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4sst -i00 . , m
- v.his Issue of , '
Tho Sunday J ournal
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The Weather-Sundar, fair and
. warmer; westerly winds. '
1 J
M VOL, IV. . NO. 13.
iiilf .BMET IfifMl fltti
: '. ' . ' ' ..... .... . , , ,. . . . ... , ...... ...
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1 " :
Public Mulcted by. Monopoly. Which, De
mands Tribute From Every Person.
competition Milled wnoiesaiers m
League With Retailers Inner. Circle
That Fixes Rates and Levies Tribute
Outstripping in graft all other T monopolies of its kind, .each
month dividing heavy dividends mulcted front the rich and poor
alike, demanding tand forcing 'three profits wherethe furniture
trust and others ask but one, the plumbers' combine in Portland
thrives through systematic methods of double-dealing which is the
Portland's plumbers' trust demands tribute from; every person i
who spends a; dollar for plumbing.' LThe private citizen, caught
from the time that he asks for an estimate on worky innocently pays
his share into the clumbers' eraft fund just as surely .as if it were
a tax levied by the city,. On top .of the first graft he -is forced to
pay, a second is added, and a third is piled on top of thW' y ; ;
: With Vombetitibn "comDlet'elY stifled wholesalers .standing U
league with the plumbing firms, demanding 25 per cent more or
thereabouts for material sold to a plumber not in the secret circle
of the trust, and from 25 to 100 per cent,; more. when. tne material
is bought by an 'outside?,' the citiien has no loophole through which
hi can escane the rraft levied upon him. '; ,
1 41 In the neighborhdbd Of 75 plurhbing firms in Portland have
cess to tne secret cnamDers oi mis organizea com Dine wmcn ys-j
tematically robs' the public. i"A few months ago,? emboldehed by
the ease with which it extracted money from the people s pockets
the plumbers' trust poured into the banks the sum of $58,000 which
it had sapped from the public ina series of tributes inside of a few
A threatened exposure , of the blood-sucking methods andtthe
exorbitant levy then demanded from every person having plumbing
installed caused a slight reduction of the tribute exacted from the
public. The sum forced from every individual unfortunate enough
to .require Wttmbing.rwdrk;'was'feduced.''?;Sincfc;that. time this par
ticular graft of the combine has been carried on in modified form
until at the-present : time the monthly blood-money fund seldom
exceeds $10,000. V ; ' '
The organization of th? plumbers'; trust in 'Portland is complete
in all details, thorough m its workings ana particularly, etfectiye in
the graft-Jmoaey which it lifts day, after day; put of the pocketbooks
of the people who ire building horhel. Aboye .all other features it
is as secret as the jvork of the lodges.-- Leaky' places are soldered.
Envelopes "and letter-heads upon which the business.; of the trust
is transacted go. tnrougn tne mans wixnout marK .or signox tneir
identity or the placeslrorn whence tney come, rew ot the letters
ZSTh trust beeinS with mem bershio in the Master Plumbers as
rbMiation It finds its culmination in the FJumbers' Protective as
sociation' the Becret organization m which are generated and' car-
t . Ta (Continued on Page Two.) ''
. ...
Torrential Storm and Cloudbursts in -Kentucky, Ulinbis
and:In4iana,; Demolisliing Hany Toiis and Caus
ing Heavy Property Damage Hirers High. ; '
' Bt. IiOulfc Mo.. Jun , --A.t least
KAn loet and aeveral
JZ. MiMs ; injured. .0
Tt indlcauon. .1
ranorta from : the region- ,
Sia"outhw..tern Kentuckr vl-
Ij'aat night 07 ft w0tt "7 v"-;
Hjffi aouthweatef Indian Uo .nt-
Property loealU r.
. - k rirM in the dletrlct
lted by the atorm are atM .down tod
reporta , are coming trom rpundabout
, comolete?' detaUa probably
cannot be iecured "" vrt daya.
York. NaahvtUe, New
qusne are some of the Hllnola t own.
which were practically deatroyea n
Kentucky at WvWe d .. , la
reported by the atorm. Creeka and rivers
overflowed their banka ;. and - many
houses wire awept away. '
Advices. - tonlghV' from Weat Vnlon.
Illinois, aay that three r def4,.f
York, llUnoia. a village of fOO
Hants on . the Wabash river, 25 mllea
southwest of here. .They are:
, Henry Rook. aged . 30, hilled by fly
Inf debris. - " ' ; . - . '.'
Mrs. Mallnda PL.kstori, aged S8. body
found In a tree-top. . . -,
Frank Pinkston, killed by flying de
bria, .
Among the Injured are:
Mrs, Johnson.
