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    A XTJu J V U JXiN XXi actively engaged In encouraging beet
AKKDKrEWKNT newspaper. ' BUgar production, by conducting ex-
C S. Jacaean.
.pnbiuhgf perlmentg and furnishing Informa
tion. There are how . seven states
poratlon to let loose of, . those lands count bill, as a recount would quite
or as far as possible at this late day I likely jshow that he was not elected
live up to its contract. They have to the office he holds. He may hang
not only a. legal right but the. high
est kind of a moral right to make
this attempt, and to transact the
necessary, formalities with the off 1-
PiMUM every evening ecept Sandaj'V.ana!
'mS.SaTuiVtri. tundr". with two or more beet sugar fac-j
tatered .t .h. poffk .t Portland, or., for hor,e" and nine with one. , The
tr.miatoa turaocb tta mails u Mcond-eiim j greatest, yields are on the Irrigated cers of the corporation.
"' "" ' ;, ' " 1 lqnds of Colorado and Utah. One) The treatment tneir attorneys re-
aii department! reached tr thia namir. Tn successful factory is .hear .'Chicago, celved therefore shows that the COr-
tfae operator the department jrea want. ,1-nnnHfid With hflnrfl n-rAwn thr nn I nomftnn. frr Ui SA-ndt vaam'
. i - - - - i
on to the office, but he will have to
forego' the honor that should . go
with It. . t - '
State Comment on
,o Mayor
the Reelection
Small Cna'ngt:
Th man
I Hverjr man, .
goods the de
Vreelaad BenTamln Special Adrerttolmt ' " . X"
toe reaucuon or
Krait.wlrk Build Inr. 225 Fifth arena. Mew
' Y"r'? Trtoune BBlhllng. Ultra icq. , .
Subeerlptlon Term by mail to any address
in the telle States. Canada or Mexico.
, ,.,,..' DAILY.
One ear......... 15 Oil I On Booth...,. ..f .SO
On rear......... $2. SO I One month.,.....! .39
One year......... 7. JO ( One month.. .....S SB
fiance of law is disposed to add In
the duty on I suit to Injury, ' ? V
Cuban sugar did the beet sugar ln-
, If the power to do hard
work Is not talent, it is the
, best possible substitute for it
James A. Garfield, v
- t , ; A Cleaner City. :
From the Weston Leader.
Occasional visitors to Portland who
so "a-s)ummlng" have marked the faot
that the Mr town is cleaner morally un
der Mayor Lane's administration than
ever ; before In 'their recollection.- In
beiialf of decency and law and order
ana ail tnat make lor honest govern
ment, the reat of the etate hopes that
roruana win continue in trie right way,
Partisan politics has nothlnar ' to do
with the Issue. The eonfllct Is between
the powers that purify and the powers
that tirev.
:;0;'Q::-'A: Partisan Wail. "
1 From the Albany Herald (Rep.).'
',: Because of the pecallar issues ; in
volved, tne interior naa been interested
In the Portland election. The minority
party has again won. s The work of Dr.
The 'production among theso opportunist sUtesmen ',0- I am enjoying a rose fiesta, "hM Swe?mor- "veer. Hf AS
Letters From tne
. Suggestions by a Mesengcr Boy.
Portland, June To the Editor of
the Journal For two months I have
been scampering ver the city of Port
land fronj Clackamas 'to St: Johns and
smk af Aa.4Mltl. a.a.M..d sa.A.d. t AVa
N INCREASING number of "'-.l- " , B.
leading Republicans are com-1 some people seems to be rather a queer
Ing out more or less decisively occupation for one of my .age;, but let
for tariff rvlloB-f.n nt mm assure you nai toe wages were
O PORTLAND Is going to close
, up saloons on Sunday, accord
ing to the announcement of the
district attorney and sheriff.
. Well, such is the law, and the offi
cers' sworn duty is to enforce the law,
dustry no harm, nor would free
sugar from the Philippines. The to- j
tal cane sugar product of Cuba and
the Philippines is Insignificant as
compared with the beet sugar prod
net of Enrone. The beet suc&r in-
dustry of this country can take care year, but in 1909. or later, some e? L ccuVed "ta 7 "
I . . la.IS ' . . aa - . - .1'. - l r , -r - w ,sr
01 Hseu, wn a revenue, amy. on ume. me belief, is spreading day after day in some dingy Uttle, of
European sugar.
or rather a feast of .roses, every day,
I often wish I were capable of describ
ing the ' beautiful - sights and - scenes
about the city : at this time, but . my
object in writing these few lines is to
tell you of a few things that J would
like to see. First. 1 would like to see
a wood yard on Portia mt HeUhts and
S WOOd hoisted un thara hw alaytrlM
are. or ' mir h. In - fni nt mm, I fiat care instead of horse power as now.
