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VOL. VI. NO.' 75.
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of Good 'Government
Demand Mayor's Reelection.
Set New Standard
The follo.wing is a personal. letter received by a vfrien(i from the
Rev. Stephen, S. Wise, formerly rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel:
"New York,- May 22. I am deeply interested, I need hardly
say,' m. the coming J mayoralty election. I rejoiced to - learn that
'Mayor Lane had been' renominated at the primaries without lift
inga finger in his own behalf. I hope with all my heart that
Mayor Lane may be triumphantly reelected. - I am thinking not at
all of Mayor Lane? I am thinking altogether of the best interests
of the city of Portland and of the opportunity which the citizenship
of l'ortland faces, at the coming election to demonstrate that good
government is not to be an experiment, but is to be permanently es
"The defeat of "Mayor Lane at this time wouldrbe a grave set
back to the cause of municipal' government in America. Mayor
Lane has rendered noteworthy service to the city of Portland
throughout the last two years. He has not been a Democratic
mayor; but the mayor of a whole city, and I daresay that not even
the most partisan Republican will venture to doubt for a moment
that Mayor Lane's administration has -set a new standard in the
conduct of municipal affairs for future-incumbents of the mayoral
office. ' : ; . ' ; :" ' ' . '"
"In all the years of my mannooi I 'do not know, of a mayor who
has served the welfare fef Jiis --sity, with Uitf devotion .and wjsdojm
than has Mayor Lane. - If I were a citizen of Portland 1 would
k labor earnestly for his reelection, although, ras you know, I am a
Roosevelt Republican, Lane is a Roosevelt Democrat.
"I have no fear that Mayor Lane will fail of election. The elec
torate of Portland is too independent and discerning to fail to re
ward a faithful public servant. His defeat, which , is unthinkable,
would be tantamount to an invitation to partisanship to resume its
domination of municipal affairs-in Portland.. We are fast reach
ing the time when men will be as little concerned about the national
political affiliations of a candidate for municipal office as they are
in the cut of his coat. I rejoice to think that Portland has already
''led the way. ..
"Time and again since I have come to New York I have spoken
x at public meetings of the almost unique political independence and
integrity of the yoters of Portland and Oregon. I know Portland
so well and I love Portland so well that I feel assured that Mayor
Lane will be reelected to th office the duties of which he has for
two years discharged with1 fidelity, impartiality and integrity.
"fiTF.PTTF.M 5v WIsF "
lit' '
!":v .--.
v ' 1 ' 4
Hundreds of Spectators Line
Fourth Street and Cheer
Runners as They 3Iake the
Final Sprint in Race From
Oregon City.
Roy Flaherty, First 3Ian in,
Aids Team 3Iates in Low
ering Record for Course
by Tliree Minutes Route
Was Muddy.
Rock j.Pfle- Eusfincer Brings
Down Prisoner Who Tries;
to "Take French Leave.
James' O,- Fagan, eentenrfd to serve
a year on the rockpile, was shot through
the right hip with a revolver while mak
ing a daring attempt to escape . from
the Kelly "butte quarry yesterday at
noon. - Kagan" was brought to the city
last night for treatment.. According to
the story-told by Fagan at the county
jail this morning, he attempted to
escape -as the' prisoners were lining up
to go to dinner. .
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As Far as Money Is Con-
cerued, Candidate Is Bet
Off the Board.
Winner Hawthorne.
Start Oregon City.
Finish Y. M. C. A. building.
Distance IS miles.
Time One hour 19 minutes 29
seconds. '
1 '""V w
' All over town betting men are hunt
lng-for Devlin money. As fast as
MDPeSrs It is eagerly taken ami It
generally expected that before the polls
Open Monday morning .uajie men m
be forced to give odds.
For the third time In two duys Schtl
w ojfftir stand, where most of the
bets have ben placed, is without Dev
lin money, and at 1 o'clock an offer to
bet S200 even on Lane was posted with
out takers. Fritz, the proprietor of
the notorlottS north end resort-and one
nf the most active workers ror uev.
li.n, put up several thousand dollars on
Devlin yesterdajr and injs morning dui
all of It was taken by-Lane enthusiasts
who. clamored for more. - Over $4,000
of. Devlin money at Schiller's was cov
ered this morning In addition to 15,000
taken yesterday and aj noon Lane men
were makine'the rounds of the cigar
stands and saloons In .the hope of find
ing more. ;
If vou eo to the polls and vote
next Monday Lane s election is
assured. There will be no stay-
at-homes among Devlin's sup
porters, for the machine is thor
oughly organized and prepared
to get out alL its .votes.. If you
favor Lane's election ;
Man Who Pleaded .Guilty to Sending an Obscene Letter
Through Mails to Female Horsethief Breaks4 Down
"When Sentenced to Five Months in Jail.
