The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 15, 1907, Page 7, Image 7

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Marquant Grand ......."Dolly Vardn"
Bakr ,,."Tba Prlnc and tha Pauper"
Grand , . . . Vaudevlll.
1-rrlO ..'.."AH tha Comfort, of Home."
Star ......... Th Bell of Richmond"
Hillg-.Faoifle University Student in
.........."Tha Bridge of th God"
Tha Oaks.O. W. P. earliuo, 1st and Aider
' Friday was. reciprocity day at tha
'Woman's club, .r Tha pro cram for tha
, day waa to have beea arranged by Mrs.
J. X. Worrell, but aa aba waa unarold
1 'ably out of town. Mra. Nina Larowe bad
. char ire of the day Instead. Mr. E. H.
crown or in -(ruena cluD, Mra. A
: tolnette Stiles Of the Tueadev aflat-.
' nOOn flub. Mra. Wvna Jnhnwui rf Ik.
Woman' elub and Mra. M. B. Ogden of
tha Forestry elub all wr present aa
. repreeeniauve or meir organisation.
, -; and each cava a brUf talk aa to the
scope or ineir ciud work. . During- th
jinrnoon juayor tiarry Lnm gav a
t snori laia aa to nl rutura policy in
regard to making- Pprtland a model city.
emu Mn v aia or in women, a.
' without tha eoonaratlon nt tha faJi-aav
tha -mayor gallantly said, ho oould do
nuiniiia. xie reoetvea mucn applause.
A mu ileal recitation by Mlaa Alice Jua
ton and a Bong by Mlaa Edwlna Mastiuk
ompiia u program. .
Mora coal dlacovared. ; this time la
Oregon,, and within. 41 mil of Portland.
.-A. flva-foot vein of vary good bltuml
r nous eoal waa discovered recently at
Scott's Mill. Oregon, within six mil
of the Southern Paclflo railroad, and tha
t Oregon Diamond Coal company, who
nave leased nearly 1.00 acre of land
at that Blaca. have Bunhuail all the
necessary machinery to aink a ahaft.1
, work has been started, and will be
puanea as rapidly as poatble. The com
pany 1 officered by honeat men of large
, experience, biock if now Selling ror Ik
Cnta Der ahar of tha nar value nf 11.
Call at til Worcester buUdlng, and sea
Canadian Paclflo sleepers will be ran.
nlng Into Portland over the Unas of tha
- Harrlman sysUm within tha next few
weeks, and as a result of the Innovation
: Canadian Paclflo patrons will be en
abled to make the trip from eastern
terminal of the road to Portland with,
out change of oars. Tha new route will
be tbe Shortest transcontinental one In
operation between Portland and tbe east
ana.wiu come into Portland from Bpo
kane over the tracks of tbe O. R. A N.
A freight traffic, arrangement ha been
In affeot for aome time. ;-. . ,. . ..
'.Contracts hays, been awarded by the
. executive board for the Improvement of
portions of the following streets:.. East
. Twenty-fourth street to the Concrete
Construction company.; East
' Twenty-third street to .. tha . Concrete
Conatruotlon company for " IM11.17;
- Xaat Twanty-second atreet to tha Con
crete Construction company, I4.48s.8t;
Blandena street, Charles E. Pottage.
JMSf.ZS; Belmont atreet, Concrete Con
struction.; company ll.l(t.0; Eaat Ai
der street, Paclflo Bridge company, 117,
Nelson street, GUbisch Jopllu.
$4,111. r, v - v., - . if . .
Tha lime light lecture, : "Scotland,
with Memories of Her Hapless Quean
and Immortal Bards," by Kt Bev.
Charles Bcaddlng, bishop T of Oregon,
which waa postponed on account of the
repairs on the pariah house, will be
given next Monday evening at t o'clock
at Trinity pariah, house. Nineteenth and
, -Everett streets. .
4 Butt for 11.100 damaged alleged to
have boon. caused Jy an unskillful opera,
tlon performed by an unllcenaed physl-
elan, has been filed In the circuit court
- bv Mrs. Alma J. Rankin against W. E.
Mallory. Mrs. Rankin aaaerta that she
fias speni tivv lor pikiicki Kiivnasiici
n recovering from the effect of the
' operauon. - v.. sv. ;'..;: . i
' Water through hose for ' sprinkling
yards or sidewalks or washing porches
or window must ne paid for la advance
and uaed only between tbe hours of t
and ' a, m., and t and p. m. It
must not be need for sprinkling streets.
If used - contrary to these rules, or
waatefully. It wlU be shut oft,
A sacred "cantata, "The Naaarene,"
will be given. WhenT Sunday evening,
7 June Where t Central ChrisUan
church, - Eaat Twentieth and Salmon
atreeta. By whom? Chorus, directed by
H. A. Easton of Chicago, y Everybody
welcome. . .- . .. , l:
- Articles of incorporation of tha Ore
; ton-Idaho company were filed In the
offloe of the county clerk this morn
ing by Charles M. Hemphill, T. T. Burk
fiart and Douglas Lawaon. Their ob
ject Is to deal in timber and timber
lands. Capital Stock. H0.O0O. , ;
Articles of Incorporation of the Crys
" tal Palace Amusement company war
filed in tha office of the county dark
this morning by W. H. Jon, J. A.
Randall and Margaret fi. Olaon. Capital
Stock H.000.,. V- . . y - .,
- C Polyearpos. P. O. P. AtUaa and T.
