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; io;vn Topics j
II V'' '. - J - Mill - '
Marquam' brand .
' n'Wben Jnnny Come Marchlns; Horn
' , "The Telephone Exchange"
; VT.'nd . Vs tide villa
...."A WlckeJ Woman''
ni A" : "The Charity Nurse"
; . Una Oak
carllne, Firat and Alder j
Thau la . 1 ..iki. i- I
- w . u w W WWII Vl.,aU,V ,1 VCti
;;v by the Ladles Aid society pt ' 1 Grace
church tonight at the home ot Mr. and
. wra, u. u. itaiston on Portland HelKbts.
, Take Portland .Heights car and get oft
i jnarnei street, xneir number la 608
- Market street. Mualo by mala quartet
na me urace cnurcn quartet. Jtterreah-
menta appropriate to the night -; Admis
sion free and the publlo la Invited.
There will be a reading by Cloyd Hicks
no mo Dy maney Rasmussen. A
gypsy camp will be a feature of the
. evening and an orchestra will dlapenae
fiiuBio during we evening.
, J. W. Deaa of Detroit, Michigan, who
will have the general management of
the pure food ahow to be held in the
ouy auring tne first two weeka of Sep
tember has reached the city and is
" -making preliminary arrangements for
tha work.--' The show Idea haa been
worked up by the Retail Grocere' asso-
y ciauon unaer tne leaaersnip or Its sec
retary C. B. Merrick and will be an ax-
tensive affair. It will be held In the
old Exposition building on Washington
mresi ana wui contain exniDits irom a
.. large number of manufacturers and
t other Business enterprises. ; -; .
Roosevelt haa some . friends In tha
Eighth ward who are going to get Into
titer running early In the game. A
meeting was called aoma day a ago for
tne organization or tne uignta wara
Roosevelt- Republican club and C A.
' JUigelow waa elected temporary chair
man and W. E. Williamson temporary
p. secretary. The aecond meeting for the
i iKirpum 01 permanent organization will
. neid tomorrow night at Odd-Fellows'
"Ull, ond avenue and East Pine street.
Jut whiu j time a constitution and by-
jawa win oa aaoptea ana permanent or
' - fleers elected. -.,..
WsVer Miss
OF MONEY you put
away every day for
our Savings Department,
and you will be surprised
.how -your money will
We pay
Compounded twlca every
year. Set your apara
money to work and you
... will . be amaaed. at Its.'..'
; earning power. . ' l
f Savings Bank
SUsth and Washington , Streets,
lortlaa, Oregon.
W. h: MOORE,
. President
- Vice-President
Start .'
Critical Buyer Passed Up Liberal (?)
Offer of Certain Local Firm, Vho
1 Failed to Make Sale Despite Big
' Allowance.
"The Coolest Spot in the Ctty"-,Fare-
wen weeic oi tne van rranclaoo
Over Company. Presentlna
MWea Johnnie Oomea Marching- Home."
' The most suocflMsful comlo opera of!
today. Hear Mr. Cunningham alng "My!
Own United States." Evening, 26c, 60o,
sc; matinee, ioc, ouo, Monday, July S,
Nance O'Neill In 'The Sorcerea
Second and Last Week of Zlnn a
Musical Travesty Co. In
th Tsunracoira zzoxAiraa
Eilera J?h-llt!nff With All the - Great Beauty Chorue,
" " - 1 Nnn111 lM,tiim. tnil V.tTantm.
B&C tOO.
nee Saturday.
