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fries nemii
.i)efoat of St. Johns by In-
o dians i arid " Victory -Over
il Kelso Change Standing.
"V i'"' ', . . Won.
FrakM 7
fit John ....t .......
.Woodburn ., 6
Kelso I
'Astoria 2
Brewers ............. 2
Trunki .............. t
Cubs ................. 1 ,
P. C.
In seven Innings. Stoops pitched great
bull for the Laue-Davia In both game
The Laue-D vis nine will challenge any
team in th city under II year a. For a
film a rail up East 1204 and aak for
I Willie Stcpp.
I The lineup for the morning game wu:
Laue-Davls Pauts, catcher; Stoops.
pitcher; Brlggs, shortstop; . Stepp,. (lint
banc: King, second base; Hendrlckson,
third base; Regala, center field; I).
JowpI. reht fleM Hriopr fl.1,1 I
Meier A Frank Grayson, catrher;
Merrick, pitcher; Leisure, shortstop;
Smith, first base; Bafaon, aecond base;
Woodward, third baae; Allaton, center
field; Cohen, fight field; Krentz, left
The Frakes are once more at the. head
- of the Tri-City league. St Johna fol
low a close aecond and the Woodburn
Indiana are only a neck or to behind.
Yesterday the Apostles went down to
defeat before the Indiana at St Johna,
the Frakes won from Kelso at Kelao
rand the Astorlans took a hot 11-lnnlng
game from the Bralnard Cuba. The
scores were,, respectively, I to 2, T to I
and 4) to 6 all exceedingly close.
Ernie Streit pitched a great gam for
the Cuba. Pitcher Hoover was ther
. with the real goods for the Bohemians.
. too. The winning run was scored on
an error In the eleventh Inning..
The fane who journeyed to St, Johns
, t aaw a contest ' worth mentioning, and
Incidentally a good many of them were
" poorer than when the day began. Money
t was bet freely and the Indiana carried
J It all home with them. The result of
the gam was a surprise to the horn
- talent, to aay the least Th score
AB. R H. PO. A. B.
4 2 0 0 0
Defeat of McMlnnvttle Iuts Indian!
Next to Corvallis Track
, F. Cains, cf .
, O. Moore, c
Q. Moore, p..
P. Gains. 2b.
Clarke Moore,
porterfield, Jb.
Adams, If
Smith, rf.-.
Brlgnone, as...
Total SI 1 I 27 IS S
AB. R.H. PO. A. E.
Slid 1 1
4 0 1 0 0 0
4 0 0 1 8 1
10 0 11 ) 0
4 0 0 0 1 1
4 110 0 0
t 0 1 0
4 0 1110
1 I'lTiiiaii. M.;f.r..
a Huddleston, e.
Poland, cf
Shory, If..
King, lb i., ......
,' John Hunt. Sb.
White, ss..
. ' McKay, rf.
. Concannon, p..
,V Total ............. .! t 1ST ! I
. St. Johns .. A.....0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 01
Hits 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 t
i Woodburn ........2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
' Hit ...... ......2 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 l--l
..Struck out By Moore 0, by Concan
non 0. Bases on balls Off Moore 1,
; off Concannon 1. Two-base hit Poland.
Sacrifice hits McKay, Adams. Stolen
baae Smith, C. Moore, F, Gains, Clarke
Moore, Poland, passed ball Huddle-
' ftort: First base on errors St. Johns
2, -Woodburn 4. Wild pitches Moore 1.
- Left on bases St Johns 6, Woodburn 4.
Time of game 1 hour !0 minutes. Um
pire Ed Davey. Attendance 2,600,
; 1 The Holladays - defeated the Thorns
.yesterday morning in an Interesting
' game, by the score of 10 to 6. The
2 Holladays scored eight of their rune
In the first Inning and two In the ninth.
... Row, the twirler for the Thorns, struck
out five and allowed five hits.
. Bonneau'e baserunnlng and Mullen's
fine pitching, were th features for Hoi
laday. Th lineup:
! Holladays Duncomb, catcher; D. Mul-
, Jen, pitcher; Murray, first base; Brown,'
second base; Wlthycombe, shortstop;
'Wises, third base; Bonneau, left field;
Yett, center field; E. Nltsel, right field.
. Thorns C. Mullen, catcher; Mayor
Row, pitcher; Glendon, first base; H.
