The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 02, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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    T112 onrTaou eunday jouriiaU Portland. Sunday horning, jun3 t,' iztt.
25c ruff Collars for 5c,
1,000 worrien's exquisitely -beautiful.' Japanese I
Drawnwork Turnover Collars; band-drawn' in varl- "
ous unique and attractive designs, regular 25c ' l
values, for' . . t.-. ; . . . .... .v. .w.;: ; :ZZ-
Established ' lX3-Fimr-8SVEN TEARS IN , BUSINESS Established 1S50.
Qood Uerchendlse Only Quality Considered Our Prices Are Always the Lowest,
50c White Kid Belts for 25c
Whit Kid Belt for Summ.r draaaaa, with white buak-
lea; SOo valuea for.
Heavy Corded Bilk Bella, all tha new ahadaa of black. ' a a
. white, red, bluaand brown; r. lio to a vela for AOS.
,11.18 wblta and flove-nttlna; Kid j J8C
n; and"
A Ginantic Double Event--The Most Sensational Offerinfls of the Year Look for Carnival Bargains in Every Department
$1.50 Parasols 98c
150 Tailored Suits, Values up to $30 at $8.95
85 Silk Stilts Values to $35 at $12.75
This extraordinary sale includes 150 Tailor-Made Suits In
, Pony, -Jacket and Eton styles. The colors .are black, navy, taiy
brown and gray. . Also an endless variety of fancy mixed ma-
- Illl Ali. far -
terials in striped and checked designs. The
skirts are all made in the newest plaited effects.
Sold regularly to $30.00.- June sale price... v.. ;
85 Silk Suits of finest quality chiffon taffeta silk, In black, navy,
brown, green and fancy striped effects. The assortment com
prises Jumper Suits, Fancy Waist Suits, Princess Suits, Prin
cess Jumper Suits and Two-Piece Suits, -made and finished in
-the most perfect and up-to-date styles. The skirts are "all
made in the newest plaited effects. They
are sold regularly to $35.0qC ""June sale
. '. V9 4 . . .
$2.25 Black Heatherfaloom Skirts $1.69
f ' . " 1 l I . 1 , " .,',,
180 Petticoats of finest quality rustling vHeatherbloom Taffeta, In black only. '
Made with extra full flounce, trimmed with deep, ruffle and row of M fQ
shirring;; sold secularly at $2.25, for this sale only...".......... ..'apA.UJ
$1.25 Townes' Silk and Lisle Open" Mesh Gloves at 75c
Fownes' celebrated Enghah- open-mesh Silk and Liale-Glovee, all mesh and some silk palms, to white, black, tan,
gray, brown, navy,: beige, mode, etc vi Sises Stf, fi, VA and-7. k The kind t you have always bought at '7Ct
Sale..'.". "I. . . ... v. iVmXtm i.ii . ...... rf . ........ i . ....... ...'... j ... i . .V. ... I
Novelty White Batiste Waists, made with aDover embroidered
fronts. In three-pane! effect, separated by Clusters of harrow tucking.
Newest elbow sleeves and stock collar, made 'with fine tucking and
N edged with Valenciennes lace. The tek has , sue rows ,o! fine J
tucking: sold regularly at $1.50 for this sale only...v.......w-,V
300 Novelty White Lawn Waists, made:, with allover embroidered
fronts in three-panel effect, separated by clusters of narrow tucking.
Newest elbow sleeves and stock , collar,, made, with fine tucking. and
' .AvA with Valndnnea lace. -The back has six rows of fine AO
June WHte Sale 6i Undiermuslins
Monday morning we begin our annual June 8ale of Undermusllna with a sale that IS
a sale. Although the prices on every garment are reduced and are the lowest of the yesrr
'it to the famous Llpman-Wolfe standard of quality that makes the greatest appeal to
Portland women. No cheap, swest-ehop garments are ever sold in the Llpman-Wolfe
Store, although every other Portland store carrrica lower-priced undermuslins than -we
do. ; Every garment possesses, a uniform excellence of fabric, style and workmanship. '
Corset Covers, 32c to SPi-Drawers 29c to $12.0Q
Gowns, 68c to $16.50 Chemise, 59c to $11.00
v ' ' Skirts from 90c to $33.75 : ; : v
Some S. Great June Undermuslin Bargains;
$1.25 Corset Covers75c j79c Drawers for 55c
Women's fine nainsook Cor
set Covers, daintily trimmed
with two rows of insertion
; and " feather stitching, lace
edge beading ' and ribbon,
etc.; regular $L25 ? '7Ci,
' values for. ...... lalt
75c Corset Covers 49c
Women's fine Corset Covers,
, trimmed with one row of
Point de Paris lace insertion
and lace edge; beading and
ribbon; regular 75c Qv
Women's Cambric Drawers,
cluster tucks and embroidery
ruffle; also deep ruffle trim
med with lace and insertions;
75c values; ssle r Cl
price. ...WC
$1.25 NightRobes 86c
Women's Cambric Gowns,
neatly trimmed with hem
stitched bands, . torchon lace
or, embroidery,' circular, and
square neck, short sleeves;
slip-over style; $1.25 QC
Tsfue; for.... .OOC
value; ssle price. .