Next Week Dickens' Great Play,
Facta in Connection With Values, Evenllig prtV'i
Qualities and General Business I Matinees He, a6u Matii
a a isi 3 a rtiv iui UH,
Tha Great Heart Story of Modern Life,
: Matinees Tuesdays, Thursdays, Batur-1
aays ana Hunaays at z:io. rrioes. iooi
also the actual intrlnslo worth from the and 0c. Every evening at t:lt. Prlcaa,
'Straws show which the wind
blows." An incident which occurred in
a local piano store a few days, ago
snows in a striking manner - tha com
paratlve value of certain player pianos,
from the point of publlo estimation, but
dealer's side.
lOv, loo and 80a
A certain local mualo lover, who de- hnn fn, pun,i Im), v,t aiea
ira w purcnase tne dcbi p layer i)inu
to be found, made the rounds of tha
stores, thoroughly investigating tar
merits of each Instrument put forward
as a leaaer. in one store mis party
made known the fact that they desired
to trade a second-hand piano, and a
Pianola player, as part payment on the
Phone Main 485.
This week the Allen Stock Company. I
rTBseniing- tne inree-Act urama,
A wxcran woitAjr ."
Matlneea Tuesday. Thursday, Satur-1
Ellers , Piano House, for (1(6, and tha
lng A ' total of 1406 for both lnstru
menta. After navlnsr used them a con
alderable time it would naturally be
supposed that wear and tear would de
tract in at leaat a email percentage, but
not ao In tha eyea of the aalesman in
the store in question. Instead of de
creasing In Value, thla aalesman con-
ernoon Alben Rooa waa pierced through toward a certain player piano which the
new nlavar nlano whioh should be ae- day and Sunday. Price 10c. zoo. Every
I ' -1 ' . 1 I ...nln. m Tt. , A. OA. -.. an.
Ayuou. - v ivu, ,VU) suu ivg.
Now hera Is where a few algnlflcant I Reaerved aeata by phone. Main 4(8S.
facts come out The second-hand piano unice open irom i a m. to 10 p. m.
naa originally peen purcnaaea irom
tngton Lumbar company yeaterday aft-
The Grand VT
. . A Few of tha Headlinera:
Bobert Fulgora, Adela Palmer. Oooka k
tuuma. acr. aaa Mrs. wieaxa,
And SCanV Others. - t
Next Week DO LAN A LENHARR. tne
ureatest Hketcn Team oo tha 1
American Stage. - 1
the left aide by a flying sliver. Ha waa Arm offered for the plano-seaker'a con-
removed to Bl
Vincent's hosoltaL but I slderatlon.
aiea at 10:10 o'clock last night. Rooa
Here. - then. was an in
crease In value of almost 1100 which.
was single and lived at SIS Qulmby w oegm wun. mpnMU the fact mat
etraet, . ,j , .. ..iciiers runo noun is m nouse or aenu-
0 -. . in Ine vaiues uiat wnen one nuya an in-
Invltatlone have been issued for ar atniment of : Ellers, that they can de-
dance to be given by tha Golden Eagle SffBtnuSVS: , Ji".'--M.7iTs.,.0 .
Club Of tne f larshln Charleston at Mur-i shout end nftir mnri mnn than was
An information ohartina- Ed Hod res. I lark hall Friday evenlns. Tha ahln'a naid in th first nlnce in nrdr to effect
alia a Ed Smith, with steallns: a horae Dmna .wul P1' Ior. ln" occaeion ana a a saia or tneir instruments.- - ?
