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Town Topics
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.O. W. r. car., rirat and Alder
There was such I lirtt number ot
people at th Saraent hotel. Grand and
Hawthorn avenues, for dinner last Sun
day evening that the capacity of the
house waa taxed to tha limit. If ladle
or gentlemen Intending to din at tie
Baraent Sunday ' evening will kindly
- telephone Mr. 'Sargent, stating th
' number of guests thy , will have,
or th plates required, they will
greatly assist him In, promptly
and perfectly serving them. Th cul-
sin of th Sargent is not surpassed on
the Paclfla coast, si fact now thoroughly
realised, and It has becom a pleasant
habit of ladles and gentlemen to Invite
, their friends to din with them at this
high-class establishment, Mr Sargent
has bad experience In many of th
greatest hotels on the continent. Includ
ing tha world-renowned ' Waldorf-Astoria.
New York, and la therefor com
petent to serv guests , with anything
that fancy may desire. Indeed, it is
Just as aaay to tha graUmaa t- serve
a 19 or 110 per plat dinner party as to
provld a luncheon at SO cants. Th
faahlonables of Portland .. understand
this well. i
Voters, Be CarefuL Neither Mr.
Baker nor Mr. Ryan paid any taxes laat
year. Vot for a taxpayer. Mr. King
has been a resident of this elty for II
I ' ,-3 years, having been mployd for three
IT years at th Iaman-Foulsen mill, then
a v i aw mw aula w..a-
maker at th 8. P. shops, and sine
110 been engaged In th real estate
and Insurance business. - H baa been
on th tax roll for 14 years, and will
work faithfully and conscientiously for
a greater and better Portland. Vot
for Frd C King, Independent candidate
ror council, fourth ward.
Th iiw Baptist mission at- East
Forty-fourth and East Main streets will
be opened and dedicated next Sunday.
In th morning at 10 o'clock a Sunday
school will be opened and In th after
noon will take place th dedicatory ex
erclses. All are Invited to attend.
Prominent ministers will speak. Rev.
B. C Cook Is th pastor of th new
mission and has ben Instrumental in
raising funds for tha rectlon of th
church building. - :
E. E, Raddlng, who Is under the ban
of th central commute of th Union
Labor party for not having filed th
nomination mad for th labor ticket,
has been backed . up by th painters'
union, of which hs Is a member. The
union at a meeting last night passed
resolutions Indorsing th action of Mr.
Raddlng and upholding his course aa be
ing for th best Interests of unionism.
Making an impression takes mor
than a smU and a bow. Faultless at
tire plays a very Important part.
Schaefer's korrect klothes always make
a favorable impression because they
represent th acme of korrect dressing.
Prices from $25 up and every suit Is
worth 16 more. Watch our new window
display. J. C. 8chaefer A Co., Raleigh
Bldg., 121 H Washington street f
' An information has been filed in tha
circuit court charging R. W. Bogga,
John Duggan, Dan Burns, F. Holden and
John to with malicious destruction of
personal property by breaking th win
dows of a streetcar May 7. It la al
leged that the men were ordered off the
car for boisterous conduct, and after
getting off threw rocks through th
At the local option rally at Jefferson
and Chapman streets tonight, Attorneys
A. F. Flegal and Miller Murdoch and
Dr. Clarence True Wilson will discuss
the question of saloons In residence
precincts. The precincts south of Jef
ferson and west of Sixth street will
vote Monday on th question of ex
cluding saloons from within their borders.
The date of the regular meeting of
the Oak Grove Improvement associa
tion has been changed to Tuesday even
ing, June 4, on account of their room
being occupied for other purposes on
th data originally chosen. At the
meeting Tuesday officers will be elected
and plans for the Fourth of July cele
bration will be considered.
The thorough examination of your
yes and to fit them accurately with at
tractive, perfect fitting lenses Is my
only business I do that one thing and
do It right. No charges for examina
tion. Small charges for proper lenses
If needed. George Rubensteln, Reliable
Optician, 183 Fourth, street, between
Yamhill and Taylor.
on a
Your mind will be relieved if you
' " ' know that your ' .'
And other valuable articles are in a
'y place of safety. . V:'I
Vaults are' Fire and Burglar-Proof,
Thoroughly Ventilated and Per
fectly Free from Dampness.
By Mail
ljntcrcst ,
Oregon Trust & Savings Bank
RESOURCES MORE THAN $2,500,000.00 ,
v " Sixth and Washington Streets, Portland, Oregon.
Electrical Workers Allege Death
Will Result Because of Unfavor
able Vote to Regulate Wiring.
