The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 31, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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VOL. XLVf.-XO. 14.466.
; Battle Results In Fatal In-
h Jury of Ilaniac and Wound
Ing of Policeman.;
From Above and , Hot Tight En
sues in Which Two Are Hurt.
Convincing- Bvldenoe Bapported ljr
Ooarantee Theft Kurt Convince
Hie Xoa Skeptical. .
Dr. Williams' Pink PJUa are a doctor!
prescription, used by aiv .mlnent prac
titioner, and for nearly a feneration
known as a reliable household remedy
throughout . the United States. Need
less to aay. - no advertleed medicine I
could retain popular favor for ao Ion
TITtAtr n Y1T l Ttr T AAn 1 P"noa wunout dvid great mini, ho
w 't ; x' iiUiU. LulUUdilll iiuur. u s tne invsiuanie curative pcoperue
oi tna pine - tnat nave maae tnem a
tandard 'remedy in - every civilised
1 While Driving Along Street, blue ZZtt 7h.5i2
coats Are Surprised by Fusillade contain no harmful drug, opiate, ner-
wng or, iuubi j ra-vvu vviuaim
of their efficacy is found In the state
ment of Mrs. N. B. Whitley of Boxley,
Ark.,- who aays: ... , . .
"I had suffered for a rood many yaara
from stomach trouble. , For a Ion time
I was .subject to bad spells of falntaess
and ' lack of . breath ' accompanied by an
Indescribable , feeling , that seemed to
start In my stomach. ? . Whenever I was
a. little run-down or over-tired, these
spella would oome on. They occurred
frequently but did not last very long.
-'! was . eonnned. to .my . bed for, ten
weeks one time' and the doctor pro
nourioed my trouble chronic 'Inflamma
tion of the stomach and bowels, 81nce
that time I hava been subject, to the
fainting spells and at other times to
fluttering of the heart and a feeling ai
though I wasemotherlng. My general
health waa very bad and'l was weak
and trembling.
"I had seen Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
mentioned In the newspapers and de
emed to try them. When I began tak
ing the pills I ' was ao - run-down In
strength that I cauld hardly do " any
housework. Now I could . . walk ten
miles If necessary. Both my husband
and myself think Dr. Williams Pink
Pills the best medicine made and we
always recommend the pills to our
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually make
new blood and give strength and tone to
every part of the body. They have
cured serious disorders of the blood and
nerves, auch aa rheumatism, sciatica.
anaemia, nervousness, headachea, par
tial , paralysis, locomotor -. ataxia, St
Vitus dance and many forms of weak
ness in either sex. They are sold by
ail druggists or will be sent, postpaid,
on receipt of price, 60 cents per box,
six boxes for $150, by the Dr. Williams
Medicine company, Schenectady, N. T.
Chicago Can not, buy
Streetcar Lines. ;
know la ywsjaHmi for mr?
M twtmrf it m tot th IN tmmn
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4 IN nttakM rwsMfM ft raWn 11 0et
l4 will few a at mmn rm The) tnlaw
kJt raj til Hri ejf sUari?
Tlre if g4laftic fwwtn tr
' Naa II DlfflraH a Km aa till
Dayton, Doctori'Meets
Mueller Certificates Would Ex
" ceed Debt limit. ; 7
law iUanpta ff iwd m imirt Mm
cmwIkmii vkt m fttwMmtr
'.. ' I
Mr ttor MM J ttWMM MM
Md'tW Mrk AMI fotaarae,
Mak m MnM u Ml ..
of San Francisco
iJSrtflquako Feast
aw twy IH M h fate
OhAmt nrtl w M I nnwkW
inn mm tar . I
iMwf HmM MnkMl
Hv.: .r . ,., , ,x :j ,9 v-' ;
m Qiiioa et Motel cttr :
"vii t a art
ak m mhi iw nJan
m mti hm ik imi om
Iimm m M kWk IWT a kk
ihiH rlM al tkmM if "
VmniHi rwltu a
mm iimi Mk IMH, a Aw
MMkwi takw) M
if a at
wnkiy unkn b r
w aw k w awamwwjtf
Death'Ust Exceeds 100 and ti
1 ' atiO (QOOntlletfL
s ' ' ' '(Joorntl Irwdtt Berrlee.) V
, , fian rnincUco, May II. A battle be
tween a demented car. striker and two
policemen at Twenty-third and Ken
tucky streets carbarn 'laat night reaalt
' ed In the fatal Injury of the former and
;the serious wounding of one, of the
1 policemen. The dying carman is Field
'man Reddlah and James aloran Is the
wounded policeman. , ' v , -
The fight took place shortly after I
-o'clock. Moran and Special Policeman
J. Btohm were driving past" the car
- barn In a buggy, when the- carman
opened fire on them from' the roof of
the place, one of the flrat bullets strik
ing Moran In the leg.
