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Uitst lUrkzt RzyUks
" v i
?ulet for exports th past week. The
act that millers hay already sold all
their supplies for the . season was the
cans of th small number of offers
that earn. 1 Local trade ts quiet; g ra
cer hay purchased their early require
ments beor the last advance.
; s , ... ,. - . ...
: , . .... ..-v
v .v. - 1 the see-saw. " r . r
Packers Offer to Buy at High
Price,. but; Are Selling,
; " : Considerably Lower. ,
'! By Hymaa H. Cohen.
. ' Although growere and dealers k
Here that prices on prune will rule
rather high this Huon, there ia aa
yet no visible ground for their belief,
on war or the ' othar. It la known
. positively that Santa Clara, California.
. Brewers have been offered a high as
.4 and 4H eente for- thalr coming
. crop -ub- packers- Under ----ordinary
. conditions this would Justify .tha
trad to cellar that proapeata war
'food for a high price but th packers
seam to be playing a doubl gam bar.
It 1s stated thai while they are offer
ing a high as 4H eants for the Cali
fornia product, they are selling at IH
y ana - cents.- -mat is xor last years
j,s0 crop. 'Ther 1 a dlffereno of but a
' half ent between bid and new prunes.
If ther former remain of good quality
and why th packers should offer 4H
eent and sail for a price under that
amount, Is hard to explain at this time.
." Some growers contend that th pack
ers are offering th higher values with
the sol object of caustng th growers
to get excited and hold their 107 crop
while th packers unload their great
.surplus of last year's growth. This
latter .view sounds quit reasonable and
thls'Veort of gam has been played on
.the producer' In other markets besides
prunes. - According to Hugh Delacy at
ia meeting: of th Santa Clara prune
, growers, Artnsby and company had re
cently bought prunes from th grower
at 4 cent and war selling some of
last year's at I (-4 and I T- cents.
This assertion caused much comment
among th growers. ..
. Ytawgon Growers Plant More of This
1 Variety Than fat Other Season.
i Potatoes are advancing in prle both
'.4er and tn California, owing ' to th
' .small supplies remaining of old stock.
- Jv potatoes) are coming In so slowly
that there will be a very goo demand
-JTor old ones all this month. As high
... .a t eants a pound was offered for
strictly, fancy stock here during the
' week. , ReW potato-ar o soarce n
California that It Is stated that ther
.will not, be sufficient stock to' supply
.jthe Ban4 Francisco, market during the
'. present month, y- ' . v-, '
Oregon new potatoes will be In mar
,ket within a few week. According to
prominent dealers ae well a . grower
: ther will be rarerer supplies than usual
' of early stock.' ' This In demand
rora Alaska and' good price are ex
pected. Th Alaska trad prefer Ore
rgoa -potatoes to-those of other places
and is eUways willing to pay -a slight
"premium" for tnetir. V '.. f - ! .'
a i . - n-r , V . : ' 1 .
; SnuJI Arrivals aad liberal Demand
Keep Value at .Top Notch.
. The course of th strawberry market
.during ah past week' was not at all
surprising when the small receipts are
known. Arrivals from all sections ins
past week, war comparatively small
for th flush of th season and for good
. stock prices nsver went below 10 cents,
;- and it was only on a few oocaatona that
value went tbat low., It is not practi
eally certain that th. strawberry crop
Will not b np to th average, although
It Is expected that last year s production
will b reached. ; V ..
Higher Price Come as a Result of
. Greater lSemand. Than Snpply.
" Thw-Is" llttl wonder among th
'trad tbat creamery butter value ad
vanced ' during th week. Ther was
never a season when demand for stor
age was so great as this year. The out
' put of th creameries la greater than In
recent years, but the demand Is fully
'twice is heavy. The Puget sound cities
hav. been very heavy buyer In this
market of lata, owing to the small offer-Inn
from the east. Seattle as a rule
buys liberally of both eastern eggs and
butter, the trade ther not caring much
tor horn quality. ,
. Poor Stock CsHiaed by Holding for
1 - XiBrfJV suppun uj ouipycrw.
Xgg are generally lower In value at
. th doee of th present week than
they were eeven day ago. Lower
price were mad In larg lots by deal
: era who had received too liberal sup
plies. Kegs that arrived during th
' , week were generally of poor quality,
because most country shippers had held
'until they accumulated large Supplies.
