The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 09, 1907, Page 14, Image 14

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c o. picK-orncK if ist btv ph-
Iwhi Clark ana val eta.; pnone .
Pianos and t urmture moved and peekd
for ahlpplng: commodious brick ware
house witli separate Iron room. .Front
and nr eta,
-: TiirN-Rfc RWdvfcft. CAT
Henry Ko. W. A. Cleland.
F. P. Bheaeereen.
n.uMl transfer and storage: aaf.
piano and furniture movd. packed and
shipped- 10 Oak at Both phonea-
Van horn transfer. btSraoe
Co.. Inc. Furniture and piano moving
specialty; storage warehouse. 40-41
Jd at., comer A an. rnnna giwin i.i.
peninsular Express a bagoagb
Trsnsier. iti juaer hwh
Maln . Heavy naming ana iiomr
, for CO. -morag. n Burn, main
and eomDiwm - - - - -
at. Portland. Or. Phone Main 1T1. '
turlng Ca Manufactursrs of fuml
' n" for tho tnida. .Portland. Or. -WADHAM
cars, manufacturer and oommlsalosi
' tnercha' ta 4th and Oak ata.
anlaVJrdarm. 1- Ruvenskys furat-
tore factory. 0T rront at
.. TT-snsaft -I n-i Tt wt SI
"produce merchants. Front and" Davis
ata., Portland, or.
SSiTVn, Hsgele CO, Fort-
land, or.
A V-?--.! k.,tt.r tin. ate- dairy rrod-
. nets bought or bandied on commission.
. 1 Sth at, (BwelUnd bldg.), Portland,
Co., Barbers' Supplies. Barbers', Fur
niture. Barbara' Chairs lath Morrtaon.
Alaska 1907
at At
...4rlF IT
KB.. Co-s Bna-boldt. .. .Itoi, It,
..City of B-ttl . , -j-,j.v-;,,
OoKHt CUT, via Sitka J! 14,
Xtta a, WL Vao-t a0.
city of rrnabte
oaoma ......
Oit CBoa. I4J
Ja'ci'estown Exposition
;lChJoao mid Tatorn, : tTl-B. :
Bt Laula and return. flT.i.
8t Paul. Mlnneapolla. Dgalath, Supa
' rlor. W'lnnlpec and Port Arthur and ra-
. t-n :''
' For tickets, alaeptnf ear raaerratlona
' and additional Information, call on or
add rasa H. DICKSON. C P. at T. A.
lit nzms r, roxTZ-urs, om.
. Tolapbonaa: Vata ltd. Homa A-ltSl
Columbia River occnery
Bxavz-iTO-i Z m
Dallr aarrtea bitwita Partlaad ' aaa
Dallas, anp Baadar, BMrlM Fattiaad at
t m. mn arrtTlat aboat p. at- aarrytaa
rrvickt aaa pa-wnrara. Hpiaaaia
tJona f-r aatflta aed UraMoek.
Deck fast af Aktar at, Partlaadi Ibat at
.Caart at, Xka Danaa, rttaaa Mala !. rartlaaa.
Steamships EJa,;XE
, . and GEO. W. ELDER
Sail for Eareka, Ban Franelaea and La
Ancalaa direct arary 1 nuracay at p. na.
iicket oiuca it .nira, near Aiaar,
Pkcnaa i-L 1114- EL TOUNO. Aa-ent
He! For Astoria
.Ial1y excptTAnrdyi
street .dock t a. ta."
il'ortland MaAlng Extensive Prepara
' ' tlons to Entrtaio Seattle Delo-'T'
' satg Ea Roate Home.
. Preparations are under way for tho
'entertainment In this city of tho largo
number of Christian 'Endaavorera -who
. win pass through Portland on their re
. turn from 'the International eonventlon
. which will, be In session' In - Seattle,
July 1 to la. . Those 'arrlririg now an
- - route tor Seattle, are being entertained,
and. extensive prepa rations are . being
made f or . those who will visit ' Port
land on their return homeward. '
1 It i hoped that the Portland burean
which haa been established at Seattle
will -Influence a larse majority of the
70,000 visitors to return via ths Rose
nt v. 'Loral Endeavoran have tnina-t
with the commercial bodies in prapar-
in ror tna rerepwon di in viauora.
Members of the reception committee
will bord Incoming trains and dla-
tribute literature and postal cards to
be sent to their homes. H. K. Powell
.who Is In rhsrira of the Portland bu
. rau In fieattle has made arrangements
to distribute 25.00 personal Invitations
' to llt Portland. A banquet will also
be given them at the I. M. U. A.
r 11
Live in MontaTilla? I
rive of oor very beat pianos will be
rut Into Monfavllla homes, where they
ni l ! appreciated and praised for their
.rlnr I :y, at a nominal iisure. vjail
, t ,,.,,,,rr,- an! apply. Freed-Frsnch
1'Ihiio company.
Tvn't f '1 to r"' voirr west side rs
r' I tomwrow. iositivaly tho last day
..!. d.8' OUQL .
Canned Goods Market Firm
er Fruit Values Hare :
Not Been Opened. '
Today mark features:
Can-ad tomatoes open up.
lcanbarrlai ara ataadiar. ' -Btraarbrry
aaaaoa ta cloaad.
Ktll WtUt niM rnaaka appaar-
Pall pay yara drapptac faat-;,
Ea Mia aMw bad quality.
Pwutry aaarfca fraxruonally bl(har.
tVaxvaty , ta draaawd
N'aar pwtnatwa be-Jlaa; ataady. i .
F-vaar ca4 aahaiwa aaaaoa.
Caavatmnaia. bl d and.. .