Structures Will Be Provided
Road Traffic and Street
Linemen and workers connected with
electrical wiring ar protesting against
th recent action of larre commercial
bodies n voting not to favor th adop
tion of an ' ordinance regulating inside
and outside wiring, poles and other wir
lng matters. Electrical workers allege
that members of ' commercial oodles aa
not understand th matter, especially
from th standpoint of th man up th
pole among a tangled mass of live and
dead wires.
Among th things desired by the
workers and not favored by recent vote
In th commercial bodies. Is the ap
pointment of fire Inspectors on th fee
system who shall be required to inspect
everything In th way of electrical wire
work. Inside and out. above and below
ground. The men say that five men
wer killed In ten week last year, mam
ly because th cross arms carrying dan
gerous wires wer not painted yellow as
Is said to be th custom. They also ai
lege that at least on fir out of five Is
caused by bad wiring, that the ordi
nances they, favor, Nos. 134 and 115,
would prevent.
In answer to th statement that there
is already an ordinance on wiring. No
1(002. th men say that It does not
go into effect till June 1908. Th mat
ter will b decided at the coming elec
A temporary bridge Is being built
across th big Northern Pacific cut
on th peninsula for th us of th St.
Johns line. a Heretofore th St. Johns
line has been crossing th cut at a
point about midway between the ends
of th cut on . a grade line -where none
Of th dirt has been taken out
Th cut has proceeded so far that It
has becom necessary to take the dirt
out at this point for th train of dump
car cannot be operated where there Is
much of a grade to contend with. Also
near th point where th St. Johns line
used to cross the right of way of the
Portland ft Seattle railroad at th south
end, the cut has progressed far enough
so that a bridge can now be constructed
across It without interfering with th
operation of th 17-foot boom on th
large steam shovel at work In th cut
Until th cut has been completed this
bridge will be used by both th out go
ing and in going st Johns cars. Aft
erwards, however, a steel structure will
replace this one, and an additional
bridge will cross the right of way at
the north end of the cut The perma
nent bridges will be wide enough to
accommodate both teama and double
tracks which will undoubtedly be de
manded within a few years. At - 'lie
north end th Columbia boulevard will
cross on one of these bridges and at
the south end of the cut th Willam
ette boulevard crosses.
At This Store Will Purchase a Suit Equal in Value
to Those Sold at Twenty Dollars in Other Stores
When this Woolen-Mill Store sells a suit for fifteen dollars,
it does not mean the ordinary fifteen-dollar suit that is usually
: sold by clothing stores in Portland. Quite the contrary, we take
a pride in fitting a man out in a stylish well tauorea suit from
pure wool material, and while fifteen dollars Is not much to pay
for vsuit it is enough to get a first-class suit such as any
:tleman'can wear.',; !
This Store Has Sold Thonsahds Upon
Tlioa ol Suits at Fifteen Dollars
;'V We can go out on the street almost any time and in walking
a block can count several suits that have come from this store.
There is no trouble at all in telling them, the earmarks are plain
to be seen; style, quality and good appearance is branded on
every suit from this house of price and quality.
The special sale that we will run during the entire month
of June will give intending purchasers a chance to select a suit
at fifteen dollars that will be the equal of any suit in town sold
at $5.00 to $7.60 more money.
Saturday afternoon and even-1
Xme mally Tonight.
Burkhaid's hall, E. Burnslde & Grand.
All bottled beer delivered to families I
at brewery prices. Kelly's Family PTfiTTT OF WA V M A TTF.T?
Liquor Store, Park and
Phone Main 18; Home 2802.
Ice cream free to all at JVlbergl
neignis on oaiuraay. 1 1 a, a. car
and get off at Wlberg lan.
Wire and Iron work, Are escapes, ele
vator enclosures, fencing. Columbia
Wir A Iron works, 888-3 70 Washington, i
Swift Packing Company Holdings In
terfere With Immediate Comple
tion of O. R. & N. Line.
Wire and iron work. Are escapes, ele
vator enclosures . fencing. Columbia
Wire ft Iron works, 888-870 E. Wash.
Drink Talk. To secure the best re
suits and acquire the gooA that is In
beer order a case of the famous Hop
Gold, bottled by the Star Brewing com
pany, strictly In compliance with the
cure food law. Depot 286 Third street
rpyphon Main 620(.
Wlreand Iron work of all kinds. Tire
scapes, elevator enclosures and fences.
Columbia Wire & Iron Works, 268-80
East- Washington street Phone East
New Swimming plunge ready at East
Bid Athletic elub. Open dally to pub
lic. Expert Instructors. Baths 25 cents.
Private lessons 60 cents. Ladies' days,
Mondays and Fridays. Phone East 6870.
Articles of Incorporation of th Or-
gon Engraving company have been filed
In tha office of the county clerk by C. S.