Polycarpos filed article of Incorpora
tion of th Eaatarn Candy works In
the office of tbe count clerk this
Morning. . Capital stock. $160.000.. .
White riyer line of launches win
make dally trips to the Oaks and re
turn. Boats leave foot of Yamhill
atreet dally at 1:10 p. m.; Sunday It
a. m.. Tickets at dock offloe. It cent.
(V Chicken Dinner at Oaks Tavern.
Commencing Saturday, June It, and
dally thereafter, a flrst-claaa chicken
dinner will be served at Oaks Tavern
from 1:10 to I o'clock. . , .., ,
East Sid Athletic elub. Prof. Stingier
rianager, rrmnaalum. swimming. Inltla
lon fee dropped this month. Special
summer rates for baths and swimming.
East, t7t. .. ; , ,v
'' Judg H. L. Benson of tha first 41s
trlct took Judf Fraser's bench in the
local drouit court this morning. . A
jury 'was drawn before him to hear the
suit of Jacob Belling against Lao Fried
for tl.tlf alleged to be due as corn-
LiVVbon-you will need money and need" it badly. It may be
'a- ? v advantage, of aome opportunity to
ceive your money and hold it secure against loss by fire, thieves or
accident. We will help to protect you against that hard timethat
Is coming some day. ! Our savings department pays 3 per cent
compound interest on deposits. . - ; - ; .
The Union Lanndry Is one
Story higher than It was a month
ago. Tha top addition la now al
most completed, and -
To operate tha enlarged Institu
tion. Do you know of any woman
out Of work W have a place
. for her, and at far better wages
than Is paid at tore. .
Union laundry
: SX MAX aa. '
, noon jam qoitxioua.
mission for finding; tenants for a new
four-story building at Fifth and Pine
streets. Balling alleges that he engaged
tenant who pay a yearly rental of
$t.oo. for which he la entitled to
commission. ..-.., : ;: . ;',;..:
- Steamer esse Harklns, for Camaa.
Waahougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Buaday. Leaves Washington street
dock I p. m. . '
west eraam buttermilk. Che, but
tar, ham. egg, ooff, ate. Oregon
Cheese Co, 8 wetland building, lit
Fifth street. ' vl '.
Stable Wanted to Rent About 10x
100. Apply at one. W. H. Orenfell,
Francis ave. and Belmont , Phone Ta
bor T(. . .-. i .
' Way pay . more? Metxger (its your
eyee for II. 141 Wash. BC, cor. 7th,
lormeriy. at in eixm sirveu
" Notice to Patron Richards will serve
the regular Sunday dinner (without
wjnei, i per cover, a w :iv,
Acme Oil Co. sells th best safety coal
ou ana line gTUKJune. fnea jcaat III,
Woman's Exchange, 111 Tenth street,
lunch 11:10 to 1; business men's lunch.
Fishing pole or box of eandy with each
pair of children's shoes at Rosenthal's.
Diamond W it's a ooff ask for It
at your grocers.
For lea can Main 11a.
loe Delivery
Co til Stark. - -
, Nuraerytnan Pilklngton, ft Tamblll.
Oregoniaa Confectionary, 111 Sixth. 't
D, Chambers, optician, lit Seventh.
Bergar signs 114 Tarn Mil phone.
Gold watches-TBeckl-101 Aldari ,
Bark Tonia for rhaumatlam.
Xlaer soenle jtnotoa. Imperial hotel.
North Paclflo ; CoIIcgs Graduates
Comprise tha 1 Bulk of 1 Those
Taking the Examination.
Forty of tha forty-four dental stu
dents who were examined before th
stats board of dental examiner early
In tha week wars successful and r will
be licensed to practice dentistry in this
state. About It of th 40 ar graduates
of tha North Paclflo Dental college of
this city. Ssveral are eastern practi
tioners who have com to 'Oregon to
engage In their profession, and others
are graduates of eastern schools. The
members of the examining board are:
Dr. K. A. Vaushn of Pendleton. Dr. H
H. Ollnger of Salem. Dr. Jack M. Tate
of Portland, Dr. Mark Hayter of Dallas
ana Dr. louis uuaay oc Medford. : Tbe
suecesarui applicant were: ,
O. J. Ferris, J. W. McMlchael, Ralph
R. Penepacker, I rev A. Jones, E. .
Starr. Ralph U Jeffcott William Rlcen,
8. Q. Donoboev Lewis 8. Stlger. Harry
P. Borders, Thomas P. Merchant, Carl
M. Williams, Wslter R. Bllyeu. Benja
mln Blatchford. Robert P. Nixon, Jess
n. xiaoaii, wiinam a. snort. John K.
Richmond, D. B. Bomgardnar, Wright
B. Lee. To Taro Hondo, W. A. O. Hand
ford. A. C. Perklna. A. B. 8Ulea, Wil
liam O. Boon, C A. Proudfoot, David M.
Ogden, J. D. Sheehan, B. A. Myera, Er
neat n, unoerx. wiinion n. naaxeu. uio
on I. White, Harry H. Taylor. William
8. Kennedy, Ralph B. Duganne, JSmes K.
Sharp, Leater P. Sorenaan, Edward Ring
hoffer, W. Clara Ketchum, Frederick. X
uaoexe, t
'. Navajo Blankets. - !
