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IHcksfT vocal solo,
Instrumental, aolo,
German Windjammer Will
Load Here for Melbourne
or Adelaide.
ward; ' reading, Mr.
Miss Glenileiinlnar:
Mr. Prockett.
The usual .weekly entertainment at
the Seaman's Friend, aoclatv was alven
Jest 'night at 26J Flffnders street. The
roitowuir program was rendered: Bong,
Miss Alice Junton; song, . Frederick
Kerubell, first officer British shb Zin
ita; recitation, Mrs. Walter W. Bruce
song, Mr. Andrew McKend, second, of fl
eer uritish uhlp zinita; song-. James
moan. British ship Jordanhlli; song,
Theodore Jones. British- ahiD -Yola.
i The naxt meetlnar at tha hall will ha
I Tuesday, June 18. at 8 p. m., when
members of the women's Press club of
I uregon will bs hostesses.
net 1
pen am
art daily
position of v
to or err body
telligent people to us only
nown composition. There
Dr. Pierce's medlclnss, th
lSS&SS Stt the Ro" c,ty at ,ts 8cJt Rost crn,vaI nd r,CJta janc t0 22
i most m
lines at t
ft lajtlul
rwlrtf wl
1 B.
Ita eorrectneM under oath.
In In favor. The com'
Plerea's medicines is open
r. f ieree print- cMiron.
mJ '
Rac Between Windjammer Attracts !
y-;''-.; Wide Attention, v
Mariners all over the world are 41a-
W I ik. si 4 BT AAA 1 I . ' . T
ru"'" ,v-rau, ocean rc i enamicaiiy para glycerin belnr used In-
w uw mm square-riggers, ins invor- utmmM in xtraetina' and firaservlns- tha
' A - J WW . ' , . I aa..L a All. -1 1 ... .A V I aT"
vapuua waicer or African Monarch oirn ..u M ronm curative Tirtnea residing In tha reoti
wim. ii joii .ruruaua in iwovmavr tor a
Bajra Colored Crew Waa Sent Him
When lie Ordered Chinese From
Hongkong Sailor Desert.
Summer and Outing Suits
"A. . Being wholly mad Tin actlv i
tueoiclnal principles extracted frost ua-
nPHE surpassing style and fit of our
garments and the sterling quali
ty of the fabrics nd workmanship,
ill y. a jnMTcinrg Y tno'Vn tne nior
viva forest roots, ty exact proceases
original with Dr. Pierce, and without the
os or a drop of alcohol, tr!pl-rfind and
" Bine the coastwise lumber business
i began to drop off. dealers have com
menced to look to foreign buyer again.
f . - oiivvavi. . A IIQ 1UT VI H no Villi W SlieaMW , O
inai mey are aucceeding In landing or-I run to Cape Horn In It days, and there
-the charter f th. w.. .hi o..- wn,ci n" " Astoria 14. oays earner.
-r ' ! .... Lm Marcn
employed, these medicines ar entirely
ire from the objection, of aotng; harm
y creating an appetite xor eitner ai-i .
cohollo beverages or habit fonnlnff Din CCS thfitTI rtfl Tlflf With nrnrilintinnc
dregs. Examln the formula on their lr 7 "
KnSI the very finest and highest-priced
The invernesshlr made the
der was illustrated this mornln when .pl?1k; lh. J?ri51"i ahlp-Robert Uuncan,
icil i UKa Wlier.
16 she slanaled and nassed
the French ship Emperor MenellK, also
from this port. On April the Menellk
overhauled her again, and for six days
The Blam was taken at
10 -shillings to load for Melbourne or
Adelaide.: C .. . --s ., :
' this Is one of the lowest rates report-
ed for Akom time, but ciroumstanoes
, , permit the owners of the vessel to sc-
' f pi rU ln tnU CM- Th- 81am
of the month from London with a cargo
2r ?tmnt Consigned to Meyer, Wilson
. " wm ioaa inita iime nere.
The prospects for hauling wheat from
this part of the world t Europe are not
very Inviting at preaent owing to the
Unprecedented duminil tnv K.l,iff.
In the orient while Australia has so far
been offering fair Inducements to train
carriers this season. Three or four
windjammers were . sent in ballast
aoross the ocean from this port to pick
voyage around the horn and across the
Atlantic to England. Where they arrived
early In May. The three wind-jammers
were m the Willamette river loading
for the Mersey, when the captains be
gan a discussion of tha relative merits
of their respective craft, which resulted
in arrancementa ror a race.