At W 4T-cfvta Fruit Cannera
aaawiiarniai a mtmri It a openln. ral-
aaa in cjmi ttaa toa. Prtcaa
liatad ar aJKMt ! ai(tr than a year
ac aat aa.aard Today's Taluea
la tkla aa-rk rr rutaraa la so par
doaaa aa aataat i a year aira. Oal-
loos ara Quotad at IAa aa aamax i.v
rear aaa. riaar aaaiiiy anowa pro-
portlonata adTaocaa. '
. While (ha trad bar tuut been await
Inf with considerable Interost the opan
Inf announcement oa eannad f rut La,
there is little worry erpraseed. aa the
Jobbers have already oversold their prob
able deliveries from ' eannera. While
this season s opening; pncea on rruits
are late, they were somewriat delayed a
year aatt. At that time they did not
opair -ntu about July 18. . I
1C IS ut saaerai opinion oi in iwm
trade that there will be a marked ad.;
vane la all aorta of frulta. The reason
for this Is not so mucn in tna crop
shortage aa because of the Inability of
STOwera ta set pica era. uanneriee are
very short of help and what men they
have are recelrlnf materially hirher
waea. Thea there ta tna advance in
cans and the rise ta boxes. All of these
will have aa affect toward naklns; the
ooenlna values on fruits materially
hirher than thoae that ruled at the
start of the season a year ago. :
Zfraasstzlaa Axe Steadies,
A ataadlar tone la rullns In loirs n-
berrles today, especially for the better
ouailtv. Poor slotiK is nsra in sen si
any price and arrivals of this character
would not brine more than too or 76o at
any time. The reason for the enormous
shipments In this direction of late la
that the berries ripened too fast and
they could not be sent longer distances.
As a usual rule a large amount of local
loganberries la annually sent to Spokane
and other points, but If this was tried
during the past few days the railroad
tracks the entire distance to the Inland
mntri would be colored scarlet be
cause oi lb leaky condition ox ins icuit.
; - Btra wherry eaaom Za Baded. ,
Practically no ' strawberries are now
being received la this market and the
season la closed. A. Hood River paper
thus reviews the situation:
'The strawberry season haa practi
cally eloaed In Hood River for thla year.
However, there are still dally consign
ments going forward by express.
"This year's crOD haa been practi
cally 109 per cent larger than the berry
output or last year, ine touu straw
berry crop of 1 U04 waa about-18 .car
loards; while the crop this year will
amount to about IS car. -
"The-prices that have prevailed tnis
season have not been- as large as those
received last year. This la due mainly
to the fact that the places in Oregon.
Washington and Montana that have
been our most- open market In former
years are now being supplied by local
a rowers in the reapective vicinitiea.
The state of Washington, that was
at one time one of the heaviest con
sumers, bss shipped hundreds of car
loads of berries into the eastern mar
ket thla aar. and tha Bitter Root coun
try In .Montana has also had a heavy
yield this season. .
Wan Walla Oaloaa Arrive.
The first car of Walla Walla onions
to arrive this seaaon came In late yes
terday and waa -unloaded thla morning.
Stocks were -mer - fully matured ha
usual for first arrivals and were gener
ally In better shape. Demand waa there
fore quite good at la a pound. Stocks
were packed In crates Instead of sacks,
thus Insuring longer Keeping quality,
Two care of cantaloupes were 1
ported In from Brawler yesterday; fine
Shape. - -
Bell peppers are lower with larger re
ceipts. . .
New potatoes are holding -ataaoy, witn
arrivals and demand lust about aqi
Raspberries -are In fine shape. B
ing at ror best... :
' Ponltry carka Is actrhar.
On account of tho very liberal de
mand and generally- small arrivals on
ths street, the poultry market In gen
eral shows an advance of about Mo I
pound In pries today. Hens are quoted
up to 14c a pound and springs range
around lee- and - lie,
Tha aaa market continues mixed, with
values showing a range of about Sc on
account of quality. : Moat aales at 14c,
although once In a while a case Is sold
fractionally higher and a large lot frac
tionally, lower. usinesin eggs, now
aver, la aenerallv dulL the market show-
lng littls -movement on account of the
eastern arrivals.
tna. Former is very firm.
Dressed veal ' continues very scarce
and prices are firmer though unchanged.
rront etreei values; . - -'
rata. Flams, aat Feed.
GRAIN ' BAG8 Calcutta, SO, large
lots:; small lots, xoo. -
WHEAT Cluh, 4 4lso; red Russian.
!- hlueateni. 17088c: valley. 8408to.
CORNWhole. (28.00; c racked,. $i.00
BARL-CT - New Feed. fll.00OIt.00
per ton: rolled. 118.00 J4.00; brewing,
Mt.00vZl.00. - ---,t
RTE 11. IS per ewt . j
OATS New Producers price Na
whits. ttl.'OO ner ton: gray. 117.00.
FbOUR Eastern Oregon patents,
14.80; straights.;- export. i.vo
w-n. ti in a ii 4ft: a-raham. Urn. 11.71
whole wheat, 14.00: rye. SOa, f a.00; bales.
MTI.T "TnwirfU Rran. 117.00 ner ton
middlings, 125.00; ahortaT country, 120;
city, im.oo; coop, iis.vv vii.vv.
4a- favor of elosinf-tha 4
4 river against all salmon fishing e
for two years at a time. Other- 4
4 wise I would prohibit trap or
t. wheel Ashing" altogether. Some- ,
O thing must bo dons to aava tha 4
4 nh." Robert & Farrell, rap re- 4)
4 sentatlve from Multnomah 4
4 bounty,
..-"I- believe that something e
4 must be done to aid ths salmon , 4
e Industry at one or all tha fish
4 will be caught think it would e
4 be a vary good Idea to legislate , 4
eV out aU traps and whaela. The - 4
'- former are especially kHIlng to ,e
4 the fish Industry a they are
4 death traps. No fish can pass 4
e tham.- Willara a Chapln. rep- . e
4 - reeentatlvo from Multnomah 0)
0 county. -
V. '-'
rm . w w.w7
4 Egga seem to be holding
4 about atasdy for strictly candled
4 stock. A great many of tha eggs
4 are arriving In bad condition
4 and I would advise shippers not
4 .to hold stocks too long. : This
4 - kind - of weather, a . few - days.
4 makes a great deal of 'differ-
4 once.
4 'Poultry U holding firm, -
4 peclally bene and springs, twaa
4 and turkeys move slow. '.