New lot Just received Navaia blan
keta, Indian basket, Mexican India
pottery-at th Oregon Photo Stock
com Dan v. ill Blxth street, near wash
ington. These goods are on display and
visitors welcome. . - w
(Special Dispatch to Th JearaaL)
- -McMlnavllle, Or June 15. Th com-
inencement axercl of .the McMlnnvlll
high school ware held last night at ths
Imperial theatre, with Superintendent
H. p. WUson presiding. The maelcal
'numbers were furnished by Misses
Kennedy, rord, Houck and Reese and
Mra F. A. Dlelschnelder. Th olaaa
numocr ii, ana i a roiiows: James
O. Bewley, Florls A, Derby, Orac . L.
Houck, Laura Morgan. Harry W. Bew
ley, Eden M. Briedwell, Florence O. El
liott. Fred Cv Owena, Orover Calavan,
Eva E. McCalt Ethel V. Ford. Ethyl K.
McDonald, Roalna L. Millar. Chester
Martin,' Eva J. Akin, Naomi L. Carl In,
Sarah E. Old. Omanda A- Reeve. Clif
ford O. Dannie, Lyl O, Small, Eva E.
Miller. Elva Hlbba.
to take
make a
good investment It may be to tide you
over some depression in financial affairs.
It may be because of sickness or death in
your family. ' Such a time comes to every
person. When it comes to you let i
find you prepared with a. bank account.
If you haven't already started to save,
begin today. ; This strong bank will re
Arista Av. E. A. Smith. T. P. C
T p. m-i ssrvioes, 11 a. m. and I P
Sunday achool. 10 a. m. -'
Third Vaaoouvar avenue aad Knott
streetsr F-av. B. M. Bas. Services at
11 a. m. and 7:lt p. m.; Sunday school,
HlgMand AlberU andSlxth atreeta.
Sunday , aohool, it a. m.; services at
11 a. m. and T:4I p. m.
Sellwood Tacoma f and Eleventh
streets; Rev. Oeorge A. Learn. Sunday
school, it a. m.J services at 11 a. m.
and T toQ o m.
Calvary Eaat - Eighth and Orant
street: Rev. A. Lawrence Black. 8errJ
Icea, 11 a. m. and T:10 p. m., ssrmon by
Rev. John Bentaien; children's day ex
ercises In svenlng; Sunday school, 10
a. m.
Immanuel Second and Meade streets;
Rev. B. C. Cook. Service at 11 a, m.
and T:4 p. m.; Sunday cbool. It a. m.
Grace Montavllla: Rev. Oilman Par
ker. Service at 11 a. m. and .7:10
p. ra. - .
Central Eaat Twentieth and Ankany
streeu; Rev. W. T. Jordan. Service at
10:10 a. m. ano f p. m.) topic. "Under
Hi Wings-: Sunday school. llm. I.
I S. C K.. T n. m.
University Psrk Rev. A. B. Walts.
Sunday aohool at It a. m.: servio. 11
s. m. and t p. m.: topic, "The Year King
Esslah Died" and ,'The Ueat a
Ever Can Do."
First The White Temple, Twelfth
and Taylor streets: Rev. J. Whltcomb
Rrourher. D. Ti. Services. 10:10 a. m,
and 7:4 p. m.; topic "Sweet Sinners
and Sour Saints'" and "A Woman's Love
fa It Fickle?" Sunday aohool, 11:10
p. m. j young people's meeting, - t -
nunnysioe luirmui ,uiw-m,.
street and Hawthorne avenue; Rev. C.
Feldmeth. Preachlaa..ll a. Co.; Sunday
school, t:4f a. m.
St. Johns (German) Rev. C. Feld
meth. Preaching 1 p. m. Sunday achool
iecond Seventh and Eaat Ankany
streets; Rev. Stanton C. Lapham. Serv
ice at 10:10 a. m. and 7:10 p.,m.; Blbl
acnooi am m. .
Ravler-Street Between Twenty-flrat
end Twenty-second streata. Service
1 a. m.J sunqay scnoot, a. m. ,
at Janna H. A. Leonard. Services.
11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday school.
. Chine Mission MH Oak street.
Sunday school. I n. m.1 preaching la
Chinese, I pnv .- . ..i:'
Flrat oerman rourtn ana mu
streeU; Rev. J. Krstt. Services. II a.
m. and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday achool. t;4l
m. .
Second German Morris street and
Rodney avenue; Rev. F. Bueermann.
Services. 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.i Sun
day achool. t:4t a. m. -
Eaat Forty-fourth Street Mission
Corner East Main; Rev. B. C. Cook.
Services. 11 a. m.; Sunday school. It
m- . .... :
lants Iteoognition semcea in asem.
odlst church of Lents at 1:10 p. m.
Sermon by Rev. W. T. Jordan.
Mount Olive Seventh and Everett:
Rev. B. B. B. Johnson. Services at 11
nt. ana p. nv -
,; Psashytarlaa. ' r.
Misnah East Thirteenth and Powell
streets: Rv. Jerom R. MoGlad. D. IX
Bervloes at 10:10 . m. and I p. m. :
children's day services at Kanllworth
Chanel a 1 n m
Calvary Eleventh - aad Clay streets;
Rev. Ben-Esra Stlle Ely Jr., D. D.
Service at 10:10 a. m. and 7:41 p m.;
Bundav school. 11 m. Dr. J. R. Wilson
preaches In evening. . .
r ounn nrat ana umra m.rwm.