Eighteen days and nights . without
sleep was the direct cause of ' William
Shuman shedding copious tears when he
pleaded guilty before Judge Charles E.
Wolverton in the United States district
court IIiIh morning "of sending an ob
scene letter through the mail to Annie
Walker, the famous Montana girl horse
thief. A possible sentence of five years
at McNeils island and a possible fine
of $5,(100 were otily secondary circum
stances that-caused Shuman to over
flow, lie was sentenced to serve five
months In the county Jail.
Shuman put up a plea full of heart
rending, lachrymose statements, "v In
whlelv he told of the wrongs perpe
trated upon him by the strenuous An
nie.' Especially did he dwell tnpon the
attempt of .Annie to kill ; him. Five
cartridges whistled about and through
his body before he could put bullet dis
tance between himself and the. fair
Amaeon.' In qurt Shuman pointed
wildly at his arm and hand, where some
of', the girl's bullets plowed their way. A
"Why didn't you sever your, relations
with the girl?" asked, the court.
V :
"I did try to, but, she loved me so, I
could not break away," . was the -.reply.
Shuman told between his sobs how
he met Miss Walker In Taeomafell In
love with her and she with ?hlm, and
then how he tried to live apart from her
when he learned of her past reputa
tion, and from all that has been-said
of Annie she has ji past that reflects
creait upon jsnunmn s decision to r
fuse to have anything to do with her.
He went to Srattla. Annie follow.d
him and 'when she had hlrh cornered,
whipped out a slxschooter resembling a
piece of small field Rrtllle.ry tnd com-
inonced a little rapid-fire practice. Shu
man ,disUkd the Idea of being a target
and Played the part of "the flying cor-
doon. Out - of 1 a possible five,; -Annie
made two hits, one in the .target's right
hand and one in the left arm. Experts
say th shooting was remarkably well
executed, confldering circumstances and
climatic coiidltionsf - .
Shuman started in this morning with
very clear statement of his crime
Six husky grammar school lads, each
bearing a message - to be relayed
through the 13 miles ef the race from
the Oregon City bridge to the T. M. C.
A, building, dashed, down the road at
the crack of the Dlstol this mornlna at
flrs'tjnessajre Into,, the X,s M,Tc-A.
foonts and with It the honors of the
race- for the Hawthorne school,
For four blocks up Fourth street
hundreds of persons watched the pant
ing runners as they completed the
home stretch and It was with diffi
culty, that, the competing racers forced
their way-through the dense crowd that
congregated at the finish.
'The race this year was over the same
course, as that run last season when
North 'Central was given the cup, 'but
was completed In three minutes' bet
ter- time. Iast year's relay was fin
ished In 1 hour 21 minutes and 24 sec
onds, but was run, over a muddy course.
Start At Oregon City.
Mayor Caufleld of Oregon City de
livered the pasteboard rolls bearing the
messages to the waiting youngsters at
the bridge this morning and a moment
afterward six runners were stretching
their necks In an effort to be first In
completing the first relay. The start
ers were Hussey, Mount TAbor; Hale,
Hawthorne; Ashbaugh, Shattuck; Gandy,
Highland; Lincoln. Alnsworth; Penson,
'Down the road for the first half mile
a neck to neck race was in progres
then thte breaths began to come faster
and faster and the gaps between the
various racers increased perceptibly.
Some even slowed down to a walk.
Ashbaugh won the first relay In six
minutes for Shattuck, but during the 12
relays following Hawthorne runners
maintained first place until the race
was completed. This was due to the
long period of spring training which the
latter have carried on in anticipation of
the event.
Kawthorne Takes Lead.
The second relrfy was also completed
Poll Taken in Four Different
Sections of West Side-i '
Passers-by Aslied How;
They Will Vote Without' :
Began! to Party. - '
School Teacher and Pupil Braved Many Dangers While
Lost in Woods Neither Is Hysterical When Found
. and Boy Jovially Greets Bescuers.
(Special DUpatch to The Journal.)