Jennings, second base; Doenut, short
stop; Isasson, third base; Earl De Boise,
left field; Paul Rader, center field; K.
E. V. Marcot. right field..
! 7 Emal Nltsel's nose was broken dur-
Ing an argument with the umpire,
Pokke Carlos, and will be unable to
; go to work , Monday.
(Special Ilapateh.,te'Tb Jnarnal)
Chemawa, Or., June t. Th Chemawa
Indian by defeating the strong aggre
gation of McMlnnvllle college, justly
lay claim to third place In field events
for Oregon, conceding first and second
places to th strong bunches of athletes
at the University of Oregon and of the
agricultural college.
McMlnnvllle had already defeated Pa-
clflo college, Willamette University and
Paclfio university by the scores of 07
to II, II to 41, and II to 17. Saturday
they wer defeated by Chemawa by a
score of 75 to 50 In a meet in which
the records, had been surpassed In only
on or two former Instances. ,
Summary of Saturday's Brents.
10-yard dash Sortor (C). first Wil
liams (M), second, Roberts (M), third;
time; 0:05 2-5.
Pol vsult Poland (C) and Roberta
(M), tied for first Darnell (C) and
Wiggins (C). tied for third; height; I
feet I inches.
Half-mile Halght (C). first Smoker
(C), seeond, Rlc (M), third; time,
2:11 2-6.
100-yard dash Roberts (M). first Wil
liams (M) .second, Sortor (C), third;
time. 0:10 1-1.
120-yard hurdles Abahlre fM). first
Stout (M), second, McCulley (C). third;
time, 0:17 2-5.
Shot-put Smith (CX first Sortor
(C). second, Anderson (C), third; dis
tance, IS feet 2 Inches.
220-yard hurdles Roberts (M). first
Watklns (C). second, Fink (M), third;
time, 0:27.
High Jump Upham (C). first Stout
(M), second, Calloway (M). third:
height, 6 feet 4 inches.
Discus Owens (M). first, Peasaont
(C), second, Anderson (C), third; dis
tance, 10S feet 6 inches.
Broad Jump Watklns (C), first. Dai
nell (C), second, Upham (C),i third; dis
tance, 18 feet I inches.
220-yard dash Roberts (M). first,
Watklns (C), second, no third: time.
Mile run Halght (C), fVat.'Dan (C).
seeond, Richardson (M), third; tlm
Hammer throw Smith (C), first
Owens (M), second, Sortor (C), third;
distance, 92 feet 1 Inch.
440-yard dash Wilson (C), first, Ca
sey (Cf, second. Pink (M). third; time,
0:61 1-6.
Would Have Been Two All I
at End of Ninth but for
Shortstop's Fumbles.
KinttellA I Hit Frequently, but
Karned Bona of Oakland Only
Number Two Bassey Make
Great Catch In the Outfield. .
iDakland, 8; Portland, 2.
San Francisco, 4-8; Los Angeles, 2-1.1
Standing- of th Clubs.
Los Angeles .
San Francisco
Won, Lost Pet
11 II .616
12 22 .691
II It .100
II II .211
(Jonnul Special , Service.)
San Francisco, June f. The' Seals
took both games of . the double-header
her yesterday, bunching their hits In
th sixth Inning in the morning and
isnojng neavuy on 'Burns in the cor
responding Inning in the afternoon con
test Carlisle's usual horn run was
th only acor made by th Angels af
ter lunch.
Morning game R.H.E. j
Los Angeles. .0 0020000
San Francisco 00000021
Win Two Ball , Games.
Y . The Laue-Da via team won two games
'yesterday, one from the fast Meier A
i Frank nine and the other from the
AJblnas. The morning gam was an
easy victory for the drug mixers, the
score being 19 to 4. Only two hits
wer secured off Stoops. Merrick for
the Meter & Frank team was hit 18
. times. In the afternoon the Laue-Davls
team walked away from the Albinas.
defeating them by the score of 10 to
Batteries Carnes and Hogan: Willi
and Eaola. ,
. Afternoon game R.H.E.
Los Angeles.. 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 6 2
San Francisco 10000200 3 4 2
Batteries Burns and Eager; Henlsy
and Street Umpire Perrine.
