The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 09, 1907, Page 16, Image 16

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vvy r 1 Agents' for Perrla's Cloves
v t-. : : : fl.
: ; r X ;
,1 I l ' vl
A?ents4for Eatterick Pattern
Tomorrow the Annual Summer "Hourly Sales" the time of year whan we clone? all
small lot$ of seasonable merchandise at very attractive prices Great array of extraordi
nary bargains that cannot fail to lnteret every economical bqyer In the common! ty ."Some
thing doing" every boor from S A. M. to 6 P. M. Plan to spend the day tTS. Melar Q
Frank StoreNo mail or phone order filled Items on tale the advertised hour only
a to 9 a: m:
9 to 10 A. M.
On Salo From 1 0 to I I A. f.L
11 to 12 A. 1,1.
13 to I P. M.
fly Sales"
7 111 BWhins
-VJy 9 v
Tnsiilers 3 at 40c a Doxta
10,000 thin-blown Table"-Tumblere--wonderful
values, from 8 to I Or
9 a. m. only at, the toeB...fww
No phone orders filled .at thit price.
Scotch Lappet ' at 8c Yard
"1000 yard of Scotch Lippet,t 10 pat
terns to elect iromv just the .material,
for sash curtains;, dots and , ff
stripes; 36-in:: great value at...
. JnvenJla Writing Pqeri,
Juvenile Writing Paper, suitable for
acceptances, .regrets , ana -cnuaren-a
correspondence; great value, 8 lm
to 9 a. m, special at, per bpx,..w
frX Sola Paraffin Papers
t , ? ; rr. : ::. c
Paraf flnTTaperrfor'wrapping lunches,,
etc.; great special value; from 8 to 9
a. m. only, on sale at this ape- A
cial low price-7-20 sheets for.., v
Week RacbJngs 5c XX,l
Neck Ruchings in strips, each piece of
sufficient length; regular values up to
"25c yard; on sale," special, at B?
this very low price, the piece...
X V $1.25 Handbags 30c
A broken line' of women's Noveltv
Handbags; regular .values up to $1.25
each; 8 to 9 a. rn., grand Crt-
bargains, on sale at, spl., a.Jvw
Women's Vesta at 5c Each
1000 women's white Cottoti-V est:
low neck and sleeveless; 'well made
and finished; great special val-v ?
ues, from 8 to 9 a, m., at, each. J w
zti Freaed Pictnres 33c Xi-
Special lot framed Pictures, all sizes,
aft subjects; values 50c, -75c and $1
each; extraordinary values, 8
to 9 ay m this low price, J C
7? Alarm Clocks 79c
Special lot. of Alarm Clocks, guar
anteed timekeepers; great value; 8
to 9 a. m. at thas exception- . f Q
ally low price, each........,. 7C
1 to 2 P. M.
Scissors and Shears
1000 pairs of Scissors and Shears,
Steel- laid, all sizes, matchless value;
,on sale, from 1 to 2 p. m., 1 Q
at this special price, the pair., 1 7C
V Dreg Sundry Specials -V
Factor Toilet Paper, in rolls,. 1 tT
good -quality; special, per doz.3 JC
Sapolin Furniture Polish, epL,.'.16e
"Star Bath ?Tub .Enamel , at-. , .28s
X Sale of Belt Buckles t
First quality Pearl Belt Buckles, as
sorted styles, 25c-35c values, at.lOf
Gilt Buckles, assorted styles, O 1
regular 50c-75c values, veach. .49 1 C
XI "' Mens Belt Sale" " ' A-".
Sample line of men's Leather Belts,
in small sizes 30, 32 and 34-inch
only; regular 75c to $1.50
values, on sale 1 to 2 p. m. at. J7C
;;r Boys' Pants 73c
'Special sale boys' Knee Pants fancy
tweeds and cheviots; double seat and
knee; ages 6 to 16 years, on if?.