ORSELET, alias Orchard, has measure of tariff revision -merely these poor dumb animals struggling up
told a horrible tale of whole- u a matter of policy. 7 V
, ,.4 I , I i , s va warns amnut w v.
saje murder for paltry pay. A great deal of this talk Is en- " ,".b.,?n?1 "..Jnuch fler
iiiieu m uui siiKut consiaerauon. I expense, i wouia also like to ee team
west of the Mississippi last year was that-a strong tide of popular senti
sufficient to supply all the sugar ment In favor of tariff reform Is
used In this region, and leave a large setting in, despite great present
CLOSED SALOONS ON SUNDAY. surplus for shipment east I prosperity, and they are yielding
more or less from their standpat
.-lll Jl a a . W . 111
HORSELEY S EVIDENCE. r .MwwUe lUc7 , tu, woo
Some people say it Is Jncred-
The probability that these ' Officers AllM .tf n . u tni.m - ..i ter compelled to shorten their inside
. i . . .. 1 auvu 1 -rw m .uu..vv.. . oouvini uouu eneCK Jl
tunlties to grow a gubernatorial boom,
The Democratic party has never been
scrupulous In methods.. , It was not la
this Portland election.' As usual, the
dust was cast In the eyee of the people
dt . me iwmocrauo managers, wno
shrewdly threw It in the right direction
to fetch their purposes. The same suo
cessrui -non-partisan" cry was raised.
The Republican party In Oregon has
been in at the death, already, of too
many good men. It was to be honed
that Portland would not furnish another
example, kv y, v., ' (V-. .,',,
l 'The Machine Basted.' '-
the Pendleton East-Oregonlan.
By the token of Harry Lane's reeleo-
took this move in order to t" crimes; but )n saying so they seem to of sentiment that the politicians be- cKr Wv" Oregon to Wi,v. that the back
ws wiwviiiiie suae v s vaavaa i vhiiu
machine leaders rake up enough fury to
whip the voters Into line any more?
Are the dictatorial mandates of the
no control hatnvr Avar I
TY,m n,mV I Aa rn lh. nnlltiM.n. . wn piu u mucn naraer
v I v vi i un inn team, aa wen as taking ' up
Hill and Sullivan mine wa$ blown to be trusted to do anytMhg more Kf?.1-SeKLiSIe-,2ti2.2i-.?V"JLa,r; I Brenie Bairwrsi. tbe jacic" Meitthowsi.' th
2 up; the independence depot .was than they think they must do to fSafh?t !
is vtn- .-j i .ni j. h..Im.Im .i. i . i mn i yeeteraay i actually saw a wagon I ..--. .v.... .um. .k....
viunu uiu ii uioa sir Kiiiea; uiuhiiu mcuinciTea la uuice, lueitf
like action by the mayor may serve I , ... ' v . I . iV ... . i?ni?.1! "'U ana in crowded place
i luiKBL lual Liissi wzi i iTi vnri niivniin i kiu lu aBHss s ri eaj w win linn i rrRiiiBT l ri i A i i. iita anvflr nnm
it, uiuiu.a iueir auufss, uui utie. aT floubt comm,tte4;
not aueci ine merits oi ine .case.
Sunday closing of saloons seems
be growing in popular favor, and
enrorcea in a, consiaeraoie numoer th. Vlet0p , hl- . Dr(.rir to tn. tM. tn. tn lat it would be well to have some reguia
of towns. It is aDDroved not only '. 7. . . .. . . ... . !'on about .some. smaU matters.
by churchgolng , people, but by a
great many others who nave regard
for the Christian rest day, and also
tor me law. neea noi oe ia any ,ey iav , u commltM all the, , tarlff reTi8ion but they'will be slow
more tnat such a C"'611- crimes, and that certain others were to .go into particulars and tell the
VTT ' !! J 1 -7' t Pcated with him in them. If his people Just how they want the tariff
auu buab wiku wv ioij ai b avuiuuuv
of trouble. Saloon-keepers, like
w " "f waess) vti asw a. wuiia
arch spellbinders to have no successors
in uregon poll tics t , ' ;
uy, nave tne piain peepie come
Really. have the
into p
plain peopli
is It truer Can It
J-..." '
I Many a married man Is a silent, un.
discovered hero. , . . . .' . .
.... ' , V . ' f ' i " .
Every vear a lot of men discover that
polulos doesn t pay. '
... ' A Victory for Decency,
The election for mayor In Portland on
Monday was not a. battle between the
parties. In faot politlos out very Utile
figure. It . was merely 'a contest be
tween the candidates and the principles
which they represented, and It was a
victory for ' decency. It showed that
the people Of Portland or -at least a I Weekly, the "we.
Having thawed nut hark east, the
scorching season is at hand. 1 - '
' 1 ' ;"-! ' '- . ' tj '
. Will the Wtlla'matt nil.. .1.. h.n
to send for that rain maker T v ' ;
....-.,.', !; e e .-
It looks SB if It wirt mint hfa
come the Standard Oil corporation. (
majority of them, want what Is termed I used lu an
a "closed towa" They have learned I .,-,. f , . K
prosperity of any city, and so expressed
themselves by tneir votes cast on M
Hay. .