Icea, 10:10 a. m. and 7:4i p. m. by Rev.
H. Charles Dunamore; morning subject.
"Cloud With Sliver fining-: evening
subject, "Ethr. th Beautiful Queen ' ;
Sunday achool, 11 aa.i T..P. ,8.-C E,
t:10 p. m. ... .
Hawthorn rant Tweirtn ana asi
Taylor street; Rev. E. Nelson Allen.
Servloe. lOflt a. m.l toplo, "Power of
Early Horn Memories"! Bunday school,
11 m.; T. P. a C. ii, 7 p. m.; musical
program at a p. m.
S-arnaa Sellwood street and Ganten-
beln avenue; Rev. Harry H. Pratt Serv
ices at -11 a. ra. ana ?: p. m.. Bunaar
schooi, 10 a. m. ' ' ' . . '
Piedmont Cleveland avenue and Jar
rett atreet; Rev. L. Myron Booser. Serv
ices at It a. m. and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday
school. llUt P. . - .
Westminster East Tenth and Weld
ler streets; Rev. Henry I. Marootte.
Service at 10:10 a. m. aad 7:48 p. m.;
Sunday school, II m.
First TWSlItn ana Jliaer nmiaj
Rv. William Hiram Foulkea Services
at 10:10 a. m.t toplo. "Tha Unsearchable
Rlehee of Christ"; at 7:10, p. i
m., "The
Blmpilcltv That is in cnrisi ,
hnn1. 1 a 1 ft n m.
Fulton Rav. A. H. Burkholder. Sun
day school at XI a. m.; ChrlstianEn.
aeavor, ' p. wi
Marsnali-otreet atarsnaii ana riortn
Seventeenth streete: Rev. C W. Hay.
Sunday school, 10 a. m.; preaching at
11 a. m. ana i:iv p. m.; x, jr. b. u.
t:4t p. m. . .
Mount xaoor ueimoni ireei ana .v,nni' Rev. Rderard M.
Sham, pastor. Rev. J. B. Oris wold of
Aibanv will preach at 11 a. m. and
n m.: Sunday achool at 1 a. m.
aallwnmlfornar East Seventeenth
and Spoken avenue: Rav. D. A. Thomp
son, paator. sarvice n u a a. ana
p. m.; Sunday achool. It a. m. ,
Third Eaat Thirteenth, and Pine
treat; Rv. Anarew j. Montgomery,
pastor. Service t 10:10 a. m. and 7:48
i m.s topics, 1 1 1 n in a uh iihi
Th. Prnflt of Praver.'' .
Vernon Eaat Twentieth and Wygant
atreeta. Service at 11 a. ra. and 7:10
m. bv- Rav. -li. A. ,, uiair: Sunday
school, ll m. ...
Montavllla Rav. J. A, P. afcOaw.
Servtoea at 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.
Millard Avenue nunoay ecnooi, i, ,
m.; pubiio worsnip, s a.,m,i siervopu
con address, p. m. : .
. Ketaodlst.
Tavlor-Street Or. Francis Burgette
Short Claaaee, t:lt , m.S service
10:80 a. m. and 7:48 p. ra.; topics, "Fel
lowship With th Unseen," "Th Chris
tian Family"! Bp worth league, 0:48 p. m.
Sunnyslde Kaat iimnui tret. Be
tween East Thirty-fifth and Thirty
sixth streets: T. B. Ford. Servloes 10
a. ra. ana : p.. m. ounaay scnooi
11 a. m. . ' .
Bt jonns r. xoung. aervioes ll
ro. and I P. m, . .Sunday aohool, It
W T i ..J T-(.IiIhI
JUUWOI M . in, n.w,',uWj
E. H. Bryant iervlce at 11 a. m. and
'Cenlaniry Ninth and Pine, W; ft
Beppe. Service 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.
Trinity corner ox rast lencn ana
Grant; Lewis F. Smith, Service, at
t a. m. ana t: p. m. ounaay scnooi.
It a. m. .. . ; .
Central kusii ana n.rpy srraets; i.
, Abbett Service at 11 a, m. and 7:10
p, m. - " -
Chin Mission Chsn Sing . Xal
Services 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.
Mount Tabor Jamas Moor, servloes
at 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.
ratton Mionigan avenue ana varpen-
a U P Wih -ft If a M
ani 7:10 p. m.
Vancouver Avenue Services at 11 a,
Woodlawn Rev. . . piwin,
Vice, at 11 a, m. and 7:10 p. m.
Woodstock Rev. W. T. Kerr.
vices at 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.
Norwegian-panlsh Thirteenth and
Davis: C7 J. Larsan, Service at 11 a.
nv and 7:10 P. m.
twedlsh Worth wick and Bsach: Rav.
naon, Sarvloea 11 a. m. and 7:10
First Oerman Fifteenth and Hort a.
A. Waaaa. Sarvicee at. 11 a. m. and
:io p. m.
Second German Stanton and Rodnev.
tt. It Maaa, Services at 11 a. m. and
m p. m. i. - . -
Jananeee Mission 111 North
teenlh. Servloea at 11 a, nt aad
m. ,
University Park Rev D. A. Wattara
awrvtce at IT a m. and 7:10 p. m.
Grace church Comer of Twelfth and
Taylor streets: Rev. Ciarenc Tru Wil
son, D. D.; services 10:1 , m.'snd 7:48
p. m. morning tnema, 'some Advan
tages ef Gondnese"! Sunday school.