Th trad has leeued a warning
against this manner of shipment Eggs
that are kept this kind of weather soon
deteriorate tn quality, and are there
fore sold at a lower rang ofvalu than
. if received In a fresher state. Strictly
- fresh eggs bring a premium over other
. quality. It costs lust as much per case
to ship I case by express as It do
' for two. Thl show there is no ev
' lng but a lose la tha holding back Of
- shipments. ... ... ,t . v
r ; ' ' - :" ' . .
Little Doing tn Either Market Here
4 - ; Daring the rase six Day. r.
wheat and flour war quiet In
he local market during tb past week.
Wheat values held their own; bluestsm
t ranging from It to too. but no sales
were known over these amounts. Ther
Is but little wheat being offered.
The flour mark- wee evreedlnsly
, if- ' -. Crsaam,' ajatmaay. ' '
- tio-na tlST ST, oaxtxstov, Tax
"." ,,' . ', (ITalso-Toimasd) ' ' : ;
Remittance of tloney to
: 'and from Europe :
omzx23r iesnr noiAiaa. '
riect C"- t r- r--asw fresa and
Dealer Make Offer tor Stock, bat
- Cannot Close Any Deal."
i During tha past week ther was an
entire abseno of business in th local
bop market. Thar seemed ' to b some
effort among tb dealers to take in a
few -small lots, at low figures, but
growers were not la a hurry to sell at
tbas figure, especially a they are
several cents below what old hops are
generally : worth after th new ' ones
make their appearance. '"v . " -
A feature qf th market this Week
was tb announcement mad by JClaber,
Wolf A Natter of th company's inten
tion to establish a branch house In
London early during th coming week.
About a year ago this subject was taken
np by the firm, but the San Franolsco
earthquake ' caused th project , to be
abandoned. - According to Mr. Netter of
th firm, th sol purpose of th branch
house would be tqfurther th sal of
Pacific coast- hops. - When th branch
Is established It wilt be tb only on
operated thereby a Pacific coast firm.
. .,B-BoxenwBwe?AwBsssBB sskS) S
una Camarillo Pays Visit to Oregon
'-' 7 Ia Much Impressed. ...
'Bveelnl Dtspetra. to Sbe losiissl - - - -
Salem. Or- June 1 Th California
"Bean -Kins;," Juaa B. Camarlllo of Cam-
arlUo, California, wee la tb capital
yesterday, . and remained for on day,
th guest of Louis Lachraund. tb wall
known hop man. Tb Camarlllo brothers
own .a large ranch, probably th largest
In the world, for It contains; 10,000
acres, of which 1.800 acres ara planted
In beans. Mot only do th owners en
gage In tha raising of beans, but they
also turn their attention to th cultivat
ing of all sorts of fruits axoept oranges.
Camarlllo ranch Is located some to miles
north of Los Angeles, and ha scnoois,
churches and amusement resorts Just
as a miniature city. These adjuncts
are mad necessary on account . of tb
great force of people they employ. ,Th
distinguished California planter .was
much Impressed with the Oregon coun
try, and especially th Wlllamstt val
ley, and sees a great era of develop
ment for this state.
Exchange ' Asked Price of
Bonds Advance. Although
They Are Offered Lower.
t . - By Hyman H. Cohan.
While they seenos.lo be a legitimate
demand with legitimate sales on the
local exchange- of 'Home' Telephone
stock at tb record prlo of 141.10, there
Is evidently some manipulation In Horns
bonds. ; Testerday tha aakad prlc as
listed on - th exchange had advanced
I2.SQ to ttt. It was a fact that this
same issue was being, offered to the
trade her around 171. This offering
of Home ts at 17 was never listed on
th local exchange, the prlc ther -of
1st not showing any loss 'from 8f.B0.
Th bonds In question were offered to
an official of tha local exchange by a
California nous through Its local con
nections. ." '' 7
This lack of demand for . telephone
bonds' does not necessarily mean that
they are not good Investments. Horns
shares are paying I per cent. In ordi
nary times this would be considered a
very rood Investmsnt but In the days
whsn much larger sums are constantly
being mad ia other venture ther I a
lack of Inquiry for low interest bonds
and stocks. .
During th past week several sales of
Horn telephone stock were mad at
Ml.tO, th second prlc. Brokers at
tribute th general lack of . call for
bonds to th fact that tha company will
not have a majority of Its Instruments
In operation for som tints. -
. Official prices: .- , .
. - BaNK STOCKS. ' '
, Bid; Asked.