Reelection of ilan.1 ,
" From the Eugene Guard.
The reelection of i Mayor Lane in
Portland emphasises the fact thai old
party lines have teen broken down In I
"We want a new party." says Harper's
It la supposed, being
Oregon, aa elsewhere, and that men are
at lest thinking lor themselves and vot-.
ing independently ef the party bosses.
It is an enoouraglnr sign of - the
times that a man like Harry Lane Is
able to go before, the people purely on
his record as an official and win an
election against four to one odds, or
even greater, since an element of nia
own party was seeking his defeat Such
a resultfserves as an Incentive to other
publie servants to do the light thing:
to stand for lioneat government and
publio decency. . . .
one triing at last is certain insi tne
people are aemanamg ciean oinciais
and decent - government. After being
robbed and oppressed by the men who
should have been their servants the
masses have awakened to a sense of j
their power to have better laws and a
square deal if they' but will It so. and
they are no longer willing to be robbed
and browbeaten by those whom they
hsve elevated to power.
The worm has i
editorial sense.
e . e ..,:!,,'.', ".'.
'a Judge Oray , of Delaware may go
down In history as the man at the head
v wo e.Bo menuonea ciaas, ,
shout women . being equal to men in
r iniana, out mey are a -rood deal mote,
then that now io this country. .
., otx woman maaes a business
or ivscning . etioueue to doss. Th a.
must be a. eood daal naiar , 4nh h.n
teacning real politeness to the society
people of that town. , , --k, !-
' " '. : ' : ' r '; m " v .... ' ',('
' Professor Barknees" author of ' Latin
and vreea grammars, la dead, and many
men .already in the sere and yellow
leaf have outgrown the hatred they had
win won uuys.
L A'"aburf man alleges that he was
Swindled out of a large e mount ' of
money by Larry Sullivan, and there are
plenty of people, in Portland who
wouldn't swear positively that it Isn't
SO. .. ' .'"-;' .......;.'..; ' '
,v ..-'-v' ' je - v. ''.;! :!
v T'V,P,rrn tlrls are disgusted with
bothThlcago end New Torii and here
after will be ready to ifflrtn that there
are no towns In the country equal to
the ones they and their best fellows
live in. . , .:,''.
. .-v . ".'. ';. ' e e.. -;-
some - railroad 4- magnates - Iiave
learned ' something during recent
years, and are going to obey the law
Just as soon as they know that they
have ttj do so. And we suspect that
some of them will be glad to close
on Siadsys If all are compelled to
do so, and that bartenders will sot
object to a Sunday holiday, L -
How far laws should attempt to
compel all people to observe Sunday
Is a Question upon which food peo
ple will always disagree. Few peo-
rious people were murdered at dlf- It overwhelm them, but with a good If oni of the parents of the little
ferent times and places) and finally many of them it will be found that So3t iwk "some ofthem
ex-Qovernor Steunenberg was dyiia- they are only sham tariff reformers. 210m tmu'th1.1?.
mlted to death at his home. Horse- They will say they are. In favor of uk. u kln? of chances with teams
ana cars, it roajtea one mat cares
shudder to wstch them.
- Vote for better conditions In all
P. a Would like to see the Western
Union occupying more commodious
quarters, as tnose now In use at the
corner of Third and Stsrk streets are
disgrace to so wealthy a company.
Language of Gowns Training Ckildrcn's
evidence can be corroborated so as revised.
to render his story true beyond aj Revision is not necessarily re-
reasonable doubt, then no good citt- form. There may be revision of the
sen . of whatever class should wish tariff that will be quite satisfactory
for the guilty to escape punishment, to the trusts and that will , do the
But if, as the defense will probably people no appreciable good. . We
Interesting Historical' Event
Klamath Falls, June S To the Edi
tor of the Journal I herein send you a
bit of the unwritten history of James
From the London Express.
To be emotional in Hyde park aflO
o'clock a. m. is bad form. At Ascot in
the afternoon, a little persuasive charm
or tremulous sweetness is allowable,
while in a restaurant or at a ball .a
pink striped voile may signify.' "Come
to my garden and my heart"
This is the latest decree of. Mme, Lu
cille regarding -emotional- gowns.-
. . . By Ella Wheeler Wllcog.
(CoprrlgfaV 190T. by Amerkaa-JoarBal-IiamlDer)
Not long ago it was my privilege to
listen to the private reading ef a very
Interesting lecture prepared , by that
brilliant young American author, Mr.