Both policemen returned the fire.
..'Reddish waa standing on top of the
;reot near the edge and. In plain view.
The policemen emptied their revolvers
' and Reddlah fell prone on the roof, mor
tally wounded, four bullets having taken
effect la his body. ' Ha waa rushed to
;. a .hospital,' where Dr. fltone atated that
death was "a question of . but a few
.hours.'' ; The carman waa wounded once
in ine aoaomen, - once in the ley and
tlwce in the cheek Ha baa not regained
coneolousoeea, . . . r .
Though his left leg was badly shat
, tered by the madman's bullet. Policeman
. Moran whipped out his revolver and
fired several shot a while lying In a pool
of blood on the ground at the side of
the horae and buggy. Nobody seems
to know how Reddlah managed to climb
on the roof of the carbarn.
(Ml CkjeM hfwuk ItaMrfclw
. tf II thauM OrtekM awi lmefW,
. ; aM Rawu
Kaek' IMIcillMt
mirM m X iarkiMfMl
rwt iimm Mr eriu4
'wlMl Hm MtlW to nrWItiW
'k tMl( Ml fM Mi tff WM
Mirk Vl kiKH Um tnunm IHM tt
Mate-, ttrf M4 TM UmtihM aanie.
Mr atwr kra f Mml utl
- ) raitM W a Mk
m wat
kM t NW INb im
M kw Hw t M o
wa'tkm Ik rf im nwM TM
rlw k w nit awpw aae
wnma mm a
tkal fravmr a
m f Ik ky
'kt f IWVMM
WliWW"4"MfrA' kj Bi
,k mi in yn.n
. rMM r u wa( iua4.
t 1M CkhHW WlWll
na mm
w aw anr
Ik rakv
First of Toilng Women Whose Plo
' tares Appeared In The Journal
la Una Fanner's Wife.
That contestants la The Journal's
beauty contest do not find It difficult
to secure husbands waa Illustrated In
the marriage of Mlsa Mattle A. Peebler,
one of the prettiest contestants to W.
Meeting Tueexjay Evening for AH La
bor Men. Not Cigar Men,
Says Attorney. '
i - i
Mrs. Mattle A. Peebler McKInnon.
Qua C Moser takes exception to 'an I
article In The Journal describing a se
cret meeting held Tuesday night In
AUsky haiL It waa current report that
tha meeting was called for the purpose
of having tha cigar men of the city
and various union men meet with Mr.
Devlin for " the purpose of discussing
conamona wmcn may arise ahould Mr.
Devlin be elected mayor. It la believed
firmly by the cigar men of the city that
tha slot machlnea will be allowed back
on the counters In the event of Mr. Dev
lin a election, and soma of them stated
beforehand that the meeting waa called
to discuss this question. "
xne meeting waa a very , quiet one
and secret, reporters being asked to
leave. The letter of Mr. Moaer fol
lows: 1
Portland, May 10. To the Editor of
The journal In your iaaue of Wed nee- j
day you published on tha first page.
unaer glaring Headlines, an article con
cerning a meeting of labor people held
at Allaky hall on Tuesday . evening that
la ao misleading that I cannot permit It
to paas unchallenged, and I therefore
ask that in all fairness you publish thta
letter as conspicuously aa you did the
original article. - - -.-
The article is misleading, because It
seeks to give out the Impression that
a secret meeting was held with the
clgarmakers and cigar atore employes
for the purpose of giving assurance to
them that In the event of Mr. Devllir" j
A. McKInnon. a veil-known farmer of. 1Jt,n Pkr " n machlnea
Linn county, Tuesday, May 23, at the
ttome of Miss Peebler's slater. Mrs. M.
J. Taylor. 636 Bast Burnaide street ,
Miss Peebler Is the flrat of The Jour
nal contestants to marry since tha cam
paign waa atarted to find the moat
beautiful woman in Oregon. Because
of the fact that the happy couple went
to Albany directly after the marriage.
It could not be learned whether it was
due to the fact that Mra. McKInnon'
picture was seen in The Journel by
Mr. McKInnon and a happy romance waa
the reault or not. But alnce the beauty
contest started several weeks ago, ru
mor has it that many of the contestants
have become engaged to young men who
have become enamored - or tne future
brldea by seeing their pictures In Tha
Jouraars contest.
Payrolls of Portland Railways, Light
& Power Company Grow
With Extensions.