" - . ?"! splendid time haa been planned tot the But hera la another slralficant lnci-
'ii i unv iu. avian Kin w to ur. nnnaiora i . . jw
nrvi.i s . . , . iHwvt, , . . I uviii in fjuiineauun wild iuib ck"i in
vmunr. w mea m in circuit xoun , ; , ? uuiitiun. ThJ. trtr. ftithAuh atfrmM
T hl mnni nv K a I . . 4 a m . a.m 1 v . . . . . I -. . - - . '
j -,t ' . " "fi erore juage wieiana in tne circuit i almost 1100 more man was paid ror
ySrV! ?0? Jk.. lt .8'n.ttn court this momlnt Milpydn, v.mi.v the uied instruments, decided. arW a
nv irarenir. visitea tne jau ana iaen-i ' in, timi M.n.. e
tifled Hodges as tha man who had aold Pleaded not guilty -to the charge of am- player piano aubmitted by the Arm who
him a cow recently. Smith aald ha had bn 3.00 from the - Oregon . made tfte gei
akes represented in Portland,
were none which could be
fn vnnmant In f h mamM
una ciaimea toe animal, leaving smith n im poor 01 jamea irain, tne ie- class with the renulne Pianola Plana
Holding the eack for S6. , ... I year-old eon of Patay Cardiff, drowned Acting upon thla conclusion, and 'not-:
j ,"; ,.. il. v.r,,,- v withatandlnr the fact that a less allow-
k.. ... .tAm I a nee than the amount Originally paid
mm a cow recently, smith aald ha had nesaimg 8,wo(i irom tne ' Oregon . made thia srenei
paid tS6 for tha cow and that soon after Washington Lumber company on April all other makes
ha bought it. before ha had an oppor- Hla trial was set for September 10. that there wen
tunity to kill It, the owner cunt along i "- 1 -- " considered for
The corner atone lavlns-Af tha Vernnn I n ln 'Wiuamewa aoove me juaaison
ine corner atone laying or tha vernon Mqk on the eaat side yeaterday, was
Friday, evening.
tator. invites all
perity of Vernon to coma
i-resoyterian cnurcn wui take place next recovered late in the afternoon. . The
boy loat hla Ufa while In swimming.' -
pastor, invites all Interested In the pros-
nty or vernon to coma Kev. will
I ram Foulkea, D. D.," will apeak. Music
O. A. Blair,
Rev. William
by the Hawthorne
cnoir ana instru-
' will be furnished
Park Presbyterian
mental selections by an orchestra. The
ladies will furnish lea cream and cake
at is cents, vernon church la at the
corner of Eaat Twentieth and Wygant
streets. Take the Alberta car to Eaat
1 wentieth street and walk, one block.
In the circuit court yesterday after-
All patrona ot "Tha. Nlckelodlon." tha
moving picture show, 119 Sixth street
will get a chance to try a cup of the
world-famous cure cereal coffee called
-"Golden Grain Granules." if thav visit
- iMicaeioaion toaay.
waa offered by - Ellers. in exchange.
thia music-lover, selected a Pianola
Piano, one of the beautiful marblewood
wnbera. ooatlns- ii.000.
Now. several things are apparent to
the ordlnanr observer. First, that
Ellera la tha House of Highest Values
second, that Ellers la the House of I
Highest Quality; third, that other
dealer have a large margin of fictitious
value and - unreasonable profit with
noon Judge Fraser decided tha suit of I violating the Sunday closing law on
nnareaa ecnmiac ana nia wiie, isarDara j .
b-nmiat, aged uermana, against their
Deputy District Attorney Gua C. Mo- lllJX ,Uwnce?h!n(1.Sn!fln,.
, , . . . Another fact la that - tha genuine
aar thia morning; sled an Indictment In Pianola haa a etandard value, the same
tha circuit court chara-iii g Louis Rich, everywhere strictly one-price the world
arda, a aaloon-keeper of St Johns, with lover. Their superiority over all other
ptayers is recogmzea universally, certain
other players are offered upon a single
cUtuahter Tressle- and her husband. Hu
bert Kublck, to set aside a o4ed given
by the old people to their home at
Wood lawn. Judge Ftaaer refused to
annul the deed, but ordered that Kublck
and hla wife provide a home for their
. aged parents during their' Uvea, and pay j
tY" - jtv-- v
; Newspaper correspondents from Wash
ington,' D. C are planning to make ' a
. trip to tha Paclfio eoaat thla aumm'er ;
and will apend some time in Portland.
, Tha party will leave Washington June
so and wui make stops at an tha prin
cipal places , throughout tha country.
Word naa reached John M Scott as-
alstant general passenger agent for the
Harrlman linos, that tha party will
.. xnaae . tne trip, , 'isi'-v, re,;.;:
An order has. been received for B0
tlcketa for the first matinee perform
. ance of The House That Jack Built"
from an excursion party coming-from
white Flyer Una of . launches will
make dally. trips to the Oaks and re
turn. Boata leave foot of ; Yamhill
street dally at 1:J8 p. m.t Sunday 10
a. m. leasts at aoca otiioe, 10 cents.
'(TheregulaiXBieetlngi of tha 'Home
Training' association will tw held
nau tomorrow 1 afternoon
o'clock. An interesting
at I
urogram haa
peen prepared.
' Judge Gantenbeln. In tha circuit court
yesterday afternoon, (gave W. H. H.
Morgan . judgment for 1600 against E.
E. Merges in a ault arising ever a deal
la real estate.'
St Jamea Lutheran Sunday school
will hold Its annual plcnio Friday at
Columbia park, on the St Johns ear
line, picnickers will leave the city at
:sv aw m.
Wire and Iron work of all kinds, fire
1 airview. A special car will be run I oninmh t win. a Twn wiv. a--tn
"w. ... v. w ... i i. aar u.inmirrAn wnnna t'.ai ,n,
The aeat sale-will "LH: - "
Steamer Jess Harklna, for 'Camas,
over the new line of the O. R.
lines for the party,
open at the Marquani Grand theatre
box office - tomorrow - morning at 10
o clock. . . ' i -
.' Thomas Keelan, Robert : McLean,
Thomas McLennan and E. SVweaver
havebeen indicted In the circuit court
on a charge of assault and battery on
A. L. White on May 11. The men gave
100 ball each and were released from
custody pending their trials, which can
not be had before September.
' Water through hose for sprinkling
yards or sidewalks or washing porches
or windows must ba paid for in advance
and used only between the hours of s
and 8 a, m., and 6 and f p. m. It
must not be used for aprinming streets.
II usea contrary io tnese ruiea,
wastefully. It wlU ba ahut oft
'Waahoural and wav landlna-a. AuHw n,
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington street
aoca i p. m.
Sweet cream buttermilk, cheese. hn.
ter. nam. ears, ooriee etc. tiramn
Cheeaa Co, Swetland building, lit
ciitn atreei. - . .
The Thursday afternoon teas nt tha
Haselwood cream store are becomg
more popular each week. Special mualo
:u to e;v.
Will aeu frame of forelirn VihiMt
Duuaina-. roruanci ueveiopment com'
pany, Lewie and Clark fair grounda,
Original atytea. exclusive nattera.
" I ..: m Vr. ii.i. .....
Of i ccuicn ma junai'Bi novelties. ilOl
brook A Leveen, Couch block.
Why pay mora t Metsger flta your
eyea for II. 141 Wash. eor, 7th,
sormeny at in eixtn, street.
. Articles of incorporation of tha Bridal
Tall Methodist ' Episcopal church were
filed lit the office of the county clerk
thla morning by Fred 'Holliday, Frank
Howard. Georre Bhepperd. C H Boddy
'. . - nn ' w fh v. , nm nriiTwriT n n w 1
f fc, owned by tha chKrch la estimated to be , WonJanl" Bxehange, ISt Tenth etraet
i " .vn,th nnn lunch 11:80 to 1: bualneaa men's Iimxh
Acme Oil Co. aalla tha beat asfetv nnat
oil and fine gaaolina Phone Eaat Tta.
Fred H. ; Tristram, assistant general
passenger agent for tha Wabash at Chi-
' cago, reached Portland yesterday for a
short visit in the city. Mr. Tristram
haa not been in Portland alnoe tha ex
position and la surprised at the advance-
men t maae eioce tiiav nine. .
: At the meeting of the Universal New
' Thought aasembly tomorrow afternoon
f at 1 :00 o'clock, at tha A. O. TJ. W.
hall. Washlnaton, between Tenth and
.West Park streets, Sister Avabamla I
will lecture to women upon "The uin
; doo System of Breathing."
, Hedgln's Corn Cure Is it these hot
i days; rives relief to tired and aching
feet ; Try it; buy It You can get if
from Albert Berni, the druggist 188
.Washington street, zoo a bottle.