sale at this special price, pair. svC
Carpet Sweepers 2jb5 " -
Special lot of V "Sanitaire" : Carpet
Sweepers, steel construction and dust
proof: matchless values, f O aj
l to 2 p. tn. at, each.... J
Children's Underwear v
OMi and ends children's Summer
Underwear, all stvles, good asuort
rnent; 35c values, 1 to 2 p. O
tn. only, at this low price. .... 1 UC
"I04r Gravy Ladlea 77c
Special lot of . Rogers ?1847 Gravy
Ladles, fancy patterns; ! best regular
$1 values, on sale, 9 to 10 77 f
a. m- at this low price, each. I I v
Ctairea't Tea Hose
Children's tan ribbed Cotton Hose,
lisle Jinish, seamless foot; sizes 6 to
9y4; greaf values, on sale at 1 O
this unusually low price, pair.. 1 Uv
XX 75cPaow fops 17c
Assorted lot ofstamped and tinted
and lithographed Pillow Ttops and
Centers; 40c and 75c values. 1 ff g
on sale at this low price, ea., 1 V
fMeaV 33cTies I3jc
Men's" 25c Wish Four-inHanda, in
all the new colors and designs; won
derful value; on sale from 1 1 A
9 to 10 a. in. at, each.... If 7?W
Turkish Towels 1 2c Bach
200 doc Bleached Turkish Bath Tow
els, sizes 18x38 inches; wonderful val
ues; on sale from 1 9 to 10
a. m. tomorrow at, spl, e. 1 G
Ready-to-Wear Hats 35c
Special sale of 100 ready-to-wear hats
all colors, trimmed in velvet and
wings; wonderful raluest 9 CTm
to 10 a. m., on sfle at, each ww
30c Vol. Lace lflc Dog. Yds
0&yard-of Val.-Laces and Insertkmr
i to Hi inches wide; values up to
50c the dozen yards, on sale 1 fl
at this low- price, doz. yards. , 1 UU
, ; Sttltccses at $6.18
Special lot 24-in. cowhide Suitcases,'
linen-lined, shirtfold, brass lock and
bolts; $7.50 value; 9 to ; C (L 1 Q
10 a. m.t on. sale t eat.,v Ve U.
. Backcombs 33c Each
Imported styles in Back Combs;
floral and Grecian , designs; wonder
ful, values, 9 to, 10 a, m. at
this low price, each..., .. ... SW
2 to 3 P. tl
X Writtog Tablets 9c
1000 Linen Writing Tablets, fine qual
ity linen paper; just the thing to
take to the coast and moun
tains; regular , 15c values, at....7C
r - f 73c Handbags 37c ' '
Special lot women's white duck Hand
bags, top and side strap handles; the
best styles; regular 65t and ,Ttff
75c values, at this low price.. C
V'Traycloths 3c Each
SpeciaLJotjOfJrringed Damask Tray
Uoths; Best regular lac values, on
sale in the Art Department, 2
to 3 p. m. at, special, each....,JC
33c Wash Goods 18c V X
1000 yards of fancy Voiles and Mer
cerized Novelties, in new, desirable
styles; regular 35c values, 2 IO.
to 3 p. m., -on sale at, yard. ...1UC
Children's Rompers 1 8c 7
Children's Rompers, ages 1 to 6 yrs.;
light blue, dark , steel, grays, pinks,
blues, stripes; made in one piece, with
belt; great value, 2 to 3 p. ra....8
S1.73 KIiono at 39c Each
Long Flannelette Kimonos and Dress
ing Sacques, in figures and stripes;
sateen and braid trimmed; in ST Q
dark colors only.; $1.75 ,vals..,J,7V
" Croquet Sets 93c ;
100 Croquet Sets, 6 balls and balls'
and stakes varnished, . 5-inch oiled
mallets, 10 arches; 2 to 3 Q C -p..
m. only at, set..... J J
Shirtwaist SalU
1 11 . I"1 .'
! Women's White Lawn
- and Linen Shirtwaist
" Suits; plain tailored or
fancy yokes; plain tail
ored or trimmed skirts,
'all sizes; values up to
; $3.50 the suit., ftflo
on sale at, iuit..7UW
--'"---,. ;
-2000 yards of fine Japanese Wash
Silks, corded and striped effects; best
colorings;. regular 50c values, , O BT
10 to 11 a. special ,at.,....VIC
: . Statlonerv Barcrolns
V ' ,; . ' ; ,
Carter's Photo Paste, water well, jar
and brush; on sale at. special... .12
-Fountain Pen Ink, in aluminum cases,"
suitable for traveling, the case..lf
Meaa Underwear 37c
Men's 50c Balbriggan Underwear
"seconds" of the best grade; all sizes
shirts and drawers; best 50c 07
values, on sale at, special...., ew C
gl.23Corset Covert 49c
: Women's Cambric and Nainsook Cor- '.
set Covers, trimmed in fine Val. laces, i
t ' - . t 1 J: - ' 1. 1.