11.18; EfiworU. leaaua, t.lOi apeoiai
musls by quartet and solo by Miss Ethel
M. LyUe t night. . -
'' : Bpisoovai.. ; ' ' .
1407-1107 Three hundred year ago
on th third Sunday after Trinity, 17,
th holy communion was first celebrated
at Jamestown. Th Brotherhood of St.
Andrew extend to you a cordial invita
tion to attend communion ln your
church next Sunday morning, the third
Sunday after Trinity, June It. 107. Ia
it not your bounden duty to Join In th
celebration of this three hundredth an
niversary T
- Pro-Cathedral of St Stephen th Mar
tyr inirwenm ana uisy streets; Rev.
H. M. Ramsay. Communion, 7:10 a. m.J
services 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday
school, t:4t a. m.
Trinity Nineteenth and Everett
treat; Dr. A. A. Morrison Services,
t a. m.. 11 a. ra. and I d. .: Sunday
school, t:4f a. m. Stranger welcome,
- 8b David's East Twelfth and Bel
moat streata; Rev. Oeorge B. Van Wat-
re, u u . communion, a. m. : serv
loe. 11 a. m. and 1:H p. nM Sunday
school, t:4S a. m.
All Saints Twntv-cond and Reed
tresis. Sunday achool, 10 a. m. vn-
Mi eervice, s o cioca.
8t. Andrew University Park; Rv.
W. R. PowalL Service, 11 a. m.; Sun
day achool, 10 am. i .
Good Shepherd Sellwood street and
Vancouver avenue, Alblna; Rev. John
Dawson. Services, 11 a. m. and t p. m.;
Sunday school t:4f a. m. .
St Paul's Wood mere; C L. Parker,
lay leader. Services at 11 a. m.; Sunday
cho!,. 1 Ki,. a. nt.
St Matthew' First aad Caruthars
Streets; Rav. W. A. M. Brook, Service,
11 a. m.i . Sunday school, 1:48 a. m.;
communion, 7:10 a. m. No evening serv
icea Th Church of Our Savior Wood
stock. Services, 11 va. m.; Sunday
school 10 a. m. -
8t Mark' Corner of Nineteenth and
8ulmby trts; Rav. J. E. H. Simpson,
em m union, . m.; services, ll s. m.
and -I p. ra. ; Sunday' achool, 10 a. m. -
St John' Memorial Sellwoad; Rav.
W. R. PowalL Services and nety com
munion, 11 a. m. . . ; 1
':' ' Oong-regattoaal. ''.:
University Park ltll Haven avenue;
Rev. D. B. Gray; servloes at 11 a. m.
and at I p. nv Children's day exercises;
Sunday school. It a. m.; Y. P. B. C. aV,
rel wood Rev. D. B. Gray. ' Serv-
least 11 a. m. and I p. m. Sermon by
Rev, C F. Clapp; Sunday school. It a.
m.i T. P. 8. C. E., 7 p. m.
-Mississippi Avenue Miaalaalppl ave
nue and Fremont tret; Rav. William
L. U pa haw. Bervloes It a. nt and t
p. m.; topics, "Sorrows That' Are Hid
den" and "The Problem of Bin; or Why
Does God Permit ltT" Sunday school at
It a. m. ,
Sunnyslde Corner of East Taylor and
East Thirty-fourth street; Rv. J. J.
Staub, Service at 11 a. m. and 1p.m.:
topic, "The Light Under the Bueh!''
and "Tha Great Quest for Happiness."
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Haaaalo Street Eaat Seventh and
Haasalo; Rev. Paul Rader. Servloea
10:10 a. m. and 7:41 p. m.; Sunday
achool 11 nt; Christian Endeavor, t:48
p. m.
First Madison and Parks Rav. Dan
iel Btaver. Service 10:10 a. m. and 7:48
p. m. by Rev. J. Lee Mitchell; Sunday
school. 11:16: T. P. 8. C. E., 8:46 p. m.
Highland East Sixth treet north and
Preacott; Rev. E. 8. Bollinger. Serv
ices ii a. in. and 7:48 p. m.i topics,
"Marks of th Spiritual Man" and "A
Broken Bhlp But All Saved": Sunday
school, 10 a. at; T. P. 8. C. 1:48 p. nt.
. Swadlah Immanuel Nineteenth and
Irving streets. Servloea 11 a. m. aad
p. m.; Sunday school, t:4t a, ra.
Norwegian Synod East Tenth and
Grant streets; Rev. O. Hagoes. Sunday
scnooi. :sj services at 11 a. m. and I
p. ra
eetania vanish union avenue and
Morris street; Rev. Gudmund , GrllL
Service at I p. ra.
St Jam' English Wsst Park and
Jefferson streeu; J. Allen Leas. Serv
ices at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.; Sunday
scnoor. ia a, m. Kev. r. W. Bussara or
Salt Lak will preach.
St Johns Peninsula avenue and K1I
patrick street; C Buchn. Barvlce at
W ra uarman; 7:80 p. nt, Eng
Uah; Sunday school. 1:10 a. m.
Norwaglaa 48 North Fourteenth
street; kov. j. m. Nerving. Service at 11
a. ra. and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday school, f.48
a. ra.
St Paul's Oerman East Twelfth and
Clinton streets; kv. A. Krau, Serv
icee at 10 a. m. ana 8 p. m.
achool, t:tt a. m. .