4 "Fancy fat veal are wanted
4 and at present the market sould
4 ; uaa a great deal more tnan is
4 coming In. Large ones are oot
4 wanted. Smell hogs In demand r.
4 at printed prleea" Frang-iem-4
piston, of Templeton Bros.
HAT Producers' price Timothy.
Willamette valley, fancy. lS.9tlT.eo;
ordinary. tU.VOti 14.00; ''""f ?";
lll.O0tJ10.O0; mixed. 'Jt0-:
clover. tg.50I.OO; grain. 18.00 10.00;
cheat l,60w.0O. ,
Batter. Brr aad Foaltry. - -r - -
BUTTER FAT f- o., b. Portland
Sweet cream. 2c; sour, It a. ,
bittter Cltv creamery. IT Ha; aee-
onds, 25HCJ OuUlde fancy. 15c; aeconda,
IIHo; alore. uregon. ---javiask -i. . ..
KGOS Extra fancy candled. II Q 24c;
nncandled, 222Ho. .
CHKKblfi Haw T1II cream, liais,
4 WO llo per lb; Young Americas, 11
per lb.
POUL.TRT Mixed chickena, II
llHe; fancy hens. II VsJ14o lb; roosters,
old. lOHe lb; fryers, 1417o lb; broilers.
1I017O lb; old ducks, lie lb; spring
ducks, lltylto lb; geese, old, 810o per
ID; sprtng geese, iitivin per id; iur
keys. -HO 140 lb for old; squabs. 18.14
per dos; pigeons, ILZ5 per doa. presaad
poultry. lHe per lb higher. , ,
- Bopa, wool aaa masa. .
HOPS It 01 orop prima to choice,
Te; - medium to - prime, - f Q7e; - oon-
tracta. iw crop, lvwiio.
WOOL 1907 clip Valley. 10 Otic
eastern Oregon. II Olio.
MOM A Ii: (sew
each; abort wool. ISO 40c: m-dlun. wool.
SO O 75c each; long wool. 7Bc 11.00 each.
,TAL.OW prime, per in, sivto; no,
t and grease. ZHa,
Frulta and Tegetablee.
POTATOES 2 4 4lo per lb. .
ONION B Jabhlwa prlne . New . Call-
rornla red. U.60O..7 par sacg; imsw
Walla Walla, Zc lb; garlic, io per lb.
APPLES New, I1.BKW1.10.
FRF.SH FRUITS Oranges. II04:
bananas. 6e lb; lemona, 4.50O IS per
box; limes, Mexican. -- 4.00 ' per
log; pineapples, .zetis.vv nam-. ara
fruit 18.25; cherries, lOlo per lb;
Kooseberrles. Io per lb; loganberries.
0cO1.2S per crate; peaches,-11.00
1.15; cantaloupes, rancy, - .i.zbv.uv;
raspberries, 81.25; plums, l.Zol.e.
VEGETABLES Turnips, new, 0c
11.00 ssck; carrots. 75c 11.00 per sscl;
beets. 1.7 per ssck:. psrsnips.-ii.vvo
11.26: cabbare. 12.50; tomatoes, Cali
fornia, tl1.25; Oregon. 821.15;para-
nlpa, ' tcrr ii.vv; wax Deana, euscj
green, lo per lb: cauliflower, ll.SSO
1.50 dosen: peas. A7e; horseradish, Ic
lb; artichokes. 4576o per dos; aspara
gus. 7 5o per dos bunches; chubarD, lo id;
arreea onions, 2 bo per dor: bell pep
pers, .12 H 15c per lb: head lettuce.
t a ox; cucumoera, nomouse,
50o dos; outdoor, tl.00Ol.50: radishes,
15c dos bunches; eggplant. IOOI8o lb;
green corn, t&q dos. . .
Brooerles, Bnta. Bto. - v -
-rOAR-Cubr, 11 1 H r powdered.
15.17 tt: berry. 15.77 H: dry granulated.
15.77; 8tar, 85.ITH; eonf.-A. I5.77H;
extra B, I5 27H: golden C. 11.17 D
vellow. 15.07 beet granuiated. 6.7H;
Darreia, ivc; nair osrreia, zsc; noxea.
SOe advance on sack basia
(Above prices are 10 days net eaao
quotations.) I i ' . , .
, ijh;i per crate. .
CO FEEK Package brands. : $11,110
SALT Coarse Half pound, 100a. Ill
per ton: KOs. 111.60: table, dairy. 10s.
$15.50; 160s, 116.26: bales. 11.10; 1m-
rnrted LlverpooU 60s. 111.00; 100a 117:
24s. 11 00: extra fine, bbla, ia. Sa and
10a. I4.50OS.60:- Liverpool lunn rock.
820.10 per ton; 0-lb rock. II L00; 100s,
I 11(1 RB .
amti nncea iddit to nwi vi
than car lota Car lots at special prices
subject to Tluetuationa
RICE Imoerlal Japan. No. 1. o: No.
t. mOSc; New Orleans, pead, 7o;
AJax. Sc; Creole,
BEANS Small white, 81.10; large
white. 18.25; pink, 11.26: bayou, t.0;
Lima. ie; Mexican red ae,
NUTS Peanuts, iunrewrHO per lb
Virginia, 7 'to per id; roasted, ivc
lb: Japanese, 6BHc: roasted. f47
ner- Ihr-walnnts.- CaltfomHt lSa -per
.1.. ..... JA1S Ik il.bnp n
1 Oo per lb; Braill nuts, lie per lb: fil
berts, Ko per lb; fancy pecans, 1IO80O
psr id; simonos, moiic ,
Meats, man and wrovtalo
FRESH MEATS Front street Hogs,
fancy. t&tMo per lb; large, f7o per
i u , Tm. axirm, otic yrji vi u i 7 ,
to per lb; poor, 07q per lb; mutton,
fanoy. 8 0 Pr lb. -
HAMS, BACON, ETC. Portland pack
(local) name. 10 to It lbs, lm Pr lb;
14 to II lb. Ho per lb: 1 to 20 lbs.