Baek of Ctllfornls.a,....,....! ltto.00
nanstra- unnoermea s. 1U4.UV
Merenaste' HsttoMI ..,
w-oa TTOSt HSTlBSS ...
Portland Trust Co ......
Uelted Stotse Natloeal......... S00.OO
Anerlesa Blsralt Co. 0 M OO
City A HnbartMs es. '
Hons Telephone ts...
O. B. N. 4s ST. 00
6. W. P. 4 Br. s , 100.00
Paelfle Ooest Blacult Co. a... ST.00
rortlasd By. ts ,"
Associated OU , tz.OO
Home Telephone tM
Pacific Ruins Tel. A TeL, pfd....-;
Fuget Soaad Telephone
MIlflNO STOCKS. - -. V
LaterteW ..... .
ManbatUa'Ccowa Potnt. ....... .Vt
Potlcle kflBlns .IS 4
10. Ml
40 00
J)0 .
Si '
naaonusai sinam .w .
Tseelne Bay Telephoo..,...., t.OO - 10.00 '
Oresn City Mill A Lasibar. ... 4.00
Ahuiks Petraleosi .IT JM
Brttlih OolembU AsmI. J0 . M '
Casradia VS M',i.
Memmc .usi .
Staaeard CoBsollaated .OT .
XASMNDA BteMl e if sOA
cobcb s'auni DisrarcT. :.
Bellloa .0 .
Copper Kleg ................. .10
Bappy Day J04i4 '
O. K- Oensendated... ,4 1
Sneweboe .,......,, ' AO
Snowsters .................... S.sS
.00 '
".os 14
nr T0KX oorro BLAxzrr.
1 .
11S .
' 11M
. 11M.
. . .'; :. Opea
January ......llM
rebraary ..M
ltoa not
June .., ...
Jalr HM
. 1IM
Autnet ,...lina
K-plrnbea ,...UM
October 11TS
Nmesiber ....llSOt UNO
Deeewesr ,;..IU1. 12u0
litt . lut
New Tork,-Je 1 Beak staUfljent; ' '
Beeerre Irxveaae n ...t3.en,43
Beeerve. leee U. S. ecaue ........ 3.ttSO.0i0
Lean ....1.MI.0
Bowl T;w,i
Leiais mils
Dopnatta ...... , It.t04.l0
CtreeJatlo tO.TuO
: Torslf taeaaate- Bates, i- '
Mew Terk. Jane 1-roreurn ezrbanse rates:
gterllng, eVnanil, A 1r. MH
rranca, ds.m, ins w: neriia. SO I IS; Ant
- .. K'TS4: Zurich, tit lass lit: Stock.
, 5V n 'xzsr- 4 JO HW !7
t By Hyman,H. Cohen.
Portland Union Stockyards, June
LJvsstock receipts: '
.Hogarcattia.. Bhsep.
Past week ........ (77 l.TIt 1.911
Previous week .... m 1,711 ' Mil
Tear ago 17 411 . I.17
Previous year ..... lt 1.S7I 4.10
Th movement of livestock th past
week 'was neither satisfactory to ship
per or seller. Even the buyer was dis
appointed with the -arrivals in ths local
4-yarda during ths six days. The arrivals
war curtailed on account of the lack of
cars with' which to ship. .Ths car situa
tion has been growing steadily worse of
late and much complaint 1 being mad
by. livestock men at a result. There is
soms talk of bringing the matter offi
cially to the attention of the stats rail
road commission. ' The .congestion of
stock at this end was even worse than
elsewhere and yard officials and men
were . compelled to wqrjt late Into the
nights to get out the Stock destined for
oats ids points. : . ' ' , . . . -v
. Sheep Btovememt Zs Wot SJo BTeavy. V -
Shearing-of shees-ln th hiland em
pire is fast coming to an end.; A large
portion of th stock' to be shipped has
already been ' sent away and arrivals
her ar decreasing. During th six
days th run of cheep Into th yards
totaled l.tll head as sratnst t.Stt heed
a week ago, I.I2T head this week in ltOI
end 4,20 -head for the same period In
1801. ' Th smaller arrivals thaa ex
pected enabled the trade to mov very
thing at former week's values. .. .
,. SUgM Increase la Oattle Bom, -
During the past week ther was a
fractional Increase in th run of cattle
over that of aA week, ago. This week's
totals were l,7l -bead as against 1.717
head a week ago. 4S1 head a year ago
and I.S7I head for this week In 10S.