Tacoma, June 1. Fairfax, the min
ing town In the foothills of the Cas
cades, 35 ' miles southeast of Tacoma,
has had a jubilation since the finding
day before yesterday of Brent A. Lind
say and Lawrence Mack, the school
teacher and ll-year-oia boy, who were
lost In the woods six days. It was
Lindsay's generosity and heroism that
saved the life of the child,- who time
and again during the days they-wan-
dered starving over the terribly rough
ridges and canyons, fell In faints and
required resuscitation;
Lindsay was a student at the Uni
versity of "Washington. He was one of
the brightest in his classes when he
quit the Institution a year ago. In ad
dition tO being supeifor Intellectually,
he Is of a very generous and 'warm
hearted disposition, and It spoke n
(Continued on Page- Two. ) ,
and Hawthorne took first place. After
(Continued on Page Two.)
(Continued on Page Two.)
. (Journal Special Service.)' ,
New- York, June, I. Statements .in
Howard Gould's behalf continue to
come from : unnamed "close : personal
friends." . One published accuses Mrs.
Gould 6f gross extravagance, that she
spent money aa U there was nar-llmlt
to her husband's income, and this Irri
tated him.-'-- -" :- :.- , - ' . ,
One story -about her caprices and
whims is that she took dislike to
the whiskers .worn by a .boatswain n
Gould's yWht ; Ntagara. - v
He -shaved them off to please her
and then she liked his; face even less,
and discharged 'him. It is said Mrs.
Gould will admit she drank to excess
at times, but her husband's conduct
caused her to do so. v
Mrs. George. J. Gould,. It Is said, sym
pathises with Mrs. Howard Gould in her
trouble with her husband and may be
a witness In her behalf when the sep
aration suit comes to trial. ' It had
been reported that George and Edwin
Gould would ; give testimony on How
ard's side, but Edwin Gould, on leav
ing for Europe with his family, said he
took no Interest : In his brother's -. do
mestic affairs. George Gould and fam
Uy 'are now abroad, , -i
- .: . -. .'; , -. - s
... ... ..... -. . ., .., , . .. ... i .4 ... ... . .
In Sunday's
o u r ha 1
"Why I left the stage to Ved," by
Edna May, the actress. . .
Electric currents for musl; most
marvelous of Inventions.
Critics' of Missions find, many sur
surprises In faraway China. "
How the Boers are coming into their
own once more.
Free tickets for the circus Tody
Hamilton tells about It. '
Insects keep 'Slaves and use tools
like human being?;
d Muck M
Happy Hooligan off at' last -but ho
comes oacK. - '
Jimmy He runs for the janitor..
Mr. Batch saves her ltfe-but re
grets It ...
Poor;rBuck-rln trouble again. .
What the 400 ore wearing. ; i
When, anklesturn fn low shoes.
New health slogan for women.
Wherej fig leaf gowns are style.
Stones- ror cnuaren ana grown
All the
The' full leased wire report of two
great press association tand- spe
cials frpm all over the world...
Lane Appeals to the People to Help Him Kick From His
Heels Snarling Curs Who Seek to "Divert ' Public At-'
tention From Ileal and Vital Interests.
Tenderloin District Almost
Solid for Devlin Front
Street flexion Strong for
Lane-rEast Side Admitted
by Republicans' for Mayor.
Straw votes taken this morning dem
onstrate conclusively the overwhelming:: '
sentiment in favor of Lane in the may
oralty contest. It is conceded on all
hands that Lan will carry the Eaut
Sid and Devlin's supporters build all -their
hopes on the West Side vote. The
canvass made this morning wast there
fore confined to localities on the went .
Bide of the river. Outside of the North
End and Chinatown, the ballot showed
in every instance a decisive majority '
for Lane.' In all,. J8I Voter (including
those from the North End and China
town) expressed--their, views and 104
declared themselves for Lane, while 117
were for IXVlIn; ''4;::',T
; Vith one exception the straw vote
was taken by members of 'The Journal
staff, who were instructed to question
voter on the street, taking every man
as he came and without inquiry as to
h.s party politics. The one ballot not
taken by The Journal was at the large
wnoiesaie nouse or Bell & Co., 115 Front
street, where the employes of the Arm
Improvised a ballot box : and voted se- '
cretly, each man writing the name of
his candidate on a slip of paper anil
placing it In the box. , This Independent
canvass vgave even ' more surprising re
sults tha'n the straw ballots taken on
the street, the votes when counted
showing 58 for Lane and only 11 fop
Devlin. . -' ,.
everybody. Asked.