!6e; breakfast bacon.. llttaiM pet
lb: picnics. 12c Mr lb: eotiage roll
imc per lb; regular short clears, un
smoked, 15c per lb; smoked, 12o per lb;
clear back a, unsmoked. lie; smoked. 11c
per lb: Union butts, , 10 to 11 lbs un-
mnki4 In nee lhr smoked., to tr lb:
clear beTllea, unsmoked, llVio perTb;
smoked, lltte per lb: shoulders, ..fee
per lb; pickled tonrties, I0e each.
LOCAL, LARD Kettle leaf. 10c. lie
per lb; Is. 11 Ho per lb; SO-lb tins, 11U
per lb; stesm rendered. 1 On, llo per
lbrls, 11140 per lb: compound, 10s, I0o
per lb. t
FISH Rock cod, 7e per lb; flouadera,
le per lb; halibut I Ho per lb; striped
base, lie ner lb: catflah. lOo ner lb: Cal-
mon. fresh Columbia Chinook. 11 H Pr
lb; blueback, lOo per lb; Steel
heads, 10c per lb: herrings, lo per
lb; aoiea, e per in; snnmps. 10a per
lb; perch, le per lb; black cod, 70 per
lb; .tomeod, 7c per lb; lobsters, Io per
lb: freah mackerel, 1c per lb; crawfish.
loo per dos; sturgeon, lOo per lb; black
bass. 20c per lb; Columbia river smelt
o per lb; shad, 4o per lb; black cod,
1 7 c per id.
OTBTERS Shoal water bar. oer gal-
Inn. 12.60; per 100-lb sack, 4 60: Olym-
pia. per gallon. 12.26; per lli-lD ssck.
I6.l0(.25; Eagle, canned, lOe can;
57.00 dos. i
CLAM8 Hardshell, per1 bos. 12 46;
rasor elama 12.00 per box: 10o per doa.
' walnta. Coal OIL wta.
- ROPE Pure Manila,, IS o; standard.
lJikc; sisai, lie.
COAL OIL Pearl. or Astral Cases.
llli. nM .ml mtr mrktitm Imm KKla
140 per gal: wooden, ito' per gal; head
light 170 deg. cases. It He ner a-aL .
QASOLINB 8 deg., caaes, 24He per
gai: iron nnn, iso per gat.
BENZINE 1 deg.. cases, t So par gal;
Iron bbla. tie per aaL
.. TURPENTINE -In cases, tlo per gal;
wooden bbla lo ner aaL
WHITE LEAD Ton lota 7e per
id; eiiv-io iota, ae per 40; less lots, t0
per lb. '
WIRB NAILS Present basis at ti ll.
United Stat Government Bonds.
Tork, July t. Oovernment
bonds: .
J Ta.
Twos, registered 106
do coupon ...... ,.,1105
Threes, registered ..111
do coupon . . , . . ,',111
Fours, rag., new. .1825
do coupon ...... ..16
Fours, reg., old, 107
do coupon .". 1107
Fours, Philippine... ...
do coupon ........ ...
Twoa, Panama, new. . ...
District of Columbia. ...
Bid. Asked.
106 105
106 IOS7.
10214 lot
101 1014
118 12
1281a 1 12m
100 . 101 H
the Us of
Since - Last Wednesday No
Arrivals ShownPack- '
' ers Get the Blame.
Portland Union Btoekrarda iuly I.
Official receipts:
, nogs, vattia. pnv-p.
Today .'.....i. 14 141
Week ago ...171 411 1.000
Year ago 1S 114 404
Prevloue year ..... 4 161 76
Tha absence of hogs from tho local
market for a week Is creating much
talk among tha killers. Of oouros the
big packers understand tha reason
shippers will not send hogs to market
aa long as they ara not fairly treate.
With values In the east very strong
packers ars not even willing to pay
present quotatlona to local people, but
will pay more freight charges added
to the eastern producer. Even with the
absence of arrivals here for several
days, buyers offer no encouragement In
prices; ths market holding Just steady.
, oa!. jr. oi at Fou.
' At 14.00 today the market for best
steers was quite steady, although killers
did not hurry themselvss to make pur
chaaea ' Receipts today were 141 head.
This compares with 410 head a week
ago,. 114 head a year ago and 161 head
tnis day two years ago.
- lOtaep Sneady Bmt Basy.
Receipts of aheen today were email
with the - market holding ' ateady but
easy. Today'a run waa 141-head aa
against 1.000 head a week ago. 404 head
a year ago and 75 bead tola day two
yeara ago,
A year ago today hoga - and aheep
were ateady. cattle dull.
Today 7 head or horses came in, -
Official livestock prices:
Ho aa Beat eastern Oregon. . 11.10:
stoekers and feeders. tl.OO0t.26; China
fats, t .16 01.60.
Cattle Beat eastern Oregon atoera.
14.00; best . cows .. and . half er 11.16;
bulla. 11.00.
Sheep Wethera, : I4.IIO4.I0; lambs,
Price Role aa High aa Slfte at
BhaIk6"e-1erday. V . '
At ths wool aales at Shanlko yester
day upward of 1,000,000 pounds were
sold. . prices ranging around 20H to
21 Ho. The latter waa. the high market
Over a half of tho, wool offered waa
taken by on firm. . Thla was the
Botany mills of Palsaic. New Jereey.
Ita nurchaa ea totaled S14.000 Bounds.
Other buyers were RuaeeU A Co., of
Portlsnd, 85,000 pounds; Pendleton
Scouring- Mills, 15,000 pounds, J. Kosh
lsnd A Co., 10,000 pounda and Hal
lowelL Jones Donald, 15,000 pounds.
Big Sheep Deal.
(Special Dtapeteh ta The ZoaraaL) -Boise.
Ida.. July t. Deputy Oraxlng
Inspector Bergh has lust returned from
a trip through the Sawtooth foreat re
serve, 100 miles sast of here. Ha waa
there Inspecting ranges snd marking out
soma trains for the Tusker Sheep com-
?any to pass over. This outfit was
ormerly owned by Payne tt Pence and
waa purchaaed not long ago by Wiscon
sin parties, out toe transrer was oniy
lust made. The involved 11,000
head of sheep In 10 bands, and It la said
tha consideration waa 1100.000.' High
land valley has been aelected as tbelr
opening, and closing range. - .