(in DnAmlM, 17 th, thr vhhii i iau. w i l rt .v. . a
were towed out of : Astoria. A ftw r""! Ut vi-.M J-
hours later they had" lost sight of one wooa-punnor, swmacn wmo ana powoi LcillUr.
recommended to cure consumption in Its
advanced stages (no medicine will do that)
yet doe cur all those catarrhal Condi
tions of bead and throat, weak stomach.
torpid liver and bronchia) troubles, weak
lungs ana nanson-cougus, which, ix neg
lected or badlr treated lead no-to And
finally terminate in consumption.
j. axe ine uoiaen aieaicai uiscoverr"
the two vessels sailed bow to bow. Then
the Scotch ship drew ahead and was
neara or no more until sne reacnea tne
Mersey on May I, having made the voy-1
days, two oays later L 1
pped anchor beside her, and
the Btronsa made her ep-
sae In lit davs.
Perouse dropped anchor beside her, and
on may is
UP a-" freight la the Antipodes.
The Slam le the first foreign ealllr
easel taken - for lumber loadlna here
since the German baric Tellua waa char
tered about six weeks ago. The Tellus
JZJ, reol,F rso at Knappton on
. win ivwir WDlUmDlL TBI Al
Goes Through , the Rapid Below
Cascade Lock.
, Th Open River Transportation com
pany's steamer J. N. Teal proved herself
able to buck th -Strong current of the
upper Columbia this morning by climb
ing the rapids at Cascade locks without
lining. Yesterday afternoon the beat
naa to turn d&ck to iionnevuie because
th nnauallfied endorsement of scores of
medical leaders better than anv amount
oi lty, or non-proiessionai, testimonials.
Ther are not given away to be experi
mented with but are sold bv all dealers la
medicines at reasonable prloes. ?
Tinnnn nr in.mi.ivi. ,nn in. mnatii
merlcan of the strong current, . but this morning I that the spinal menlnrltls eases ln no
way Jeopardised the neaJth or tne peo
ple in the empire of tha rising sun, and
UR assortment of smart summer.
;effects is the . choicest we have
v it a lAonmov and ever snown. we pive our nersonah
i miracles, it I - .
I B unqualified guarantee . with every
&SSXSA garment that bears bur label . -
fn. Mm and ft is not hkely to disappoint
you ii oniy you giv it n tnorwgn
fair trial.' Donrt eroeot miracles.
won't do supernatural things. Yon must
exercise your patience ana j
use for a reasonable length
2-Piece Suits $10 to $25
r T".1?. w cnanerea a lew days everytninr was working- in good shape
w0.?! Bi'ou.r' Outhrie at Co. and the land ahe pulled through without trouble.
- yu irnun jonn raimer was
A telegram from Sunertntendent Frank
J. Bmlth to the local offioe sUtes that
the Teal climbed the rapids at 8:1 this
morning and went, through without Jin-
fixed last week by the Paclflo Export j
. nBrJLV".'? "earner African Monarch. In.
yapiain vvaiKer, arrived un this morn-1 . 'rha Tai .trtA ..rft .
iV..rJ?1inaP.?,on V finish her cargo test run ae-alnst aa awlft a currant aa Htls would probably . not only, have
" r .-V Y- X' '" dim is unaeri ever flowed down the f"n
is under ever flowed down the Columbia, and her I cJSv,,n .V1 Jrint4Uw.poft;
i-fi0" performance is therefore considered per- f.r!f" '"Vi.TX X.,ia
m 2'A fovy. -aUsfsctory. Th. boat 1. Vx- JAHIS
clean bill was finally dulv executed
ana signed.. This is the nrst instance
In many vears of a steamer having been
delayed here because of difficulty ln sa
curing a clean Mil of health. . --
To have mentioned the spinal menm-
charter t the f'aciflo Export
company, and will load at tha
the Eastern. Western Lumber com.
i lie j
bected to return tomorrow from her
African Mi...Mi. . - r : voyage tnrougn tne . iocrs., ehe
Newcastle New South VfT,.
tSan France aoo, and thence north to mIU -thi wh hL 2J!2.n,i2
this oort. flha has han . Trn.nnn-1 connect there with the steamers for
nearly a week, and few of her sailors Pnta tm farther inland. 7, ,? , r.
remain on board. Those having falleJ r . - ; V t
deaert ar Chinese stokers who have ARE WELL KNOWN HERB
a- poor chance to escape since they are t - t ...