The Journal' inea started out early
this morning at an hour when business
men, clerks and working men are ou
their way down town to their office or
places- of employment, In some cases
voter refused to divulge their choice,
but as a rule they did not hesitnt n .
Mayor Lane has issued the following:
There was published today by , Mr.
J. H. Anderson of Sixth and Everett
streets the statement that, he had made
complaint to me in relation to the ex
istence of .houses of ill repute near his
plaoe of business from, which, he re
ceived no relief, etc., etc. v 1 ;
If the statements made by Mr. Ander-
t son were true I would be culpable and
not deserving of the respect. or further
confidence of the people -of this com
munity,, but Inasmuch as they depart
from the truth, and are as I here relate,
I leave it to the people 'to form their
own opinion of the same.
Some time ago complaint was made
by Mr. -Anderson against some certain
houses of that character which were lo
cated near his place of business, ; and
acting upon his complaint , such nouses
were ordered closed, . and were closed.
Immediately following this the charge
was made by the woman. who kept such
house that Mr. Anderson had been for
some time engaged in an attempts to
force her and others whj had business
connections with her to .purchase hi
place of business, presumably to "be used
for the same kind of business. Pollow-
, ;
ing this she or some other woman re
opened one of the houses which the po
lice had ordered closed, and thii time
she was arrested and was again closed,
and at no time since, so far as I know,
has it been opened.
bought Matter Closed.
I heard nothing further Hi relation to
the matter and eWidered the Incident
closed until about a week ago, and since
this eampalyn opened Mr. Anderson met
me on the city hall steps and stated
that 'he , Intended to make' public the
statement that I was favoring friends
of mine lfi the conduct of such 'places,
evidently with the intention of Injuring
me in the eyes of the people at ills
This I resented, but I did not apply
to -him the' epithet which he ays I did.
I did say, however, that he would be
telling a He ff ne made such statement.
At this time I also Invited Mr. Ander
son to-come to the mayor's office and
state his case, and a few days later he
did so, at which time he corapUuneu
against all the places which he men-
.( Continued on Page Two.) ;
:-, . V -v.. . ...
Boise JIurder Trial Is Post
poned Until Doctors Can
Cure Defendant.
(Continued on Page Two.)'
,' (Journal Special gfrde.)
Boise.' Ida., June 1. Haywood' illl
ness this morning caused the noatnnnn
ment of the trial ' until this afternoon.
He passed a restless night, suffering
from an attack of the heart, caused by
excessive smoking, and thl morntnc
vas seised with an attack of ..'neuralgia'
In the head, caused by toxic poisoning.
nd suffered such ' pain that he wai
unable to stand. v- " ' '
Doctors were called . and hurriedly
worked over him for several, hours, be
ing compelled to , administer a , heavy
dose of morphine t allay the pain. .
The court tand lawyer for the de
fense announced that if Hay wood wa
not able to appeaV this afternoon ', the
trial will go over until Monday,
Haywood' condition, according to th
doctor, la due entirely to lack of exer-
else. - . . . '
(Journal Special 8ertce.) , ...
Chicago, June 1. Miss Margaret Ha
ley.buslpess manxger of the Teacher'
Federation, has hurled defiance at Otto
C. Schneider, the new president of tne
School .board, who yesterday warned
the teachers that they must-quit Mubor
unions and labor union practices in the
school. He said the -schools prere not
to be transformed into training places
for sluggers and thugs, but that chip
dren ( of labor and, capital were to have
aa equal chance, learning' something
beside ; throwing stone and , yelling
i Miss' Haley Is highly Indignant. She
says' any. attempt to. interfere with the
federation -vwuld .yb., r vigorously eom
Stitted an'd intimate -that - "Russian
autocracy,", instead of. ""pdpuhrr I rule"
la trying to' be enforced, r V- '.-(.
. The "long -, hairs," summarily dis
missed from the board by Mayor Busse,
are : still busy scheming how ' to over
throw hlra , and regain : their.', seats.
Meanwhile the public is watching the
reclamation of the schools from labor
and other domination end It 1 certain
Mayor Busaa will win In hi, sensational-fight
BeautifuL .Women
Sunday The Journal prints
photographs- of . winners of
beauty contests in other states.
Cut them out 'and save them
and you will have a collection
of the most beautiful women in
America.. v-..'v,..-e-iV ' ;': "
!"On .Sunday,' June 15, an
nouncement . will be made of
the winneri?oC The 'Journal's
beauty-xjuest and the picture 3
of the most beautiful women i.i
Oregon published.
WatcK for Tlr: