfUiiN 4. a. nuuniwn.
Last Sad Rites Over Bemaln of the
Late Colin K. Harbavgh Beld
This Afternoon.
" runeraj senrloeo over tho remains of
tho late Colin K. Harbaagh. who died
Sunday at Good Samaritan hospital,
were beld at Holmaa's chapel this after
noon at S o'clock. The servioes were
Colin K. Harbausa.
under the auspices of the A. O. U. W..
of which order he waa a prominent
Mr. Harhanrh was on of Portland"!
most prominent eltlsens. having lived
in this eltv since his birth. 4t years
ago. His death followed an Illness of
almost two years' duration, resulting
from a stroke of apoplexy. He Is sur
vived by a widow and three children. -
V An Intercstincf
' t
' , .- ... 1
Mayor Lane Will Accept and
Appoint New City Thy
sician at Once.
RetroMtioB Antedated and Chief E
OcaUve Holds Such Actloa la Sot
In Lino With Cautious AdminJstra
Uois of aty-t Affairs.1 r
Dr. a H Wheeler, city physician,
ls banded tils resignation to Mayor
Lane and it will bo accepted ana a
aew official appointed, una resigna
tion was caused by a dissension between
tho mayor and Dr. Wheeler over a re
quest mads for en , appropriation of
11(4 for ths repair of tho pest-house
and grounds. .'
Thl was In turn precipitated by the
discovery by Mayor Lane that tho clerk
in tho city health office bad antedated
requisition xor repairs to uie wuw
at the -pest-house at tho direction or
tho oltv Dhrslcian. when in fact the
requisition had not been lesoed until
after the bill tor tho work
bad been
rendered to tho health Ollloa
toe completion or me joo.
Aocoraina to tne contention w. m-tt.
Wheeler the. health deoartraont
given an appropriation or I6O0 xor us
use of the department. Ho haa during
tho past year expended perhaps 1100 of
tho sum in various ways so that there
ls now in the fund approximately 1400.
In submitting his estimate for the com
ing months expenses, jjr. wneeier
asked for 160 for "repairs to tho post.
bouse and grounds
At a meeting held several days ago
Um expense extlmate waa submitted to
tho mayor and when the $1.60 Item waa
reached the mayor asked what the sum
was Intended for. Dr. Wheeler states
that he explained that it was for tho
construction of a fenoa and other work
which might have to do aone, or to nw
any accident that might happen. The
mayor then asked -what it would cost
to construot the fence, upon which Dr.
Wheeler said he had not yet determined.
Tho mayor then asked what accidents
could happen and the city physician
WslL tho boiler miA-ni diow np, n
did last wlntsr."
Tho mayor than directed that tho 1160
item be stricken out and a fund to cover,
the emergency named Inserted. - Accord
ingly the estimate suommea w mw
ways and means committee bore ths
Item: "Should tho boiler of tho pest
house need repairs. 1)0." This, In tho
belief of Dr. Wheeler, was needless sar
casm from ths mayor and waa tho di
rect cause of bis resignation. .
Mayor Lace puts a little different
construction on tho story. Ho states
that it ls a bard and fast rule of tho
city government that before any money
can be expended from any fund that a
requisition for ths work needed or tho
expenditure must be signed by him. He
says thst Dr. Wheeler caused the boiler
to bo repaired at the pesthouse, ths bill
amounting to 110 which was dated on
Juno IT, and sent to the city health of
flea ftr the com Diet Ion of the work.
Subsequent to tne receipt or in oui m
requisition was brought to him asking
that ths power be given to have the re
pairs made. This ths mayor signed and
afterwards discovered that the requisi
tion had been dated June li, tne oiera
of the Health office stating to the
mavor. upon- inquiry, that the requisi
Inquiry, that the requlsl-
tion naa Dee
DacK aaiea at tna-airoc-
tlert-ef Dr. Wheeler:
Tho mayor contends that While there
as nothlns- - wrong- with ths amount
charged, that tho laxity of the procedure
in causing ths work to be done and se
curing power to authorise It after tho
bill had been rendered was not In Vine
with a cautious administration of the
city's finances. Therefore when he
came to tho lump eetlmate of I1&0 for
the repairs of the house or grounds at
tho pesthouse he simply requested that
the estimate be mads definite.
The question of selection of a suc
cessor to Dr. Wheeler will bo taken up
by tho oity board, of health at Its next
meeting. - ' . r
Peter Bonn, Noted for Public Spirit
and Philanthropy, Seised With
;., J. VL Apoplexy. '
' (apeclal Pkpstetj ts The Soarsat)
Boise, Ida. ' July S. Peter - Bonna,
mayor of Boise from 1SSI to 1SSS, and
and A aubstantlAl. wealthy and pro
gressive business man of this city, died
hers suddenly this morning anout s
o'clock from a stroke of apoplexy. 'He
was out driving late with his wife last
night and on his return complain
sa .oi
feeling well.
born l!
New York In llSV.