beina? watched rnntinnaii- k - .. v ,
tion Inspectors, private watchmen and Bark Crillon and Ship Ardencralg
v" uwwiw, w cuiorea men rrom 1
Asia, , . I The French hark Crillon ' and PHlUh
:.TA .lord part Of the' crew Was ae- ,hln Ardancwia-. which, vera chrtd
to this Port
xi. . - " 1 . ..... ... . r
t vwvat.jB w iviq coai xor tian jran-1 '""u nwcii, yvusirajia, nave oeen
,. " win waiaer naa teiegrapned I v""ra in nja port many umes aunng
t r craw 01 unini, ana I "' 7. - ma riuun aspeci-
when the men arrived thev were him-ir.r I ally Is well known here.
than Inky darkness.-- The sailor board-! " The French bark Thiers, which was
Inghouae master had misunderstood in-l reported yeaterday as having sailed
structlons and shipped blacka. The men I from London for the s Columbia river
naa 10 00 reiamea, ana not until Portland I w"n carap 01 cement, is Deiier Known
, was reached did the last darky light oUln tn" marine worid as the British bark
C from the shin, iriv- rhin... r.m.i. ,n
". the hold to trim the fires and keeD tin 1th tor many years a
etean -More wlU have to be secured by 1 J11"'00 taie,f
al ing time. , . " OJ jftrought to iight from her
Ml ' -
PLEASLllE for tars
Soeva. . Under that name she has sailed
nd frequently
sea have been
long voyages.
f Weekly Concert 4 Seamen' Instf- Spinal Menlngltl Figure In Deten
tion of Craft.
. The " Portland and Asiatic liner - Nu-
maatla, CapUln Feldtman. did not get
away for Japan and China at the ap
pointed hour this morning because of
'I ; tnte Tomorrow, .
f ' The regular weekly concert at the
' Beaman'a Inatltuta lftft Miwtk Ts.t
-, . - . . V. . Uil .
. ,: street, will be given tomorrow evening
vat I o'clock under the direction or Mt
. arranged a, follows: Instrumental aolo, specified hour and in the second place
. Mr. Prockett; vocal solo. Miss Holllnter; Japanese Consul T. Alba hesitated about
raiding. Miss Ottersedd; song. J. V.
j Bloane, British ship Jordanhlli; violin
Kit 01. Miss Gregory; song. Mr. Leach,
. British ship Zinita; contralto solo, Mlas
- - J niiiuiB.wuiiu, uiib, nr. n.. nay.
have meant destruction. Since it con
sists malnlv of flour. - .
The Numantia waa to have sailed at I
I 0 clock this morning. She is expected
to leave down sometime this afternoon.
rs I: T " ' i
U I 1
.4 'W:! ';.-'. I
. Vs' iU 1 f - '
issuing the vessel a clean bill of health.
He wanted to make mention of the fact
mat cereDro-spinat meningitis has pus
sled the doctors and claimed some vic-
time nere recently.
The agents ef the steamer after much
c Jd
Washington St.
Portland, Ore.
: Begnlajr Users Bo to JLrrlv.
O. W. Elder, Ban Pedro and way. June It I
Columbia, San Francisco... ..,s June IS I
F. A. Kimurn Ban Francisco... June 17
Costa Rica; Ban Francisco.,,,,. June 17
Alliance, Coos Bay ..June 17
Roanoke, San Pedro and way... June IS
Arabia, orient.. ...........June It
Aiesia, orient.... .4... ....July 11
Nlcomedia. orient., July 27
Numantia, orient ............ .August II
,." Begular XJaers to Depart.
Numantia, orient. .June 11
Alliance. Coos Bay.. June It
O. W; Elder. Ban Pedro and wa v. June 14
Columbia, Baa Franclaco. . . .... .June It
t: a.. KiiDurn. h. v. ana wav.... June is
Roanoke. San Pedro, a ;A vu.. . Juna 20
Costa Kica, Ban Franclaco.,.. . June 20 1
Arabla,orlent.,,,. June 19
Aieaia, orient.. .............. .. , juiy it
Nlcomedia, orient. .-.-August 10
Tassels in jport.