Jimmy Shlnn, Portland's popular
shortstop, is today th proud possessor
of a tin medal, presented by his friends
and teammates, as a. testimonial of their
appreciation of his brilliant work In the
final game against Oakland In the series
Just closed. The Portland fans en mass
expressed their desire to contribute to
the medal fund, but the honor waa lim
ited to a select few.
Despite his ' small else, yesterday
Jimmy succeeded in breaking the error
record of the Pacific Coast league, and
at the same time In winning the game!
by a long margin for th Commuters.
It would have been an exceedingly close
contest had It not been for Jimmy's bril
liancy at short but as things went
"there was nothing to it."
Klnsella waa the target for the
Beavers, and he was hit in the bullseye
Just 11 times. Ely Cates, on the other
hand, held the Portia nders down to five.
But the Beavers had their luck with
them at the start and It would probably
have been a 8 to 2 score one way or
the other had It not been for th help
Mr. Shlnn gav the visitors.
Tin Exhibition at Start, -Th
gama was a fine exhibition In
the early innings. A pass to "Heinle"
Heltmuller and a- clout by Egan gav
the Commuters a tally In the first
They got another In th third on three
straight bungles by Smith, Van Haltren
and Heinle. Portland evened the score
In the second half of the third. Cates
giving three bases on balls and Dona
hue coming In with a safe swat at a
timely moment.
Shlnn began to star In the fifth with
two men on bags and only on out. Van
Haltren dlnked him an ordinary bouncer
which he Juggled until everybody waa
safe. The bags were full, but when
Heinle sent another one to the short
stop he shot It to Casey, the latter com
pleted a pretty double and the aid was
out with no score. It was a close call.
Th Sixth and, Seventh,
Eagan began the next tarring with a
safe blngle. Bliss went out and Halley
got to first on Donahue's error. Blgbe
fanned and Devereaux knocked a
grounder at Shlnn. Hera's where the
aide could have been retired with ease.
but the shortstop let it go through his
legs, then sulked until both Eagan and
Halley had scored.
Two errors for' Shlnn. That was
nothing. , He got three In the next be
ginning with th first man up." Each
waa a fumble of a ground ball and when
the Inning was over four tallies had
been scored end thevfans were bowllnn
0 2 6 J i to McCredle to "get a shortstop." Had
4ii2 Hhinn played the sixth and seventh in-
Sale of Defender Shirt
Xi v.v. waist Suits.
Handsome, well-mad 1 reuses, every
on of them, mad from fin quality
la wna or organdie. In a variety of
the most beautiful patterns. Waists
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lac. Skirts out extra full; soma
have lac Insertion, 'other have two
fold around bottom; regu- t QO
lar IS.oo yalue, at...........7l"0
Stunning White Linon
;v . Suits $2.98.
Xaadsom rrlno Chap Kodaks, Ex
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Coats have new s notch collars," I
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1 .an
Lovctt. cf . . .
Shlnn, ss. , . .
Casey, 2b
Donahue, 3b
McCredle, rf.....
i. i .
VkT.-iT'iT.i i m nr r ttutit . n i "
Unmill UJLtVJLlilAa Moore, c .
nlngs without error the score at the
end of the ninth would have been 2 all.
Here's the official score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Quality counts.
Our Suits will tell the
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(Special Olipateb to The Journal.)
Eugene, Or., June 3. In a good game
of baseball and before a large crowd
The Dalles Columblas were beaten by
McCormick's Colts of Eugene yesterday
afternoon bv the score of 7 to 6. The
game was close till the eighth Inning,
when Eugene began to find the ball and
"batted The Dalles "pitcher out' of the
box, making four runs in that inning. Ha
was substituted by Tallafero, the former
Springfield star, who Is', playing with
The Dalles this year, and the leau was
already too great and all the Columblas
could do after that was to bunch their
hits In the same inning and chase three
men acroas the home plate. DeNeffe,
Eugene's pitcher, struck out 14 men.
IKinsella, p.
Smith. If
Van Haltern, cf.
Heltmuller, rf. ..
Eagan, as
Bliss, a,
Haley. 2b. ,
Bigby, lb
Devereaux, 3b...
Cates, p
seven with th Commuters he batted all
th way from .133 per cant to 1.000 t
day, averaging .611 for the aeries. -:
; e a
No coast league ball today. Tom or
row the San Francisco team arrives for
a aerlea of six rames.