Blouse fronts; $1-$1J5 vals., ea..49f
Alf-LlneW Napkins 3c
Bleached all-linen Table Napkins, lit
tie soiled and mussed; a marvelous f
value, from 10 to 11 a. at
this wonderfully low price,
Conch Covers g 1.3 3 " ;
Special lot of Bagdad stripe Couch '
Covers, 60 inches wide br 3 yards
long, fringed all around; 4 patterns;
$2.25-Talues; 10 to 11 a. m....fl.33
30c to $1.33 Cloves 19c
Women's .2 and 3-dasp Silk GloTesl
broken line ot sizes and colors! sue to
$1.25 values, to be cleaned op l Q.
at this specjal low price, pair.'
5 33 Oxfords $1.19 Pair J;
500 pairs of "women's kid mad patent "
leather Oxfords, light weight, exten
sion soles, Cuban and military heels;
$2-$2.50-$3 values, special at.. fl.l
Fancy" SUkollnes 9c" Yaril
5000 yards of fancy Silkolines, light
grounds, floral and oriental patterns;
best quality, great value; 10 to Q
11 a. m. at this low price, yard. 7 w
On Sale From'
Men's Coif Shirts
$1 Valqes at 33c
1000 men's Golf Shirts,
also soft collar Negli- -
gee Shirts; great as- 4
sortment, best patterns k
and colorings ; . madras
and percales; best reg
ular $1' values, ST BT
special, each w .
i 35c White Goods 1 5c
3000 yards of fancy white goods in "
the very prettiest styles; regular 25c i
and 35c values, on sale at this 1
unusually low price, the yard. . I
; , $4 Lace Centers $1.33 '
- a-' i . La ;
Special lot CIuny Lace Centerpiece,
assorted patterns; regular '$3.50 and
$4 values, on sale, 3 to 4 p.-m., In'
the art department, at, each,.fl.B3 "
$ 1 0 Ostrich Pinnies at $5.98
500 Ostrich' Plumes, beautiful 19-inch
foreign feathers; black, white,, light .
blue, pink, Copenhagen, Cf. QO f
browns; reg. $10 values.. V7(J
Sale of Toilet Articles
Fine Silk Sponges, to use with Ags
iace lotions or powder," at, ea..i"w
Fine - quality Briar Whisk 1 tl
Brooms ; great "values, each . . . V w
Creat MUHnery Sale , y
200 untrimmed Shapes, assorted col
ore, all good, desirable models; reru-
lar values ranging from $2.50 to $5.98
each, on sale at 50c to $1 ea. 2d floor.
' Ptint Bargains ;XV '-
Celebrated Universal Food Chopners,
.regular $1.50 models, at, 18
500 nickel Teakettles, $1.40 values
best $1.40 values, for, each.....OT
Table Damask 36c per Yard
Turkey Red Table Damask,' best pat
terns; lust the thing for the coast;
50c values, on sale 3 to, 4 lCf
p. m. at, the yard..........J
,, n -
Ift iBtelHNms .. I)
vCx. v ' - If
' II
Special lot of women'a
Duck Walking Skirts,
pleated and ' srrap
trim'd; blue add white,
black and white dots,
checks and plain tan;
reg. $2 values. -Qfl,,
on sale at, a.VVw
III QF. Coffee T33e"
" Meier & Frank's celebrated Mocha
and Java Coffee, equal to the beat 40c
grade; buy all you want, 10 0
to 11 a. m., at, special,' lb.. ...ilJC
13c Tcrnovers fic Each X
: , ' 1 ' 1 1 ' - ' F , ' "
1000 Swiss embroidered Turnovers
V 100 different designs to Select from:
byrfar the greatest' values ever. fJA
offered at this special price, ea.SJC
V 30c VelUnss 36c Yard
.3000 yards of Chiffon Veilings, full
regular width; black, white and colors
just the thing for motoring, O A
etc.; regular 50c value, yard, swww
r: iSrlntedLcwBs 7Mc Yard v-
5000 yards of printed lawns, all this
season's , best styles, attractive de-
.aigns-regular.l2U-an415c- ff f L
'aluea, on sale at, per yard.
30c IUibonS ct 15c Yerd
3000 yards fancy lybbons Persians,
plaids, etc., -3 to 5 inches wide; fine,
quality, 30c values, on sale 1 CCm
at this low price, the'yard.... l iw.
$30 Robes at $3.9fl -
Batiste Robes, flounced skirt, insert
ings of' lace and embroidery; hand em
broidered linen Robes; white and col
; ors; values up to $20 for....i.nS.DS
$6.30 SUk Waists $1.69 Ca
.200-Japv Silk Wsists, plain or. Jaacy
trimmed; lace, silk emb.. pin or inch
. tucks; fancy yokes and fronts; white,
blade, colors; o $6 values...