Tola, Br. eh....... '.....Elevator dock
JordanhllL Br. bk.VL a. W. Mllla I
Zinita, Br. bk. ............. .East Pine
Tellus, Oer, bk.r. Knappton
Washington. Am. barge , I
Ellsworth. IU tallies above Vancouver I
wnang ho, Chinese iuna,.....The oaks
John Palmer, Am. bktn.. ....... Kalama
Emily Reed, Am. sh.. -.Portland 1
piramyre. nr. sir. ..lJ .Tiion I
luillliwiu, AUb (.,. 1 1 1 .UVUiq
Virginia. Am. ach. ....... Inman-P6ulsen
Antelope, Am. sch. . ............. Linn ton
LUIebonne, Am. sen. . ....... r.drjrdock
Numentla, Oer. atr. ........... ..Aibln
E. F. Whitney. Am. bk... Bt Johns
Wm. Renton, Am. sch.f. ........ Ooble
wasnucta, Am. barge.. University Mill
tierwicK. Am. sir. ........ , .ureenwicn
African Monarch, Br. ss..E, A W. Mill
Cascade. Am. ss... , ,8t. Helens
ASCOt. Br. SS. ........ .s....Flour Mills
Nokomls. Am. sch... ......Astoria
cnenans. Am. bktn. ....... Knappton I
Sweeping HedMCibttS IB CM QhSB
The Skill of Scientific Baking and ffie Purest in
4 Food Materials Are Concentrated . i
; , Jn Every Loaf of ' f '
51 Cents Per
, Loaf
At All
Insist Upon Butter-Nut and Look.for the Label
'I - - on Every Loaf. ' -'
Jim Butler. Am. atr. Llnnton
Tiverton. Am, atr ..Rainier
Asuncion, Am. sir. ......... Portsmouth
jonan pouisen. Am. str........ Linn ton
Alliance. Am. str-r ....Greenwich
King Cyrus, Am. sch. ............ .Ooble
Gardiner City, Am. bktn....... .Astoria
Argyll, Am. str. ...... Llnnton
Lumber Oarriers Bn Bout.
Elwell. Am, ah.............. Ban Pedro
Lucille, Am. sh....; San Francisco
Mabel Gale, Am. sch...,. San Francisco
Retriever. Am. bktn..t,,Ban Francisco
Aurora, Am. bktn. .......San Francisco
W. R. Hume, Am. sch. .Ban Pedro
J. B. Stetson, Am. str.. .San Francisco
Churchill. Am. sen....... Ban Francisco
E. F. Banders, . Am. sch . , . . . .San Pedro
Alumna, Am. sen... .....Ban Francisco
Walacot. Am. barge. .....San Francisco
Qulnault, Am. str.. ......San Francisco
Sehome, Am. sch....... ..San Francisco.
fouth Bay, Am. str..... San Francisco
. H. Lunsman. Am. sch. San Francisco
Echo, Am. bktn. ...... ...San Francisco
Johan Pouisen. Am. ss. . . San Francisco
Bailor Boy, Am. sch..... San Francisco
Aid en Besse, ad, ok... ..Ban Francisco
Xs Bout wltn Cement and Oeneral.
Buecleuch, Br. ah.. ..... . . . , .Hamburg
Brenn. Ft. bk... ............ r..... Hull
Conway Castle. Br. bk... ...... Antwero
Dalgonar, Br. 1 sh ........... . .Hamburg
Europe, FT. dk. .,... ........ .Antwerp
Oenevleve Mollnos, Fr. bk...... .London
Rene Kerviler, Fr. sh ....Hamburg
Laennec Fr. sh...... ...Swansea
Le ptlier, Fr. bk .....London
Martha Roux, Fr. bk. ... Hamburg
Mosambique, Br. sh. . . . . .Newcastle, E.
Samoa, Br. bk. ........... ..Shields
Slam. Oer. 'sh. ........ . . ."V .London
Thiers,. Fr. sh. Newcastle, E.
Vlncennes, Fr. bk. . . .-.Glasgow
Marechael Turrene, Fr. bk.... Hamburg
VUle de Mulhouse, Fr. bk...... Antwerp
Ouethary. Fr. bk ............. .An twerp
Plerrl Loti. Fr. bk............ Antwerp
Walden Abbey, Br. sh..,.. ....Antwerp
Glenessllu. Br. sh....... ....... Antwerp
Versailles. Fr. bk ..Letth
Oeneral de Boisdeffre. Fr. bk... London
Oeneral de Nesrier, Tr. , bk. . . , . . London
Bayard, Fr. bk. ......... , ... . Antwerp
... Coal Ships JJ Bonte.
Belen. Fr. bk . .v; ......... Newcastle. A.
CoL de Vlllebois Marenll.Fr. bk......
.........,....,,-. newuBBii ' 1,
Claverdon, Br. ah........ Newcastle, A.
wiuscoii. Am. ox. ....... iNewcastie, A.
port Patrick, Br. an...... Newcastle, A.