John Barry. .-. ; . ..'.-
- The lecture was n the lmportanoe of
correct clean and clear speaking. ' Not
attempt to show, Horseley Is a paid suspect there are a good many tariff I town. Virginia, wnicn i have from my bona. They gathered to study a "Sun
L A crowd of smart women assembled
yesterday afternoon In Luclle's per- Bubllo addressee, but in dally eon.
venation.' -:. .-' ,, r'. r,
fumed rooms, which were decorated
with pink apple-blossom and tllao rib-
chief aetftr In In nlrnnHt lninlhla I revlalnnlsfs nt this nrt nnlltlrlnna I gwst-grandfather.
conspiracy to lay these crimes un- who are still playing the bid game whetne'SrSh'S.? So-Z
Justly and falsely on the officers of of fooling a majority of the people ing the river at that place. General
the Western Federation , of Miners, all the time. But when revision is wst" and General Lafayette under
, ' I I ..... i . . . i aonces. a v,
then no punishment Is too severe for once undertaken, it it ever is, these J: " . f T . " ' . worn- At lo o'clock, in Hyde park.. the
,t.; . ... . I. vl : . . . . .e mam uuuy 01 me army naa I mauve neck cotton loin
we Kuusyuanurs. .. ;
The case hinges on this: .Can the
leilOWB Will DC SmOKea OUl. lor not vet naaaad ov
there will be real, genuine tariff ' The patriot army marched to the at-
reformera In congress and In many tack on parallel roads. General Wayne
editorial sanctums. ' . f . S!: f?'f! to UsUnM. column
w nw. n, wum ti niere oviorf tne
time for the combined attack,: He
dial of Emotions.'
Luolle'e gowns have always expressed
sorrow, Joy, love, or hatred, but now
these emotions must be regulated by
the hour tf day. ,
At 9 o'clock, over "morning confi
dences," a pink or blue; wrapper may be
At in n'nlruilr Ift HvHa narlr lh.
ioum tne mam tody of . the array bad mauve fleck ; cotton toilette or blue
strioe voile is correct.
An atternoon at Ascot allows
- t A at an aa nAAnf a.tI il.nAA n9 ... .1. ..
pie desire to revert to' a PuriUn , - y,. vu
Sunday and laws that do not allow conspiracy sufficient to raisea r,ea-
wide latitude of Arty will not rb,,4oiMf truth of
be enforced; but open saloona on Horseley . corroborated storyT The
.tn th i-neWe f th. etstnt. corroboraHfe evidence on the ..part.
Is "'commonly called the Lord's day? of prosecution, and still more the expiration of . the renerable sen- "tr"tef nd m9i ifayetle. who .'aid
ators present term. Th governor God does this meanr Wayne, j
relies largely upon his attitude for fboVtTr.'ritJsl,
flAvarnnr rntnmlna fa l.vln. hi. fc,"?.'."?4 "'i". i"" "IC " Weeping
1... . .... t a.., lit, . -. I As SOOn as they hnd tlmi In rallw I
Vtoue sum-vou DcuiA.r auwu M hm. too h oT..- C-rrr.i-
" iiBuw, IfHU UeatBi Vaa
sern rather incongruous and are to th VJS?? of d!fenBe " UM present term. The governor GTds hYsmeW 'VaVneo'k.'
m.nv ftffensiv. - Brides: aa the din. ucI vianc as - en hntd at, reiies largely upon his attitude for 11. 'ii-.!TL0.rtiill!!h bl00
; V I will Mfietltntai ahnnt th. M . " " . " ... I .....i. " - S'VLVEr?" Pf. rjusn gren
trict attorney has Just discovered, - - several years as a larm reiormer, in .vo.YJ. 7 a'
der note to creep into the wardrobe.
A shot silk signifies 'the lilt of ' re
membered years." - -
After the races a dinner partaken at
one of the smartest restaurants may be
suggested. In this ease a careful choloe
or gown must oe maae. j
The girt who will ay good-bye for a,
time, must allow her brown cQirion robe
to sigh "Always remember" across the
table. The band might be responsible
1 fnf . nm trrtrlt fit hrlrht nlnlr aatln
?rueiV wii1r't M "A n th,t " UbUvoVcrthTn '
: I hope the lecture will be given to
thousands of young ' men and women
who have graduated from colleges, for
there is no class needing it more.
Whatever our public schools, our high
schools and our colleges may teach, they
certainly do jot send forth graduates
whose voices or pronunciation or enun
ciation attract listeners. ,
''All over foreign countries the "Amer
ican voice" U referred to as the syn
onym of a siren whistle, or a foghorn.
Everywhere the "American accent" Is
criticised. ; - v. . .. ... :
While ; many of these ' criticisms , ars
unjust, and the result of prejudice and
Jealousy, yet they have sprung from a
deep-rooted cause.