$9 Co-Carts $6.75 XXX
Special lot of folding and reclining
? Go-Carts, full reed sides and dash,'
completely fitted, cushions, parasols,
etc.; $9 values, 10 to 11 a. m... 6.T5
OH Stoves $3. 98 Each
'.. Famous Blue Flame Oil Stoves, ' 2
burners; just the thing for beach and .
mountains; $5 values, 10 Of)
to 11 a, m. at. each VJ7(I
3 to 4 P. M.
$10 Wash
Rednced to $4.63
Women's ; Coat Suits
and Shirtwaist ' Suiu-
' pink, cream, tan, blue
, green, linen and black
. and ; white stripes; all
sew, pretty styles; $10
m m
values, ai,? u,,fi.ou
$1.50 Embroideries 49o Yard
,1000 yards of Swiss Flounce and In
sertion; 3 to 8 inches'wide: values up
to $1.50 yard, on aale at this AQ
. unusually low price, the yard..H7C
. 1O0O Rags 49c Each , ; X
1000 Matting Rugs, in neat designs;
size 36x72 inches; phenomenal values,
' from 3 to 4 p. m., on sale A.Q .
at this special low price, tu..HfZf C
r $3 Cloves 9ftc Pair, X
i p iii .urn i i v
Special lot of 12 and 16-button length
Silk' Mesh Gloves;. broken line of col-'
ors and sizes; regular
. valuea, 3 to 4 p. tn., onlypr...7CJC
J $3 Shoes $1.48 Pair
' 500 parrs of women's black Vicl Kid"
Shoes; lace, button and Blucher styles :
light weight or extension soles: Co-'
ban or military heela; $3 val.f i.48
X : Sewing Machines'!
Special lot our famous "Willamette"
Sewing Machines, automatic lift and
full ball-bearing; equal to the best
$50 machine; 3 to p. m.....f 22.85
: Porch Rockers $2.35 -
Special lot of Porch Rockers in green.
i ' with reed back and seat; good model:
v regular $3.50 values,. 3
to 4 p. m. only at, each. . vVe2
$4 Parasols $ 1.39 Each ;
Extra ' apecial lot of white and. eol
' ored Parasols; very best styles; $2.50
. to $4 values, on sale J f 1 HQ
' ti 4 p. m. at, each i-V
-:.. B a w r m av vk i-w -vi
Wool SnIUiiss-33c Yrd
3000 yards of wool Suitings checks,
stripes and plaids; splendid styles for
children's dresses; great spe- 11
cial value, on sale at, yard.....?
ia47" Berry Spoons 97c
200 of Rogers "1847" Berrjr Spoons,
fancy patterns; great special value,
from 11' to 12 a. m., only,
at this ..unusually low price. . 7 a C
33cHalf Hose 17c Pahr
Men'a 2Sc and, 35c. fancy Half-Hose,
all new, attractive patterns and col
orings; all sizes; from 11 to , 1
12 a. on aale at, the pair, . m S C
T Women's Pants" ! Be Pair
500 patra women'a ribbed Umbrella
Pants, laoe trimmed, knee length, all
-siee;-Teg.-2Sif-end -35e-ral-l fl
ues, 11 to 12 k, trL,'at, pair... I tJC
Hack Towels 13c Eaclv
Hemstitched, bleached Cotton Huck
Towels, size 19x36-inch; buy all you
want of them,' from U to 12 11,,
a. m4 at this low price, ea... I JC
Sale Chiliren's Millinery
200 misses' and , children's duck and
embroidery Hats, all new and pretty
th!sleVpecial0reductSn PTICC
New- lot women's -Walking Skirts, in
checks, stripes, plaids, fancy mixtures.
grays, blues and browrisjf 1 OS! I
7.S0 vals, 10 to 12 a. m.. 000
Refrigerator Sale T7 -
20 "White Mountain" solid , oak Re
frigerator, well made, economical ice
consumer; 25x17x40 - frlA Hiff
inches; $15 model, ea. J 1 J4v
Derry Powls 33c Each
inrlTi via. a n.rrv StwIa anlarf!4
styles; great special value; 11 to 12
a. m. at inia unusuauy low. Jrfs
price, each. ... . . ...... . . . . . t.0JC
4 to 5 P.M.