Hogs showed an Increase in arrivals
but th run was not a whit better than
demand and rrlces ruled steady and un
changed at last week's figures. . ,
Official livestock prices:
Hogs Best eastsrn Oregon, 17.00:
etockers and feeders, M-00 OI.II; China
fats,-S.tS0.SO. - (...
Cattle- Best , eastsrn Oregon steers,
t4.e4.0; best cows and heifers,
C1.I0; bulls. ll.tOOt.10. -
Sheep Sheared, mixed,-. f4.IOOt.00;
lambs, tc. '. i:" ;.. .
-.- Arrivals of th Wk. . .
During th week the following arri
vals wet ehown In the yards: v
' Sunday H. A. Ralna, passed through
th yards with a car of horses going to
Seattle: I Jordan came In with a car
of horses going to San Francisco; John
Twaddle brought la-a ear- of horses
from Th Dalles; . Jam . McQueen
brought In a carload of horses from
Elgin, Oregon, going to Honolulu. .
Monday J. KuhnI brought up a
small bunch of cattle on the steamer
Mascot; F. B. Decker shipped In two
oars of sheep from Oerval; J. W. Roed
of Carlton came In with a carload of
hogs and two cars of sheep; A. T. Hunt
shlppM la teU cars of cattle from Mer
oed, California, going to Tacoma; F. J.
Fraser had In two cars of cattle from
Williams, California: F. Snipes brought
In two cars of cattle from Bed Bluff,
going to Tacoma. 7 .,.. -'Si .
San Francisco Market Awakens
From Sleep 41-09 for
December. :: '-..!...:."
(Hearst Mews by teagest leased Wire.) -"
San Franolsco, June 1. For the first
time In over a wee't ther ws an effort
to set bids on wheat futures, but all
that was accomplished was In th wsy
of per cental being asked for De
cember delivery.; -The spot market was
practically at a standstill, with quota
tions Isrgety nominal, v ,. : - ' '
December barely sold Ko.per cental
higher. With May option cloeed out the
spot market should hav soms reeovsry.
Oat were full and easier, but without
quotsbls change. The only particular
chang la bean very recently, baa been
la II mas, and these' hav been eharply
advanced. Flour was very firm for tb
horn product, and ther has been a fur
ther advano at th north. .
Butter was without . any further
change. Th receipts were comparative
ly light, but on the preceding day a
large- quantity was received. . Th
market was quiet. . , ' -
The fruit market was . fairly active.
Royal apricots were received from
Riverside county and sold at tl. 791.00
per crate, these being claimed as the
first of the Season In this market. Sdme
consignments hav been marked royal,
but were dllaga A quantity of seed
lings ' were received from Newcastle.
Soachella valley cantaloupe - wer In
freer supply and. cheaseiv ..Thtra jrar
-Prom the Chicago Tribune.
Tuesday Meehan 4s Cobb sent la a
ear of hogs from Eugene; I Miller of
Mlllersburg had In a ear of sheep, bogs
and lambs mixed; J. C Loner tan sent In
It oar of cattle from Los Banoa, Call
fornla, consigned to Frye-Bruha com
pany at Seattle: George Brown of Cor
valll had In three ears of cattls and
two of sheep; R. ID. Morris of Rowland
shipped tn a oar of sheep; W. B, Wet
sol shipped in It cars of cattl from
Oxslls, California, going to Tacoma.
- Wednesday I. Burns and company
of Th Pa Ilea bad in three 'cars of cat
tle from Heppner; Frank Dtnges of Junc
tion City brought In a double-deck ear
of aheap; J. C Davis of Bhedd had la
a car of bogs; John Howell of Sauvles
Island drove In a bunch of cattle; J. P.
Hoffman had In a ear of milk cows
from Lebanon; W. W. Parol val of Inde
pendence brought in a car of hogs, -
Thursday Beckley Brother e hipped
In two car of sheep from Dlllard; 8. L.
Overton of Brownsville had In a ear of
hogs; Mr.- Bodln shipped In a mixed
oar.-ef ahaep ndi hog; from Corvallls,
' FrtdayW. C Davl of Shedds had In
a ear of hogs; Mr. Brown of Oakland
bad In a car-of cattle; I. N. Edwards
of Junction City was In with a car of
hogs on th market: W. H. Morgan
brought up tt bead of cattle from his
ranch on Sauvles Island; O. A. Overton
cam in with a car of cattl and ene
of cattle and hogs .mixed from Row
land: Mr. White brought la a car of
horses from Elgin. ... . "r -1 ( ,,
" .'' u .