I 6 27 IS 7
AB. R. H. PO,
. 4 2 3 6
.6 1 2 0
. 5 2 2 2
.110 1
. 4 0 0 1
Victors Win From Wtxxjlawns.
The Albina Victors gave the Wood
lawn All Stars a taste of the national
game yesterday, defeating them again
by the score of It to 6. At no stage
of th game waa Woodlawn dangerous,
aa its batters could not And Duncan.
The feature of th gam was th bat
ting of Nagle, who had three two-base
hits and one single to his credit out of
four times at bat. Duncan pitched
Kilt-edged ball, allowing but three hits.
The victors had their batting eyes with
them, batting Doherty out of the box In
the third inning.
Albina Victors Sheen, catcher; Duncan-Jones,
pitcher; Hogan, center field;
F. Mueller, third base; Manning-Calvin,
left field; J. Mueller,, first base; Nagle,
second base; Kerns, third base; Jonas,
shortstop. ,
Woodlawn Rapp, catcher; Doherty,
pitcher; Morgan, center field; Ashby,
third base; Enchde, left field; L. Vos
per, first baae; Lavagetto, second base
Fisher, right field; Richmond, short
Shamrocks Defeat Wlllamettes.
Th fiunnyslde Shamrocks defeated
the Willamette White Sox In a well-
played game of baseball at the Portland
field, East Twelfth and Davis streets,
yesterday by a score of 6 to 0. Parent
for the Shamrocks pitched a star game,
allowing but two hits. Th Shamrocks
desire games both In and out of the
city with amateur teams. Address C.
E. Peck. 1121 Main street, or call ut
East 6354.
Deroes Beat Villas.
The C. C. Cllne Devoa team defeated
the Villas Sunday, on the Montavilla
grounds, by the score of 12 to 2. The
Villas were outclassed from the time
the first ball was pitched. Neither team
had lost before this season, th Villa
having won six and th Devoes seven
games. '
(Journal SpeeUl Service.)
Hamilton, Ont., June 8. The spring
race meeting of the Hamilton Jockey
ciud opened today and will continue to
June 15. The outlook is bright for one
of the most successful meetlnes ever
held under th club's ausotcps. The
Hamilton Derby, for 3-year-olds, $2,000,
ai one ana one nair miles, is to be the
banner event of the meeting. The pro
gram provides also for-five other stake
Manager Partlow of the Trunks' Is
looking for a catcher, a first baseman
nd a shortstop. Practice will be held
this afternoon at East Twelfth and Da
vis streets and promising ball players
will be warmly yelcomed at that place.
Manager Partlow wants to gat a team
together that will boost hia ifercentage
Total 38 8 11 27 12
Oakland 1 0 1 0 0 2 4 0 0
Hits 1 1 3 0 2 1 2 1 011
i-orimna v u z 0 0 0 0 0
Hits 0 112 10 0 0
Struck out By Klnsella I. bv Cates
5. Bases on balls Off Klnsella 1, off
vaiea a. iwo-uase nils van Haltern,
Smith. Double play Shlnn to Casey to
i-aiBun. oacrmce nits naiey, Liovett.
Stolen bases Heltmuller (2), McCredle,
Eagan. Passed ball Moore. First base
on errors Portland 8, Oakland 6. Left
n bases Portland 7, Oakland 6. .Tim
or game 1 nour do minutes. UmpI
Derrick. t
Men's and Boys' .Outfitters,
168 and 168 Third St.
- Wohawk Building. 4 C
Arletaa Have Walkoer.
The AHetas pt it over the Univers
ity Parks yesterday, 17 to 7. Happy
Heinle knocked a home run. The lineup:
Arletas Peddlcord. third base; Car
lander, pitcher; Carlander, second base;
arouse, nrst base; Cochram, short
stop; James, catcher; Wash, left field;
Duley, center field; Dud'y, right field.
University Parks Warner, catcher:
Hessmmer, pitcher; Schawf. fjrst base;
xuacuiuucK, secona Dase; McCully, short
stop; Harter. third base; Busch, center
field; -Van Billiard, left field; Spencer,
right field. , "
. Troutdale Beat a Gresliain.
Troutdale, , June Z. Gresham went
down, to defeat at the hands of th
Troutdale sluggers yesterday by a score
of 28 to 8. Pagett pitched eight in
nings and Wallace finished the. game
for Troutdale with a . total of thr
alts off tblr 4livrr. ' . ,.