American men possess more agree-
women. But
they are Unlawful.
ically interesting chapter In the an- whIch he Is no doubt supported by brink's 17?. dry an,, want-
n . . f 9 ImwlMll . Itrlmlnnl . I . . . . - . ..' . .1 rlnral tVaM. ms m... ..Ht.. ...... I
' ''.une majority, or lowa people, Dut I .i h :,,:rJ u ".....T.'."'.?! I at a
An adjournment to a dance will neces
sitate a return home for a hurried
change of toilette.
The "bread-and-butter' miss who Is
loss for conversation must wear
i;V ejeaaBaWaswejeaaaaai
AILMAKERS claim that exces
sive rail breakages are due to
the Increased fiber stresses un-
ut whatever ,u. further evidence they are not likely to deny the rety ltre.-daih of -Mad- Anthoni? $yrE-fa SW
at tne outcome, Horseley stands Urau senator his ambition to beat the 'ThrBriush rVeraT .upp-ing ein- tJrJat
forth as a horrible monster, utterly L A i . forcements had comelo the Americans. V'M w!!r J 5rJi..h,'n'Lc.Jn
, i.vwu .vi xuim m u ecuBwruiui(Mr( j. offer battle This m a I ln" mnguaao 01 iruii auia lurmiowj.
unworthy Of Clemency, and Whose he ig ot vet as old as Pettus or fortunate thing for the American forces. "Unifies "A discourager of heslUncy,?'
profession of sudden piety can be Morgan, who are assured of lifetime sword.
der modern heavy engines andT,ewed only with a feeling of indig- service. Besides, if tariff refdtm be-
cars. . The ; general manager of a
western road, replying to this, shows
that the weight of rails has Increased
about in proportion to the axle load
ing of engines and cars. He goes on
to show that the breakage is In mod
em rails rather than In lighter and
older rails, Indicating that the man
ufacturers are less careful than tor
nant disgust.
comes popular, and even mild pres
sure Is brought to bear. Senator Alli
son will be a tariff reformer him
self. He Is always ready to turn
evening Lafayette gave back his
sword, remarking, 'You muet obey or
ders, general." T will, sir." And the
Mr. fRen Corrects Mr. Palmer. ;
Oregon City, June 7.T0 the Editor
of The Journal Will you kindly allow
ma space to correct two mistakes of
Mr. Palmer's In your issue of June T
The resolution he-refers to was general
in Its terms, and the author stated
clearly that it did not refer to any one
rsierenaum peuuon,
After that statement I supported the
resolution. I did not say at Hood Rlvr
or elsewhere, that any number of names
greater than SO could be lawfully placed
uu uub annoi. j uiu say inn any num- 1
hereof sheets for signatures could- be
iiacneo. 10 one rererenoum petition.
' . W. 8. U'REN.
a .TTORNBTS for the people who with the tide and drift, with the cur-
A re filing on Southern Pacific rent. He was never known to op
"X lands In Oregon were re- pose anything that would help to
;.v:,.;ceivd:.' discourteously . and keep him In of flee, '.yet has never
rudely at the ; land department of been mentioned in connection with
merly, especially as knowledge of to corporation in San Francisco any scandal. So the strenuous gov-
rallmaklng is constantly Increasing. I wnn they went there to tender the ernor may have to wait until death
It seems the chemical composition crarmanis papers ana coin. Tnese vacates Allison's seat.
of the newer rails is better than that attorneys and agents for hundreds j
of the older ones, but the defects ot Oregon people, according to their Senator Philander C. Knox will be
ate due to Improper mechanical andrPort8' wer compelled to wait' fori Pennsylvania's favorite "son in the1
heat treatment during manufacture. I hours before being admitted into the (next Republican national convention,
Old "John Brown" rails, imported Presence of the head of the land de j and it is reported that he would be O, you of the restiT city, tossed on
from'.England between -I860 and partment, and then, instead of being a, saUsfactory nominee to President Kinsfolk and fAfnda;e'iaTet you. we
1870, have been used rrqm Zo to 80 rutciTou, ua m orarawi, accent Kooseveu, wno is Known to nave nan
years before wearing out, without courtesy due to men upon a legit- a, very highT'opinion : of the former
breaking. V'he secret cf their long imate business errandi theywero corporation attorney. But these pro
life and toughness, says the Railroad frowned at and rudely accosted, and Knox reports may be only in the
Gaiette, was in the mechanical work told to throw their papers Into waste nature of a brake upon the Taft
put Into the metal at low tempera- baskets, and we're-altogether treated band wagon, so that the public
ture,; permeating to every part of the as if they were hobos, A ' would not think that the president Our rosy fruited orchards, our flocks on
finished rail, and an output of 100 This has nothing to do with th? was overdriving that, as many The Jiow that breaks onr Yarrows; the
tons a week was exceptional, where- merits of the case, but the corpora- thought he was. Apparently Knox, . , wh?,,a urn" theytoiUs.
as In our modem trust plants 1,800 tion's attitude toward thepeople was Hughes,; Fairbanks and Cannon will O. you of the tolling :cltyi; what gifts ba
tons a day of hastily and improperly an ntterly indefensible Infraction of hold four-frig states away from Taft. The sturdy length of our forests for
But tne universally . recognized laws of at leait at first, and rtrom this on ,;?u,rh Bip".f"alar, 2..
common business courtesy. These they will wage a battle for delegates . blown sweet along your track.
meh; whether having In point of law in other states, though the trend 0ur VJT,lTnhuSbicn
any case or not, had a right to as- seems Taft-ward, .. : .