Bid Prices Current Today on the San
' 'Fran clsco Exchange, ...
San Francisco. July t. Official bid
prices: -- -
- ' ... . M M. . . . . .
Duuaiurni 11V, fV V. . v, tui r-
hawk 111.00, Columbia Mt lie. Jumbo
14.25, Jumbo il, vsmai iota.
Pannsylvanla IcA, Gold field M. Co. 11.00
A, Kendall 14c, Booth 4e, Blue Bell
H7 Adams 1 124." Silver Pick 5o, Nev.
Boy 10c, B. B. Ext 7c,. Blue Bell lc
Dixie le, O. Columbia lie, Hlbernia
7c, Bt Ives 11.05. Conqueror 11.14. Blk.
Rock 40, Lone Star lie, O. Wonder to,
Oro tic. Kendall Ext to, Sandst Ext
40,'Mayns 7c. Atlanta 40, Great Bend
70o, Blmerono le. Empire lie A. Red
Top Ext 2(c, Florence 16.15, Dlam'f B.
B. Con. 11.64. O. Daisy 11.10. Laguna
Il.tSA, Commonwealth tic. Comb. Fract
11.40, Or. Bend Ext lie. Or Bend Anx.
IcA,- MIHstorm- tlOi-B.- B. - Bonanaa - c,
Kewanoa o, Esmeralda 11c. Portland
21c, Cracker Jack lie. Francis Mohawk
tl.tS, Bed Hill Sle. Lou Dillon IcA. Y.
Tiger 17cA. B. Pick Ext 7cA. Col. Mt.
Ext SoA. Ooldf. Cons. 11.46. Dlam'f
Triangle tlo. - - - - i
Ophlr Ho, Mexican 41c Gould tt
Curry IScA, Con. . Virginia lie. Savage
le. Hale At Norcroas 60c, Yellow Jacket
I1.00A. Belcher 25c, B i err a isev. 140,
Exchequer 88c, Union 2 So. -
Bullf. M. C 18c, Mont Bullf. 4. Nat
Bank tOe. L. Harris Ic. Amethyst 10c
Gold Bsr lie, Btelnway fcA, Denver
Bur. Anx. ioca. Bonnie ciare - 7ca.
Mayfl. Cona 78c. Monty. Ohio Ext Ic
Q Scepter 14a. Monty. Mt 14o, B. Daley
UcA. Homestake Cona lc Yankee Girl
o. Nugget 4o, Tramp Cona. SOe, Victor
Ton. Nev.' 14.I0A, Mont Ton. ! 25
Ton. Ext 11.80. MacNamara Ho. Mid
way II. ITU. Ton. Belmont 11.50. Ton.
No. Star 16c . Ohio Ton. la,-West End
Cons. 88c Rescus lie. Ton. t Calif.
IcA. Golden Anchor ltc, Jim Butler
11.10, Ton. Caab Boy To, Ton. Home
Mo, Bost. Ton. 10c A, Monarch Pitta
Ex. lo, Mont Mid. Ext 40, . Golden
crown nv n. I. Ton. cons. zo. -
Msnh. Cona '45c Manh. M. Co. to,
O. Wedge o. Seyler Hump to. Dexter
lie, L. Joe tc. Crescent cA, Com
bination 4cA, Granny Ho,' Mustang tie.
Cowboy So, Orlg. Msnh. lo, broncho 7o,
Jump. Jack )c, Pinenut To, Buffalo tc
S. Dog Ho, Y. Horse 4c Indian Camp la
Falrv. Sliver King 10c A, Falfv. Eagle
ItC Nevada Hills 80. No. Star Won
der 10c A. Eagle's Neat Ho, -Alice of
Wonder SoA, Pittsburg Silver Peak
11.4a. . ,
Portland Bank Statement,
Clearings today 8L2S1.6T8.76
do year ago ........inT- 801.124.04
Gain today . . I ............ f 141.147.71
Balances today ...........8 124.801.11
ow year ago ....... ,. s,a...v
. Foreign Exchange Rate.
- New Tork, July t. Foreign exchangs
1 . . . ... ...II . .4 . , .a A r I .
HW1 H.l vplll m.. ' . , "
rates down I points I dsys, 488.00 O
484; francs. 6114; marks, 6 -: cables.
487H047.6; aemano,
- ' . Liverpool Grain Market.
' Llverpol. July I. Official prices! -
ts t d
Ts IHd '
7s IHd
' r Open.
July I.
Ts ld
Ts I d
Ta T,d
July..Ts I d
4lld ' Hd
- It
Liverpool Cotton Market.
Liverpool, July t. -Totton futures
closed very steady. I V to t points down.
Well Started to Prohibit
Traps and "Wheels -in the
Salmon Fishing Industry.
Wheat1 Crop' Shows -Farther
Damagti Advance in Chi-1
-.' cagQ and Drop Abroad. .
mc-rdln Wheat Crop. .
4 . ' Northwestern Miller of Mlrine-. q
4 apolia, says: ;
4 , - ."Reports discouraging on green - 4
4 bugs; soma bad apota showing Id " 4
q -the wheat;' otherwise the crop
4 la making favorable progress. 4
" ; , ... .... -' .-
July. July.' Gain. 101
July life . ',.. 2H l J4 .2J
sept:... ti :-J? tsS
Deo ... tH tli 1 H 1,
May ....11 -I01V4 : Vk rj-r-
Chlcago. July ' Bad re porta ara
again coming from the wheat harvaat
A' apeclal from Kansas. City says:
Threatening returns Indicate that the
wheat crop la very a potty. Some re
turns are very much better than expect
ed. Aa estimate on total yield will be
almnlv a ameaa until complete reports
can be had and that might be 6.000.000
bushels out of line. Weather favorable
and wheat harvesting Is very good.