Ernest 8oott Miller. - w "
-iT!?? ,,l8t ;erlouslyJnJured will to
Jtt ftS!ff. SSdfebg.
o?Th,'v,ClUiln th er.
. The storm struck the village about
o'clock and raged for several minutea.
The entire residence portion of the town
was destroyed, but the. business section
waa not materially damaged. The Storm
vlctlma lost practicalfy evirVth?n?
clothing being- torn In ahreda and If
nlture broken to-kindling. . , ;
i Miller waa struck on the head wifli
a piece rof timber-and hla akulf frac
tured. He may not recover.
; Sr5I1,yme Indiana, tfie home of
John Bostick was destroyed. . Mrs. Bos
tick and daughter were blown across
the road and fatally hurt John Bos
tick waa In a field at the time of the
storm and was blown several hundred
feet He received Internal Injuries and i
poin juga were Droxen. " ; i.
The home of Thomas Barton was de
atroyed and ; two of hia stock barns
blown away. Every bead of stock on
his place excepting one horse waa either
killed or Injured, s
.Between the towns, of Duirirer and
Sullivan, on the Indianapolis Southern,
the railway track was washed out de
laying trains. ' ,
' Great damage was done to growing
crons. bridges- and -fences. r At some
places entire orchard were uprooted,
Prisoner; Is Spirited 't Away
From Wallace on Order of-
Judge W66(L:j
Boise, Idaho. June . It leaked out
late tonight v that . Judge. Wood; baa
signed an " order for ' the removal of
riva Adami to thla- eitr. the Intent be
ing for the prosecution to call him as a
wftnesa, then to hav;;him-confirm a
art Of Orchard's story, at least regard-
n the blowing up of .the
aepot. .'.vv;
A aauaa or oepuviee wn.a au.uh m.
Rathdrum. Kootenai county, tonight,
with him in charge, we-wm reaon nere
wbm time early In the week. : -
Adams ' waa aecreuy apiniea irom
Wallace laat Thursday and taken . to
Rathdrum. That the prosecution taitos
thla extreme step Indicates that , they
hope to try to have him repudiate hla
recent statements and confirm the so
called ' eonf essjon that he ftlleges waa
forced from him. . : -.,?- . , . ; i ,
Prominent Citizens Wade Up
, to Necks: in.s Carrying
-Women Ashore.J
"! T.-N. Stoppenbach and Hugh McQulre
of the : Paciflo Paper company and
Walter A Holt assistant cashier of, the
United States -: National; bank,'; proved
themselves heroes Friday'' night by res
cuing 14' women and children, members
of a launching party, from, death In the
waters of- the Willamette. Submerged
at times to their necks,-, the 'three men
carried the fair members of , the party
to a place of safety on shore from the
launch.-which had ' oome to erlef on a
jagged reef . several fathoms from the
mainland. . -. v? . ... v . y, .
The oartv waa aiven bv Mr. Btonnen-
bach on his new and handsome launch
Helen, and all went swimmingly until
upvn returning a ma ciij ine neima-
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Dr. F. H. Van Tassel!, of Berkeley Smart
-Set, Waylaid, Beaten and Robbed,
Finds Himself in Strange City With
No Recollection of Family or Former
: Life Reads Papers to Find Himself
,. Like a freak of the wlldest1maglnatIon Is the story of Dr. F. It. Van
Tassell, a prominent young physician of the fashionable set of Berkeley,
California, who Is at St. Vincent's hospital Ignorant of all events of his
life previous to a week ago, yet rational and; fully possessed of the
knowledge that .he Is lost v Dr. Van Tassell,' who calls himself J. M.
Smith,' Is believed to have lost memory of his past life by a blow on the
forehead administered by a . thug In Berkeley a week ago last Thursday.
; Dr. Van Tassell has no recollection of ever having practiced medicine.
has forgotten his name, and furnishes one of the moat startling and
perfect cases of annesla ever brought to the attention of the local medical
fraternity. , ' ' r, ' ' .
The story of r. Van Tassell's life for the past 10 dayi is la effect
that ha left hia home jat Berkeley after kissing his wife goodbye and say-;
Jng that he would be gone for several hoars. He failed to return, , was
held up. it Is believed, because of a 'bruise on the' forehead and the loss
Of a stick pin and ring, went to Oaklald, crossed over to San Francisco, -
then toe the steamer Roanoke for Portland, arriving In this city, as
near as can he' figured, Tuesday morning. ' J;:.v i:'-:t ? :i t:
Then followed several days wandering In . which Dr. Van Tassell
lived at cheap lodging houses afraid to tell his strange story for fear of
being locked up as crazy. -
Goveraor.Sheldon of NebrasJ
ka and Business Men Due
This "Jloming:.
i Elghty-alght representative '- cltlsens
and, business men of NebraakaJ balling
chiefly, from Omaha.' are scheduled to
reach the union depot early thla morn'
Inn before the darkness of .night baa
passed; " They will - be in -Portland to
vialt .the , people and see .the alghts for
two -aays wnen tney wiu teave if, iook
at the apples and strawberries of Hood
river before returning to the land from
which they have come.. ; ,;&
At the head of the Omaha excursion
is the chief executive of . the state.
oeorre'l Sheldon, perhaps the young'
est, governor in the United States. At
the present time he is about 18 rears
of age and already has caused ' more
commotion In his state than, most gov-
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"(Htarst Kews 6 Unfit Leased Wire.)