..aia i.M'M..ii.M.i..l.;... O, you of the throngmg elty, our kins-
v vv eavuuus v mvn nv i . .... . . " I xoise- scaiiereu wme.
tlonj they had what they and their
many clients believed to be an im-
Chamberlain for Senator.
' Prom Walla Walla Bulletin.
Judge Alfred S, Bennett of The Dalles
who has been in the city the past few
days on business in connection with a
case he has had In the federal court. Is
one of the leading attorneys of Oregon.
That he is an anti-corporation lawyer
and a friend of the poor man la an es
tablished fact Though a man of con-
Iderable political Influence in his own
state he has only eought office once
during his it years' residence In Ore
gon, and was then elected circuit judge
of the district which at that time was
composed or Clackamas,. Washington.
they do not, as a class, regard careful
aicnon ana correct pronunciation aa a
matter of serious Import in life, as do
foreign men of equal education.
While the conversation of our delight
ful American men la more agreeable to
me, with all their faults, than that of
the most accomplished foreigner, yet I
wish that voioe, placing, pronunciation
and expreaslon were made aubjeota of
greater Importance In our land.
Slovenly Ian ma fra.
Sh rases, disagreeable, harsh, loud voices
street from and mar the pereonality
and limit the usefulness of the meet ac
complished and worthy man and woman.
An agreeable voice and correct enun
ciation leave a trail like a subUe frag
rance where tha speaker passes. Were
I a man It seems to me one of the first
requisites in a wife would be a well
placed voice and correct speech.
If -you are a narent eiva vnuv hl1.
dren's voices attention. Have them
learn to modulate their tonaa lufm.
they letrn-the multiplication table.
If. you are a teacher,, in no matter
what line, talk to your pupils about
their velees and their language.
If you are a grown man or woman
begin now to Improve, your voice and .
The 14 women members of the Fin
nieh diet are all spinsters, which seem
noi to pe quite a square deal for the
married women, but perhaps the Finns
believe that a married woman's . home
duties come nrat. .
The department of agriculture hag
issued advice about killing rats, but
after all the only way Is to poison the
rodent then catch It in a trap, next aet
terrier on it, men pour 011 on it ana
set it on fire, end Anally beat It to death
with a club, in the meantime not allow
ing it to get away. . -.
' " . v. e. - , -; : . .,
t An as stem Oregon poet says: "A
boy Is happy when he whistles all th
time." Perhaea but think hnw ml..r.
able he makee everybody within hear-
ing. and what an empty headed man he
will become if be keeps on whistling
"all the tlme.,r , , , t
.. .t ,. e e r:;-': .; -.
. Very likely Howard Gould now wishes
he had heeded bis friends' warnings
when he became Infatuated with Kate
Clemmons. And then perhaps Kate has
discovered that Howard represented- a
good deal of meanness aa well as much
gold... , ., , .
It looks to US as ihoueh the mia am.
'ployed to designate the words la be .
printed in black-raced type In the.
Seattle Times and In capital letter in
the Salem Journal. . if naid anvthtn .
therefor, should have their salaries re-
duced.. . . v.-- .......
j Oregon: tSiJeligKtsb-;
Seaside went wet by 'over two to one."
V. e .
Crop prospects in Harney county are
-v.-' , 1 . . e e ;t...j-.- t ' ' .j
' The strawberry croo around RadmnnA
is large. ...
. , , ... : e ..e - ,:r
La Grande has outsrrown the nraaant
capacity of the telephone. : .
,. -. v.v e .. e
The fleecea of a t.000 band ef OmnV
county sheep averaged 10 pounds.
.vi-;.., , e ., e "
M An. Albany grocer received' an order
for some strawberries for Wasco. That's
shipping strawberries past the fruit cen
ter of the world, Hood River, says the
Democrat,.,'-.:-- -.-..'.'..-
Wilderville correspondence of Grants
Pass Courier: We find this way of .
driving cattle In a boat rather slow, but -at
the aame time we are of the opinion
that we are more aura of getting them
that way than we are by alttlng in the
house and playing an old violin and
trying to get them to come home by
the 'Home. Sweet Home," waits.
i --: e.v -. ...,.'..-:''.
Lakevlew Examiner: ' Quite a crowd
of strangers can be aeen on the atreets
of Lakevlew at all times these day a.
Some looking for land, aome for mine.