Wool Clip in Morrow (Jonntr Is Keat-
an End Heppner Sales one 4. '
(Special DUpatcb to The Jos real.)
Heppner, Or, June 1. Sheep cheering
In Morrow county la coming to a close.
Wool Is coming In steadily to th Hepp
ner warehouses and there will be many
tnousana pounds on nana for th wool
sales June 4, and (. The N. S. Whet
stone machine- closed down after hear
ing about 10,009 bead of sheep. ,
Cattle and Hogs Are Steady Sherp
-, Are Strong.'
Cbicaae. Jams 1, Uveeteek reeetatei "
- - Hose. Cattle. Sbeee.
CluVase B.000 . too - 4,000
Kansas City ........ t.ono ' l.Ooo
Omaha 0.000 . 10.000 1.000
Hos are eteedy with TOO ft aver. Be-
eeipcs a year aco were 18,000. Mlxea, t.06
6.1HI Jy, l! 10.SS; roach. tlsa.10t
llxht. t.ioeje.44,. ,
Cattle steady. ' 1 . -
' Sheep strong. J " : ' '; t"
-. :::
Special DUpsteh t The yeerael)
McHlnnvllle, Or., June 1. Tut Tarn
hill county farmers hav formed a wool
pool. It will be sold fbr sealed . bids,
Saturday, Jun t. This has been done
fer several years and. those who ntr
th pool realise more from their . wool
ts a result. . .
three carloads of Central American
bananas received on - Friday. Straw
berries didTa llttl better la prlea
Cherries, aside from extra choice black
tartarlan and Royal Annas, were weak.
Bay summer squash brought ft par
large box. Th southern artiol Is about
don and waa scarce yesterday. Canners
paid lHo per pound for green peas, and
cholo went to the trad at to. . Only
extra cholo . string, and wax bean
brought the outside quoted prices. Most
of ths Mexican tomatoes were repacked.
Th prices on new potato and onions
represent wharf business. Old potato
hav bees arriving slowly and ths mar
ket la drawing en warehouse stock. 4
Th week closed on a dull and 'gen
erally weak market for poultry. During
th week thre carloads arrived from
th at. .
Strawberry Men Are Still Crying for
Help to Save Their Crop.
' Reed Blver, Or., Jen 1. Althoash
are nwlttiu bis prices for Isi-lr berrl the:
are wtlllns tn divide eone of the proSta -wit:
ts -wttl
pickers asd sisnr srewere raised the price of
ther'.ns the Oalt tmtar to 1 eonta
This Is tbe aleheat nrlro mv. Mtrf fc tm
e see.
In Oro for plrklss strawberrlre ant sivee
the plrker an Inereeee of to te TS eertt per
day. Pralt shippers sad grower asy that
nneb' years H won Id not be pnnlhls te per
ean e klsh pries bst that something nost he
one ts
the trait for whlrh , there
ears Boon demand, fa I la re to So so will
rneaa a heavy Inae. The big rontlnaont .which
has beretnfore enm front the vVlllasBatte vsller
has so far fitted to1 Pt ta as appmrearo,
aa4 gmwsis an. snaloBaly walltiif thitr ar
rival. It hond that the aashanreaMat of
hetMr par will bring then to th reaene.
Cooler weathet bee eeerd a the - altnatlna
snaiewkst. . too, endar. bet eateas help arrlwa
la th aoxt ear s tw BMSt galahni wltt bar
Believed Stock Market Will
Soon Begin to Swing Up
ward in New York. ,
Beerst Kews by toageat Leased Wire..
New Tork. June 1. Foreign 4
e markets war heavy. Paris was
weak and unaetUed. while Berlin
4 ' was Irregular. - Another- failure
occurred at London, and that
4 market was heavy, although eon-
d-sols wer firm. Americans at '
d London mad general losses. The e
4 bank statement provided th e
: usual weekly surprise. - Th loss
la th . bank surplus rossrv e
4 ' amounted to t,t0.4Ie. Loans
Increased -by Ill.ltl.tOt. whil e
e deposits Increased lt.64,(00. e
e The gala In eaah reported waa
4 IttJ.OOO. ; : .. j
(Hearst Hew by beasaat timl WkO
-Wall Sttet. N. T Jun 1. Although
th stork market has displayed much
hesitation th last two days and by Its
ups nd downs has Indicated public
doubt as to bow th president's mev
morial day speech should be Interpreted
moat financiers seem to think that the
speech la not ntltld to hav any effect
whatever oa tha market For every
bullish feature IS It there la a Bearish
on aad vie versa. - .