ItSS he came to Idaho and at Idaho City
was eases ed in mercantile business four
years at a time when it was ine ncnest
Tiacer eamp in tneiuuiea nun, ue
hen cams to Boise, where he had. since
resided. For many years he conducted
a general store here, dui xor several
years bad only looked after his large
Iiroperty noidings. . MS was vice prea
dent of the Tlrst National bank ben
at the time of his death. He was also
a prominent Mason snd tne runerai win
do neia unner tne auspioes or tnat order.
prooaoiy inursaay
Mr. Bonna was very popular and flags
are at naii-mast oa puDiio puiiainss ana
business houses. His eenevolenoei
publlo ana private, wars Tory great, aa
nis psrsonai qualities ranxeq nisn.
s pei
Ufa famllv aenalsts ef his wi
fa. flTO
aaugnters and a son.
i ' tSseelal DwMteh ts The ZosrasLl
Balem, Or., July S. Tom Drisoeli, the
ex-convict and burglar, who assaulted
a Lake lAblsh farmer on - tho evening
or juiy i ana wno was apprenenaea by
Deputy - Sheriffs ' Mlnto and William
Ksch Just as bs was making his escape
on ths California train, was brought
before Judge o serge Burnett and plead'
ed guilty. Ha waagiven an lndetermln-
ate sentence prlscoll had an entire
burglar s outnt in a uttia pouch he car
ried and which be claimed waa a to
bacco sack. Hs ls said to have been
concerned In the robbery of a number of
houses in tnis nninity. DMsoolI
served terms at the state prisons vt
waiia weiia, nan wuenua and Balem
(Jearsal Speetel Srrk.V
" Los Angeles, July . At the educa
tional conference tomorrow a oreslden
Will bo selected and the queehon -will
be taken uo of amending ths constitu
tion so radically as to revolutionise the
organisation by placing tho great educe-
Dcoy in control or
the teachers
of governing
Ineteat of
Dent fan to pay your west Bias gas
Mil torserrwm
reewveiy ute iasi oay
!. ... . .... .. . ' :. . ,. . -7" ' ' : - ii;'. .'.-.I
. -. --"i.'.V- . . XT j I hit TiV.
You Are Welcome to Credit I -sQp;
Pay a Little Down on the Finest
Suit in the House, arid Then - .
Gor. First and Yamhill
GoTernor. Chamberlain Says
Let, That Fleet Go
4- rorward. : " v
(Special Disratch to The JaarsaL) .
fialsm. Or, July . In response to a
telegram from tho New Tork World
relative to the - Japanaso question In
which that paper said. "Ws would cos
ly appreciate from yon an expression
of opinion concerning tne ptsn m diouii
Ise sn American battleship fleet In the
Paolflo, and tho view .the Japanese
naUon would bo Justified in talking of
the move" -.. -
Governor " Chamberlain replied , brief
and to tho point. He saids- - '
Ths plsn to mobilise American bat
tleships in ths Paolflo meets with my
approval. ' t know not what view the
Japanese nation would take of this
movement, and I care less. I do not
think their opinion should bo consulted,
but 1 believe thl government should act
for its own protection, without consult
ing the vlswo of any other nation." ,.,
Dispatch ts The Jearsal) -
Salein. Or.. July' Governor Cham-
f berlain yesterday appointed a number
pi Oeiegaies KO un ADtrwan aauiins
congress to bo held at Joplln, November
IS to li. Inclusive, as foUowsi J. K.
Romtg, James If. Howard D. M. Kelly.
J. A. Pantlnjr. r. R. Meills of Baker
City; F. a. Saline of Bumpteri 1, B.
Wlckersham of Oraiits Psss; Emll Msl
ser of Bourne; T.C. Burke of Burke
mont; John C. twis of Portland: Jeff
Hurd and J, V. Beddy pf Medford:
James Cachet and Thomaa Kinney of
Jacksonvills; Al Qolser of Oelser.
TJes a journal want ad If you want
v . -v-.
(taeelal Dwpstch to The Jearsal)
BaJetn, July . at a meeting of the
Balem school board the following addi
tional grammar and high school books
were adopted to bettor the curriculum
of the aalsm schools: - - .
In ths grsmmar grades lira Sloarfs
Primary readers, first and second books
fiecond readers, Cyfs. Jones, and Bllver
Iiurdett; Third reader, Sllver-BurdetL
Mr a. Moan, tho author of tho primers.
Is a Portland teacher.
The other - additional aohonl books
adopted wars as follows: Principles of
Botany (Bergen and Davie; fore's
Latin composition, Peek's Ovid, Books
Fend U. 'Dlllard'e Fifty .Letters oj
Cicero. Myers' Ancient History, Myers
a We(
z Cores Biliousness. Sick v..
Headache, Sour Stoxn- t- - -ach.
Torold Liver and-
, aggasas5 i n if
i - t a . T
blocks from Van Neea Ave, the niaiaut shep
slng district. Car lines transferring all ever
city, peas doer. Every modern eua.enl.eee.
SM rooms single or en suite, 1M private baths.
American and Kuiupean plana, friess
ate. Omnibus meets all trains.