Trinity German (Missouri Synod)'
Corner Williams avenue and Sellwood
street; J. A. Ktmbach. Barvlces at 10
a.nt and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday achool.
Zion's German (Missouri Syfiod)
napraaai etna oaamon streets: W. H.
Behrena Services at 10:18 a. m. and
i:t p. m.; aunaay school, f:ii a. m,
, " . Oarlstlaa. :
Central Eaat Twentieth and East
saimon streets; nev. J. r. anormley, D.
D. Services at 10:48 a. m. and at 7:48
p. . m. Sermon. Rev. O. E. Wlngata;
canuta. "The Nasarens."
Rodney-Avenue Rodney avenue and
Knott atreet: Rev. F. Elmo Robinson.
P ' w: a. m., topic, "Vhrist
in iou-; p. ra sermon, A Momen
toue Queatlon."
Mount Boott Services In hall at Kern
rara, p. m.; nunaay scnooi, 1:10 p. m.
Woodlawn 8rvtc t 11 a. m. and
p. m.; Sunday school. 10 a. m.
Firsts Corner park and Columbia
streets; v. k. b. Mucklev. pastor;
!: a. m. lanaleap8 7:4 p, m..
turned from vacation and will preach
at both servloea
ovrmon in mr. . Ana nuior naa re.
Advent Second strt between
ana tiinooin. nervice at 11:1 a. ra.
and 7 P- m.; Sunday school. 10:10 a. at
United 7svaaaUcal. '
First Corner East Tenth and Aher.
man atreeta. Rev. A, A. Winter. 10 a.
nv. Bundav schools creechlne- 11 'a. n..
and 7:48 p. ra. Preaidtng Elder Rev. M.
1. Bauantyne. 7 p. m., K. L. of C B.
meeting; prayer meeting Thursday even
ing. Second Fargo and Kerby street;
Rev. B. 8. Hushea castor. Dk.iI.,
school It a. m.i a sermon for children
at 11 a. m. ; children's -aervlcas at p.
m.; prayer meeting every Thursday
St John's Ivsnhoe and John streets;
Rav. Cheater Paul Gatea Preaahlna if
a. ra.: topic "Unto All the World'1; at
8 p. m.. toplo. "By Merely Living." Sun
day achool at It a. m. t
ockiey Green ay street and " Wil
lamette boulevard; Rev. J. Bowtraox.
naatnr. , At 11 a. fn mnA Vis
reaching; Sunday school at It a. tn.1
. L C & it t:4t p. at
Spbrltaallst. - '-r.?-r
Th Minister and MdlnmsrWvnren.
Iv Spiritual association will hold its
uaual meeting Sunday, at 8 p. m. In
new W. O. W. balL Eleventh street.
near Waahlngton. Dr. Beverley of Chi
cago will lecture! subject 'The New'
;. sftreim aad Tayloy Bta. , ;
SVatraOT, lOaM A. St, .
Sweet Sinners and
; Sour Saints , :
TOPIC, TrtS P. Jt,
' kin sinrsAT,
--A-Maa'a Luv--7r Tt OTMUr Ttin
woman sr ,
Famous Temple Quartet Sings.
. , Solo by Mis Lawler. ;
Kingdom." Mra Beverley will give
spirit message nd testa. All welcome.
Rev. Sophia B. Self, president -
Flrat Spiritualist Society -Ablngton
building. Artisan hall, between Wash
Ington and Stark street, on Tblrd. At
11 a. ra., conference, subject for dis
cussion, ''Spiritual Valu of Humor,"
followed by Mr. Row with spiritual
reading At 7:41 p. m. F. E. Coulter
lectures on "Diomedlee Mores or Re
ductns the Understanding. " Readins of
Hteht surrounding people In audience by
tJT B. Coulter. ' , .
BvangeUoal Asaoolatloa.
First 'English East Sixth ' aad Mar
ket street; S. A. Slewert pastor.
Preaching at 11 a. m.i Children day
program 7:10 p. m.; Sunday school It
First Oerman Corner Tenth and Clay
streets: Theodore Schauer, pastor; ser
mon at 10:48 a. m. and 7:48 p. m. Sun
day school t:lt a. m.
Memorial Enet Eighteenth and Tib
belt; L. C Hoover, paator. Preaching
at 11 a. m, and I p. m.; Sunday school
10 a. m ,
Christiaa gcleaoa.
First Church of Christ Scientist
Scottish Rite cathedral. Morrison and
Lownsdal streata. Services at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m.( subject "Is the Universe
Evolved by Atomic Forest" Sunday
school at close of morning arvlc.
. Second Elks' temple. Stark, between
Sixth and Seventh treta Services at
11. a m. and t p. m. subject "Is the
Universe Evolved by Atomlo Forcer'
Sunday school 11 a. m. .
. . : irattsa abFtoalaa.
' Church , of th Stranger Wssoo
treet and Grand avenue; Kv. 8. Earl
DuBoia Servloes at 11:48 a. m. and
7:80 p. in. - Service for. mute every
Sunday morning. Sunday school, 11 m.
First Sixth and Montgomery streets:
Rav. A. W. Wilson. Services at 10:10 a.
m. and 7:48 p. m.; Sunaay achool 11 m.;
communion at morning service.
' ITaltarlaa.
Church of Our Father Corner of
Sam hill and Seventh streets; Rev. W.
. Eliot Jr.: Rev, T. L. Eliot D. D.,
minister emeritu. Servloee at 11 a. m.
Morning toplo, "The Character's True
Center of Gravity." Sunday achool. t:48
a. nt Toung people, t:80 p. m. .
''''"" T. at a A.
' Fourth and TamhIU streets Men's
meeting at 8:10 p. m. in the association
auditorium. Hon. C. E. Newllnd wUl
peak on "Th Saloon as an American
Institution." Vocal solo by Ml Chris
tina Wallman. AU men Invited. .
' - TTalUd Brethrea tm Crhrlsa.''"" "
First East Fifteenth and Morrison
streets: Rev. H. C. Shaffer. Services
at 11 a. m. and 7:10 p. m.i Sunday
scnooi, is a. m. -
Radical 8Ixth and Mechanic streets;
Rev. C P BUnchard. Service. 11 .
m. and 7:10 p. m.; Sunday achool, 10
' Stew Thought
- Universal New Thought assembly
A. O. U. W. hell, on Washington be
tween Tenth and Park streets Services
st ll o clock and f o clock. Topics,
oymooiio Meaning or Ine Tree" and
"Symbolic Meaning of the Marriage
r east. Monaay evening, A lesson in
Church ' of tha fUtnA TMInra Kaat
couch and East Eighth streets;, Rev..
j. u. v-'oroy. vermon at iu:4 a. ra.
Toplo, "Who Makes th Bundav WorkT"
Sunday achool at 11 m. Devotional
services xnursdsy evening.
7hrlsaa aad Mlssioaary aniaaoe,
' The Christian "and Missionary alii-'
nee nixtn-ana Main streets ; Rev, c
p. Sawtalta . Services at 10:10 -a. m.
aunaay scnooi at 11:11 p. m.
First German Tenth and ' Stark
streets; O. Hafaer.- Bervloes at 10:48
au na p. m.
' SC S. Oharek Soath.
- 171 H Second streat; Rev. E. F.Mowr.
" si it a. m. ana 1 p. m.
, aTIllsoas.
New Church Society Eleventh and
Alder streets: Rev. Hiram Vrooman.
Services at 11 a. m.; topic, "Spiritual
Service." Bundav fa .
BmiQJ&tr'Z.lnt?-iIxl 40-Allky
l60,'d'n.. Third and Morrison treeta
mod) 1 6ervlc" :t a. m. and 7:ltt p. m.; Sun-
" .vniivi, jv a. m
Millennial Dawn O. A. R. hall, north
aat corner Second and Moniaoa Streets.
Services at 1:10 p. m.
w .in Iutn Center Hall ML AHky
building; T. M. Mlnard. pastor. Serv
loea at 11 a. nv-.
Th Church of the First Born will
meet at 041H .First aad Sharldaa
streeta Rav. J. H. Luca will lectur
at I p. m., followed by spiritual mee
age by Mrs. Lon Coon. Lyceum at
o'clock. . . ,
Church of the Nasarene: A. O. Hen
dricka Services 11 a. at and7:4( p. m.
Sunday school It a. m.
Man's Reeort Fourth and Burnsld
oong ana gospel service 4 p. m.i stere-
ticon address, "A Ma After God's
t p. nv
The moral Bakery aad Oomf eotloaery
' (Mvoa maa Boy aad ttiria a MagmlfV
; seat Treat Today. - v. ...
A large party of happy-looking boys
and girls gathered at the Royal Bakery
and Confectionery, Eleventh and Ever
ett streets, today, In response to a no
tification that they had correctly Iden
tified "Jimmy" and "Johnny" In the last
of the series of clever advertisements
recently run In thle paper. They had
named th boys aright and they were
on hand for a splendid great, big cake
apiece. The Royal Bakery proved a
generous host supplying every little
caller with a fine example of its best
baking and sending the children home
with a pretty well-grounded Idea that It
pay to watch th advertisements. Th
cleverness and qualntnes of many of
th children's letter pleased tha bak
ery officials, and will make them little
mero en toe of Portland children that, will
be kept and prised. A many of th
children's name a could be cured
follow: Elisabeth Toth, Lena Tanquaru,
Eva Ciper, Margaret Harbaugh, Sarah
it. oaasett, Annie weex. uars ttegner.
Marguerite Corey, Adeline Orth. Murel
GUlen, Elsie Kitsch, Forest Ro, Gene
vieve Keller, Chelsea N. Howland. lie
nor a Thomas. Walter. Crouder, Claude
Crouder.. Lelah'4. Davla Willi Kir,.
Clarice A. Oake. Louis Arnacher. Lewis
cran. Ann rveison, Anna Bonadurer,
Ethel Walsh, Alma Kurts, James Vrani
san. Walter Erlekson. Herbert Hnlm.
berg, Wllma Hlghmtller, Margaret May,
tiurt wmtcomo, Miiarea iawrence.
Loyal D. Hoe Intra, Georg McCormask,
Frances RIoh, Kenneth Jordan, E-thetv-Wetsler,
F. Merl Wadaworth, Ger
trude Phillips, Edgar Hexter, Jamee J.