A very material advance tn th stock
market Is expected within tb next 10
days; regardless' of what may happen
later. - It la admitted that whan th tar
iff war gats la full swing-'and when
tight money comes la th autumn an
other point of view may hav to b
taken but th operators ar concerning
themselves, now with tb immediate fu
ture, Never btfor , In th history of
th oountry was th publio so rich and
se ' fre of financial soarea. It has
kept out of tb stock market so long
that . It baa forgotun how It aaffsred
four years ago. It la even aow begin
ning te put . It surplus money - Into
stocks. " ..,...7 .: 1 . .
Ianll wffl ..Bay Moeks. -
Thos parsons who believe that a
great national calamity Is tmpendtpg ar
afraid to buy stocks but th majority
of th subllo has no patience with such
pessimism. - It Is willing to b cheerful
far a' time even at th risk of losing
som of Its money. Wall street only
plays with ths surplus of, stocks and
bonds anyhow and ths surplus Just now
ts rather large, but Is bains absorbed
rapidly la small do her and ther all
over th country. Th men who ar
arguing for a hlghar market - ar will
Ins to admit that business Is slackening
In soots but th stock market bat been
suffering from excess of business, and
If business slackens there will be more
capital for the stock -market ' Th
people eannot buy stocks If thy are
using all their money la business.
-. The pessimists point te th destruc
tion of winter wheat but th optimists
say, that tb spring- acrag will b all
th larger for that wMl every acre
of winter wheat destroyed - will be
turned Into an acr of oorn. - Tb com
acreage will thus be so enormous that
while It Is crowing at least th Wall
street bulls can point to It with pride.
True, frost may nip It In th autumn
but Wall street Is not . going- to wait
till autumn to discount th corn erop.
Official quotations by Overbeck. Starr
A Cook Co.:
AaulfBBiated Otoper ,.
Am. Car a Foaad., eoaj.
we risrni,M4ttt4
Asa. tfottoa Oil, eoa...
A si. Losomotlvs, seel..
Am. Susar. seas.......
Ak M- -
Asa. Smelter.
ess.. lllte. lit lit
ao oref erred
ABaeooda Mlatne Os...
Am. Woolsa, ai
Atrhlsoa, m.w
to nrefemd.
Baltimore Ohio, earn..
do preferred
Brook Ira Ha Did Transit.
eta 04)4 1 M4
Gaaedlaa Paclfls, eoot..
Casual Leather, com....
ui. at u. w., eom
ChL. MIL A tt Paal...
l Hi. at M. w., com.
Cheespeake Onto.
Feel A Iron. eom
wis, BoBUiera, eom.
00 as prefeived.,..
to let preferred....
Pelawar A Hndaoa..
Bxle, eom...
00 u , pviffrrav,,,,,,
00 iat prererre.....
Tlllnola Central
Loolavlll A RasbvUle..
110 uok no
Maahatua Hallway ....
Mexico Central By....
hf., K. A T., eom......
wwtivra ..............
Oreat Mortbera 12ftt4
Me. Pae. ...... .........I 7s
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Wheat Market Is Sagging In
the United States Fine
Weather Is Cause. .
1. Mar II. Loss. ltot.
A Jk. I M I .
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5a 11 3 .ooi jmi
Jniy .... .T
BopttBisar ... JO)1
December .... .
(milabsre Press by I pedal Lssaed Wire.)
Chicago, Jun 1. In wheat, after a
short period of strength to begin with,
there came very weak spots, aad the
market elosed at. a decline from to
Ho. Improvement of weather appeared
to be th only substantial reason for
th weakness, - but on th othar hand
ther was no startling news of fresh
damage, and th bull need to b fed
daily oa sensation or they pin and
leave th bard.