Jackson, Roy Boblnson and Harriet
Yoder; capital stock, $5,000. ,
" i
Dr.- J, Whltcomb Brougher, pastor of
the Whit temple, will reach home from
Chicago tonight
Tou are invited ror ice cream and a
beautiful view of Portland On Wiberg
Bt earner Jess Harklna, tor Camas,
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leave Washington street
dock I p. m.
Whit Flyer line of launches will
make dally trips to the Oaks and re
turn. Boats leave foot of Yamhill
street dally at 1:80 p. m. . Sunday 10 a.
m. Tickets at dock offloe, 10 cents.
Wir and Iron work. Are escapea, ele
vator enclosures, fencing.' Columbia
Wire & Iron Works, 868-870 E. Wash.
W. A. Wise. T. P. Wise, H. A. Bturde-
vant. dentists. Third and Washington.
Main 2029. Painless method 'used.
Why pay morel Metsger (its your
eyes for L 842 Wash. St, cor. Tth,
formerly at 111 Sixth street
Allen's Kushlon Kumfort Shoe has an
Improved - idea of sola construction.
405 Morrison street.
Negotiations for right of way through
the holdings of the Swift Packing com
pany Is the only item delaying the im
mediate completion of the extension of
the O, R. & N. freight line on the
peninsula to th site of '"Mi new plant.
This extension is for freight only and
when completed will be the only belt
line In th state. , .
In order to complete It, however, the
tunnel for the Harrlman line through
the peninsula must be constructed and
It la uncertain at present how soon that
work will commence. General Manager
J. P. O'Brien stated this morning that
a number of difficult matters pertain
lng to the right of way wer yet to be
settled before anything definite regard
lng th tunnel could be given out.
However, the freight line as far as
the packing plant will be In operation
from th union depot to the location of
th big plant vta 8t Johns in time for
the transportation of building material
to tha site.
A large amount of dredging and fill'
lng must be don before actual work of
erecting buildings can be commenced,
Dredging will begin next week and will
ba continued from six to eight months.
The STANLEY HAT is without doubt
the best hat in the world for $3. We
have a splendid assortment of shapes and
all colors to choose from.
;-. . . . ... V. '' v ;
r vJtt 'W w
. I Iffi-fl'M i.V, !
-fit' ,V if
Mill to Man Clothiers .
CapltaUsts.--Twsnty-three acres for
sale as a whole. Western Oregon Turst
Co., 291 Stark street -
Dr. William Cavanaugh, dentist, has
moved his offlo to 608-4 Buchanan bldg.
Acm Oil Co. sells th best safety coal
oil and fin gasoline. Pbon East 789.
Woman's Exchange, 128 Tenth street.
lunch 11:80 to 2; business men's lunch.
Don't forget ice cream treat at Wl
berg helghtSr Everybody Invited.
.F. 17. BALTES
MAIN 1 65
Office space for rent; ground floor.
Inquire Ellison. 84 Third street
i Wal.-
Ask pa and ma to take you to Wlberg
heights for ice cream on Saturday.
Big chicken dinner at Locksley Hall,
Seaside, Sunday, Jun 2.
A good launch for sal. J. D. Duback,
optometrist, iji Fourth.
Levy's Muslo Bouse, 126 Fifth street
Photo mounts. Woodworth, J4tt 1st
D. Chambers, optician, 129 Seventh.
Berger--a'lgns 284 Yamhill phone.
Good 28.50 shoes. Marks Shoe Co.
Ilark Tonlo for rheumatism.
Beck Jeweler 105 Alder.
Oregonlan Confectionery, 181 Sixth,-
Nurseryman PUkington. ft.- YamhllL
Summer dresses. Madame McCIur Ca
Beautifying creams. See Mm. Hudson.
Dr. E. C Brown, eye-ear. Marquam.
Klser seenlo photos. . Imperial boteL
- My family more sacred than gold. No
open town for me. L. iS, Davis. 89 en
ballot. 1 , . , - ,
After a heavy meal, take a eounl of
uoan s Keguieis,- ana giv your stom
ach, liver and bowels the help they will
need. Regulets bring easy, regular pas
sages of the bowels.
Rev. B. S. Hughes, late pastor of the
Evangelical church at Canton, Ohio, and
more recently engaged In pastoral
duties In eastern Oregon, announces
his appointment to the pulpit of the
Evangelical church of Portland. Eight
weeks ago Rev. Mr. Hughes succeeded
Rev. J. Bowersox. who assumes the
pulpit of th Evangelical church at
Ockley Oreen, a suburb of this city.
Rev. Mr. Hughes announces that the
local place of worship has been thor
oughly renovated since his appoint
ment Th exterior has been newly
painted and decorated and tha Interior
has been rematted and carpeted.
A few days more and well be all upset with alterations, remodel
ing front and taking out partition to include store-room next door.