Several hundred employes wll, have
been added to the pay rolls of the Port
' land Railway, Light & Power company
by tomorrow evening because of new
and additional aervlce.
New service Includes the Oaks sys
tem, considerably augmented yesterday
when (the Oaks was opened; the all-east
service to be started tomorrow and the
operation cf,the Troutdale extension of
Tne Bpringwaier aiyi3ivn nesiavs mora
cara will-be put on the lines in the city
to take care of aummer traffic. These
latter: are principally new open cara.
TbjuWaction company has ordered 1,260
5ns of grooved rails for repair work.
4 lie enipmvnc ib - vavu uuruir - iuv
summer soma time..
. ; k - '
Are-hurt by doff ea.
Can be assimilated by , 0
the weakest stomach.
"TherVs a Reason'
win te allowed to resume operations.
This is untrue, because no auch 'assur
ance was given.
The 'meeting waa not a meeting of
cigar men. It was a meeting of labor
men of many difrerent lines, and It ws
not a meeting of 25 men, but of at least
75 men. v
" I am- reliably informed that there
have been held similar meetings , of
labor men which were addressed by
supporters of Mayor Lane, and I do not
see why the Democratic nominee ahould
"have a monopoly on sucH meetings.
Tha article la also emphatically In
correct in saying that I waa one of the
promoters of the meeting. I had abso
lutely nothing to do with the promo
tion thereof. I was Invited to be pres
ent as a speaker, to discuss the Isaues
Involved in . this campaign, and I did
so rrom tha standpoint of a Republican
wno oeiievea tnat Mr. Devlin is better
qualified than Dr. Lane to properly per
form the dutlea of mayor of this beau-
urui. prosperous and rapidly growing
cuy, ana uiat ne win give us a good,
clean and honest administration. He
has said repeatedly on the platform dur
ing tnis campaign that. If eleoted.i ha
will suppress gambling in ever form.
and he made no different promise at the
meeting referred to; - :',.', ,v ' ' "
I earnestly resent tha reflection that
has been cast upon both. Mr. Devlin and
myself, as well aa the othera who par
ticipated n tha meeting, by the artlole
mentioned, and in the interests of Jus
tlce reaueat that you eorrentiv tnfnm.
your reaaera oy tne publication hereof.
Respectfully. OUS C. MOSER. 1
Health Officer Wheeler Makes
Testlgste at Snnnyside and
. Takes Protective Measures.
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k. iw w WW ekwtw. I I TstkaWMl I, 1 g B iaa fkawar m. .7 - -- a ww IkWk. dill
M fWMkk a nkWHkfl I I fc LmT Sk" i ta""1 ...
JTLlL. aaaaaawjjsw .'?'?i iwaiaiii wiwi
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staawa ik. w- ?miw "TT;; .1 -ill w .i I y is -r i
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ii s b w wwmk Mm kiik Ma aaaa JJ V. sar I i, sa m m mm- . i
kiMMe.wik.aM ITRS. aj I X I PAPER wr. - m m iw ;
ikarMiMiMiwMfi a i-wwaraansi I W I fc ww n w w kuwir c n.
m wraaMkBM( tewjaawv at . aV "assai m 1 ' . wnwwiwiw. .. .
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nw kwm au a a a tw waaauwqrew am w a" ' W'ona' mtim wwm
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t owawkrw aata'ai TTT.! .s"aaw M ' 'I wwMwutmaMkO.iki.iwi
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kw mi rwrk w knw ww mm . W, aaaaaw-wjwjpCa g.,, ) .ijlTaww. "
I,,,.. ,, n mm w ik mi . m S """" ttoa 4 kwi tkw ill tk
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wiaiwwwiwki ?t2!.L'"V" " ' wktakwiw
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iwww ww knkw) kuri- tkw w ww v.t w -,,aalMiBBB ' - t Buiireiiiea aa ranwja :
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pww wi a. wm my1 - irrT''"' ' LI fl i 'fi '' r.;" ','-"' '. J -wv smmw.. iwtataMtaktkea
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kk IkW tk (Mr atwam Ik fcw .ZSZwmil. 1 awwi w Ow ww. tk oMwlnil. tk t
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UuLCANO QIVCb ONLY LIGHT I .A M H 1 t V4. J ..;;vIL f . . " ' ' JttJSl.'S,
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Earthquake in Mexico
, Releases Fumes.
at Wkj t tarrlaf wi
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t raw W ik ajaw lMl wt W
Tk Matlt war ra at Ik
Hir awOn r ara I. IkM. 7 a mi
,( I W I. IkM II atawawaa BM otr
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rwkW kwww Ik anwamra aa
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at ta wans aamwra la (liiatiia aa waa a aakl Jar
cwaw aaw a
aawaia toataur w caka. ww an.