. Cora had a Ho decline, aad eats fell
off from Vio to He "
Provisions, notwithstanding som rea
sons for strength, displayed weakness
quit as marked a was being displayed
by th grain. "
Th market for wheat had a firm
start. Th weather In th west and
northwest waa extremely favorable. In
asmuch as ther was plenty of mote
tar and somewhat higher tempera
ture. Th publia cables were without
special significance, change la price
abroad - sine th previous day be
ing light. Receipt la' tb southwest
were as eonsplauously ' heavier than
those of th year before, aa ha been
tb ease for months, aad the elevator
stock here and at other center war ao
more In demand from millers thaa be
fore. To the widely prevailing feeling
that with bur damage. premature
warmth In March, followed by o much
freeslng weather siao and othar unfa
vorable occurrence ther was llttl
hop of anything but a poop yield must
bs ascribed tb continued demand. Th
new feature of bull darosge to the
spring wheat waa enough of a novelty
to be en et the reasons for the early
Local reoelpt war It ears compared
with 111 year before. Minneapolis and
Dulath received 41 1 cars against It!
last year. Liverpool reported futures
from Hd te Hd higher! Parts was H
higher aad Antwerp without - change.
Broemhall reported shipment of 740.004
bushels for -4h . week "compared with
I4t.00 -bushel last year. Australian
shipments for th week war t7l.000
bushel oompared with tlt.tOO bushels
the year previous. Broomhail eotlmated
that ths world's shipment for the week
will b 10,830,000 bushels. Liverpool
stocks of .wheat - Increased ttt.000
bushels and' flour decreased, 4,000 bar
rels sines May L, '
Near tha . and of tb session July
wheat got down to 1 7 He and at the
elos It wa t7Ho. j
Corn had a firm opening at from Ho
to Ho over closing figures of th day
before. When weakness , struck ths
wheat the other cereal wa -similarly
affected so that from 14a and (4 He for
July oorn at th beginning of tb ses
sion It slumped to IS Ho Inside the first
Local receipts were til ears, which
was even mora than th large eetlmat.
Out of this total mentioned Tit cars
were of contract grade. Shipment war
114,000 bushels. Uverpool reported fu
tures Hd higher. Weather In the weet
waa more favorable than of lata. While
th tnarkst continued rather heavy to
th and It did not follow It leader In
tb extremity of that cereal's weakness
and at th close July corn waa II He,
or Ho dowa sine yesterday.
Trade in th oats nit was not np to
the lsvsl of th last few days. Trad
dragged and the price did likewise.
Official quotations
Btarr Cook Co.:
-Official Chicago -priest by Overbeck, . Starr
!VHIlt'- ;
One. Hlrfc. . tjtm. I rino.
My eeu H era. - tr
Keptember .... 100H 101 a7 , oi
December 101 S. 10J 100 V4 1001.A
00 2
100 i
rely .7. B4
t4t iwy n
tin to ton
rs . ; '
Kestsmber .... se
Deeember ..... tlM
- 41 . 4U 4H ' te A
nber .t tH t'l St M B
ber 41 4 41 H ... 41 H : ; 41HB
71y .......... KMT ' 1040 161T 1910 B
September ...10ot leot 1040 1040 B
LABO. . '
?ly .......... MS tft . PIT - SIT B
Reptomber ..... 04 047 M MS
October ait tat . tut . est w
Mr st MT ' , STT STT
September 01 tot tat . tot
. Llratfool. Jaao 1. Offl-ul prices .
, . . ' WHBAT. 4
iuoel. Maytl Ost.
Joty Ts SHd Ts 1 mi
oeptembor Ts 4k4 fe 4H Hd
: COBB. .-
'"if teliHt esliud i
September 4a 10d te lofid Hd
KlaasapeU Wheat Market.
MlBaespobs, Jena 1. VTaeat, eloee, July,
. ;. . .
Salstb Wkeet Market.
Pahtb, Jbbs L Wheat clooe: Jaly 11.01 MA
SAN Dttco CAL-
Oapftal (paid ap 10A0O0. . Sarptas aad Vs. Pvoflta Slo,fjSS
. Officers and Directors: Louis J. Wilde, Pres.! R. M. Power,
Vice-Pre a; H. E. Mills, Vlee-Prea; Chaa. L Williams, Cash
ler; L J. Rice, Assistant Cashier; K. Strablmaa.
, Bead trs Tear Pactfle VorthweeS Iteats
Seal lis Yor llsi!rs
Ssn DIcco's Dnerd ncccrrc
iTh mineral wealtti-ef Baa Diego count. to"-v '
to bo great. 1 largely undeveloped, ar i r - t .
field for th prospector and capita"",
gold mines at Hedge ever two r
taken out
Valuable gems are four 1 tt i
Hop Yards and Wheat Fit!,
, Keed More Moisture,
to Insure Crops.