Honolulu, June t. Jack XiOndon. the
writer, declines to stay m tne oobb
velt Ananias ; club. : Jondon i Is now at
Peart harbor, near .Honolulu, with bis
Bnark. resting from s his. recent cruise
from San Francisco. He waa shown the
recent interview with tne president in
Everybody's ' magaalne, In . which .. the
president accused - Iondon of . being a
nature ia:er. " ...i j
SO I am nmiura iuw - uumx o"
don. "Well, thank Ood that I am not
an authority on any thin g. I have
knocked around the world enough to
know that one man cannot see It all
and because I never saw anjr particular
thing that is no reason why It may not
have happened. .
"l mutt admit that I have not hunted
wolven the- way the president has, : but
I would like to match a bulldog against
a wolf and bet with him on the fight.
I think the nresldent would loae. I
have aeen some mighty small torn csta
some mighty Dig aoi
may, Juow
logs, too. The
ail - about the
wolves of Colorado, for I have seen blm
photographed with some he had hunted,
and mighty little onesfthey were, but I
don't . believe he. knows enough ubout
the ' wolvef and huskies : of .Alaska to
pose aa an authority.s' ',.T::"..t'i,-t.,. f,.,'
"Now. on word as to the nature of
tne huskies Or woir dogs of the north.
These huskies are the litters of Import
ed doga bred to wolves and are fierce
and aavage In, their .nature,, relying,
however, on the aseistance of the pack
to worry and kill whichever of the two
is- xnociced down in tne-right.' in the
actual fight one husky never kills an
other, and -a atout bulldog Is, in my
opinion, more than a - match for any
wolf dog. On my return from -Alaska 1
brought out one of these wolf dogs, and
Jt was my constant fear-that the animal
would be killed by one o 'the' various
bulldogs that - were' kept by neighbors
near my home. .-. .j . .... ....i... ..
-- "The president' ta evidently a ' care
les reader - of . my stories. He has
rushed Into : thla criticism all twisted
around. Look here: -He says that the
lynx in my-story killed the 'dog wolf.
That certainly does not tend -to, show
that he la as careful an observer as the.
magazine article seeks to Indicate.- My
vtory' was about the dog wolf killing the
lynx. na eung ine ooay. T '
In the article In Kvervbodva the Tr.
ldent la quoted as crUlclslng London's
'White Fang." ' The president did not
approve or tne description or tne right
between White Fang and a bulldog, and
said that he did not think that London
knew much about wolves and nothing
about their. fighting. The chief execu
tive - thought ' that the bulldog ; would
have but little chance, and unless It had
secured a throathold . the inatant the
fight started It would have been cut to
ribbons.- ':; '- V
continuing, tne article aays,' quoting
the president:.-" - -'' -. .
' "In the same book London describes a
great dog wolf being torn to pieces by
a luclvee, ' northern ' lynx. This Is
about as sensible as to "describe a tom
cat tearing In pieces a SO-pound fighting
bull terrier..- Nobody 'who really knew
anything about either a lynx or a wolf
would write auch nonsenaa."
- The article- aays that Roosevelt la,
"from every point ff view", in a Dota
tion to be an authority -on atorlea of ani.
mal'Ufe. ' i.
AC' last, unable to longer bear the
strain he was dally undergoing, he
looked In the directory to find a phy
sician to whom he could tell his tale.
He hit upon' Dr. Kenneth A. J. Ma
Kensle and went to . his of flee in the
Dekum building. : ; . ...t-. .
After arriving there and waiting a
while, he went away for fear that If
he told hla story he would be thrown
out as an Impostor.- He went back
Thuraday and told Dr. McKensie all
he remembered of his past, which was
limited to his visit - in San Francisco;
The story he told Dr. McKemie is as
fOllOWS:.-' - A ..-.,,,.,-, , .; j..
T . do not know my own name. I
do not 'even remember my previous
occupation.' If I have relatives I 'do
not know who they are or where they
live. I ram. here; that is all. I know.
Why I. call myaelf J'M. Bmith I do
not know, but it war the first name
that came to- my mind when wandering
hopeleaaly about in San Francisco.,
, rinds Xbnaeif ta Oakland.