, While at'work near a large saw in
the JumbefTnlll of tha Oregon & Waah
Flahlnar pole or box of cand with aay.h
pair ot cnuaren a anoea at .Rosenthal a.
'Diamond W It'a a coffee aak for it
-ei your grocer a,
For lea call Matn til.
Co 861 Stark.
Ice Delivery
CIAIH 1 05
Oregonlan ConfacUonary, 111 Sixth, '
D. Chambers, optlolan, 189 Seventh, j
Bargeralgna 284 TamhUl phone. '
Bark Tonlo for rheumatiam. ' ; " .
Back Jeweler 205 Alder,
: Klsar. Scenic photos. Imperial hoteL
Special Excursion.
Tha Canadian Pacifia .Mpnnlnn win
be on again July Id. 4th and 6th. Very
low' round-trio rates . to St. Paul, fhi'l
cago and St. Louis and other eastern
points, with long-time limits and stop
overs , going ana - returning. -, Double
dally train aerviee, superb equipment
u.ii.i.B , anu L aicciiiiia-car service unex
celled. For full particulars call on or
1 B)lwvl), A vl LleaellU '' . ..' t
. Why Not Travel;
.WhV not SO eaat while tha rataa in
low i i,neaper to travel man to remain
at home, A trip via the Canadian Pa
clfio can be made with comfort and
safety. No. dust' across -the continent
route. ,
When in Sail Francisco
Star at Hotel Hamlin. 887 Eddy. Fire.
proof; 100 rooms, 40 baths; rates 81.60
and up. Eddy-street cars at ferry.
Funeral of Billy Ayers. f
Funeral services' over the remains of
w. m. k - tJiny t Ayers, wno waa killed
by a streetcar at the Meadows race
track, near Seattle, will be held from
iiolman'a at 8 o'clock tomorrow after-
We Rare Ton Money
On trunks. We manufacture travelers'
needs. Peerless Trunk comnany. , 848
.Third street,
players are offered upon a single
ig point. But the Pianola is ln
irable, from many points. Its ex
ce haa placed it far and beyond
com pa
cellence haa placed it far and beyond
all others, which are at beat but imi
tators. This Is but one of many in
stances of this kind which come to the
notice of Ellers Piano House with fre-
?uent regularity, Names of parties re
erred to can ba furnished anyone inter-
There la but one genuine Pianola and
out one line or genuine Pianola Pianos,
all controlled and represented exclu
sively throughout the Paclflo northwest
by nera Piano House, pianolaa may
be purchased at 8260 and 8300, and
Pianola Planoa at 8600 and uo. Con
venient terms may also be arransetL
Ellers Piano House. . 868 Washlnaton
street, corner 01 cars.
No Liquor
flAnaavttf n SfflO. MOUL ViSS
v . and 0 o'clock by
I Schllzonyi's Bnagsrlsn
V uossars
j 2-Tbe Great Davr nporls-2 t
Monarohs of Xlgh Wife' .
t The Arion Society la a Festival
,' - of Soni Cboros of 75 v
Everybody who can' .Help tha
Less Fortunate Should Help
; tha Fresh Air Fund by Help- ,
lng to Swell tha Juvenile Aa-
.-.j sociation s Keceipta, v . ,
vwnoaxxa ; batzs ' ortnr.
New Toboggan dip. New 8ulta. t
First-class Chicken Dinners at- i
the Tavern Restaurant 6:80 to-
..r'' : r;;; p.-m-i. . v i
The, Oaks - had yeaterday
t.OOO boya and girls, and all 1
were made happy by preaenta "
of dolls, balls, toys, tops, ate.
Nolan . Kice . Best , Desires
Knowledge of Portland's
- Conditions.' " .