Another good rain a soaking one
is badly needed la every part Of '
Pacific northwest at this time. Tt
ground te too dry already and al
rains start soon the wheat erop wi
suffer from drought. ' Thus far t
crop 1 in the best possible chape.- T s.
plant 1 fre from vermin et any kin .
and with pro par weather from this tint
forth a heavy production la expected.
To properly till th land for pot"
culture mora rata Is needed la the Wil
lamette valley. Without addition :
moisture within . tha next week ff i ;
th heavy lnoreaa la the potato acre
age will be out dowa considerably.. A I
1 Urn th potatoes are dolac weii.
New one expected within a week os
two. . ,
As stated In a previous report He
bop yards still lack cultivation, Th
absence of work la the yard la ahewn
on an aides ia svry sisuic.
vines made very good headway Just af
ter th recent rain fall but th anot-.
tur has not been euffldsat te hoc
them growing well anlea the parda
are worked more.
Btrawheiiles were very badly hurt fc
the recent hot weather, the leek et
pickers la every district causing eater
moue lossts t the grwr aad cur
tailed the output te a eenetderable ex
tant. 1 -
Local' cherries are ripening- zaet and
with continued warm weather will soon
be show la abundance.
. 'Prunes are looking well aad ta fact
the prospect for all kind of fruits
except strawberries wer never better
thaa at this Urn. . .
- - Apples at Festival.
: rspseisl Dia patch te The Jmirsst.f
Hood River. Or Jun 1-In th
course of th strawberry festival gtvsa
by the eltlsene of Hood River la honor
of the delegatee to the etate grange
and vl si tins members, each guest waa
presented with a Newton or Spltsenberg
apple which bad been sept tor in oc
casion sine laat October by A. L Ma
son, aa erithuslsstle member of the or
der at Hood River. , Th apples were
perfect, of them fining a box, and
were pronounced to be the finest the
grange member had ever seen.
' ' litem si Pottos BTiihst'. '
Uvsrpeol, Jaao 1. Cottoa fataraa closed BHO
I polaU bp; mhldllDs 10 points Iswst. , .
Afternooa Scenes 1b BeeWUna; Boom
v of the' First Onrch. '
From the Kew Broadway Magastne.
i An elevator at the roar of th First
Church of Christ, Scientist, on Central
Park West. New Tork, take you to
the large free public reading room on
th third story. W entered shortly
after th rooms were elosed for th aft
ernoon.' .. ' -
Thar were still IS or more people
present, and as we moved front group to
group- I caught vividly a reflex of the
spirit of Christian Bcisnce hsalth. and
happiness. Toloee are pleasantly sub
dued, but merry sraetlng pas from
group to group. Kys ar bright, face
fresh and smiling, handclasps hearty
and sincere all Is animation, contentment-
and good will.
The Scientist looks ye straight la
the eye, cheerily, hopefully, sincerely,
and hs must be a dull or bitterly preju
diced maa who eaa so forth from this
buoyant atmosphere unetrngthead, un
enlivened, unelevated by Its Invigorat
ing; refreshing atmosphsre. There la no
contrast, ae harahness, ao snobbish
nsss, no spirit of aloofness or eslflsb
ness, no sacetlsm. Surely tela ta a
pleasant religion; and Its worshipers
are happy looking, healthy - looking,
prosperous looking people.
Ordinarily there are few men present
la the reading-room. But Saturday aft
ernooa yea will find here a crowd et
men from all walks of life aad all ave
nues of activity ta thl great ety
brokere and financiers from Wall street,
manufacturer and . merchants from
middle Broadway, maa of the profes
sions, exoludlng none, men front the
editorial sanctums of our great aoeo.
papers, men at the heads of our lead
lng Industrial and commercial ntr
prises. . -
. They seem te prefer the restful, spir
itual atmosphere of theee room te the
amusement of the Saturday afteraeoa
In Illinois' the Republicans are
lng for aa 11 -months' hot campaign, ta
which th principal will be the aspir
ants for Albert J. Hopkins' seat la the
senate, the Candida to for governor and
the minor state effloea. eongraee and
the legislature, Not the leaat of all
la th struggle for control of the H1I
nols delegation to th Republican aa.
tional' convention, carrying with It the
chance to nominate Speaker Cannon tor
the preeldency.
. .Ul all ,', I SgBBBBBesasogmassswa , ng Jr
fir C::J Trci!tst