Carroll. Mabel Nlncolaon, Hassl Welop,
Nina Porter, Father Harking, Robert
Bush. Lester Wiseman. Howard Mort
lorenc StelnhansTt. Lissle F. Donner-
berg, Roy Noren, Millard McMeekln, Co
rinne rowerat Olrard Pierce. N. Bllleter,
Oeorge Goldralner, Beatrice Crawford,
Cecil Nooley, Carvel Linden, Fay Rlie,
Edward Burke, Anna Dowd, .
(Seertel Sirpetek te Tee Jearaal.) "
Milton, Or., June It. The feasibility
Of extending the Columbia A Walla
Walla Valloy Traotlon company's lines
to Pasco to take- in that promising
country and connecting with the trans
continental lines building through there
Is now being conaldered. The lin
would then run from Paeoo to Wallul
through Milton and Freewaler to Walla
Walla, from there to Dayton, thence
to-Penwawa on the-Snake river and
from there to Lewlston of Clarkston.
with perhaps a branch Into fhe Palouse
country connecting with th , Grave
lines. - ..y ,; . . ,
Preferred tnoek Oaaaed Sooca. -AUea
Lewis' Best brand, .
4 Per Cent
'- ' i
For the convenience of
its customers on Satur
day evenings from 6 to 8
'114 Second St
Corner Wasblagfoa
. .. '" t . . , .. , -
' It your teeth need treatment the
longer yon wait the larger it will
make your bill.
Call at one and 1st us examine
your teeth. . , W will give you . th
beat servloe In every branch of th
dantal prcfeaslon. and by palnles
niathods that will meet with your
approval. ' When desired you can
hsve-T.- P. Wis or my personal
servloe. : ' , -". ';
W. A. WISE, Dentist
T. P. Wise, 1 A. Stardmat and Dr.
' nofrinan. AssMlates :
v raon
aV Imm aW SMS Omm
smnraxm axju kinds or
WawM.tBliftV.PTC. S.H.
ke,M.Chtliiinr H.B.
' . rwdsBd Besrs fTnl "
- hinaxiiCaS - ,
Oexs Trsa sd serlB tmk tmsadflsti .
Ta Brsesuest
K.a De C.
W gHe ys usari ! Lssftssep
' eeaaew
roarf omcM t4 lata rmt um.
' Can rUuM mmi glmtk PmtUmi
Wo Portland
, ; . . TRAVCLSRS. . , . .
everything to eat and drink, aad
It costs no more la th
Portland Hot! sUtkakallar
than elsewhere ta th city. Every
weekday night from : te It.
' -i-m. a Bowwrnn, Maaare.
Dancins: Every Saturday
and Sunday .
Ooraey Taagha aad Tweaty-fovtX
June 11, 12. 13, 14, 15, 13.
- , . . - -(-.;
OTess Oeal MgeA
BteaawO1laB, )
m OMeral Ceassai
in II n
II1.0 .Muiawiiaa.
Of Canham Williamr,
Grocers, . Portland, Or,
The cereal health coffee,
tastes like 45c per pound
Java' coffee. We use it ex
clusively; in; my family
1 All grocers in Oregon
sell a big package for 25c,
If your grocer has not got
Golden Grain Granules,
the pure health building
cereal coffee, tell him;, ta
order a case from . ; ;
" Ancii &lcwis
Wadhamsfe Kerr Brcs.
j 'All boys .and girls will
fet mony to spend for
ourth of Jtily if they read .
my "adT which I pub-. '
lished June I in The Jour-v
nal. The same "ad'V will '
be published ia The Jour-
nal Saturday, - June -22..
From 10 cents to $5.00, to
all .children, with excep
tion of boys, who smoke
cigarettes. ; :
Jobn Blaauv
14th NCIt If! TSUTTC
Waahlastaa UL4UU ' StalWllStb
! Monday Klght Jun IT,
hakaspearea Delightful Comedy,
Tnasday Night, Jun It, On Act from
Four uinereni riays. .
Price Lower floor. 10 rows. 1!.2
last rows, 11.60. Balcony, I row.
i.oe; last rows, tbo. uaiiary, seo. 1
Mala I
Tonight, 1:15 o'clock.
Given by
Prices llo. 0c. 1(0. I1.M. Saata
selling at theatre.
Keilig Theatre rton Mam i
Special Engagamcnt On Night Only,
trsTSAT Toxommoir
Olll Cooper, Child Star, Supported by .
Baker Theatre Co. In the Beautiful Play,
. ' Management Oeo. I Bakr. .
Frlces lie, ISo, Ise. Saata now selling.
Marquam Grand
, IPheae Mala A)
Last three perform no for th beaatrfot
Tonight. Sunday matinee, Sunday night.
Dainty and beautlfat. Don't miss It.
Prlree Irealag, SO. tOe, T5. Matlas, IS
Baker Theatre v (Phoaa Mala .)
ue. Im itsjisr,-1 general Manager.
Matin Todav Last Tim Tonia
Utti uui cooper ana in naser
panyin Mark Twain cnarwiinf F''
-rt rmnrca aatb m rat, 1
Mat. price, lto, & Sva, lie, tee, k
Next week, starting tomorrow sua -
n tea's - Mast 4 lrot C. 1 1
STAB rkw Mala
1 i
. .. Eat Ire week er Jamu 10 e.
Tke urisii gta Sleek t sisasr
A pier l tear eea
MstkMes TMaia lar- n. S ,ini 1 .w. prw j , t )
BTer ewait-t ll 1 11. I
e. ,,., 4 r' (S r'
K.s s.- - '"
rri r
.lissAIIen as