Nolan Rica Beat editor-in-chief of tha
Interior, will arrive In Portland Satur
day on his first visit . to tha coaat and
will apand a week here becoming ac
qualnted with tha conditions of Port'
land, commercial, religious and !n
dustrlal. '
Tha Interior la the principal rellaioua
paper of the Presbyterian church, and it
is nopea oy tnose wno nave been in
strumental In bringtna- Mr. Beat to this
coaat tnai it wiu mean much to nave
the editor personally cognisant of local
The Droaram arranaed for hla visit
noiuaea a inn to Mount nooa tiurina-
tha first three daya of July; a personal
investigation of the 20 Presbyterian
churches of tha cltv. a rally of all tha
churches asS a banquet for tha men of
mis denomination.
At the rally meetlna- to he held at tha
First Presbyterian church Von Oa-den
vogt, secretary or tne National Brother
hood, from New Torkj Mr. Beat from
cm cago, ana ttev. w. . nou, u. i.,
will sneak, thus presenting the noint or
view of the eaat, tlva middle west and
the far west -
The managers of the Commercial club
have tendered their hall for the banauet
ana a toast program haa been arranged.
' Sincerity
That word means - more
in a business house than
almost any ther. Can't
you trame up a . gooa .
!hrase that incorporates f the
dea of SINCERITY in every
thing? That is rare word,
comparatively, in business
phrases. See Page 11. '
Ueilig Theatre Filled At Graduating
Exercises of Blanchet Institute
Medals Awarded to Many.'
The operetta, "The Boys of 78," waa
presented at the Helllg theatre last
night by the students of Blanchet Insti
tute as a feature of the graduating ex
rclses. "I The program for the exerciaesi
waa composed of musical numbera and
the operetta. ,, ,--r ,
A' farra crowd attended tha exrclses.
Mualo waa furnished by - the Institute
Glee club, composed ot 40 .small boys,
who were enthusiastically applauded.
A monologue, entitled "Where's My
Hatr by Homer T. 8haver, caused a
great deal of merriment while tha cor
net and vionnssoioa or itooerc uriacoii
and Frank Mueller were well received.
The Anyil Chorus, from "II Trovatore,"
was the last of the musical numbers.
It was auna: by Vincent O'Hare, Dell
O'Hanlon, Francis - Meagher, Homer
Shaver, Walter Doyle, Russell Handley,
Carl Mayer, Charles Oleaaon, John
Buckley. William vgpringer, Lawrence
Stopper, Dominic ' Bercovich,, 1 Thomaa
Marren. i-.ouls Reed, 'Edwin Keneflck,
Joseph Albertinl, Lawrence Manning,
Ernest Ttaab and John MeOreal. '
The -operetta - waa ' excellently pre
sented. The young - performers sang
and acted with the ease of veterans and
many received hearty applause. Aloy-;
ius Hyland made a pronounced Jhlt jrith.i
' ... COSTLY
If your teeth seed treatment the
longer you wait the larger It will
make your bill.
a nrn,..
Call at onca and let us examine
your teeth. We will gli you the
best service in every branch of tha
dental profession, and by painless
methoda that will meet with your
approval. ' Whan dealrad you ean
have T. P. Wise or my paraonsl
aervica. ,
W. A. WISE, Dentist
T, P. Wise, B. A, Stordevant and Dr.
Huffman, Associates
1 rxojrs kazh soa.'
Pr. Saadersoa's Oenseaad Savta
sod Oottoa Root PUla. The bait
and eeiy reliable lameey foe ua.
LA TED PBBIOOS. Care the Most
rtiee is per sea, siaiiaa u eista -napper,
si I
Adarees fir. T. J.
Portia ad. Oresea.
, maca.
Vtoat s treat.
hla singing of "The Flag That Never
Touched the Ground. There were
which were enthusiastically received by
tne audience.
At the conclusion of tha bleoe Arch
bishop Christie awarded medals aa fol
"Gold medal for Christian doctrine.
Charles F. Oleason. Next in merit were
Joseph W. Doyle and Dell M. O'Hanlon.