They say that Derrick Is going south
at last and that Perrine will be here to
take his place tomorrow. Derrick is
certainly a poor excuse for an umpire.
His mistakes are numerous, but, worse
than that, he has no discipline on the
field. It's a dally occurrence to sea a
bunch of nine men gather around him
and pow-wow for several minutes. They
talk back to him at all times and he
finds the necessity of arguing the case
with any player who disputes him. If
Derrick had the sense and the nerve to
plaster a few. fines on the players now
and then the game would be pleasanter
and the umpire himself less unpopular
Another thing that the umpire should
not tolerate Is th loafing of players to
their positions between innings and to
the batter's box when their turn at bat
comee. Every game so far has been
lengthened several minutes by the play
ers strolling leisurely to their daces or
coming tardy to bat a half minute lata
Third Baseman Mott was out In his
suit again Saturday and Sunday. He
will be back at his corner in a day or
two more.
. Bassey ' mad one of the greatest
catches of th season yesterday. In th
fourth Inning Bus lined out a low fly
Bassey turned his back and ran almost
to the fence, turned partially, reached
far out, caught the ball and toppled
over on the bank next to the fence, still
triumphantly holding th sphere. The
fans properly gave him a great recep
tion for this piece of work. , .
- T . . ;;-. .-Y..--V . V
McCredle haa been hitting like a fiend
tor th past 10 days. . Ia th series f
V "
i, ( -
J.Y - y tt
,; 1( jo y - Wf''
; - 1 , i i -
. I r".N : -Ki -1 " :'! '-'- -
. f y y" t -S- v ' t -jy- ' i
The features of the gam was th
pitching of th old reliable Gardner and
the batting of O. Sloan.
Monta villas Witsel, right field; Ross,
inira Dase; Bloan, second base; MeKin
ley, first base: Smart, shorts ton: Frien
wold, center field; Hoffman, left field;
oiru, caioner; jnantlns, pitcher; Probst,
Devoes L. Thomas, third base; E.
Taylor, right field: Wood, center field:
Locke, second base; Duval, shortstop;
C. Thomas, catcher: H. Craia-. first hane:
Ryan, left field; Gardser, pitcher.
Gun Club ResalU.
Hudson. Smith and McPhnnn .
the prise winners at the Multnnmah
Rod and Gun club trans vcitiHav.
Hudson captured the olub gold medal
and th Dupont medal, Smith won the
inman meoai and McPheraon won in.
snooi-on on. tn DuDont hon.n
"""'J. Auranaras was nin-h mrrxlrh
eiiooier. ine individual senrea fnllnw
Shot at Broke.
Abrahams .... 100 96
Wagner .100 .14
Culllson 100 10
Jack Smith 100 9u
Robertson Jr... 100 87
Hudson 100 79
Dr. Crom . 100 78
Bateman ..) '3
McPheraon .... 100 It
Theabeau 100 Tl
Mrs. Young ... 100 78
Border ....... 1j0 7 J
Caldwell 100 82
R. Shangle .... 100 71
Thornton 100 70
Oelser 100 70
Sternberg loo 68
F. EL Shangla. . loo 7
H. Smith 100 a i
Stephens' Win Again.
The Stephens team ii.futi
Lents ball nine Sunday afternoon
the latter's grounds bv the imm
9 to 4, making their thirteenth straight
.iii,f jr. aiit le&m in in. hi.v uk
players under th aae of lAwanti.
- wim uio Dtrpnens, call up Sell
is, line-un-
Stephens C. Nelson, catcher- nimn
ach, pitcher; W. Nelson, shortstop
manin, nrst Dase; Dawson, second
wine; cnmiai, rnira base; Voss left
iem; juoveu, center field; Good, right
i.enis ir. Ravburn. Mtnti... n.i,..
iltcher; Dixon, shortstop; Lent, first
use; wsdd, second base; Flowers, third
ro, najuuni, ion ueio; J. , Webb, cen
r rieia; j. jjixon, right field.
The score by Innings:
. 1 2 3 4 6 i s
'tephens ....1 0 110 0 0 0 4
,ents .. 1 :o 0 0 0 0 IOC
Park Blocks Victorious. .
The Park Blocks defeated th Pan
fmumr Junior baseball team Sunday
me score or s to I, The features
the game wero the home runs of
-oaei and savag for th Park Blocks
i jonnson for th Peninsulars!