"My first, recollection of my past
dates to last week when I found my
self In Oakland. .,'-1 knew that I did
not belong there, but I did not know
why. . Some irresistible force . impelled
me to cross the bay and go to Ban
Francisco. Then my mind really be
came active. " I heard persons - talking
about leaving for Portland.- The same
imoulse that caused . me to leave Oak
land turned my footsteps to the steam
ship office, where some Influence com
?elfed me to purchase a steerage ticket
or Portland. ...v .v.:
"When asked to Sign ray name to
the ticket by the clerk, I hesitated and
for a moment was lost Then quick as
a flash my mind drew ajtcture and
1 1 signed J. M. Smith. Why I chose
that name I cannot explain.' To the
peat of my recollection -I did not know
at that time what a pame was or Its
significance. . All my actions were In
cited by words and aots of others. Men
tal suggestion perhapa explains the rea
son for my presence In Portland... . . .
t Xost ta Strang City. - '
"Now here am I In Portland lost.
Since my arrival I have purchased
many Calif ombs newspapers to see if
of ttersons
ported missing from, home in the hope
find accounts
lng f roi
e myst
of Dr. Van Tassell. but that la not my
of finding myself. I ran across the
story , of the mysterious disappearance
name. : I , never practiced surgery . or
attended college. ' Of this I am cer
tain." , . V-v
Then continued the wonderful storv
of a man highly educated, refined and
sensitive In nature, averse to notoriety
or publicity, at which the mind staggers
and wonders at the abrupt ending of
one life and the birth of a new one In
a human being that has already reached
maturity. "" f
"Now," continued Dr. Van Tassell. "T
want you to aid me in finding myself.
If I have . relatives they surely must
be looking for me. But where tney live
or who-they are I cannot -aid you in
determining. I have no reason for be
lieving that I ever lived in California,
save that I remember cominr to Port '
land from San Francisco. I do not be
lieve 1 ever lived In Berkeley."
Talk Is Ferfeotly SatlonaL
For nearly four hours. Dr. Mackenzie
sat and talked with Dr. Van Tassell In
endeavoring to determine the trutli
about the man. So strange and weird
was his tale that Dr.' Mackenzie was
first astounded : and then amazed. ' To
alt confronting a person with a mind
ao perfectly rational yet revealing such
a strange story, was past all his pre
vious experiences.-' He took personal in
terest In the case and conveyed Dr. Van
Tasseii to Bt, . Vincent's hospital.
Upon his return downtown. Dr. Mae
kenste conferred with Chief of Police
Grltsmacher. The ' two - entered Into
leiegrapmo communication witn Mrs,
Van Tassell. A description of the miss
ing man was furnlshed and tallied in
detail with . the man whom Dr. Mac- '
kensle sent to the hospital. Finally a
picture of Dr. Van Tassell was secured "
from a San Francisco newspaper and
Dr. Mackenzie at once recognized his
man. . -
Relatives 'areon their way to Port
land and will convey the missing hus
band and father to Berkeley, where the
wife la nearly- erased by her husband's
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WIFE DA1CIl5j izLss ssE f3 Isi? .C?
George Saf ford Eeports Mysterious Theft of $600 at 03.
w ego last NightNo Clue to Thieves Who 3Iake
1 Getaway With Stolen Cash'.
aeorxe Safford. a saloonkeeper or os-
weao. reported to the police that ne nao
been robbed of l0 In fold. He sUted
to the police that he bad the money hid
den in av'canvaa sack In the flour bin.
No one. so far as as knows, knew of
the existence of bis savings, except bis
wife and ibimselt f Mrs. Safford was
awar from home last plght attending; a
dance and when Safford locked np his
bar and repaired to bis cache to drop
in several mora gold pieces, the profits
of - the week, be discovered that . bis
entire savings bad vaniahed
'-f Search In Oawego availing nothing,
Safford 1 at once took the laat car for
Portland, where he arrived at midnight
and reported hla loss to the police.
. Behind the Whole affair Is a mystery.
Saflord evidently, baa some clue to the
robber and started out on' a etill hunt
with a veiled hint that he would have
bis money within U hours or damage
would be done to a certain person who
Identity for some reason unknown he
(Btarat by tnft LiH Wire.)
Pasadyna. Cel., June 8 It ha Jm
iiram lu tisui nisi u person t
sonca ai a oinner party givci t
residence or air. arm j. r
on North Mentor avenuo lat v '.
day evenln, and the cmi.iii i -'i i f
them Is Stiit repar1fi nui
rlous ss to require th.i -physicians.
Ice crwin r
end Of the mm t !" .'- . ;
bea tb can vf t-a i