The aold medal for sreneral excellence
in the commercial department Thomaa
M. Marrei.. Next in merit, cnariea F.
Oleason, Homer J. Shaver. The gold
medal for general excellence In tha In
termediate aepartment, Q. Stopper. Next
in merit John M W cure I, xawrence
Manning. . ; l4 .
The sold medal for general excellence
In - the preparatory department Earl
KusendalL Next In merit, Edward J.
Cos grove, John )U Murphy.
Commercial diplomas were awarded
Francis J. Meagher, Ardle M. O'Hanlon.
Vincent J. O'Hare, Homer F. Shaver.
The following received commercial
certificates: -.- --: Charles , .p. Gleason,
Thomaa M. Marren. Joseph W. Doyle.
Carl IV Maxar, .Waltec J, ; fO'JDonneU
.- - tr n-.t- ;''-';'-- ;,'. V'. - .. '. - . .. ' 11 ' ..,..,1' ... 1' . '. .' '. ', .
mm mm
in n 1 , '
f i ..'
, '0T ' llj
I ! , res rai1 - -11 1
. Do you know the value of these little tables? If
you do, youH not be long In ordering one if you hav?i
use for, it. They are good values at $9.00 each, but
the price is reduced to ?4.50 for these three days'
selling. Many are covered with imitation leather, as
shown m cut They are well worth
$9.00, but will!
this week for
y ic tuvcrcu wiui imitation icaincr, u
t ' They are well worth (t A ' f
be sold special three days JfJI
1 Tills MmMm 50c a Wee's
'TtSW. ...
This Is thoroughly high-grade sewing machine, guar
anteed for 10 years. ' It is made by an anti-trust manufac
turer, and you will find it just as we. represent a first
class machine that trust agencies are selling at two and
three times the price we ask. It has all the latest im
provements, and the attachment which we furnish FREE
are absolutely tha most simple and best made, v
PAY $1.00 DOWN
If it is not as we represent it to be, you may return the machine
and get your money back. A lady instructor will give you all the
information, to operate it . Call and inspect it, and you'll leave
your order. : "
$25.00 Machine 50c a Week
No; 1005 The accompanying cut shows our
, Metallic Couch and Bed. It has strong, all-
Iron frame, simple and positive locks,' oil ,
tempered helicals and spirals. I Fabric is
- made of the best quality tinned wire, and
will never sag. Finished in dead black or
, .gold bronxe, as desired. , Width of seat, 23
inches; height of seat 134 inches; lengthy
. 74 inches; width, open, 50 - 1 An
Inches; Gevurtz's price.,., .yOeUU
V: lt.rj-tf .fv.v.', .,-yA, . ':,?:..:,.-
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First and Yamhill GEVURTZ BLOCK Second and Yamhill
Opens Saturday, June 29
The fine passenger steamer T. J. POTTER will leave Ash street dock at 10:30 a. m. of that
date and regularly thereafter throughout the season according to published schedules, for
IHwaco and All Beach Points
Round Trip Ticket! $4.00 - - Saturday te Alonday Ticket $2.50
THAT TRIP EAST Next Sale Dates July 3, 4 and S
Portland to Chicago and Return $71.50 Tickets Good for Ninety Days
Get full particular! at the City Ticket office of the Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company
a W. STINGER, City Ticket Agent, Third and Washington Sts Portland, Or. ; ,
, , WM. McMURRAY, General Passenger Agent
Cures Biliousness. Sick
Headache; Sour Stom
ach, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to tako
Laxative Froit Syrup
roB bului aT us BxroaziTa.
Cleanses the sytt : r :
thoroughly and cl:: :
sallow coniplexicr c
pimplc3 end blot:
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Dominie D. Bereovlch.'J'iunes W. 8Prlnsl Cecil i C Ireland. Thomss A. Rran. I .!! wi!itm v i
er, Francis J. Mueller, Jdhn X. Buckley, j Francis P." McOinty, John M. MeOreal, I Joseph J. Albert'! "i,"
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