Park Blocks Schrlmp, catcher j Sav
n, pitcher; Snellie. first baae: Tion.
1. second base; M. Kldd. shortstoo:
'lnrlck. third hase; Japp. left field:
ink, center flld; Dragfoot, right
id. . . -
Peninsular Hartman, catcher John
. pitcher; Campbell, first base; C,
rman, second base; A. Young, short--;
Stout, thftd base; Albee, left
1 ; L. Alb, center field; Becher.
. ; t field. : , - ' . :
"hwests Change JTsme.
.,.t),w.,t aeha11 team" i-.u
beaten Sunday by LaCaraas in on
:-,e" '
Waltar ItWWt-' AVf..i. ,ail- m.u.,..: - . 1 1 oeaiea ounoay Dr WIMI
vv.fuu mauaticr sua nigai s leiaOT, w nose Battlnf I r tn best games aver played op the
. . .C . , PsreentSCS for th Past Bavan flimM Ta K1 ' I LaCamas ground, - Th scor waa 2
: h7, Py'yTi'Wy'. i m Wfr'frTfe.fc 4f .n ,,.to Northwests had averI
chance to win, having men on bases
several times. Hereafter th - North
wests will be known as the Span tone.
They will play their first game un
der their new. nam at Ooldendal
Jun 8. Yesterday's Itne-up:
Northwests Shults, catcher; Riddel,
pitcher; Earllson, first base; Elcken
lob, second base; Farmer, third base;
Sater, shortstop; Nordean, left field;
Price, center field; French, right flld.
LaCamas Lause, catcher; Cox, cen
ter field; MoGlnnls. first base: Tnntir.
shortstop; Lelser, second base; Riley,
left field; Osteson, . third base; Cheney,
right field; Nefsjer, pitcher.
TlgardvlHe Shot Ont.
(Special Dl.ptteta ta Tb Jeornal.)
Beaverton, Or.. June 8. Tirardvllle
and Beaverton played an Interestlna
game of baseball here yesterday, Beav
erton snutting out th visitors." The
features of th game wer the bat
tery! work of the horn team. Hardy
striking out 13, and allowing but four
hlta of the scratch variety; and Kim
mey' batting, the latter going to bat
five times, and making a double and
three singles. Carl pitched well for
TlgardvlHe, but was poorly supported.
The score follows:
"ft w m
TlgardVill ..0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 4
Beaverton ..11020210 t i i
Batteries TlgardvlHe. Carl brother..
Beaverton, J. Hardy and Klmmey.
Cadets Play Ball. '
(Special Dlipateb to The Jonrnal.)
Taeoma, Wash., June 3. The annual
encampment of th cadets of th Sfl9lav if
tie and Tacoma high achools. and fifilT I
or me vasnon island colleae cadata
closed this morning at American lake.
The competitive drill for th Moore cup,
which was expected to come off Satur.
day afternoon, did not take place, and
In its stead a baseball gam waa played
between picked nine of th two schools.
The Tacoma team won by a scor of I
to 2.'- ,
Game at Chemawa Today.
(Special Dt.patcb te Tb JoaraaL) - ,
Chemawa, Or., Jun I. The Colum
bians from The Dalles play th Indian
school baseball team a return gam
of ball on th Cnemawa diamond this
afternoon. Last week the Indians were
defeated at The Dalles by a scor of
11 to 3. but it was with. a weakened
team that they played. -
Northwest League. , '
Aberdeen' I, -Vancouver 0.
Taeoma 0, Seattla 1. . .
Butt 10, Sookane9.
Percentages Aberdeen. .888: Seattle.
.626; Tacoma, .603; Spokane, .643: Butte.
.406; Vancouver, .114. , ; i
' " " -
.. National League. Lv
Chicago 4; Pittsburg J. '
Cincinnati 0, St Louis 1. "
Percentages Chicago. .769: New
York. :718; Philadelphia. .680: Pittsbura-.
848; Boston, .421; Cincinnati. .896:
Brooklyn, ,808; St. Louis, ,176.,
r . -" " .--:.. y ; y -
.1 - American League.
Cleveland 1, St' Louis 4. A i
Chicago S, Detroit I. ,
rfrrd Stock Oaasd tteeds,
Allen Lewis' Bent ttrsnd. J
r:D i-y
- 1 - . - -