Hotel "Keylonte Inn-
22nd Street and Broadway
Bunny room a, prtvats baths, leng--d1s-tenoe
talepbones, compressed air lean
ing, large lobby, eafe a la sarta with
oulslno and s.rvloe uasorpassed. . Tot
rates, sta, address -
. -' N. C MULLAN, Manager,
rorrasrly Xsslstant Manager Palace
v. -Itoul. Saa Fraasisoo.- -
SUa aHjeet, Bo.- PoweU
Mrietly Itreje-oiaaa, AVelrrteJy T!
, oroof. 1SS Boomsi SO wttk task.
g. ntrnUi Kgsi.
Siacls rwas or ea suite, SOevates, stMsi
a, .tMM. n-kta mmA all
nees. Strlrtly fU. ODSTl.ste B..S.
(h enters. Oe olrMt Use froal far rr Bsd
Skd asd TewaeeaS depot.
SSS SUlis St.. wt Vis V Sfease,,
. CI i OAKTia, Ult.
Medieval and Modern rostory. Chensy's
Short History of Engls- Powers snd
Lyons' Otflce Msthoda. and Bookkeep
ing I and U.
A St Paul attorney, James B Kerr,
who represented the notrhem Paclfio
and Orent Northern Railway companies
In litigations with Barriman companies
on the north bank of tho Columbia
Iiver, will locate permanently In Port
end as atterney for tho Portland
1 Seattle Railway company. . Bs will nay
A Suit for $1.65, sold for $3.50 anywhere else. Step
into our store tomorrow morning and see them. Other
as great bargains, as follows: $6.50 suits for $2.95;'
$8.00 suits for $3.45; $5.00 suits f or $2.65. '.,'. , V
' Also new arrivals in Voile Jumper Suits, something
very, swell and up to the latest fashion idea; priced
very low and sold .under our easy-payment system.
'Vfltiif tin inft.f1? rirtrn
black and gray chiffon panamas.
White Serge Coats, values iip to $6.95;
offered special for. . . . . . . ,v; . .... .$3.95
just thie thing needed for wear to and from
the coast this summer. They are 48 inches
lonsr.' made :of extra good taffeta silk.
Worth $16.50,.ispeciai; price this:
week . mi ... . .
Cor. Second
olS1 Laxative Fnnt Syrnp
' '-..-"lOl MU IT iU nVHIITIi":
""we"""l wm. ffiiiirnrr ie."s ! "" .mm tmmM-im
' - ' , I l - i y -
t , . " f '
V.- . ; ; -. "
- 5' lit t,:'
' I. ,i I r, i.i J :
uABTjra rnvnooM uaomv or
Hertrlo Light. Steam, Hot and Cold
to Breakers, Paolflo County, Wash,
Spend your vacation at Beasldo and at
delightful Lockaley Halt . More attrac
tive than svsr before. Accommodations
of the highest order. One hundred ele
gant outside rooms', private baths; elec
tric lights; :.ot snd cold water.
Annex overlooking the Paolflo sad de
lightfully situated cottages.
Oulslno TJattwpaawsd. Boa Poses a
pooialty. . ; ; ;-!
V. ATgTZir, Jm A. QAB&XSXa, Froya,
- '"' ' Ofur AU m TtAa, " ' '! .
etAttOP SXACK. KAtXDaV 01X00.
,. The OUrt Bseas ef Oretea, . .
' Sweetly ea the Seaea. everleoshm the
eeeas. Bet salt sat, asd ' barani(.
tUenatioe pit h fiestas. a- perlera,
iMVle llgbta, flreplaee aa reraaee sm.
yiae watte asd ertvee. See feeos s sseelaltjr
Rates, $150 and J3.C0 per day
I... .
off loss with Judge C H. Carey, la ths
Chamber of Commerce building.-. -
The Corvallla A Eastern railroad, ro
sea Uy purchased by H. H. Hani man, la
being Inspected by J. P. O'Brien, gen.
eral manager of the Rarrlmaa lines In
ths northwest Mr. O'Brien, is accom
panied by O. W. TaJVt. who has charge
ef the operation of the Corvallla road.
It Is aald the road will become a part
of tho fiouthera Paclfio arstem la Ore
gon and loso Us present IdenUtL . ,
wll marl rirnwri. Mtift.'V
and Yamhill
thoroughly; and clears
sallow, complexions of
pimples and blotches.
It la guaranteed t;
rn paoxtio itobi
Salt Water In Every Tub.
rr Tub. -Bur T
Postofflce Address, Breakers, Waaty
TEb Portland
TBAVSLauaS. H t. ?
everything to oat and drtak. and
It costs no mora tn tho
PorHaal Hotol RathaksDor
than elsewhere la tho city. Bvory
weekday night from SilS tods, .
zt. e. lovnt, i
ooa. nxrns AJto bxazb TftA
Pot-tland'ai Uatesait nrV
Moait Modsrn Hotol
TV.w Building, cosrenl.ntly looae
sd. ntUd with ths latest S .signed
furniture, hot and eold water : la
every room, private baths, modern
Or! 11. long distance telephone, free
automobile bus. sample room, free
from noise, facing plasa. Bates $1
and ap. -
sinn, ' si
Of discount.
..- it-.'.