730r Ribbons 33crYard xr
6000 yards 'beautiful - quality" satin
Messafine Ribbons, full 6 inches wide;
all colors; best regular 50c, 0
values, 4 to 5 p. m., the yard. J Cb w
T"30c Handkerchiefs 10c i
3000 women's V initialed , cross-bar
Handkerchiefs, full size; nice, sheer
linen, all initials; best regu- Cf
lar 20c values, special, ejeh: lyL
$1.73 Drawers for 7flc Pair
Women's Nainsook and Cambric
Drawers, trimmed in laces, embroi
deries, ' insertion and tucks;.
reg. $1.$0-$1.75 values, pair... UC
Children's Shoes $ 1 .48 Pair
1000 pairs misses' and children's
shoes, lace and Blucher style, patent
tips; 6 to to 11; lltf to 2;
$1.50 an $175 values, pair.. .8)1.48
V;"X;.X: : Hamper Sale - 'XX
Japanese Hampers for soiled linen
food grade, 3 sizes; 4 to 5 p. m.,ea:
1.75 vahw eO $2.7j vala, fl.25
$3 values at this spL price... fl.TS
$4.00 Hammocks $3.93 Ea.
Special lot of Hammocks, close weave,
40x84 inches; pillow and spreader and
wide valance; regular $4 O-Q
value, 4 to 5 t..m..oVl7J
Men's Bathing Suits at $1.19
500 men's 2-picce Bathing Suits; flaw
blue with - stripe; best style; $1.50
values, 4 to 5 p. m. only, C IQ
at this low price, suit.... V 11 '
IIP BE6li((sCiH
Croccry Depcrtn't Specials
500 jars of Preserved Figs, A
great value, on sale at,'jar...evVC
3 cans of La Garde French Sardines,
on sale, 12 to 1 only;; special at.. 25
'1 1 7 Tonrlst Ruchlng ; X'tAc
Tourist Ruching, 6 pieces In a box
just thething for wear. while travel
ing; great value, from 12 to O 1 m
1 only, on jale at, SpU box..IC
Renaissance Doilies 15c Eo,
In the art department, a special lot of
Renaissance Doilies, 9 and 12-inch;
regular 25c and 35c Values, ; 1 C.
12 to lpvOL, special, each.... 1 JC
Men's Hand'chltfs 6 for 2 5c
Men's hemstitched ; Cambrio r Lawn
Handkerchiefs; marvelous values, oa
sale from 12 to 1 only at this t
Iqw price, special, six for,. i .0JC
. " 10c Handkerchiefs Be "v
300 dozen fine colored noyelty Hand
kerchiefs, .in . pink,n blue . and other
shades; best regular 10c values,
on sale from 12 to 1 at, special,. J C
Men's Wash Vests 9flc -
Men's- plain white or fancy Wash
Vests, neat patterns In grays, tans,
black and whites; regular or stouf,
sizes 35 to 46; $1.50 values, at... .8
X Cloves 73c Pah :.;
Special lot of -superior- SilkTaff eta
Gloves, 12-button lengths; mousque
taire style; black only sizes . ffi
5J4 .to 7; great values at, pr...S Jw
IX- Picture Sale : -
1000 'Matted Pictures, 100 different
subjects to select from; best 15c val
ues, on sale from 12 to 1 p. m. .O
at this special low price, each. .. (JC
Jell-O Ice Cream -
- - i ii i ' ' rt''.
5000 packages of Jell-O Ice ' Cream
Powders, all flavors;) great value, 12
to 1 only, at this deception- 1Sp
ally, low price, package...,. 1 C
3 to 6 P. M
Men's Nightshirts
Men's Flannelette Nightshirts In all
lizes, full length, good patterns; best
rns; best
regular $1 values, on sale at
this special low price, each
- -. Men's Summer Coats
Men's ' Summer Coats, in , blue and
gray washable chambray; serviceable
snd cool; sizes 35 -to 46; - aTi,
great value; 5 to 6 p. m., each .J J C
Sunbonnets lftc'Each
Great special lot of Sunbonnets, . In
the very best styles; regular 35c val
ues, on sale from 5 to 6 p. m f O,
at this special price, each.,.. 1 UC
' ! 'tension Rods 7c Each
5000 brass Extension Rods, K-inch
tube, with brass ends, complete with
brsckets, etc.; grand valuea, 3
to 6 p. ra., on- sale at, each ...... C
Ay : A': Snlt Cases $2.63 . ..
24-inch extra heavy . Keratol Suit
cases, linen lined, shirtfold, straps all
around; regular , $7.50 tTO A1
value, at, special........ J&J9
"A 73c Stools 29c
-v ' - .
Special lot of polished Bathroom
Stools, best 75c vals., on sale
from 5 to 6'p.'m. at, each... .swifC
On sale in toy department, 3d floor
Children's Culmps 39c
Children's white lawn Guimpeis,
tucked and embroidery trimmed, aires
8 to 14 yesrs; best 75c val- EQ
ues, on sal at, 5 to 6 p. m..JC