In the markets today there waa aoins
short covering on the advance, but the
trade la still very anon or wneai. -i ne
market cloaed H to Ho up. Liverpool
cables ' were weak with a . vary -harp
break snowing at tne close. -
Bradstreet's report of tho grain visi
ble shows: -. . t.
Wheat East or Rockies, increased
508.000 bu: Canada decreased 1.11.000
bu: Europe snd afloat decreased 1.600.
000 bu; world'a total decreased 1,110,000
DU. , -U...V - - -
Corn Decreased 1.204,000 bu.
Official Chicago prices by Overbook.
Starr aV Cooks Co.: -
. ' WHEAT. -.'
- Open. High. -Low. Close.
July.....,,.. tlH . 8fH" 1H , 1
ii V4 lti
Bept .
Deo........ .
64 H 86
51 St
4I4A 41
11 It
40 40
4IH 4t
ltV 4
July., ......1615 1I1S 1811
Sept.. HIT HIS 1111
"LARD. .
July........ 110 III lit
Sept.; Itt lT 11
Oct tot tot tot
i V - SHORT RIBS. ..
July........ 147 I4T ' t47
Sept. 11 IIT lit
lt -157
Oct.....;.. ..-"" , ..'.v
J an.. .
Early Advance - Is Lost -:by- Hear
' LiquMatlng Sales.
- Tha stock market closed sharply low
er today. Profit taking; was tho causa
of tho latter slump. ".
Tha Boston News Bureau wires: Th
deadlock between producers and con
sumers of copper haa been broken. 1 The
new price agreed upon are electrolltlo
tie, lake tlo. Large aalea of copper
can now be momentarily expected."
Official New York pncea by uver
beck, Starr de Cooks-Co.: ... 1.
Open. Bio-
Am. Copper Co. II
Am. Loco e. ............
Bngar. C 112
Smelt, a. .......... .111 ,
laon. c . ., . ....... 1.
AUDiMin. . . a
Baltimore Ohio, e. ts
Brooklyn Rapid Transit... 17
Canadian Pacific, o. 174
Chi. Milwaukee A St P...1I4
Colorado Fuel dt Iron, a... 11
Erie, e zt
Loulsvlllo Nsshlvllo ..111
Missouri paclflo ......... 7
New York Central .......111
Pennsylvania Railway ... 114
Pea Gss. Light A C. Co.. tl
Reading, c 10T
Rock Island, cn II
do preferred .......... 41
Southern Pacific a. ...... 80
Union Pacific .0. 140
United Btatea Steel coC., e. 171
United "states meet t;o., p.iooi
(Joamal Bperlal Oervl.)
Nw Tork July t.-rTJpon th order of
Supremo Justice McCall tha allegations
of Infidelity and tampering with- mall,
have been stricken , from the divorce
complaint filed against Howard Gould
hv his wife. The 'court-nowveF.Te-
f used to grant uouia s request tnat a
third allegation, tna. ne naa nis wits
shadowed by detectives, be stricken from
tho complaint. , -
(Special Dispatch te The JoaraaL) -Astoria,
Or, July I. A man named
James Walker Was arrested yesterday,
charged witn robbing a store st Ham
mond Sunday afternoon of "roods vei
ned at 1160. Walker waa arraigned in
Justice court yesterday afternoon and
f leaded not guilty and waa committed
o the county Jail in default of 8600
bonds to appear Wednesday for exam
ination. . ' ' .
(gperlsl Dispatch to The Zearaal.)
Vanoouver, B. C, July . A measen-
Rer boy named Frank Miller, aged It, of
orth-Vancouver, was run over snd In
stantly killed by one of the bid Inter
urban cars on Hastings atreet larft even
ing at T:1S. His body was horribly mu
tilated and crushed. Hla head .was
nearly severed from his body and hla
body waa cut In two. -
(Joaraal crtl Bervle.) - 1 I
Riga, Russia, July I. A revolutionist
named Bproga, who betrayed hi com
rades who were plotting in an old flour
mill, waa te-rlblr tortured afte the po
lice had raided the mill, killing I revo
lutionists snd capturing many. Bproge
waa taken to the mill and tied to the
floor. A sack with a small hole in tt
waa tied around hla head and flour
poured through the hole until Sprog
waa smothered to death. . .
Don't fail to pay your weat Bid gas
bill tomorrow. Positively th last day
of discount ' .
Maori King Rides Lazily at
Anchor Awaiting In-
structions. . (
'.'.,'',. . . - - ' '., " r-',-
Possibility of Vessel Being Fixed to
Load Lumber for Some Foreign
Port Since Frank Waterhouae
Co. Canceled Original Charter. '
- Th British steamer Maori King Is
still swinging lastly at her anchor In
the middle of tha atream and there la
no telling now bow soon she will be
fixed for loading,', her charter to the
Frank Waterhousa Una having been can
celed. ';' . ' . - ' '
.. Tha Maori King was engaged to carry
a cargo oi fjour and general . merchan
dise from this port to north China and
Siberia, but arrived too late to take
the cargo intended for her. The delay
was due principally , to a race war on
board when the steamer waa on her
way' from the orient to tauaymaa, Mex
ico, with a load tun oi tinese aoo
Russian laborers.
The Russians fell out with th Chi
nese and some blood would have been
ahed had not ' the offlcera decided to
ateer for San Pedro, where the trouble
makera were reprimanded. - One of the
coolies waa kept in Irons for a long
time. From Guaymas ths Maori King
came here. She la the first steamer in
many montha to lie her In beilaat seek
ing a charter.
There is a possibility of her being
engaged to carry lumber, but tha for
eign market Is said to be somewhat con
fused, although several orders have re
cently com from South America, espe
cially since tha slump la the San Fran
cisco market The Norwegian ateamer
Mathilda is at tha mills of tho Portland
Lumber company loading lumber for
Auatralla, and th Norwegian ateamer
Thyra Is due to reach here soon. The
Thyra is under charter to tho Paclflo
Export Lumber company to load for
China. The American Trading company
la dispatching tha Mathilda.
Officer and Ballon on StMuner Un
dine Save Farmhouse.