Rum iw npraw ana aome ior snaep ana
X . - . 1 . . .
Clatsop and Columbia counties. - Wheii wh"0 Vrte77 spiclait; of ilV I V .T traveUng
the land frauds were unearthed In Ore- ri,.!r..T? A"LiLf ?!fJ I men toTe the Ilv.llaat tn
gon the defendants immediately sought T.", rsmKMtlJ LT,W larger orders her. thin any
the services of Judge Bennett and he J short time. " ,mProvement ,n town of the else on their rouUa" T
A Song of the Countryside.1.
Blanche -Trennon Heath in the Youth's
of the countryside:
We of the peaceful valleys, you of the
turbulent mart.
Though our pathways He asunder, yet
are we one In heart - ;
O, you of the clamorous city, for you
the seed we sow.
For you our garnered harvest when the
ripened grain fans low,
treated rails are turned out.
the trust is after bie dividends, and
cares nothing for. human life.
conducted the defense of most of the
derendanta during the trials. .
When asked regarding the political
situation in Oregon Judge Bennett said:
"The election of Harry Lane as mayor
of Portland was no surprise to me for
I have always had confidence in, the
people's ability .to choose and choose
wisely. Mayor Lane proved himself to
be a friend of the people and a man who
haa had the couraara of his convictions.
One thing which shows the trend of
things in connection with thr election
wme tne neavy vote
in the slum district.'
In answer to the question as to who
he 'thought would be the next United
States senator from Oregon, Judge Ben
nett said: . "It is mv oolnlon that Oov.
ernor George B. - Chamberlain will be
the Democratic candidate-and that the
Republlcana will nominate Senator
Charles Fulton. As to whether Cham
berlain can overcome the big. Republi
can majority again or not is a matter
on which no man can at this time pass.
It would not surorise me. however, tn
see Governor Chamberlain senator, as
the people have shown, by twice elect
ing him governor, their faith in him,"
Then obtain books of good . English
and read aloud eaoh day half an hour
and pronounce slowly and distinctly as
you read. . .
In conversation, -rememhar. tn i....
the voloe; avoid slang and coarse ex
pressions. No matter Tiow alow may bo
... 11 -mm in mauB, 11 me re
solve -Is earnest and the effort .per
sistent .....vl- 1:..;..,...., - If.
A letter eame to me some mentna an
from a woman who wee placed in an
e;. 5-'..-f.-i- .... - .
Astorlanr The clam diggers ef thin
neighborhood are meeting with unusual
suocess thm season. Clams are found
In abundance along tne shore within
eaay access from town. Several die
a-ets era ane-aa-ixt h th.,w.,n.i..
Clam company, who use all their catetjvll
At Present this firm's plant Is belrtV
..r4 . : "w cnyacuy o cope
with the Immense quantity of fish
viuusiii m, ah ine aiggers are earn
.given hST alSSVt!LPi!!Ln-: I'vtnout !; 5as and those employed In
- nVT e" wmv, a me age or eight, I j ih mis Beason a
' unv.i aua w l yeare oiq gUOWed I mm.
no QPDuriuniues oz learmnv.nnw tn rm
or write. . .. , - r
Yet this js-oman wrote an excellent
letter, free, from grammatlosl errors or
mistakes In spelling and couched tn con
else language. She made an ajrpeal to
su insiuuiions ror orpnana that they
hold themselves responsible for the
training ana education or tne cntldren
they place .a In ? the so-called "good
No home Is good.
maintained, which does not afford
OR the first time, according to I
a bulletin of the department
of agriculture, more beet
It is only by a painful stretch of J,1"
the imagination that some people I From the rock cllf t s of New England to
portant piece cf business to transact, can bring themselves to suppose that we give " youTour sons ami daughters,
our aearaet girt anq oesii, .
and they were entitled to be received the action of the district attorney in
sugar than cane sugar is pro- and treated like business men and closing the saloons on Sunday was
duced in the continental portion of gentlemen. ' f-. - - . oromnted solely by a desire for the
the United States." Including Ha -it is at best a dubious fluestlon nn hill s-nnrl. find that, ha will ha.
of cane augar Is twice that of beet suits. ; Their time - and money may 1 uros of reform. But it is not al-
prove to have been wasted; bat even ways neceasary or profitable to In-
Taft and the Labor Unions.
From Current Literatun '
One phase of Mr. .Taft's , career is 1
wail and Porto Rico, the production whether the claimants can win their j come permanently zealous In meas- niy to become of considerable inter-
esi m tne near ruiure u ne neeomes the
Republican candidate for president
When he was a Judge of , the . superior
court of Cincinnati, before he went to
the Philippines he had a number of casea
10 aeciae inai peruunea 10 laoor unions
and their contests with employers.. In
one case Moores - and company- versus
the bricklayers' union he sustained the
tower court In fining the. union for con
eplracy to injure the plaintiffs. He
enforced an injunction compelling Chief
Arthur of the Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Engineers, to abandon a sympa
thetic strike against the Toledo, Ann
Arbor and North Michigan railway, arid
in ine great ruuman strike or 1894 he
' - Substitutes for Wood.