Stocks still fresh and desirable with hundreds of very latest designs
in high-class trimmed hats for women, girls and little tots every one
now prjeed much less than formerly to reduce stock before the dirt
and confusion.
Expansion Sale Prices
All hats, trimmed or untrimmed included, excepting a few numbers
of band sailors.
Any $2.00 Hat now,,....$ 1.60
Any $3.00 Hat now $2.25
Any $4.00 Hat now 3.20
Any $5.00 Hat now f4.00
Any $6.00 Hat now.. $4.80
Any $4.00 Hat now...... f 3.00
Any $5.00 Hat now $3.T5
Any- $6.00 Hat now $4.50
Any $10.00 Hat now......$T.50
Any $15.00 Hat now $11.25
All $30 to $40 original patterns now Just half. AH untrimmed
shapes, excepting Leghorns and Horsehair flats, 1-5 to 1-2 off.
Third St.
Only Three D- More.
"-"- - " " Fretting
PronoaBced by all local critics best production
or tne seaaon.
Priow-SSc, C0e, Tfte. Matinee, SSc, Soe. lJrL JlVIXiXW
0te Opea U te ll p. m. " ,
COHCHtTS TODAY- :00, 4:00, 1:00 sad 10:00
Dungarian Hussars
WHANG K0 Uosenm of war
on exhibition.
EZ8TATnLUT firat-efauw wrrloe; 10-eeot
, aaawiche and downtows prkce.
DATXIOHT .. nXZWOXIS Tomorrow at 8;
CBXLDMXarif rides oa the Ckstee Setw
T1VXXX A-eBt ojO.; 10-wnt saodwkbes
and athar prleM to proportion. :
CASS Tint ud AMer every $ saoatea. ' Boats
The Grand
Wk ot Mar s7
VsudarUU D
The OrMt S'owell,
With EKMllaat
4pial Aiiti Toator
The ParUiaa Gimnd
Opera Dae
Saleotieiui Vroia Oraad
Opera la Fiaaoa.
Zari ft WUaoa, Cora
llnpaoa, 0. H. Ouih.
bit sad Cora atarrU),
rradariok Ssserts,
Mth and
Soaoiai rrio
Hatinaa Tomorrow.
Corner Tanrbn aad Twnt(oarUb
May 28, 29, 30, 31 ; June 1, 2.
Oakland vs. Portland
Oam i called at S:S0 p. m. dally.
Games (tailed at 1:80 p. m. 8undajrs.
Grandstand 2 So. -' Children 10&
Box 8ats Z5e.
nrmr enrivnc
Waablastoa. UIJUU lUMlAfi
-i Tontfkt. - I f
In Bhakaspcare's Dellcbtfal Corned,
"A Midsummer-Night's DrcamM '
renins Prleaa Lowar Floor, $2.00, fl.GO.
Baleonr, i.00. 76o, BOe. fiaUerj. SOe. -SpmUI
Hatloae Prloaa Lower Floor. 11.60.
11.00. Baleonr, $1.00, 7 5c, SOe. Gailerr, SSe.
Seats sailing at theatre bos of flea. .
Phone Mala S.
Oao. L. Baker. Ugr.
Tonifbt All this Waek. Katlna Saturday.
Tha Baker Stock Com pan la the Greatest
Bural Dran, ,
Baantlfnh production of thla famoes piece.
DlrM-tlo Mr. Arthur Mat kief.
Kraal of prices. SSc, 86, SOe. -Matinee,
Uk, 2S.
Next weak, "Nevar Afals."
S Cifnikita Mit hi S
. JL StWl JPM. CO,
flse CtalSci Makers
The Star IS
Tta Star Stock Company Presents tor tk
Entire wes or Mar st
The Thrilling- sad Emotional Matndraata,
"WXDDED,. strr VO VJJZ."
With a airooslr aoa-mantad east. Matlnaaa
Toaadars, Tburadara, SaturdaT end andara
at S 30. Prices 10c and 20c. Brery eraslns
at S.M. Prieea 10. 20c and SOe. .' Baser
aaata for all performances.
This Waek
Phoea icala dees.
tba Allan Stock Company fy,
tha Plawalnf and Popular ., .
Matlnaaa Taasday. Tbarsday. Ra tarda- and
Saoday. Prica 10c. SOc. Ererr ersnlas at
8:1ft. Prices lOe, 0a and SOe.
rrad aeais br aboa. Mala saSB. Otflaa
epaa tarn J , . to 19 p, a, , v
Comfort and Style
Ait combined in the Summer .Clothing we show,
for men and young men and economy is quite a
prominent feature of every garment We handle
We do not carry anything better because nothing
better, is made. We invite you to select your outfit
and pay for it later in small payments of $1 a week
Tha tor Wasr - f f,.r.?.T , ! '
Tow Credit Uo XU1 111 a...