$3.00 Walking Skirts for$1.95
Women's Cambric ' Walking SkirtsT 19-incit
flounce trimmed with - 10-inch " embroidered
v ruffle,, two-cluster tucks and dust & QC
ruffle reg. $3 vslues, our sale price. apla79
$3.25 Cambric Skirts for $2.49
Women's fine Cambric Skirts, " with deep
. flounce, trimmed with dainty lace and inser
tion in practical yet superbly elegant djO Aft
styles; regular f32S values, for..... apaVtataV
$2.00 Chemise ' for $1.59 ILa;
Women's hand-made ' and hand-embroidered
Chemise, msde of good quality nsinsook, scal
loped edges, eyelets snd fancy front rfjl CQ
designs) S2 regularly, sale price'.. ylOiJ
$1.25 Chemise for 98c ILa.
' Women's hand-made ' and hand-embroidered
Chemise, made, of good nainsook 'and percale,
with scalloped edge, embroidered front;,; AO.
eyelets or, tape, $1.25 values; special..., yOC
35c Drawers for 29c
Women's Cambric . Drawers,
with deep ruffle and cluster
tucks, full sizes, open only;'
regular 35c values; Oft- r
tie price.. .......... .AwC "
$1.65 Gowns for $lil5
Women's Cambric or Nain
sook Gowns, V, circular or
squire neck, short sleeves,
slip-over and open front
styles, daintily trimmed with
lace, insertion, embroidery
and ribbon; $1.65 tfl IP
vslues; sale st.i..aplal)
$2.00 Gowns for $1.58Xa.
Women's fineHainsook gowns; square,
circular, slip-over styles; trimmed with1
fine lace, insertion and embroidery, hem
stitched, short ' and flowing M CO
sleeves; $3 value, sale price... vlaaJO
$3.00 Gowns for $2.39 La
Women's extra quality nainsook gowna,
circular and V-shape neck, daintily and
prettily . trimmed with fine laces,' inser
tions snd embroideries; short d0 Oft
snd flowing sleeves; $3 values. J
French UridcnhTO
.This June Sale la the time when we make an entire clearance of all our French
Undermuslins in rder to make room ior new importations. We have marked
-them at prices tott will surpass any effort ever made at an underwear clearance
ale. All are fine, beautifully hand-made garments in distinctive and dainty designs.
It is needless to tell you that all are faultlessly made with true French exactness
that the laces are tine and full and tne embroideries infinitely osmry .
, Chemise 98, 1.2a, f 1.35,' fl.40,.f2.S9 to f ll.OO 7T
Corset Covers....... fl.da, 1.65, fg.15, fg.TO, f3.4g to fB.25
Drawers.. ...... ...fl.SS, fg.OO, fa. 39, f Z.2H, f4.Q0 to fia.00
Skirts.... ....... ......:....f2.90, f4.SO, f e.OO, f 8.00 to f33.T5
Oowns. .8 3.18, 84.QO, f 5.85, f T.2Q, 8 O.OO-to f lBO
Italian Silk Vests. .'. . . . . . . .... ... . . . .' f a.TO. f 3.45 to f 8.4Q
- (' . A W f
a m V W W
- V 1
Milan straw Sailors
Values tc$l50-fbr 95c
The best values ever .offered in - fine quality
'Milan Straw Sailora. - They are trimmed with
all-silk ribbon bands and have an indescribable
, air of verve and girlish grsce; "KU'AC
valueaVto $10 for....:... t'.;;.'v aVjC
Sale of LaVida, W. B., Nemo and
C. B; Corsets atvClearance "Prices
Values $3.50 to $8.50, $2.75
Values $1.75 to $4.50, $1.49
LOT 1 Annual June' Clearance Sal
of La Vida, W. B, Nemo and C. B. a
la Spirite Corsets, made : of .- imported
coutille, brocade and batiste, medium
and bifch bust; short, medium and long
hip, -with-whalebone and steeTfillings ;
the regular $3.50 to 8.50 ' Art irr
, values, for . waCe O
LOT 2-l.La'vida, W.'B, Nemo and C
B. a la Spirite Corsets, made of import
ed coutille, sateen and batiste ; medium,
short "and long hip; medium and low
bust; regular $1.75 to ' ; JQ
$4.50 values, on sale for. . . . p 1 la7
All the Late Summer Styles
$1.50, $2, $3 Vals,; 45c
Leghorn Tlats
Milan Shapes
aaaaMi an r I. ....-,.