From the Iron Trade Review. -There
is a growing sentiment for In
telligent forestry, fostered particularly I slovenly language.
oy ceriam . leaaing universities, wnicn
will doubtless serve to prolong the ap
proach of famine conditions, and ex
tensive 'tree-planting. by railway Inter
esta will lessen the perplexities of the
cross-tie situation for a time, but none
of.theee efforts is extensive enough to
promise any adequate measure ot re
the writer Justly
)uaniiiiiiou. missis uwa giuii mi ivru an
orpharr child the opportunity for a com
11 "ii vuuvauun. ..... ...... .. .r..... , .. v
. But even with all advantages of edu
cation bestowed - upon thousands of
American young men and women, they
rlve-ths impression of lack of culture,
because of high-pitched voices and
nlv lenauaee. " '
No- "education." no wealth, no heantv.
no personal adornment, nor moral vir
tues can make a cultured man or woman
If the voice is disagreeable,, the lan
guage slovenly.
Cultivate your ( voice and' Improve
your epeeeh.
of the
This Date in History.
1S7 Edward, the Black Prince, eld-
: sugar, but the former is decreasing
while the latter is increasing. Ger
many, with an area only one four
teenth that of the United States', pro
duces five times as much beet sugar.
The area adaptable - to beet ' sugar
production in this country Is propor
tionately as great as In Germany;
that la, our beet sugar production, If
necessary or profitable, could be In
creased seventy-fold. ; The total
sugar, production of the -world is
jdven as 14,105823 tons, of which
a Httla more tban hall is boot sugar.
if there are no such results these
people and their, attorneys are no
proper subjects of the Southern; Pa
cific land agent's insults feii
Everybody knows that the South
ern Pacific has 5 held on to these-
lands for : many years In rank and
open defiance of law and tQ. the im
mense injury of Oregon and of these
people and their neighbors, , They
are therefore well-entitled to' try any
lawful method, however slight their
chance ot winning, to force that cor-
qulre too closely into an official's
motives. . ' ' . ' 1
- The Goulds appear to be a case of
six of one1 and half-a-dozen of the
other, or - rather of pot and kettle,
and'their case is of no more Interest
than a thousand other similar ones
except In the fact that Gould has a
lot of money. ' -- - f ' .
It was a matter, of course that
Mayor AlcClellan would veto the re-.
tha' h.ilMlna nnaraHnna
future, concrete will, play Its Important 8t "on Edward HL died,
part, in all the more extensive undertak- 1T8I Alexander - MeDougall,
nigs in irannmuon wnn ine eirengin-1 martyr in tha nntclot ,,.
rlvlmr hir Tlla an1 nh. 1 I n P10t CaUSO
caused the arrest for contempt of court
or j. w. rneian, one the lieutenants
of Eugene Vt Debs. Phelan had or
ganized a strike kgainst the Cincinnati
Southern- railway and counseled vio
lence. Taft eentenced him to sis months'
Imprisonment, , , ,
of the
roducts are to find more general use. American revolution, t died." Born 1711.
Tne steel cross-tie, despite occasional I . leos George Wythe, Virginia judge
.nr VinW,i T nS Vh. .iT WB? oiae, after the revolution, that
way-cVf TirVoon be a"relio ot W recoverable.
lata n.v... ....
wide favor for walla, aa m.t.l l.ei. I M.JHzi-I-zzZ - "iu.Tr.
- , i cum misrir nnrii. i iisen jiiiv zis i km
. .. ----- it .1 . , . . . ' i vvn i ".m3 , w i si iiru ef Li I T
;t ..m-v. zrxri.i.x: ps p?"'.-.a. August n. isis.
Ifiil . A -.1.-..-. It- . .a
iV bh thiiHCrf?'ln f the United Statea, died. - Born
and cheapness by which It can be March If 178T - ; T
tf nd into any finished form desired. 1 & 91 Massacres In ' Hy ti by erder
- ' 1 of President Hlnpolyte. : . .
- . ): lJfext. - - : 1898 Ernest T. Hooley. London stock
New York Commercial Grov
Jande. well to tremble in his home de?: 'assaerinatad by order of Agulna do"
In Princeton, for fish stories are tn b .itnc xr 'r
dissected in ths Whits liou.e Uboratpty chilmedi.soiuUod 'irthe ' ttnioa with
Pending the permanent Invest,
ment or disbursement of funds
of esUtes, 'fiduciary institu
tions or individuals, this bank
will act as special depository
and for such accounts offers
liberal terms,
; Savings 4
ke Commercial
Savings Bank
Oeo. W.' Bates. , .. .President
J. 9. BliTel...i....... Cashier