Officers of th steamer Undine on re
turning to Portland Monday from Van
couver, discovered a farm house burn
ing. Captain Copal and.- master of,tb
Undine, Bounded a fire alarm and the
entire crew turned out at once to fight
the flames under command of Captain
Copeland and First Officer Leslie Loula
While part of the crew ware directing
th streams on' ths burning dwelling
soma of ths others entered tha building
and carried out the household goods. A
woman was ths only occupant and after
the flamea wer extinguished aha waa
taken on board and transported to the
Washington side, where she left for
D. P. 4 A. -N. Again Handling White
, Salmon Freight, ; . " ' v
- (Ssaetal Diana ten to The Jearaal.)
Hood - River. July- I. After susp
Iner its freight service to Whits Salmon
for several montha, tho D. P. A A. N.
company has resumed again, dua to th
fact that ths J. N. Teal, which was put
on the river, recently, la stopping there.
Unable to get freight consigned to them
any other way, residents on ths North
Bank have, since about May 1, been
ferrying It across . ths river from the
O. R. N. The residents of the North
Bank . ars anxious to have tho Open
River Transportation company put on
another boat so they will be Insured a
dally service and ssy that If It does
they will pledge themselves to give It
their patronage. '
" -'"' Bill . , ', '
Bignli tvtner Sue to ATitve.
Redondo, Seattle ....July 1
Columbia. Ban Franciaco July 11
Breakwater. San Francisco. .. July 11
Alliance, Coo Bay July IS
Roanoke. Ban Pedro and way.. '..July H
Aleala. orient........... -J",1!!
Costa Rica. Ban Francisco. .... .July IT
O. W. Elder, Ban Pedro and way.July tl
Nlcomedia, orient..... .....July 27
Numaatlsv orient... v August II
Arabia, orient ................ .Bept 1
. Bralar Z-ang to Z apart. -
Alliance, Coos Bay; ......July 10
Costa Rica, Baa Francisco July .10
G. W. Elder, Ban Pedro and way.July 11
Redondo, Seattle and way July It
Breakwater. Coos Bay .........July IS
Columbia, Ban Francisco . v...July IS
Roanoke, Ban Pedro and wa....July 11
Aleala. orient rf, .......... July 27
Nlcomedia, orient .....August I
Numantia. orient...... August 21
Arabia, orient ...September IS
Tassels la Fort. m
Tola. Br. sh ......Elevator dock
Jordanhlll, Br. by. .....Astoria
lnlta, Br. bk.....i....u.vEast Pins
lllebonne. Am. sch...O. R. A N. Alblns
Waanucta. Am. Wrge. .University Mill
Chehall. Am. bktn. , , . . .Knsppton
J. H. Lunsman, Am. sch... Stella
Charleston, U. B. navy.... ......Harbor
Paul Jones. V. B. N... ...... ...Astoria
Maori King, Br. ss .otream
Manshu Maru, Jap. aa Flour Mill
Alvena, Am. sch Weat port
J. M. Griffith. Am. bktn Stella
Dalgonar. Br. ah.... . . .Columbia Na 1
Mathilda, Nor ss Portland Lbr Co.
Wallacot 'Am. barge. University Lbr Co.
Alumna, Am. sen... xsryanca
Bee, Am. sch . . . Willamette LAS. Wka
Lettitia, Am. sen...... ...Rainier
Costa Rica, Am as t . ..Atnaworth
Alliance, Am. ss. ......... .Couch ttreet
fitrathnalrn, Br. aa .t... Mersey
Yoeemlte, Am. ss .......... ....Astoria
Catania, Am. sa . . ; JLlnnton
. X,mbe Oarriers Ba Boat.
Mabel Oale, Am. ach.....Ssn FM1seo
Retriever. Am. bktn. ....Ban Franciaco
South Bay, Am. str,....Bsn Francisco
Echo, Am. bktn.... San Francisco
Melrose, Am. sch.. .......... .Ban Pedro
Bailor Boy, Am. sch.. ...San Franctaoo
Alden Bess. Am. bk,..,.8aa Franciaco
Loulslsna,-Am. bk ..........Pan Pedro
Irene, Am. sch...,,..,. San Diego
Washington, barge.... Ban Pedro
Aurella, Am. atr. ....... .San Francisco
James Rolph, Am. sch ...San Francisco
Ba Boat) With O eat aat and aasral.
Buceleuch, Br. ' ah. ..... ......Hamburg
Brsnn, Fr. bk. ....... .w. t ., ... .Hull
Conwsy Castle, Br. bk... ,.... Antwerp
Europe, Fr. bk Antwerp
Genevieve Mollnos, Fr. bk...., .London
Reno Ksrviler, Fr. sh ...Hamburg
Laennec Fr. h. ..............Swansea
Le Pllier, Kr. bk.... London
Martha Rous, Fr. bk Hamburg
Mosamblque. Br. ah..... .Newcastle. E.
Samoa, Br. bk Shields
Blam. Ger, sh .London
Thiers. Fr. sh .....Newcastle, E.
Vineennes, Fr. bk ,.,.Omgow
Marechsel Turrena. Fr. bk.... Hamburg
Villa de Mulhouae. Fr. bk Antwerp
Gnethary. Fr. bk : Antwerp
Plerrl Lotl, Fr. bk Antwerp
Walden Abbey, Br. ah Antwerp
Oleneasllu. Br. sh.... ....... .'.Antwerp
Versailles. Fr. bk Lei th
General ds Boladeffre. Fr. bk... London
General de Negrier. Jr. bk London
Pavard. Ft. bk .Antwerp
Vllle de Dijon, Fr. bk.,.. Antwerp
Goal Ships Ba Boat. .
Balen, Fr. bk Newcastle. A.
CoL de Vlllebols MarenlLFr. bk
Newcastle, A.
Claverdon, Br. ah... Newcastle, A.
Members of Crew of II. Coy
-Tierce's Yacht,Lose Lives
in Harbor at New York.
Vosraal gpaeial Serrte.)