Tine Chip Hats
Hair Braid "Hats,
; Poaltlvelv the last opportunity this
season for such remarkable Un
. trimmed Hat bargains. Such ex
traordinary values aa were never
"before "given. Everyone is a new
summer shape, including fine Mi
lan, Chip, Leghorn and Hair
Braida. Providing you are here
- by 8 o'clock sharp you will find a
. complete assortment of colors and
styles; values up to' S3, on jC,g
Great June Sale of
White LinenlPar
asols, size 20 in.;
white enameled
fr sme s,"( hem
stitched, also dain
tily made with' in
sertion; choice
bleached handles
as smart a para
sol as you -ever
saw. Regular
:, . ' ' 'i ' l ' ' ' i ' '
$3.00 Values $1.75
800 Men's White and Fancy Vests, made of fine Pique, Ox
fords, Mercerised Oxfords and Dimities. This is a manufac
turer's representative line of samples. Each vest is finished
and tailored in the very best possible manner and is such as
we have sold regularly for $2.75 to $3.00. While &f ntL
they last Monday ... . . . . . . ,. . . ,m H-- J
22-Ihch Covert Jackets
r:r $10 Values $3.98
v f4 ' 1 '"' 1 1 ,
" V. ' I - ' t
Ladies 22-inch Covert . Jacketsi in
t ft VS a medium shade of tan, made col
VWNi1 . larless, with velvet and braid trim
Jtfjr "g3 fly front and fitted back,
VjMA, PV "liV . .trimmed with two straps over each
VyV4l fA shoulder and finished at each end
' yyj Cl with braid ornament; new ' coat
fC'jl sleeves with braid-trimmed cuffs;
' , entire jacket satin-lined. Sold reg-
f ularly at $10.00. June (ft n O
l -l. l Sa"
Black Liace Lisle Hose
Reg. 50c Values 33c Pair
100 donn - pairs women's- fine - grade - imported -
blacg lace Lisle Stockings, Hermsdorf dye, new
and exquisite patterns, snd our regular 50c. OO- -vslues;
for this grcst sale......'............a)aC
' v'- ' -'
Women's SnmmerUnd'rW
Reg. 50c Values 23c E,a.
.Biggest vslues of the summer In -Women's fine
, Swiss ribbed Lisle Thread Vests, low neck,
sleeveless, plain. or trimmed with lace or crochei
edge; umbrella drawers to match; regular OO
50c quality; extraordinary value at ..taWC
25c Linen Handk'c'fs 12c
10,000 all linen hand-embroidered Initial Hand
kerchiefs, very dainty initial snd very sheer.
They created a great excitement at a 1c ' 1
ssle, but were never before sold ss low ae.,lav
50c Beauty Pins for 18c a ' Pair
GoM-filled Beautr Pins, naat satin flnlah, ba4
of- ana .mDoiaM; rcrular Sao ana oa 1Pf
1 pair, ' aala.
75c to $l!00 Belt Suckles, for 38c ILa:
Blssaat valuaa avar ahown French rry, roaa so'.a,
- ren bronaa flnlah, baautlful daalna, ' 'SO.
Bavar.oSarad laaa than 76o and fl bafore.,
35c to 50c Hata Tins for 19c Each
. This aaaortmant eontatna amen a of prattr pattarna
. vary nawaat ldeaa, wonderful Juet JOg
75c Sterling Waist Sets ' for 38u Set
Thra atarltng plna to tha aet la prattr floral, fca4
and acroll pattarna;' ragular 76 valura, 50-
, . f ur .. , "
$2.00 to $2.50 Bracelets for $1.43
An aaaortm.nt of tha baat nurabwa off.rad tola m
aon plain brlht and aatln-- flnUh, In atchcL
aemll and oth.r d.alg-na for wonm, mlaai and
bablaa. All at tha on. low aala ? ej t-,
$1.00 to $1.50 Ribbon Brooches fcr ' -
Tha laiit novoltr I" prttjr kroch tnr thv'
or front of tha rlhbona. All new del.r- i i
rld. brlaht flnlah, r.n aold, ata t...
trlca only...,