Are you going east? Do not for
get our excellent service and that
jrou can make the renowned Yel
lowstone Park trip when using our
line at very little additional cost.
Relative to complaints from Sunnv-
alde that diphtheria la raainr' amona-1
tne scnooi ennaren: mat tne disease or-
school building, and that the city health
ornoe neg lectea to prevent its spread.
Dr. C. R Wheeler thta mornlns denied
l'ov fiPWIIIl PANAMA HATS Very Low Rates
III awaTX A W 1V1-T, g. waaaia 1 -Jar aw laaf a laiuillltg lllagV Hill
ta - . . si is
Vfllnpi Mpntirallv f SIy Sfvlp nn info
I. . .w . , ... m M I va vjavJ Via WUIV II II aa - '.aw awj ,
the Same that L Tomorrow at A. 11
OlherStoresCharge ( (fcfy Q
You J5 and S6 for V S; idjoDr.foD
the Doors ' In H f) U H High Rent i I
cii.:, I : H . District" ytffHJN
jausiacuoii tsr-iL VifOJDVi;Li t-.O'V' inrf iw JSPSS
I nr Vmir
ii r iiiriifiAiiiii niiii iiiriiiflrr i.yiNHiri liiihrr in II III I t I I
I IW ATI Alf t VaVtiaTUarV J IWA t V awTUk wlVUiUlw v. VAaW .aa aaw ' t I
Points East
of those abaent furnished br him I be
aran an lnvestlaatlon . which laated One
that snioakwat the case and aaaatad thaM entlrajijnorjilnfoiiM. Woa-.tlwaa-
aa soon aa the matter was reported to
him ha took atepa toward examining; the
pupile. fumlfratlng the building and iso
lating tne azniotea. . ,i
rX'ha first. that I knew, of the exlat-
enca of diphtheria." said Dr. -Wheeler,
this morning, "was through a telephone
message from Principal E. IX Curtis of
the Bunnyslde school. Hei said that
number of children were odt of school
on account of -sickness and with a list
children suffeolng from diphtheria and
detected : one ease- in the school room.
These I promptly put under quarantine
and ordered tha green flag to be dis
played. , Thla ought to be sufficient
warning and If , it Is not I shall feel
obliged to station policemen at tha Quar
antined placee to. see that orders are
enforced. i .. , :
. -During all tha visits I hava made to
tha Sunnrslde , school there has aevar
been a suggestion of poor plumbing and
tha closing of ' one of the boys' baaa
menta,' ar Mr.'XTurtla ia quoted as say
ing, waa not reported to ', either the
health office or tha plumbing inspector.
Today I intend to complete the investi
gation of the plumbing. The entire
school building waa thoroughly fumi
gated .Wednesday an ."r,hur!ir morn
ing. ::.; XUi .. t'.U-,.'; -w v. a
. That diphtheria exlars at Sunnyalda
la due to tha fact that Sa rente are not
familiar with- the earlr atagea of tha
disease and fait to secure medical serv-
Ice or inform the health office. Under
such conditions our efforts to prevent
the spread of the disease are doubly
handicapped.' - ' ' , ; , .
- One death has oeourred from the vir
ulent malady at Sunnyaide, being in the
family of C. Green, a1 grocer, on the
corner of Belmont and Thirty-third
atrreta. - Another child la down with- the
dlaeaae at the Green home and it exlats
In the Coomer and Davis families In
the same vicinity, Dr. Wheeler does
not, believe there are over four or five
cases at gunnyslda. - .v t, -
" : : .via - ; :
1 For rates and infornuttiiozt call on or address
Portland, Oregon.
Ticket Office Third and Morrison Streets.
By cooperation, n the part Of the
health office, tha school authorities and
parenta it is hoped to check the spread
la ita early stages. ... . , '
Free Cook Book.
; Every woman . who aavea tha : Royal
Bakery pictorial ad series now. appear
ing in this paper, one each Friday, will
receive a handsome cook . book - abso
lutely free. Ko. VIII appears la this
c Issue. - s
Church Improvement at Lafayette.
" (Sjwcial Mepatcfc io The Jwirnat V
lafayetta. Or., May 31. lheUn'l.
Evangelical church la fcolng- f '
and beautified. The Interior :t i '
Ing a coat of aUbaattna f i '
paper that will ad l rn.-ii- r' . f
appearance. Be v. JT-vivt t , ,
Intending the vorV. 'Vt ,
C. E. surprlnM the ' r ;
appearing at t' j
evening wtt! t 1 1 i
jCOOd t;.!ras.
V . . S . :.
' ' '- "; .':