Nw York. July t. Three members
of th craw of th steam yacht Yaoona,
owned by Henry Clay Pleroa' of Pjt
Louis, war drowned In . tho Hudson
rivsr today when a yawl carrying tho
crew waa upset by a sailor rocking the
boat Four were rescued. ' The crew
was returning to the yacht after leave
of abaenc. The dead are Rudolph
Johnson, Fredarlckson Vondorsen, sad
Herman Vondersen. -; -
Yaoona reached port yesterday after
A week'a cruise on Long Island sound.
Pierce Is chairman of the board of
the Watera Pleroa Oil company.
Wlllacott Am. bk. .......Newcastle, A.
Port Patrick, Br. sh Newcastle, A. -
St. Mtrren, Br. sh ....... ..Newcastle, A. .
Crlllon, Fr. bk .....Newcaatla, A.
Ardencralg. Br. bk, ...... .Newcastle, A.
Eugene Schneider, Fr. bk.. Newcastle. A.
Bt. Iuls, Fr. sh..... Newcastle, A.
. Cramp Btee-asrs Bn Bon.eK
Henrlk Ibsen, Nor. str, ,.6aa FranciiXix
Queen Alexandra, Br. atr MadraaT:
inyra, nor. aa, Ban Franctaoo
Strathnesa, Br. atr,, r. Port Lea Angolan
OU Oarrlex Ba Boat.
Argyll, Am. atr. ...... ....Port Harford
Calaala, Am. str.... ,.:.Gavlot
... - , ,
A hold full of 100 tons of freight, a
passenger list that crowded every state
room and all extra places taken was)
tho record of the maiden trip of th
Breakwater for -Coos Bay whan aha
cleared laat nlsht
The Oea W. Elder arrived In Astoria
thin morning and will reach tha Port-
land dock lata thla afternoon.
The British shin BIrathnaJrn. which .
arrived In - port yeaterday morning. Is
unloading; 11,500 barrels of oemenl .
brought, from . London -for - Balfeur,
Guthrie company.
The catania ic unloading ls.60 bar
rels of erude oil at Linnton for tha
Associated Oil company, brought hero
from Gaviata.
The steamship President reported tho
weather 100 miles south of North Head
laat night by wireless message, ForJ'
caster Beala aaya that as aoon aa tho
oriental liners are equipped with wire
less apparatus in local oureau will De ,
f reatly aided In its work. Reports will
hen reach Portland while steamers
aee stm 4,000 te 1,400 nHs out at eea.-
v; -' i.L
Astoria. July .Arrived at 4:10 and
left up at l a. m., steamer George W,
Elder, from -San Pedro and -way porta. -Arrived
down at I and sailed at 10 a. m.,
ateamer Exoelaior, for San Franolsoc
Arrived down at a. m., and Bailed at '
T:10 a, m., steamer Breakwater, for Coos
Bay. Arrived at 11 a. nt, ateamer Ar
gyll, from Port Harford. t
- Astoria. July 8. Left up at 1:10 p.
nt, steamer Catania. Left up at 1:10
p. mi, barge Washington la tow of tug
Samson. ...-.
Astoria, July . Condition of tha bar
at I a. m., smooth: wind northwest,'!
miles; weather, cloudy, i
Tides at Astoria todayHigh water
1:01 a. m., I.T feet Low water :47 a.
m., 0.4 feet; 1:11 p. m.. 1.1 feet
' (gpaeial Dtepatca to The ZeenuL) ' ' '
Olympla, Waah' July . At th
ecuitve offices announcement is made
todapof tho appointment of " Frank
Dallam Jr. of Wenatchee. as private
secretary to th governor, succeeding A. .
N. Brown, whose resignation waa an
nounced 10 daya age Mr. Dallam take
office July IS on th retirement of Mr.
The new private secretary la th son
of Frank Dallam, ons of the pioneer
newspaper men of the etate, now editor
of the Palmer Mountain Prospector at
Loomla, Okanogan county. The elder
Mr. Dallam was tha founder Of- tho
Spokane Review and has been in th
newspaper ... buslnees In Washington
since 1881. Tho new privet secretary
Is IT year old, a native of California,
married, and baa spent nearly his sntlra
life In this state. He was a atudent at
tha state college at Pullman for a year
and at the University of California for
a year. For the last seven years be haa -been
In the newspsper business, a large
part of the time in the Okanogan coun
try. He is now editor and advertising
manager of ths Wenatohee Dally World.
Ha la in town, today. In conference with
th governor. , . , ' '
? Doh't fall to pay your weat sld aaa
bill tomorrow. Positively th laat day
of discount' - ; "-.
. ..... . .
' (Joaraal Special lervtee.)
Toledo, Ohio, July t. Roy Knaben
shue, -th aereonaut Is planning a long
aiatance teat witn nis new airgioie dsi-
loon. Borne time this week Knaoensm
win make the flight from Tol
Cleveland, a distance of 117 mllea.
average, apeed of 10 mil an hour. The
snip win carry tnree passengers, ons oi
whom will bs Mra Kn&benshue. Thl
will bo tho longest flight of tho -kind
vr attempted. .
. v . .. "
- (Joanui Bpeelsl Barvtee.)
The Hague, July v Among th new
S repositions introduced at ths Interna
lonal peace conference yesterday was
that of the American delegation regard
ing a permanent court of nations to bo
established and maintained here. ' Tlie ,
Idea la to have a court to serve th pow
ers In th sams capacity that the su-
rreme court of th United Bute serve
h Amerloana
1 Bakersfleld, Cat, July I. Destruction
Is spreading over the rich wheat and
alfalfa regions of Kern county. The
flood water is spreading at will. More
than 160,000 sacks of wheat,, worth
J 1.60 a sack are already gone. - The
amage to dltchea, fences, hay, alfalfa
fields; levees and personal property will
bON enormoua.
; H.
- Don't fall to pay your weat aid aa
bill tomorrow. Positively tho lsst day
of 'discount. '
(Bremen, Qermany.) '
. (Tnlaoorpo rated)
Remittance of FJoney to
and iron, turope .
Ticket Offloe for th steamrs from aa
, Buropa.