St Mlrren. Br. sh. ... .. . ..Newcastle. A.
Crillon. Fr. bk. . . . . . . . . . . .Newcastle. A.
Ardencralg; Br. bk.... ....Newcastle, A.
t Tramp Steamer Bn Boat.
Tellus, Nor. str. San Francisco
Maori King, Br. str...,....,. Shanghai
Henrlk Ibaen, Nor. str... Ban Francisco
Queen Alexandra, Br. str. .... ..Madras
Kallbla, B str... .......San Francisco
Manshu Mam,. Jap. str..,. Salinas Crus
Mackinaw, Am. str...... ..... . .Seattle
San Mateo, Am. atr.. ,, ...San Francisco
Oymerle, Br. str ... . n . ... Mansanilo
Thyra, Nor. a a, ......... ..Ban Francisco
Shelves and shelves , of sparkling pieces offered at this great June jvfv
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Every piece of this beautiful ware a work of art.
Un. Comports, reg. $65, Special f 4.70 8-inch Bowls, reg. t?M, special. '. ,f 6.50
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8-in. Comports, reg. $7.75, special f 7.82
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--. a w as
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large family. . -
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- i. . ......... .39
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Tar Soap, per eak..w.r..l lHi
loap, 3 cakes in box, per box. ....19)
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Forest Queen Buttermilk and Witch Hasel
cusp, per cane. .......... i ........... ,
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xiagie dkih ana complexion eoap, per 00 x
of S cakes. r.
Bo your Ordering
by Phone, Private
Exchange it, or
Bom A1139 1 100
Salesmen to ml
Tow Orders.'
Th steamer Alliance arrived ,et S
o'clock thla rooming from Coos ? Bay,
bringing a full cargo and about SO pas
sen gera. She berthed at Greenwich
wharf and aalla Thursday night. A lit
tle blow from the south waa experi
enced off the bar.- ,
Th steamer George W. Elder 1 a day
, We Wan Ton
SCoathly Ao.
counts. Yrea !.
livery In City.
Canadian Btonay
Takes aft roU
, Tain.
int. fmm San Francisco because of hav
ing, lost a day there. She will be in
the river tomorrow, however, and sail
south Friday night if all goes well. 1
The gasoline schooner Berwick, will
sail In a day or two for Rogue river
with general cargo for the Hume Inter
ests there. She will carry a number ef
blooded sheep rrom r aquma. xne eneep
will be enippea nere oy ran irom a
Soint down the valley and placed on the
erwiefc. - i:'J':y . '
The ateam chooner Cascade sella for
San Francisco this - evening. She - is
loading lumber at Rainier today.
Daniel Kern states that work will be
r 11 umed at hi auarry at Fishers land.
ing, where the laborers went on strike
the other day. This Quarry furnishes
rock for the Columbia river jetty.
The lighthouse-tender Armaria ' left
Juneau - today for : St. Michael - and
other Alaskan ports. ;.V Captain P. J. Wer-
lien is imaicing aia Quarterly inspection
or ins innurauBfB on tne tender. Tne
tender. Heather la at the foot of Couch
street receiving repairs.-. .
left up at T a, m tearaer Argyll, from
Port Harford. - .
San Francisco, June 11. Arrived,
steamer Nome' City, from Portland. . ,
Astoria. June 10. -Left up at 4:30 p.
m., British steamer African' Monarch.
Arrived down at and sailed at 8:10
p. m., steamer - Costa , Rica, for San
Francisco. .. - V - r-
Tokohama, -June 11. Arrived, June
. German steamer Nlcomedia. from
Portland.--.- --. - - - vf,- I
(-1... . t ' T... ' L A
steamer Ansa Monarcn, rrom Portland.
Dover. . June 11. Passed June ,
rTencn oarx juartna houx. rrom' Mam.
burg, for Portland. -
1 San . Franclsca June 10. Sailed.
steamer Geo. W. Elder, for Portland.
Astoria, .June 11. Condition of the
bar at 8 a. m.. rough: wind, weat 11
miles; weather, raining.
Tines at Astoria today: - -
Vllvh vratap 1 1 a m i.KA
Then."- e7 feet
juow water. i;4 a. ra . reet; 7:80
p. m a. feet.' ,
We havent heard definitely fop av.
era! days what Seattle's population Is,
hi! t iinniw 1 fr m 11 a fr av.. IAA,nA'k.
Astoria, Juna 11. Arrived at 4 and thla Uiaa - . , '
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